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South Pacific Contest - Dangerous Paradise by Mr XY

Akcy 8 8 8 10
Andzia9 9 8 10 10
Bene 9 8 10 10
eRIC 8 8 9 10
eTux 8 8 9 9
Feats 9 9 10 9
Gerty 8 8 9 10
Jay 9 9 10 10
JoeTheCrazyGamer 7 9 8 9
John 9 8 8 9
Jose 9 9 9 10
jtrim 9 9 9 9
Kitkat 9 9 10 9
Kristina 8 8 9 9
manarch2 7 8 9 9
MichaelP 9 8 9 10
mugs 9 8 9 9
Mytly 9 8 9 9
Orbit Dream 9 8 9 10
PaoloM 7 7 8 10
Phil 8 8 9 9
psaiu 8 8 9 10
Ravenwen 9 8 10 10
Raymond 9 8 9 10
Relic Hunter 9 9 10 9
Ruben 9 9 9 9
Ryan 9 8 10 10
Spike 10 10 10 10
Torry 10 10 10 10
Treeble 9 9 10 10
release date: 01-Jul-2007
# of downloads: 157

average rating: 8.96
review count: 30
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file size: 29.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: South Pacific

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A short and sweet raid to be found here! Engaging gameplay throughout, well put together and the South Pacific aesthetic is always pleasant to behold. Some interesting traps and puzzles to be found along the way with nothing too taxing for the player. The Poleswing animation was a little on the broken side for myself but didn't detract too much from the overall experience. Would recommend to players of any skill level." - Feats (06-Mar-2024)
"In comparison to the previous entry in the SPC-Pacific levels, this is a much more streamlined adventure, and that is definitely a good thing. Gameplay boils down to a handful of key areas with tasks always obvious at hand, so you finish one before moving on to the next. The initial multitiered open cave areas were particularly intriguing in design, but it's a beautiful level around. The burning pillars seemed to go off at random intervals, I found myself with Lara going up in flames upon each pillar, so saving every step of the way is the way to go. 30 minutes, 1 secret. 04/24" - Treeble (30-Apr-2023)
"I do enjoy a bright and sunny south pacific level, especially if the weather is cold and rainy like it is today and this level was just what i was hoping for: bright, yet mysterious atmosphere with a fantastic variety of colour, exploration, platforming, puzzles, timed runs and nasty traps. I never actually got stuck and needed a walk-through which is a huge bonus for me and i really enjoyed all the tricky tasks of navigating around the open canyon at the start to the timed fire platforms later on to retrieve a pink crystal. Even the puzzle with movable item was clever but of course the highlights for had to be the timed runs and adrenaline fueled traps what a treat! The only negatives for me maybe would be the length of the level being a bit too short as i didn't want it to finish so quickly and possibly the easiness of some of the tasks as well as a lack of a vehicle? but apart from that its nearly perfect! A must download!" - John (17-Nov-2022)
"I really enjoyed this gorgeous level and never had to refer to a walk through once. Always good level design in my opinion. Everything was intuitive and fun. There are a few tricky jumps to negotiate and one or two "how do I get up there" moments but I thoroughly enjoyed the 45 minutes I spent here. Textures are great and the lighting just right. My only complaint is that it ended too soon." - Torry (02-Nov-2022)
"I liked that this level seemed to have the right amount of difficulty. Everything was also well-made." - jtrim (18-Sep-2020)
"The first impressive flyby sets the tone for the rest of the level: beautiful. This is a relatively easygoing adventure, which while containing no head scratching puzzles, is nonetheless enjoyable. A few jumps round a canyon, a few keys to find and a few traps to avoid. Nice enough and good looking but fairly short." - Ryan (17-Jun-2016)
"There were a few puzzles in this short TRLE and I enjoyed some of them. I would recommend this TRLE to beginners. Took about 45 Minutes to complete." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (13-Dec-2015)
"Visually, this level ranks among the best of this contest. The initial waterfall caves were really great to look at and the rest of the level managed to keep up with this atmospherical quality, as there were a few neat lighting effects - lighting was superb throughout the whole level - and an overall great architecture of the temple and outside areas. Still textures could have been improved a bit as when looking more carefully some of them are badly squeezed , especially when the architecture starts getting more complicated. At the start, I found it hard to get out of the water due to many slopes; the gameplay seemed to mostly consist of some medium difficult jumps around the caves, but there also were two relatively large shortcuts that can shorten the playtime by quite an amount. Not sure if this is necessary. During the whole game it plays in an again quite linear mood with not many places where to get stuck. My only problem was that I wished there were more real challenges to the level, an issue I had just like in most of the other levels in this contest. The gameplay never gets a bit of complicated, the puzzles (at least there were a few) were not really challenging to figure out and the few trap sequences didn't take more than one or two tries, with the exception of the burner pillars at the end that got hugely annoying because some of them never stop for more than one second, which makes saving/reloading necessary to turn them off. Also, a lot more could have been done in the final room, as it first looks quite complicated but you're getting the artifact in no time. This was again a very short level (25 minutes) and I found one very nicely hidden secret." - manarch2 (14-Jul-2012)
"This is a very nice level, and my personal favourite from the 3 SPC levels I have played so far. As far as looks and atmosphere are concerned, this level is wonderful. There's a variety of pretty and interesting areas, including beautiful canyons, underground caves and a tribal village. But unfortunately, some of areas are underutilized or redundant - for example, instead of two nearly identical canyons for the two keys at the beginning, the builder could have combined them into one area; the huge temple-type room with the artefact at the end is lovely, but there's no way to explore it thoroughly.
The gameplay is quite good and varied, with a few simple but good puzzles, a couple of timed runs over raising trapdoors, a challenging jump sequence over burning blocks, and some swingpole-based platforming. I'm not sure why the level is called 'Dangerous Paradise' - it certainly looks like a paradise, but it's not very dangerous (compared to the places Lara normally visits, that is!). There are just a few, easy-to-tackle enemies and even fewer traps. The builder seems to prefer spikes as wall decorations rather than as traps!
Overall: A somewhat short and fairly simple, yet enjoyable level. Recommended." - Mytly (16-May-2010)
"Very beautiful level. Game wasn't very difficult. Few enemies, only two and easy timed runs. The atmosphere was wonderful." - Andzia9 (26-Feb-2009)
"The title is ominous, the level on itself wasn't. This was fun, jumping wise anyway as here you also have to find some keys but now finding a way to get to them. The overall look of this level is excellent; you can see that great care went into it. Gameplay wise there are various things to do in here and nothing too hard to perform. Never a dull moment, so to say." - Gerty (01-Apr-2008)
"This was lovely, but unfortunately ended too soon! There are several things to do in the beautifully set environments, and the gameplay is smart, fast and very well-organized, as is the generally clear-cut structure of the level. The atmosphere is brilliant, the effects & texturing work perfectly, while a couple of amazing flybys add conveniently to the whole. A few more puzzles and more elaborate trials could have been rather welcome though, as the overall architecture of the areas looks quite promising, but most of the times you find out quite easily what exactly you have to do." - Ravenwen (13-Sep-2007)
"The opening area and the fly-by showing it was very spectacular, perhaps overly even, because it held out more todos than actually gave, so in that respect backfired a bit, it showed that gameplaywise the large areas weren't utilized enough. Therefore though the level isn't small, felt quite short, but was fluent and interesting the entire way, the tasks varied and enjoyable. There was no real challenge, finished without a scratch, perhaps some timed tasks required a second attempt. But the scenery is great, good building and texturing, lighting is also great, specially at the underground parts. Only the village wasn't too authentic, the buildings were too big, I guess the author didn't want to use paper thin walls, but this way they became more like houses rather than huts, and didn't create native village atmosphere. On the other hand, all the other areas were very good. Ideal for a light adventure, and the scenery is really remarkable." - Akcy (09-Aug-2007)
"Excellent level. This part of the jungle is really dangerous, but with your intelligence and a bit of luck you'll get the blue crystal (your goal). This level has a good environment with a lineal gameplay and good puzzles; there are some hard timed runs but not impossible. Good architecture, well lightened and textured, good cameras,... A proffesional level you must play." - Jose (27-Jul-2007)
"The second level I played for this contest has a great, colourful setting as well. It is shorter but in no way less fun. Lara has to find an artifact again, a couple of gems and keys to be able to get to it. The enemies are again natives and dinos with a few crocodiles cruising around the waters. The only secret in the level, a golden rose, can be obtained after a timed run that's not so hard. So far I see no resemblance to the previous level I played which is a good thing, usually in these contests we get a few different levels and then all the others look alike and become boring. I hope this time we get six completely different levels having in common only the wad and tga sets." - Kristina (24-Jul-2007)
"Beautiful level , very nicely built , a straight forward gameplay without any moments of frustration or faults ! A good idea to download this one to play on a rainy day . Thanks to the builder for all the effort which is herewith much appreciated ." - Ruben (24-Jul-2007)
"A very well put together and delightful entry in the SPC. Easy to see the next step and manageable timed runs. There's a short cut at the very beginning but I went up the ladder to see if I missed anything so it wasn't much of a short cut - just a different route. The danger in this Dangerous Paradise comes in the closing moments: a well done lowering spike ceiling room and those pesky intermittent flames over lava(heavy) water. A nice touch is Lara falling off the block after moving the skeleton and yes, I forgot about the Spike Trap. Only one secret but it was a fun one involving a movable block and a timed run. Flybys were 'eye candy' and sometimes made to look(at least to me) as if there was more to be done or the tasks difficult but the gameplay for the most part was not overly complicated. If there's one complaint it would be that the time flew quickly and it was over too soon. Recommended to all. Nicely paced and varied play." - Bene (20-Jul-2007)
"Here's another one in the South Pacific series that I played unaided so that I could provide a walkthrough. This one was even easier than Time Machine, and it didn't last nearly as long. Still, it was a pleasant enough raid, and there are several areas that require the player's due diligence, especially in that lava room with a gauntlet of flame tiles you have to cross. I also missed that wall button leading to the only secret when I played the first time through, so I had to go back and look for it. The level ended a bit abruptly, leading me to believe that the builder might have had to cut the project short due to the time constraints of the competition. But there are some nice touches here that make the level eminently worthwhile. Recommended." - Phil (18-Jul-2007)
"The huge starting area and the dizzy flyby through it might overwhelm you a bit and give you the impression that there's a whole bunch to do here (I know it did that for me!) but actually - just as for the rest of the level, it's fairly easy to find your way around here as everything is pretty simple. And simplicity (at least as far as gameplay goes) is also where the excellence of this level lies. The tasks are smart and some challenge you along the way too, but the problems will always be well contained and nothing you won't be able to figure out after taking a closer look at the area or just trying enough times till you succeed! But as good as the gameplay is, the highlight in this level definitely are the looks of it. The geometry of the first canyon area maybe looked a bit odd (not sure why - maybe could've used more detail or diversity on the walls, so they wouldn't look like an accordion?) but overall the level is wonderfully textured, lit and set up. Just pure eye candy from start to finish. Mix that with the simple and enjoyable gameplay, and I believe what the author has mastered here could be the favorite for many players in this competition. So far it's my #2 (still one more level to go) but on the whole - definitely a level not to miss if you like them beautiful and not overcomplicated." - eTux (15-Jul-2007)
"From the cliffs, to the temple, to the village this level entertains without being overly difficult; you encounter swing poles, pushables, and some hostile natives as you search for some keys and red stones. The landscapes blend into one and other well and are textured nicely which makes for a good atmosphere. The opening flyby really set the scene well. A thoroughly enjoyable raid." - Kitkat (09-Jul-2007)
"There's a lot of fun jumping and climbing at the start of this level. The gameplay is very satisfying - varied, absorbing and nicely paced with great little agility tests and well placed enemies. Perhaps the best thing for me was that, although it is such an enjoyable game, it doesn't confuse - I actually got through the whole thing without getting stuck once and that's not the norm for me I'm afraid. A definite must-play." - Jay (08-Jul-2007)
"A beautiful level well crafted, rather user friendly , not too much challenging despite some timed runs. After a couple of high valleys , Lara explores a small temple (I really liked the gameplay in this part) then some caves around a village. Good architecture , shaping of blocks and texturing , the lighting is also very good, without forgetting the elegant camera flybys. The puzzles and tasks are also rather well diversified. A good level, without a doubt." - eRIC (07-Jul-2007)
"From the one minute long awesome initial flyby you immediately know you are in for a treat with this level. The huge initial area looks very impressive and the nice audio only supports the atmosphere. It is actually quite a fast paced 45 minute long adventure, but the activity is diverse and varied, never boring and has a nice balance between easy and a little harder (like the slightly diagonal pole swings, the timed trap doors or the burners after the zip line). The huts, the caves, the nice trap room with the moving spiked ceiling - all great fun and the only real downside was that it all ended so soon." - MichaelP (05-Jul-2007)
"What a nice start with the two connected pits and the quest for the two keys with a lot of jumping and swinging around. Here you already see, what you also find in the rest of the level perfect, flawless texturing and lighting. In the second part you`ll have to perform some nice tasks in a cave room with a pool. The third a nd last part is set in and around a samll native village with the adjacent caves, which involves some block pushing, some nice burner platform jumping and of course, good exploring. A rather short (35 min), but very enjoyable raid!" - Raymond (05-Jul-2007)
"This is, according to me, the level which deserves the second place in the SPC competition. The creator is surely an expert Level Designer. The image quality is very good, and the backgrounds are very well-built, but the gameplay is a bit too obvious, and not quite exciting. I've also found a short-cut which avoid the long trip to retrieve the Green Key. I've easily found the only secret of the level. I recommend it to whom likes relaxing levels, and to whom likes being surrounded by landscapes which are worth watching." - PaoloM (05-Jul-2007)
"This venue brings us a lovely raid set in a nice looking jungle with waterfalls, some temples, caves, and also a natives' village. It looks great and there's much to do. The gameplay is good and it doesn't have too much difficulty in it, and the environments are also well crafted with good texture and light use. It creates a really nice atmosphere. The enemies are placed well to give the raider some good time for shooting action. It's a nice level of medium difficulty. My only gripe is that I thought the village looked a bit bland for my tastes, but everything else is built to high standards and I enjoyed this raid quite a lot. Well done!" - Relic Hunter (05-Jul-2007)
"Level with a gameplay really well articulated, which begins a bit slow but with a very funny second part, very well-mixed textures and perfect lighting, I dig this landscape" - psaiu (05-Jul-2007)
"Although containing little that was particularly challenging,this adventure contains the most enjoyable and varied Gameplay I've experienced in a long while:pole swings,a smart moveable object puzzle,effective enemy placement,timed runs,plenty of exploration and a really good 'deadly ceiling' room. The pace never slackens (the difficulty of the various challenges is perfectly pitched) and the accompanying scenery is beautifully constructed,while not being overly ambitious. The opening caverns were spectacular (and beautifully textured),although perhaps a tad too easy to clamber around;while everything else was just about spot-on (and I loved those three little dinosaurs hopping toward me in a line). 55 minutes of highly enjoyable exploration." - Orbit Dream (04-Jul-2007)
"I was really mislead by the intro-fly-by. I thought the venue looked a little "boxy" and I was wondering how the game might progress. The first part of this adventure involves climbing and pole swings. Lara is in search of a green and red key. Once obtained, the vista changes and so does the pace. The second part has Lara searching again for keys and a pair of red stones. I thought the gameplay, throughout, was straightforward, fun, and varied. Lara's enemies include a few hostile natives, lizards, and some small dinos. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It has all the elements of a perfect adventure." - Mugs (03-Jul-2007)
"In my eyes, this is the perfect level. From the stunning opening area all the way to the village near the end, I was fully enthralled by what was on offer here. Jumping around cliffs at the start of the level was perfectly enjoyable, and the enemies 'guarding' the keys were a nice little change of pace after the previous jumping/pole swinging combinations. The temple-like indoor area was also excellently done, and had wonderfully balanced gameplay throughout, with a nice timed run and a few levers to pull. Soon after, we emerge in the village area, which is just as stunning as the last place we visited. There are a few side caverns that you have to progress through, including a flame pit to traverse and an enjoyable little pushable puzzle. The final room of the level was also excellently presented, and was a nice way for it to end. Texturing was flawless throughout, and the secret that I found was placed perfectly. There is nothing else that I can do but recommend this level, as it is one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had in a long time." - Spike (02-Jul-2007)