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LB Advent Calendar 2006 - Christmas Train by uranos1

afzalmiah 10 9 10 9
Akcy 10 10 10 9
alan 8 8 8 8
BlackWolfTR 9 9 8 8
CC 8 9 8 7
DJ Full 7 7 8 7
drguycrain 8 9 7 8
eTux 9 9 9 8
Gerty 8 9 8 8
High Priestess 10 8 10 10
Ivan 9 10 10 9
Jay 9 10 9 9
John 6 8 8 8
Jose 7 10 8 9
Kristina 8 8 8 8
Lioness_86 9 9 9 9
manarch2 8 9 9 8
MichaelP 8 10 10 9
Moonpooka 8 8 7 7
Obig 10 8 10 9
Phil 10 9 9 9
Potkanka 7 9 9 9
QRS 8 10 10 9
Relic Hunter 8 9 8 9
Ryan 9 10 10 9
Shady Croft 10 10 8 9
Shandroid 8 9 9 8
TimJ 10 10 10 8
Treeble 9 10 10 9
vandit 7 9 7 7
release date: 05-Dec-2006
# of downloads: 155

average rating: 8.70
review count: 30
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file size: 25.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"As the name says, the game happens on a train. Because of train levels' limited space, it's always harder to create interesting gameplay. This custom does the job quite well. The gameplay is actually solid, with several really nice puzzles. It involves numerous interesting ideas as well. While playing this level, you have to pay attention to many things because the items are often quite well hidden. And of course, as train levels have it in common, there is quite a lot of backtracking, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The thing I missed in the level was some parkour and climbing around the wagoons. I will also complain about the unmarked tile on which you had to put the rat. Design-wise, it's good, although nothing spectacular. The train has a nice, cosy, Christmas-y atmosphere. Some pretty decorations are scattered here and there. Lighting could have been varied more, but it was still decent. All in all, this is a really nice train level in a xmas edition.  Always happy to play train levels because we do not have many of them. I can recommend it :)" - BlackWolfTR (25-Dec-2022)
"A Christmas train ride is a very rare setting. The atmosphere is well done even if you can see the age of the level in some details. There are no enemies, but you still need the slingshot to get to the troublemaker. But there are some partly very creative tasks to do, if you can solve them all alone without a walkthrough, congratulations. Whereby the problem sometimes is "how to do or trigger something". For example, the rat for the cat, there I had to try various positions so that the cat finally reacts. The gift push block puzzle with the mirror was also a bit tricky in the tight space, but it was fun. I like this train level even though it's not the prettiest Xmas level, but the tasks are often unique and the story is really Christmassy." - vandit (22-Nov-2022)
"This level is a gift that keeps on giving! I was pleasantly surprised from beginning to end at how clever the use of a multitude of brand new custom objects helped deliver an unique experience aboard a train level. There was a nice pushblock puzzle as well which was in a constrained space and required a bit of thought instead of just dragging objects around, but I will admit defeat to the lever puzzle. I even jotted down all the instructions but couldn't make anything out of it and for that I'm grateful for the walkthrough. The cute cutscene towards the end was yet another pleasant and uenxpected surprise. My only regret is that I'm 15 years late to this party, but otherwise it was a wonderful and quite unique experience. 50 minutes, 5 secrets. 02/22" - Treeble (20-Feb-2022)
"In this nice moving train there are many tasks to do. Be sure to interact with as many objects as possible, because you never know if you might need to place a key item in those! I liked the cat that was sitting on the key and in order to get it you had to lure it to some mouse eating a cheese, which was an original idea. But the puzzle with the gifts was sort of confusing, so I had to use a walkthrough to get past it! Oh, and the way Lara uses that kind of rod thingy to grab a key below her? That was a cool one." - alan (30-Dec-2021)
"well this is my first fan made train level ive ever played and its amazing how the author has made such a lot of interesting an original gameplay here, when you start from that helicopter and have to drop down i mean that was fantastic! now unfortunately for me i didnt initially start using a walkthrough from the get go and if i had maybe i would of slightly enjoyed it more because while there are some very clever and sometimes funny item puzzles here, i got frustrated a few times when i couldnt figure out how to progress myself, especially with that very clever but tedious mirror pushable box puzzle. after i relied on the walkthrough more i was able to appreciate the quirky and clever puzzles a bit more, the one with the mouse cheese and cat was so good as was the one with the fuse on the model train that needed a battery to make it come out of the tunnel for collection haha it just made me smile. i enjoyed some of platforming and the shooting puzzles that was excellent but after all that item collecting, combining and then constant backtracking to and fro i was beginning to grow tired. i loved the textures, atmosphere and the story with the cut- scenes they were great so although this level is a bit of a mixed bag with me its definitely one i'll remember for the right reasons" - John (23-Aug-2021)
"A nice Xmas level to play in the middle of a hot summer day! It was a short and cute adventure, I like train levels so I had fun with the gradual opening of each train car. Unfortunately sometimes it was too unclear what to do, especially with the amount of useless objects that made me wonder what interesting things will be possible with them, only for them to end up just clogging the inventory. And one secret was downright mean, but it's alright if it's a secret. I also had a bit of trouble with the cat and mouse puzzle, first the mouse didn't come out, then the cat came to the hole herself without me having to use the mouse (which I found out about later). Luckily it somehow worked itself out so I didn't get stuck. The pushblock puzzle wouldn't be so bad if two of the presents didn't look so similar, but maybe that was the purpose? It definitely left me pushing and pulling for a good amount of time, having to rearrange them all over again. But other puzzles were fun, like moving the crane or wrapping the present. The story was simple and perfectly fitting for such a level, with a cute solution to the elf problem. It definitely had a nice festive atmosphere and although I had to use the walkthrough a few times not to needlessly frustrate myself, it was still enjoyable." - Potkanka (14-Aug-2021)
"Here we go with a train level with festive atmosphere. I enjoyed the objects, there were a lot of pick-ups and back and forth cruising but its the speciality of the train levels... I like it, enjoying playing. Have fun !" - Lioness_86 (12-Jan-2021)
"I love train levels and this was no exception. However, there is a lot of coming and going in order to finalise the various tasks to fix the error in the locomotive's computer. I admit I needed a video [blind] walkthrough because it was not immediately evident that a certain unit in a train car was for the purpose of wrapping a gift. I collected several items that seemingly had no purpose whatsoever and it was at times frustrating to have to keep ascending to the train's roof to access a hatch in order to reach other cars. That said it was very ambient with some nice textures, a good use of objects and a clever box puzzle in which you need to study both big blue boxed gifts carefully in terms of the way the bows were tied. A nice little raid played at just the right time. Well done." - High Priestess (10-Dec-2019)
"Best train level ever. An Advent level too. Lara has to fix the train after a vital part goes missing. Great objects although I never used all of them. Amazing!" - Ryan (23-Dec-2015)
"Runaway train never goes back, runaway on a one-way track. Or, put a bit simplier: I like trains. This is enough for me to enjoy a level with constant movement outside the window or just around her head if Lara's actually above all windows (standing on the roof). Clouds should not speed as fast as the whole surrounding rest does, but who cares - as we almost don't look at the sky in this particular level, and focus on indoor (or incarriage) puzzles instead, which are awesome, with a truly Xmas climate given with numerous beautiful items of all kinds, and their descriptions are matchingly funny. Cheese is a rat's friend, but a cat is it's enemy. One clock destroyed, another one used. Isn't it a kind of elemental harmony, always good to experience? And if some item does not belong, its description wonders about it. Marvellous. Unfortunately, there's also the meanest pushable ever, and the trebuchet switch is controversial as well - was it applied this way for uniqueness or to make people annoyed? SUMMARY: Doesn't look like a Christmas train at all in most parts, as it lacks usual cuteness of this particular celebration time - but it's unusual in all other way, except the pushable, which is as annoying as the rest of the level is creative. But for anyone who likes item description humor, this level is strictly obligatory. The walkthru will be needed, and in the end it might also confirm which items are unnecessary, because You get 11 (!) of them." - DJ Full (23-Sep-2012)
"For sure Santa Clause isn't the one he used to be, as there are more important things for him than rescuing his presents himself. Anyway, if he did that, we would miss out on one of the best train levels out there that stands there in a row with the ones in Lima's "Dark City" and Ranpyon's "Easter Monday". The technical achievements in this level are enourmous and all those objects (the helicopter that drops Lara down and then flies away, the present machine, the kobold,...) really deserve a ten in the second category if not for some other issues I will mention later. The gameplay in this level is mostly very enjoyable, with a lot of fun exploration, a couple of well devised puzzles - the gift puzzle and the quite complicated lever puzzle that really keeps players thinking. However, because of the limitations of a train level a lot of backtracking had to be implemented in the level, especially getting near the end, which kind of took the fun away a bit. Also, I found that throughout the whole level there simply was an overdose of items to find, a third of them without any special use in-game, only for a chuckle. This irritated me heavily as some of them needed to be combined with each other, some not and some need to be placed on places players will have trouble to figure out themselves. Still, not everything is a bit as bad as you might think now, as most of the time you will be enjoying the unique moments in this level. The texturing was maybe not overly great but it's a train level, so I can forgive that. Spend 45 minutes in here - highly recommended." - manarch2 (22-Jul-2012)
"I loved this train level! The best stand-alone train level I ever played. This was a very festive llevel and the train is so well built but sometimes you have to do challenging stuff to do. The main goal (I think) is to give a little thing a christmas present. Finding the materials to make the present was a very fun experience and you have to go through the whole train to find the right materials. There was a pretty fun pushblock puzzle with huge christmas presents. Loved it so much and I know everyone else will love it as well." - afzalmiah (19-Apr-2011)
"This author did a great job of getting a great deal of gameplay out of just a half dozen train cars. But there was a tad too much back and forth for my taste. i did appreciate that this was a true Christmas level--the decor, the plot, the gamplay, the objects--it's all thoroughly Christmas-saturated. The author also came up with some very clever gameplay/object elements (cheese-rat-cat, boxing and wrapping a gift, etc.). This really is a worthwhile Christmas level. Having said that though, i'm not sure i appreciated having my object list overrun with thinsg not even useable in the game. And like i said, the back and forth actually started to become a drudgery rather than enhancing the experience." - drguycrain (02-Jan-2008)
"Well, it's still a while before Christmas when I'm reviewing this - but let's just say that I started early this year! Being named probably the best train level out there irked my interest so I felt compelled to try it before December. It's a wonderful level and definitely lives up to its reputation, so I was by no means disappointed, maybe only by the fact that I won't be able to add anything with this review that others have not covered. All the creative touches and story moments are rather endearing and the climax of the storytelling - yet another proof (well, scripted proof, but still) that you can get so much more with being good (though technically, I suppose it would've been much less of a hassle to shoot the critter and take the needed chip off his cold body... but that kind of would contradict the spirit of the level, so forget I mentioned that, lol) and that there's a poor soul needing some affection in every bully. On the negative side, as the others have mentioned as well - as creative some of the tasks are, they were pretty hard to figure out with little additional guidance provided within the level itself, so I quickly turned to the walkthrough to get over a number of stuck scenarios. What contributed a lot in this confusion was the chaos in the inventory. As fun as some of the items are, I was actually spending a lot of time looking where I could stick Harry's broomstick, the clock and the shovel - thus easily losing focus on things I should've been concentrating on. I also wished that the 5 secrets I found would've been somewhat more rewarding, but I suppose some of the train setting's limitations have to be taken into consideration for that and I couldn't exactly hope for huge secret areas to be luring around the corner. That said - the author certainly has handled the usual restrictions of the train setting rather well, and while it still inevitably involves some backtracking - involves a lot of neat puzzles that more than live up for it. Well worth a try!" - eTux (07-Oct-2007)
"Awww !! This level was really nice ! I loved the lot of stuff we can find in this train! A lot of objects were useless but really funny ! Their names were also accompanied by a funny comment. :-D Sometimes I really needed to have a bit of imagination to guess what I had to do like placing the mouse in front of the cat in order that he runs to catch the mouse and let me a key ! I loved the tiger carpet that Lara can pull to discover a secret. :-) I loved the orange juice that Lara can drink ! I liked the idea to give a gift to the little monster in order that he gives back the missing chip. :-D It was really a nice level ! I'm sorry because I wanted to translate it in French for french players but I couldn't... :-(" - TimJ (20-Jul-2007)
"I suppose it's a little odd to play Christmas levels when summer is almost here, but eh. I missed out on 2006's Levelbase advent calendar, and it seems to have turned out some very nice levels. I haven't played a train level in a while, so I thought that this level would be a nice change, as it's also a wintery type level. I have to say that I wasn't disappointed in uranos1's contribution as I did enjoy his previous work. Well, the scene where you drop onto the train from the helicopter was unique and I also really liked Lara's hat swaying in the winter breeze. Onto the level, it has some innovative gameplay due to its uniqueness. One such instance is the scene where you have to grab a block of cheese to lure out a mouse, then you have to take that mouse and tempt a cat so he can get his behind off a much needed key (I really liked that part, it was quite humorous). There's also a vast array of cool new objects, like a clock pendulum that can be used as a crowbar, and the robe with the hook which you use to collect another key. The level also had a really tough push puzzle in it, where you have a mirror showing you where the stuff you're pushing is supposed to go, and it's a challenge to get it done (It's way harder than I'm making it sound, heh). However, I felt quite satisfied after I managed to do it. The scene near the end was also cool, wherein Lara gives the poor gremlin sabotaging the train a present, and in exchange he gives up the machinery he stole. The hunt for the Von Croy secrets was fun too, and some of these secrets are rather elusive too (I found 4 out of 5). Overall, it's a nice Christmas level, and I'll definitely be playing the others from this year." - Relic Hunter (09-May-2007)
"This author has pushed the boundaries and raised the bar yet again in what a lot of players would consider an 'ordinary' level. Last time with the 'mansion', this time with a 'train' level. We are amazed at what can be achieved with something we are so familiar with. Proving yet again the wonderful imagination and skill of our builders. Here we have a level that really is at the heart of the Christmas spirit. An unhappy gremlin has stolen the engine chip and the Christmas train is now out of control. He must be found, and Lara persuades him to part with the chip in a lovely seasonal way. But before this happens she must search the train high and low, to find so many items...useful and useless, and work out some very clever tricks and puzzles. Not least of which is getting the cat off the key it's sitting on. I loved this, and the little train set, the gift wrapping machine, pushing large gifts around, the puzzle to open the globe, all curious flybys showing the gremlin, the crane moving around, and Lara using a hook through the ceiling of one of the carriages. The author has included so much detail and little tricks that you'll never look at a train level the same way again. Some might say too much, as we find so many items, run around thinking they are useful somewhere, and discovering that they are just pickups to weight Lara's backpack down. Then again, perhaps this was the intention of author, who obviously has a good sense of humour... take a look at the little notes attached to the inventory items. I laughed at the useless key one. And Lara herself looks great with that Santa hat and almost pixie like features. Of course, because this is a Christmas level, for children, she has no weapons, other than a slingshot. The only threat is falling off the train. The level is definitely not straight forward, and the player needs to search every square pixel to see what can be done. Despite the head scratching confusion at times, the difficult numbers puzzle, and endless running through the carriages not knowing what to do, I still loved this level. I loved the 'idea' behind it. Please don't stop doing what you do uranos1, I can't wait to see how you transform another level genre." - CC (20-Mar-2007)
"What an unusual level! This is a level with a lot of work behind, very clever, but many times you don't know what to do with the items you've collected, could be some more cameras to give us a hint to know where to go. There are a lot of new objects builded from scratch I think, but many of them I couldn't use (?). Gameplay is very complex, although there are natural ways to proceed as to put the cheese in front of the house of the mouse, the many objects collected make confusion to the player; I had to read the walkthrough several times. The puzzle I like more was the moveable presents in the vagon with the mirror, it made me think. There are some new animations, textures, features,... It's a very good level, but only for expert players." - Jose (03-Feb-2007)
"As the title already reveals it is a train level and yet again, one with a twist. Lara has to pick up lots of artefact, some she needs and uses and some she just can take with her, once she finds the chip so the train CAN stop. Like in all train levels there is back and fro, but every time there is something to figure out, so all in all it is a fun exploration this time around. Do look in every nook, cranny and Xmas tree as the secrets are also fun to find. However this is a kinda hard level as it is a bit hard to figure out what you need and what to do, to get what you need to do. But I do admire the builder as he did a great job with this train level." - Gerty (09-Jan-2007)
"What a delight to play and how frustrating at the very same time. I am quickly becoming a huge fan of uranos' level building work. After managing to pull off the best Home level ever with his debut he has now managed to bring the second rather dull genre to life - the Train level. And what a level this is. The creativity and originality that got into this level is just beyond words. Like luring a mouse with cheese to lure a cat with the mouse, getting a model train to run around a track so that you can pick up a fuse from its waggon or packaging up a present for the demon to get back the crucial piece that fixes the train. The whole sequence of events really fits together so nicely and the demon scene is truly touching. Now - as for the frustrating part - I would never have completed this level without assistance from forum/walkthrough. Some of the actions are simply to obscure to even try them and shooting through a door or using the rope and hook would both never have occured to me and so that can get you to a halt pretty quickly in this game. I also had a few crashes in my game, but nothing too badly. Another small complaint is that the seven switch puzzle has really more than one solution, but as the rules narrow it down to four, they are checked out quickly to find the right one. All these gripes aside I can only recommend everybody to play this unique adventure (probably with a walkthrough closeby) for something completely different." - MichaelP (07-Jan-2007)
"This level is fantastic. There are so many ideas, so many interesting challenges that I got stucked several times for a little while. Our only weapon is a crotch, its rubber is the lasersight, and with this we have to fire aimed shots twice. We are adventuring on a train, we collect lots of items, but many of them we don't need. Watch out for the closed doors, it's not sure that you can't shoot through them. After pushing and pulling the giftbox your prize has to be a Teddy bear. If it does not appear on one of the shelves, push them again until it finally does. This is a small bug in the game, but it was not annoying. It was a great adventure that noone shoul miss. I could find 5 secrets, but I had to replay the level several times until finding all of them. :) You can find a walkthrough, savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (20-Dec-2006)
"This was an amazing level in several ways. The beginning sequence, where Lara drops down from a hovering helicopter onto a moving train, was pure class that set the tone for the unfolding adventure. I used Harry Laudie's walkthrough, which enabled me to finish with just over an hour of net gaming time. I have no idea how long I would have spent without it, trying to figure out those tricks of (1) luring the mouse to the cheese and getting the cat off the key and (2) sending that Christmas present through the machine and then offering it to the goblin at the end. There's also an ingenious block puzzle in a mirror room that Harry described with simple efficiency. A very pleasant diversion that takes you back and forth through the train as you complete various tasks, but never did it become boring or tedious for me. Probably the best train level yet. Highly recommended." - Phil (18-Dec-2006)
"What a wonderful Christmas masterpiece,this level is so enjoyable and very creative...The author must have an incredible imagination,he's created a unique train level. A little trouble maker (and cute) elf caused some trouble on the Christmas train that delivers the presents from the north pole to the whole world and now its speeding non stop and Lara has to help Santa and save Christmas. The train is very beautiful from the inside with very beautiful custom objects,you'll find so many iteams,keys and fuses and other strange items like a bottle of orange juice,a broomstick,a rope,a hook,a diamond,cheese and a mouse and its your job to know which one to use to proceed in the game and deeper into an entertaining gameplay. Along the way there are several (genius) puzzles that made me think till I sweat. Near the end you'll get a very emotional cutscene that'll clear afew things up...A wonderful Christmas level that,without doubt,I recommend you play." - Shady Croft (15-Dec-2006)
"No enemies and i put 10 for Objects and puzzles. One of best made level in train for Lara. More to finding and a lot of walking around some shelfs, books, packages and all what this cute winter level show to you. At fist area arounf train is at same moment little lazy and at some momment very nice with snowy mountains and you can see very quick snow-man "run" near the train :). Very good secrets and all game is to find and package gift for little gremlin who never was in attitude to has his own gift for christmas. And when at last he got he helped Lara to help Santa Claus and kids will got christmas packages. About one hour and little more for this candy eyes nice level." - Ivan (14-Dec-2006)
"Christmas Train is a fun little fetching level that I enjoyed. I like train levels because they feel "real", and there is a real sense of danger (watch your step). This little quest had Lara searching for a way to control the train with a bunch of presents on their way to good little boys and girls. There's a naughty little reason for the malfunction, but Lara solves that problem with her fetching. There was a lot to do and too much to find (many objects were just stuff of no use), but the problems with the level were due to convoluted gameplay. Uranos1 got a bit carried away with changing how things look, to the point of passing something over without even a hint that it was a switch (I would have never, ever figured it out if I hadn't seen it on the forum). There was also a very buggy push block puzzle that never worked for me and I had to grab a savegame just to continue the game. I wish that would have been caught in the beta testing, because it should have been re-worked. Oh, and Shandroid don't do math problems, Santa was of no help (thanks anyway, Santa your "help letter" was so long it got cut off) either, I mean "what?". Thankfully, glorious Raymond swooped in with his right-brain usage and saved the day, and the level again from the bin. Oh, this sounds so negative, but the level has lots of shiny points and Uranos1 stuffed a lot of neat things into a small level and it really shows. There's even a cute little cutscene that made me all warm inside (Christmas level requirement), nothing that made me die, except a few missteps resulting in Lara being run over by the train, but hey, my fault, right? It IS a train. All in all, I enjoyed the level, but it was a bit confusing at times and possibly had too much going on. Many of us just want the relax when we play the Christmas levels, but so far, Lara and Shandroid aren't relaxing much this year!" - Shandroid (13-Dec-2006)
"Oh wow, a Christmas train level, what a treat and a super beginning with Lara dropping from a helicopter on to the roof of the train (wearing a rather fetching Santa hat). This is a real fun level, full of quirky objects and I really loved the idea of having a model train set on a train. The use for the various objects is just brilliant, as are the animations, and I enjoyed the challenge presented by not automatically knowing what to do with all the inventory items. This is an absolute must-play for the festive season (or indeed any other time of year). Wonderful." - Jay (10-Dec-2006)
"It's that time of the year again so the Christmas levels appear like mushrooms. The Advent levels will keep us entertained for the entire month and I just love them. This one has many new items but most of them will not be used and you need to use your head in order to proceed, it also has no enemies. Lara will have to jump from wagon to wagon and explore everything to get the necessary items and to find the secrets which are five but I only found four. There is a stuck moment though that will probably frustrate a lot of players, a bug and a stuck moment actually. There seems to be a problem with the room that has the moveable boxes but the teddy bear doesn't appear some times. Also you can shoot the side panel of one of the wagons but if you do it before the crane activity, it appears again later but the stuck moment is that you are left trying to shoot it without being able to proceed that way. There is no indication that it's not the correct way to do things, in my opinion there should be an obstacle to prevent us from shooting it too early. The author's creativity is impressive though and it is certainly worth giving this a try." - Kristina (08-Dec-2006)
"Touching, is the first word that comes to my mind about this beautiful level. A nicely decorated train, delivering the gifts to Santa, for he could give them to the children of the world. And Lara has to make sure it gets there. I can't even begin to mention the highlights, because the whole level is a nice touch as it is, as a whole and in it's details too. Where the author gets his imagination from, I don't know, but he has plenty. I got stuck, many times, not for long though, so many difficult moments in a level this small. Call me mazo, but it's my kind of a level. I like very much when I have to think out of the box, to figure out new ways of proceeding. Of course the author had to figure it out first for us. A big thank you for uranos. As a Christmas level, there are no enemies, and just a toy catapult for "weapon". Cute level." - Akcy (08-Dec-2006)
"Wow! This is not only a beautiful and different train is one of the hardest and weirdest levels I have ever played! The positive things come first..Amazing atmosphere and use of objects. I think I have never seen so many custom objects (or objects at all!) in a single level. All the thought and work behind all this must have taken ages to come up with. All the cut scenes with the hook, the gremlin etc. The list is long everything is done to perfection! The only bad part in this level is the difficulty gameplay. There are so many objects and unusual things to do (with almost zero hints..) that you end up running around in circles wonder what to do with the objects most of the time...Hence my lower score in the Gameplay&Puzzle category. It is still high though, as you can't complain about the puzzles that's for sure! I would love to play a sequel to this level but with MUCH more hints! Besides that, I have nothing else to complain about. The best train level I have ever played, that's for sure!" - QRS (07-Dec-2006)
"The title says it all; this is a Christmas level which takes place on a train. Train levels are not really my favourite subject, but as the Christmas spirit is incorporated into this level it made a rather nice change. There is a Gremlin is lurking on the train, he has stolen the chip from the engine master's cabin, and the train is in distress. Lara must find the chip and she has a sweet way of coaxing the Gremlin to part with it. So, what can you do on a train? There is the normal route up and down the carriages, and a healthy trek around to get to new areas for zillions of items, most of which are simply gifts for Lara and won't be needed to proceed through the level; this left me quite confused at times and I spent a long time trying to place these objects in various places which took up way too much time. The main items needed are a few keys, Teddy, box, ribbon, wrapping paper, hook, rope, sling shot, cheese, mouse, and a band type thing which acts as a laser sight; there are no pistols in this level and the sling shot is your only way to shatter things. I'm now going to grumble about the very complicated lever puzzle to open the globe! Way too complicated for a Christmas level IMO, and thanks to Raymond for the solution, coz some of us like a bit of a rest while playing these festive levels; and some of us are also a bit blonde you know! Grumble over, and builder is forgiven because the box puzzle in the mirror room was great; even if Teddy did decide not to show up every time; as I found out to my horror when I hit re-load instead of save after grabbing my Ted. I loved the use of the mouse and the cat, and the Gremlin was naughty but very cute. The scenery from the train was also rather nice as we pass by snowballs and little snowmen on the side of the track. So, how does Lara get the chip from the naughty Gremlin passenger? You will have to play to find out, and I hope you do because this was a really cute level with some nice touches and a festive atmosphere, although somewhat confusing for us lesser beings." - Moonpooka (06-Dec-2006)