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Andreas' Sword Part1 by eRIC

Bigfoot 9 9 10 10
Damon 9 9 10 10
Dick 9 8 9 8
DJ Full 10 10 10 9
Gerty 9 8 9 8
Jay 9 10 10 10
JesseG 9 9 9 9
Jose 10 10 10 10
Kristina 8 8 8 9
MichaelP 9 8 9 9
MigMarado 9 9 9 10
Mman 9 9 9 8
PaoloM 10 10 10 10
Petaludas 8 7 9 9
Phil 9 9 9 10
Ravenwen 9 9 9 9
Ryan 9 9 9 10
Samu 9 9 9 9
Shady Croft 9 9 8 7
Shandroid 9 9 9 9
Treeble 8 8 9 9
Whistle 8 7 8 8
release date: 23-Nov-2006
# of downloads: 186

average rating: 8.99
review count: 22
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file size: 46.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"The readme states this level has not been betatested prior to release, and yet it turned out amazingly well. I'm not going to lie, there were far too many cryptic bits, and the level design in particular tries really hard to be different, with lots of diagonal slopes and gapes immediately behind them, not to mention lots (and lots) of side passages. This results in an unique design as a whole, but one quite difficult to navigate and as the little spare time we have becomes more and more valuable, I strongly recommend the guided experience. The oversized enemies were wild, the ahmets were especially fast and prone to push Lara off nearby edges. Harry states he figured out some of the pushblock sequences by trial and error, and that underwater boulder at the end just feels plain wrong as we have to dodge it from below while the author has raised the ceiling exactly in that section — doesn't seem like a red herring, but after 5 or so tries I gave up trying to find a safe spot up there. 80 minutes, 7 secrets. 10/23" - Treeble (29-Oct-2023)
"Having completed Babylon is Fallen, I found myself still in a mood for a bit of ‘eRIC’ so I decided to check out the Andreas Sword saga. Three years older than BiF and it does show. It’s not the technology so much as the builder’s skill-set that marks the difference. That said, it is of a similar type and there is certainly plenty to do. Parts one and two are essentially of the same standard so I’ll let this review cover them both." - Dick (14-Feb-2022)
"Great little adventure! I'll come back for the end on part II. I loved pretty much everything! I thought there were a couple of instances where the way through should have been better marked. I also thought the music was changing too much and too markedly at the end. Otherwise, this is a good sequel to Omegapolis, and the storyline holds up to what we get ingame perfectly. Thank you, Eric!" - MigMarado (17-Feb-2021)
"The sequel of Omegapolis. I really liked this first part in two levels in Egypt. The temples and building are very well built in the first level and the second level is just amazing with the giant sphinx and the large caves. We feel a real egyptian atmosphere in these two level a bit difficult. It's maybe a pity all these ahmets in small corridors. It's an TR enemies I don't want use because it can cause problemes for the players if a room is too small, like small corridors. Also for the little beetle XD. I hate this object and I nearly use all my medipacks to find my way. Excepted these two objects, there are a good use of enemies and egyptian objects in each levels. I really liked the final flyby to simulate lara on the funeral boat before the tomb. To conclude it's a very good set of levels, very fun to do and I recommend this adventure for everyone. Even if it's a sequel, you don't need to play Omegapolis before but If you want follow the story develloped by eRIC it can necessary to understand a bit the game. Congratulations eRIC!!" - Bigfoot (15-May-2020)
"Small and pleasant trle..Easygoing with nice connected areas..Puzzles were on point and easy. enemies not too many, just some scorpions here and there mostly..Great very hard one secret which i havent seen everwhere in trles,couldnt find it without walkthrough..Heading to part 2!" - Petaludas (23-Mar-2020)
"Nice adventure with a good amount of traps, exploration and combat, especially some intense exchanges with some demigods. The texturing in these two levels is nearly flawless. Lighting has nice dynamics, although I would've liked to see a bit more color. Three gripes: The beetles eating at you while you solve an otherwise simple pushable puzzle are quite annoying. There is a large medpack nearby but it isn't nearly enough to mitigate the damage you are forced to endure while moving the blocks around. Also it is quite easy for Lara to die during some of the cutscenes, which leads to wasted time, cutscene triggers should take more care to ensure Lara stands still and survives each cutscene. Lastly I never understood some of the puzzles (with bird and wolf faces) and ended up getting by on trial and error. But these are minor critiques and I had a lot of fun with this levelset, and look forward to trying out the next part. 1 hour 34 minutes." - JesseG (27-Apr-2019)
"No idea how it's missing my review since I played all eRIC's levels before doing the interview... anyway, I played once upon a time, I enjoyed it. I replayed now and I enjoyed again. I guess the lighting could have more contrast but other than that I don't see any flaws in this level. Every room is cherished, all the highlights are in proper focal points and there is not a single ordinary filler corridor, just everything is creative but in a good, non-disturbing way. A very appreciated thing is green lanterns explaining what is secret and what isn't, and I have never seen such application elsewhere - utter genious simplicity. Brilliant job." - DJ Full (16-Nov-2018)
"This 90 minutes long adventure starts off in a Karnak setting with a lot of exploring to do in beautiful environments, mostly involving jumping, but you do get some timed exercises and a torch puzzle alongside that. The second part is located in an impressive sphinx cave and Lara gets explore the inside of it locating four ankhs while demigods, fierce ahmets, skeletons and beetles are out for her blood. The gameplay is challenging in spots, but never too frustrating, and I will now continue with Part 2." - Ryan (21-Jun-2017)
"The two levels here are quite different; the first one is a pretty traditional Karnak theme with relatively confined individual areas, the second level is centred around a giant statue face, with the focus being on a couple of large central areas, and a mix of texture themes that feels unique. They're both good looking, and there's lots of interesting architecture in particular. The lighting and texturing are generally good, although the lighting occasionally felt slightly flat in between more interestingly lit areas. The whole thing exudes the author's general style that's hard to define but appears in almost all his levels (along with the architecture, the heavy interlinking and use of fences is one part of it). The gameplay and layout feels a bit less challenging than Omegapolis (given this is a sequel), but it has it's moments, and there's a use of beetles in the second map that's kind of annoying as there seemed to be no way to get rid of them. Like Omegapolis it mostly does a good job with camera hints and similar to keep you on track, and the torches to mark secrets are interesting (and helps taunt you into trying to find them). I'm not sure I'd say it's quite as strong as Omegapolis, but it's hard to compare as this is much shorter and more consistent (I think it has higher lows but lower highs as well). Overall a great set though." - Mman (22-Jul-2015)
"Finally getting around to play this and it has all the treats we are used to in levels by eRIC - very fluent but never boring gameplay, slightly growing difficulty as you move on but nothing too hair rising, classic textures, classic gameplay. Search in Egypt (9/8/8/8, 60 min., 5 secrets): Very much looking like original Karnak except the back scorpions and ahmets have been genetically engineered and are huge. A little bit of torch action, some artifacts to pick up along the way, a few jumps on the more tricky side towards the end, all fairly straight forward but never felt linear. Andreas Scroll (9/8/9/9, 45 min., 2 secrets): The more accomplished of the two levels here with a very authentic looking cave area, some swimming, a room with fun jumps to make and a wider variety of enemies that offer the occasional tight battle in close quarters. I hated the room with the beetles as I could not find a way to get rid of them in the water. All in all, a very nice start of the adventure that I will now continue by playing part 2." - MichaelP (24-Feb-2008)
"This was the most enjoyable custom level,Though it seemed boring at the start but as you progress after putting the "Pyramidal Key" in its place the atmosphere starts to get more and more cool,The Egyptian theme is very well taken care of and the Music perfectly matched with the situation. Puzzles are tricky, I think it was difficult than other custom levels i have played till the date, Sometimes i couldnt find a way out for about 30-35 Minutes. So overall a "Pro-Level",Great story and lots of brain work. Everyone should try it out!!" - Damon (04-Jun-2007)
"I enjoyed this Egyptian game a lot because it has professional level design and good gameplay. The surroundings looks very impressive and it includes many unforgettable areas like the huge cave containing water and a big seth statue (I'm not sure if it's a Seth statue). Gameplay is well balanced consisting of many different kind of tasks. You have to solve puzzles, fight against various enemies and complete jumping tasks as well. Overally I liked this game a lot and I don't have much else to add. If you haven't played this yet I suggest to play it because it's very enjoyable raid." - Samu (02-Feb-2007)
"The game play for this two part level is a jumpers dream-lots of jumping swinging etc to do. Some of it can be quite tricky, so don't expect to do every thing first time. Nice touch of a gondola ride towards the end. Lots of things to find, some of which are rather obvious and others difficult to get. Enemies are scorpions, dogs, ahmets, crocs skeletons and stick demigods. Puzzles rather weak only simple push block type, but finding your way at times to gain an exit I suppose could be classed as a puzzle. Graphics fine, but at times the background musak got a little wearing. The overall atmosphere though was good, with a good use of light and dark patches, hope we get to use the crossbow ammo in the sequel." - Whistle (01-Feb-2007)
"I was so stuck in this level, teach me to play with my eyes wide open, so doing it all over again I missed indeed a crawlspace. So be aware of nicely hidden crawlspaces, not only for secrets, more for continuing this game. As I am a very curious girl, of course I jumped to places where I should be. Although Eric says in his readme that it isn't beta tested I just had to look if there were some"end of the world problems" and of course they are there LOL. All in all you're up for some exploring here to get the needed artefacts and I might add, never a dull moment. The secrets are indeed a challenge on its own as some you do see through bars, but now you have to figure out how to get them. The enemies are nicely placed and I had a funny encounter with an Ahmet behind some bars that came right at Lara (I jumped in my chair) and luckily I could shoot it, teasing him to go through the bars again and again, till it was dead." - Gerty (19-Jan-2007)
"When I started this level and saw Lara sliding down to a temple-like place textured with the Karnak textures, from this moment I had half a mind to carry on playing it (because I dont like the Karnak texture) but 10 minutes into the game and I realised this was another challenging production from eRIC. Lara is off to look for Andreas' scroll that'll tell her where Andrea's powerful sword is. This is a two level game and the first 2 of five. In the first level,you have to find the tomb of the pharoah where the scroll is. This game is challeging and very creative. At every pace there is puzzle and thinking (and the number of different and varied puzzles shows how much eRIC is creative). The jumps and tasks were well thought (this is also more noticed in Andrea's scroll 2). There is alot of exploration and the feelings of going there and ending up in a familiar place or a place you cant get to but you will as you delve deeper in the level. The enemies are well place,something that'll spice the challenge (especially those scary looking ahmet ). The second level is inside the pharoah's tomb and,again, we meet different puzzles and go through smartly inter-connected areas and meet challenging enemies and dont forget to pause for a minute to admire the beautiful surroundings, the caves, the huge structure of the Pharoah...Once you get the scroll at the end,you may breath cause then you're done...errr,for a while, because more (and the worst and more challenging) is yet to come." - Shady Croft (05-Jan-2007)
"I realize this is just a matter of taste, but to me this is the most enjoyable of eRIC's offerings to date. I imagine I feel this way because the gameplay is less complex and tricky than in, say, Omegapolis. But most of all, it's because the lighting is well-nigh perfect, showing off the exquisite scenery to its best advantage, even though most if not all of the action takes place underground. The concluding sequence was particularly pleasing on the eyes. This level should serve as a good model for other builders to follow (insofar as lighting is concerned). I strongly dislike levels where you're constantly having to flick a flare in order to see to perform the most routine of tasks, but that's definitely not a problem here. And judging from the reviews, Part 2 is even better, so that's where I'm headed next. I got about two and a half hours of net gaming time from this two-part release, and it would have been much more than that if not for Harry's well-written walkthrough. High recommendations." - Phil (04-Jan-2007)
"It's the first time that I've played a level by eRIC and I must say that I'm very impressed by his inspired work! This is a two-part level, which however contains serious and challenging situations (both puzzle and gameplay wise). The setting is Egypt - a theme that is widely used in custom levels, and fairly so as it is so popular and moreover it is connected with what is, in my opinion, the best TR game (TRLR). Precisely for this, sometimes it is difficult to keep the original atmosphere and feel of the TRLR Egypt without ending up being repetitive. eRIC however manages to create a fascinating adventure which creates similar feelings to the player with TRLR while at the same time it gains its own identity helped by the creativity that the builder has put in making it. For starters, a bit of grumbling, lol. I encountered a few minor buggy things in this level. First of all, the title screen looked buggy (there was something wrong with the title and the menu, because they were looking half-transparent). Also half the slots of the Load Game menu appeared semi-transparent too, and were so every time I would start the program (this screen was fixed though every time I called it up while playing). Moreover, the LE crashed when I tried to run the level in windowed mode (which I prefer to do for various reasons of technical nature). Now in-game, there is an instance where Lara enters a room with torches. There are lit-up braziers in the room that go off as soon as you enter, so you are supposed to look elsewhere for a working brazier to light your torch. I found out accidentally that Lara could still light her torch by placing it in the seemingly lit-off brazier that was supposed to not be working. These are trivial issues, as I said before, but I thought I'd mention them because eRIC says in the Readme that the level wasn't beta-tested. Maybe those things would have been avoided with a little testing beforehand ;) OK, so lets move on with the review. In the first level, we are in a beautiful, colourful Egypt that has both indoors and exterior locations, both brilliantly constructed and decorated tastefully with lovely Egyptian textures. There are some nice rooms to explore and a few rather easy puzzles to solve. Many times you get a glimpse of areas that seem unreachable, and all of a sudden you gain access to them thanks to a flooding, for example. In general, the feeling is very TRLR-ish - many times, I really felt nostalgic as this level's look and style reminded me so much of TRLR. There is also a TR1 element in it, thanks to both the new revised TR1 Lara model, and to a couple of sequences (ie, a burning pillars puzzle that's a reminiscent of the classic one in Palace Midas). The second level has a cave setting, and is an elaborate and particularly well-constructed network of pools, hidden passages, doors that you have to open someway, and you have to make your way past various enemies and several traps so as to locate four artifacts that are needed so that you can get closer to your goal. Lara's quest for those artifacts is fascinating, and it involves lots of jumping, climbing and monkey-swinging over pools with deadly water or spike traps. There are some quite inventive traps (ie, the rolling boulder in the narrow water tunnel - wow! This would have been half as bad, if it was not for those nasty crocodiles not letting you move nor even see a thing in that tunnel, lol). You find enough ammo to face all the enemies (I have to make a special mention to the fire dragons, I just love those enemies :D), but as far as the medipacks are concerned, I found things a bit tough close to the end, in the room where you have to pull two pedestals and there are locusts sucking Lara's blood. I couldn't find a way to get rid of them during that process (dropping in the water unfortunately didn't make them drown), and it was rather annoying. I usually play Tomb Raider without using almost any medipacks at all, but in this specific case, I would have been grateful if I had a couple more in my inventory. Overall, I enjoyed this level very much, both for its beautiful locations and its creative and challenging gameplay, and I will surely play the sequel." - Ravenwen (28-Dec-2006)
"I believe this level is easier than the other levels Eric has made. The setting is nothing we haven't seen before but nicely done and it gives a nice feeling to the whole game. There are a few items to find such as canopic jars, vraeus etc. through the two levels you have to visit. The challenge for me was to find all the secrets in both levels since I am not very good at them and especially in Eric's levels but I am proud to say that this time I found all seven of them. The enemies aren't many but well placed and will give the player something to deal with. The second level was better than the first as far as the setting is concerned. I am eagerly waiting for the secoond part." - Kristina (05-Dec-2006)
"This is fun. If you enjoyed Omegalopolis (and if you say no, I shan't believe you) then you're in for another treat with this. It's good looking, inventive, devious and at times quite challenging. The second part in particular is certainly not for beginners - it's a roller coaster ride of pure excitement and I just loved it. Luckily, by the sound of it we won't have to wait long for the next part and I must say I'm really looking forward to it." - Jay (04-Dec-2006)
"This is the first part of the Omegapolis sequel and certainly Eric's best level as well, where he has shown his great talent, reaching an extraordinary perfection, both technical and stylistic. The author has enormously improved, especially as far as the architecture is concerned, which is skilfully elaborate, with some structures and walls that are diagonally set out: this makes the rooms even more attractive and less monotous. Both the atmosphere and he lighting are fantastic, as well as the fabulous textures (which is Eric's previous levels were a bit neglected and not always well conceived). The gameplay is always amusing, smooth and not too difficult, enriched by very original ideas. The secrets are beautiful, too, and some of them are quite well hidden. I have taken seven: in the first level,one of these is similar to one of the secrets of the game Journey in Togarma. While waiting for the issue of the three levels of the second part, I recommend everybody not to miss this wonderful game." - PaoloM (03-Dec-2006)
"I always liked Eric Claire's levels so, when I downloaded this new release I thought it could be good. But when I began to play I was very satisfied with all the characteristics: very good architecture, very good gameplay, very good puzzles, very good environment, good musics, good ambience, intelligent situation of enemies, enough weapons and ammo, not too much dark atmosphere, well applied textures, discreet and well situated cameras,... Although secrets are hard to find (I only found five of seven), the levels have an equilibrium between the simplicity and the professionalism, with huge dosis of entertainment. The best of this levels is that they are adapted to the reality, with no impossible tasks; you only need to act like an archeologist (as Lara), exploring, thinking, fighting, and over all using your brain to get your objectives with no very complicated tasks. I only can to qualify this levels as EXCELLENT. Many thanks Eric to lose your time to give us this great work. Like another players said: "I can't wait no more to play the next continuation of the saga". Congratulations." - Jose (02-Dec-2006)
"From the start of this level, I had a feeling this was going to take some definite thought and I wasn't wrong. Every part of this level required a lot of thought ("now how do I get across this expanse?") and oftentimes a difficult jump was required. Eric could have gone the easy route a number of times, but instead, he is very creative. For example, in one room, you acquire an artifact, and you are raised to the surface when the room is filled with sand. He very well could have just placed a ladder at the entrance to this area, but chose a more creative way and that just made this experience better. The rooms just kept getting better in gameplay, puzzles and atmosphere. The textures were fabulous and really made the areas look fabulous especially at the end of Andreas' Scroll (the final two rooms are just amazing!). These final rooms are well worth the effort getting there. There are a few difficult underwater challenges to get by first, but these traps and the ones right before reaching the scroll room are necessary to preserve the fact that they were placed there to protect this precious scroll, which has information regarding the whereabouts of Andreas' Sword. There are a number of difficult enemies, but I found plenty of ammo to take care of them. I really was blown away by the way Eric set up each room and how I really needed to think how to get from point A to point B, and let me tell you, rarely do you just jump or climb. This level is not to be missed, but is fairly difficult in areas. I can't wait for the next installment!" - Shandroid (26-Nov-2006)