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BtB2007 - The Escape by Adngel

Akcy 5 7 6 5
Bene 9 9 8 7
CC 9 7 9 9
eTux 9 7 9 8
Gerty 5 7 7 5
Jay 8 8 8 8
JesseG 7 7 8 6
Jonson 8 6 8 6
Jorge22 9 7 8 8
Jose 6 6 7 5
Kristina 7 7 7 8
manarch2 7 7 9 7
MichaelP 9 7 9 9
Mman 7 8 10 9
Orbit Dream 7 8 8 8
Phil 9 9 9 8
Ravenwen 9 8 8 7
Raymond 7 7 8 7
rjb 8 8 9 7
Ryan 7 7 8 7
Shandroid 9 8 6 7
TimJ 9 8 9 8
Treeble 7 8 8 8
Whistle 6 7 8 7
release date: 01-Jan-2007
# of downloads: 91

average rating: 7.59
review count: 24
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file size: 28.79 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I wasn't really grabbed by this one at first. The shooter element is out in full force at the very start of this level as Lara must pit herself against overwhelming odds as guards attack from the most inconvenient spaces. Added to this a distinct lack of essential supplies and constantly encroaching darkness and I was prepared to dislike this one right off the bat. But along the way, it actually started to grow on me and I ended up quite enjoying this one. Enemies do make their presence known in large bunched but I never needed more than three or four medipacks throughout the whole level, and there are levels that are worse than this. Some of the gameplay is actually quite entertaining, with a mixture of exploration, a sprinkling of timed runs and some really well thought out jumps. Admittedly the darkness was annoying throughout and with only three flares, progression was rather slow at times. Also, as I mentioned in one of my reviews of another level in the London competition, I don't like being shot at with no hope of defending myself. Those things aside, I rather liked this one, despite my usual aversion to shooter levels." - Ryan (10-Apr-2018)
"Lara has stolen something important and now needs to flee to her escape vehicle. The gameplay is very combat heavy, especially in the beginning, and is coupled with that annoying issue in other Btb2007 levels where enemies can shoot you from behind a fence up high, but you can't shoot them back. It would have been more fun if there were a bit more medpacks and guns provided. Except for the four-door switch puzzle, the puzzles were a bit mundane. The level is quite glitchy, there is a timed door that just traps you in a room with no way out if you run through, if you don't get stuck inside the door's collision itself. Another door further on reveals an enemy that can shoot you from behind an invisible wall so all you can do is run away. The atmosphere is the strongest part, I felt quite immersed in the sullen subway that was in disarray, and cutscenes were well used, although some more camera cues would have been preferred. The texturing is a bit wallpapered in certain cave areas but is otherwise good. I can't say I am a fan of the lighting because it is so dark for a majority of the time. I was constantly using the binoculars and had to strategically space out my use of the 3 flares I was provided. The darkness certainly helps contribute to the atmosphere, and showcase the colored lights, but overall it is not very user friendly. Overall it was a good level but it was too dark, and didn't feel as solidly built as it could have been. 46 minutes." - JesseG (04-Sep-2016)
"This level really did catch me on the wrong foot initially with way too many enemies to shoot in the first two areas without any additional weapon and a rather obvious shortcut over the molden river that lets you bypass the gameplay in the upper parts. The atmosphere is rather well done though with a rather moody and creatively designed environment, but sadly it's so dark that you would need a lot of flares... but there are no additional ones in the whole game, which I found very unfair. Still, despite of the gripes, there is a fairly decent level lurking behind all this. There are very good jump sequences and inspired platforming tasks with some good usages of breaktiles, decent exploration of the areas, especially the train station, and even a few potentially fun (if too unclear) puzzles, it's never getting very boring here, although the darkness spoils the fun quite a bit. The elevator scene is nicely created as well; the use of enemies does get more reasonable later on but there is still not enough ammo and some enemies you cannot shoot at all are a bit annoying too. While the lighting is annoying for the gameplay, it does help the atmosphere - and also hides a few rather bad texture placements, especially in the large cave, although on the whole the texturing is diverse and expressive like not many other contest levels. The lighting in the otherwise freshly designed last area is rather unrealistic, though. While there are clever things in any of the four categories, it also has a couple of underwhealming parts that make it really tough to score, but I found that the good things outweigh the bad things overall. I found two good secrets in 20 minutes." - manarch2 (24-Jul-2015)
"Apprently I'm in the minority but this is quite possibly my favorite level in BTB London overall. It certainly has it's flaws but it makes up for that for me by capturing the same sense of wonderment that the original Aldwych level did. You can't really guess what's going to be around the next corner; from a large factory type place, to an immense underground abyss to a lost Subway station the theme keeps changing convincingly... For most of the level anyway; the final rooftops section feels quite tacked on and like it's just there for sake of covering every London theme, I think the level would have been better off without it (or with it as a quick epilogue rather than an extra ten minutes of gameplay). The complaints about the darkness are actually somewhat justified for this map, as there are quite a few dark areas and no extra flare provided (more on that later), but I also think that fits the condemned ruins you are exploring throughout most of the level, and there's some inspired use of fog in the caves section. There's also a couple of stretched textures but the scale of the areas they are in lets me overlook that, with the exception of the buildings towards the end, where there's not much else to look at.
Gameplay is mostly decent, although there's a severe lack of camera hints at times (note I took this more off the gameplay score than the atmosphere and "cameras" score); for instance there's a timed run with no clues whatsoever other than the switch resetting a little bit after use. Theres also quite a bit of backtracking in the Subway station (where most of the puzzle gameplay takes place) if you can't work out what to do.
There's a major issue of a complete lack of inventory until the second half of the map; the start makes you take out about ten guards with just your starting supplies, it's not that tough if you exploit their AI right but players who can't be bothered with a more subtle approach could have some major problems. There's also the complete lack of flares I mentioned above, which is another reason the end feels weaker, as the darkness starts to wear on things by that point (especially as the London rooftops are just as gloomy as the underground, squandering a great possibility for some contrast, which could have greatly contributed to its relevance). It's a shame this is the authors only map as this level seems to suggest they have a unique style with lots of potential." - Mman (27-Apr-2010)
"The escape by Adngel is his very only level on Lara has found an artefact and now she has to flee from a London gang. Thereby she explores a secret base, a dark cave, an old subway station and the rooftops of London. The atmosphere is set up very enthralling, I really liked that, but the locations are too dark and this is the main problem in this level: I'm asking me why create a complex level architecture, but hide it with dark lightning. I can't understand that. There are no flares placed in the level, so you have to make light with the pistols. There are also a lot of enemies in the level, too many enemies in my opinion, so you can't enjoy this game. This level could have been one of the best levels of the competition, but the dark lightning and the many enemies degrade the rating of this level." - Jonson (01-Aug-2009)
"What a pity ! This level could have been in the three leaders of BtB07 if it was as great in its entirely as in the beginning. Because it started really superbly ! Lara just stole an artifact somewhere and guards are rushing near the room where she is to kill her and recover their precious object. The big fight was quite interesting. I mean it was not a room with lot of guards who were firing on Lara and making your medipacks disappear in two minutes. The room contains a lot of column behind which I could hide and it was really funny to kill the guards without they have time to touch me (thanks to the stupid AI of TR enemies!) After that we must escape properly from this base (which is really well built). It wasn't easy to understand how to escape from there. There was a river of melt metal (or something like this) and going on the other side wasn't easy. When this was done there were still some things to do until the floor opens under the feet of Lara who fall into some caves. From there the level becomes less good... The caves were well built and the atmosphere was perfect. But the huge cave area disappointed me a lot (even if I loved the lamps built with the poles). It's really a pity that in the bottom of the caves there was a big wall wallpapered with stretched concrete texture... Furthermore the author placed a nice flyby camera which shows it when Lara is going on a monkeyswing ! Some cave scenery would have been better... Well ! After the caves Lara arrives in another subway station. This one is quite strange but not bad, perhaps a bit too dark. I remember it was quite tricky to find the exit. There was some thugs, a timed run and some nice puzzles. After the station Lara goes in a lift which leads her to the roofs. The roofs were nice but the final temple disappointed me again... The linear parts in the caves and on the roofs remind me Prince of Persia. They were both trials of jumps with poles or on breakable blocks. They were good links between the huge parts of the level (the base and the station). It's a pity that the end wasn't like the beginning and that the author didn't take care over the scenery in the whole level as he did for the beginning. I liked this level a lot." - TimJ (20-Jul-2007)
"OK, she's got 'it' and needs to escape. Whatever 'it' is, the local thugs ain't pleased, and it's a run for life to pass these guys, or shoot them one by one if possible. Once the player knows in advance that medpacks and flares are scarce, and enemies are everywhere, they can choose their own strategy. It is a very dark level, but where we can see the surroundings they are stunning. Excellent texturing, atmosphere and great flybys. It starts in some sort of factory/station and moves on to an enormous cave with challenging jumps to poles, rock projections and monkeyswing high above a vast dark nothingness below. The camera could cause some trouble in this cave. This leads us into the most amazing looking, very dark, ruined subway station. Lots of fuseboxes to shoot and even more thugs. One fusebox hides a switch for a tight timed run. There is no camera hint, but there are only two closed doors; if it isn't one, it had to be the other. Here we find a key for the elevator that brings us up to the top floor of a building. Loved the beams of light shining through the windows. Some interesting block pushing exercises, and we come out onto the rooftops of London and some excellent jumping around, including a run over breakable tiles high above the streets, dodging rolling barrels, and zipline into a sort of amphitheatre. Lara finally opens the way back to the streets and a getaway car. One of my favourites in this year's competition." - CC (20-Mar-2007)
"I found this level frustratingly almost unplayable with the very dark areas and the constant darkness with out flares. OK gun shot flashes do help but to constantly run round firing is not my idea of playing a level. Some good story touches but when you get fired on and some kind of force field stops your return fire from doing any damage is just not fair. Textures I suppose went all through the level, but seemed to give no atmosphere of London that I have ever seen or heard of. There were baddies to splat and some small puzzles, but not very difficult. Why the broken tile section over the roof tops when all you needed to do was a hang traverse!!. Not one of the best levels I have played and would therefore not really recommend it." - Whistle (01-Feb-2007)
"This is my fourth level and so far this is my least favourite as this was way too confusing for me. And sorry to call the builder a nincompoop for having no flares, that is a huge NO in my book, as this was a very dark level. Also couldn't use the binoculars as my game froze every time. So thank you very much, but no thanks. So I cheated big time and added flares through the TRsgEditor at least that made it bearable for me. This spoiled it really for me and it is a real shame as this could have been a very good level. Also I don't like a shooter level and the start was just that. I also got stuck in a room as a door closed behind Lara and wouldn't open, right in the beginning. The timed door, well not that I couldn't make it, but it took me a long time to finally figure out where that one is." - Gerty (29-Jan-2007)
"Here's another gem in the noteworthy BtB 2007 competition. What the levels lack in numbers (10 this year), they more than make up in quality. I haven't played a bad one yet, and the two still ahead for me are rated near the top. The premise of The Escape is to kill and keep moving until you finally open the door leading to the getaway car. Along the way the player is treated to nonstop action, including the harrowing navigation of an ingeniously constructed pit. Alas, as in the case of most of the others, this level is much too dark, and I had to bump up my gamma significantly in order to see. But that's a minor complaint, given the plethora of challenges that you have to overcome in order to complete your mission. It took me a little over 70 minutes, and another thing about these BtB London levels is that they're not stingy on playing time. Some have complained about the unannounced timed run, but once you know what you need to do (and I had the advantage of an advance walkthrough) the timer is quite generous. Highly recommended." - Phil (27-Jan-2007)
"A level too much dark for me to like. There's another good or bad dark levels, but at least the builders provide us some packs of flares to see something. In this level I couldn't find any flares so, I had to take often the binocs or even shoot the pistols to get some light. This makes the gameplay more slow and tedious. Gameplay isn't bad, with some interesting features, but the continuous darkness difficult a lot advance through the scenes. Sometimes there are too much enemies and so, very few weapons and ammo were not enough to deal with them. Near the beginning a soldier went out from a door and I quickly entered, but the door closed itself and I was trapped into the room and I had to reload to can continue playing. Sounds and cameras were the best of this annoying level for me. Sorry." - Jose (26-Jan-2007)
"With a couple of v.important exceptions, spoken about by others, I liked this game for its almost constant challenge, the need to be prepared to think about what might be required to advance and its not always obvious - though never too difficult - solutions to the situations we faced. I was pleased to see on no fewer than 4 occasions alternatives to the 'most likely' way of solving a problem, especially in the matter of which route to take. The floating camera while on the cave monkey swing, the misty areas of the earlier caves (made for interesting exploration; curious that few games have that; pity there was never anything there), the fact that we *could* get through the game with all these enemies w/o needing a medipack if we were careful, using pillars etc to dodge around (not being bashful at running away at times or reloading!), and the various jumps that were necessary - the collapsing platforms run and the large cave spring to mind - all helped to make the 'journey' an absorbing one. The 2 huge flaws were the darkness of everything and the lack of flare pick-ups. Constantly I had to explore with my 3 flares and then reload. This does not make for a flowing adventure. I imagine the author has taken this on board, now, with so many adverse comments from players about this and can only assume that the builder uses a super-brightened monitor screen to construct his levels and hasn't until now realised the need for flares and the desirability of not having everything too dark to see. I quote one player: " ... my eyes can not handle these levels anymore :( " This is my 6th level and the 4th one I consider too dark. (The other 2 were light enough and dark only in places. Unfortunately, the builder of one of those forgot about flares, also!) London is a great city, in many senses (but being a Londoner, I accept that I'm biased), but if we cannot see the builders' interpretation of the city (and subterranean caves and train stations in various states of repair), we cannot enjoy these games as the authors would hope. (One other point: if a ladder, shimmy, monkey swing [eg] combination is sufficiently long and we have also chosen to use one of our precious flares then it may well have gone out before we finish. This means that if our next action is [eg] to backflip and catch hold of something then Lara will throw the flare away *before* he tries to grab hold of the relevant edge. So she falls. If we don't use a flare in this darkness, we cannot see! A dilemma. Oh, and I was also not keen on guards walking through fences at times and able to shoot Lara through them, very effectively, when she cannot shoot back.) I thought both secrets were 'interestingly' placed and I would have liked this game hugely - it has great potential - if I could have 'seen' it all." - rjb (24-Jan-2007)
"The tasks are various, not difficult, rather interesting, the challenge for me on this level was the no medpack using gameplay, but that wasn't too hard either. I can't say much about textures, because I have barely seen them, in those rare areas with sufficient light they were fine though. I had a feeling that the level was finished in a hurry, and wasn't tested well, there are many shortcuts, but my main complain is darkness. Usually I have no problem with dark levels, but in this case, after the first few rooms it became clear that the author won't give us too many flares - at the end it turned out, that in fact none - and on as a pitch dark level as this one, it's a big mistake. I hate if I have to light my way by continous pistol fire, or use a flare to look around, then load back to spare it. This kind of a pixel hunting distracts my attention from the gameplay, and kills gaming experience. And though found both secrets, missed the uzi somewhere, certainly because of this, but I had no inclination at all to go back and look for it, I was glad it's over." - Akcy (21-Jan-2007)
"Well, Lara's got it, what does she have you ask? Don't know, but she's got IT and now she's got to get IT out of this very dark and deadly place. Boy I really hate it when I have IT and am face to face with lots of baddies with much more powerful guns than my pea shooters and here I am with swiftly dwindling medipaks. Dang, why didn't IT come with a duffle bag filled with at the very least, medipaks and an endless supply of flares? Oh well, at least I can stand at precisely due North, and well, you know the rest. Yeah, I am a cheater, at least in this level, when the builder is a sadistic little punk. Ok, now that wasn't nice! Despite the lack of supplies, this level was quite fun and I really enjoyed it especially when I got back at him or her and accomplished a major shortcut. Hmm...was that a ding against him or ME? Well, I will never know I guess. Perhaps that red keyhole was just there for looks, or part of a missed secret, since I didn't do the much maligned blinking light timed run. Was it for a key? Who knows. Moving on...besides the darkness accompanied by a nasty camera angle that the builder won't allow binoculars to be used (hmm...maybe he IS a sadistic little punk after all!), and serious lack of medis and flares, I did love the linear gameplay and moving right along from area to area (Lara IS escaping after all). The textures were ok, but who could actually see 'em? Plus, I found numerous areas where Lara could get critically stuck, not just the room with the silver boxes, either (calling Legend Lara and her seriously handy grappling hook). This review may sound so negative, but trust me, this level was by far one of the most fun of the BTB 07 selections, and this speaks volumes considering that I found one completely unfun and unplayable and another had a jump that infuriated me so much that I just quit. Playable is good, fun is also good, so The Escape is good!" - Shandroid (19-Jan-2007)
"I found this one a little confusing at times. There is a darkish metro station to find from where you will be moving around and kill many guys with bats which I hated. In my opinion there was no need for so many enemies. The hint for the timed run was so cryptic that very few will understand. Other than that we have the usual keys and fuses to find. Not a bad level and I found one secret." - Kristina (18-Jan-2007)
"The fast paced start of this level promises a shooter and a shooter it is (scarce in medipacks and ammo!) but more than that... Not too complicated, not too easy, Lara wonders around an abandoned subway station packed with things to do, ways to find and ends up on her way back home in some automobile. The only time I got stuck was when I couldn't find the lock to my elevator key. If there's one thing I must complain about here, though, it's the utter darkness combined with the absolute lack of flares, so thank God the pistol ammo are never ending. I liked it. Give it a try, naturally, it's a BtB level." - Jorge22 (16-Jan-2007)
"An excellent level, marred only by the inability to really see and appreciate the surroundings. Due to the dark, I had the feeling I missed out on a lot and that includes the one secret. This starts out as shooter and what a shooter - Lara is outgunned, outmanned and in the dark in a large warehouse where she can become enclosed in a room with no way out, at least, I never found it. With a lack of flares and too few medipacks(note: conserve these throughout the game) the gunfight is exciting but soon becomes a war of nerves - easy to give up at this point. Falling into a small lake leads to some jumping sequences that are well designed, with a need to think them through. The derelict Metro Station has a timed run that would have benefited from a camera showing what door had opened or even that a door HAD opened (hence, a rating of only 8 when atmosphere would maybe deserve a 9 IMHO. The blue light was a novel touch but difficult to understand this is a timed run, not artistic expression. This author also knows how to end a game, with a jumping sequence with what else?...collapsible tiles(in the dark) leading to a search for the final key, a short shoot - out and a run for a getaway vehicle. Not for all Raiders but a memorable one and a really fine entry into the BtB07 challenge." - Bene (15-Jan-2007)
"One more level from the BtB07-London project. Here Lara must make her way through troops of guards so as to escape. The level starts with quite an action, as you have to shoot down plenty of enemies so as to get out of the 'prison' area. The logic of this first section reminded me a lot of the beginning of Wolfenstein 3D where BJ, the hero, has to do similar actions so as to move on. As Lara goes along, the setting changes from time to time. You arrive at caves, rocky areas, pools, spooky interiors and finally a semi-destroyed train station where there is lot to do and explore. This level is quite original in that it creates a weird, eery atmosphere that is somehow different from the one that you usually encounter in classic 'spooky town' levels. Its settings are a bit too dark and depressing for most part, which of course underlines the eery feel but on the other hand made me waste all of my flares and there were parts where I couldn't see where I was going or what I was doing. Things change however when you arrive at the aforementioned train station; the setting there is far more promising and there is lot of action and, of course, more baddies. In fact, I don't remember meeting more baddies in any TR game so far - either official or custom. God bless the unlimited ammo pistols. I don't know how much lead I wasted on all those guards and baddies. Just before Lara locates the exit to freedom, a quite memorable sequence of jumps on some rooftops and breakable tiles awaits, where you have to put a great deal of concentration and will probably make you reload a few times. Overall the gameplay is very good, challenging and particularly inventive at times (ie, all the jumping/swinging/shimmying/climbing sequence that you have to go through so as to move from the entrance of the big cave to its exit). There are tricky and complicated situations to deal with, as well as some backtracking (locating the right items and switches/buttons at the station, for example), but in general the level is rather straightforward and it won't frustrate you much." - Ravenwen (14-Jan-2007)
"Woo, this starts off as a real shooter. I only just got through with sufficient health left. Pickups are scarce altogether, so conserve everything as best you can. Lara soon outruns all those baddies however and falls into a water filled hole, from which she has to make her way through a vast cavern (lots of interesting jumps) to an abandoned Underground station. The station is huge and filled with more enemies than ideally I would have liked, but there were plenty of interesting things to do so I still enjoyed myself a lot. My only real complaint is the lack of flares in what is a pretty dark level at times. Otherwise, nice one." - Jay (11-Jan-2007)
"This level to me was a good example, how the first impressions are not (or at least should not be) so decisive of your final 'verdict' about the level. I don't like shooters, because the only gameplay they usually offer is face Lara with an obscene amount of shooting enemies (and sometimes some that club Lara, and have the odd dog thrown in for good measure) and the only strategy to progress is simply survive these fights. That and that I just genuinely suck at this type of gameplay, what I think explains my dislike well either. So when this level started and I had to use every trick in the book to survive the first 5 minutes of this approximately 50 minute level, you can guess what my thoughts were. So I thought I'd just bite down the bullet and try my best to get through alive for the sake of having finished this level for the competition. But things changed drastically soon. When I got to the long row of trapdoors it was obvious that Lara's escape from this level wouldn't be as quick as she (and I to some extent) would want it to be, but I wasn't prepared for what would follow. A drop in some of the most atmospheric areas I've seen throughout this competition yet. If the initial few caves with the beautiful appliance of fog weren't enough, the HUGE cavern convinced me that I have to get through here if more like this is coming. And there was - as probably everyone who got to explore the metro station would agree - the architecture, brilliant use of textures and lighting in this area alone make it a must-play despite all the other inconveniences. The diagonal blocked hallway, which you sadly can't explore, made one of the best impressions and memorable sights this level had to offer. The level does lose its momentum on several occasions - like the non-detectable timed run in the metro station, and pretty much with everything that follows the escape from the station. Not that the rooftop sequences were bad - it's just sort of like a "Serpentine Gorge" effect within the same level. Among other shortcomings that this level has to offer are the few stretched textures in the huge cavern, which, if vaguely, but still ruined a bit of the magic there, the lack of flares - which was a big "no - no" especially for a level so dark in most places, and the already mentioned un-detectable timed run. In a nutshell - this level definitely is one of the atmospheric highlights of this year's Back to Basics competition, and definitely worth playing for some of the more impressive areas, even if there are things that make it less enjoyable. Found 1 secret. Recommended! 8th of 10 levels of this competition I played." - eTux (10-Jan-2007)
"Halfway through the challenge with this one. Despite having some most atmospheric locations, other parts of this shooter level were sort of bland. It's still a fun level, though you'll run low on medis every now and then and there's at least one pit area with a lot of platforming which I thought was a nice addition. Funnily enough, this room has quite some nice camera work at some spot, but unfortunately the camera also helps noticing the stretched wallpaper effect on the wall just behind that monkeyswing. Later on you set on a quest for fuses and keys, but it's not a big and demanding task, in this level merely staying alive is. 50 minutes, 1 secret. 01/07" - Treeble (03-Jan-2007)
"In the beginning it's a straight shooter till Lara falls down a deep pit and must make her way through huge caves with a lot of jumping until she gets to an anbondaned underground station. After getting some keys and fuses she emerges in the city, where she finds a car to escape. This level has some nice touches (like for instance the blinking light as a pointer for a timed run), but also some downsides. The major downside for me had been to have no flares available in big parts of a quite dark level. I also may have found a shortcut at the poisonous river in the beginning. The best part for me is the area around the underground station. So be sparingly with the flares, if you find some." - Raymond (03-Jan-2007)
"This level started off so well,I thought I was going to have to change my opinion of which BtoB level would be the overall winner,as this seemed to be another leading contender. It starts off as a beautifully paced Thriller,with a simple but effective storyline.The first 20 minutes or so (up to and including a superbly constructed deep pit) are simply stunning,with action-packed but plausible Gameplay which successfully induces the feeling of a life-threatening pursuit.The texturing is stunning,the lighting is perfect and the Gameplay (although linear) quite satisfying. However,the pace and overall atmosphere changes on arrival at a (now ubiquitous)derelict Underground Station.This is a masterpiece of construction and design (if there really is a chronically run-down Station somewhere beneath London,I think it's a safe bet that it'll look a lot like this!)and a delight to explore. The adventure shifts gear at this point and transforms into a hunt for a small fuse,which isn't too exciting and regrettably destroys the nailbiting tension engendered at the start. After exiting the Underground (via an unannounced timed-run,which felt a little unfair)you have some rather contrived jumping and a Finale involving a somewhat pointless hunt for a key.By this time,the adventure had pretty much run out of steam and the builder's previously inspired invention appeared to be fast drying up. If the Gameplay in the first-half of the level is cleverly incorporated into the geography (the huge pit is a classic example),by the end of the adventure the geography exists simply as a means of incorporating Gameplay and disappoints as a consequence. The lighting and texturing also falter somewhat as the adventure becomes darker and less visully interesting once the station is left behind. The absence of flares is also a problem.Essentially,then,what started as a nail-biting chase ultimately turns into a fairly standard Shooter. Nonetheless,it's always brisk,linear (perhaps a little too much so) and full of machismo." - Orbit Dream (03-Jan-2007)
"This starts out as quite the shooter with myriads of guards to kill and the atmosphere works well, especially with the deadly yellowish water, fire and some great use of fog. As you move on into the deep caves there are some great and fun jumps to master to make yourway around before you battle the next gang of bad guys and reach the desolate Metro station, which is very well set in scene. I would have preferred a camera for the one timed run as that kept me stuck for a while. Eventually you take the elevator out and are treated to a few more fun jumps around the roofs. A great adventure - just make sure you watch your health as medipacks are scarce and you may run around shooting a lot to create some light as flares are scarce too." - MichaelP (01-Jan-2007)