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Baptism of Fire 2 - Hell's Nightmare by LaraCroftBaby

Akcy 4 7 6 8
Blue43 5 6 6 7
CC 5 6 7 7
DJ Full 3 3 6 6
eRIC 2 4 4 4
Gerty 5 6 7 6
Jay 4 6 7 8
JesseG 4 6 5 5
Jorge22 6 6 7 6
Jose 5 6 6 5
Kristina 6 7 7 7
manarch2 2 4 3 4
MichaelP 5 6 6 6
Moonpooka 8 7 8 9
Orbit Dream 3 5 6 8
Phil 7 7 8 8
Ryan 4 6 6 7
Samu 3 4 4 3
Treeble 6 6 6 6
release date: 27-Apr-2007
# of downloads: 46

average rating: 5.66
review count: 19
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file size: 85.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A premiere, and quite premiere-esque at that. I had my fun playing it, but you can tell not an enormous amount of care was put into it." - Jorge22 (02-Jun-2023)
"Pretty barebones all things considered, with lots of empty hallways you just zoom by from one end to the other. Feels like there was a lot of mix-and-matching but a lot of the former and not much of the latter, the enemies feel quite disjointed with hell hounds and devils alongside crocodiles and boars (and a lonely scorpion), and the water texture doubling as black marble for the vast majority felt weird as well. Then again, it's hell, right? It was a quick raid though and for that alone I'm very grateful. 25 minutes. 04/23" - Treeble (16-Apr-2023)
"This does not look like a hell level except for the horned demigods and blue devilish dogs that behave stupidly (a bit like the black panthers). Oversized rooms with almost nothing to do and very long corridors, all textured with sometimes strange choice. Many enemies can be shot safely from safe distance. I like the fact that you finish where you started so you have twice the big slide with the good fixed camera. Texturing is decently made. 33 minutes" - eRIC (06-Jul-2021)
"I suppose the ambient audio and relatively dark lighting may give some hellish vibes, but it wasn't nearly as immersive as it could have been due to heavy amounts of wallpapering and overly long, emtpy rooms. Lara will spend time here shooting a variety of creepy creatures and riding around for a bit on a quad bike, with a lot of running to and fro in between. 29 minutes." - JesseG (17-Jun-2021)
"Not really what I envisioned hell to be like, but each to their own. The design of this level is rather colourful with different types of textures pasted within each room, although I'm not entirely sure if it worked in this case, although kudos for trying. Buy the gameplay felt too dragged out for my taste, with a few too many long passages and climbs to negotiate, as well as too easy enemy encounters." - Ryan (03-Aug-2017)
"I don't quite share the opinion of most reviewers that this level should be rated somewhere near a 6, when it can be best described as the usual Cain level with only slight advantages. Really, this game consists of running through never-ending hallways killing way too many highly resistable enemies; I couldn't quite find a slight bit of fun in the whole time it lasted for me. The rooms are all very, very simplistic with very little effort put into the lighting - well at least they were decently textured, but the textures themselves seemed to be rather randomly chosen don't creating any, let alone a hellish, atmosphere at all. The idea to loop back to the start towards the end is in itself rather nice but does it really seem realistic to re-enter the slope Lara has taken down at the very start from the back end - where the heck Lara should have entered this place? By teleportation? Very uninspired and tedious gameplay, very simplistic looks, too many and too "big" enemies - not a level I'd dare to recommend, really sorry. 20 minutes." - manarch2 (26-Mar-2014)
"I agree this level is a nightmare. No clues where to go first, and if we are wrong, we need to either reload a save, or backtrack through endless corridors, all similarly constructed, only differently textured. What am I talking about - no-one will wanna backtrack... unless it is intended, but fortunately it happens only once in this sector of hell. Puzzles are horribly designed - You can find a slot for a Golden Star halfway through the level, but what if You miss the item in the beginning??? Everywhere, there are lots of useless pickups. I forced myself to shoot a wild boar with a revolver combined with a laser sight. Still, I had lots of spare medikits, flares, explosive arrows, without an idea what they do in Lara's backpack. The only innovative things are: some platforms allowing us to shoot some crocs without a scratch (elements of this theme are scattered throughout the level), appearance of a silent Talion monster in a gloomy arena (what truly feels like taken from a nightmare) and a nicely built construction above the water. There are some sounds, but one of them may be skipped at all due to a misplaced trigger. Also, some cameras help orientate in this place, saving gameplay from total damnation. It is not much to write about the rest of game elements - maybe only about lighting, which helps create atmosphere in some places. SUMMARY: Let's say it straight: it's not a serious level. When this hell is over, You'll feel like in heaven, because You will be able to take on some good adventure and forget about this project. Completing it took me 31 minutes of repetative sprinting, jumping and swimming in stats, and at about 45 mins of heavy duty in real life. I've never expected to say that, but unlike most of "Baptism of Fire", I won't recommend this one. You can skip it." - DJ Full (01-Feb-2011)
"This is a rather linear level with very simple and easy game play. In the beginning there is even a short quad bike ride, but later it is mainly about running trough fairly empty and boxy and oversized rooms. There is not much to do than shoot a couple of enemies, collect a few pieces in order to progress and run from room to room. Hallways that are very long connect most of them and that entire running gets old after a while. Some enemies were interesting looking like the red demigod. There are also two bird-monsters, but they didn't last long against Lara's revolver. It's just one of those level where you never use a single Medipack. The choice of texturing is a bit strange - not as most people would imagine hell. I just expected lava and fire and whatnot. The level is also very short and can be easily finished under 30 minutes." - Blue43 (26-Nov-2010)
"At the beginning there were some great moments, the spectacular start slide, Lara's outfit, the quadbike is also good, but it didn't play much part, perhaps because it can't go backwards. And there was the fake mummy jumping out of the coffin, I played TR4 so long ago, that it could make me jump just like the first time. Nicely selected texures, they fit together well and created some nice atmosphere, even if nowhere near hell-like. Only some enemies resembled that, Horny rulez :) the enemies were a bit buggy, some just didn't attack, and they are poorly placed, all can be killed without a scratch. Unfortunately didn't go as much creativity into the gameplay neither, just running through, pick up and use this and that, mostly empty big rooms and tunnels. There were a few missing sounds, and the sound of the bike is weird too. All in all not bad, but there is lot more room to improvement." - Akcy (24-Sep-2007)
"Hell or no hell, here you see an eclectic choice of textures and I hope you have enough stamina, as there is lots of running, climbing and swimming (but especially running) to do in this level. There is even a small quad-bike drive to get you to the other side. There is a wide range of enemies and I felt sorry for the warthogs being cooped up in this underground level. What stands out in my opinion is the way the passages are built underwater." - Gerty (17-Sep-2007)
"With a title like that the player would think they were in for all sorts of hellish goings on, but in fact this is an easy going level to play. Lara slides into this colourful place, swims and climbs a little, and meets the first of many very colourful creatures. This guy looks great, a kind of four legged blue devil, and if I'm not mistaken, retextured lion/tiger. Almost all the enemies, including the big birds, can be killed at a distance, which is great, gives lots of time to look at them. But die-hard raiders won't like the 'non-challenge'. Likewise, the non-threatening boulders. But I really enjoyed this level. OK, it's not going to blow anyone's mind, but it was fun, in an unusual environment. The rooms are very boxy, but some are rather beautiful to look at. The water room with glass ceiling looks fantastic. Perhaps my quirky side came out while playing this. Gameplay is fast paced and straight forward. Finding a quadbike makes life easier as we zoom along the extremely long corridors. And if you find the 'other' swimming route straight away, to get the coin, you're laughing all the way to the... um... next level. Our ultimate goal is to combine and place the two half eyepieces in that receptacle at the start." - CC (07-Jul-2007)
"This time the game is short, architecture is very simple, and the game is full of long corridors and hexagonal rooms. I couldn't see any puzzle, only pull some switches and place some objects. A vehicle is always a good feature, but this time the buggy only serves to jump a pit. Textures are well applied, but there's not a taste to place them in an aproppriate surface, it seems that it's equal to place the same texture in walls, floors or ceilings. Some rooms are very huge but only with one task to do, pull a switch or pick up an object. Enemies will not surprise you, you can see them from the distance and kill them easily, so the game loses interest. To be the first work it's not bad at all, but there are many things to get better." - Jose (08-Jun-2007)
"The shortest level of this second round of the Baptism Project at just over 20 minutes and unfortunately the fairly simplistic room geometry with many copied rooms and the fairly eclectic texturing are evidence that this is a debut level. But it is nevertheless fun to make your way through, has some solid camera work and good use of audio, a quad bike to make a cool jump and a nice variety of enemies. And the steaming medipack right at the start was kind of funny. So, looking forward to seeing more from this builder in the future." - MichaelP (27-May-2007)
"I suppose the 'nightmare' aspect of the title explains the somewhat disjointed feel to this level. Now there are nightmare levels out there that work well, but they really are in the minority and I'm not sure this one entirely pulls off the genre. On the plus side, it's nicely put together, with some lovely textures and lighting effects, although the rooms and corridors are a little empty. The enemies are an eclectic mix and not at all hard to deal with and the gameplay is definitely on the simplistic side. It's a creditable first attempt though and I feel we should see some pretty decent levels from this builder in future if a little more inventive gameplay is forthcoming." - Jay (24-May-2007)
"This one plays more like a first level than does Tinnos Revisited. It's easy, linear, and not particularly spectacular. However, that by no means makes it a bad level. I still logged a bit more than 40 minutes of net gaming time, so it's not something you can just zip through. There are a few demigods and a couple of chicken monsters to overcome, together with a smattering of crocs, warthogs, bats, wild dogs and at least one scorpion, but you get the uzis early and the shotgun and revolver later on, together with enough ammunition to defend yourself comfortably. There were some long and boring tunnels, not to mention a tedious climb through zigzag openings near the end, but for the most part I had an entertaining gaming experience, and that's what it's really all about. If my first level were half this polished, I'd be happy. Beginning raiders will enjoy it most." - Phil (09-May-2007)
"I remember when LCB started to build, and I am delighted she finally got to release her level because it was a fabulous job indeed. Lara is trapped in hell, and of course needs to find her way out. There are a whole host of enemies down in this eerie place and you will be greeted by crocodiles, boars, demigods, vicious little goats, a scorpion, a bat or two and two of the big TR2 birds. Lara will also need to find various items along the way such as 2 hands, ancient coin, 2 golden stars and the two pieces of the eye. The buggy comes in to play for a short time only which was a joy for me as I hate using vehicles, but once you are over to a new area you can abandon the buggy and continue by foot. The rooms were quite lovely, and each room had its own special atmosphere created by coloured lighting. I particularly liked the design of the jagged walled passages; which also appeared in some of the underwater tunnels and that was a very nice touch. Loved the blue water room, the design was beautiful and searching the little alcoves for goodies was a nice addition. There are no traps as such; just a couple of spike balls which you can in fact bypass, but I think the enemies will keep you busy anyway. Oh and the choice of Lara and outfit was superb; I often forget to comment on that. Eventually Lara will gather up the two parts of the eye and can then make her way home. All in all, this was a fabulous first effort and and enjoyable adventure. I hope to see LCB back again soon with another level for us. Thank you LCB." - Moonpooka (04-May-2007)
"We have a simple level here with very long corridors and that means much running around. There are hands to find and the pieces of the Eye of Horus. The big birds are not hard to kill and watch out for those crocodiles underwater. The quad bike jump was nice but the use of the vehicle very short, I'd prefer to have used it some more. It's a nice level but I believe there could have been more puzzles and a better area/room 'decoration'." - Kristina (01-May-2007)
"Unfortunately this level wasn't to my taste. The environment looks very boxy and simple including many big and empty rooms. Textures are quite a mess and there are no puzzles in this level. Most of your time you run around rooms, shoot some enemies and look for switches and items that are very easy to find. This level is too surreal, unreal and weird which is the main reason my review is so harsh. My advice for further projects is to build environment which looks less boxy and more real. Gameplay including more puzzles would be good too. I believe that author has potential despite this level was not to my taste. No one is a master at first try." - Samu (01-May-2007)
"This would be a typical beginners level,were it not for the fine quality of the lighting and textures (which would hardly be poor anyway,as this is a Baptism of Fire level). The Gameplay,however,really is rather uninteresting and full of missed opportunities. For example,despite there being a plethora of colorful enemies I never once needed to use a medipack as they could all be killed from a distance and were therefore quite unthreatening. The distances travelled were uneccesarily vast (once again I blessed the existence of the 'sprint' key). Rolling balls were completely unthreatening.A push-block 'puzzle' required you to push the block onto the adjacent square. You were seldom in doubt as to where to go or what to do next,which regrettably meant that the whole adventure became predictable and unfortunately not a little dull. Nonetheless,it's rather colourful,contains a few construction flourishes and no technical errors;so I would reccommend it if you're in the mood for an undemanding raid. For this builder's next level I would suggest the length of the corridors be kept to a minimum and more exciting challenges provided." - Orbit Dream (29-Apr-2007)