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Revenge of Osiris - Parisian Streets by Thierry Stoorne

Bene 8 8 9 8
Casual Raider 9 9 10 10
CC 8 8 9 9
DJ Full 9 9 10 10
Don007 8 8 9 10
eRIC 8 9 9 9
eTux 7 8 9 8
Gerty 8 8 9 9
guss18 7 8 9 9
Jay 8 9 9 9
JesseG 8 9 9 9
Jose 8 9 9 8
Kristina 8 8 8 8
manarch2 6 8 9 9
MichaelP 8 8 9 10
Mman 7 9 8 8
Mytly 7 6 8 7
nerdfury 7 9 8 9
Phil 8 8 8 8
QRS 9 9 9 9
Ravenwen 9 10 9 10
Relic Hunter 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 9
Samu 9 9 9 9
Shandroid 8 8 8 7
Spike 7 9 9 9
TimJ 9 10 10 10
Treeble 7 9 10 9
tuxraider 9 8 9 8
release date: 07-Feb-2007
# of downloads: 140

average rating: 8.52
review count: 29
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file size: 248.59 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"About time I checked out this massive release from the French TRLE community and it's an early start but I can already tell this is going to be good. The opening level features one too many guards, I thought, it seems like around every corner there were three or four SAS guards waiting, but the city design is very neat — AOD could never. It's a bit of a maze in reality as you go back and forth a number of balconies and even down the sewers, but overall thanks to D&G's guidance it was a good raid after another of the longest days in my life (yes, that years long streak continues...). 55 minutes, 5 secrets. 06/23" - Treeble (18-Jun-2023)

First off: the Revenge of Osiris series is available as a single download on this website, but there are 16 separate review pages for each level. Some reviews (like this one) review all levels in a single review, while others did per level reviews.

GAMEPLAY: This is a very long and fairly hard series of levels. You need much patience and sometimes expert Tomb Raider knowledge to pass the challenges. It's not impossibly difficult or some of the most difficult, but can be quite mean at times. Some of the later levels are like elaborate and huge mazes, and I gave up more than once to look at the walk through. But even with WT it was hard sometimes. In addition, there are some hellish jumps and similar hard trials. It's really very long. I got around 18 hours of linear time (without game time lost by reloading), and over 1000 saves.

VISUALS: Like many old levels, there is not much eye candy, perhaps because of the old tools and lack of customization at the time. But texturing is adequate to good, and sometimes it does surprise you with its creativity. There are many different locations.

AUDIENCE: This is probably for experienced players, who want something to "work" on that lasts for a while. Beginners should stay way.


  • It can get tedious to traverse the levels, back tracking tends to be common.
  • The bike trial in "The Church" was almost too much, it was so tricky to get through. In "Castle of Corpus Fatalis" I had another such moment, because I got lost too often and had to sue the WT too much.
  • Gameplay was sometimes too non-obvious or illogical.
  • Sometimes, camera angles make it artificially harder to move or to spot things.


  • Most levels are very elaborate and large. You get to explore a lot.
  • It's really long, but the changes in locations and gameplay kept it fresh.
  • Gameplay is rather balanced with item hunting, exploration, puzzles, acrobatic challenges, and enemies that aren't too hard or too easy.
  • I probably liked "Osiris’ Pyramid" most, because of the contrast with the outside. "The Airport" was pretty nice too.


  • "Parisian Streets": I was able to finish the level without getting the crowbar. But you need it in a much later level. Don't continue if you didn't get the crowbar! I only noticed when I played half of the game already. I had to edit my savegame to get around this.
  • "Lava of the Depths": the "Statue Puzzle" didn't open the door at first. The WT mentions this problem, and that it can be solved by moving the statues back and forth. It took me quite a while to get the door to open. Without WT I wouldn't have figured out that I solved it correctly and that I was stuck because of a bug.
  • "The Underground Lake": lifting a block with a switch could get the block stuck in the ceiling and probably breaking the game. (Solved by reloading older savegame.)
  • "The Lost Spirits": I was missing the Ice Gem in a certain place, and couldn't get back. No solution in the text WT or any of the videos. Patched the savegame to make progress. This level generally made a fragile impression. I was also missing the crowbar at the beginning of this.
  • "City of the Priests": the "creatures" don't disappear after killing them. It wasn't a problem for me, but it looks like it could potentially break gameplay by blocking the way. Be careful there.
  • Sometimes, you can get stuck (literally) in gaps.

" - tuxraider (18-Mar-2023)
"(7) Gameplay & Puzzles: This level has a very strange difficulty curve; the first ~15% is a pure shooter and it's quite difficult due to not many medipacks; however, the rest of the game has few enemies, no traps, lots of exploration, a few puzzles, and no tricky platforming. I thought that the multi-level pushblock puzzle in the sewers was very well done, but the level as a whole is rather bloated with repetitive tasks, and lots of backtracking if you do not explore areas in the developer-intended order. There's a long crawlspace that is particularly awful to backtrack through. The general feel of the level goes something like this: In area A you will flip a switch to access area B, and then at area B you will find a key that will unlock something in area A, and so on, and I'm not a huge fan of that kind of game flow. (9) Enemies, Objects & Secrets: There is too much combat in the first ~15% of the level (and not much other gameplay), and then there are very few enemies for the rest of the game. There were many interesting custom objects utilized that I have never seen before, and I really enjoyed how I would be rewarded with a secret if I paid special attention to the building balconies. (8) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The architecture and the builder's skill in interconnecting all of the areas was phenomenal. The eerie background ambience was effective at setting a grim mood. I did question the builder's use of annoying fixed cameras (especially during a platforming sequence in the factory). There is also a fixed camera, near the end of the game, on an elevator, which caused me to miss a crawl space/pickup item, resulting in me running around in circles lots. One more thing with regards to cameras: I believe there should have been a camera to show the banana jump/box with key on the building roof. It's part of the main progress path, but without a camera or some other kind of hint, it feels like an obscure secret. (9) Lighting & Textures: The builder demonstrated polish and strong talent in this category from start to finish, and I didn't spot any texturing errors. I do think the level could have used more pops of color for balance, though. I know the adventure is set at night but I still feel like the textures could have used more color saturation here and there, to break up the grim textures that get monotonous after awhile. Overall, this is a superbly crafted adventure in terms of room design and visual polish. However, aside from the multi-level pushblock puzzle and filling the factory with water, I just didn't have a lot of fun due to backtracking and repetitive actions. 7/9/8/9." - nerdfury (02-Jan-2021)
"I have been meaning to try out this series for a while now, but kept putting it off and playing other levels. But I decided to play the series all the way through. We start of in Parisian Streets and we have to look for a lot of keys and pull a few switches, which means that the gameplay is mostly exploration based, with few puzzles. Be on the lookout for hordes of guards who are alert and out for your blood. A nice warm up to the series and I am looking forward to continuing the series." - Ryan (17-Sep-2016)
"Like always for linear plots, I rate all levels equally yet with different score combos to highlight ups and downs of each part, links to which are embedded in common text. We begin in Thierry's Parisian Streets and how not to repeat the con remarks for this builder. Why not to take a bike if the streets are so wide? Why not to return Lara with a rapid sewer current? Or maybe why not to put her on the back of a city pigeon for faster travel? Ideas to kill redundancy are numerous and would also work for atmosphere... but no, again we have backtracking, lack of shortcuts and passage repetition. Thankfully as imperfect as in path design, Thierry is brilliant in isolation craft so I didn't mind the extra travel that much. So far. Then we go into Church which sustains the mood despite of dropping the scale, and makes it spookier in return. But this is an exercise in bad combat. Riding a bike under sentry fire. Pulling up onto an edge with a running dog. Getting perforated by a SAS while wading through the water... Of course you want to be smart to avoid health loss but the author made sure to prevent that. Think about it: there's a group of dogs and a bike. It rings a bell to run over the beasts, but the vehicle gets impaled with spikes blocking the passage to break your plan. Then you want to fight these dogs from the entrance corridor but a rollingball forces you into the room. So you escape on the nearby ledge to shoot them from above, but an invisible collision panel feels just like deliberately applied to make that attempt futile as well. The only combat the author approves is direct encounter what instead of challenging is horribly annoying. All this time you only have the pistols and don't even tell me about that red herring revolver. When finishing this part I was absolutely infuriated so it was great to embrace delightful chillout of the following Airport. Again we have a red herring, this time a medikit, and the breakable walls are way too hidden, especially if one of them is secret and the other one isnt, but we can relax among realistic bars, pass through check-in gates, enter metro wagons, climb escalators and explore a secret hotel. In the end I felt ashamed I never tried Leeloo's levels before, and I will soon repair that mistake with The Hangar. But before that we leave France and pass into Egypt, to the plot core. The Temple feels convincingly buried, has neat layout and local visual gems. It's another one of Thierry, but the path design is incomparably better, just like if not his. What may confuse beginners is a quadruple slot which looks like a multi-item combo but in fact requires progressive filling, and the treasure pool challenge which may cause you to save the game just before you die. Next TC enters the stage with his Lava section, as we proceed deeper into the Earth crust to get literally overflown with magma. It's one of these levels where you can feel the heat and play with fire while utilizing loads of cracks, crevices and ladders like this author got us used to. The design is a bit subpar and cramped in comparison to the author's flagship projects, but still very good and enjoyable, however since that moment the project gets confusing as the opportunity to miss or do something wrong appears - for instance I could only solve the statue pushable after multiple corrections and I had to repeat half of the level when the zipline didn't retrigger. But the most serious and easily evitable mistake was the door cube pushable. Once raised, the portals shouldn't close because using the block every time to unlock them makes no sense especially in a level where it's so easy to commit a mistake and try again. What I particularly liked was a nice touch of the barriers surrounding the rocks sticking out of the lava stream, what made that part of platforming much easier. Then we descend even deeper to cool down in the Underground Lake, but I unfortunately recognized the retextured ship level of TR2, and instead of lukewarm depths of volcanic cavern I kept imagining an overturned rusty vessel no matter how fine TimJ's rendition was. But at least the map was familiar, and tasking got ambitious with the multilevel pushable, though it went too ambitious with the underwater lever. Since the place is huge and the lights draw attention away, I couldn't locate that spot even with the walkthrough in hand, and only thanks to TRGamer's let's play video I could get enough help to breach the gates of sunken Castle of Corpus Fatalis, likely a pun of "over my dead body". This map is made from scratch, outstandingly atmospheric and the most suitable word would be "epic" despite of not so big size and darkness. One nice trick to strenghten its grandeur is the lack of ceiling substituted with progressive fadeout, so we can imagine the central hall much higher than it really is. Then we unlock the City of the Priests, another element of TC's dense world, even more lava-soaked than his other bit made for this game was. Here I noticed external cooperation of the French forum, with MagPlus's Apophis warriors really making this part feel like a sequel to The Rescue. If I missed something in this level and the entire volcanic episode, it was the sound of flowing lava - while we get the Xian ambience for mystery mood, the river of molten rocks is absolutely silent. Eventually, we enter the underworld Kingdom to get some Swedish vibes, for either this has been inspired with QRS's Limbo or vice versa. The part is really open but not confusing at all, and platforming over the floating islands was pure pleasure. This is possibly also the moment of the adventure where the greatest amount of customized objects dwell, including the Obole puzzle making for a serious closure hitpoint and perfect for transition, however in the final scene I missed some music, waves on the river and actually showing Charon's boat sail the waters into the Farplane. Very soon it appears this one holds a very tightly embedded realm of Lost Spirits, filled with randomly arranged floating islands, multiple intersections, start positions and sometimes even requiring the right choice for correct progress, while not even mentioning you are in such situation - seriously, the thunder plain and the final fight of the chapter might remain in my heart forever, but learning fluent French would be less confusing than solving this whole chapter. Often I had no idea what to do, some doors never open, some levers are never pulled, certain things are hard to guess like the monkey swing because no other texture of the kind is grabbable, or the cross puzzle hole because no other object like this is interactive, or the water corridor secret triggered with an invisible shatter - however the last one may be discussable as well as the requirement to grab an uraeus from the active spike trap. As a result I failed multiple times to proceed without a walkthrough and only after a whole day, what is as much time as the whole preceding content took me, I grabbed the key to the Osiris's Pyramid. Here's Thierry again, even better than his previous bit, and possibly in his greatest solo map. Despite of structural simplicity and intense combat, the place feels incredibly calm and relieving while offering total immersion, rewarding tasks and both casual and unusual geometry. Only the crawling part could be shorter but I liked the exploration very much - in the end every square in sight appears accessible. The bike part is really unexpected in such place, and the final teleport flyby is properly satisfying as we teleport into space... or at least I thought we should, but before that we unexpectedly visit an extra pyramid level which is fully unlike the ordinary pyramid design, with each corridor intricate and attractive, and transparent enemies making us sure we're really deep already. The gate to let us out from the first slot with the White Stone is another one which should remain open once open, otherwise it forces passage repetition if we visit the place too early. The transition to alien scenery is made very well but just like in case of the Kingdom boat cutscene, we should really see the shuttle fly as we get ourselves abducted onboard the Osiris's Spaceship. The surroundings are simply breathtaking: the outer space introduction, the hangar section the control room - I have a feeling the author was under impression of the Cygnus from The Black Hole movie, and if the plot wasn't Egyptian this dystopian, almost a derelict-like ship would be a great host for creepy humanoid workers or an evil robot like Maximilian (yeah you need to watch that if you haven't already). Certain design shouldn't occur like the water tank, another place we can save in, unaware of imminent death. Multiple passing through the could be easy reduced either, and I even had to cheat for shells when it appeared they aren't provided for the Horus fight they're crucial for. I eventually hacked Osiris's security system and defeated the guy Somewhere in the Farplane, where a nicely controlled timed challenge may give us two different endings, producing one of these moments worth to die in. SUMMARY: This is a very solid and seriously coherent team work where every participant cared a lot, with original plot, new graphics and even music tracks. Sometimes you may need a walkthrough to deal with annoying mistakes and properly enjoy unforgettable highlights which make this game obligatory to play at certain moment, so why not now." - DJ Full (25-Jun-2016)
"Really liked difficulty of this level with some extreme jumps in factory area - especially those with chains cause it took a while to position myself correctly. The architecture of the level is nice with all the buildings logicaly positioned though some doors took a while to find. Textures and models are really good, though enemies are a bit monotonous. I liked tattoos on Lara's model and TRAOD feeling in whole level. It's not custom for beginners as it's rather challenging, though I would recommend it to anyone." - Casual Raider (06-Sep-2013)
"Another city level by Thierry and some of the textures from other releases (e.g. 12 Monkeys) were used here, creating a very nice night atmosphere; unfortunately some of the rather negative aspects of the Lara at the Movies entry are still present in this game. There is still a whole lot of backtracking through the city that gets bigger and bigger while progressing, and also many crawlspaces, the one in the first factory hall, really can cause frustration when you miss an important lever there and crawl at least four times through it. I really liked the enemy placement as they often appeared in wide areas where you have plenty of space to steadily jump back and shoot them one by another. The object design was quite appealing inside the houses and I also liked the stone arcs in the sewers, which also seem to provide the best part of the gameplay with a small but tight timed run and two smart block puzzles. The other highlights were the usage of the elevator and some very difficult roof jumps for two secrets. What was not so good is that if you pull a certain lever you need to stand still for one or two seconds to activate the trigger which could have been avoided in my opinion, or at least been mentioned by the builder - I had to redo a part of the level because one door was still closed. I spent 50 minutes in this first instalment of the series which was pretty nice but at least the backtracking and the lever bugs were really unnecessary. 48 minutes." - manarch2 (26-Feb-2012)
"Before this, I had played only two levels by Thierry Stoorne (Finding Zorba and The Vespa of Papa Razzi), and enjoyed both of them, so I was expecting something along similar lines in this opening level of Revenge of Osiris. Unfortunately, I was completely wrong. First of all, the looks: mostly dark and dull streets and warehouses. There are a few rather pretty house interiors to explore, and the sewers look surprisingly nice (though dark). But overall, I did not find the level a visually pleasing one.
Second, the gameplay. This level is essentially a shooter, with a few quieter moments of puzzle solving and exploration. The timed run and the pushblock puzzle in the sewers are fun, as is the puzzle in the warehouse where you have to make the deadly water safe. But you spend the rest of the time just breaking into various buildings and getting shot at by a whole bunch of baddies. Not a very welcoming feel for the introductory level of a huge levelset. Under other circumstances, I would not have bothered playing this level at all, since it was so much not to my taste. But since it's the opening level of a multi-level adventure that I was keen on playing, I had to play it.
Overall: While it has a few enjoyable moments and some pretty spots, this level mostly left me feeling disappointed." - Mytly (23-Feb-2012)
"This level starts in the streets, with a few trips to some sewers and a factory. I thought the exterior lighting felt slightly flat; technically it's fine, but it's all kind of grey. The interiors make up for this though and mostly have more dynamic lighting. The design itself is good though, and the streets and side-areas interlink in interesting ways. The enemies etc fit well too.
While quite sedate outside of a lot of combat at the start (which dies down later), the pack establishes it probably won't be an easy ride overall by throwing in things like a curved jump and some "you can only just grab this" jumps. Gameplay is decently varied between the combat, exploration and puzzles (namely in the sewer part). There's too much backtracking at points though, and adding a couple of opening doors or ladders which are accessible later would have made progression much smoother. The crowbar also blends in really well making it very easy to miss despite being in a small area. Despite those issues it's a good start that sets up the rest of the pack well." - Mman (15-Feb-2011)
"Good level to start its not long but time consuming because enimies are lot, also shooting them with normal pistols takes much of time. Lot of running to and fro, but over all the theme is good. (8,8,9,10)" - Don007 (06-Sep-2010)
"Lara takes to some rather dirty Parisian streets crawling with angry guards and dogs coming at you throughout your expedition. In this hour-long level Lara explores several allies, houses, and a factory of sorts. The secrets were a pleasure to find in this large environment. The city looked nice and was lit appropriately. One gripe: the factory room had two switches on the sides to go for. Going for the left one first is a punishment as you are forced to take a tricky curved jump + grab under the central platform to land safely below and continue, since the exit is not opened yet. Anyway it's a promising start to what I think will be a great series of levels." - SSJ6Wolf (29-Apr-2009)
"A very good city level to start this adventure, where Lara will meet the first members of the evil organization in an industrial district of Paris. Good texturing , objects , use of audio tracks and cameras, realistic lighting although maybe too dark , and enjoyable gameplay even if there is a bit of backtracking." - eRIC (28-Jan-2009)
"For the first level of a series, this pretty much throws you in at the deep end, by giving you a large number of enemies to deal with almost right from the off. After they've been dealt with though, the tasks we're given are generally fun enough to sustain interest, and going off the track a little to find some well-hidden secrets is well worth it. However, I do have a bit of a complaint about the amount of backtracking in this level, which was to say, seemed like an awful lot, and was pretty tiring at times. Visuals in the level are excellent, and a believable, atmospheric city environment was created for us players to run around. While this level did seem to drag on a little, what with all the backtracking, it was a still a good opening level to the series that most people would enjoy." - Spike (16-Aug-2008)
"And so the huge adventure begins - and it does in a very AoD style setting and with plenty of guards to kill in the streets of Paris. I really liked the atmosphere which took me right in and to be challenged a bit right from the start with some not so obvious jumps in the factory hall, the exploration of the sewers, timed runs, block puzzles, the elevator and more. At times it gets a little too tedious with long backtracks and shimmy/crawl sequences that slow down gameplay unnecessarily and on several occasions I would have liked maybe another camera to point the way (even though there are quite a few already). Add to all that the 5 secrets and you have a fabulous first level of the series which will keep you busy for almost an hour." - MichaelP (08-May-2008)
"Being a fan of Thierry's style of building already from his Setback levels, I think there hardly could've been a better introduction to this massive team effort than Parisian Streets. True, it's pretty much a key and lever hunt for most part with a number of shooter elements, but fitting in context of the big picture to start out without trying to fry the brains of the player too much, but I guess you can still get lost in the (undeniably well designed) streets if you're as useless with orientation in vast settings as I am. As said - the settings are wonderfully constructed with neat touches like garbage cans in corners, a steet cafe and graffiti on the walls enhancing the atmosphere which is sinister and gloomy for most part here. While I understand the specific requirements for the gameplay to be like it is with this being part of a big game, if this would be a stand-alone level, I'd find it to be a bit uninspired and boring. The pushable block puzzle drags it a bit, there's not much excitement in running around here and getting through the lava room is a bit tedious, taking into account that you have to traverse the same path multiple times. This also is not a level you can start and then leave for later, because by the time you return you'll have lost the plot, so I recommend trying to get through in one go for optimal playability, or at least don't try to play other levels too while you're in the middle of this. All that said, this is definitely not a bad level and probably less exciting than you could usually expect from the builder intentionally (though the more you think about it - the more the whole thought seems counter-intuitive) for the whole project's purpose and a very nice start to the huge project. Looking forward to what follows." - eTux (20-Nov-2007)
"What a brilliant achievement by so many builders. All working together to produce this magnificent game. In many ways there's a wonderful feel of the original games. And yet there are many places where cunning gameplay results in some serious head scratching - how do I open that door? where is the key? do I take that unusual jump? This is a very nice place to start this magnificent adventure. Great to look at and relatively easy exploration of streets in a small part of Paris. Very realistic atmosphere, as if we are there ourselves. The long introductory flyby shows us the different areas we will visit. Excellent texturing, lighting and cameras. Secrets, and pickups, are located in places that require taking a chance. There's plenty of stress relief shooting of gunmen and windows. And plenty of climbing and challenging jumps, especially over rooftops; pushing things around including a good block puzzle; cleaning toxic water pools; the proper use of a factory elevator, chains, cages, a visit to the eponymous sewers, and one awkward jump that is a case of 'will I, or won't I'. Nicely realised arched tunnelways in the sewers. Our course leads underground and a gate to the next level." - CC (07-Jul-2007)
"Great start of this mega level. Gets you right in the mood for some serious raiding and it took me over 2 months to complete the whole game. Explore and keep exploring and don't take anything for granted. Here you learn to save often as medipacks are sparsely distributed. Practising the so called"banana jump" is a must as you will encounter more of them later in the next levels. It comes with a prize though, so that is not too bad then. Great block puzzle and I liked the look of the sewers." - Gerty (11-Jun-2007)
"Thierry's levels are always innovative and well-constructed, so this could be no exception. Being the introduction to the ambitious and so promising 'Revenge of Osiris' project, it is rather straightforward and friendly so as to put the players in the right atmosphere and get them familiar with things, but this doesn't mean that there are no challenging moments here. Lara is in a dark, hostile Paris and is trying to find a way to enter an abandoned church. She has to face many guards (so many of them actually, it almost felt like a shooter at times!), locate switches and keys, navigate in lava rooms, sewers and rooftops, all this in a particularly well-organized series of actions that lead from one to the other, never leaving you confused about what to do next. Everything is working well (although at some point the camera angle had me stunned for a while, wondering what it was trying to show me), the atmosphere is imposing and puts you in the spirit of the adventure; there are several secrets to locate too (I found four). A great beginning for the series, which is also a beautiful level on its own." - Ravenwen (12-Apr-2007)
"I've just started playing this mega release, and I like the idea of submitting reviews separately for the individual. It's somewhat cumbersome to have to review a level series as a whole, although I realize we've been doing it for years. Reviewers like Michael have the discipline to take notes on the levels as they progress through the series. Me, I usually wait until I've finished the whole thing, by which time I've often forgotten the finer details of the earlier levels and have to rely on the walkthrough (without which I never embark on a TR series) to jog my memory. With "Parisian Streets" still fresh in my mind, I can say that it's a nice introduction to the series, providing a modest challenge to the player without ever becoming frustrating. The overall atmosphere seemed a bit too dark, however, and I hope this doesn't signal a trend that lasts the entire series. For enemies you get a steady diet of guards (I think the leprous dogs show up in the next level) and some nice puzzles. Recommended." - Phil (02-Apr-2007)
"Good start for a big proyect. There are many situations which will have you think. I only didn't like the banana jump to get one of the keys but rest of the gameplay was good. I missed some extra weapon too but I suppose weapons will appear gradually along this long adventure. A lot of secrets to find, but not easy, good sounds and cameras, textures are very good but lights could be a bit better. Finished this level I expect many hours of fun. We'll see...(?)" - Jose (27-Mar-2007)
"This level is one of the best levels of Thierry's. If it is linear like Setback levels it is more complex with more backtracks. You'll always have only one way but sometimes it won't be obvious. For the first level of an adventure like Revenge of Osiris the difficulty is rather good. There is one timed run some pushable blocks puzzle and tricky jumps but nothing really frustrating. You'll probably miss a banana jump which is really not obvious : there's another way which leads to... a secret ! You will wonder why you did a lot of things just to pick up this secret. It was also clever to have to go under the lift to find the key for the last trapdoor. But the level is quite easy even if there are a lot of ennemies at the beginning. You'll have to be careful to keep as many medipacks as you can. Apparently Thierry loves the SAS. The secrets are really well hidden contrary to the Setback levels (Thierry's skills are really better in these Osiris Levels). But I liked to walk again in the well built Paris Streets ! The atmosphere was really gloomy but I never thought that Paris could be so badly frequented. There's no body except the Sect of Corpus Fatalis. I didn't see any flaw in texturing and even if Thierry used a lot of already-seen textures (in Setback and 12 Monkeys) I find these well choosen and Thierry used the lighting well. The level isn't too dark or to bright. I loved this level (and in spite of the several time I had to test it I'm not wearied !) It's a good level that everyone can play without to much difficulty." - TimJ (20-Mar-2007)
"The first level is what the title indicates, streets and houses to get you into the mood. There is some climbing involved, items to find and jumps over fences using poles that were challenging. I have no idea if this is Paris since I've never been there but it looked a bit different from what I have in mind. The textures and structure are great and I liked finding the secrets, I got five. It's a good introduction of this huge game." - Kristina (19-Mar-2007)
"This level was a good start to what seems like a long and exciting adventure. It starts out as a shooter type level with many gunmen to defeat early on, but it's not too hard to kill them without losing a lot of health if you know a good place to fight them. The level is pretty straightforward for the most part, and the cold, nightly atmosphere is done well with good use of lights and textures. Aside from an unusually deep-voiced Lara, this level was fun to play through." - Relic Hunter (03-Mar-2007)
"I found this level a basic explore, fetch & shooter level with very nice textures & atmosphere. A lot of area to explore & could get lost at times. The buildings were quite impressive I could imagine myself actually running through the Paris streets. Quite a few enemies to dispatch of, scarce on medi-packs. But if you were careful should be able to get through it ok. Nice block puzzle, interesting jumps & a timed run, A very fine start for this series of levels." - guss18 (01-Mar-2007)
"This starts out as a shooter with a lamentable lack of medipacks or weapons other than Lara's trusty pistols. At times, difficult but maintains interest with atmosphere and a sense of accomplishment when the way to proceed finally becomes clear. Lara has body hieroglyphics and a camouflage outfit and both are well done. Lots of edges that Lara can't grab but still a good start to a Community Project." - Bene (28-Feb-2007)
"This level is truly a good start for this big level series and it looks quite realistic. I think that areas this level includes could really be existing in Paris because they are designed very realistic way. I wouldn't mind if there were less shooting in this level but a good thing is that it contains also other things to do. You have to solve few pushable block puzzles, complete some jumping tasks and explore a lot as well. I think that this level has a lot of things to offer and noone should miss this one." - Samu (24-Feb-2007)
"Ah, Paris at night, how romantic. Well, apart from being pursued by gunmen and ending up in the sewers that is. Say it with bullets? No, it doesn't quite work does it? This is an atmospheric level with some well planned jumping moves that aren't immediately obvious, a nice block puzzle, a short timed run and plenty of exploration. Good fun and an excellent introduction to this huge set of levels." - Jay (20-Feb-2007)
"This is the first sub-level of the multi-level Revenge of Osiris game. Here we have primarily a shooter with some interesting jumps and key-fetching. The first thing that became a problem was the fact that I didn't have enough medi-paks to get through the level, which in turn made the next sub-level absolutely unplayable (well, without a bit of cheating). There were some interesting areas of this level and the textures were pretty good." - Shandroid (16-Feb-2007)
"A very complex and fine start of this huge adventure. I was really impressed by the reality of the streets and the buildings. The AOD textures fits really well and the lighting and atmosphere is great. There could have been a few more cameras and clues as it is rather easy to get stuck right from the start. Once you find your way, there is nothing stopping you though I have never played a level by this author before and I must say that his talent is awesome! Everything is pure and clean so to speak. In the beginning I was surprised about the difficulty in enemies and lack of medipacks! If you preserve them and take it easy, it will not be so hard though hehe. Highlights are the block puzzle, the sewers and most of all, the streets and the environment itself!" - QRS (13-Feb-2007)