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The Experiment 3/2 - Budapest by Bojrkraider

afzalmiah 10 10 10 10
Akcy 10 10 10 10
CalrOsario 10 10 10 10
CC 10 10 10 10
DadRaider 4 6 5 5
DJ Full 10 10 10 10
dya1403 10 10 9 10
eTux 10 10 10 10
Gerty 10 10 10 10
Heloisa 10 10 10 10
Ivan 10 10 10 10
Jay 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 9 10 9 9
Jose 10 10 10 10
Juan Carlos 10 10 10 10
Juno Jim 10 10 10 10
Kristina 10 10 10 10
manarch2 10 10 10 9
Markus 10 10 10 10
MegaGamer 10 10 10 10
MichaelP 9 10 10 9
MigMarado 7 10 10 9
Mman 10 10 10 10
Monica 10 10 10 10
Moonliteshadow 9 9 10 10
okuhtfesq 9 10 10 10
OverRaider 10 10 10 10
Phil 10 10 10 10
QRS 10 10 10 10
Raymond 10 10 10 10
Relic Hunter 10 10 10 10
Ruben 10 10 8 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Samu 10 10 10 10
Shandroid 10 10 10 10
Torry 8 10 10 10
Treeble 10 10 10 10
release date: 28-Dec-2006
# of downloads: 165

average rating: 9.74
review count: 37
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file size: 262.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"It is a wonderful work!! Spend almost 10 hours in this one! This is a must play!! Four amazing levels with many details and various environments (specially loved the cathedral). Lot of traps/pushes/levers/etc. and some tight timing runs. Planty puzzles (all quite fair). A good storyline!! Thanks Bojrkraider!! Highly recommended!! (40/40)" - CalrOsario (29-Dec-2022)
"This level, I downloaded it mainly because it has very high marks. But it disappointed me a lot and I find it boring and frustrating. Completely confusing gameplay. From an aesthetic point of view it did not convince me as it looks flat, textures don't match well with the light. Let's not talk about forced damage especially in level 3 it was excruciating. Unfortunately, this level has not survived the many years. May be good 10 year ago, but not so much today." - DadRaider (19-Sep-2022)
"Playing the 'Full Version' (prev. #1388). This last installment is probably the longest of the bunch, I've played in smaller sessions over the span of a week and I have not jotted down enough notes, I'm afraid. The tl;dr version is: masterpiece, excellent use of objects, and the amazing museum environments is what AOD wish it would have been. You get plenty more than just a museum though, as there was a massive church that will have you searching all over so in that regard I definitely suggest to play by the walkthrough. The object placement is unorthodox and you might find switches and things to interact or collect with in places you'd least expect. In addition to secrets you also have nice easter eggs (the final one in particular was quite unexpected), another character steps in halfway through and might solve certain sequences if you ask her to (sadly she stands still, but the concept is quite nice) and in similar fashion you have a switch at the beginning of each level to choose from Easy/Hard modes, which was quite novel. Another novelty was a rotating lenses puzzle that you had to stop each in a specific spot to open a door later on, it was quite inventive and would work well on its own but the author sends you off on lenghty gauntlets to get to each of the four levers — mindfully doing so also enables shortcuts to each of the four levers so you can adjust the lenses position easily. All in all these are among the most unique levels and I only wish I had played them earlier. In the Full Version, finishing this installment also loops into itself. My final stats were just over 10 hours, plus an hour in the Intro level which wasn't connected to the others. 4 hours, 14 secrets. 04/22" - Treeble (10-Apr-2022)
"Hmm... Having been in the betatesting team for a part of this game, I have no idea why I played it back then and ended up not writing a review. But it's never too late. I think it's quite varied and rather clever at times and I enjoyed it a lot. I never thought it was overly hard, but then again I always chose the easy mode... I particularly liked the Museum part (even though there was an area where I never went, at the bottom of the staircase, with the green lasers) and the St. Mathias part (although I didn't really understand what that message about hearing the cherubs was for and I somehow left an upper wall switch untouched too). Speaking of which, I poured water inside the baptismal fonts but I'm not sure that added anything to anything at all. I was expecting to visit the graveyard area but that didn't happen. Oh well... Having taken a look at the Youtube videos in the end, I was surprised to see my ending was different (there was brief history of what had come before and then I was back to the beginning but I couldn't go anywhere from there; and no cartoons for me). Well, there isn't much I can add to what has been said by so many others... So, enjoyable and, of course, one of the classics." - Jorge22 (11-Mar-2020)
"Wonderful work overall! I'm disappointed that the last door went nowhere. I play this game for the storyline. I love the challenge, but I live the story. So I feel the somewhat silly setup and the lack of an ending hindered the experience. I'm going to miss this one, especially because it didn't get an ending, and I was really hoping for that to be the moment when the whole story clicked for me. You left me wanting more. That's the biggest compliment I could ever give any game or builder." - MigMarado (21-Oct-2019)
"This is the most varied part of the series, as you go from a Museum to hidden tunnels to a Church. The visual design here reaches near-perfection, with interesting and convincing designs, texturing, lighting and object use. There's basically nothing neglected and it seemingly effortlessly makes new objects and ideas fit in like they were always part of Tomb Raider 4. The visuals culminate in the Church, which remains one of the greatest looking levels made in the engine (to the point it would would almost be worth playing just to take that in even if wasn't excellent elsewhere), with The Jerusalem Project being the only set I can think of with with Church designs that come close.
The gameplay is also full of unique tasks, new object uses and general creativity that few others have come close to, including an interesting difficulty system (although there were some early attempts at it in Alpian Caves) so less skilled players can enjoy the journey anyway without there having to be compromises for players who want a challenge. Some of the tasks and interactions can be a little vague, and level 3 in particular has an irritating amount of forced damage, but the fun segments and constant originality balance that out. That's on top of the further integration of the story elements, and nice use of text hints for puzzles. On a creativity level, I especially like how the Church is essentially a boss rush in a way that it fits the style of the game perfectly and doesn't feel like that at all. This remains the best rated TRLE level of all-time for good reason, and it's a shame we'll probably never get a follow-up (especially as there isn't much of an ending here as it's obviously supposed to lead into something), but Bojrkraider has been semi-active recently so maybe we can at least get something of an epilogue even if we never get the 7~ series The Experiment was supposed to be?" - Mman (09-Jun-2019)
"I am of two minds with this one. Some parts were inspired and a pleasure whilst others were frustrating and things did not work, necessitating a reload at the beginning of the level to get the animations to work. This was most prevalent in St Matthias where the burnt rope would not release the wooden ledge. On the default difficult setting the first level was quite simply put "a bitch" with all those lasers you had to negotiate. Levels are rated as below. The sewer system was the best and provided a great challenge even if Lara's helper generally just stood around looking pretty rather than helping LOL. Budapest Museum (9/10/10/10) Secret Passage (10/10/10/10) Through the Sewer System (10/10/10/10) St. Matthias (7/10/10/10)" - Torry (22-Aug-2018)
"Wow, this part of the Experiment was absolutely brilliant. Lara enters the museum through the ducts and has to master many challenging tasks to find her way in. The player has the choice of Easy or Hard gameplay. I am glad I chose hard because I got to solve really elaborate puzzles. The music score was breathtaking. No misplaced textures or bland lighting! Maybe a next part...hopefully?" - Ryan (18-Apr-2016)
"It is easy to see why this is currently the highest rated custom level on It is absolutely fantastic!
While there is no such thing as a perfect level, Budapest Museum and Secret Passage are pretty close. These two levels are some of the most fun I have ever played. I absolutely adored each and every second of playing them! They are puzzling while not being too obscure and nonlinear while retaining a sense of direction and purpose for the player - just absolutely wonderful. Not only is the gameplay stellar, but the visuals in those two levels couldn't be much better either. I feel the same way about St. Matthias, which is even more beautiful, although I was not quite as fond of the gameplay in this level. Not to say that it wasn't excellent, but it was not up to the standard of the first two levels. I do not particularly care for the type of gameplay where one explores a large area looking for obscure tasks to do, and at times it felt like there was too much running back and forth through the giant church. Still, these did little to break my excitement and awe as I explored and solved the puzzles.
Honestly, the third level, Through the Sewer System, is somewhat disappointing compared to the other levels. It feels much more ordinary and stale, though it does have cool timed runs and jumping sequences and some great puzzles as well. While I do not want to take off any points due to my personal taste, I have always hated sewer levels visually, and this is no exception. The entire level is bathed in ugly green lighting and is visually not as polished/smooth looking as the other levels. It looks a lot like The Cistern from Tomb Raider I and even uses some textures from that level, which is one of my all time least favorites of the official games. The architecture is more plain and feels quite functional, only serving the gameplay as opposed to the looks. Sure, sewers are known for looking dirty and drab, but why did this one have to? There are also some annoying elements such as an underwater maze, blade traps that are almost impossible to dodge, and a room with lots of water just deep enough that Lara won't run in it.
Although The Experiment 3 (Part 2) is a masterpiece and I immensely enjoyed playing it, I just cannot quite bring myself to give it a perfect score. Anyone who loves raiding will enjoy this game without a doubt; if you have not played this already, what are you waiting for? I spent about 6 hours and found all of the secrets, playing on hard mode (which wasn't particularly hard, honestly).

Budapest Museum (10/10/10/10)
Secret Passage (10/10/10/10)
Through the Sewer System (8/9/9/8)
St. Matthias (9/10/10/10)

Total: (9/10/10/10)" - okuhtfesq (03-Jul-2015)
"WOW!!!!!!!! This level is one of the best ones I have ever played! I just loved everything about this game! No need for explanation, but this level was just superb! Come on! Download this level! It deserves to be the highest rated custom level!" - MegaGamer (08-Apr-2014)
"Budapest Museum (9-10-10-10): The game starts considerably calm with the starting cutscenes and a nice view on the streets from high up, but once inside the ducts this initial feeling quickly vanishes and you are treated to lots of clever trap rooms you have to find your way though until you arrive in the titular museum. Inside much time is spent on exploration but there are also lots more of fantastic laser traps which are very hard to pass. I quite liked the idea of the option to switch between easy and harder gameplay, although the hard choice isn't really incredibly hard either. The way to pass the laser barriers with the camera controls and all the dialogues are supporting the storyline greatly and while the level could be even more action-packed at parts I had a great time here. Lookwise, I have nothing to fault in this level, since texturing and lighting are faultless and pure eye candy (I loved the idea of placing a sun each on every lamp), and I don't even have to speak about the amount of custom objects which were giving this level the final touches. 45 minutes.
Secret Passage (10-10-10-9): At first I thought this would be a pretty small-sized level, how wrong I was! This level starts with some more plainly fun jumps over lasers but shortly moves into a giant underground area with lots of things to do in order to find the four treasure keys, including some of the best tasks I've seen, including a very clever grave puzzle, brekatile jumps, a timed jumpswitch puzzle and one of the few mazes which are actually fun to get through. The effects like the giant ram and the "ghost river" are fantastic and again the atmosphere is just fabulous. At times I think the visuals are not as carefully applied as in the previous level, such as in the hub cave and in the ram room, but still of a very high standard. You will also meet Aura - your "compulsory guide" for the rest of the game - who might help you with some of the jumps (it's of course much more fun if you solve everything yourself). After the church level you return here for the (rather abrupt) finale. 40+10 minutes.
Through the Sewer System (1+2) (9-10-9-8): This is my least favourite level of the set, but it says a lot that this level is still a very good one. Maybe the choice and placement of textures is not quite to my likings (even if we're in the sewers, the looks are too greyish and slightly boring), but the gameplay is still entertaining. After a great timed run and a pushable puzzle with a nice twist at the start you have to solve a great puzzle with moving lenses and for that you have to solve three lengthy and challenging side quests, with lots of platforming and exploration, good use of the waterwheels and fun timed runs and secrets. The underwater maze wasn't bad at all but I found it rather uninspired versus the rest of the level, when all you have to do is to find various levers. The second part of this level is much shorter and apart of the secret it isn't much more than a transition level. 45+5 minutes.
St. Matthias (10-10-10-10): Even if not everything is quite perfect in this level, I couldn't give it less than a perfect score. I've seen many church levels in other custom levels before, but - The Church of the Holy Sepulchre being the only one on par - this is definately the most beautiful and atmospheric incarnation. And, best of all, this level is not only about the looks, because the gameplay is once again just brilliant. There are dozens of clever puzzles to solve along the way, many including multiple usage of the torch. I was amazed that one of the torches actually had to be used after burning down a wooden floor. Yes, this game can get slightly annoying when the boss is triggered too early and yes, the game is pretty much non-linear, but when there are so many wonderful tasks to solve and getting to the various places is not painfully annoying (like having to solve long shimmies/climbs), it is just my kind of gameplay. There are just too many things to admire in this level that I won't mention them all and just recommend playing this game as the neat touches in this particular level make it worth playing alone. Only be sure to play in hard mode here or you'll miss a large part of this gem. 60 minutes.
Summary: This is one of the few levels that both manage to entertain me from start to finish and also have a fantastic visual and atmospherical appearance. Finding all those secrets and easter eggs are a parallel quest (you simply have to find them!), the object design to create new kind of puzzles and decorate the rooms is undescribable. But honestly, I couldn't quite give this game four tens in a row. Not that each of the categories would deserve it, but I think that this level is just missing a tiny little bit for a perfect rating; thus I decided to give the "weakest" category a 9, as you can see in my ratings, I went for lighting and textures. For me, the middle levels could have been even more beautiful and especially in the sewer level the texturing could be a tad more colourful, but this is such a small gripe in comparison to the benefits of this masterpiece. I really couldn't imagine a better level choice for my 1000th review. Spent 3:25 hours in this last part and overall 8:35 hours in the whole game, of which we can only hope that the storyline will be continued..." - manarch2 (07-Mar-2014)
"Four amazing levels in various environments (museum, catacomb, sewer & cathedral) for this last part. Played on hard and indeed, some timings are hot and several traps are deadly. Several new puzzles with new objects, but don't panic, we find for most of them a manuscript with some clues. Congrats for this masterpiece Bojrkraider (secrets 10/13)." - Markus (15-Apr-2013)
"Wooow...I must say in my opinion it`s not the best level on trle (the best for me is Neon God), but it seems it is the best overall, because it has highest rating. Even if it isn`t my number one it`s one of my top 10 of all time for sure. It has perfect puzzles and gameplay, where you can choose harder or easier gameplay (i always chose harder), perfect atmosphere perfect lighting and textures, amazing new ideas, perfect sound and music choise (amazing boss battle in the end with perfect music choise) or just one word: MASTERPIECE!!! I don`t know if Bojrkraider plans building part3 (after finishing part2 there is written "to be continued") but it would be amazing if yes. A big Thank to Bojrkraider for his excelent adventures. Absolute 10/10/10/10" - OverRaider (05-Jan-2013)
"I found out that this was higher rated than Titaks Himalayan Mysteries and the highest rated game in this website and I thought I had to try it. This game is absolutly brilliant! I loved the idea of chossing easier or harder gameplay. Each level has at least one good thing about it and they were so different. The first level was inn the budapest museum and I have to say the atmosphere was so amazing that I didn't want to leave some rooms! There was a lot of challenges and tricky traps to get through. The puzzles were fun and enemies were robots. You explore a lot of places like different rooms in the museums which was about a certain time like a roman place full of artifacts. TThe level starts in a room with zip and then you go outside the museum. You go outside the museum again but high in the building. You also go to vents and places inside there. The second level was another great level with more great parts. You start in the museum where there is a lot of great rooms where you weren't in before like a room that was really purple with a really cool light. After the museum you go to a secret passage in some caves where some places felt like you were in the sewers. The caves weren't my favourite bits but it was really fun. Gameplay was mostly looking for things like valve wheels and keys. Enemies were ninja girls and girls with guns. The third level was through some sewers and I hate sewer levels but this was really fun! In the beginning you can either choose to go the easy way or the hard way. Gameplay was looking for jumpswitches and doing challenging puzzles. The last level was a greeat looking church with with a lot of challenges to do. Gameplay was finding "holy" items like holy keys and you have to do "holy" puzzles like coffin puzzles. The whole game amazed me throughout the levels I played and I really want this talented builder make more levels because I know he will make brilliant levels that will enter the HOF like the game did." - afzalmiah (09-May-2011)
"From faultlessly applied textures and great, moody lighting to objects perfectly fitting the Hungarian climate, from challenging traps to astonishing enemies, this is probably one of the best customs ever made. A set of five levels, and the further you play, the more attracted you are. The last level contains the most complicated secret I've ever found: it is made of over 20 elements. Trying to find it, a player feels like playing sixth, hidden level. Bojrk has created several custom animations again. Once more, he proved there is no need to invent and apply anything sophisticated if the simplicity is used in innovative way, powered by genious idea. Another strong advantage of the game is the storyline. Characters of the plot - Lara, Zip and Aura - and their dialogues attract attention as well as the rest of the game, describing the situation, foreseeing what happens next, making you feel not alone... Aura has great expression, the best I've ever heard, and from now on, if I receive a new message after leaving my cellphone in the other room, I'm gonna know something changed in there, because I'll make "Something changed in the other room!" line my "New message received" sound. SUMMARY: After you play this game, you will probably be interested in whole series. This level is obligatory, and playing it is not only a pleasure - it's a kind of honour. Some advice: if this is your first custom ever played, it may result in you having a problem with playing and enjoying any custom rated lower than 8. There will probably be NO more levels created with such a devotion and detail with usage of old TRLE or DXTRE3D engine, unless "The Experiment 4" is gonna be the last of them. But if the fourth part is really being built with NGLE, we can presume "The Experiment 3.2" had definitely closed the golden era of levelbuilding, and now it's time for modern era to begin, the time filled with NGLE features and possibilities." - DJ Full (20-Sep-2010)
"I first saw this level and thought: What does a level have so that it is the best one on But then, I downloaded and played and I can absolutely say it's the best level ever. 9,92 average points are 0,08 too little for it! The gameplay is perfect, there are no bugs in it (leastways I haven't found any). The atmosphere made me deeply impressed. I can recommend it to everyone." - Heloisa (05-Jul-2010)
"Budapest Museum (9/10/10/8, 60 min., 2 secrets): Right from the flyby introduction of the storyline, this level takes you in as you really feel you are infiltrating the museum. The wealth of objects that helps make this place look authentic is awesome and also the use of objects to support gameplay is ingenious, like the lasers and disabling the cameras to proceed further into the museum without getting caught. Much work also went into the voice overs and the communication with Zip. There are a few timed sequences but nothing too challenging, some robots to kill and several trap passages to master. At times I did find the textures a bit oddly chosen and applied and they did spoil an otherwise more than perfect setting for me, but just a little.
Secret Passage (9/10/10/9, 60 min., 4 secrets): Entering a secret gallery area of the museum you have more lasers to deal with and then also enter a cave area with some really fun jumps and target shootings to do. Enemies are a a few ninja girls and here you also get introduced to Aura, your helper for some of the puzzles, if you choose to accept her help. I found it a bit tricky to find the next right step in the cave to get to all the places you need to get to, but with some patience you will certainly make it. Later you return back here to finish the series with your four Treasure Keys.
Through the Sewer System (9/9/9/9, 70 min., 4 secrets): Thankfully not very dark sewers and plenty of fun to be had working your way through a complex puzzle to adjust the four lenses so that the light beam goes through them. In order to achieve that you have to master a trigger pad puzzle, timed platform sequence, an underwater maze that is actually fun and a jump room with deadly blades and burners as an extra challenge. Only a few (big) rats and 'scorpions' to beat as enemies and eventually you get to the church...
St.Matthias (8/10/10/10, 75 min., 3 secrets): Wow! What a sight! The cathedral is truly impressive with many, many small touches that really give you a sense of 'being there'. And there is so much to do as you seem to explore each and every corner and up and down the various levels in order to accomplish all the necessary tasks. Getting the four coins was still easy, but after that I did get a little lost and frustrated not knowing what to do and where to go next. There are many uses of the torch and some of the puzzles are rather obscure despite the hints given. Enemies are still few but on the tougher side here with a pesky wraith, a bull and the big flying skeleton that you cannot kill at the end.
Overall, full of original ideas (like the levers that make gameplay easier in each level), this whole adventure is definitely one of THE masterpieces of custom level creation and we can only look forward to future work from Bojrkraider and what he will be coming up with next to surprise us." - MichaelP (05-Mar-2008)
"These levels are absolutely amazing !!! Very professional, with a good story line. Lots of things to do and see - a small thing, but I really liked the re-addition of "Ah Ha", when Lara finds something - takes me back to - was it TRI ??? A good long game, that made me feel like I had bought it from the store (although they're not making them that good anymore...) Congratulations, Bojrkraider, another winner !!! Is that really what your room looks like ??? Nice view..." - Juno Jim (18-Nov-2007)
"St Matthias was the very first level of this epic I beta tested a while ago on the Mac and I fell in love with the Ave Maria by Josipa Lisac and with it, that St Matthias cathedral. Then later I got another level and yet another and by that time the game was for all of us to enjoy I could almost play it with my eyes closed and still loving it. I loved the Eastern Eggs that Simen threw in as the hunt for them made it even more special. There are just a few levels I keep on my HD and this is one of them, for myself but also for the guests I get every now that do like TR but aren't avid players like I am and see (read gawk) what builders can come up with." - Gerty (08-Nov-2007)
"I don't think there's anything I can still add to what the other reviewers haven't said to describe how awesome these levels are, but I suppose I can try and do the game some justice! Actually, at first I was afraid about being biased, since I got some taste of the museum already way back in the 2005 London meeting, when I got a CD containing this, among other author's levels as a birthday gift when I met him in person, but I'm happy to say the game lived up to the expectations and I can give this a perfect score with a clear conscience. Spontaneous back story aside, this truly is the best showcase how imagination is the best tool you can have when building levels. I think I needn't go explaining how wonderfully the museum, the St. Matthias church or even the sewer systems connecting them are set up, how imaginative the puzzles and novelties are, how every now and then you cross paths with a lever that allows you to adjust the difficulty to your liking, plus so much more! And though it delivers on technical brilliance as it is the case with Simen's levels mostly, it also has lots of neat touches, like artwork from community members exhibited in the museum or in the secret/easter egg areas. For once I didn't need to turn to the walkthrough to find the secrets (ok, maybe for the last one in the church!) so finding them all increased the satisfaction immensely, as did figuring out any of the provided tasks, or finding the easter egg areas, which are great fun on their own! The storyline is advanced greatly as well - just enough to keep your interest peeked, but never interfering with your gaming fun this part of the Experiment series definitely delivers. And it even ends with a cliffhanger! Part 3 can't come soon enough! As for this part - it's an instant classic and must play! Don't miss it!" - eTux (25-Sep-2007)
"Thanks Bojrkraider, this is the kind of games I relly enjoy playing with calm, without watching the solution, in many sesion, different days, without a hurry. It is a perfect game for me, natural movements of Lara are enought to finish the game, with no that kind of stupid jumps that you need to break the keyboard and a lot of good luck to pass it. This is a very smart game, many verygood ideas for puzzles, new objects and movements, if you find yourself in a tricky situation, think like in real life, and you will find the solution, dont think that something is impossible just because you have never seen that in another tombraider game, try it, the logical way to think will be the solution. The first part at the museum is hard, many situations against time, with lasser, how I hate those problems, but it is necessary for this game. Beautiful decoration and objects, excellent secrets. I only stucked many time when I didnt saw a good hiden key, but it was my fault for not to watch back some desks. Then a part called sewers, that I hated a lot, but anyway was interesting. The best part was the Catedral, I really enjoyed every moment, every secret, every puzzle, the decoration, the rooms construction, all was absolutly perfect and lovely. Everything was logical, I just only think, it is possible? let's try it, and that was all. Lara can do it. The only terrible thing was: Why this game have to finish???? I really was enjoying it a lot. Thank you very much Bojrkraider, I am waiting for the next part." - Juan Carlos (26-Aug-2007)
"Wow! This latest offering in the Experiment series is an absolute masterpiece. Bojrkraider has a truly unique imagination, and it shows in all he creates. He just gets better and better. Attention to detail is incredible. From the wonderful environments, great looks and use of enemies and objects, to the excellent gameplay. Every room is packed with stuff. Textures, lighting, architecture, atmosphere, flybys, location of secrets, sounds, music, storyline, in fact... everything. A great idea here is the choice of easy and tough routes, by either pulling a switch or literally asking for help. So it's suitable for all players. And of course it plays perfectly well on the mac. We have old familiar movs, and a lot of new ones, like climbing the waterwheels... a real WOW! moment when first seen. You're on your toes, constantly moving, there is so much to do. It's impossible to mention everything. So here are just a few things we'll experience... Budapest Museum: Lara hangglides from a high office building to the roof of the museum, and makes her way through many security obstacles and traps, with the help of Zip on her headphones. She manages to turn off some dangerous lasers and clears the way to a great exploration of this beautiful impressive place. Inside, she still has to negotiate some lasers by climbing over glass cases and jumping across chandeliers. As it's nighttime the museum is guarded by robots. Occasionally she will trigger a laser and is unceremoniously arrested and incarcerated - brilliant idea! Lara is after a priceless goblet. Hilarious moment watching her make the mistake of thinking it is on one of the statues. Using water on a scale will open a route to the .... Secret Passage: We come across a room with four keyholes. So we must find those keys. We are now in the museum proper. Beautiful realised environment with lasers moving across the floor and others that appear and disappear to trap you. Seems that a band of females are on the prowl here too. They are not friendly towards Lara. But they do cooperate with her, and actually help her in the end. So, apart from the lasers we move blocks and objects around, jump across chandeliers, search for useful items like pipe wheels, target shooting, and onto an enormous cave with underground temple structures. The tasks/puzzles go beyond anything we have seen before, deadly and fascinating. Memorable moments include a lethal multi-tiered cage maze, four timed jumpswitch/cage puzzle, dash across and up breakable tiles, jamming a stone in a wheel, target shooting, making a rope lassoo, lever sequence to open graves, climbing another waterwheel, and much more. But if you need help, just ask. At the end we choose either 'death' or 'hope' and go.... Through the sewers: More amazing textures. Our friend is still here, but Lara does most of the work. You really need to keep your eyes peeled, as these puzzles are quite something. The first puzzle is timed, with wall tiles, and if you're too slow Lara is spiked to death. I was stuck for ages at the ramshead push puzzle because I didn't see one texture tile in the water. These mossy sewers are very realistic and when you've found something as simple as the watery crawlspace you wonder why anyone hadn't thought of creating that before. It's so realistic. This level is packed with things to do. Memorable moments here are finding and using a hook and handle, more waterwheels to climb (one is part of a timed run), swimming past moving blades, rotating hoops on a pole so they line up, moving an obstruction bit by bit to pass through a corridor, and a heart attack when we see what lives further down in the sewer water. We have collected ram's heads along the way, and placing them activates the elevator up to.... St. Mathias. A very beautiful recreation of the actual cathedral. And, as such, fighting and fuming would not be appropriate. So Borjk has created an excellent puzzle based level. There are enemies, like skellies and 'ghosts'. These can be dealt with very well with a little thought, and some of them are quite useful, if a little shocking. There are so many tasks to perform here that it is impossible to mention them all. Each one is unique and memorable. Great use of the torch, moveable objects, object placements, brilliant routes around the many rooms, from high up on chandeliers and balconys, to below ground in the priests' quarters. The choice of hard or easy gameplay is here too. Both are excellent. With the actions, flybys, hints, animations, items, the very beautiful setting, sounds, lighting, textures and atmosphere, this is one of those rare outstanding levels that the player will always remember. This is as good as it gets. We return again to the museum with our four keys to open the way to... I hope the continuation of this amazing series. Congratulations to one of my favourite authors. Well done Borjkraider." - CC (07-Jul-2007)
"Absolutely amazing level. Firstly, you are given the opportunity to choose if you want to play hard or easy way. Bojrkraider always knows how to surprise with new ideas. Here, Lara can climb a water wheel and she can also throw a rope! The level consists of six parts. In first part we explore the Budapest museum. Just the first scene with possibility to fly a para glide amazed me so much that at first I fell because I didn't know that I should have pushed ctr all the time Lara was paragliding. There are time runs but if you play the easy way it is just easy peasy. Also at first I chose to go easy way but soon realised that all fun is to go hard, especially the part in the St Matthias church if you choose to play easy way you will loose opportunity to play a really good part of this level. I cannot really say which part I liked the most, because all of them are really good. I didn't go with the walkfru, but if you do, be aware that there are some secrets hidden that are not included in walkfru. There is a lot of fun to find them. In the church try to find a red rose, that will lead you to...(I am not telling). Anyway, just wanted to say that all the textures, music, light, enemies (not too many), possibility to choose how you want to play, very good puzzles etc etc, makes this level one of the most enjoyable levels I played. Thank you Bojrkraider. We definitely await your next level. Great job. M" - Monica (25-Apr-2007)
"The continuation of the Experiment series provides another wonderful journey into Bojrkraider's amazing worlds of Tomb Raider. It starts off in a beautiful museum at night, where you must be cautious to avoid lasers that guard the museum, have agility to overcome some timed runs and jumping over hot liquid while avoiding swinging machinery, and there's cool puzzles to solve around here too. I really liked the stealthy feel of the level, with being able to disable the lasers, though the museum was a bit empty: I was expecting there to be some guards at the place, but robots also do the trick I guess. We later venture into the catacombs under the museum, which are quite challenging but also rewarding. There's a bit of tough jumping to do, some spike evasion, a few more timed sequences, wraiths, rope swinging, and a really cool puzzle with graves. That puzzle room was the coolest looking in this section imo. Here, we also meet Lara's new, annoying (in a comical way) sidekick, Aura. Onto the next level, the sewer system, Lara is accompanied by Aura, who proves to be only mildly useful in getting the other Ram's Head from the other route that takes you into this level. There's a nifty logic puzzle at the beginning (if you take the Tomb of Despair at the end of level 2) where some numbers on the wall tell you which buttons to press in a timed room that raises spikes, and it was quite a nice challenge. This level is quite fluid with interesting puzzles and tasks scattered around in this TR1 Cistern-like environment. The highlight was the puzzle with the spinning mechanism that you need to line up to a light so that you may pass into the final level. St. Matthias now, is probably the most realistic and beautiful church I've seen in the LE. There's tons to do in this large level - it has stunning visuals to admire, and more great puzzles too - Logic puzzles, some timed sequences, agility skills ala avoiding spiky walls, you'll just have to play for yourself to see the amazement within. The atmosphere was really superb and tranquil as well. Overall, I really enjoyed this venture in the series. I liked that there was the option of choosing between hard and easy gameplay, though I can't rate the easy part since I played all of it on hard. I also really liked the comic show at the end - it was one of the funniest things I've seen in a custom level yet. Well, to wrap this up, I might as well say to download this now, and have an enjoyable, memorable raid." - Relic Hunter (09-Apr-2007)
"It's hard to be impartial about this adventure, since it's really great, besides it's taken place in my home town Budapest, in some of her spectacles, the Museum of Fine Arts, and Mátyás church. The latter is simply breathtaking, looks just like the real thing, I don't grasp how he did it, if any of you interested look for the pictures what a great job Bojrk did modelling it. The rest of the levels are wonderful too, nice, atmospheric, lot of decorations, and great dynamic background music especially during the fight with those rats and on St Matthias level. The whole game has been made in a for now unmistakeable Bojrkraider style; skilled level building and texture handling, rather the puzzles dominate, many new movements, and original solutions, humor, and what most of the custom levels in lack of: the story is really the backbone of the adventure, lot of cut scenes make it fluent. Because of all that, this set of levels is really among the best ever, that's including the official ones. And there is more, adjustable difficulty level, so beginner players can enjoy it. Perhaps for this reason the hard mode could have been a bit harder, timed runs tighter etc, but the truly great architecture, atmosphere and beauty of the levels were more than enough compensation. The no medi gameplay held challenge only on the Sewer level, due to the many unavoidable injuries. The hitch hiker girls were very funny, had a good laugh when saw them with those little signs in their hands. There are lot of great custom levels, but there are a couple of authors, whose creativity are outstanding, in my opinion Bojrk is one of them, can't wait his next levels." - Akcy (22-Mar-2007)
"This is a good example of a level set that I would not have wanted to miss under any circumstances, but which I could not possibly have completed without the assistance of a walkthrough (which has been graciously provided by the Dutchy/Gerty combo). The surroundings run the gamut from good, bad and ugly (museum, sewer, etc.), but the concluding St. Matthias Church segment is perhaps the most stunningly beautiful of any I've encountered in a custom level. When I finished I saw to my amazement that I had spent more than seven hours here, about an hour longer than it took me to finish UB4. I guess the time flew by faster because I was having more fun (and could see my way around much better here), although the level of difficulty in the two releases is comparable. There are so many unique touches that it would be impossible to describe them all in a review such as this. Just play it, if you haven't already. Budapest easily meets my dual criteria for a 4-ten level: (1) would I pay for it, and (2) would I play it again. Highest recommendations." - Phil (08-Mar-2007)
"When won't this builder surprise us? This new release has a lot of work behind and a lot of very good features: great animations, impressive objects, incredible actions, magnificent textures, diagonal walls, spiral staircases, woman who helps you, clever clues, etc, etc, etc. If I could I should give an 11 or a 12 in some sections. The best for me was the posibility to play in hard or easy mode so, the levels are suitable for everybody (very well!!!); I've played in hard mode all levels and there's no impossible tasks, but the cathedral level was too much complex and I had to read Dutchy's walkthrough (not for the tasks, but for objects I didn't find or didn't know what to do with them). The very best level for me was the first (in the museum). Resuming, an excellent level out of normal which will change your concept of TR custom levels. A real jewel. Congratulations." - Jose (23-Feb-2007)
"I love a challenge and this game certainly presented that. I was tempted to pull that lever for the easier version but resisted as a long playing raider. The enemies were different and some of the puzzles very hard. (Yes I know we had the option of an easier game). I enjoyed the game but found it a bit confusing at times - especially St Mattias. I was a bit stressed out at the end avoiding and listening to that horrible ......... Great levels, looking forward to the next one." - Moonliteshadow (16-Feb-2007)
"Wow, all that I can think to say is...Wow! From start to finish, The Experiment 3, Part 2 grabbed hold of me and wouldn't let go. Stunning textures, inventive gameplay, terrific objects, secrets, enemies and even a helper were all here and completely flawless. I really have never played anything like these levels, they are that unique. I loved the museum and the secret passage was definitely a challenge, but St. Matthias really stood out. The cathedral was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was chock full of amazing and beautiful textures which were fairly busy, but it worked, I thought. There was very lovely (if bright) lighting and the audio was so perfect and just made the level that much better. Gameplay was topnotch and the idea of "turning off hard gameplay" was nothing short of genius. However, I am so happy I left gameplay on "hard" for St. Matthias because I would have missed out on many fun puzzles. If I had to think of negative aspects, I would probably have to complain that some of the hard puzzles were a bit too vague. I would never have been able to achieve them without the walkthrough. Possibly another criticism may be that the unlimited boxes of goodies weren't put to enough good use. I never ran out of anything, so I never got to see them in action. Brilliant idea though! Playing this fine set of levels makes me want to attempt Under the Moonlight again (I quit playing that in the beginning because I was frustrated), so I can experience another amazing adventure by Bojrkraider. What a great game!!" - Shandroid (30-Jan-2007)
"What a good idea Bojrkraider has come up with - alternative difficulty levels, which means the game should be playable by just about everybody. I bit the bullet and opted for 'difficult'. Budapest Museum: I was going to say how much the excellent opening cut scene whetted my appetite for this level, but that's somewhat redundant really, considering how much I was looking forward to the continuation of this series anyway. The museum is full of camera and laser traps, but Lara has the help of her old friend Zip as she makes her way around, plundering priceless artefacts. Secret Passage: More interesting laser traps as you make your way to a huge cavern with some fascinating puzzles and great animations. It's quite a confusing section and I managed to get lost more than once. I really should use the compass more. Through the Sewer System: I'll swear the rats are getting bigger. The puzzles are certainly getting more and more intriguing and you get another friend helping you out, although as guides go she's a bit on the bolshy side. There's a nice timed run (not too hard, even in the difficult version so I guess the easier one would be within everyone's grasp) and a lot of swimming to do. Did I say the rats were getting bigger? Woah, wait until you see the two headed mutant rats - scary. St Matthias: The church is huge and very impressive and I enjoyed this section so much I could have stayed forever. There are one or two (quite significant) enemies, but those aside it's almost entirely puzzle based and that's when I'm in my element. I felt such a sense of satisfaction when I worked it all out without any help from stuck threads or walkthrough. I was determined not to give in, although once or twice I was hovering on the edge. Superb. There's a brief return to the museum to place those four treasury keys I had wondered if I was ever going to use (because of course I'd completely forgotten the four keyholes, duh) and a wonderful surprise ending. Nope, not going to tell you, you'll just have to play the game to find out. Can't wait for part three." - Jay (30-Jan-2007)
"I am a fan of Simen's levels and this one is the best so far, if he had finished it the way he indented it would have been even greater. You will be visiting sewer systems, a church and the starting level is a good introduction with Lara 'flying' and lasers around to bypass. The secrets are not easy to find but I liked the hunt so I managed to find all of them but unfortunately I found only the first 'Easter egg' in the first level. The decoration for the museum and the church is great but also the cut scenes, especially the one where Lara gets arrested if she touches the lasers. The choice we get between easier and harder gameplay is something innovative and makes the level suitable for every kind of raider. Sometimes the puzzles might seem a little complex but the solution isn't hard to find. I am looking forward to its continuation." - Kristina (18-Jan-2007)
"And the experiment continues in...Budapest, the hungarian capital. I played all the other levels from the Experiment series and comparing them would make this particular one the second in my opinion.The elements that caught my eyes are: the interactive decision of the player (he can choose between an easier or a harder version of the gameplay), the helper Aura wich is quite cute (especially the way she speaks), the final comic show,the colour puzzle, the coins collection, the paintings in the museum,.... The last part, St Mattias really made my day: beautiful textures and sounds, new enemies (and a secret guide how to face them),a logical builind of a church simulated a very realistic enviroment. The puzzles are hard,even if you play the easy version. The storyline behind is solid, folowing the story so far... presented in the previous levels.The camera angles shown were very clever(expecially in the museum). The reason why I don't rate this level straight 10 is because I didn't quite connect with the atmosphere and sounds (except for the St. Mattias part wich is perfectly made). I think that it could have had more custom music (funny the fight between Lara and the scorpio-rat in the sewers section).The same disapointment (in this case it's too much said) was the comparison between this level and the previous one Under the moonlight wich is so HARD to top. I hope the future for it is straight to the Hall of fame cause it is worthy." - dya1403 (14-Jan-2007)
"Somebody come to Budapest museum and try to steal something important. Ofchourse she has help via comunication and try to reach all parts of great puzzles there. Guards cannot stop her, laser areas too. Lara will win on victory again in excellent made levels of TR. Playing mood and areas are amazing. A lot of things and important staff closed to each other and waiting for release in your gamers hands. Area under the earth, deep in ground are good too and there are lot of dangerous spot, like deep pit. Time run puzzles and trps are well amde and fill completly passion for see what is next. Objects are cute and good placed all over huge rooms. And for the last part st. Matthias church which are one of best made it "room" ever made it for Tomb Raider editor. One of best level with under, up and in middle areas for nice playing. After about 7 hours of playing and searching with lot of confused and thinking stops, finished." - Ivan (13-Jan-2007)
"If one level get all tens, it should be this one. It's really a masterpiece in all parts and categories. Graphically it uses the advantages of the UO-Editor, but with absolute mastery of all elements. You can't really find any imperfect place in the four levels. You must see it yourself. The fourth level St. matthias is just overwhelmingly beautiful. Bojkraider had created so much beautiful objects, puzzles and enemies for this Levels. You must see this. It has also a very nice plot and you`ll get a lot of stunning cutscenes. At times it's also hilarious (Lara getting arrested/The cup-incident ...) and in other moments it gets very private, when you have solved some special tasks. The gameplay is imaginative, surprising, creative, balanced and diversified. This time bojkraider provided the possibility to choose between easier/harder gameplay in the game itself, so that also beginners can and should play this level. And for the expierenced ones there is a real challenge. Truly a milestoen in the LE-history. A must-play-level. Thank you, Simen, for the hours of fun testing and playing this on! And it's to be continued!" - Raymond (08-Jan-2007)
"Great Levels , wonderful design and a tight job to be done even for experienced raiders ! What a fantastic game ! Coming back to reality leaving the cinema show I have a feeling that Nadines Neon God and Christophs Jade Empire that I have recently played had left me with a memory that touches the heart better than this one." - Ruben (05-Jan-2007)
"After 6 hours of gameplay I finished this adventure and man, what a ride it was! The overall difficulty is ranging from hard to extremely hard. At least if you chose the hard difficulty. I love the way the author has setup the switches to let the player decide for themselves if they want hell or hmm purgatory ;);) So where do I begin to describe this piece of art? First of all it is visually stunning. All the 128x128 textures and diagonal corners makes it look like AOD or similar. It doesn't look like ordinary tr4 levels! (Turbo's editor has its advantages!!)The choice of textures and how they are applied is also done to perfection. No cracks, nothing is stretched etc. The lighting is the same. Just perfect. The gameplay is really balanced and there is a great mix of puzzles, action puzzles and enemies. You can't ask for a better balance actually. The objects are out of this world! Just check the huge main puzzle in the sewer level as an do you do these things, Bjork?!?! :):) All the scrolls, modified puzzles etc. Everything fits so well and it must have taken countless of days and nights to produce. Same goes for all the statics. Take the cathedral..every object fits perfect for the level and you really feel like it is for real. It was really breathtaking. The atmosphere is even better (can it be better?!?!) So far I have not seen anything like it actually. I got the same feeling for the first experiment 3 level but this time it was like 10 times stronger. This is the best custom level I have ever played so far and it will be really hard to top this IMHO. Highlights: The evil "skull river" in the secret passage level. The huge puzzle in the sewer level. The whole idea with the hard/easy switches, the idea of getting arrested in the first level LOL!. The list goes on and on. Guess what? I have really tried hard to come up with critique and bad things in this adventure...but I failed. You get all tens from me as it would really be blasphemy to give it anything less! Thanks for letting us play this!!" - QRS (01-Jan-2007)
"All I can say is awesome work. This is really much better than any of the official TR games and I really mean that. This time Lara is in a bit different kind of environment than she is in previous Experiment parts. Her adventure begins in museum in Budabest and then she moves into the sewers underneath the museum. After this she comes to a huge cathedral which is very breathtaking and finally back to the museum. Every levels this game contains are full of surprises you can't experience in any other level but I don't give examples because it would spoil the surprises. The atmosphere is very magical and when you play this game you really forget you're sitting in front of your computer and just playing the game. This game really captures all your attention while playing it. The plot is very interesting too and it developes well during the game. It's very hard to describe this game shortly because it contains so many things I could tell, so find out by yourselves. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. By the way there's a one minus side in this game. After you have started this game you won't be able to stop playing and all you wan't to do is to play. After you have finished the game wihout having more than one or two brakes, you're very tired." - Samu (30-Dec-2006)