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BtB2007 - Escape to St Paul's by PaoloM

Akcy 9 8 9 8
Bene 8 8 9 9
CC 10 9 9 9
droogie 10 10 9 9
eRIC 9 9 9 9
eTux 9 8 7 8
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Ivan 10 9 10 9
Jay 9 9 9 9
Jerrod 10 10 9 9
JesseG 9 8 9 7
Jorge22 9 8 9 10
Jose 10 8 9 9
Kristina 7 8 7 8
MacRaider 10 9 9 10
manarch2 8 8 8 7
MichaelP 9 8 9 9
Mman 8 8 8 8
nerdfury 8 7 10 7
Obig 9 9 9 9
Orbit Dream 10 10 10 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ravenwen 7 8 8 8
Raymond 10 9 9 9
rjb 9 9 9 9
Ryan 10 9 9 8
Sakusha 9 9 10 8
Shandroid 9 9 9 8
suzieq51 10 10 9 9
TimJ 8 9 8 7
Treeble 8 9 9 8
vandit 7 7 8 8
release date: 01-Jan-2007
# of downloads: 152

average rating: 8.70
review count: 32
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file size: 31.89 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Somewhat hectic London level, especially the start is not nice since you have to react immediately or Lara falls to her death. Also later on some enemies are a bit unfairly placed, for example when they shoot at us from a balcony, but I can't shoot through the stupid balcony grate. Only the right position and the revolver make life much easier. By the way, in my opinion the lasersight was unfairly placed behind a door that you have to open and close again - without a hint. Otherwise, gameplay and puzzles (as well as the 3 Secrets) are okay, the fuse boxes near the big fan in the water were no problem, but even here I had to search for a few minutes to find all three. Positives are the nice London atmosphere and a good if not perfect texture selection. Lighting is sparse, but there are enough torches for the dark corners. Since there are many complicated jumps as well as timeruns, the level is not suitable for beginners. What I really hated is the TR4 background sound (108.wav), I replaced the audio file with the original London ambience music from the first TR3 London level - much better! Curiosity regarding sound, the rats had the bat sound, lol. The way to the cathedral is not always easy, nevertheless the somewhat tedious work was worth it when you look down on London from there." - vandit (21-Nov-2022)
"(8) Gameplay & Puzzles: This medium-to-challenging adventure took me 70 minutes. I think it's rather "lite" on the puzzle aspect, however there's lots of platforming, timed runs and combat mixed in with the rooftop exploration (in the midgame, you take a break from the outdoors, and return to the rooftops near the end). I really liked that the builder would show the player a key in plain sight, but it's not reachable initially. This happens several times throughout the adventure and it's a very nice touch. I found the agility-based tasks to be thrilling and interesting, and the exploration starts out interesting as well, however I am sorry to say that as the game progressed, I just didn't find the exploration as engaging as earlier on. I will explain more in the next category. (7) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Something that started to rub me the wrong way is that on many occasions, Lara has a goon targeted, and the goon is doing damage to Lara, but Lara isn't doing any damage back to the goon, due to a railing object right in front of the goon. I just don't think the enemy engagements are executed well. I don't have a problem with lots of goons with guns (BTB2010 Venice has a number of delightful combat-heavy levels) -- what matters is their placement and how the fight is executed. Static object decor is attractive and the builder uses many interactive objects in a clever manner (rolling barrels, fans, sneaky pushable). That said, with regards to the "shoot 3 fuse boxes" task, I think that the location of one of the boxes is too obtuse (it's the one that is in the opposite direction to the other two, and in an unintuitive place in my opinion). (10) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The builder did a truly commendable job of establishing realistic room connectivity and an immersive sense of place. The building backdrops in the distance, which had nothing to do with the gameplay, looked authentic and really enhanced the overall atmosphere. There are numerous flybys to further set the scene and get you invested further into the environment; my favorite was a cutscene of a goon running towards a switch, activating it and turning on a fan. Static camera hints are good and I never felt disorientated regarding my objective. The background ambience and sound cues for events are used effectively, however a very small nitpick is that the builder uses a tense sound cue for the first timed run, but the 2 timed runs after that don't have associated tense sound cues. Not a big deal and this category still deserves top marks. (7) Lighting & Textures: I think on a quick glance, this level looks good. But I noticed a lot of inconsistencies which detracted from the overall polish of this category; misshapen textures on triangular tiles are common. Another example of inconsistent quality is: sometimes the texture choices look great (outdoor rooftop areas), however in the midgame the builder has some indoor areas that use the same texture for the ceiling, walls AND floors, and it just looks sloppy. The level has plenty of dark indoor areas, but there's ample flares provided. Still, I would have liked to have seen more lighting variety indoors. Overall, I feel like I enjoyed the first half much more than the second. It's not a bad level by any means, but a couple of gameplay choices rubbed me the wrong way a bit. 8/7/10/7." - nerdfury (16-Oct-2021)
"I've only played the top three levels from BtB2007 and this was my favorite out of the three. It had a ton of awesome action and had a lot of feelings of a classic TRII/III level. I loved the reveal of the red key, I was wondering how the dumpster would be moved and assumed it would just be pushed by the barrel, but the entire surprise animation/explosion was awesome. That being said, the other flaming barrel that you run into towards the end of the level was not so great. The target shooting part with the electric boxes was a bit too cryptic for my taste, but overall had a great time playing this level and enjoyed the pace of it. I felt that the texturing sometimes seemed poor on the sides of buildings making certain alcoves or cracks hard to see, but then again that may be intentional and might even be for the better" - droogie (12-Sep-2021)
"When I got my first view of the nicely crafted town and church, I knew I would enjoy this old school level. Atmosphere is one of the strong points, with tension added by the audio tracks as well as cutscenes showing enemies ruining your day. One such cutscene has an enemy running to a switch to try sucking you up in an underwater fan, which was a creative idea. The rest of the gameplay was overall enjoyable, with a good amount of exploration, combat, and timed runs. There are plenty of goodies scattered around for you to find, which is helpful against the many enemies, but my main complaint there is that the fences are blocking Lara shots when they don't block those of the enemy. This is a bit unfair especially for those enemies that are high up, so expect to lose some health to them as you make your way upwards. The textures are the weakest part, as there is consistent warping or mis-shaped textures, and a couple rooms only had one texture used. The lighting was good and had decent coloring. It was a nice adventure overall. 1 hour 4 minutes." - JesseG (05-Jul-2016)
"Wow, rude awakening. Lara starts sliding down a roof and has to jump while under fire and that indicates the calibre of the level: never a dull moment. Challenging timed runs, tricky jumps and finding fuse boxes to shoot. The textures did clash a bit and the lighting could have been brighter at times, but, oh well, I still had fun." - Ryan (01-Jul-2016)
"I saved this level for last while playing the BtB levels because I imagined it to be my possible favourite out of the pack. Some of my expectations were met - it already started taking no prisoners with a quite tricky jump sequence - I possibly used a way that is harder than the intended one, but whatever - and a long timed rooftop run (I had more than five seconds left even with picking up the nicely placed Uzis on the way). The density of tasks is reduced a bit later on, yet there is always a nice puzzle after some time like another variation on the moving trash can, more (and overall harder) timed tasks, the search for three boxes to shoot or - a rather small thing - a nicely hidden pushable among lattices that will keep you on your toes. Medipacks, weapons and flares are generously provided - the builder could've been so nice and give some to other levels ;). From time to time the lever pulling got a bit excessive and the progression is not always too clever, yet I liked how the game moves back to the start and the way to get into St. Paul's is quite a unique scene (the visible part of the church is not very large though), especially in terms of atmosphere. Generally, it's the small things are what make this game atmospheric, like the room connections, the way of progression, the views and cameras, not exactly a great artistic room design. The visuals are decent, yet often the textures are wrongly rotated and some rooms could need a little more work; the game is also a bit silent for my taste. There are quite a few enemies, but thanks to enough ammo rather fun to battle and I rather liked the platforming sequence with quite a few guards to shoot on the way. The three secrets are also well hidden (a little cramped towards the end) and nicely connected to some "special" elements of the game. Overall a fun entry in the contest and in my top 3. Spent 40 minutes in here." - manarch2 (24-Jul-2015)
"The general theme here is London streets, there's a few power stations and similar that play a role but the exteriors are where the main gameplay takes place. Everything is solidly made and generally well-lit, I wouldn't say there's anything especially stand-out, but there's nothing blatantly wrong either. You are instantly thrown into a death-trap at the start of the level, which certainly makes a statement, and it at least starts how it goes on; while I wouldn't say it's that brutal, but there are several tough jumps and tricky sequences throughout. On the downside some stuff is pretty obtuse (like a fuse-box shooting puzzle), and it feels like it loses some direction towards the end, compared to the start where your goal is in plain sight. The final plug also seemed like it could have done with an extra clue, as you were apparently supposed to know where to use it after returning to the start despite the receptacle being easily missed. A strong entry overall." - Mman (29-Oct-2012)
"Snipers everywhere, timed run on the rooftops, barrel explosions, it's the war tonight at London! But this level is not only a shoot'em up and a lot of various tasks waits our Catwomen (jump-room, target shoot, puzzle...). There is also some sequences with the camera truly excellent (the explosions or the alarm). About the secrets, one is very easy to find (in my view), nevertheless the 2 others are well hidden. If you are not scared by some "vicious jumps", this level is a must-play for my part." - Jerrod (08-May-2010)
"Don't mind the nasty surprise right at the start but I do mind that I needed a tad more medipacks than was provided in this game. This is a level you need to play with your eyes wide open and use the binoculars a lot as there are nicely hidden cracks and very hard to see in the dark. The timed runs were pretty tight but all in all this level was pretty clever put together. It took me quite a while to finish, as I sometimes came to a grinding halt." - Gerty (07-May-2007)
"This level was quite challenging. During Lara's journey, she had to make several leaps of faith in order to succeed. Even though some of the jumps were quite difficult, with several attempts (except for one where I needed a savegame), it was possible to reach the ledge. The SAS soldiers were well-placed, but the player can preserve some ammunition, there are enough medipacks in this level, and I found two secrets. the puzzles were interesting, the underwater passages intrigued me, and the barrel sequence caught my attention. The player feels rewarded at the end of the level, and St. Paul's cathedral is well-designed. This level can be perceived as a quest for serenity, and the obstacles in life are symbolized by the SAS soldiers, the jumps and the timed runs." - Sakusha (24-Mar-2007)
"You have a split second to do something before Lara falls to her death. And that's just the start. What an introduction to a very challenging level! Die hard raiders will love this, especially the tight timed runs, jumping, swimming, pole vaulting, ziplines, monkeyswings, and deviously hidden moveable objects and pathways. We are either high up on and near rooftops, or deep below the ground in sewers. Pretty soon after the first heart attack we must do a terrific timed run over the rooftops. Players will need to find the lasersight and revolver 'before' going underground, because it's not possible to go back for them (at least I didn't find a way) once you've reached the giant propellors and water rooms. And you need it for some target shooting down there. A solution is one of the many moveable column-type bases that nearly all these BtoB levels have. Apart from the excellent timed runs, I particularly liked all encounters with the rolling barrels (one pushing the wheelie bin out of the way was clever), the great twists, backflips, jumps and timed runs we have to perform, and the excellent view of St. Pauls, both ziplining towards it and climbing right up to the very top to see the surrounding cityscape at night. If we leave out the lasersight business this was a terrific level that keeps you interested, and on the go, to the very end. Everything here is real and appropriate. There are no surreal elements, puzzles or secret underground alien labs. Our aim is to turn the giant crane around so we can climb onto it, but what exactly Lara is doing here is still a mystery. My favourite level so far." - CC (20-Mar-2007)
"An excellent and long London level, not so difficult , with well placed baddies, and where the architecture is often put at the service of the gameplay. The use of cameras is user friendly, and there are very good puzzles. I particularly enjoyed the timed run to grab the key before the fire returns. There is also exploration and the occasional challenging move , and I really loved manoeuvring Lara around the roofs, making curved jumps at times. This level was great fun for me !" - eRIC (29-Jan-2007)
"WOW, what an adventure this level is! Right from the moment you load 'New Game' you're off and running and our heroine is all action. She must overcome some killer timed runs, several extremely difficult jump sequences (LOL I was stuck for days trying to get through the slanted platform/pole swing section), plenty of bad guys who I'm sure were wearing bullet-proof vests and (for me) some very perplexing puzzles ... and the view from the cathedral roof! It was well worth all the hard work involved in getting to it." - suzieq51 (24-Jan-2007)
"From the very beginning this game was immediately interesting, exploring the roofs and night-time but not too dark at all. How to evade/deal with those attackers? I needed the newly-published walkthrough and before that the 'stuck' forum a few times when I couldn't see what to do, including for the first 2 secrets, but otherwise not. (A nice touch that the observant person could just see the 3rd secret on the loading screen picture for the entire game!) This was only the 2nd BtB game of the 7 I've played to use the painters' cradle in a puzzle and unfortunately only the 3rd of those 7 to be light enough for me to be able to see most things. And plenty of flares were provided for those occasions when it was darker, aiding exploration. I liked the way that after we had done several moderately complex things we were then neatly brought back to where the next 'action' was to take place. (No, "Now run all this distance to get back to where you started," stuff.) So I thought the use of the small closed doors was good, providing us with those 'return routes', that could not be used as short-cuts. All had been thought out and intertwined nicely. I thought the guards that trickily popped up frequently were an interesting, constantly challenging obstacle to be overcome, and I liked that many of them carried uzi clips with which to replenish our (fairly small) arsenal. (Though the London I know doesn't have these trigger-happy folk; I put that down to "builder's licence". Not a well-known fact that St Paul's Cathedral has its own patrolling, armed SAS guards! I was less keen on being shot at directly through railings when firing back had no effect.) I liked the sudden barrel explosion that inevitably caught us out, the imaginative use of the fan causing the current and the way to switch it off, the many jumps that were needed throughout the game - the multiple jumps with poles onto slopes to a jumpswitch that was easier than it looked, eg - and the fact that while on the rooftops at various levels we could use the binoculars to check where we might go next and how to get there (provided this didn't coincide with being bombarded with bullets). It *is* possible to complete the game w/o using a health pack but we need patience to do so! (We don't visit St Paul's underground station at all - nor any other; nor did we encounter any of the 'clubbies'.) The 2nd longest game of the 7 (now 8) I've now played ("Fast Raider Mode" 30 mins) and my new favourite." - rjb (24-Jan-2007)
"Even with an advance walkthrough this one was a tough nut to crack. I was put off early in the level by what I felt was a monstrously unfair timed run past a trigger-happy SAS. I found that the only way to get across the gap to the other roof was by stopping at the edge of the first roof, taking a side flip to the left and making a pixel-perfect jump and grab after a brief slide. My less than satisfactory solution for progressing in the level was by first eliminating the pesky bastard and getting his uzis, then taking my time getting across to the other roof. Knowing that I had no chance to beat the timer, I stepped into the flames to pick up the key, then backflipped and used my savegame editor to stop Lara from burning. But from that point I found the level to be thoroughly exhilerating, including the later timed runs that I managed to conquer in a legal fashion after considerable effort. I clocked in at just under an hour and a half and finished with the conviction that this entry deserves to place high in the competition. It goes almost without saying that I had to boost my gamma in order to have sufficient ambient lighting to play, but since this is true of all the BtB levels I'm not deducting points for this. After a rocky start I found this to be the most action-packed BtB level I've played to date. Highly recommended." - Phil (22-Jan-2007)
"The beginning puts us in a right mood for this level, namely expecting some hard tasks, I enjoyed the difficult jumps and timed runs, we explore the place from rooftops to basements, really a reminder of the London levels of TR3, by both gameplay and level design. The whole level is a wild ride, you have to stop and think only a few times, when shooting boxes to stop the propeller, and the opening behind a door to get the lasersight were the only puzzleish elements. Enemies are a few rats, and lots of well placed gunners, that and the action packed gameplay made this level less adventurous, but more fluent raiding. The level is very dark, we are given plenty of flares, but we still need the binoculars to look at dark places, especially for one of the secrets. Nice using of objects, although I'd cheer for a wider variety of them, as I've seen in the other levels. Highly enjoyable." - Akcy (20-Jan-2007)
"As if I wouldn't die, Lara actually, straight away. The beginning of this level took me by surprise so I faced death very early. The use of the laser-sight is a must here and one sneaky guard does a bad thing at some point. There is some jumping on the rooftops, the trash can trick which was used before so no surprise this time and the usual keys to find. A couple of bugs though that have to do with the setting are a downside for this level. Overall a fun level to play as are most of the BtB levels this year, I have one I hate I have to confess, which ends in the cathedral too. I found one secret." - Kristina (18-Jan-2007)
"I was terribly excited to begin playing these new London levels, as I loved the TR3 London levels. It is very evident that this builder is aiming to win this contest. From the very beginning, this level was fun and interesting. I found the builder to be really creative, especially with the rolling barrel that bumps the heavy trash bin out of the way and with the baddy turning the big underwater fan on (that wasn't nice!). Since London is a real city and not a mysterious tomb, I believe everything should make sense and not be hard to swallow. This builder made sure to make the level feel real. There were some tough jumps and I only found one secret, but the puzzles aren't too difficult and I made the jumps without help. As this is my first BtB07 level to play, I am not sure if they will all be this dark, but that is the one and only thing that bugged me-the darkness. Flares are fairly prolific, but I really hate having to light a flare all the time, and even while playing this level at night, it was difficult to see due to the darkness. That was my only real problem with the level, as most everything else was really good." - Shandroid (15-Jan-2007)
"This is a well-made, dark city level - industrial, as I like to call such settings, as what we mostly see is the industrial part of the city. Apart from the way that the familiar London textures are combined and Lara's classic catsuit that will remind you of the classic TR3 London levels anyway, there are also other things that will bring up memories from the game: there is action and tricky jumping on rooftops over abismal chasms, timed burners, dark alleyways, crevices to shimmy across and many more. I enjoyed this level in general, although at certain points it was a bit tiring - ie, the timed run with the burner close to the start. Moreover, there are so many timed events in this level, that everytime I would come across a new button or lever, I would find myself thinking that it was surely timed, even if it wasn't. Basically, I can't see any point as to why there just had to be so many timed events in one single (and relatively short) level. Apart from that, the level is well constructed, with nice ambience and atmosphere, and it will surely appeal, more or less, to all the fans of city based levels." - Ravenwen (14-Jan-2007)
"For all round sheer enjoyment,this probably just clinches it as my favourite BtoB adventure. It plays superbly,from the very first moment to the last and is choc full of variety and invention.Enemies are neatly placed,sometimes in awkward places,and spice things up effectively;while objects are used brilliantly (the Barrel being sparked into rolling down a slope and hitting a strategically placed Bin)and medi-packs placed with sound judgement.The Atmosphere was simply wonderful with back alleys,rooftops,cranes,even a somewhat ruinous St.Pauls Cathedral all brought vividly to life. Textures were used cleverly (no Subway here,heaven be praised),although the recreation of the dome of St.Pauls was perhaps a little too overambitious;while the lighting was atmospheric and appropriate for the location. The level was neither too hard (you always knew where you had to go,although actually getting there was another matter) nor too straightforward,and had a wonderful cyclical nature culminating in a superb final 5 minutes which may well take the honours for 'most satisfying Finale in a Custom Level yet'. So much of this I loved and not once did I become irritated,enjoying instead the highly entertaining and creative sense of progression.This was my final BtoB,and what a high to end on! Quite superb." - Orbit Dream (12-Jan-2007)
"This was a great opener for the BtB07 series. The beginning slide from the roof top with Lara's quickly approaching death is a wake up call and lets you know you are in for a real adventure. There's a killer timed run, over the roof tops that was almost, for me, impossible, and seemingly unstoppable, must-have-been-on-steroids enemies but too few medipacks. Perhaps medipacks were the Secrets of which I did not get even one.....but I almost got one, just could not get back to it. I think I ended with one medipack. There's a very clever open/close door puzzle and a jump sequence with poles and a timed floor tile that was great fun and the panoramic view from St. Pauls is not to be missed." - Bene (12-Jan-2007)
"Well, fun and games on the rooftops of London, including a couple of rather good timed runs - not too often one gets timed runs across rooftops and it made a pleasant change. There's some clever misdirection too - craftily hidden passages and a very well disguised pushable block. It's very engaging gameplay and somehow 'neat'. It pulls together well and when you do finally reach St Paul's the view from the top of the dome is really worth all the hard work to get there." - Jay (11-Jan-2007)
""Bummer!" Is what I said after Lara dropped to her seemingly inevitable doom for the first time, and then just played most other levels of the competition. But since I knew I had to come back to this eventually, I just tried my best to figure out the initial jump(s) and off I went. Visually it is a rather standard, though well done level, with no particular eye candy - with the exception of the last zipline ride to St.Paul's cathedral, what I thought was the highlight of the level in that aspect, as it almost seemed that the looks were a chore for the builder for most part. But while nothing special (in my humble opinion only, though) they maintain the standard that implies that the author knows what he's doing and do well in setting the mood for the level. But what really shines in this level is the gameplay. As you guessed - there's no rest even from the beginning, and it hardly gets any easier than that. While others seemed frustrated in one of the first timed run over the rooftops of the initial area - I found it to be pleasantly challenging, as I did with the rest of the timed runs here too, as they seem to be the backbone of the level, accompanied with some neat platforming - especially enjoyed the getting your way to the top of the alley in the final part of the level, after you get the plug needed to take the already mentioned memorable zipline ride down into the cathedral as you remember it from TR3. Unfortunately I missed out on any secrets that were there, but one of the tasks - the one required to get the lasersight (or was it something else? my memory's fuzzy on this) could've qualified with the old hidden entrance trick it uses. It took me close to an hour to get through here, and besides the end of the world (Lara bumping her head into the sky) bugs near the end, and maybe a lacking atmosphere, in my opinion, there are no major problems with the level. Worth to play if you can survive the initial seconds. 5th of 10 levels I played." - eTux (10-Jan-2007)
"Nice BtB 07 inaugurating level which has the best start so far - Lara sliding from a roof to her death and you have to discover how to get her to safe ground - with some great timed runs and puzzling situations. Correct graphics. Cleverly hidden pushable boxes without which you won't be able to progress and different areas with the occasional baddie on the way. Try it out, naturally, it's a BtB level..." - Jorge22 (09-Jan-2007)
"This level really has that TR3 London mood. It's a little bit dark, but we are adventuring in the city in the night. The level is not easy, there are many hard timed runs and precise jumps, while some rats and sometimes a lot of gunmen disturb us. Sometimes the latter are snipers. The level was hard to complete without using medipacks, especially because of dropping down onto the small balcony near the end. There are three secrets on the level that are hard to get. You can access the first before turning off the propellers; just look round at the pipes, and you will find a switch that opens a door at another location, in warehouse. The second you will get after the fiery rolling barrels, and the third can be accessed from the top of the high crane. It's also important to get the revolver, and also the the lasersight behind the door in the small passage. :) You also have to make an explosion in order to get a key, and you have to watch for the movable grating and the rusty block too. The textures suit the level, I can only suggest it to anybody who likes challenges and puzzles. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (08-Jan-2007)
"Second to last until my run through BtB-London is complete. The gameplay on this one is quite very varied and features quite a few tricky moments, such as the very beginning, an angled jump to a rooftop to then backflip onto an otherwise unreachable platform and an exploding sliding barrel towards the end. There was a particularly fun timed run near the beginning, involving two bars and a few rooftops, to get the first key. You also get to face quite a lot of troops here but there are enough medipacks to even out. Much later on you use a fuse to turn a crane around to then climb up onto it and enter the St. Paul's cathedral and finish this level. 60 minutes, 1 secret. 01/07" - Treeble (07-Jan-2007)
"Brilliant level with brilliant traps and time run puzzles and water confused directions. My 5. level in London and one of best, for now. Finished little before because one door in warehouse still closed, and my opinion was probably there is something. But did not found. Colors are perfect in all level. Poisoned water area are perfect and make one compact with other pushable blocks invisible for normal eyes without flash. Very good made it level and level maker did a great job. Just to need patient and all problems are solved very fast with a lot of drills." - Ivan (06-Jan-2007)
"A level quite good, I think it will be one of the best of this competition. Although there are some difficult tasks (this level is not for beginners) you'll find some interesting situations to make you think. Don't waste medipacks, you'll need it 'cause there are a hard resistence with a lot of enemies well placed and some of them you cannot kill inmediately. I missed some more weapons and ammo, perhaps hidden in the secrets I couldn't find. I like less dark levels, but is well textured and you'll find some packs of flares. At the end you'll finish in the same cathedral of TR3. A large level which can give you some hours of entertaining. A challenge you must play." - Jose (06-Jan-2007)
"This isn't an easy escape for Lara here. You`ll get quite some entertaining action here: difficult timed tasks, of course a lot of guards trying to prevent the escape and a lot of jumping aroundhigh above the ground. But you have to explore also quite good especially for shootable objects and cracks. The atmosthere in the level is gripping and the lighting and texturing is well done. So it's a must play for those, who like a more challenging action adventure." - Raymond (05-Jan-2007)
"My first BtB07 level. This is not a level for the faint-hearted, nor the inexperienced! There are some very tricky jumps, some dizzy heights, and very few easy moments here. TR3 London is my least favourite location so I wasn't expecting too much with yet more of it, but once I settled in with the low lighting levels (appropriately dark I must add, but play at night) I found a lot to like with this level! The first thing that strikes you is how well the industrial locations look, then how do I make that timed run, followed by how cleverly the rooms have been linked, and eventually how the heck am I ever going to finish this level! I took just under 1hr 40min game time over two days and although nearly grinding to a complete halt in a few places, I found it very difficult to put down. Watch out for some well hidden cracks to shimmy along, and if a near impossible jump looks like it's the only way out then keep trying 'cause it probably is ;) Some rooms, like the warehouse, seemed a little under-utilised - the enormous warehouse only holds a few goodies and a key - but despite that the work put into making every room is astonishing! No TR warehouse has ever looked that realistic! My only negatives are that there are maybe a few too many seemingly impossible moments, the gunmen were getting on my wick by the end, and maybe the threatening atmosphere could have been conveyed a little better, but I almost feel like a heel for dropping the score on those as the level overall is fantastic, with many devious twists and turns. This is what TR3 London should have been! I didn't find any secrets, and don't know if there were any, but some of the goodies were as good as (like the Uzis in the warehouse). Escape if you dare! Or can..." - MacRaider (04-Jan-2007)
"It is a nice level with clever and varied gameplay. You will have to show a lot of abilities to finish this level. You will have to make some tricky jumps, to run quickly because of timed switches, to reflect a little bit to find some hidden objects, etc. I liked the lot of details there are in this level like explosions when dangerous barrels fall or pipes which leak when you put some water in a little pool. I think the secrets are very well hidden because I didn't have any, but perhaps I'm blind, lol. Textures are used well but there is some flaws. It might be very good if there was a little bit better lighting. But anyway this level is a good one with good London atmosphere. 02/01/07" - TimJ (03-Jan-2007)
"This level takes no prisoners. Right from the word 'go' you need to act in order to not die right away and soon after a fairly tough timed run needs to be mastered. And there are 15 or more guards along the way, often in very inconvenient positions, taking a lot of health from Lara. That aside though, the level has a very clever design and quite a logical flow. Nice little door puzzle for the lasersight, great scene to reveal the red key, timed trapdoors jumping, lifting the scaffolding up, overall rather good camera work. You then enter the sewers, do a little more jumping and some sneaky target shooting, explore a warehouse for a plug and make your way to the highest point around the buildings and back to the start to turn a crane and finally reach a very well rendered St Paul's cathedral where you finish the level. Great adventure but a few very tricky moments, so may be tough on the novice player." - MichaelP (01-Jan-2007)