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Andreas' Sword Part2 by eRIC

Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Damon 10 10 10 10
Dick 9 9 9 8
DJ Full 10 10 10 10
Gerty 9 9 10 9
Jay 10 10 10 10
JesseG 10 9 10 9
Jose 10 10 10 10
Kristina 9 9 9 9
MichaelP 9 9 9 9
MigMarado 9 9 9 8
Mman 9 10 10 9
Moonliteshadow 10 10 10 9
Petaludas 8 8 8 8
Phil 10 10 10 10
Ravenwen 10 10 10 10
Robobok 8 9 9 10
Ruben 9 9 9 9
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Samu 9 9 10 9
Shady Croft 10 10 10 10
Shandroid 10 10 10 10
Treeble 9 10 10 10
release date: 16-Dec-2006
# of downloads: 194

average rating: 9.50
review count: 23
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file size: 79.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Coastal

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Reviewer's comments
"Almost wrapping up my 2006 raidlist, only one more mammoth release to go after this one, but boy do I wish I had played this one sooner. The author definitely has a knack for environments, what you get throughout these levels is definitely a very intricate and yet beautiful location, and the use of TR1 Greece assets definitely help drive home a feeling of nostalgia — remixed, as it were, as this is definitely more complex than anything we had seen in that game. As such, even by following Harry's walkthrough I found myself wandering aimlessly now and then, there are just so many narrow and tight spaces to go through it's easy to overlook them (and more than once, on occasion). The quest for the heir items was fun, although the Thor room was nothing short of brutal. I had to quicksave and quickload about a dozen times before I managed to go through without being hit by the instakill lightning. The bonus level adds a fairly substantial coastal setting to explore but always keeping the same overall complexity. All in all I liked these levels, but I feel they were far too demanding and with a full time job always draining every ounce of will to live I have I found myself waning too often — it's probably a me thing by now, but if this were slightly more player-friendly overall I'd have certainly enjoyed it more. 2h30min, 9 secrets. 11/23" - Treeble (19-Nov-2023)
"Having completed Babylon is Fallen, I found myself still in a mood for a bit of ‘eRIC’ so I decided to check out the Andreas Sword saga. Three years older than BiF and it does show. It’s not the technology so much as the builder’s skill-set that marks the difference. That said, it is of a similar type and there is certainly plenty to do. Parts one and two are essentially of the same standard so I’ll let this review cover them both." - Dick (14-Feb-2022)
"An appropriate end to the 'Omegapolis saga', which I recommend vividly! Like the original installment in the saga, I feel it begins with a harder level. The adventure feels unbalances from then on. The last twin levels are, overall, easier. There are some complicated parts that should be more clearly illustrated through cameras or other hints. The story is great, but I feel adding the 'extra' three-star portion after finding the sword is less than ideal. Much like secrets, extra-areas seem trivial and do not motivate me. Besides these minor issues, the levels are great and Eric deserves all the praise! Thank you." - MigMarado (22-Feb-2021)
"The adventure continue for Lara in this wonderful levelsets near Italia in a small Island. This second part of Andrea's Sword is great and fun to play with a lot of puzzle who remember me the first Tomb raider in Greece. No egyptian textures now but something a bit similar to tr4 coastal & catacombs levels and tr1. And I loved the mix between textures to create a nice macedonian atmosphere. The levels are maybe easiest than the first part (for me) and it's a good thing. There are also a new quest, the golden stars, for those who want to play a bonus level and this bonus is certainly one of the biggest point of this adventure with the tomb of Andreas previously presented and his daughter with also a bonus object to find. I recommanded the game for everyone. Even if it's not necessary to play the part 1, I think it's better to play the first part in Egypt for undertand the story correctly. Congratulations eRIC for this big saga and thank you!!" - Bigfoot (15-May-2020)
"No need to say that i enjoy all Erik's levels ,he is my favorite builder..Im not a fan of coastal ruins but i enjoy it for sure.omegapolis heirs on the other hand was my favourite 100% although want it to be bigger.. I was able to find all 5 stars alone without help,proud of it!The mirror room puzzle was great,wp!Also as it seems u dont need to play As1 cause all the levels are included in As2.The only annoying thing in all Erik's trles are the ahmets, hate it that they block some buttons or paths or doors when they die and also why in every game it is written that there are 70 secrets instead of the real munber..Heading to Btb series" - Petaludas (25-Mar-2020)
"This sequel delivers all the fun of the first part and then some. I appreciated that you could carry over a save from the first game, letting you put good use to the items you collected so far. I found the puzzles more creative and engaging in this second part. My only complaint is that the ending felt abrupt (although I did not get the ending using the 3 stars). Overall a very enjoyable raid. 4 hours 10 minutes to complete both parts." - JesseG (09-May-2019)
"Probably even better than Part 1. I wouldn't include a slow fire sequence in the final part (JUST KIDDING I WOULDN'T INCLUDE A FIRE SEQUENCE ANYWHERE) but this was utterly relaxing yet intriguing adventure which is enjoyable without being creatively overdone - only 2% of elements are custom but whenever they are it's always on topic with a grain of humor, and it's so much more efficient than when you customize absolutely everything possible. I guess it's just eRIC being eRIC, many builders don't believe this is really all you need to build a good level, but he knew it from the start. Please, never quit." - DJ Full (27-Feb-2019)
"I was impressed with Part 1 of this series, but completely blown away by this excellent Part 2. The surroundings are awe-inspiringly beautiful and somehow manages to make a mix of different textures work brilliantly. The gameplay is challenging in spots, but again never to the point where it gets too frustrating and there are some neat tasks including the hub room concept in Omegapolis Heirs and the block puzzle in Omegapolis Heirs II (accessed by finding at least three golden stars). The hammergod and harpies were an annoyance, but aren't they always? Highly recommended." - Ryan (22-Jun-2017)
"This is a mix of Coastal and TR1 Greece (for the second map) themes, interesting geometry is used to make the themes feel different and the bonus map in particular has areas that do very unique things with the Coastal theme architecturally. Like before, eRIC's style can be felt throughout, and I'd say this is the first full culmination of it all (that carried into the things he made after). The first map mostly isn't too tough, but map 2 in particular ramps the challenge up a lot, and definitely reaches Omegapolis levels; there's plenty of challenging jumps and trap sequences. The bonus level seems sedate by comparison, but it's provides a satisfying climax and it's not hard to meet the conditions to enter it (especially with the hints in the readme). Another excellent levelset, and the most confident of the Omegapolis sets." - Mman (25-Jul-2015)
"10) Andreas' Sword Part 2 (8,9,9,10) Total = 36/40 (90%)
This was a bit of an epic adventure and I thoroughly enjoyed most of the many spectacular areas I raided. I especially liked Omegapolis Heirs with Neptune, Thor, Atlas and Midas (loved the use of flooring from St Francis Folly, excellent touch!). As has been stated previously Atlas was an epic all by itself, really tricky jumps required here but when you master them you get a real sense of satisfaction. I found the torch lighting puzzle very hard too and this explains why I've knocked a couple of points off the total. The use of three stars at the end is a great idea, I'd like to see more of this in other raids (perhaps there is?). Personally I didn't get three stars so couldn't explore the secret area :-(
To surmise I think this well deserves its top Coastal slot and adds to my ever growing list of recommended raids. I can't wait for the next one either, the recently released Mists of Avalon. Watch this space...
Previous Level - South America 1-3. Next Level - Mists of Avalon - First Clue." - Robobok (04-Mar-2012)
"Isola Bella (8/9/9/9, 70 min., 3 secrets found): Amazing what you can do with the good old coastal texture set. Eric sends you on a journey to explore this area high and low for gems, keys and tridents and you get some fun acrobatics, target shooting, torch puzzle and more. Enemies are relatively few (tinmen, skellies, a wraiths) and most of the times a camera will help progression before you get stuck.
Omegapolis Heirs (9/9/9/9, 60+60 min., 3 secrets found): Wonderful and classic setup with the hub room and four separate quests to master, as you explore the areas of Midas, Thor (with the inevitable hammerman), Neptune (fairly quick diving exercise) and my favourite Atlas with some great fun in terms of climbs and jumps. And if you have managed to collect three stars you actually get another hour of gameplay in the bonus section with a clever block pushing puzzle and a nice fight with skeletons and oversized ahmets.
All in all, Andreas Sword is a great series and well deserves its spot in the Hall of Fame." - MichaelP (02-Mar-2008)
"A very entertaining adventure , make sure you have enough spare time cos this set of levels is really a very huge adventure and a delight to play . It contains almost everything a TRLE raider could wish for . a complete story ,very challenging in some parts and I must appreciate all the work the builder has put into it . Surely a candidate for the Hall of Fame !" - Ruben (18-Jan-2008)
"Oh its a Great level, Impressive work eRIC. I played the previous part as well (Andreas Sword Part 1) and this level was even better than before, Textures are nice and the puzzles are Tricky but a fun to solve !!! And to add more fun to it there is a different ending if you collect 3 Stars or more and then place them in the slots at the end , Then you get access to a bonus level in which you have to collect 2 Completion Rings and 2 Seals for the final end. In order to get them, there are numerous puzzles which keep you raiding for another one hour. So a total of 5 Hour gameplay !!! I enjoyed every second of it and recommend others to check this level out as well ..... I am hoping to see another fine creation from eRIC.........." - Damon (14-Jun-2007)
"This time I did took my time playing this level and it was well worth it as there are so many places to explore and I got lost so many times as well. But I got there in the end though. This is not a linear level as such and do remember where you have seen a receptacle or a door as some backtracking is needed. There are some nice puzzles throughout and there is so much to see even if some rooms are utterly bare. I liked the overall game play even if it was pretty confusing at times. I was glad that I found all the Stars to go the extra mile as this level kept going on and on. There are some nasty jumps to do but you should give it a go, as you won't be bored one bit." - Gerty (20-Apr-2007)
"I just finished this game. I was going to bed over an hour ago but just had to finish it. Wow,what a level. A few difficult moments for me but made the play all the more interesting - got there in the end! Enemies are good and appear at just the right(wrong?)time and I loved having enough ammo to blow those skeletons away instead of having to knock them over the edge of something.The disappearing floors were a bit frustrating but there was an easy way out in the end, just had to work out what was to be opened and how. The last part of this level kept me on the end of my seat. Fantastic game, loved it." - Moonliteshadow (26-Mar-2007)
"I must say that eRIC has impressed me again with his level building skills and the levels this game include are created well both technically and visually. Level design is once again great and I liked especially how the first level is designed. Variation between indoor and outdoor areas in the first level makes it very fascinating. The second level didn't arouse as much interest for me as the first one but overally this game is top stuff. Gameplay is good too and you have to solve many different kind of tasks so you shouldn't get bored easily buring this game. I hope this is not eRIC's final level because he have talent to build quality stuff you will remember during your whole life." - Samu (02-Feb-2007)
"I played this engaging sequel over a period of several weeks, while also playing the BtB London levels, so the details tend to blur in my mind. However, I managed to squeeze nearly five hours of gameplay from these three levels, which also offer a generous bonus segment if you find at least three of the five golden stars scattered here and there. Harry Laudie has provided a detailed walkthrough that guides the player through the relatively few rough spots. I also had the advantage of a dormant Thor (the hammergod) when I invaded his territory. For some reason he remained in place and didn't come forth to attack, which certainly made navigation of this area a much less stressful task than it otherwise would have been. The environs are well-lit throughout and very easy on the eyes, and the gameplay is never so difficult that it becomes frustrating. eRIC has demonstrated that he's one of the premier builders out there, and I'm sure that his future releases will be greeted with increasing enthusiasm. A sure Hall of Fame entry." - Phil (25-Jan-2007)
"Another wonderful entry in the series and every bit as good. Isola Bella: Oh joy, an early crowbar. That's me happy. This is a beautiful coastal setting and there's plenty of opportunity to enjoy the view whilst exploring. There's a delightful block puzzle and an unusual timed run with a torch that stood out for me. The main artefacts to locate are a couple of tridents, which involves a great deal of exploration. Omegopolis Heirs: Wow, great effect at the beginning of this part, with a zig zag slide I've never seen Lara do before. This section is reminiscent of St Francis' Folly, with Thor, Midas, Neptune and Atlas rooms and some delightful artefacts to retrieve from each of them. Nice idea to offer a bonus level with only three star secrets found rather than the full five, particularly appreciated as I did only find three. This is the final part of the Omegopolis series and I can't wait to see what Eric comes up with next." - Jay (20-Jan-2007)
"The second part of Eric's adventure is even better than the first. I also have a soft spot about this one because of the reference to the Greek mythology. Lara will be visiting many different areas named after Greek Gods or mythological figures like Poseidon, Atlas, etc. Each area has a unique puzzle to solve or a new task to complete so I never got bored with the any of the levels. I got confused at some point though with the switches and many entrances that change according to which switch you use. Once you figure out how it works there is no problem and you can progress as you should. I found six secrets and fortunately all the stars I needed to access the bonus area. It's a great series and very entertaining so I would advise all raiders to give this one a try." - Kristina (18-Jan-2007)
"And here it is, Andrea's Sword II, and Lara's adventure in search of Andrea's Sword continues. The first level of the three is set in a beautiful meditaranean island. eRIC used the coastal textures here (they're my favourite). This level (and the other 2) is more challengeing than AS1 with a more complicated non-linear gameplay, wider areas to explore and more complicated inter-connected routes. There are many different and wonderful puzzles like pushing around some blocks to repair a damaged old painting (or you can say mosaic) and a timed torch puzzle and there are many enemies you have to kill before you gain access to the second level. In this level, you have to solve four major puzzles (Midas, Thor, Neptune and a fourth God,forgot his name) to be able to continue and get to Andrea's sword. I was really impressed with this level, there was alot of thinking in every step and the puzzles were well thought and the whole level was well textured with St. Francis folly textures...The third level is a bonus level. If you manage to collect atleast 3 secret stars in the first 2 levels (and let me tell you something, the secrets are wicked...not easy to find and I was glad I found three) you'll gain access to the bonus level which is superb. Once again, eRIC scores and I definetly recommend this series." - Shady Croft (05-Jan-2007)
"If you want to know what I think about this levels, you'd better read my comments for Andrea's Sword Part 1. This new levels which finish the saga are as good than the previous. Perhaps some more complex 'cause the no-lineal gameplay, but very good anyway. It was a good idea to don't force the player to find all secrets to can play the bonus level, you only need 3 stars to get it, so most of the players will get to enjoy this last jewel. I only was stucked and confused when I couldn't open the last crowbar door near the floor lever, but at last I got it. I know that those levels are not perfect, but which custom level is perfect? So, as I like very much the levels with a TR1-2 style (tombs, ancient civilizations, old ruins,...) I have to give a high punctuation for one of my favourite builders. Many thanks eRIC!" - Jose (03-Jan-2007)
"This is the sequel to Andreas's Sword Part1, which also ends the Omegapolis saga. Part1 was amazing, but this one is really fantastic! eRIC has been particularly inventive again, using familiar textures and objects in a new way and smartly combining them to create the most beautiful environments. The level starts off in a peaceful island setting - it is literally an island, as it's called Isola Bella and it's exactly what it's name says: a pretty island! The colours, textures and sounds do make you feel that you are indeed wandering around a lovely mediterranean island with cute balconies, trees, colourful skies. It's all tranquil and playful at the beginning but soon it becomes really serious and challenging, as you are called to go through a series of puzzles and traps so as to find the two gems that you need to open a main gate. Finding the one of the gems involves a brilliant puzzle which is literally one: you have to place blocks together so as to correctly complete two wall paintings. Further on, you have to find two tridents, and the journeys for this purpose are particularly well-organized and enjoying. This whole section is characterized by high exploration level; and detail plays a major role (for example, there is a pressure panel hidden in the most remote and higher corner and you have to be very careful and concentrated so as to suspect it's existence and locate it). In the next part, you enter a huge cave with water, after sliding down a slope in a funny zig-zag style. This area reminds a lot of TR1's St Francis Folly; it even has the classic four rooms trials - Atlas, Thor, Midas, Neptune - some of which are easy peasy while others are tough as hell! However nothing is imitation; it brings memories of TR1 while at the same time having a unique style and atmosphere, something that I noticed also in Part1; I think that levels like this are a very good example of how you can create fresh and brilliant stuff with good old material. The Thor room includes a maze with a very inventive trap that awaits whenever you take the wrong path. The best of the four though has to be the Atlas room - this one is a full challenge on its own, as it includes everything: the most amazing tricky jumps over a deadly pool, escaping rolling boulders and fire traps at the same time, crawling over breakable tiles that conceal lethal spikes... etc). There are several nice objects that are used in a new way - like a miniature Poseidon statue and a miniature rolling boulder (those two are actually some of the artifacts you need to find). Don't miss this level, especially if, like me, you love coastal settings, as this element is prominent in most parts." - Ravenwen (31-Dec-2006)
"I am flabbergasted that Andreas' Sword 2 has not been reviewed yet, as I was excited to review it myself as I was playing it. The first Andreas' Sword was really well done, and dare I say that part two is twice as good. I tried to think of negative aspects to warrant a "9" in any aspect of the level, and I just could not. Gameplay is topnotch and kept me on my toes. I had to keep thinking to solve several of the puzzles and also had to dig deeply in my bag of tricks to figure out how to get from point A to point B safely. As in part one of this series, Eric is very creative and I, more than once found myself saying "Wow! That was cool!" My favorite part of the level was all of Omegapolis Heirs. It was a lot like St. Francis Folly in Tomb Raider, but much better. I worked very hard to earn the Atlas globe, that was tough! Gameplay was brilliant here and in so many areas of this level. I only found one measly golden star, even though I searched tirelessly for them, so I could not play Omegapolis II in its entirety. I sure hope that Eric continues to build levels as he is supremely talented. Thanks, Eric!" - Shandroid (28-Dec-2006)