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LB Advent Calendar 2006 - Winter Fairy Tale 1/2 by BaGi

Akcy 9 8 9 8
alan 7 8 9 8
CC 8 8 8 8
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Ivan 9 8 10 9
Jay 8 8 9 8
JesseG 8 9 9 8
John 7 7 8 8
Jose 8 9 9 10
Kristina 8 8 8 8
Loupar 9 8 9 9
manarch2 6 7 7 8
MichaelP 8 8 9 9
Obig 8 8 9 9
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 9 9
Selene 10 10 10 10
Shandroid 8 8 8 8
Treeble 8 8 9 8
Whistle 8 6 8 9
release date: 01-Dec-2006
# of downloads: 124

average rating: 8.26
review count: 21
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file size: 38.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Been a terribly busy week and not much time (or will, honestly) to play custom TRLE levels, but I'm not ready to give up on my silly goals of my pointless life just yet. While holiday season is still a couple of months away, I'm slowly chipping away at the pending levels from my 2006 raidlist and saw other players reporting this was an hour affair and I figured I could slot that in. It's a beautiful level, I love all the cozyness from these snowy environments — a needed contrast to our current winter down here where it's essentially just another awful hot summer again — and the quest for the seven crowns was enjoyable and without many hinderances along the way. Thanks to Selene for her guided experience I also didn't linger any longer than I had to which is something I definitely appreciate more the older I get. 50 minutes, 4 secrets. 08/23" - Treeble (06-Aug-2023)
"This 2 part snowy Christmas level set starts off very simple and basic with lara's exploration alternating between some nice outdoor icy areas as well as some cozy and homely indoor ones in her quest to find the gold crowns. Gameplay here is mainly revolving around finding items to open new areas and quite a few enjoyable movable object tasks, before we head underground where things start to develop and become slightly more interesting with target shooting challenges, platforming and nasty traps such as fast moving pillars/blocks and boulders before we find ourselves in the second level which is where the gameplay becomes a bit more varied and the exploration of much larger areas begins Picking up from where we left off underground you find yourself in a large pit area with torch tasks and platforming before we get to explore much more pleasant looking areas outside again in all the snowy atmosphere and then in a gorgeous blue Christmas themed hall. More clever target shooting, swimming, rope swinging and a more complex movable object puzzle await us in some lovely looking wintery themed environments as we continue to look for the golden crowns to progress further. Overall this level set is perfect if your looking for something short and sweet with some nice environments and a good mixture of mostly basic but fun tasks at a mostly relaxed pace but personally i think a few more dangers with traps or a timed run or two would of spiced things up a bit more for me personally." - John (22-Dec-2022)
"This is a good level that although not very christmassy, it is entertaining and playable. You must explore the snowy outdoors, then some mines, and finally some sort of castle. There are a few traps so beware. The puzzles are also present here, like lighting things with the torch, or shooting stuff to trigger events, and also with some pushables. Let's see what the other part has to offer." - alan (06-Dec-2022)
"A set of two levels where Lara searches a mine, a house, and a winter castle for seven crowns. Kind of harsh that the dwarves who stole the crowns explode one by one as she retrieves them, I guess that's fairy tale justice for you. More could have been done with the lighting but the visuals are still good (I particularly enjoyed the winter palace), except for one very poorly marked climbable surface. The beginning is not very engaging as Lara runs back and forth placing items, but more and more pushing puzzles are introduced as the adventure progresses, along with a few traps to spice things up like boulders and squishy blocks. There's also some torch action and target practice for Lara to overcome. A very solid advent release. 53 minutes." - JesseG (22-Dec-2021)
"Two interlinked levels;and both pleasing and relaxing to play. The first mostly relies upon pushing things onto other things,and as such isn't particularly eventful - but the house interiors were nicely decorated;and the map was compact enough that the necessary backtracking was easy to manage and never became irritating.Level two was larger and far more varied,with a few physical challenges and a decent number of puzzles to solve (especially inside the elegant Ice Hall). Gameplay only really became cheaty when it came to the shootable flowers;which needed to be shot with SPECIFIC ammunition (standing in front and firing away with the pistols was not enough to shatter them).This felt distinctly player unfriendly;and was at odds with every other gameplay element. Aside from this the usage of objects was creative as well as decorative;lighting,although on the bright side,was nicely handled;textures were placed with care;and the music cues,well chosen.The frequent changes of terrain (from house interiors to deserted mines;snowy garden to icily blue Castle) kept things feeling fresh and interesting. For those in the mood for non-violent wintery exploration,these two levels will do the trick nicely - just make sure you look around thoroughly;and keep plenty of Revolver ammo handy." - Orbit Dream (29-Nov-2020)
"This first double part of the Winter Fairy Tale series may not be particularly Christmassy or festive, but they do provide an hour's worth of generally pleasant gameplay in an attractive setting. There is a house, some deserted mines, snowy valleys and a huge hall to explore in search of the seven crown. There are traps and possibilities of falling down deep pits, so it's not really peace and mercy mild, but they are still worth playing any time of the year." - Ryan (12-Dec-2017)
"An overall rather decent start into the 2006 advent calendar, which caught me on the wrong foot initially with rather simplistic boxy architecture and run-of-the-mill gameplay, but thankfully the game improves the further you progress in it. There are quite many smaller puzzles that are not overly clever and occasionally tedious but overall add to the experience, I liked the hidden balls and in general the mine part of the first level. The second level continues in the mines, with rather decent usage of the torch and more pushable puzzles later on. I must say that there are fairly many sneakily hidden switches and shatterable items too. There aren't any enemies but some cute objects and nice effects, the secrets aren't too hard to find here. The atmosphere is rather lovely overall (especially liked the hall with transparent columns) but still there are parts which could have been a little less simplistic; the texturing is very clean yet the lighting somewhat drab and a bit flat. I didn't like that after the first explosion every time you reload you can hear the explosion again, but reloading is not too often necessary here so it's a minor problem. As I said a nice first offering of that year's advent calendar and until that point by far the best advent level of the builder. Spent 35 minutes in here." - manarch2 (09-Dec-2016)
"At the time of this review both segments (1/2 and 3/4) of this Christmas package had identical scores, and I assumed that this was because they were being graded as a unit. However, upon closer examination I saw that the individual categories had different scores, so what we have here is a most unusual coincidence. However, in my mind there's a vast difference between the two segments, so my reviews will "untie the score." Moreover, it's my strong feeling that the four levels should be rated as a unit, so I'll break with tradition and use the same words to review both parts. The first pair is by BaGi, the second pair by Sweet. All of the levels provide eye-pleasing surroundings that befit the Christmas season. Gameplay-wise, the BaGi section is by far the easier and more relaxing. Part one took me about a half hour to complete, part two more than twice that. There are more risks to your health in part two as well (complete with rampaging bull), and the gameplay is far more complex. Moreover, the surroundings of part two, particularly in the church area at the end, are nothing less than stunning. I suggest that the four levels be played at one sitting, as they're obviously intended to provide a steady progression of difficulty for the player. Recommended for any time of the year." - Phil (11-Jul-2011)
"BaGi sprinkles her own magic, as only she can, on this lovely introduction to this year's Advent Calendar levels. Lara is dressed in comfy warm clothing as she makes her way outside to courtyards, indoors in a lovely house, outside again to a beautiful snowy mountain area with reindeer, straw mangers, beautiful hall of ice, and underground into the mines. She is looking for almost impossible to see keys, stars, fuse and seven crowns. Elves guard the crowns until she collects them, then they disappear. There are lots of objects to push around, target and shoot, climb and jump over, and some torch exercises. As it's a Christmas level there are none of the usual traps and no enemies. With children in mind I could appreciate the setup in the sliding blocks rooms. The die-hard raider could make their way through as usual, but the kiddies can run around a safe route. On the other hand there are places where Lara could die or become trapped forever if she's not paying attention. You certainly have to keep your eyes open in this level, watch your step, and search in every corner. So it's not that straight forward. Another great level by one of our favourite authors and very appropriate to the season." - CC (20-Mar-2007)
"A good couple of levels, which really do give you the impression of winter cold, or a big freeze. Some good triggers for doors etc but got a bit samey towards the end. No enemies however and the puzzles were of the push something type, novel to push a railway truck sideways to the track. Textures were fine and along with the graphics as I have said, a good atmosphere was created. Sound was Ok but to me nothing spectacular. The lighting was too much on the dark side for too long a period, and with flares not that common you ended up peering at the screen or playing in semi darkness in order to see what was cracking off. Definitely a level to play and I await parts 3&4." - Whistle (01-Feb-2007)
"A very nice level, as usually in Barbara. Beautiful environment and perfect lightened and textured. Puzzles are well known; you'll have to explore the scenes moving objects, shooting others and pulling some switches. There are few dangerous situations, but even so I toasted Lara in the kitchen. Secrets are easy to find. Your goal is to find seven golden crowns in order to open the door to finish two short levels. I missed a lot some more flares for the dark areas in the mines and some enemies too, but being an advent calendar level I understand it. I'm going to enjoy the next part soon." - Jose (31-Jan-2007)
"Great start of the yearly advent adventures of Lara. I always look forward to this time of year and apart from downloading levels, the calendar is always full surprises each day when you open yet another window. This was indeed a great level to play and you can play it without the TR4 that is included. A pity that there isn't a patch for the Mac, as you do miss the lovely snow that is falling. Lara is in search of seven crowns or else she can't leave this place. In that she has to search the house and ends up in a mine and later there is still that beautiful ice palace to search for the items that are needed. All in all this is a level apart from great gameplay also eye candy" - Gerty (09-Jan-2007)
"Part 1 (7/8/9/9, 30 min, 2 secrets): Fabulous audio choices, great outfit (my eyes still hurt from the red - LOL), and the snow gives this a great wintery feel. Gameplay is not too challenging, but actually rather tedious in this part, as you basically keep pushing things around quite a lot (barrels, boxes and mine carts) which slows the pace down quite a bit. This is all made up though by the beautiful setting outside as well as inside as you go down into the mines in your search for crowns (3 in this part, 4 in the next). I missed the revolver initially, so had to backtrack for it and the target shooting exercise is rather sneaky. Part 2 (8/8/9/9, 30 min, 2 secrets): You continue in the mines first and the torch has a role in this part as well. Shooting the flowers outside was a bit of a stretch and without the walkthrough I would probably still be searching for something to do, but the castle and the push/raise puzzle is good fun and you then make your escape with the well deserved crowns." - MichaelP (06-Jan-2007)
"Wonderful atmosphere for a wonderful Christmas Level. This first part is nice and I've enjoyed every place of these great rooms. I've found the seven crowns but sometimes was difficult to find the items, specially the torch. I finished this first two levels set and I'm going for the second one. I think it's a very good work from BaGi." - Loupar (24-Dec-2006)
"The first Christmas-level of the year 2006 is a little fairy tale. Seven evil dwarves stole Lara's crowns, so she is trying to hunt them up. In the first part she explores a house and the derelict mines under the mountains, and in the secon part she wanders through snowy landscapes and a wonderful castle. In order to get on you have to find the revolver and the lasersight because you have to fire several precise shots. The crowbar, the torch are indispensable and you also have to gather some items that open the gates. There are no enemies, that it the correct thing in a christmas-level. Beside the crowns you can also find four secrets. The first part is a little bit darker because of its nature, but the second part will recompensate this. The castle is gorgeous and can always listen nice music through the level; I was sad when I had to leave it. The story will continue, thank to Sweet25. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (20-Dec-2006)
"Winter fairy tale in real introduction and with very nice feeling of winter times, some woods for warm and coldest days od near New year. Very good level which continue in part 3/4 with very good and at some momments little-thinking more finding elements for continue far in game. About one hour and half of nice playing and realxing with Bagi game. Dwarfs are cure and whe nyou found seven crowns they disapiered. Very good levels." - Ivan (14-Dec-2006)
"More like winter levels, than particularly Christmassy, especially the first one with the house and mine, it's a good level, just too gloomy for Christmas. The second level has brighter atmosphere, the ice temple looked great, the added music is just perfect, and the outside area with deers and their fodders was nice. We are to find 7 crowns, to move on to the sequel." - Akcy (12-Dec-2006)
"The first of the Advent Calender 2006 levels were short and pretty sweet, even though they didn't really have that "Christmas feel" to them. The levels started out in a house which felt right, but it was a simple "block" style, like the old levels, so it felt a bit dated. The rest of the level was in a mine (that's what it felt like), which did not feel Christmasy at all and in a nice wintry outdoor area with a lovely winter temple at the end. I liked fetching the crowns, but I despised the explosions that erupted every time I grabbed one (why was that necessary?). There were also ways to die ( boulder and moving blocks), which wasn't in the yuletide spirit. This level was pretty fun, but honestly, when I play Christmas levels, I want to feel all cozy inside without the fear of dying and certainly not having to go underground. This all sounds a bit negative, and well, I don't mean to say that the levels are bad, which is reflected in my scores, but it was not as I expected." - Shandroid (10-Dec-2006)
"I may have given up wishing for a white Christmas, but at least I know I can get one in the wonderful Levelbase Advent levels. Lara's dressed for the snow in cheerful bright clothing and a very silly hat and she's in search of seven gold crowns. The action takes place in mines, rooms with lovely Christmas decorations and beautiful snowy outdoor areas and because it's a Christmas level, it's peaceful and enemy free, with just some friendly dwarves around for company. Delightful." - Jay (10-Dec-2006)
"The first part of the Winter Fairy Tale levels is not what you'd call an easy Christmas level. There are areas where you have to look carefully and explore thoroughly in order to find the right action which will allow you to continue. The mines were nicely done and I sure loved the icy setting and the small pond outside. The dwarfs are a nice decor, if you can call them that, the stars you need and crowns will not be found easily and each of them has each own task to complete. I like levels like this one and the second installment of it actually, where you have to use your brain to progress but without having to solve so difficult or absurd puzzles that make you feel frustrated and want to give up. I found three secrets and of course I encourage the players to try these series." - Kristina (10-Dec-2006)
"And so we're presented with the first Advent level. I really can't give it any other rating than 10 at all points. Everything about it is so tranquil and perfect and despite the lack of enemies we've been given a wonderful little venture to make the countdown for Christmas a bit shorter. Seven sneaky little dwarves have stolen Lara's seven crowns and in this two-level adventure she needs to explore abandoned mines, gorgeous gardens with snow falling, beautifully made indoor areas and a very impressive ice hall. The gameplay consists mainly of shooting swinging balls, pushing buttons, gathering silver and golden stars and of course also the seven crowns. The seven dwarves are naturally also present through the levels and they are not at all happy to have the crowns stolen from them: they have set out a few devious traps for Lara and also hidden objects and secrets(four altogether). The atmosphere is wonderful and I especially loved the outdoor areas with the falling atmospheric you can almost feel the cold. The sound fit in perfectly and the cameras worked very well too. The lighting and textures are beautiful and very well distributed. A great little adventure that is bound to get you in the right mood for Christmas. Well done BaGi, I really had a great time playing:)" - Selene (05-Dec-2006)