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TR Anniversary Demo: Temple of Khamoon by Razyel

Blacksheep 5 7 7 6
CC 7 6 7 6
eRIC 7 7 7 8
eTux 5 7 6 7
Gerty 5 7 6 6
Jay 7 7 7 8
JesseG 7 7 7 7
Jose 8 7 8 9
Kitkat 7 7 8 8
Kristina 6 6 6 6
MichaelP 7 6 7 7
Nina Croft 7 6 8 7
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 9
Phil 7 7 8 8
Ryan 6 7 7 7
Treeble 6 8 8 8
release date: 18-Jun-2007
# of downloads: 53

average rating: 6.95
review count: 16
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file size: 23.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Remake

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Another reminder that I need to get my stuff in order so I can finally get that replay of the LAU trilogy going. But quite honestly, while some similarities to the TRA (and parts of its TR1 counterpart, too) are there, this is a level that stands entirely on its own. Gameplay relies too heavily on pushblock puzzles, and also there's a lot (a lot) of shimmying to be done, both of these are painfully slow actions by default and the sheer amount of time you spend doing either of those things might add up to a substantial percentage of the actual playtime. The underwater room with the tilted columns was brilliant (shame the water was opaque though), and generally speaking I liked the visuals here, it follows a sandy pattern from start to finish but as a whole it works in my opinion. Lighting is a bit weird though, some objects are highlighted among shadows, but that's just a random observation. 55 minutes. 04/24" - Treeble (07-May-2023)
"This Egypt level sports a sleek new appearance, reminiscent of Anniversary. The hallowed halls and huge rooms do look nice, but a bit too empty for my liking. I did find the gameplay a bit tedious with high amounts of extensive shimmying and pillar pushing. Enemies and available weaponry were a bit unbalanced: you encounter ahmets, crocodiles and jackals, but you start and finish solely with your pistols. A solid little level though, even if the gameplay dragged on a bit." - Ryan (20-Mar-2017)
"Not a bad hour-long level, if you enjoy the old school Egyptian settings. Some of the jumping and shimmying exercises got a bit tedious after being repeated more often than necessary, and you're never provided more armament than the basic pistols to deal with a significant number of enemies (ahmets and crocodiles being the most formidable). However, in most cases you're able to retreat to a safe position while you deal with them, so that was not a major issue. I've never played Anniversary, so I can have no opinion on whether or not this is a faithful remake. Harry Laudie has provided a easily followed walkthrough that documents no secrets." - Phil (21-Apr-2016)
"I have some mixed feelings about this level. The level has too many downsides, that its good moments simply remain unobserved and forgotten as soon as the game is finished. As much as I liked the interesting way the rooms are interconnected, and despite the fact that this is the best level of this builder so far, and despite the fact that it is almost impossible to get lost or stuck while playing it, the level is nonetheless too frustrating and too straightforward. The gameplay that includes many puzzles to solve, climbs, some tricky jumps, many switches to find and enemies to kill, would have been much, much greater if the builder was a bit more generous and at least gave us some nice weapons and ammo to deal with those nasty mutants. At the very beginning you instantly meet three mutants in a room with almost no space for manuever (due to pools). And you have only your dual guns. I don't think that is fair. You will meet many such enemies along the way, and be forced to fight them with your dual pistols. To make things even more tedious, number of medipacks provided is way too low. So spare them as much as you can and save, on new slots, if you intend to finish this level eventually. The overall architecture is nicely built, but I could not help noticing that the rooms were too blocky and flat, although their interconnection is pretty nicely imagined. I also noticed some misplaced objects, such as Greko-Roman pillars in Egyptian settings. At least there are many Egyptian pillars offered, and the builder simply did not have to use the ones he did. There is something awkward with the lighting, and I am not sure if the problem was with my laptop or with the game itself, since Lara and the environment seemed very strange under this lighting. Textures are nicely chosen, but not so nicely applied, as there are too many cracks (also affecting the lighting) along the way. Nevertheless, there are some nice moments and touches to be seen as well. I particularly enjoyed the room with huge statues where the builder used these statues as pillars "carrying" the ledges in their hands. The room with rope above spikes is also nicely designed and in my opinion, this was the hardest moment of the entire game. Flybys are also great, as well as choice of music tracks. Enemies are "announced" by dramatic music, and I particularly enjoyed the "Diva Dance" from The Fifth Element movie, although I hate that first fight with three mutants. Unexpectedly long level that has almost nothing to do with the Temple of Khamoon from Anniversary, but that does not necessarily have to be a bad thing. Relatively easy level, if you know how to fight the mutants successfully without losing too much energy in the process." - Nina Croft (06-Sep-2013)
"A full hour of a level based rather loosely off of the Temple of Khamoon level. I just wish that hour had a few more interesting parts. Most of it is filled with simple, but time consuming pushable block puzzles, and long shimmying sequences. But at the same time you can look forward to rope swinging or climbing around spikes piping out of walls and floors. The crocodiles and ahmet-mummies will give your trigger finger a workout though, however some other weapons would have been nice (unless I simply missed them). The level structure is quite interesting at times; Lara explores arches above a throne room previosuly visited, or swims through a sunken hall that gives a good impression that the room has rotated out of place. The spikes are missing sounds, and also those odd doors that "snap" upwards when you open them. The level looks nice, but the column structures often have stretched textures, and some squished ones are speckled around in the rough terrain areas. One rope is very hard to grab (I think Lara is too close to the ceiling), and some switches that disable spikes are not reliable as it depends on the timing, so keep separate saves, players. Overall a good effort from the author, but regrettably melancholy in the end." - SSJ6Wolf (25-Jan-2009)
"Demo, schlemo, as this is in my opinion a full level. Despite the huge rooms and new textures, for me it felt bare and too clean. For an old Temple I would think there should be more rubble. I can't compare it with TRA, as I haven't played it and if this is a"look a like" remake I have no intention of playing it, as it was rather dull gameplay-wise. What stands out is that it is huge and that means running around a lot. Also the pushing one has to do So far it is the best level this builder made though. So if you are up for an easy raiding of tombs give it a try." - Gerty (26-Apr-2008)
"I can't compare this to TR Anniversary or another Razyel level as I haven't played them. What I can say is that from the start of this level I was impressed by the surroundings, sound and soft lighting. All areas are huge, unnaturally huge, even for the most impressive Egyptian temple or tomb. This was great for all those high climbs, jumps and extremely long shimmys. And it provides plenty of room to deal with all those enemies, dogs, crocodiles and mummy mutants, with your only available weapons - pistols. One surprising moment was watching a flyby and realising Lara was being attacked by a crocodile before it ended. The result though is a tad monotonous with the same textures in each room. In real life these interiors would look like this, but we are in a game, and the only thing that broke this sameiness were the pools of water and odd bit of greenery. The monumental Pharoah statues did look impressive from below and high above looking down at them. And the semi-collapsed sunken architecture we swim through looked very unique. There is the occasional object to push around and we find scarabs and a snake key. It was interesting the way it all connects on different levels, as we pass through these huge areas from different directions and at different heights. Having said all that, this is a very pleasant level to play, and easy enough for the newbie players. It covers a lot of ground in a good-looking environment. And is a welcome reprieve from more complicated and exhausting levels out there." - CC (12-Nov-2007)
"Quite a huge adventure with easy progression that never has you wonder about your next steps for too long. Unfortunately, some of those next steps prove to be more tedious than engaging tasks and there is too much of the good old 'pull lever - open nearby door' gameplay throughout. Enemies are also not overly inspired in choice (dogs, ahmets, crocs) and placement. I have not played TRA so cannot judge whether this is a good remake level, but all on its own it is a solid yet not very inspired level to play through." - MichaelP (23-Sep-2007)
"Never thought I'd play a remake of a remake. I find the concept to be equally ironic, brain racking and scary. Having very recently finished the same level from the Anniversary game, I could definitely see the resemblance in some areas and events, like the meetings with the mummy-cats (ahmets here) the statue room, attempts to recreate some puzzles, the cat statue room and possibly more that has already faded from my memory. And while I still don't believe I'll ever play a remake that will blow me out of my socks, this one seems to be diverse enough to be rated as a level by its own merits, despite the few areas where you can see the gameplay was obviously inspired from the mentioned game. I felt it was too inspired by some elements though, because while the movable block puzzles and shimmy cracks work wonderfully in that game, I found it just dragged the gameplay for most part on our own engine. The looks could've been more diverse, as while the texturing and lighting is fairly good for most part, I found that I grew tired of the yellow hue that dominates the looks in this adventure. The fly-bys perplexed me a little, cause the first one seemed to drag a little, while the second one was very dizzy and chaotic, not to mention that it allowed one of the first crocodiles to have a go at Lara, while she's inanely staring at the switch she just pulled. But all of these are minor issues, and I really only had one gripe as far as the level goes - namely, you can unsuspectingly neglect picking up the Egyptian stars and return to the start of the level realizing you've missed them. While this doesn't paralyze you for good, I was still slightly irritated at this unfortunate turn of events, as I had to redo a vast part of the level, including one puzzle, that reset itself when you re-entered that particular area. I suppose it speaks for the author, that you in fact CAN redo this and are not stuck for good, but I certainly would've appreciated if there had been any 'safety precautions' that prevented me from suffering from my own stupidity and/or negligence in other ways then spending 15 to 20 extra minutes in this, already fairly long single level adventure. If you like Egyptian themed levels, especially if they're TR1 or TR: Anniversary inspired, try this, but keep your eyes open when playing." - eTux (09-Aug-2007)
"This long egypt level has a good look. Full of tall rooms and well textured. Prepare yourself for shimmy a lot and move objects over long paths. There are plenty of enemies, but I coudn't find extra weapons so only could defend me with my pistols. You'll have to go back many times but don't worry, there are a lot of cameras which help you a lot. There are some missed sounds, and I got very difficult to grab the ropes I don't know why. A good level for me anyway." - Jose (27-Jul-2007)
"I'm not sure I'd class this as a demo. It's definitely full level size and rather a nice one. The gameplay is mostly linear and not particularly challenging, but manages to be very enjoyable. There are a lot of jackals and a few ahmets and crocodiles to deal with and the pace moves along well. The rooms are extremely imposing and beautifully textured and Lara gets to find a few artefacts along the way. I liked it." - Jay (02-Jul-2007)
"This is visually a lovely level, the textures and the architecture work very well together. I liked the way I kept finding myself back in the same room but seeing it from a different perspective. I thought three ahmets to start the level with was "challenging" to say the least, considering I only had my dual pistols! After that the enemies became easier! Mainly crocodiles. There are no really frustrating puzzles or traps and the gameplay is smooth. A very enjoyable return to Egypt." - Kitkat (01-Jul-2007)
"The setting and old textures match the environment of the Temple of Khamoon that the builder wanted to create. Personally I find levels with old themes and textures uninteresting and unattractive so I didn't enjoy this very much. The gameplay is straight forward but not boring with many dogs though and some mutants. There are a few items to find along the way such as a gem, talisman items and hands. Also you will operate many switches and kill a lot of crocodile near the end of the level. It's an easy and simple level for all raiders but the experienced ones won't be pleased with the lack of challenge." - Kristina (24-Jun-2007)
"A rather long and straightforward level , in which you revisit some of the big areas from a different point or height. The level looks good , the rooms have a good architecture including diagonal walls and I particularly appreciate the different textures that go well together, creating a rather unique setting , in a rather yellowish lighting. This level is easy and pleasant to play , there are no major difficulties or traps, with the occasional fight with a group of retextured ahmets of dogs. The builder has made a good work." - eRIC (22-Jun-2007)
"I can not express my view about this level by comparing with TR Anniversary because I?fm not in a situation enabling to play it. But I longingly recalled TR1Gold. If Lighting would be more effectively and there were several puzzles in there except for pushable objects and gap grabbing movement --- In the enormous room where those giant statues sitting, I have needed many times loading game because short distance jumping for grabbing a gap. It?fs nice map modeling --- , I think that this level would be more interesting. Dogs, crocodiles, ahmets ?c encountering with them provided thrills (music are good!), but it?fs too easy to get rid of them. There are many safety squares around. I can feel the author?fs capability of constructing hierarchical rooms in there. I?fm looking forward to Lazyel?fs next level. Thanks." - Blacksheep (20-Jun-2007)
"You know by now that you're going to get a good-looking adventure from Razyel,and this one absolutely does not dissapoint. What has sometimes let him down in the past is a somewhat straightforward quality to his Gameplay,but this time around you're getting rather more of a challenge. There are a few too many shimmies (and definately too many dogs) for my liking,but progression is smooth and often rather ingenious with many instances of returning to a room you'd already been to and thought you knew well,only to find yourself navigating through it once more but from a different height and direction. The architecture is always impressive (especially the room with the row of giant statues) and the lighting effective. A suitable sense of majesty is engendered in the environment and,combined with the fun and fast-moving progression,ensures that you'll have a really good,and reasonably challenging(but never frustrating) time. Razyel's best level so far." - Orbit Dream (20-Jun-2007)