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Baptism of Fire 2 - Tinnos Revisited by Kitkat

Akcy 7 7 8 8
Blue43 7 8 8 8
CC 7 8 7 8
DJ Full 6 6 5 6
eRIC 7 8 8 8
EssGee 7 7 8 7
eTux 6 7 7 7
Gerty 7 8 8 8
Jay 7 8 7 8
JesseG 7 7 8 7
Jorge22 7 8 8 8
Jose 7 7 7 8
Kristina 8 8 8 8
manarch2 5 6 6 6
MichaelP 7 8 8 8
misho98 6 8 8 7
Moonpooka 7 8 8 7
Orbit Dream 7 8 7 8
Phil 8 8 8 9
rjb 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 7 8 8
Samu 7 7 7 6
Spike 7 8 7 7
Teeth 10 8 10 7
Treeble 7 7 7 7
release date: 27-Apr-2007
# of downloads: 55

average rating: 7.40
review count: 25
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file size: 85.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cold/Snowy

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Reviewer's comments
"A nice premiere by Kitkat. It reminded me of the level editor's beginnings in some ways. If you haven't played it yet (as I hadn't) give it a go." - Jorge22 (02-Jun-2023)
"A rather simplistic all rounder, while the initial impression wasn't the best (an underwater maze right away) it gets better later on when you go hunting for a handful of stars and then trade them for keys to proceed. It's all very standard, but it still kept me entertained from start to finish and fortunately it's on the short side, perfect for a day (like today, as a matter of fact) where I couldn't commit to anything longer for a number of reasons. The final area reminded me a lot of the entrance to Karnak in TR4, it might have been a neat nod or just sheer coincidence — or even none of it and just my mind playing tricks on me. 30 minutes, 2 secrets. 04/23" - Treeble (16-Apr-2023)
"If you remember Lost City of Tinnos, you know what kind of scenery to expect here. Unfortunately this return visit will have more wallpapered and square visuals than the original level, although the lighting has some nice colorful moments. Gameplay gives off a bad first impression by starting with an underwater maze, but it picks up with some simple but fun trap and platforming sequences as Lara collects a pair of stars and keys. My only other complaint is the timing of the wasp appearances, which sometimes force Lara to combat them on tiny platforms without falling to her death. Between the treasure room and the helicopter, the ending gives a nice feeling of satisfaction, so overall it was a pleasant little experience. 29 minutes." - JesseG (16-Jun-2021)
"A very pleasant first effort, although I wasn't particularly fond of the underwater maze that commenced it. Thankfully things picked up after that and this adventure flowed pretty well. Lara's back in Tinnos, which means...yep, cue the Tinnos wasps. Not really among my favourite enemies, but that's purely a personal choice. Some nice secrets to go for, and a fun slope jump room were the highlights of this 40 minute level." - Ryan (01-Aug-2017)
"Oh come on builders! Why can't you just keep the same standard of quality in all your rooms, making reviewers' life much easier? There are really some well looking and atmospheric areas (e.g. the bridge cave) - but then there are some rooms which didn't receive enough care at all, being totally flatly lit, boxy and lack atmosphere in any regard. Then there is the gameplay, which couldn't start much less inviting with an awful underwater maze, and one can see the builder worked hard, but never quite manages to let the initial actions be forgotten soon - the tasks are all fairly simple (some straightforward and obvious jumps, a small key hunt and mildly challenging traps) and don't quite extend players' experiences, though, to the builder's credit, are rather solidly put together; progression is rather nice. The tinnos wasps positively make up for some action, although at times the idea to trigger them while Lara is standing on a single pillar can get really annoying after the third or so time, and the (easy) secrets provide a nice extra quest. It's never quite an outstanding level, yet the builder managed to create a nice 20 minute debut which can be enjoyed for its better moments." - manarch2 (26-Mar-2014)
"Not a bad level, it's very entertaining, but the water maze in the beginning was kinda boring and confusing. The idea with the last secrets was pretty good and thah area with the bridge was beautifull. The tasks were easy and fun. Nice boss battle in the end. The atmosphere is very TR3-ish. There are a few camera hints that shows you some important stuff. Textures weren't very nicely applied, but the lighting was great. It took me about 20-30 minutes. Recommended!" - misho98 (17-Jul-2012)
"Secrets: WARNING! The 2nd one can be taken in different way than the author planned it, but if You do so - You are doomed! We collect golden skulls, what is simply satisfying, for two reasons - because most of them are easy to find, and because one of them is hidden well (I was very close from deciding to give up searching, but I finally succeeded). Gameplay: after a rather tedious, monotonous, say boring, too sophisticated underwater maze and a long, dry corridor, we cross the bridge and re-enter Tinnos. It looks different than in TR3, so probably we are in another district, but we can still feel we are somewhere in the same city. From now on, we solve puzzles, not challenging at all. Typically, we obtain something to open two somethings, we get another two somethings from those somethings we've just opened, put that just got somethings into two yet another somethings to access something final and get out with something in our backpack. Of all these somethings, we can't miss anything. However, there is still enough exploration to forget about puzzle simplicity... I wonder which time I write this phrase for within last two days... but what can I do? Sometimes it describes perfectly what I feel. Enemies: nicely customized, but some wasps attack while Lara is on the top of a certain pillar, unable to defend... I also repeat this phrase within last two days. It means either it's me running out of ideas, or builders running out of possible issues. If it's the second reason, it's a good symptome - proving authors won't invent any new way of annoying people unless a new TRNG update is released and makes it possible. Heheh, that also makes me assume there are good and bad sides of updates... Wait, wasn't I supposed to review a game? Oh, yes... objects... nice. Atmosphere: I can't find a word here, it should describe something between "flat" and "boring", "acceptable" but still "not nice", and, as long as we know Tinnos is a city, we can get convinced it really is one. Sound: I can agree it is fits situations well, but anyway it's still far from what we want to hear ingame. Cameras: one good flyby, and for the remaining I not only can see no use, but also found them misleading. There is no need to target something remote without relating it to any place a player already knows. Doing so in case of those Uli Keys causes confusion. Lighting: a cave in the beginning and some corridors are filled with shadows. Somehow the rest appears flat, even if wasps have their proper green nests and sunlight reaches places it is supposed to. Textures: some rocks, some bricks, some water. Nothing special, but also not bad. SUMMARY: 30 mins in stats, and more or less than 1 hour of real life, if You don't miss anything. A time of feelings I can't describe - and, for me, 3 hours of reviewing, because I didn't know what to write. I simply hated the original Tinnos, I even disliked Titak's "Tannhauser Gate" because it reminded me of that city, so I had to really, REALLY concentrate for not to affect the final rating by personal reasons. And finally, watching from a distance, from next to me, like being someone else, I can agree this version of Tinnos is a rather promising debut, however containing even less things than You saw in the original TR3, and mostly appearing flat and boxy. Main gameplay gives a little sense of accomplishment, but secrets help improve it, as well as nice ending - a modified Karnak entrance, which now becomes a level exit, so we can feel comfortable in a familiar place. Back to my point of view, this game gives me no chance to change my opinion about Tinnos levels, and I'm still waiting for a project that will make me like this frozen city. That's why I won't recommend this game. However, people who like Tinnos atmosphere can treat this level as an optional one." - DJ Full (01-Feb-2011)
"This debut level by Kitkat starts with my least favorite Tomb Raider feature - an underwater maze. But after a few drownings and memorizing which way to go, the player is awarded with nice looking and fun to play Tinnos style level. There are plenty of spikes and other traps so even if the game play is fairly easy, one can never really let the guard down. I really liked the climbing and jumping sequences in the high room. The secrets were all relatively easy to find and Lara encounter tigers, wasps and clawed mutants. The wasps were kind of nasty and always showed up when Lara least needed them - like when reaching the top of a high pillar. The level had a nice atmosphere and texturing and lighting was well done. Flares were plenty to cover the dark spots. It was a very enjoyable raid with good camera work, sweet and short - maybe a little too short. Definitely recommended!" - Blue43 (26-Nov-2010)
"Kitkat's debut level is a more than adequate first release. Set largely in a typical Tinnos Temple environment. You have just on an hour of fairly linear raiding. There's some good ideas in some larger halls, but there are many simple corridors and long vertical shafts which don't offer much in terms of atmosphere. Good effect with the slippery ice room. Generally the lighting and texturing is good, but I thought there were many patches of darkly shadowed corners that were unnecessary. Definitely a solid debut that's worth checking out." - EssGee (08-Feb-2009)
"Ah, it was too short. A well made level, a bit on the easy side but quite pleasant to play and atmospheric. There is some darkness and Tinnos is one of my favourite locations in TR. After the initial maze, I started to enjoy the level when I arrived at the mysterious temple with the suspended bridge. There is a good choice of audio tracks and perfect sounds for all objects. I even think that for some of them , the sounds have been changed. Speaking of objects , I really like how the movable block with the essential shotgun is easy to spot (as you will need it badly to battle on a thin ledge against two giant mosquitos although I have prefered going down loosing a bit of health to battle them more easily) when the other movable block in the same room leading to the great secret at the bottom of the valley is well hidden. Well done. The gameplay was after my liking , quite logical , there are some good jumps(none of them being very difficult), there is also some traps, one of them with the sliding_on_flat_ground paradox... All this is quite solidly built , I was just a bit puzzled because at one point in the invisible ledges room, you can use the rope to grab a crawlspace (I thought there was a juicy secret in there) but to my surprise there was nothing and I could not get back. Also the final room is a bit disappointing as you can shoot the Tinnos mutants from a safe distance. A smaller room with no place to be safe would have worked better there. Oh well , I 've really liked this level and I just wanted more..." - eRIC (21-Oct-2007)
"Now here's a nice little debut. Ok, so the underwater maze is not exactly what you consider a welcome! sign when starting out a level, but it's not so bad, and I'm saying that as a huge opponent to inclusion of mazes in levels. As the rest that follows shows great promise of things to come from this builder. Maybe there're even traces of an evil builder deep down too, as the Tinnos wasps on the high pillars were even giving me some fair share of trouble before I got it right, but just like the rest of the tasks, which include avoiding the occasional boulder, managing over some invisible tiles, battling some more wasps and some Tinnos monsters and gathering the 5 secrets (of which I sadly found only 2) it's suitable for players of all levels of expertise all the way through this 20 to 30 minute level in Tinnos. The looks are faithful to its inspiration and well done as such, but maybe lacked a bit in diversity - both in geometry, where it felt a bit boxy at times, if that makes sense, and in the textures & lighting department, where I thought it was a bit too monotonous to keep a players interest to the visuals. But shaping the blocks will become common practice as the author builds more, and as far as lighting goes - a thing worth having a look might be the intensity of shadows and lights - as I thought they were either extremely dark or extremely bright accordingly - and a mild shadow or faint traces of light might have given the atmosphere a whole new breath. But it's undeniably a wonderful experience as it is too, and undoubtedly in the better half of levels out there, especially among debut levels. Well done!" - eTux (30-Sep-2007)
"This level offers simple but enjoyable gameplay, and mostly captured the atmosphere of the original Tinnos. Some big rooms felt a bit empty. The invisible platforms or the crevices the wasps came out from were very fitting. Enemies and secrets are placed well. Nicely done first level." - Akcy (24-Sep-2007)
"This is a nice level and look in every nook and cranny to find the necessary items you need to finish it. As always I hate to shoot the snow leopards as I think they are just beautiful animals. The secrets are nicely hidden (golden skulls) and those giant mosquito's are the pits. I'm still puzzled why there are ropes AND invisible ledges in one room as for me it was either or.. The ledges were pretty hard to spot and only by lighting a flare one could see them. Nice traps throughout and Lara will die a few times though. Don't be too hasty to leave by chopper, as you will miss a secret." - Gerty (16-Sep-2007)
"A nice bright start to this level. And certainly the brightest level in this Baptism of Fire 2 quartet. Lara has obviously come here in a yellow dingy, to this strange Easter Island in the Arctic location. She has just missed the shark, negotiates an underwater maze, and makes her way into a large cave with bridge spanning a chasm. This leads to a very tall room with ledges around the walls. The place is infested with giant wasps and white tigers. Having had great fun jumping about on these ledges Lara finds a treasure room guarded by giant mutants. And from here she escapes to the waiting helicopter outside. Perhaps I was just lucky, but I found this to be a rather short, if interesting, level. With the highlight being the huge room with slopes to jump to while being attacked by wasps. A worthy member of this team effort, and hopefully more will follow." - CC (07-Jul-2007)
"Argh, underwater maze...bad start. Thankfully though, as soon as you reach the 'bridge room' it picks up. Some nice little jumping sections and slippery icy floors follow, along with the odd spike trap to dodge that made for a nice little level that was quite enjoyable. The texturing and lighting were good, and it had a pretty convincing Tinnos-like atmosphere. The secrets were excellently hidden, and although I could only find two of them, I can safely assume that the rest were probably as well placed. I am looking forward to Kitkat's next level with anticipation." - Spike (01-Jul-2007)
"Sorry this is so late. :P I found this level to be quite fun and interesting, and it felt like a proper Tomb Raider level, if a bit short. The puzzles range from easy to hard. I liked the room with the pillars you have to jump and slide from, although I didn't really like the labryinth at the beginning very much. The secret was a little bit easy to find, and didn't really feel rewarding to me. The atmosphere was very good, there was some nice use of music and flybys, but colored lighting could perhaps be used a little more. And there isn't really much to say about the textures, they were fine, although the TR2 water textures seemed a little outdated. I liked Lara's outfit though! Overall, it's a very good level, but a bit short and a bit easy. Keep up the good work!" - Teeth (16-Jun-2007)
"Although this level is simple and doesn't have great features is enjoyable. Lineal gameplay with easy tasks, you are translated to the past to those Tinnos places with the old enemies you dealed with in the past: the giant wasps, the big poisonous creatures,... a TR3 style. Only the shotgun and uzis as extra weapons but enough ammo and a lot of flares to use. Many traps but innocent, and easy secrets. At the end in the treasure room you'll find an artifact not revealed till TR5 game, were the inhabitants of this civization so advanced? Good debut." - Jose (08-Jun-2007)
"Very nice debut level, even though there is probably no worse way to start out a debut level than with an underwater maze. It is not too hard to get through though and subsequently you get a fairly linear 40 minute level in the familiar Tinnos setting (wasps included) with some particularly good audio choices, push blocks, stars, keys and a few spike traps. The often prevailing darkness and especially the room with the invisible ledges were a bit of a pain, but overall did not spoil the adventure much. Nice treasure room with the Scion neat the end and some thought put into the placement of the secrets, which is always a plus. More please..." - MichaelP (27-May-2007)
"The only problem with revisiting Tinnos is - yes, you guessed it, Tinnos wasps. They really are good at knocking you off high places. Apart from the wasps, there are just a few tigers and a couple of mutants at the end of the level, so the emphasis is on exploring rather than fighting. This is a solid little debut level - well made, with nicely paced, mainly linear gameplay and my quiver of apprehension on encountering the underwater maze at the start soon gave way to enjoyment. Definitely give it a try." - Jay (24-May-2007)
"A delightful debut level that is extremely impressive in its 'solid' construction. Very few 'newbie' errors at all. (I think especially of the total lack of gaping 'seams' anywhere underwater, EoW views, paper-thin walls and only 2 illegal slopes.) The game proceeds in a logical manner: we need to find x, y and z to open gates that lead to other goodies. There are some interesting jumps in places, a few tricky moments with Tinnos wasps (easily the most difficult enemy) and several nicely decorated 'grand' rooms where the 'action' occurs. Virtually the whole game is bright enough to see what we are doing (another potential trap avoided) and the whole adventure concludes as we reach a helicopter to depart. The secrets are 'fairly' placed, I feel, though it pays to light a flare every so often, of which there are plenty. I would thoroughly recommend this game (I was far less keen on its 3 very dark 'sister' games, I'm afraid, in the Baptism of Fire 2 package) as an excellent example of what a newbie can achieve, with patience and care. This is a wonderful 'springboard' for Kitkat, from which, having clearly mastered the basics so impressively, she can now 'branch out' to develop her own particular style." - rjb (08-May-2007)
"I'm reviewing this level without having first read through the other reviews. I encourage others to do this as well (if they don't already make that their practice), as I've noticed a tendency for scores to fall into a pattern established by the first two or three reviews. That may only be because most of the reviewers know what to look for and are alike in their thinking. However, I think we tend to be influenced by the opinions of others, and this can be a bad thing when it comes to reviewing levels. Anyway, now that I've made this observation, I want to say that I would be proud to be able to strut this level as my debut offering. It's on the easy side, to be sure, but since there's no category for ease/difficulty, that should make no difference whatever in its scoring. I was entertained for about 45 minutes, and I found the lighting and the surroundings to suit my tastes precisely. This level makes a perfect appetizer for the second installment of the Baptism of Fire releases, and I'm looking forward to playing the rest of them. At one point not long ago I was beginning to think that interest in Tomb Raider and the level editor was about to fizzle out. With these fresh builders arriving on the scene, however, my fears are long gone." - Phil (08-May-2007)
"Here we find Lara back among the beautifully colourful textures of one of the most fascinating Tomb Raider locations, The Lost City of Tinnos. Lara begins her exploration with a rather tricky underwater maze; and I have to say that mazes are not my favourite places to be in - underwater mazes even more so, but it's not too tough to find your way out and then you can enter the rooms beyond. This is where the action starts and Lara needs to find a few Tinnos keys, tackle some nasty old blade traps and fend off Tinnos wasps. Loved the room with the pillars, and also the final room with the gold mound because there is rather a lack of enemies in the level and you get your reward by way of two Tinnos Aliens. Finally Lara finds the Iris and the helicopter is waiting for her outside. The secrets were nicely placed and I managed to find them all; even though a couple of them were really sneaky. The rooms were well designed and players don't become lost or confused, so this was quite a delicate adventure and certainly a most enjoyable one for me. Thank you Kitkat." - Moonpooka (01-May-2007)
"The level is enjoyable and fun with a familiar setting. I believe it has a good gameplay with moving blocks, jumps and ropes but of course you have to have enemies for all of this to work so we have some tigers and poisonous creatures. I did get stuck with no way out though in the area with the bridge and the secret down. Apparently you can use the slopes to jump down with some health lose but do not try it because you won't be able to get back up again and it's not the correct way to continue. The underwater maze scared me at first but once you get through a couple of corridors you realize that it's not so bad after all. There are keys to find and I also found the five golden skulls which are secrets with the last one being a bit sneaky. It's a nice level and I believe the next one will be even better." - Kristina (01-May-2007)
"I have to say this is very nice debut level from Kitkat. The surroundings and gameplay are tought out pretty well and I don't have much to complain of. A thing which bothered me is that in the beginning of game there's an underwater maze and I hate them. Mazes are usually okay for me but I can't stand underwater mazes. In some parts of the game the environment looks a little boxy and simple but it's still pretty nice looking. However, there's not real eyecandy in this level but of course this is author's first level and not many people make brilliant looking environment at their first try. Hopefully Kitkat keeps building because he/she seems to have potential to build quality stuff." - Samu (01-May-2007)
"This is one of those levels where the aquisition of secrets is as important as the completion of the level itself. In my case I am ashamed to admit that I only picked up two of the five available,but they were both rather sneaky to locate so I'm assuming that the same amount of thought went into the placing of the other three as well.As for the level itself,it unfortunately starts with an underwater maze (even though I fluked it the first time) but fortunately continues in a pleasant and generally undemanding way through a smooth-flowing eventful course to the climactic (easy) showdown for the Artefact,and a waiting Helicopter. Technically it's very pleasing (I'm assuming the builder was un-assisted)and it's a solid and commendable little 30 minute adventure. Onwards and upwards for the builder!" - Orbit Dream (29-Apr-2007)