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God's Gold 2 - Inner Chambers by TombsOnTheBrain

alan 4 2 5 5
Boris 4 3 4 5
CC 4 4 7 6
Ceamonks890 3 3 3 4
Dimpfelmoser 3 2 6 5
eRIC 3 3 4 4
Gerty 4 3 5 7
Jay 5 5 6 7
Jose 2 3 4 6
Kristina 4 3 4 5
MichaelP 4 3 5 7
Momster 6 7 8 9
Orbit Dream 4 2 5 6
RaiderGirl 5 5 5 7
Ryan 3 3 5 5
Sash 4 4 4 5
Scottie 4 4 5 5
sonnyd83 5 5 5 6
Torry 6 7 9 10
Treeble 3 4 5 5
release date: 07-Sep-2001
# of downloads: 52

average rating: 4.73
review count: 20
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file size: 13.07 MB
file type: TR4
class: Library

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This level has the same simplicity of this author's previous one. There are big rooms with little to do, some objects to collect and a few boulders to avoid. There are some flybys, and I don't think I found any enemies in this one." - alan (26-Oct-2022)
"A bit longer than Gateway to a thousand jewels , just a bit as you can finish Inner Chambers after a dozen of minutes with the 5 parts of the Armour. The progression is a bit more interesting , and this time we have also well excuted flybys and no crashes to the desktop when reloading a savegame , not that you will need that but i wanted to check. What we have to do is so easy, too easy. Probably one of the few levels in the list where no player will die or need a walkthrough. Only 2 tinmen to fight , i would not have been against a bigger fight with one tinman on a horse. Lighting is inexistant. Still this was a better and pleasant level." - eRIC (02-Oct-2019)
"Slightly longer than the first God's Gold, but still nothing to write home about. There are a couple of curious things in this level, though: a horseman who never clambered onto his nearby horse, seemingly useless globe objects and an artifact I never used. The one "highlight" (if it can be called that) was the brief armour puzzle." - Ryan (28-Dec-2017)
"If you've played the first part, this second part is the same but a bit longer. Again, good texturization, but only pull switches or pick up / place items to open doors. Only two horsemen as enemies (one of them never mounted the horse), a couple of flybys without music and avoid some boulder traps. Playable but not entertaining." - Jose (18-Dec-2017)
"This short level seems choc a bloc full of non sequiturs - ammo with no matching weapons, a horse without the relevant horseman (although there was a tinman), puzzle globes apparently just used as decorative objects (or at least I never found an attendant puzzle) and a portal guardian I never got to use (renamed Pharos Septa, perhaps it was a souvenir). The simple armour puzzle was quite nice, but otherwise it was all a bit underwhelming." - Jay (22-Aug-2016)
"Pretty much the same as God's Gold 1 in terms of quality, with the inclusion of two thoughtful albeit relatively useless flyby cams, horsemen as your sole opposing threats and an incredibly half-hearted attempt at a switch puzzle, ultimately concluding with you retrieving the various armor pieces of Horus again(for whatever reason), and leaving the tomb in the anticlimactic crash-to-desktop fashion you'd expect from the builder's last few releases. Overall, not too bad. But at the end of the day, it's still generally lacking in substance, making this only worth a playthrough for completionists, or for those needing something to play on their lunch break at best." - Ceamonks890 (29-Jun-2015)
"First and foremost, it's not clear which level to select, as the script hasn't been correctly updated. Rooms are mostly empty and texturing is very TR1ish in appearance, i.e. quite blocky, not bad looking at all, just blocky. I do like some textures I.e. the large circular ones around doors, switches or ceilings etc, and lighting is much the same throughout. A couple of flyby's here and there, but not every door opened has a camera hint. Sound is different to most TR4 classic levels, sounds deep inside or underground, doesn't change much throughout. Tasks are a little easy and simple and I don't like having to go through a maze of corridors and rooms. Tasks are the classics - few switches, pulling off and placing stars, fighting horsemen, swimming, monkey swing, shimmying, avoiding rolling balls. Then we collect the amour of Horus revealing some switches, to lead to the end of the level, I feel it ended rather soon. Funnily enough, the last room contained more objects than the rest of the level combined! There's a room with planets, and I was hoping this would be part of gameplay but no! I would class this as a fairly average TR4 style adventure, better than some levels I've seen, but could have more architecture and objects, and variation in gameplay. Perfect coffee break material. Net gameplay 15 minutes." - sonnyd83 (12-Jun-2012)
"Lara must find in this continuation of Gateway to a thousand jewels a star, The Horsemen-Gem and the portal guardian. Besides, she runs through nicely formed rooms, fights against a few bats and two Horsemen, dives a small distance, flees once from Rollingballs and finds shortly before the level end an armor. Playing time was less than 15 minutes. Of course this level is also too short. But he is well built and the textures are processed cleanly. The lighting is not so good, because it is consistant bright. And the Rollingballs have no sound. But otherwise this is quite a well-arranged level." - Scottie (26-May-2009)
"This is certainly a better play than the prequel and actually manages some substance (the first of this author's levels so far to have achieved this) due to a well-placed 'plain sighted' Crowbar (which I had to diligently search for) and a decent Rolling-ball surprise (which quite caught me out as it immediately followed on from a particularly harmless one). The Globe room was rather pleasant but that was basically it. A useful 'before I go to Bed' level." - Orbit Dream (08-Nov-2003)
"A very nice little level simple construction nicely textured straight forward gameplay and easy to deal with enemies. A couple of boulders a monkeyswing a little swimming and a pool with globes on pillars that had me scratching my head because I thought I had to drain the pool and raise the floor to push them around Maybe the idea was in the authors head to do this then decided against it. One for the kiddies to play. Still haven't found the thousand jewels. Is there another level to come?" - CC (02-Jul-2003)
"This is the sequel to the first level no doubt and as someone can imagine it's the same more or less same textures not applied well with parts not matching with each other same hallways. There is a slight improvement though we have a monkey swing two tinmen with one of them being a horseman but I guess something went wrong as it is already on the ground when you approach but you can see the horse. I didn't do anything with those globes so I never understood the point of them I hope it wasn't one of those situations that you can finish a level even if a puzzle wasn't solved. Anyway still needs a lot of work." - Kristina (10-Dec-2002)
"This level is a bit bigger than Gold I but the story is the same. Finding the crowbar so you can pry the star from the wall get the gem from a horseman and place them both in their receptacle. That is all. Picking up the armor gives you access to levers that will open the last door and that is mainly it. A pity could have been much more. 06-10-2002" - Gerty (13-Oct-2002)
"Well this was a little more enjoyable then the author's two previous levels. He does such a good job with atmosphere and textures but gameplay just isn't up to par. At least this one took me almost 30 minutes because I had my usual trouble locating the crowbar to get the star. A lot of swimming around in circles in this level and the only enemies I encountered were 2 tin men on my quest for 1 blue gem." - Momster (13-Aug-2002)
"A very short easy and linear library exercise without anything special. The most tricky bit is the boulder trap (your only chance of death) and for me also locating the crowbar; but that's just me really it's actually hard to miss but I ran past it all the same. For the first gem you enter a room with an iron horse but unfortunately the approaching tinman doesn't mount it so enemy wise this is rather unchallenging. I really loved the room with the different coloured globes the more since you didn't have to drag them to and fro cause for once they were only there for decoration. You swim half the way pick up a bit of shotgun ammo (but I found no shotgun not that that I needed it) push a few levers and finally collect the five pieces of armour. No jumps no puzzles. A bit non-descript really." - Dimpfelmoser (11-Aug-2002)
"Being the 2nd in a 3 part series with 'Gateway to a Thousand Jewels' being the first this one doesn't stray very far from the same look throughout although there is a little more game play involved but just not enough. Taking me 17 minutes to play the game consisted mainly of fighting two horsemen finding a couple of key pick ups a bit of swimming and dodging a couple of large ball traps which I hate to say was quite uninteresting. Hopefully the 3rd in the series will be a winner!" - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Well I always enjoy the nice and consistent texturing in James' levels. Unfortunately the gameplay is yet again very straightforward with many rather empty rooms and only a few ball traps and tinmen to handle. Took me only 12 minutes to collect the 5 pieces of armor at the end and finish the level." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a very simple little level based on the library with the usual horsemen to dispatch but it really doesn't offer any challenges and the experienced player will whiz through this in around 20 minutes." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"A simple and short level I have ended it in 15 minutes. Lara has to find a gem after she has killed a horseman (the horse is immovable!) she opens a gate she kills another horseman avoids some balls rolling (a ball goes in slowmotion!) operates 4 levers and she ends the level. No secrets and bugs." - Boris (21-Jun-2002)
"The sequel of 'Gateway to a thousand jewels'. Not big changes though. The level is linear and Lara has just to pull levers to open doors and proceed. All the five pieces of the armor were in the same room they could be at least hidden through the level. No lighting again and the textures work is better here. Also I think that something went wrong cause the iron guardian ignored his horse!" - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"With its great looking rooms this could have been the start to a very impressive level but unfortunately most of the rooms are empty and there isn't much to do before the level is over. There are a few switches a golden star and gem to acquire and a few underwater tunnels but no actual puzzles. There are two horsemen to fight but I killed the first one for its gem and then just ignored the second one and ran past it. After picking up the five pieces of armour it's all over after 18 minutes. With a few more puzzles this would be much more fun but it''s good if you're looking for a short easy level." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)