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Building Complex A by Jonson

Gerty 6 7 7 7
Jay 9 8 8 8
Jorge22 9 9 8 9
Jose 8 8 8 8
Kitkat 8 8 8 8
Kristina 6 7 7 7
MichaelP 8 7 8 7
Moonpooka 9 9 8 9
Orbit Dream 9 8 7 7
Phil 8 8 8 8
Relic Hunter 8 9 8 9
Ryan 8 8 9 8
Treeble 7 7 7 7
release date: 04-May-2007
# of downloads: 69

average rating: 7.87
review count: 13
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file size: 22.20 MB
file type: TR4
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A fairly standard Nevada facility style. Lots of buttons to find, some of which are timed (none of which are particularly difficult) plus a few fuses and keycards until you eventually get to make your escape with the quadbike. It was a bit on the dark side, not the kind of dark that makes you pop a flare every two steps, but the kind of dark that even in a dark room still gets your eyes rather tired, and I noticed on several occasions the flat invisible ceilings in the outdoor areas. There were a couple of tricky jumps, one of which in particular felt particularly weird to perform and still took a few tries because the game insisted in making Lara face a cardinal position instead which obviously resulted in her gliding to her doom instead. All things considered, this is far from being a bad debut level. 35 minutes. 02/23" - Treeble (19-Feb-2023)
"It may be a Base level but action packed for all that. My favourite part were the timed runs. Lighting and textures up to a good standard. Very enjoyable." - Ryan (18-Dec-2015)
"A highly impressive debut. Lara starts is a small outside desert area complete with cactus' but she soon gets into the Area 51 style base. It is full of military police with dogs you would expect and also laser traps! There are a couple of tight timed runs which weren't nice but using the quad bike is always fun. Jonson has done a good job building and texturing his base/lab. I'd like to see what else he can do with some of Lara's other 'locations'." - Kitkat (01-Jul-2007)
"A good level but hard. This level has a TR3 High Security Compound style, with lots of MPs, lasers, and the elements of a secret desert base with many traps and surprises. There are good and interesting puzzles in a lineal gameplay, but some tasks are very hard, as the tight timed run near the beginning or the very tricky curved jump in the room where the sight is, near the end; so this is not a level for beginners. I couldn't find secrets. The ambience is generally too much dark (want chiefs save energy?) although I found some packs of flares. If you like the challenges this could be a good level for you." - Jose (08-Jun-2007)
"Starting in the desert this soon becomes a classic Base Level, which is indeed good, clean fun with some rolling barrels to avoid, timed doors, burners, cards, fuses, plenty of guards and dogs and some rope swinging along the way. There was one rather tricky jump that somehow did not fit in with the otherwise straightforward progression and occasionally it was quite dark and there was a bit too much crawling needed. Nice end though with the short timed run with the Quad Bike." - MichaelP (02-Jun-2007)
"Yet another impressive debut level - the standards have been really high just lately. If you like base levels, you will most definitely enjoy this one. There are some great timed runs and laser traps to avoid, which involve some fun manoeuvres. The usual base enemies are around - guards and dogs - and, yes, there are ducts to crawl through. I found the gameplay really satisfying; it falls into the enjoyably challenging rather than frustratingly challenging category." - Jay (24-May-2007)
"This is a workmanlike level that will keep you occupied for the better part of an hour. What we have here is a fairly typical base setting that's linear in a roundabout sort of way. What I mean by that is that you're always brought back near the place you need to be in order to keep moving on. There are some nice touches along the way. One switch opens a door that appears timed. What's worse, the alloted time appears to be impossibly short. Only by reading the stuck thread did I realize that you needed to note the location of a couple of raised tiles before throwing the switch (which causes them to magically disappear). There's another neat run across lava while dodging lasers in order to pick up a needed card. The only thing I couldn't figure out was how to get the laser sight. Since the builder decided not to disable the flycheat, I simply swooped over and picked it up so I could complete the level. However, since I'm now writing a walkthrough, I'd like to be able to describe the move legally, so hopefully someone will soon come to my rescue. Recommended for a nice, straightforward raid." - Phil (19-May-2007)
"This is a base level and I couldn't get it to play on the Mac. Not my favourite of levels but nevertheless you should give it a go. There are nice traps and there is also some fun jumping to do. The level was bigger than I thought so it did keep me out of the rain for a while. As a first not bad at all, but have a better look at the textures as that could use improvement. Enemies are well placed, and it is entertaining enough if you indeed like this sort of levels." - Gerty (16-May-2007)
"It looks like the builder was inspired by the Nevada level without it being a bad thing. The gameplay though is pretty simple with the exception of a nice timed run and the room with the deadly water and lasers. The rest is about finding key cards, fuses all around the place and fight dogs, guards as well. The last part has another timed run where you need the quad bike to get through the double doors. It's a nice level altogether." - Kristina (11-May-2007)
"This debut level impresses with the strength of its Gameplay,which is quite uncompromising and will have you on your toes throughout. The physical obstacle course is well designed, full of surprises and occasionally a little devious (a few unconventional jumps are required and you'll also need to keep your eyes peeled),while never being anything less than entertaining. Enemies are well placed and there are several timed sequences,all of which add to the excitement.The weakest link are the textures,which are often distorted (particularly on sloped or angled surfaces) and sometimes compressed.Nothing too horrendous (and experience will iron this out),but it does detract somewhat from the overall atmosphere.In all other respects this is a highly commendable and extremely entertaining boys-own adventure." - Orbit Dream (11-May-2007)
"This was a truly enjoyable level with plenty of different things to do, a lot of action, some thinking as well, everything pretty well balanced, in a Nevada Desert environment. I really hope to see more from this author." - Jorge22 (09-May-2007)
"A very nice Base/Lab level indeed, with plenty of guards and dogs, plus rolling barrel traps, fires and dropping hatches just to make life tough for our Lara, and there's also a few timed runs to keep you on your toes. I found this quite a dark level; although I was playing by day so I will suggest a nigh time Raid here, but there were also plenty of flares so no prob's finding my way around, or seeing those sneaky hidden places. Lara will need to find buttons and levers in the vast complex, and also card keys, plugs and revolver and sight. No idea why but one of my card keys showed up as the water skin, and yes that did confuse me for a while. However, the rooms were fun; I liked the many traps which were not difficult to pass but their presence made it slightly more tense. Texturing was the norm for this type of level and all looked very nice. At the end Lara gets to ride the buggy for a timed run and escapes into the wilderness beyond. All in all, this was a really nice adventure with lots to see and do." - Moonpooka (09-May-2007)
"A wonderful debut level that lasts under an hour, but is quite a satisfying experience. Set in an Area 51 Nevada lab type setting, there are many things to do in this level. There are some good timed runs, a few tricky but satisfying jump sequences, lasers and rolling barrels to dodge, and there's some guards to take care of as well as you try to get a hold of a quadbike to use so you can get out of this place. The level isn't too hard and not that easy to get through, giving raiders a nice challenge that can be completed in under an hour. Well done, and I wish to see more from this author." - Relic Hunter (06-May-2007)