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LB Advent Calendar 2006 - The Bell by Eva

afzalmiah 7 7 9 8
Akcy 8 8 10 9
drguycrain 6 6 8 8
Gerty 7 8 8 8
High Priestess 6 5 8 7
Ivan 7 8 8 9
Jay 7 8 9 8
John 7 8 8 8
Jose 6 8 8 9
Kristina 7 8 8 8
Loupar 7 7 8 7
manarch2 5 6 7 6
MichaelP 5 8 8 8
Obig 8 8 10 9
Orbit Dream 7 8 9 9
Phil 8 8 8 9
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Shandroid 7 7 8 8
Treeble 7 8 8 7
release date: 09-Dec-2006
# of downloads: 67

average rating: 7.67
review count: 19
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file size: 22.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Very short and sweet this one! i loved the setting in the snow with the house, church, bell tower and buildings and of course the gorgeous outside area. I do recommend looking for the secrets as well because it adds a bit more length to the level (as its very short) and the secret with the timed run across the rooftops is to die for. I really enjoyed the gameplay as simplistic as it was because exploring around the different areas added a lot of variety. You get some tree climbing, platforming, a pushable object task, 2 timed runs, some monkey climbing and of course object finding and using. I do think the camouflaging of tree as a pole was clever but the floor with trap door was a bit unfair as i dont think you'd get that without a walkthrough but on the whole i found the level to be very enjoyble while it lasted" - John (18-Apr-2022)
"A bit on the short side this one, but still quite enjoyable snowy environment as you work your way to find the items needed to get the bell tolling again. There was one particular tree we ended up climbing quite a few times in the short time we spend here, but otherwise it was varied enough to keep me engaged. The surfaces Lara can climb and monkey swing aren't quite obvious, but for that we have Phil's walkthrough to ensure an optimal time. 20 minutes, 5 secrets. 03/22" - Treeble (06-Mar-2022)
"This Advent level positively exudes charm, and from start to finish, I was captivated by it. The opening flyby is brilliantly crafted, surroundings are overall done well, secrets are nicely hidden, and gameplay is entertaining but sneaky (a climbable tree you wouldn't immediately think of, a push object puzzle, a couple of nifty timed runs), so be on the lookout - the next step is always close at hand." - Ryan (04-Sep-2017)
"A solid debut from Eva, already with visible glances of her talent. While the texturing is a bit messy at times both in choice and application and the architecture has some space for improvement as well, the atmosphere is still very convincing and sounds, cameras etc. support that very well. The church room is very nice to look at, as well as a few other cases, but I think that it's sometimes not very realistic (like a snow-covered floor directly next to the church interior, and there are other instances of nature merging with man-made structures in a somewhat odd way). The gameplay is decent enough for the time it lasts with a few timed runs, puzzles and platforming, yet I also didn't like that hardly marked monkeyswing and pole and the fact that you can finish this level with a courageous jump from the bell tower. Still a nice piece of work and since the builder has evolved much after this the comparatively few downsides are forgivable. Took me 15 minutes, with five nice secrets found." - manarch2 (13-Dec-2016)
"I like snowy levels and I love Church bells so decided to give this short raid a go. As mentioned by others though, there is ZERO fun in concealing trapdoors and making things like invisible platforms (generally speaking), or as in this game, an unmarked monkey swing. Raiders don't mind a logical challenge but when they can't progress without a crystal ball or without having to constantly ask in the stuck threads/consult walkthroughs then it becomes an absolute tedious drag. The builders risk players just abandoning their otherwise sterling efforts when they give no clues. Oh well, at least I learned a new trick. I hadn't before realised that by pressing "action" when using the binoculars, it provides light. It's a wonder I ever got this far without knowing that :P Those points aside I enjoyed the level and wish it had lasted a little longer." - High Priestess (28-Aug-2015)
"This was another level I played a long time ago but forgo to review. If I could remember this was a very nice level with nice music was good atmosphere. Inside the building was nice but outside wasn't very nice for me. Inside there was some challenges to do and they were pretty fun. No enemies in the level and it was a pretty short adventure. Pretty nice adventure and recommended." - afzalmiah (21-Apr-2011)
"This level is more about the acquisition of secrets than it is actual progression,which possibly explains why the gameplay itself is a little on the unfair side: one climbable tree in a veritable forest of non-climbable ones;an innocuous floor-square that is actually a trapdoor;an only vaguely hinted at monkey-swing. Nonetheless,everything else about this debut is absolutely spot on. The texturing and lighting is pretty much first class;construction is superb;camera's are used fairly (and there's a beautiful opening fly-by);music has been tastefully chosen,while secrets (as has been mentioned) are challenging but rewarding (that tight timed jump from a rooftop was thrilling!) All in all,Eva hits the ground running with her first level building experience;and,provided you keep the Walkthrough to hand,you should have a good time." - Orbit Dream (20-Dec-2010)
"A rather short but charming holiday level. Collect a couple objects to help the cathedral bells start ringing. i think the completely unmarked trapped door and the unmarked climbable/monkey surfaces were a tad unfair of the author. But it was fun, and a nice way to spend a winter morning whilst drinking your morning tea." - drguycrain (03-Jan-2008)
"Another christmas level with a nice environment. Good architecture and well ornated, the best for me were lights and textures. Secrets are not difficult to find, and the timed run to get one of them was difficult but not too much tight. This could be a short level, but I spent a lot of time to discover the unmarked climbable surfaces, the climbable tree, the unmarked monkeyswing and the very hidden trapdoor (without handle). All this makes the gameplay more frustrating and hard, but rest of the game was good. If this author builds more levels in the future she would must consider this details." - Jose (05-Feb-2007)
"With levels without enemies The Bell is good one too. Christmas atpmosphere and very nice colors and textures on almost every corner. Not too hard puzzles and traps door for solving, and not too much time for finish. If is christmas done a long days ago, i found about one hour to played this cute snowy level with nice music, atmosphere and feelings. Recomended for playing if you still not do that :)." - Ivan (20-Jan-2007)
"It's a short Christmas level with five secrets to find which are stars, no enemies, a house and a timed run for one of the secrets. The familiar snowy setting is all around again but nothing else to see. Unfortunately you will finish this one in no time but it's one of the Advent ones so play it to get into the festive mood." - Kristina (18-Jan-2007)
"This one I couldn't get it running on my Mac as you have to use the included patch. It is a pity though as it is a good level. Lara slides down and if you don't pay attention you miss the first of the secrets. You are looking in the forest of Xmas trees for a lever and boy have I been running around till I found a tree I could use to climb up to, or else I still would be breaking my brains how on earth to get into the house. The overall look of this level is great, personally I'm not that smitten with the not as such marked climbable surfaces. Haven't been able to do that fiendish timed run over the roofs, but that was for a secret luckily. Will try it another time though." - Gerty (09-Jan-2007)
"A really nice, albeit a bit short debut level from Eva. What I liked best was the overall setting, the beautiful flybys, nice audio and the secrets which actually provide more gameplay than the level itself - the highlight being a timed run across the roof. What I did not like so much were not really marked climbable walls and ceilings, the rather tedious long push of an object and the virtually invisible floor trapdoor, but that aside this is 20+ minutes of fun seasonal raiding." - MichaelP (31-Dec-2006)
"This is a short level, taking a little more than two pages for the walkthrough, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although I eventually figured it all out, including the five secrets (with help from avmaster for one of them), I did have to consult the stuck thread to make my way through the rough spots. Although the action takes place at night, the lighting is ample and the surroundings are easy on the eyes. The timed run for one of the secrets was an exercise in perseverence; by saving after good times along the way I was able to make that final jump before the platform timed out. A nice little level." - Phil (24-Dec-2006)
"This small christmas-level has a great feeling. We are adventuring in a valley; in a small monastery. Of course it is winter, and the landscape is snowy. :) It is important to find the crowbar under a pinewood, and of course the levers that open the doors. You have to find two Pieces, and in the meantime also the 5 Golden Stars in each of the secrets. One of them is hard to get, because you need to complete a times run with some jumps too. The textures are gorgeous, I liked the climbable tree, and the added sounds also raised the festive mood. I can only suggest it to everybody. :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (20-Dec-2006)
"The usual Christmas atmosphere, with great classical music. It's set around a house, in a nice pine forest, climbing one was an inventive solution. We have to find two starpices and a cross, to sound the bell. An easy level, only one medium difficulty timed secret. Too much cameras, showing what just opened, in a small level like this, there was no need. A very enjoyable advent adventure." - Akcy (19-Dec-2006)
"This is a very nice level to play in about an hour. I've found two secrets very well hidden in a beautiful setting. It's a small village with a church and a chapel. There are also a forest (too much square) and a nice house with a library. The atmosphere is great and the general sight of the village is really beautiful in spite of the squared forest." - Loupar (19-Dec-2006)
"This is a nice little level set at a lovely monastery. Eva did a lovely job texuring the level which consisted of a housing area decorated in the Christmas theme and a church with lovely stained glass windows. Lara is tasked to find the broken mechanism for the church bell. This consists of locating two items, combining them, and finally placing it to start the bell ringing. Most secrets were not very difficult to find, only one was rather challenging, and to nab it, one has to accomplish a difficult timed run. I ended up giving up. The only thing I would have added to the level would have been some nice soft Christmas music in the background. This is a short level, so, continuously playing music would not have been distracting. Overall, I was impressed with this short level and had fun playing it. Hopefully, Eva will grace us with a few more levels in the future." - Shandroid (18-Dec-2006)
"The first sight of the snow covered village is really beautiful. This is a short, uncomplicated, extremely easy on the eye advent level, with one or two well hidden things that might just slow you down for a while. There's also a fun timed run across the rooftops, but it's optional if you would just prefer to take it easy. Basically, the gorgeous snowy surroundings left me with a really strong desire to build a snowman, but I'm sure I'll get over it. I liked the idea of gold stars for secrets too; most appropriate." - Jay (18-Dec-2006)