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BtB2007 - Following a London Sect by TimJ

Akcy 10 10 10 10
Bene 9 9 10 9
billie2001 8 9 9 10
CC 8 8 9 9
droogie 9 9 10 10
eRIC 7 8 9 8
eTux 9 9 10 9
Gerty 8 8 8 8
grizzly 7 8 7 6
Jay 9 9 10 10
Jerrod 6 8 7 8
JesseG 8 9 9 9
Jonson 9 9 10 9
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 9 8 10 9
Kristina 8 8 8 8
manarch2 8 8 9 8
MichaelP 8 9 9 9
Mman 9 10 10 10
Orbit Dream 9 9 10 10
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ravenwen 9 9 10 10
Raymond 8 9 9 8
rjb 8 8 8 7
Ryan 8 9 9 8
Shady Croft 9 9 9 9
Shandroid 10 9 10 10
SlyRaider 10 9 10 8
Spike 10 10 10 10
Treeble 9 10 10 10
release date: 01-Jan-2007
# of downloads: 207

average rating: 8.92
review count: 30
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file size: 31.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"The level takes place in London and is quite well done but sometimes too difficult. Insufficient weapons and ammunition make this level more complicated. The lighting is too dark in some places and requires a lot of use of flares. In summary of the saves, this level is not very pleasant to play. Damage." - grizzly (25-Dec-2023)
"A very good level with good architecture and texturing. Unlike other reviewers I found the lighting good and sufficient, only some dark spots here and there and I ended up with at least 85 flares in my inventory. The gameplay is also good and only towards the end there is some annoying backtracking between the half-submerged station and the underwater fans. I could also do without the mice in the crawlspace. Nothing serious though. The difficulty is at the border of medium and mildly challenging. Some nice timed runs, not too tight. All in all, a good and entertaining level with good visuals. Recommended." - billie2001 (02-Aug-2022)
"I actually enjoyed this level quite a bit, more than others it seems, although that's not without some frustration or critique. There are parts where the level is quite dark and I felt that the jump switches in most cases were too cryptic. For example, the room with the yellow paint brushes and paint cans, has the jump switch in the dark section right at the entrance which is just unnatural to me in terms of places to look. I also had an issue with flairs not being lit unless I dropped them, which made me not really use them much, not sure if this was just me though. I really enjoyed the submerged station section, a nice non-linear hub area to go and explore for the various key components necessary to move on, although the back tracking back and forth to the water fan area was unnecessary, would've been nice if the second blue fuse was not there or if the fan shut off was in that area so you didn't have to do the backtrack. Overall I thought the level textures were great and the sound/atmosphere was very well done" - droogie (12-Sep-2021)
"I'm sorry to say this, seeing as most other reviewers have raved over this level, but while it is enjoyable and has been crowned the BtB2007 winner, I don't think it stands that far out. The gameplay, as mentioned, is fun and varied, but can also be quite annoying with those heavy backtracks and fixed cameras in the deadly fan corridor, as well as the darkness in some areas. There are a couple of timed runs, pole swings and traps to spice things up, but that didn't quite cut it for me, I'm afraid." - Ryan (15-Aug-2017)
"There is a nice variety of traps, combat, timed runs, and general acrobatic challenges, although escaping the underwater fans was a little painful just because it takes so long. My biggest peeve here is the amount of backtracking involved, the player is forced to go back-and- forth too many times. The two secrets I found were satisfying to track down. Camera shots were used quite effectively. There were some wallpapered metallic tunnels and a few dark spots, but otherwise the lights and textures were very good. Overall quite an enjoyable contribution. 1 hour 3 minutes." - JesseG (08-Sep-2016)
"It's a bit sad to say but the deserved winner of this BtB is not much more than a good level, not particularly excellent. There's not much to complain about here, the textures are carefully applied, the lighting is good, the object design stands out a little more than in other levels and the gameplay also delivers with a bit of everything. There are good platforming parts adn, sometimes even quite long, timed runs that are reasonably challenging and also good trap setups a bit out of the ordinary. If some other reviewers had looked up how to use poles, they wouldn't have complained that much about the one sequence, if you simply press and hold the Forward button Lara will stay swinging on the pole. Not everything is that nice though, there are a couple of rather unnecessary backtracks and the game loses a bit steam towards the end, but overall the enjoyment factor is high enough. The use of enemies is good (in one room they appear out of thin air though, and ammo is rather scarce) as well as the secret hideouts, cameras and sounds (if not for the missing sounds that all BtB levels suffer from) are well placed and overall the atmosphere is rather nicely created with a lot of rooms you can see that you've visited already and will visit soon. The metro station is also the best-looking of the whole contest; a few slightly darker places are not a very large thing. Overall, as I said, a good level that just misses some larger surprises. 40 minutes." - manarch2 (24-Jul-2015)
"I found the game very dark, but it is quite well done and very nice graphically." - SlyRaider (23-Aug-2014)
"This is another varied level that moves from the streets to a Subway station and buried cathedral. It's maybe the best looking level in the contest with excellent lighting and texturing along with atmospheric areas, and it manages some slight twists on the theme too. This might be the trickiest level in this BTB (although Another Metro Station is some close competition), with various nasty trap sequences and jumps. On the other hand it calms down a bit in the second half and focuses more on (tricky) exploration. I did accidentally trap myself on a sequence early on the first time by doing it in an unintended way (although it was a far harder method than what was intended), I also found the use of Rats in crawlspaces a bit cheap. The first time I played through this BTB this level didn't seem to leave as much of an impression as some of the others, but on replay it's definitely one of my favourites and a deserved winner." - Mman (05-Nov-2012)
"This level is rather good in several aspects, but some things shocked me; the fixed camera placing at 3 km behind a underwater-fan since Lara is carried by the current or the bad timing for the barrel & 2 fans, there is only 2 ways for avoid this barrel, jump in the fan and take a MP every 2 seconds or pray for Lara made 2 turns on the pole. Sorry it's not that I call a challenging level, but a level with a bad gameplay." - Jerrod (12-May-2010)
"Lara follows a London sect whose members hang around in an old church. She explores some building complexes, a lost subway station, a strange cave and an old church. Lara founds a lot of keys and sticks in this level. One key is used to enter the cellar of the church. There she discovers a sect member who is using a portal. Lara uses this portal, too, and she arrives in Peru, which is the author's level in the next BTB contest. I really liked the atmosphere in this level. The lost subway station is set up very suspenseful. I enjoyed solving tasks here. There are also some timeruns, they are not too hard, but demanding. The gameplay is fluent, the only thing I disliked is the"flame house"; there are some jumps I found the difficult. Enemies are placed good and there are some medipacks, flares and other stuff, so you can't complain about that." - Jonson (01-Aug-2009)
"I've been putting off playing this level for a long time now, simply because of being stuck almost right at the start of the level, in a tricky room with flames and deadly floors. However, trying it again recently actually made me realise that it was actually down to my lack of thinking, rather than bad room design. The rest of the level wasn't as hard for me to progress through, though a little tricky at times, but despite that it turned out to be a very enjoyable and diverse level. Memorable areas include the underwater propeller trap (which you were quickly dropped into without warning, making for a tense moment) and entering the flooded train station for the first time, and watching the flyby showing off the great environment. The rest of the level had a varied amount of tasks to accomplish, and some fun trap sequences. The texturing and lighting in the level is hard to fault, and the atmosphere given by both the visuals and the choice of audio was excellent. I did find some areas to be a little dark at times, but I easily had enough flares to progress without troubles. In general, there are hardly any negative aspects of this level, as it has both great gameplay and visual appeal. The ending 'cutscene' was a nice way to finish off the level and prepare us for the sequel, which I hope is as good as this level." - Spike (28-Feb-2008)
"The level starts with Lara in a church-like room. Experienced players will know to look around first, and especially behind them. What you'll find is a keyhole that opens that trapdoor. So we need a key, and that is the ultimate goal of this level, and the result of all we will have to go through to find it. The 3d effect behind the columns in this first room looks great. I was impressed by the details all through the level, i.e. we can see through the windows of the buildings on the street, and in the flooded subway station the tracks continue on further, even though we never get to go there. A very accomplished and 'finished' level. Everything here is appropriate to the theme, and the player will become totally absorbed. Gameplay can be tough in places, but everything is doable. Well... there is one place that the player could become irretrievably stuck without knowing why. That is, an underground fire/boiler type room with slopes and a pole. We need to pull two jumpswitches, but the only way I could do the second one, and open that door, was to climb up and fall through the trapdoor and do the pole vault again. Not so easy, it took a few tries. A little later, and a fall through a trapdoor into water, right in front of a propellor and strong sink. It was not obvious that Lara must swim against the sink. It's tough, but she will make it... eventually. After these the level becomes more logical, but not necessarily easier. There are still some hard tasks to perform, but at least we know what we have to do. We have to make our way past many barrels with some clever manoeuvres, timed swim, pole vaulting, timed runs, monkeyswings, shimmys, and zipline. Rats attacking in a crawlspace I've seen before, but it's particularly unfair here. We discover the most magnificent flooded subway station. Terrific atmosphere and brilliantly laid out. So there is a lot of swimming involved here while we search for four plugs (one ingeniously hidden in a crack in a wall). Good route in and around this flooded station. A smile inducing moment was wondering what to do in a dark room, and deciding to shoot a barrel, that explodes and opens a door. All this to finally catch up with the keyholder and get back to the church. The ending is not the end, as we follow a t hug through a portal, and as written, there is to be a follow-on level. If this 'introduction' is anything to go by, then we are in for a treat." - CC (20-Mar-2007)
"At least, I could take some time to play and review this last (for me) BtB level. Gameplay was complex for me, I had to run and swim a lot from place to place many times. It cost me a lot to figure how to reach the second jumpswitch in the room with the slopes and fires, and was hard to pass through the room with the big fans too, but rest of the level was not difficult. Guns and ammo were not enough for me, I only found the uzis and few ammo for it. Although the level is dark there's some packs of flares to use. The best was the good ambience and very good cameras and sounds too. Good work." - Jose (29-Jan-2007)
"A well crafted and long London level , it took me more than 1H30 to hit the end. Interesting in some parts , if a bit tricky at times. There is a good variation of tasks the placement of the enmies is often judicious (not enough ammos/weapons though), the setting and texturing are quite good , you get views of past or future areas which is always a plus, the use of audio tracks suit well the gameplay and the atmosphere. Can you ask for more ? Well, I would have wished not to use the binoculars or flares so often , given the number of dark corners , and also I would have wished not to reload a savegame so often ! So this level was not very enjoyable to play, but technically it's well done." - eRIC (29-Jan-2007)
"This was the first level Mulf and I started while he was staying here during New Years Eve and also the first we threw away again as you can get stuck in the burner room with no way to get out. By just jumping to the slide for the second jump lever in the fire room and the door won't open that way (how is one to know to use the poles again). Another part is getting the first secret, Lara got stuck while in a crouch position and I had to reload and do it all over to get her out off under the ceiling. There are some parts in the underwater area Lara had difficulties in swimming due to the angle of the floor. But putting all that aside the idea here is excellent, even if there is a bit too much back and fro for my liking. Also be aware that this is a dark level. Best was in my opinion indeed that submerges Metro station. The hunt is on for fuses and keys and that sounds easier than it is then to get them. It took me more than 2 hours to finally finish the game, but in retrospect I did get all the 3 secrets." - Gerty (28-Jan-2007)
"Apologies in advance for the length of this. After playing 3 games in a row that showed how it is possible for the BtB07 London levels to be nice and bright (coincidental that I should play those consecutively, and even more so that they became 3 of my personal top 4), this game, billed as the 'best' as I write this, was my final BtB game. Unfortunately, it proved rather disappointing. My problems with it were, at all times, affected by the darkness of the level, which made every bit of hard-earned progress 'painful'. I had to stop constantly (4 other games were like this), use the (here generous number of) flares or my binocs for the more distant bits, before trying to assess what was and wasn't feasible. I was totally handicapped, therefore, from doing any of the free-flowing exploration that makes TR such a delight. (I remember one bright room in the whole game, containing an interesting sliding, barrel, pole puzzle - not as tricky as it seems: we just have to make sure we circle the first pole more than once, when the fans can be entirely avoided.) Added to the continual problem, we had two puzzles that suggested the author likes to make things as difficult as he can for the player. (The jumps in the flame jet room and the sudden drop and interminable swim in the propellers chamber, to which others have referred.) I liked the beginning of the first of these rooms, as we could just keep hold of the first horizontal pole in order to avoid the flames of the 2nd, but then there were several aspects to what was then needed that seemed to demand that we see inside the author's head to work out what to do! (I think particularly of the sideways climb, backflip, bounce and jump for the 2nd jumpswitch [difficult to see there *was* a jumpswitch].)

Then there was the endless swim in the propellers duct. (At least that room was slightly brighter, so we could see.) I think the (seemingly minor incident of the) crawlspace passage that had rats appear after we had passed their rat-run spoke to me almost of a curious desire on the part of the author to really make us dislike his game! That seemed symptomatic, with the other 2 main areas mentioned, of a deliberate intention to see how *much* unpleasantness we were prepared to put up with - not a goal I warm towards! (In fact, I think it was actually the rat placement [3 times] in the crawlspace that was the last straw; added to the almost continual darkness [even though there were one or two games that were worse in this regard!]; the particular difficulty of the underwater propellers chamber; being attacked immediately we exited that crawlspace; and trying to work out what to do in the dark flames room, that all spoiled this game for me. Despite wanting to 'complete the set', I wonder whether, if I hadn't had the walkthrough to hand, I would have wished to not continue a game with such dark, difficult aspects to it.) I soldiered on, and would have found the flooded station complex much more interesting to explore had I not been so discouraged by these earlier developments and if only I could have seen my environment more clearly. (During my painful progress there were times when it was quite dark 'externally' and *still* I could not see properly.)

Another room that would have been much more interesting had I been able to see it was the end section of the tunnels, after we had mastered the underwater lever timed run. Things were made even more frustrating for me because I suddenly experienced some frame rate slow-down on my coal-powered Win98 machine in most of this far 'cave'. (The only game where this has happened. Question: How does this happen, using the same exe file?) Either I had to reduce the size of my windowed screen - imagine how that helped my exploration in the dark! - or I had to go even *more* slowly. Even so, it was so dark in this cave that *each* movement had to be measured and carefully checked (which spoiled the exploration entirely). Only after I had painstakingly investigated everything on the 3 levels (stop, light flare, use binocs, turn, repeat, yes, I *can* jump to that ledge safely, stop, light flare, use binocs ...) - and found everything - did I realise that the 5 horizontal poles were probably meant to be used all in one grand series together. An interesting jump sequence that would have made an almost exhilarating experience, perhaps. (Unfortunately, the walkthrough writer seems to have missed this possibility, also - and *how* the walkthrough was needed for this level!)

I feel it would be unfair to give scores for this game based *solely* on my own experience as reflected in these comments (and I think it unjust of those who do this, showing sometimes rather obvious prejudice against or bias towards a game [or worse, builder]) and so part of my scoring is based on how I regard it technically, as 'objectively' as any person is able. The builder of this level clearly spent a lot of time thinking about it, making sure that the bits and pieces came together (as I think did all this year's entrants) and I think it has been put together well (as much as this player-only can comment on such things, after playing, with this, exactly 250 games). There were a few flaws (nothing too serious): I could touch the sky in the very first room by climbing on the 'interior building'; there were some paper thin 'pillars' (also at the beginning); if we use the binocs to look round at the very start of the underwater station section, we see the background city in the upper part of the screen rather than the tunnels we are in; and most seriously we could become irretrievably stuck if we climbed onto the nearest block just after we had experienced the underwater station fly-by (when we have to reload) - and I found some of the 'to and fro' sequences a little repetitive, though it was good to end up neatly at the start. My main problem was that I couldn't see properly what was happening much of the time, so a lot of the exploration became pedantically slow, and so I couldn't really appreciate everything the author was trying to do." - rjb (27-Jan-2007)
"This was, by far, my favorite BtB 07 level. This level flowed so well from start to finish, and made me sad that it ended. Gameplay was really challenging in several areas, but the beauty of these traps was that they were tough but definitely doable. You need to think about them and not give up. This was such a fun level and I loved the underwater metro, this made this level really stand out from the rest. The fire trap was too ambiguous though, and I really needed the forum's help to figure that one out, and I was pretty upset with the placement of an unusable swinging bar in one certain fan and barrel trap room. There was a little bit of backtracking, but the author made up for that by putting in a nice little shortcut in the church basement area. The very best aspect of this level was how well-designed it was. You start out in a church, then make your way (in a round-about way) to the basement of the church, which made me think..."hey, this is the basement of that church I started out in! Cool!" I really, really loved this level, can't wait for the next installment!!" - Shandroid (25-Jan-2007)
"The BtB levels this year (2007) have been few in number, but their quality has been astonishingly high. I'd go so far as to say there are two categories, about evenly divided between "excellent" and "good." London Sect is one of the former and in fact leads the competition with only a week left. Although it's a mighty fine level, however, I don't think it stands that far out in front of the pack when compared with, say, Escape to St. Paul's. The problem is that I find fault with the whole bunch in that they're too dark. The London levels in TR3 could be made brighter from within the program, but the TR4 engine doesn't provide that option, forcing the player instead to increase the brightness setting on his monitor if he wants additional lighting. London Sect takes place within a fairly confined setting where you go back and forth from place to place hunting keys and fuses to keep the action moving along. The three secrets are fairly blah, giving you nothing but a small sense of satisfaction and a cheap pickup. The spooky, partially submerged subway station is what gives this level its special ambiance, and there's a nice timed sequence about halfway through that requires a deft combination of sprinting and swimming. A very satisfying level. Highly recommended." - Phil (24-Jan-2007)
"Saved the best for last. Great level building, the whole place feels real, and nothing is out of place. Lot of exploring to do, in different areas to collect four fuses, each was a little adventure on it's own. Many memorable moments, nice jumping sequence in the fire room, the timed run/swim, the rats attacking in the crawlspace, and the desperate swim against the current, just to mention a few. The fights felt tougher than they actually were, maybe because the good placement of the enemies, my Lara finished with just a few scratch, using pistols only of course. After nine levels, using the same collection of textures, this one still amazed me how good it looks. Definitely my favorite B2B '07 level. I can hardly wait the sequel, and see where the thug, I assume to be the sect leader, went to." - Akcy (23-Jan-2007)
"This must have been the level I truly loved the best in this year's BtB competition. The textures are perfect, the settings are wonderful and compelling, I particularly loved the flooded subway station and all that was there, and you never get bored. Some rooms are really imaginative, such as the propeller room. It has to get a good rating from me. Now, try it out, naturally, it's a BtB level." - Jorge22 (22-Jan-2007)
"This one is quite dark with the best section of it being the underwater, which is most of the level, areas. Lara will be searching for fuses, deal with guards and find keys to progress. There is challenge into the level which made it interesting for me with poles and slopes to use. The swimming part, against the current, wasn't one of the best moments I had but I didn't hate it so that must be a good thing. The thing I did hate though was the rats inside one of the crawlspaces and I hope no one will place them there ever again. The setting you'll be seeing most of the time will be ruins and water. The timed run was tight but still manageable. It was a good level to play and worth loading up." - Kristina (18-Jan-2007)
"This is the only entry in the BtB07 series that sent a shiver down my spine and that occurred with my first look at the atmospheric, spooky(!) ruins and then a frisson of fear at the appearance of the last thug, high above the London street near the end. There's a few game-stopping moments near the beginning: The first with a hard to see jump switch (even with the placement of a pickup close by) but the real difficulty is in realizing that the second jump switch can not be pulled until a second swing of the room is done. Clever? Yes, but maybe a bit too clever? The second is in the fan/undertow room but the less said about that, by me, the better, as I may talk myself into a lower rating and that, on balance, may not be fair to such a well-designed, imaginative entry. Suffice to say: this is a level that may need the forum's help(or a walkthrough) to complete but it is a not to be missed download for all Raiders. Two out of three secrets and I'm still wondering about the third. Definitely looking forward to the sequel." - Bene (18-Jan-2007)
"As the adventure begins in a quiet temple, little you suspect about what will follow later on. The two baddies and the lone crow that attack you in the alley outside are just desserts. After a quite nasty puzzle that involves pole swinging, fire traps and jumpswitches, you open up the trapdoor to the underground. Two evil fans make your life hell for a few minutes then, as you struggle to pull a lever and swim into a tiny water tunnel. But then the whole scenery changes all of a sudden, as you arrive in the most amazing flooded underground train station. The setting here is just brilliant, both as concept and realisation; in contrast with the limited starting area, here you have to explore a complex and ingenious network of tunnels, passages, bridges and rooms, while looking for keys and fuses. One of the major highlights in this section is definitely the atmospheric and imposing semi-ruined temple that's hidden at the other end of the semi-flooded rail tracks. There's much to explore, much to enjoy, a few clever timed runs and some very well hidden items. A beautiful and massive adventure that offers some great gameplay moments and is very challenging but in a friendly way (with the exception of the aforementioned poles puzzle and the evil fans, that are a bit too mean). One of the best levels from the London project." - Ravenwen (15-Jan-2007)
"I was so impressed by the opening room, with the wonderful three-dimensional effect of the colonnades on either side. Cleverly done. When I finally finished admiring the scenery and got on with the level, I found the gameplay completely absorbing, although it had me cursing once or twice (I almost dislocated my thumb at one point, trying to swim out of a current). It really is quite tricky in places, but oh so rewarding to accomplish. I think, having now played all the B2B levels, that this is my absolute favourite, although one or two came very close. Definitely a superb ending to what has, as usual, been a very high standard of building." - Jay (11-Jan-2007)
"While I could name more original (Jobmond) or more atmospheric (The Escape) levels in this year's competition, if I had to choose a winner, this one would take the prize as it balances all the aspects (both mentioned above and not) the best and thus jointly probably is my personal favorite too. There are a few possible getting stuck for good situations very early on - namely in the jump room when going for the 2nd jumpswitch - and I think I got stuck in every opportunity I had when I replayed the level due to them. But since this was so close to the start - I just replayed it, got it right and moved on - as already the beginning is very promising, and it doesn't disappoint when you move on too. The atmosphere is great throughout the 1 hour it took me to get through the level, be it the well done outside parts with windows you can peek into, or the wonderfully done submerged metro station - and especially the creepy ruins beyond them, which I assume explain the presence of the sect here. Though some parts I agree are a bit devious (the valve in the ruins, rat having swallowed a key - had to chuckle at that one), it always stays quite imaginative, and I never got bored playing this from start to finish. If I have to name some things I did not like, then rats in the crawlspaces must take the prize for that one. You simply DON'T put them there, whilst you have Lara crawling through them. Big no-no! Other than that - I only found 1 secret, and don't know what I think of the ending, but since the readme promises a sequel - I already am looking forward to it! 4th of the 10 levels I played." - eTux (10-Jan-2007)
"This one is one of the good BtB-London-Levels. After a tough start with some flaws (You can get stuck in the burner-room and I'm not so much of a friend of using cameras to make things appear harder as here in the under water room with the two big rotors.)you`ll reach a nice submerged Metro station with solid gameplay. Here you must find your ways to finally get two blue and yellow fuses to make it possible to reach areas formerly blocked by the big rotors. The level ends in a mall chapel, where it had started. The atmosphere is quite good and lighning and texturing well done. A BtB-London-level, that should be played." - Raymond (09-Jan-2007)
"This one's brilliant,the best so far of the levels I've played. It may look at first like any other ordinary level. A small cathedral-like building that opens up to a street with afew enemies waitting for you. After exploring the nicely textured street and city and performing afew jumps you get to the first of many challenging and brilliant puzzles. You have to be quick here and jump on some slides then flip on poles while the whole place is full of burners. After spending time in the surrounding building, looking for keys and items, the setting changes and you find yourself down in the sewers where you are greeted by another nice and challenging puzzle...a current and a fan that pulls you towards death...I had to think quickly and sharply to solve this one and was glad when I did. Afew paces and you'll fall down from the sewers to a submerged metro station. An excellent gameplay here in a very wide place, nice setting and a nice elemnet of exploration. Here you have to search around for fuses/plugs which are well hidden and which'll switch off the fan and current(afew nicely done camera shots may make it trickier ;-) ) and afew enemies are here and there, one or two tricky timed runs and a temple accessable through a crack in the metro station. Once you're done, you go back to the cathedral (in a very surpricing way...never thought I'd end up there after a while) for your final last minutes in this wonderful level." - Shady Croft (08-Jan-2007)
"Eighth of ten. This has got to be my favorite of all the BtB levels so far, and it's all that the original TR3 London levels never were. Let's start talking about the atmophere, it's so perfect and eerie you actually get creeped out every now and then, even if there aren't many enemies in the main sunken subway area. I have a minor complain about the rats though, it's totally unfair to have small animals in crawlspaces, Lara can never aim properly and is most likely to become stuck in place if she tries crawling away to shoot, but it only happens in one bit in this level, so I won't reduce any points for that. There's also a tough puzzle with slides, jump switches and bar swing sequences through flame emmiters which caused me some headache as I did it wrong the first two times, getting myself stuck for good and having to reload (the sole reason this level didn't get a perfect score). Later on you also get into a fantastic crypt as you look for four fuses to stop the propellers and proceed, one of them is cleverly hidden on a wall (and one of them happens to be inside a rat, but that's beside the point). When you finally get access to the sect's hideout, you see one of them vanishing and Lara jumps right after him. This level is getting a sequel anytime soon, so let's wait and see what surprises this pursuit will bring us. 90 minutes, 1 secret. 01/07" - Treeble (07-Jan-2007)
"Orbit Dream does not throw the word 'brilliant' around lightly,but in this case he feels it is entirely justified.This level has everything you could possibly want from a London setting,and so much more besides! Atmosphere so heavy you could cut it with a knife;lighting and textures which are everywhere exemplary;beautiful placement of objects (although a few more enemies,particularly for a Grand Finale,would have been useful) and Gameplay of the first order.There were only a few quibbles: one (underwater) Lever was hidden by a fixed camera (which seems to be becoming an unfortunate trend);an exhilerating pole-swinging sequence could easily be avoided by simple jumps (although you may not realise this until later);and I made it through a Deadly Fan corridor simply by gulping medi-packs,which I'm sure wasn't the intended plan but necessary in the absence of any clearly defined alternative solution. Other than that,the creativitiy in Gameplay construction was absolutely inspired and full of invention and variety. It's also a surprisingly large level at 1 hour and 20 minutes (although some wil doubtless rush through it in a considerably shorter time,they will be doing it a great disservice) and progresses delightfully in a full-circle,with a 'hunt for four fuses' sequence making up the heart of the adventure. The Finale was a little puzzling (I was expecting a grand Showdown),but it works none-the-less; and I rashly predict (having not yet played the other nine entries in the Comptition) that this will be the Winner." - Orbit Dream (02-Jan-2007)
"Well, I can almost see many players giving up on this level after about 10 minutes in the first puzzle room with the slide jumps and burners or soon after as you need to swim against the sink. Both of these areas are cleverly designed but maybe too tough for the average raider out there. Once this has been overcome the flow of the gameplay is a little smoother as you explore a wonderfully rendered submerged Metro station for two keys, two yellow and two blue plugs to switch off the turning rotors, although the hiding place of the first blue plug is truly devious. Very nicely designed how you end up where you started and the guy with the key you needed was waiting right there all along. Great level with a tough start." - MichaelP (01-Jan-2007)