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First Level Demo 2 by REHome

Akcy 3 5 5 5
CC 4 6 6 6
Ceamonks890 4 5 5 5
Cory 3 4 5 6
eRIC 4 5 5 6
EssGee 3 3 5 5
Gerty 3 4 5 5
Jay 4 5 7 7
JesseG 5 5 6 6
Jose 4 6 4 5
Kitkat 4 6 7 6
Kristina 3 4 5 5
MichaelP 4 6 8 7
Orbit Dream 4 5 6 7
Ryan 4 5 6 5
Treeble 5 5 5 5
release date: 16-May-2007
# of downloads: 59

average rating: 5.02
review count: 16
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file size: 15.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Sole offering from the builder, but funnily enough called "Demo 2" — what happened to the first one? At any rate, this feels very 2001-esque, not only due to using mostly coastal assets but it also seemed to try and recreate some areas from TR1 (I noticed a few nods to the caves entrance and the slope to the secret, and the crocodile pit with the crevice) in free form, so they look nothing alike but the gist in general was there. I don't think I ever used the crowbar and those icy crystals felt very out of place. Other than that, pretty pedestrian but at its length it works well as a filler. 20 minutes, 2 secrets. 02/23" - Treeble (19-Feb-2023)
"Oops, Ian pointed out to me that my review for this level was not the right one. No idea for which level I wrote the review but decided to replay this small one and review it (again?). Another demo that just stayed a demo. Main enemies are crocs and scorpions and a lonely skeleton. A tip: there is no finishing trigger so after the final gate opens for you, just look around as that is it." - Gerty (29-Dec-2017)
"Another demo lurking within the archives, and yet again another one whose full version never got made. The textures are pleasing as far as they go, but lighting is a bit too gloomy in spots for my liking. The gameplay is OK, I suppose, but very embryonic as is often the case, with a bit of exploration inside cave areas and a few of the normal coastal enemies to shoot." - Ryan (12-Aug-2016)
"An unfinished demo that is generally not too bad in terms of overall design aspects, but with the lack of a proper finish trigger, far too dark lighting at points and the completely uninspired nature of the gameplay at large, your interest will dwindle relatively quickly, once you've seen all that this level has to offer. So best to approach this one with caution." - Ceamonks890 (02-Jul-2015)
"Lara explores some caves being scavenged of some sort of pretty blue mineral. Actually there's no story provided but that's what this setting seemed to me, and I found it rather interesting in that respect. The environment is nice and rough, but needs work to get the textures flowing together, especially when jagged floors meet up with the wall. Lara finds a gate key and a gem while exploring a few small pools and pits with crocodiles, scorpions and a skeleton. There are many, many pickups scattered around but in this level they are not needed much. I got the feeling that, like the story, the level itself seemed devoid of intent, that it was just a bunch of random corridors and caves connected to make the level substantial. I was glad to have checked the walkthrough after wandering around due to the lack of a finish trigger. It's a good start, but the author should consider what exactly the meaning of the level is as it is put together." - SSJ6Wolf (02-Mar-2009)
"A short level spanning 20 mins that has no finish trigger, i found that i could semi-progress without the gate key by some shimmying, which spoilt it for me. Overall, a small level with not much to play." - Cory (02-Mar-2008)
"A simple and short level, we go through some caves. Uninspired gameplay, except maybe the rolling balls were for some exciting moments. The using of textures were good enough, but lighting was blunt. Still, about the end when the wall torches were lit, the scenery was quite nice. Pointlessly dark in some places, missing sounds. As a debut it's a fair attempt, and I hope the author will finish it. The layout is fine, I liked the final area, too bad there was nothing to do there. Apart from the missing end trigger there were no techincal errors. If it will be utilized with more contents, like puzzles, jumps, switches, more varied textures, it can turn out to be a good adventure." - Akcy (14-Nov-2007)
"The 'demo' tag is used yet again to apparently excuse an unfinished level (the lack of a Finish Trigger betrays this)but it's actually not too bad,either from a playability or constructional point-of-view. It's a fast run-around amidst cave environments,shooting crocodiles and the occasional scorpion, but it's all well enough put-together and enjoyably holds your attention for the twenty minutes it lasts." - Orbit Dream (12-Nov-2007)
"If there was an award for effort, I would certainly give it for this level. Even if just for the simple reason that REHome has accomplished something I haven't... building a level. And having made that first effort I would encourage the author to keep at it, because there certainly is a good imagination at work here. The setting is coastal caves and fortress. Looks-wise some areas are quite good, and you do get the feeling of all that sand, sea, salty air, the sound of the waves, palm trees and fortress walls. The interiors are long and vast caves, the odd pool, lots of wall sconces, a few crocs, scorps, skellies, and a dead end. If there is an end trigger I didn't find it. The last area gives the impression the author gave up completely, which is a pity. The highlight, gameplay-wise are the boulder runs. Oh yeah! There's an intriguing pile of sticks on the ground near the start that had me think I could light it with a torch, and all the sconces for that matter. But as I found no torch, that was a disappointment." - CC (07-Jul-2007)
"This is a solid demo from a new builder. It is short and the gameplay is simple - find a key, shoot an enemy, but there are no major bugs, only a missing finish trigger. Some of the textures could have been applied better as could the lighting but these skills comes with practice. I think this one does have potential if it is"fleshed out". I'll be interested to see what REHome does next." - Kitkat (05-Jul-2007)
"An underground trip in a Coastal ruins atmosphere, rather dark but you will find enough flares, until you arrive in brighter areas where the level ends (so to speak for there is no end trigger). There is no puzzles , only a couple of things to find , some enemies , and boulders to avoid. It is possible to go beyond the door that needs the key (from above) and being stuck afterwards when you come back. Also I'm wondering about the door with the invisible block after you find the blue gem. Quite a relaxing and pleasant little journey , just let's hope the author will put some more puzzles and actions in the full level." - eRIC (23-Jun-2007)
"I couldn't find something good in this short level, except that it hasn't bugs. Though I installed an "english.dat", texts are in spanish language (?). In this coastal level there are not switches and only a gem and a key to find and place, and some traps, no cameras, no musics, elongated textures, many dark areas but at least I found some packs of flares, I found a crowbar too but I couldn't use it (?). Finally I arrive into a lightened area and get stucked, then I read the walkthrough and realized that there's no finish trigger. Unfortunately not a level to remember." - Jose (12-Jun-2007)
"Yes, my heart does tend to sink when I see 'demo' in a title, but I cheered up a little when I saw it was coastal rather than tut1 based - I just like the whole coastal atmosphere. Actually, as demos go this wasn't too bad at all. As expected, it was short and the gameplay was simple, but it looked competently made and I definitely thought there was potential there. Just one criticism though - more flares please if you're going to make levels with so many dark spots." - Jay (30-May-2007)
"The gameplay is pretty simple in this level, search for a key or a gem in an underground cave like environment. The enemies are crocodiles, skeletons, scorpions. There is some backtracking at some point but generally there isn't much to do in this level. I didn't find a finishing trigger and I got to a dead end following a grey corridor with no exit. I found one secret." - Kristina (29-May-2007)
"My expectations were really low, seeing yet another 'demo-debut-level', but this is actually quite a charming 20 minute adventure with not all that much to do and fairly obvious progression, but the coastal type setting is rather accomplished and only a little too dark in places and of course the finish trigger is missing. Still worth a look and hope for something larger and more complete from the author in the future." - MichaelP (19-May-2007)
"20 mins linear exploration through a dark cavey/catacomb. The author has attempted to create some interesting cave areas, but the level lacks atmosphere due to poor lighting and simple texturing. You are essentially on the search for a blue gem to open a gate near the start. Even if a level is demo, I wish builders would apply a finish trigger to their level, even if it is only a temporary measure, otherwise the player is unsure whether the level is over or not. As a demo, this shows potential, but it needs significantly more game play to be a full level. The cave areas also look much better when the torches are lit. Not sure why they suddenly became active? I'd be tempted to have them lit from the start. An interesting start for this new builder but quite a bit of work to do yet." - EssGee (19-May-2007)