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Ice Age 2 by Clara Hochgiftig masha

Dick 9 10 9 9
DJ Full 9 10 9 9
Gerty 8 9 9 9
Jay 9 10 10 10
JesseG 9 9 9 9
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 9 10 10 9
Juno Jim 9 8 9 9
Kristina 9 9 9 9
manarch2 7 9 9 8
MegaGamer 10 10 10 10
MichaelP 8 9 9 8
Mman 8 10 9 10
mugs 10 10 10 10
PaoloM 8 9 9 9
Phil 9 10 9 10
QRS 10 10 10 10
Ruben 9 10 10 10
Ryan 9 9 10 10
Scottie 9 10 9 10
Shandroid 9 9 10 8
Spike 9 10 10 10
Torry 10 10 10 10
Treeble 8 9 9 9
tuxraider 7 7 8 7
Zhyttya 8 8 9 10
release date: 06-Jul-2007
# of downloads: 213

average rating: 9.22
review count: 26
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file size: 183.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Mixed feelings towards this level as I finally wrap it up after dedicating three days of my spare time to it. There's a nice variety of environments here, from a facility in a snowy area to a modern skyscraper (loved the Matrix reference song, even if it probably wasn't intended as one), and then off to literal space. All levels share a common trait in the form of constant backtracking which honestly feels a bit like padding, and there are lots and lots of buttons and levers to find on this journey. The timed runs weren't particularly difficult. The last level, on the space station, was a nightmare to navigate as the layout was very maze-like and it was all too similar; even by following Dutchy's walkthrough closely I found myself at the wrong place often, so major kudos for those who braved this blindly back in the day. 3 hours, 11 secrets. 12/23" - Treeble (17-Dec-2023)
"Part 2 of the Ice Age trilogy. Better than part 1, not as good as part 3. Even its duration is between the two parts. To keep it simple, part 2 gets better and better with each level. I didn't like the first level much (visually too simple and blocky, gameplay too tricky, got stuck a couple of times, though it's not bad). The next level looked better and felt easier (gameplay flowed better). The other levels were OK too. I found the final level the most interesting one. I don't want to get into details, but just this: the hover disk is a strange vehicle, but when you realize that it's just a motorbike with a different 3D model, it's easy to use. In conclusion, this game is quite OK, especially for its age. Maybe consider playing after Ice Age 3." - tuxraider (29-Oct-2022)
"This is certainly more of an epic adventure compared to the first entry in the series. In these highly varied 5 levels (+ a cutscene level) Lara will explore an offshore rig, a high-tech base, a spaceship, a foreign planet, underground temples, and a space platform. The lighting throughout the adventure is great, and the texturing is pretty good but some outer walls of areas tend to be a bit wallpapered. Starting with the things I didn't like: there was a crawlspace maze towards the beginning, but the last level, while good overall, is also essentially a giant maze, having Lara traverse many copy + pasted hallways as she figures out which doors will automatically open and which ones will not, but at least a vehicle is provided to speed up the process. There's also a bit too much backtracking in the institute level for my tastes, thankfully a stairwell is used to make it a bit less painful than it could have been. I'm also not a fan of how many camouflaged blocks were used to stump players. That aside, there are plenty of things to enjoy in this levelset, including timed runs (including an adrenaline rush at the very end) as well as traps to dodge such as boulders, spikes, and flames. There are two pushable block puzzles, one of which is an elaborate three-tier chessboard of sorts. I wish there was more indication of how the pieces worked in the chess game so you could move your pieces intuitively, for me it ended up being a guessing game based on which tiles looked like they would move, but it was a creative idea nonetheless. Just like the previous entry in the series, there is plenty of varied combat against yetis, guards, mutants, cyborgs, harpies, and this time a robotic recreation of Lara herself. Overall an excellent raid. 3 hours 29 minutes." - JesseG (25-Jan-2021)
"Yet another level set I remember having played (luckily for me, I never remember exactly how it was), but didn't review at the time. One can see how everything evolves from the first to the last, excellent, cleverly mazy Space Platform level. From humbler textures, settings and general atmosphere - even though, always enough to keep one interested and busy - to something that's already winking an eye to the coming Ice Age 3. It's still a long way away, but as I'm sure I would have rated it with four tens when I first played it, I think it's only fair not to rate it any less now. A very good one." - Jorge22 (23-Nov-2020)
"I have a lot of mixed feelings about this one. I guess I'll start by reviewing one parameter at a time and hopefully make some sense with my words. For gameplay/puzzles I'm really picky about it, while this game had incredible and unique details (chess game, the whole space level, the "hover" vehicle and a few others) it counter balances with very tedious backtracking on the first and final level. Whilst on the latter you're provided with a space-hover, you can't take it with you to the lower level (at least, I tried and I couldn't), considering that The Space Platform level is huge and has a long corridors, it would be 'quality-of-life-improvement' to have another vehicle also available. Another negative critic it's the almost invisible buttons/levers mixed with the textures. It might add difficulty to the gameplay, but in my opinion it's just frustrating not being able to push forward because I didn't see properly or I didn't light up a flare at the right place. However, taking the first level out of the equation, the whole game has a lot of good levels and well thought puzzles and platforming. Now, for the second parameter, I couldn't see why I should give this one a 9. Yes, the enemies are unique but they are also buggy. Not to mention the random appearances of Yetis all the time (out of place in my opinion). Seemed like most enemies didn't respond to Lara properly and some didn't even react (not sure if intended?). Finally, the whole game looks beautiful and well designed. Rural areas are a blast to play through and the space levels bring some nice and innovate gameplay for the TRLE community. Lastly, I want to mention the cinematic feeling that's really good presented here. Very good cutscenes and amazing voice acting. Thank you for the creators to put so much effort into making this game. To conclude: Mixed feelings, more ups than downs, unnecessary backtracking, nice puzzles and good story. Totally recommend and can't wait to play the other entries of the series." - Zhyttya (12-Jul-2020)
"I thoroughly enjoyed this five hour romp and the most impressive aspect is that I managed this without the walk through. Yes, I got stuck a few times but only because I missed some cleverly hidden switches or some such which I generally picked up on my second reconnoiter. The only level that seriously confused me was the last one, Space, with all the passages and three levels but even that I managed once I got the layout in my head and stopped wasting time trying to figure out which way is North. My favorite level was the Red Planet even if I did have to seriously back track for one secret." - Torry (15-Nov-2019)
"This is a wonderful, captivating adventure with some brilliantly neat touches. It starts off in a base/excavation site environment with a few timed runs and block puzzles, then moves onto the Institute of Genetic research, where Lara has to fend off a few new enemies and which ends with her being contaminated, presumably by the resident bacteria that lives there. Luckily, after arriving on Mars and accomplishing a few enjoyable jumping sequences and outsmarting traps, she manages to locate the water and stop the disease spreading. It concludes with a wonderful two levels on the Space Platform with Lara donning her spacesuit and saving the world from danger once again. Wow. Wonderful stuff. Took me three hours to complete." - Ryan (11-Feb-2017)
"This is the first large team effort by Clara, Masha and Hochgiftig and I really must say that even if there are parts I didn't really like, this is already quite cinematic and professional stuff you shouldn't miss out upon, especially (but not only) since a follow-up is announced. The first two levels are decent base-style levels, perhaps there are not that many things to admire here as most things are pretty mundane and seen-before. The first level has a clear overdose of enemies and there are no additional weapons which is fairly annoying after a while; the story with that helicopter was nicely executed though. Only late in the second level things start to become more and more unique, with the cutscene of the escaping mutant and a few better gameplay ideas like the lasers and the timed run, while most of the time before the gameplay is quite lever-based and thus not so inspired. But with that cutscene and the following one where Lara is captured in space is masterfully designed. The atmosphere improves quite a bit in the space levels since before it was a bit sterile (and I'd loved to visit the exteriors of the institute, but now the huge areas with the spaceship and the caves are quite impressive. Perhaps the gameplay is still a bit less inspired than I like it, with some fairly long-winded platforming parts (and a bit of serious backtracking). Things improve somewhat in the last two levels, with more interesting puzzles to solve (the checkers' ones, for example) and the very nicely designed hovercraft you can use in this level. But the main problem here is the fairly maze-like layout of the map and it's hard to know where to go next, the "find several buttons to open a door"-task in one stage was exhausting and all that backtracking between the stages becomes a bit tedious as well. The enemy and object design are truly fabulous here and once again the atmosphere is outstanding, complete with wisely chosen sound tracks, great cameras, ... Texturing and lighting are stronger than in the first levels, but generally the lighting is a bit flat and lacks contrast, with the exception of the caves in the third level. After 2:15 hours the game ends with a great timed run followed by a rewarding cutscene - I guess I'm prepared for Ice Age 3/24 now, in that my hopes are high for a great continuation. Found all 11 nicely hidden secrets." - manarch2 (08-Feb-2016)
"Having run through the Lost Workers' Lair (, I have no idea why Hochgiftig has abandoned levelbuilding - he was clearly getting better and better at this. A bit too much of running back and forth and usual decorations reduce setting uniqueness, but the puzzles are good and in small yet well utilized space everything builds up to the component timed run finale, nicely linking ice-covered Part 1 with totally hi-tech Part 2. The concluding kick animation is just great and Lara finishes finely set up for the core of the adventure, starting with the break into The Institute ( Frankly, this one feels like several different places: a hotel, a library and a lab. I guess half of this detour isn't that needed - somehow when I enter a lab, I don't expect plants to be there for decor, but rather to attack Lara and eat her. What is properly executed by the mutant instead. Here two things disturb me: 1) it's almost unbelievable I can't save that dog (but I'll just imagine he survived until I am Legend, all in all it's the very same object); 2) is there really just ONE mutant in the whole 1000-storey institute? The final thing I wished for and didn't get was to reach outside of the building, where plenty of interesting space was. But in return, I got more space than I need when Lara got captured into it, and onto the Red Planet ( which is again a weird mixture of Wild West + Nevada + Cave/Cat setting and usually alien worlds are supposed to be odd, but this again feels like if three different levels were held together with Martian glue instead of being blent with more transition. And these seem to be just the beginnings - the outside area has many potential yet unused expansion possibilities. The underground cave structure made of coastal set actually looks like a huge gate which leads to a bird statue instead to some location. Finally, the Martian temple ends with an isolated surface fragment where a Christian chapel (wat?) stands right next to a vertical wall, like if the whole part was just trimmed or never finished. There are also multiple misrotated textures and I might read these clues wrong, but it seems to me a bunch of older projects were merged together to fit in this adventure. If I'm correct it means a very risky experiment, one of many in this lab, but which still manages to defend itself and often has that Clarish feeling over it. Gameplay could be improved with creating a hole from the ladder to the polerope, to avoid repeating the temple climb. Taking a breath and ascending even further, we go back into The Space ( and this quick minilevel is surprisingly the second best bit of the game, next to the mutant cut. Over several squares of the ship, almost every single one has something useful and different. Before we return for the chess party, we just grab the vehicle into The Space Platform ( and thankfully, because the place is huge and several circles driven around it help understand the layout. I think one of two should have happened here: either a bit smaller size, or less repetitive structure. In fact when the game came to an epic closure, I still wasn't sure if I run the correct way (not quite indeed, but I still survived). Precising: the closure already begins when this last level starts - the majority of triggers and puzzles is combined, in scale getting larger and larger with proceeding, and it all activates a totally classic whizz-bang sequence, where "whizz" comes with the warp and "bang" with the final explosion, and I can imagine no better summary for playing all team works of Clara and Masha, so I won't even add my own. Highly recommended!" - DJ Full (23-Jul-2015)
"Probably one of the best levels I have played! Although this hit the hall of fame, this level needs a higher rating! This level was super enjoyable! In this adventure, Lara visits a snowy base, an institute in New York, and then outer space where we fight aliens! This mini custom set was interesting and easy at times, until I ventured into the red planet. Once I got there, the levels started to get a bit harder. This gameplay was just great! I loved the atmosphere in these levels! Just perfect in my opinion! I enjoyed solving the puzzles in each level. I also enjoyed the backround the space and space platforms levels. Highly recommended!" - MegaGamer (03-Apr-2014)
"Ice age 2 is one of this level which I had played about 5 years ago. At that time I still had little experience with Custom levels and had to fight, therefore, often with difficulties. There were also many levels which I had cancelled. However, I had this level, I think, in any case, played through. However, I can hardly remember it about what it was here generally. The best conditions to play this level once again.
Lost Workers Lair: I have not so completely liked the small area at the level beginning with the helicopter. One could jump there upwards and then it was too evident that is here the End of the Map. There the level builder could have built the sloping a little bit more slanting, thus one cannot jump up any more. The Thug in the small office after the crawl space was placed a little bit unfair. He could hit because already on Lara, while she still crept outward. The Timerunfake was really good. I love time runs, hence, I have tried it again and again, but I was by far too slow. I already wanted to curse the level builder, then had swallowed, however, the curse and had continued. And this was a very good idea, because this was, actually, no time run. Apart from the small area at the level beginning this level is built very good and has great riddles. However, there was beside the quite appealed thug one more place which was a little bit unfair. Lara had to open because a cupboard and in the middle of the animation suddenly came a yeti and hit on Lara. There one cannot defend himself of course.
The Institute: I like the cut scene immediately at the level beginning. When I went the stairwell down, I suddenly heard a siren and looked automatically outward. Then, however, I have fast found out that the noise did not come from outdoors. This was a very successful deception. It is very obliging from the level builder that the opponents kill each other. Thus the player has less work. The only one what has disturbed me in this level a little bit were the phoney steps in the stairwell. It would have been nicer if the level builder had used proper step objects. However, thus it looked a little bit unrealistic. But this is only one small detail in an otherwise great level.
The Red Planet: Is Lara on the Mars? And can breathe?? There this Dudes have guarantees something made with her, because that one cannot breathe on Mars one knows at the latest since Total Recall. The sky looks great, indeed, the sand is not red enough. The caves look very good. The riddles are first-class anyhow. There were a few smaller sound problems though also, but, all in all, this was a very good level. However, it would have been more realistic if Lara had already wore a space suit in this level.
The Space: The first room does not look so really extraterrestrial. However, this changes immediately if one leaves this room. It properly gives fun to make a short spin with the extraterrestrial means of transportation, indeed, the fun is only from short duration. It is a pity, that this level is so short, I would have liked to explore a little bit more the area. Then only later I have noted that this level is not so short at all.
The Space Platform: In this level it looks already rather in such a way as if extraterrestrial lived here. And the flat scooter from the previous level is also available here. Indeed, one cannot take him into the lift, because if one goes upwards, unfortunately, the scooter is away.
What should I still say to this level? It is a real masterpiece? One can play him over and over again? Must I still stress this really? Not really, because it was demanded long time ago by other Reviewers. But one cannot write it often enough. Since, indeed, it is a real masterpiece. And with it everything is said." - Scottie (24-Apr-2011)
"This is a four area (the later levels are big enough to be split into two parts, so "levels" doesn't fully describe it) pack with a lot of thematic variety, perhaps contrary to what the name might suggest. This pack has enough variety that a level-by-level feels like the only way to do it justice:
Lost Worker's Lair: A snowy base level, this is probably the most simple level in terms of structure, but it still has quite a bit of attention to detail and small twists on traditional base items. Like some great use of freezing/unfreezing water and interesting use of flooding/draining areas at certain points. On the downside there's a couple of very vague elements (mainly a really disguised jump-switch in the main area, and an invisible pushblock that's so random it's near-impossible to find without the walkthrough). One area is also slightly heavy on backtracking back-and-forth. It's a good level beyond those problems though.
The Institute: Lara lands on a Skyscraper to infiltrate it. The notably ambitious part of this level is the fact that the Skyscraper is one fully explorable structure, which means you can look down from the top and see the street and lower floors far below (and then reach them later). Progression is mostly quite straight-forward, and if you follow the path through the side-areas and mostly ignore the main-staircase (which mostly leads you to just running all the way back up again) you smoothly work your way down the skyscraper. This is probably the easiest level, and seems intentionally more flowing and story-focused, with a twist on things in the later half of the level...
The Red Planet: This is arguably the centrepiece level(s) (it's actually split into two due to its size) of the pack. The theme is very interesting; after some exploring on the surface of the planet (and your spaceship), including things like a strange alien graveyard, you head underground into some amazing looking and immense cave temples. There are stunning sights everywhere and some nice events (like a peculiar battle between a giant spider and an hunchback mutant thing), and some weird areas like a strange church (that seems oddly Christian). Challenge also picks up with some nice traps and a lot of large-scale climbing challenges. The biggest issue is the backtracking in the second level; the problem is the level seems designed to be optimally done in a specific order, if you don't do that then you have to do some involved climbing multiple times, which gets somewhat frustrating. Also, there's one way too hidden shootable that can add to that issue. Despite that however, the size and impressive designs easily makes up for it.
The Space - The Space Platform: These are separate levels but pretty much come together as one; after getting off your spaceship you enter a large spaceship. The initial sight is very impressive with the abstract floating shapes and giant chessboards. When you go inside it goes downhill slightly, with long corridors that look nice but are mostly featureless gameplay wise. Maybe it was intended an excuse to use the hover-board but it feels more like the designers still had ideas but couldn't work out a good way to link them. Essentially being stuck in a giant maze for most of the level is somewhat off-putting, but it does come together if you're methodical. After working out the puzzles in the Station you get a warp back to The Space for a couple of final puzzles, including a deceptively hard 3D chess puzzle (once you realise the first steps are completely telegraphed and the un-guided moves instantly kill you off if you get them wrong it's easy to do it via trial-and-error). Then there's the last boss fights and a nice escape sequence and an ending cutscene with excellent visuals to wrap things up. It's a shame the structure of this one is kind of lacking as the puzzles and events in between the maze are still very interesting.
You might note almost every level has some flaw; in that regard there's a bit of a feeling of over-ambition in terms of the size and complexity of it all, but that also works as one of its biggest strengths as it experiments with interesting ideas (including a very well implemented story), and includes some great gameplay in-between the more flawed parts, as well as providing a variety rarely seen elsewhere (while still making sense). Those things make it an excellent pack and a must-play, even if it's not perfectly thought-out." - Mman (15-Feb-2011)
"If you expect a snowy level from the title, then think again, as this is anything but. The nice title flyby already shows a few hints and the storyline takes you into outer space and back here and is very nicely tied together throughout the levels.
Lost Worker's Lair (8/8/8/7, 55 mins, 2 secrets): It starts badly with an illegal slope right in the starting area but from there goes uphill with interesting gameplay mainly around one central hub room area. It is a bit of a switch hunt, but made interesting via the freezing/unfreezing of water, flooding to lift boxes, a few timed runs and a push block puzzle. Eventually you manage to get the spare part for the helicopter and Lara is taken away in a nice cutscene to land on top of...
The Institute (8/9/8/7, 40 mins, 3 secrets): A skyscraper building through which you make your way down. Plenty of doors to open, keys, cards and plugs to find and use and I thought the use of audio was almost overdone and not always in a very suitable way. The whole elevator area was very nicely designed though and the first encounters with aliens are very cool.
The Red Planet (8/9/9/9, 60 mins, 4 secrets): The cutscene as Lara gets hitched by the alien spaceship is great. On the planet itself the action is fairly straightforward though, pushing some boxes around, finding a crowbar, until things become much more fun with a nice challenge for a secret and you enter a few beautiful huge caves, which require plenty of exploration and some interesting jumps.
The Space / The Space Platform (8/9/10/8, 55 mins, 2 secrets): It only gets cooler in space with Lara in her spacesuit outfit and some very fancy objects being used, not the least of which is the hover ride. I found the gameplay around the space platform to be a bit tedious with all the to and fro and you were never sure whether you were doing the right next best thing, but it certainly ends on a high with the timed escape run and the marvelous ending cut scene.
Overall, a very accomplished overall adventure that has a story to tell and will surprise you as you play through it." - MichaelP (30-Oct-2008)
"When I first started playing this wonderful level, I had no idea I would end up playing a type of chess game in the middle of space, but that is exactly what happened! There are so many fun areas in this level, from a base type place, to a space ship and outer space itself. Lots of thought and imagination went into this level, and gameplay was very good thoughout. The problems I had with the level were minimal. I found that the sky looked like a big square, with the corners showing, which I found to be unrealistic. I was also a bit disappointed in the textures used for the spaceship, which were highly "human" and weren't really convincing. Another issue I had with the level was the backtracking during switch and key quests..ugh. The space platform was hugely confusing, but after awhile I did get my bearings. Don't even talk to me about the chess game...argh. The best part of the game was the awesome final timed one minute!! How I did that will remain a mystery. I really wish the gorgeous final cutscene was playable, but nonetheless, it was a beautiful ending for a terrific level well worth playing for players new to raiding and those who are experienced." - Shandroid (09-Sep-2007)
"This was a real surprise !!! I never expected the range of locations that this level provided. All done with really good detail, challenge and imagination. I have one off the wall comment: The urinals in the various rooms in the space ship: There was one room with three beds, separated by two urinals - very convenient. BUT, there was another room with a urinal waaaay up high - not convenient - maybe for an alien with special talents - LOL Anyway, the gameplay was very interesting, I loved the hover craft - very clever. The interior design of the space craft and outer space setting, was very good, and the adaptation of the old hang slide to tubes was a novel idea." - Juno Jim (03-Sep-2007)
"This incredible set of levels is full of new features. I only didn't like looking for hidden pushblocks and hidden jumpswitches; and the darkness in some rooms, but the levels are quite good. First level had the best gameplay for me, I enjoyed a lot though at the beginning I was worried 'cause the impossible timed run. Second and third levels were good too, but the gameplay in the space levels was a bit tedious 'cause I had to run around and around from place to place exploring a lot of rooms pushing buttons and pulling jumpswitches; I couldn't understand the chess puzzle too and had to read the walkthrough :-( but the design, objects, animations and scenes of those two last levels were extraordinary :-D and the final scape from the nave and the last animation was a great end to finish the good history of this sensational game. A game you can't miss. Congratulations!" - Jose (03-Sep-2007)
"This is a superb offering in every conceivable category. You first flex your muscles in a relatively familiar setting, fighting thugs and abominable snowmen in a facility, and picking up things along the way, until you race against time to escape in a helicopter. You then explore a research institute with bizarre things going on inside. All of this is a mere tune-up, however, for the really good stuff, beginning with a raid through red-tinted Martian landscape in search of the space vessel. When you finally get on board, prepare yourself for one of the most fun-filled finales in recent memory. I'm not sure why, but levels in alien settings seem to bring out the best in our builders. Just a few examples are Star Wars, Planet of the Ancients, Rescue 11 and Alien Resurrection. (And forgive me, Dhama, I just can't remember the name of your great contribution in this category.) The Space Platform is an absolute stunner of a level, with a hover disk that has to be experienced to be believed, and a warp tunnel that's almost as neat as Staticon's gyroscope gizmo in one of his latest levels. There's nothing quite as comforting as having a walkthrough nearby, especially when you'd otherwise be stumbling around trying to find your way through the maze-like Space Platform. There's a tight run at the end where you're treated to an elaborate conclusion if you happen to beat the clock. I could go on and on, but suffice it say that this is one you just have to play. It's not a game, it's an experience." - Phil (25-Aug-2007)
"The team of the three builders created a complete and enjoyable game for us. It starts with a level that has an impossible to make timed run only you can't realize it for some time so you keep trying to beat that door. There are several keys and a fuse to find to operate a machine. The setting is like a working area with underwater rooms and divers. There is one bug though, Lara can actually climb though the trapdoor and access the top level at the start. The guys with the clubs weren't hard to get rid of except one that kept reappearing under the stair case in the area after the electrified water, spooky. Then we proceed to the mutated Lara and onto the space type levels. All of them are well made and interesting without any frustration. The one with the chess, don't worry this time you don't need to know chess, was just a little confusing though. I had to laugh with the fact that Lara, in the Space level had a ride a tiny"plate" that is actually a vehicle but it took me a couple of minutes to realize it and get the card underneath it. Everything looks great and is worth the trouble, sort of speak. I even found the eleven secrets, even though a couple gave me trouble. It's highly recommended." - Kristina (16-Aug-2007)
"I got the version at the TR meeting in Lage so I didn't play the version that was put up for a download. Will do that on a later date as for now I just had enough. But that version is with the voice of Marksdad (or so he told me). Anyway this is in hind sight a great adventure although I must admit that I was tempted to throw this level into the bin many times, especially the Space platform level. This was one confusing level for me. It starts in a base kind of environment and I liked the way the water was turned into ice and visa verse. The timed run one had to perform looked in the fly by almost impossible but was in real quite doable. The Red Planet was great to see, specially the impression one gets to be in real space. The chess puzzle had me puzzled although I can play chess but this one I couldn't get at all. Then you are on a Space Platform... will wait till a walky is out to redo the whole thing as I have spend more than 5 days wondering about that place. I got there in the end though and although I couldn't make the timed run to the pod, to leave the ship, you still see the end fly by as long as you are NOT in the room with the pod when you time runs out, so you can see the final fly by (at least in my version of the game). Nice Cut scenes throughout I have to say. All in all I have to applaud Jens, Clara and Masha for giving us this marvellous story to play." - Gerty (10-Aug-2007)
"This is an inventive and engaging game that is certainly worth a play. The gameplay for the most part is easy and you'll find yourself chugging along quite nicely; that is until you come grinding to a halt - completely unsure about what to do next. Having played previous levels by Masha, and also Clara, I should have known what to expect from the gameplay: it's simple in terms of jumps and moves etc, but it can be a tough game of hide-and-seek as you attempt to discover that illusive pickup, puzzle hole or switch that will allow you to progress. Often these items are hidden in such a way that you are likely to be misdirected at the point of discovering them. A typical ploy is to have something important located close to something else important; so once you get what you think you came for - you leave; and leave behind that other important thing. It's gameplay reminiscent of Hokolo; Twilight City being an example. This is great gameplay if you the player have a lot of patience. And a well-constructed game such as this tends to give you the reserves of patience you need. Only on The Red Planet did I get stuck too often and consider the gameplay badly designed. I needed help a few times there but was able to complete the rest of the game on my own. The space levels were challenging but I was up for the challenge at this point and I enjoyed these levels the most. The lighting and texturing in Ice Age 2 is good but does not come up to the impeccable standards of the complete Imprisoned Spirits saga which I have also just played. The indoor areas cannot be faulted in their construction but the outdoor areas needed a bit more work in my opinion. Overall: a very good game." - Dick (10-Aug-2007)
"The first level is a brilliant opening, and involves finding a missing part for Lara in order to get her helicopter up and running again. Exploring the level is a joy, with lots of small rooms to explore, while hunting out key items. The second level is just as good, and some of the rooms looked brilliant, with scenic views over the surrounding city. The next few levels take place in space, and the builders' talents really show here. Standing on top of the spaceship gives an amazing view of the barren wasteland around you, with red mists and rock everywhere. When you actually reach the 'real' outer space itself, it looks exactly how you would expect space (and also a space station) to look. As you would expect, the gameplay is also fantastic. While the start of the game mostly involves lots of running around collecting items, the further you progress, the more varied the tasks become. There are some tricky jumping tasks, some underwater exploration and even the chance to ride a hoverboard around the space station. The only complaint that I actually have with the entire game in terms of gameplay, is that it is too easy to get lost within the corridors of the space station. Each and every corridor looks almost exactly the same, and I found it quite hard to keep my bearings at times. Other than that, everything is perfect, and this is definitely an essential play." - Spike (26-Jul-2007)
"Lost Worker's Lair (9/8/9/9): really a nice level of Hochgiftig, characterised by a funny story and by a convincing and interesting gameplay, where only in the end of the level you can solve the impossible timed run in the main area. Excellent lighting and textures which have been carefully chosen and combined perfectly together. Good use of the cameras and excellent atmosphere. I've retrieved 2 secrets, not hard but well-hidden. The Institute (9/9/9/9): a base/lab-style level, linear, easy-running and funny; besides, from all windows in the building where Lara is, you can appreciate a very suggestive panorama, obtained thanks to the TR3 London horizon. Only one thing about the game has puzzled me: a closed cardboard box, which can be moved in the warehouse where the third secret is, which I deem totally useless, but this obviously doesn't affect my overall judgement of the game. The Red Planet (8/9/9/8): it's the longest level of the game; the gameplay isn't linear , but its organisation presents some gaps. As a matter of fact, if you take one of the routes without retrieving some objects first, you are forced to repeat a quite annoying climb. In some areas the lighting is a bit insufficient and monotone, and the atmosphere is affected by this. Anyway, it's a good level, an explorative-type one. Easy the four secrets. The Space/The Space Platform (8/10/9/9): great beginning on the small spaceship, where you need to carry out a great many actions, and in the end you can access a nice vehicle. However, when you get to the big and"labyrinthic" space base, the game unfortunately declines quite a bit and becomes rather obvious. The nice thing about these two linked levels is definitely the very beautiful objects and their layout in the project, and when Lara is outside it really feels like being close to a base drenched in the deep space, also thanks to a horizon really well drawn. Really beautiful internal textures and excellent filmed scene in the finale." - PaoloM (18-Jul-2007)
"Lost Workers' Lair: This is a arctic base type setting with lots of good flooding/draining/freezing action and some thugs, divers and yetis (and the first one didn't half make me jump) to deal with. There's quite a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, but it's all good fun so I didn't mind. The Institute: Excellent opening flyby - it really whetted my appetite for the level. The institute itself must be a skyscraper judging by the endless flights of stairs the place has. Out of order lifts (a wonderful sequence), laser traps and marvellous mutants plus a really nice timed run and Lara getting abducted by aliens. The Red Planet: Terrific atmosphere. Actually, talking of atmosphere, I'm not sure how Lara's managing to breath - maybe it's something to do with her genetic mutation. There are some really beautiful areas to explore and nice inventive gameplay. The Space/The Space Platform: Wow, what a spectacular view and Lara's got a spacesuit at last. These two levels are interlinked and the space station is a huge place to explore so you could well be glad of the wonderful hover disk. There are robots to fight, puzzles to solve and a timed dash at the end to escape the station before it self destructs. This is such a fun set of levels - you really must not miss it." - Jay (15-Jul-2007)
"This is a fantastic adventure by 3 very professional builders. What struck me most were how well the story unfolds and the cutscenes etc. I also loved the use of trep with the climbable blocks, the large visible areas and the last final countdown :):) Things that could not really be done earlier. The objects are great. Especially the alien-"horseman" and the cyborgs. Another fantastic moment was the hover and the checkboard puzzle!! Fantastic stuff! All the levels were extremely well created but my favourite was the first space level. I can imagine how hard it must be to create something like this so the players actually feel she/he is in space. I got this feeling while playing that level! Any drawbacks? Hmm just minor a very confusing space ship and some question marks during the red planet level. Nothing that will in any way lower my score for this great adventure. It is a must play so don't miss it! Full score from me, as you all deserve it for this masterpiece. Way to go! Time to try the prequel..." - QRS (13-Jul-2007)
"Yup ! I loved this one ! Atmosphere is tremendous - I personally haven't experienced anything as good since LATM's Alien Resurrection. Lighting and textures were wonderful, especially in space. Enemies were perfect - bravo to those of you who had a hand in creating the new objects - and gameplay might have gotten a little tedious at times, but it was worth it. The generous use of flipmaps was something I just marvel at. Well done ! You are three very talented builders and your work (and that of the object creators) is inspiring ! I can't wait for the next installment because the last cutscene has just got to be picked up in it's own adventure !" - Mugs (11-Jul-2007)
"A real Thriller and a real great story ! You will travel from good old earth to another planet and even into outer space to fulfill your mission to find the 3 DMA chrystals and to hide them forever . The timed run at the end is a marvel and it reminds me very much of one of the early 90`s classics called Future Wars , adrenaline pushes up whilst the precious seconds run by. Room for a sequel as the chrystals are hidden but not yet destroyed . I recommend this game and would like to say Thank You Very Much to Ute , Jens and Masha for this excellent and stunning movie you have created together !" - Ruben (08-Jul-2007)