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The 10th Life by Lizard Queen

Andzia9 8 9 10 10
Blacksheep 10 9 8 10
Bogey 9 8 9 9
CC 9 9 9 9
EssGee 9 8 9 9
eTux 9 9 9 7
Gerty 8 8 9 8
Jack& 9 8 10 10
Jay 10 9 9 10
JesseG 10 9 9 8
Jorge22 10 9 9 10
Jose 8 8 9 10
Juno Jim 10 9 10 10
Kitkat 10 9 9 9
Kristina 8 8 8 8
manarch2 9 9 8 9
Mezcal 9 8 10 10
Micael 10 10 10 10
MichaelP 10 8 9 8
MigMarado 10 10 10 10
Minox 9 8 9 7
Mman 10 9 10 10
mugs 10 10 10 10
Mytly 10 9 9 8
Phil 10 9 9 10
QRS 10 9 10 9
Ravenwen 9 8 8 8
Raymond 10 9 9 8
Ruben 10 9 10 9
Ryan 10 10 9 9
Shady Croft 9 8 8 8
Shandroid 9 8 10 9
Torry 10 10 9 9
Treeble 9 9 9 9
release date: 01-Jun-2007
# of downloads: 133

average rating: 9.10
review count: 34
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file size: 22.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"A magnificent journey, and quite a symbolic one as well considering it's the single level built by one of the pillars in the player community. The background audio is quite soothing and works very well, despite the more action oriented nature of the level with constant platforming — almost every other room will have you bouncing back and forth off slopes, sometimes dodging flame emitters as you go along and near the end you need to line up to ropes or poles. It's good fun, though I obviously need to state I'm sticking to guided playthroughs so potential frustrating scenarios are mitigated. Some neat puzzle setups as well, with the raising pushblock statue or the labyrinth of switching doors. All in all, definitely a must play. 60 minutes, 10 secrets. 07/23" - Treeble (09-Jul-2023)
"Have to say that this challenging level by LQ is a delight and exactly what I consider a good raid to be. Tasks were difficult enough to be a challenge but not so difficult that you started questioning the author's parentage. I did not find all the secrets which is ok and did stumble around for a while wondering what to do next until I finally found that crawlspace which took me into the next rather large section of the level. This is a thinker with not too much combat involved. Loved it. My ONLY complaint was the music. At first it was pleasant but it went on and on in a continual loop until it started to annoy." - Torry (18-Nov-2021)
"I'm very glad to have played Liz's only level. I'm only saddened that she hasn't made any more so far. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

I can now perfectly understand how Liz is such a good beta-tester and walkthrough writer. Her level is just perfection, and every element fits just where it belongs. The story is beautiful and simple, and it plays out in a great way. All the visuals and sounds come together to form a very compelling setting, so I had to complete the level in one go (almost one afternoon, or 90 minutes of net gameplay).

The level is very diverse in gameplay, with loads of tricky jumps and hard to find essential objects. Still, it is never too hard or unfair. Camera hints and very organized areas made even the hardest non-linear part seem more of a challenge, almost never a chore.

This should not be played by beginners. You should at least have died 9 times before playing "The 10th Life" :D
Still, the level is fairly easy for experienced raiders, I should think.
You should play it. You'll end up thanking Lizard Queen for her genius, and for sharing it with us. Congratulations, Liz! I just loved your world beyond the last raid." - MigMarado (06-Oct-2021)
"Well, what a great debut this was, great gameplay and a great concept too, searching for the 10 lives. Even more great is that it is someone's debut. Let's hope she hasn't given up building." - Ryan (23-Dec-2015)
"This is not a level for beginners because there is a lot of challenges. Many timeruns and delicate passages. There are some great puzzles. Very good level." - Minox (27-Mar-2014)
"This is a debut work, but unexpectedly magnificent in its achievements, especially in the gameplay category. There are a lot of demanding jumps one has to master in this hour long adventure, and some of them actually take quite a few tries before one finally gets it; the level consists of more than those jumps though, as it contains a nice variety in puzzles, jumps and traps (only few parts where you have to explore - I'll come to that later) and it's mostly pure fun to play this level that has a great storyline which is well excecuted with finding ten "lifes" (pyramid keys). The ten secrets are not overly well hidden but I liked that at some of the first ones you first have to find out how to get there - or, in one occasion, how to get out. Even if mostly standard the objects are used to their potential and the trap galore is quite entertaining, I especially liked the usage of the large rotating blade traps and ropes, the boulders and the clever placement of the demigods and ahmets. What I did not enjoy so much was that there are one or two a tad too well hidden lifes in the pool area and the last few actions before placing all lifes were a bit obscure for me: First of all, the underwater maze (something I will never like) and then the oddly unmarked trigger for the draining of the passage to use a lever. Lighting and textures are pretty well done throughout the whole level; even if a few lights are strangely placed, I think that it's better than to leave the areas monotonous. There were also a few texture mistakes in the pool area I can forgive, but I really was annoyed by the looping audio track used in this level and eventually turned the sound off. In my opinion, the whole level seemed a bit too sterile for my taste - it's not something I can fault the textures for, but maybe the lava could be animated instead of just having a lava texture and the level suffered slightly from too heavy usage of greyish colours. All in all I wished the builder had released more levels than this one until now - it is not too late though ;) - as this one is really strong. Highly recommended; maybe not for beginners." - manarch2 (10-Oct-2012)
"Wonderful... the lights, the textures, gameplay, the idea about the lives... and this is your first, Liz! well... now, tell me... can i hope for another work???" - Micael (23-May-2010)
"For someone like me who loves gameplay that consists of platforming challenges mixed with puzzles, this level is an absolute treat. Lots of challenging jumps and a couple of timed runs (but nothing that gets frustrating) and several interesting puzzles (my favourite is the one with two pushable statues and raising/lowering blocks) - in short, the gameplay is superb. The level design is pleasantly complex - it's great to come back to familiar areas through previously unopenable gates. The locations are also interestingly varied, with somewhat surreal underground areas mixed with a pretty outdoor area (hmm, apparently 'the space between realms' is somewhere in south-east England, judging by the horizon ;)). The main idea of Lara paying for her sins and enduring a trial is intriguing.
There are the occasional texturing glitches, and the lighting is a bit weird at times (random coloured spots), but overall, the level looks pretty good. The textures are quite lovely in several areas (I particularly like the mosaic tiles). The background music track is pleasant in itself, but gets mildly annoying by the end, as it plays constantly throughout the level - a little variety would have been nice. Still, it's not too bad, and doesn't really detract from the atmosphere. Enemies are fairly few and far between, and are quite unusual - it was nice to see the ahmets apart from the usual water-balance puzzles.
Overall: A very good level, and an excellent debut. It's a pity the builder doesn't seem to be interested in building more levels - I for one would love to see more of her great work." - Mytly (29-Mar-2010)
"An amazing debut. Gameplay definitely isn't for beginners but for me it was constantly engaging without going so far as be frustrating, and it flowed extremely well such that I made it through without needing a walkthrough despite the difficulty; for what it is (more focused on the traps than exploration, although there certainly is some) this is about as close as it gets to a ten for me. There were a couple of new enemies that fit the theme well and the objects also fit in. The only real flaw I had with the second rating is that the secrets didn't seemed to be that hidden (although there were a couple I missed), to the point that I found discovering the intended route harder at times. The theme of level is very unique and executed well, with a sort of dream world that changes between styles throughout yet all manages to feel like part of a whole and cameras are used very well (including flybys that show things without overstaying their welcome). The lighting and texturing is also great. I hope the author has something else up their sleeve." - Mman (30-Aug-2009)
"The game was quite nice. The are beauty, colourful rooms. Only few enemies, but a lot of tricky and difficult jumps. The secrets, objects and lives were very good hidden." - Andzia9 (06-Feb-2009)
"A very nice level that will last you over an hour. Lara is on the search for 10 lives scattered throughout the level, but Lara will have to brave many cleverly constructed obstacles to get them all and escape, including rows and rows of boulders, timed runs, circular blades, slice-and-dicers (which you must avoid while swinging on ropes), ahmets, and a maze with multiple switches to manipulate the doors within. The custom objects are pretty good except the gold-plated pushable statues which seem to have a single texture that doesn't flow very well. The secrets, while not hard to find, will take an extra effort to reach, so they are a fun extra challenge. Flybys and camera cues are all good, except one should've been used to tell the player that a door opened in an underwater maze. The texturing is great, at least above water. Unfortunately underwater many cracks appear between the seams, this is probably the area the author should improve on first. Many areas to explore, such as lava rooms, temple areas, and an outdoor mountain range. The difficulty is perfect, not too frustrating but far from dull, and, somehow, simultaneously relaxing. Recommended for all players when they're ready for the challenge. A "well done" to the author, especially for a debut level." - SSJ6Wolf (02-Feb-2009)
"What a great level !!! Very well done, especially for your first one, Liz. I liked the calm background music, very relaxing in between some fast-paced jumps, and dodges - did I say I liked ramps ??? good puzzles, I like pushing blocks too... The maze sequence was very professional, with a view from above, to show you what was happening. It would have been very frustrating without that. And, it allowed me to see that little blue spot in mid air - what is that ??? I found out later... For such a compact game, there was an awful lot of good gameplay." - Juno Jim (03-Nov-2007)
"Well, be amazed what we can get from a first time builder. Although not my favourite game-play, but you have to admire the girl. It is a trap galore and it'll keep you on your toes throughout the game. Do read the readme as in there is a remarkable move Lara has to make to continue her journey. This for sure is a game to put your thinking cap on so you can find your way, collecting the"10 Lives" (Guardian Keys) you need to finish and in the mean time also getting your hands on secrets that are nicely hidden. There is one nasty timed run but with some practice you can make it (although that lever in between the gates through me off big time LOL). Nice puzzling apart from the one block puzzle as that made no sense to me, and by sheer luck I got the lever/opening gates puzzle right the first time around. As for building, especially under water, there is something called a"Crack mode" and it isn't there for nothing" - Gerty (25-Sep-2007)
"An amazing level and what an impressive debut! Although a bit too overloaded with traps, tricky jump sequences and timed events, overall it's one big challenge with several requiring gameplay situations that is perfect for those who, like yours truely, enjoy this sort of action in a game. What I didn't like that much however was that I had to look for so many alike artifacts; I always get impatient when the main action in a level is locating a dozen of similar items, because after a while it gets a bit repetitive. Not so much in this level though, as most of the times the tasks you have to go through so as to locate the items in question are quite inventive and challenging. The atmosphere is good in general, the surfaces though could be a bit smoother in certain rooms. Great first level, very promising; looking forward to Lizard Queen's next work." - Ravenwen (08-Sep-2007)
"Wow, and thanks for the Lizard Queen's impressive debut! Only one complaint: this was released too early. LQ should have taken this nucleus and developed the 10th life quest into the epic adventure that such an imaginative theme promises. Although she has intimated that this would be her last endeavor, it would be great if the significant response she has received will be the catalyst to inspire her on to the more complex and rich epic she has shown she is capable of. It's very difficult to report a novel conceptual aspect about the work in a review when the earlier reviewers have already"plagiarized" all my impressions (smile), and expressed them a lot better than I ever could! The 10th Life is a compact, power-packed adventure that will reward you in all raiding elements. The work is sophisticated and gorgeous. From the outset, you will be hanging on for dear life (literally), suspended over certain death, desperately searching for solutions to imaginative dilemmas. There is gifted attention to detail in every area with lighting and design, interlaced throughout with demanding intelligence, subtle humor, and artistic flair that will delight you. Throw in moments of sheer beauty, skillfully crafted challenges, and her choice for the key musical score, and you get a miniature Vermeer in all its mesmerizing and alluring magic." - Mezcal (05-Sep-2007)
"This game has very good puzzles, but gameplay was not very good for me 'cause the many difficult tasks I've found along the entire game; this made me reload and reload too many times and so I couldn't enjoy the fantastic background music. There are few enemies and secrets are not very hard to find if you explore a little. The best for me were lights and textures. A great level but not for beginners." - Jose (23-Aug-2007)
"This is my first TR level after a long break. I had a hard time picking a level to play but then I chose to try Lizard Queen's first ever level. After about 1 hour and 15 min I gotta say "Amazing comeback". The level is very good and enjoyable. It was so full of puzzles and jumps that I was busy for the whole hour. The background music is really beautiful and peaceful. The texturing and lighting is well done and created an amazing atmosphere, very warm and welcoming...I did feel warm in it, I swear. The gameplay is top notch,LQ proved that with simple basic TR elements like simple traps and triggers,one could great a very enjoyable level. The whole level and gameplay revolves around navigating Lara through different,interconnected places to look for 10 items (lives) and yes,you heard...I mean,read corrrectly...10. The quest is so much fun and not simple. The only enemies you encounter are afew ahmets and demons, but they're not easy to kill so they do add abit of spices to the level and gameplay. My first level after a month and I tell ya, my list of favourite builders has a new name on it....I absoloutly recommend this one! Thank you,LQ! cant wait your next level." - Shady Croft (15-Aug-2007)
"Wow! This has to be the most enjoyable and impressive debut level I've played in quite a while! And while the difficulty rating for this one dishearteningly stands as 'very challenging' I never really found it to be too difficult and actually had immense fun overcoming the challenges the author had come up and found it to be the most fun 'challenging' level I've played in quite a while! There truly never is a dull moment here as you are kept busy from the "Go!" - sliding down slopes, and if you're not swift enough - missing out on the very first secret. I found 8 of the 10 secrets, and considering myself not to be the strongest player in that category, I actually felt quite accomplished for that as well! But the hunt for the 10 lives (guardian keys) delivers in every other aspect too - as said - you're kept busy from the very beginning till the very end with clever jump sequences, clever use of traps (boulders, slicer-dicers (for those not familiar with the level builder jargon - those spinning blades from "Tomb of Seth"), spikes, burners, etc) and there's even the inclusion of a small rather well accomplished maze as well, and I found that all of this easily kept me going for more than an hour till I finally climbed the elevator that took her away from the magical realm. The looks are solid, and I thought the additional music tracks were well chosen for the best possible atmosphere for a kind of in-between-place as I assume the author intended it to be. If I have any criticisms at all - then I thought it would've been neat if all the tasks would somehow fit in more organically in the environment - i.e. so it isn't too obvious that the slope or pillar sticking out is mainly for its functionality in gameplay. It kind of worked in some places here and didn't in others, but it's a minor criticism as far as this level goes, since the main idea in the first place was to provide the challenge! And if it's a fun one like Liz's debut - I'm definitely looking forward to any follow ups that there might be!" - eTux (07-Aug-2007)
"What a sophisticated level this is! Almost the entire level consists of challenging jumps and a few head-scratchers, set to a beautiful score. The textures and lighting are top-notch. This was a challenging level that was so well done that I was amazed it was Liz's first level. I recommend this one to anyone who wants a challenge." - Shandroid (13-Jul-2007)
"This is a debut level? Impressed! Lizard Queen has studied the formula, obviously put a lot of work into, and produced a superb level, with the right amount of everything. Not too long, nor too short. Excellent design, texturing, lighting, colours, atmosphere, storyline and enemies. Most rooms are very beautiful to look at, if lethal to explore. And the lovely music adds greatly to the 'feel' of the level. Some people might complain about the lack of enemies, but the level didn't need any more. The ones we do meet are very well placed. Itıs a great exploring/strategy/thinking level. The 'puzzles' are great, and even though we've seen similar in the past, these will look very 'new'. The author asks the player to stretch their imagination a little about how to proceed. Great jump sequences, traps, timed runs, and object pushing exercises. Love it when the music lasts the length of a flyby. We need to find 10 Lifes (geddit!)(pyramid keys) to access a cool looking lift to... I suppose another chance at life. While here though we experience enough 'deaths', so saving is recommended. Some situations of note are: backflipping off a column, immediately draw pistols and shoot a gate while in mid air to land inside an entrance; the tight timed run with levers, the patterned block puzzle, the maze puzzle, and making our way up to the very top of this extraordinary place, which has an almost surreal/otherworldly look to it. A little work needs to be done with the flybys leaving the map and blades coming through walls. But otherwise itıs an excellent level, and hopefully the first of many more to come. Well done LQ." - CC (07-Jul-2007)
"Fabulous debut from Liz and it shows that we have a builder here who has years of playing experience and was now trying to provide a challening level for the more experienced raiders out there. This is a very task oriented adventure that moves you along from one area to the next presenting a variety of creative challenges, including plenty of unusual jumping, burners and boulders to avoid, timed runs to master, original block puzzles and even the small underwate maze near the end that seemed added as an afterthought and was really not necessary could not spoil my top score in the first category. Very few enemies throughout and I only found five of the ten secrets." - MichaelP (02-Jul-2007)
"This is simply an outstanding debut level. You never get bored - There is always some tricky jump to figure out or a timed run to complete. There are enemies too, ahmets and demigods, always well placed but don't worry as there is more than enough ammo and medipacks to deal with them. Some of the secrets are easy to find, others not so easy... The textures are lovely and the background music is very atmospheric. The camera work is also superb. Lizard Queen has produced a fantasic level. I look forward to her next one." - Kitkat (19-Jun-2007)
"My, this must be one of the most imaginative custom levels I've ever played in its own way! In just a few rooms, or so it seems, not an extravagantly large universe at all, Lizard Queen takes us on a technically challenging ride along most of what classic Tomb Raider has to offer. Personally, I like something with more of a story than Lara searching for 10 lives... But let's be fair: this is so well done and the feeling of accomplishment is so good in the end that I really must rate it well." - Jorge22 (18-Jun-2007)
"Great single level! This is unstoppable technical challenge. I have found this level by hearing from Mac Raider who's tested my latest level. I thought that it must be a great level or good builder who was tested by Mac Raider. I'm sure I'm right. I've finished about 2hours. get 6 secrets. I could not found the Last life which was hidden at side flooding pool. It's beautiful and amazing world, good lighting. Game play is so compicated and very risky. But I have that background music on the brain for a while despite I finished this level. And I want some enemies who made game play more dangerous. I'm looking forward to see her next level. Thanks!!!" - Blacksheep (13-Jun-2007)
"I loved this. There's a mesmerisingly lovely beginning to the level, followed by an excellent sliding and jumping about sequence that I thoroughly enjoyed. There are some very good challenges throughout, with a great mix of agility tests and puzzles and just the occasional enemy, neatly placed to spice things up. It looks and sounds wonderful and really is an astonishingly good debut level. Yes, I found it hard in one or two areas, but I persevered and got a nice warm glow of achievement when I finally managed things. Superb gameplay and not to be missed." - Jay (12-Jun-2007)
"Now, here is a beautiful level indeed. The soft background music gives it an unreal, ethereal feeling. This is underscored by the focused thematic design of some areas which give the level a somewhat abstract appearance. There are many rather tricky passages, for example jumps with the "wrong" distance (i.e. too long for a standing jump and too short for a straightforward running jump). There are several "fire monsters" (ahmets) and a couple of demigods, but there is plenty of revolver ammo and loads of medipacks. The level is unusually well balanced, and in general the tasks have a fresh appearance and are tweeked to require more than simple routine work to perform. There are not fewer than ten secrets. One of these is a bit too sneaky, but most secrets are fairly uncomplicated to spot and to get." - Bogey (10-Jun-2007)
"This is an inordinately fine debut level, ingenious in its conception and virtually flawless in its execution. It displays the competence of someone with a keen mind and imagination, and someone in firm command of the level editor. The player is faced with challenge after challenge from the very beginning room, where you have a tricky jump and monkey swing sequence past flame blowers just to reach a place where, clinging to a wall, you have to execute a complicated maneuver (described in the builder's readme) that I've never encountered in a custom level. Just when you think you've reached an area of relative security, you have to use your sense of hearing to make your way past a spike trap (your back is to it as you begin your move). There are timed runs that seem nearly impossible until you know the trick, then they become almost a piece of cake. There are extended jump, monkey swing and breakledge sequences requiring near-perfect placement, where a single misstep will send you hurtling to your doom and require you to start all over again as you mumble obscenities. The lighting is also superb, and I rarely felt the urge to light a flare. The surroundings are also quite pleasing to the eye, and the only places I found relatively dull and unimaginative were the underwater locations. Your task is to find 10 guardian keys, or "lives," sprinkled throughout the level (and yes, you have to find all 10 to finish). I nearly panicked when I reached the concluding area with the receptacles and realized I had only 9, knowing where I had left the missing one, but a nearby switch opened a gate and led me (from the other side) to the one that had eluded me. I was honored when LQ asked me to test the level before its release, and as I am wont to do, I enabled the flycheat so I could make my way around freely and without distraction in order to get a global sense of the tasks awaiting me. While playing the level I noticed several flickers on my screen that were obviously intended to be cut scenes. When I pointed this out to LQ, she insisted that my experience was unique and DOZY-related. I insisted just as vehemently that it was a bug that needed fixing, as I had never encountered this phenomenon while cheating my way through hundreds of other levels. When the final version was released, I gritted my teeth and played the whole thing by the book (netting nearly two hours of gaming time, by the way). To my chagrin, the cut scenes this time played exactly as intended, forcing this public mea culpa and a plea for LQ's forgiveness. While testing the level I was thinking of it to be in the 8.5 range. However, LQ has made some changes, particularly near the end, which in my mind elevate it to 9.5 status. I'm tempted to give it top marks, but I refrain because to do so would leave no room for her to improve her level-building skills. And improvement naturally means more levels, as it would be a tragic loss to the gaming community if this were to turn out to be a "one shot." Well done, LQ." - Phil (09-Jun-2007)
"A Smash Hit straight into the charts ! Starting off with rather low expectations I soon found out that this fantastic new level builder has much more to offer than just a few slide jumps over burning grounds. The players goal in this huge one-level adventure is to collect ten objects called "lives" in various areas to open a door that leads to freedom. Most beautiful locations , tightly timed runs and cleverly designed puzzles accompanied by cool good music , it`s all here to please the players heart. It`s not an easy ride by the way and at certain stages you will be tempted to look out for help in one of the forums ! Alas ,in the end the builder has forgotten to give us a reward for all this hard labour ! Why did poor Lara had to go through all this ? Only to step into an elevator wellnigh empty-handed ? A short goodbye-movie as in Richards UB4 seeing Lara sailing away dreaming of a well-deserved holiday would have made a 10 rating complete !" - Ruben (09-Jun-2007)
"Lizard Queen ! Way to go ! Your game is so beautifully crafted in it's simplicity and difficulty. You would think that the two just cannot be used in the same sentence, but you did it. It is clear that you have a perfect sense of game-play and what it will take to keep the player stimulated. It is also clear that you have a firm grasp on the art of creating an interesting venue. The enemies in this game are intellegently placed and serve to raise the bar at just the right moments. I just cannot find fault with this game. It is outstanding ! You have so much to be proud of with this debut. Congratulations ! Now, get cracking because I don't want to wait long for the next LQ production." - Mugs (08-Jun-2007)
"Phew! That was one challenging raid. Lizard queen's debut level is most impressive and you'll feel well satisfied when you complete it. A combination of interesting textures and good lighting sets an an excellent backdrop for this level. Hold on to your seat, as this is an onslaught of your tomb raiding skills. The level almost plays like a Hard Core assault course, with every new room presenting you with challenging puzzles or devious sliding/jumping routes to get to where you want to go. I even used a combination move that I've never used before. The gameplay is top-shelf and a feast for the experienced raider. I wasn't totally convinced by the environs - a sort of surreal catacomb interspersed with lava rooms and water caves, that conveys the dream-like atmosphere that the author intended, but lacks some continuity. The atmosphere is still very, very good, and there is some clever design work gone into the layout of every puzzle room. The soothing background audio is the perfect cure for frazzled nerves, and helps you keep your cool when you think you are losing it. Enemies were sparsely used, but were strategically placed to cause you considerable grief. Everything was fairly laid out with the assistance of camera clues. I spent more than 2 hours net time in this level and it took me three nights to complete, so you will certainly get your money's worth with this one. Just be persistent and patient to get your self through to the end. With a high level of difficulty it is possibly not for the beginner, but if you're in the mood for some seriously challenging gameplay in some great surroundings, this is the level for you. Well done LQ." - EssGee (07-Jun-2007)
"what i can say ....... i enjoyed every minutes off playing this game ..... very well done and challenging... i cannot belive that Liz managed so nice work at her first build course is not the best level i played but for sure is the best from a builder wich made his first custom level .... i am not agree fully with Kristina with the marks she give at this work ...... this level deserve more than 8 at the line......very nice work thx again Liz." - Jack& (05-Jun-2007)
"An exciting debut level by lizard queen! I highly enjoyed playing and testing it, especially because of a balanced, diversified and challenging gameplay. You get all, what should be in a good level: nice jumping sequences, good puzzles, tough timed sequences, good action and well placed enemies. In this game Lara enters a mystical realm for a quest of ten Life-Crystals. Textures and sound are well choosen, the cameras perfectly placed and lighting superb. The application of textures could be a bit better in some areas. But this is the only thing, I have to critisize a bit. Otherwise I can only say: You have to play this one! But you should have some expierence with TR, because of it's challenging tasks!" - Raymond (05-Jun-2007)
"This is absolutly one of the best debut levels I have ever played. It is packed with puzzles, beautiful areas, challenging "action puzzles" etc. You name it! All of this bear the authors own touch and is very unique. The gameplay is well balanced. Sometimes easy, sometimes hard but never boring or pointless. The secrets I found (7/?) were rather easy to find but still a bit of a challenge :) Besides the gameplay, I must mention the sound and cameras! Perfect. Nothing more to say about it really. Oh one more thing: I just love when a flyby lasts as long as the tune does. This was done to perfection here! Overall this is a fantastic level. Especially for a first time builder! Keep up the good work, Liz! Can we have a sequel, please!?!" - QRS (04-Jun-2007)
"It's hard to believe that this is Liz' first level. It's so well done and has such a straight forward gameplay that is suitable for all raiders. I didn't get bored once even though the items to find are just guardian keys. Don't think that there is no challenge in the level because you couldn't be more wrong. The game starts with a challenging jump and shoot combination from Lara in order to start her quest and access the next area. Even though I tested this enough times to know every nook and cranny of this level, I always managed to miss one secret so I ended up with nine of them. The level is close to an hour and twenty minutes long with a few mutants, demigods and a crocodile around. I have to say that I am impressed from Liz' first level and as far as I am concerned it's highly recommended. I hope her next level will leave us if not more at least equally pleased as this one did." - Kristina (03-Jun-2007)