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Ice by mugs

Bene 9 9 8 10
CC 8 8 9 8
dmdibl 10 9 9 9
Gerty 6 8 8 7
Jay 9 8 9 9
JesseG 9 9 8 8
JoeTheCrazyGamer 10 9 10 9
Jose 8 8 8 8
Kristina 8 8 8 8
MichaelP 8 8 9 8
Phil 8 8 9 9
Raymond 10 9 9 8
Ryan 9 8 8 9
Shandroid 8 8 8 8
snork 10 8 7 8
TimJ 8 9 8 9
Treeble 8 7 9 8
release date: 13-Aug-2007
# of downloads: 119

average rating: 8.44
review count: 17
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file size: 28.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cold/Snowy

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Excellent little level, very easy to get lost in this one. Excellent puzzles. Very good Job" - JoeTheCrazyGamer (27-Jan-2019)
"I actually found this to be an incredibly challenging level, more challenging than I ever anticipated. It all starts off rather calmly with a couple of sneaky openings and fairly simple jumps, but it's not long before the difficulty level ramps up with rather tricky jumping and climbing sequences, tricky secrets to locate, sentry guns to eliminate, guards to snipe at from a distance and challenging traps. I liked the overall rough look of some areas as well as the music, although some tracks ended rather suddenly. I'll admit that I was at my wit's end a couple of times, but I did have a positive overall view of the level, so that's good." - Ryan (22-Mar-2017)
"Mugs is an awesome level builder and I have played most of her levels, but this one passed through the cracks apparently. I thought this was very well made, and I especially enjoyed all the nooks and crannies. It was not always very easy, which good. The only thing I would have changed would be to have made it impossible to move on down that slide before exploring everywhere in the big cave. I thought I had left something behind and I went back, but to finish the level, you have to go down the slide again. That is the main thing that irks me about non-linear levels. Sometimes you are allowed to miss a lot if you are a dingbat like me. :) Otherwise, I had a lot of fun playing this five year old level." - Shandroid (21-Sep-2012)
"This level holds a fair balance between open-ended snow areas and more straightforward base settings. Along the way Lara must pull some tricky acrobatic maneuvers, especially if she wants any of the secret crystals. On top of that she must endure tricky trap situations including boulders, moving lasers, and flames, not to mention the many armed baddies. None of this is over-the-top however, and I thoroughly enjoyed accomplishing these tasks. Unfortunately there are two opportunities where players can get stuck if they miss the revolver and/or lasersight at the beginning. The first spot you can still get through if you aim well with the shotgun (the target behind the hanging meat) but the second spot is simply not possible (a shootable ventilation grate across from a slope). However this second spot is near the end, so cheating there will not harm your experience very much. The level is textured pretty well considering the structure of some of the natural areas. Overall a well-rounded, challenging adventure from Mugs." - SSJ6Wolf (11-Oct-2008)
"This is such a nicely crafted level, all the snow environments are very nice to look at, even if somewhat confusing at times. Lara's questing for four crystals (each of them a secret), but you don't need to find them to finish the level -- I myself finished with only three. There are quite a few points where you have more than one option to go and you can't always return. There are a few tricky jumps, including one narrow corridor where you've got to dodge a boulder, as well as a few cleverly hidden shootable targets. I particularly liked the audio tracks used, but wished they were longer. Also, I came across at least one object without collision. 60 minutes, 3 secrets. 09/08 LHRP" - Treeble (19-Sep-2008)
"I started this when it was just for upload but threw it away as I found it really confusing. Too many ways to go and I just hate it when I had to do some tricky jumping to find out that was not the way. I also keep having a climbing bug (new download or not), where Lara will not shimmy but goes straight to a corner and there was nothing I could do than to finally using the fly cheat or else I couldn't go any further. What you do here is exploring in a big way as there are so many nooks and crannies that I got lost too many times for my liking. There are also some great moments, as I did like the way to get to that icy ledge way up in the air for a secret. You have to keep your eyes wide open for hidden jump switches or else you still be wandering around in this icy environment. Texture wise I found numerous squashed textures, also desks I could walk through, but that is for the next level to improve upon." - Gerty (20-Apr-2008)
"I found this to be an unexpectedly tough level with mugs' developing trademarks featuring big time: sneaky crawlspaces, well hidden pushblocks, a well hidden target to shoot and sneaky jumpswitches. And then a few tough jumps, mostly to get to the four nice crystal secrets. But overall it is a nice raid of just under an hour in an accomplished icy mountain environment, with a dozen or so guards to kill and two sentry guns to eliminate (always fun), a simple timed run and then some Base style inside action with devious burners and laser traps. Definitely a level you should try out!" - MichaelP (07-Mar-2008)
"Mugs has come a long way in a short space of time. This is the best level to date. A beautifully created snowy mountain forest in the Italian Alps. Plenty of rocks and snow drifts to climb while being careful of falling icicles. Lara (looking great) is here to recover four crystals, stolen by some subversive group, and thankfully they are not dressed as black guards. The crystals are secrets and not necessary to finishing the level. But our mission is to find them and by not doing so the player will miss a lot of fun. All areas are excellently utilised with lots to do. But nowhere is so vast that any backtracking is tedius. There are some difficult jumps to do and some very sneaky hidden blocks, well designed shimmy cracks in rock walls, and the realisation that you must find the revolver and lasersight for that target up there in the forest! The enormous cave that has base-type structures built into it was a sight to be seen. That is, when you've figured out who is shooting at you, and from where! Appropriate mountaineering actions are kicking and breaking ice, ropeswinging, jumping, climbing and monkeyswinging. In fact, the route around this enormous gorge was excellent. It may be a little on the hard side for newbie players, but with the walkthrough for guidance it's all very do-able. The ever satisfying task of blowing up machine guns is here too, and a great route through the rocks to find the crowbar and open the way into the base. I had to laugh when I came across the usually horrible task of getting past moving lasers. I did it all and got out before I realised I was supposed to turn one laser off, lol. Great work Mugs. Already looking forward to your next one." - CC (12-Nov-2007)
"From the opening slide to the search for that last elusive switch, I found this to be a challenging and fun level that is more about the secrets than normally found in a custom level. Refreshingly different and engrossing, I was, none-the-less, happy to have had the help of the forum to even know to look for the pushable block and happy for the how-to info on a particular jump found in the Read Me. Crisp textures, good lighting and interesting gameplay make this a must for the experienced Raider. I found the ending to be way too soon and I look forward to more. Thanks for a wonderfully different Raider experience,Pat and a possible(?)sequel named ICE II." - Bene (28-Sep-2007)
"This time Lara has to infiltrate into a secret base in the icy mountains, but in this base all is very well hidden so you must explore very well to get through. Hidden objects, hidden crawlspaces, hidden jumpswitches, hidden passages,... all is hidden here. There are some difficult tasks and the crystals you must recover are secrets but not much difficult to find. New enemies but not hard and enough ammo but few flares in the first part of the level. I missed some more cameras too and there are too much switches for my taste, but the actions are never far from the triggers. Very angular architecture but not bad. A level not to think but a level to explore a lot." - Jose (03-Sep-2007)
"The setting is snowy rocks and areas with a few soldiers in Lara's way. It's nicely done except for the very narrow crawlspaces, usually with a pick up, where Lara can get stuck and can't get out again. Also there is an easy way to get behind the blocks in the monkey swing area and access the end of the outside part which wasn't a pretty sight. This time the gameplay is medium which means that Pat has picked up quite a few ideas lately and provided us with a good and challenging sometimes level. The items to find are a fuse, a plug and a key card after some jumps and shimmying places. The top level has sentry guns to deal with and some soldiers. The secrets were very close to my taste, ones that you can see and have to reach in some way. One of them though if forgotten is difficult to get without some serious lose of health. I am talking about the secret behind a gate outside in the snowy areas. The way back is blocked if you try to get it after the room with the hanging meat somewhere because the trapdoor in the ceiling does not open anymore. I had to go back through the spiral fences of some kind to climb up and finish the level. Another secret that involved fire could be picked up without using the jump switch to extinguish it but that isn't a problem. The well hidden moveable blocks might give the players some trouble though. Overall it is worth playing and is the best Pat has built so far so I recommend it. We should have seen the correct level's name though in the loading screen instead of the 'coastal ruins' one, after spending so many hours with the editor and four levels there is no excuse so to not change the name and it's one of the first things you learn when building. I found all four secrets in a little more than an hour of gameplay." - Kristina (30-Aug-2007)
"This is an excellent level for those who enjoy testing their skills and pushing Lara's capabilities to the fullest. Until my luck ran out, I kept thinking how great this adventure was, and comparing it to some of the classic one-level games of the past. It starts out innocently enough with a nice pastoral scene in icy mountains. Lara clambers up the mountain (shooting a target with pistols on the way), then jumps down to a snowmobile. Repeated attempts to ram the snowmobile through an ice wall failed: it seems Lara isn't supposed to be able to climb the mountain or get to the snowmobile. So on to the real adventure. Unfortunately since Lara is on the mountain she can jump to an exit opening and push a block the wrong way, really fouling things up, so it is best to get back down. It is essential that Lara find the laser sight and revolver. The author provided the target to make sure Lara had them. Lara can also get the first crystal. Then on to the next area, some challenging rock climbing. Here things get really interesting (or nasty or devilish or evil depending on your perspective). If you enjoy midair flips, followed by curved jumps, and hanging on by your fingernails over chasms, this is for you. Just figuring out how to proceed over rock ledges will take all your concentration. Interfering with your concentration will be the two guards and the two automatic machine guns firing at Lara. Get the second crystal and slide down a slope. Here things can get difficult with a rolling boulder trap. The jumps to the third crystal may seem impossible, but somehow I got lucky. Not knowing how to proceed I just started out with a long blind jump, action key pressed, and that worked: Lara did a curved bounce through the central gap and the rest was just a matter of technique. Then on to the hut where my luck ran out. I shot the hanging meat, but not in the right way. It took a looong time before finding the trigger to proceed. My enthusiasm waned, and not simply because I was tired or frustrated (though I was both). The basic nature of the play changes. Before, the challenges tested the players' skill. Now everything came down to "find the next hidden jump switch." It became irritating having to search every nook and cranny, and look behind pipes--and to keep retracing steps to find some missed item or switch. A lot of it seemed designed to make the player feel stupid. Frankly by that point I was hoping Lara would just slide down into a lush garden and a cute bunny rabbit would hop up and lay the fourth crystal at her feet. I wouldn't have felt cheated out of any game play." - dmdibl (27-Aug-2007)
"I had a decidedly claustrophobic feeling during the first part of this adventure, but it ends quite nicely in a base-type setting where you find the last of four secrets and make your escape. I found the level of difficulty to be moderate to high, and that curved jump past the low ceiling flunked my "10-try" test (with no discernible progress after each attempt, so the flycheat was enabled at that point). There were other hidden areas that made Harry's advance walkthough a welcome helpmate. Even so, I spent nearly 80 minutes here and had a good time from start to finish. The lighting is appropriate for the setting, and everything fit together quite well. An enjoyable raid that I can recommend to more experienced players." - Phil (25-Aug-2007)
"Yay! This was fun, and I mean FUN! Finding out where to go next, figuring out how to get there and actually getting there, all of it was tricky but manageable - and fun. The difficulty level was just about the max I can do, but I always felt motivated to try and never got frustrated - which might have to do with no timed runs appearing in this level. Plus I appreciate a level to immediately show it will be a tricky one like ICE does. I absolutely recommend this one, but better not try it at the end of an exhausting day or with concentration being low for any other reason.
I find it hard to rate secrets; with the four secrets being the main goal in his level there are no secrets in the 'classic' understanding. I don't think any of hose 'extra' secrets would have enhanced this level, players need to look up and try out every possibility anyway. Also difficult to say, how much I liked the athmosphere' - I was far too busy to think about the athmosphere, which I feel is a good thing. To me, the architecture never felt 'artificial' , read obviously built according to Lara's abilities'. Cameras : the work to build this level should have been merited with a flyby, e.g. to show off the Brev crystal canyon - rated 'only' 7 to have the difference with builders that put incredible efforts into this part of levelbuilding. Let's hope mugs continues to focus on gameplay.
With many players that - like me - missed the Brev crystal in the first try, I started to think if the way down to the ropeswing and Cari crystal should have been blocked until players pick up the Brev crystal - to avoid players having to do the ropeswing-and-through-the-building a second time (me : third). Maybe I must missed a better way back to the levelend. Music : I liked it, though sometimes for my taste it was cut off soon/ abruptly and I wonder if the arctic windy sound (30.wav) would better have been in the looping group *unsure* . One little thing that I don't like ever in custom levels is the burning floor for no apparent reason, plus it sometimes can have bug-like sideeffects - Lara catching fire in a middle of a jump high above the burning floor. (1st cave)
My favourites : the RB at the small mp in the main canyon :D ,the jumps for the Cari crystal (good camerawork here) and the finetuning to exactly meet my raiding skills. ;)" - snork (23-Aug-2007)
"This fun arctic raid is Pat's best level yet and she's treated us to some good stuff in the past. Lara's mission is to find four crystals (secrets) and getting all four takes some doing. This is at times a rather challenging level with some tricky jumps to achieve and some well hidden objects that can really make getting stuck a near certainty. There are also a lot of guards around to take a toll of your health, but medipacks are generously supplied. It is possible to access the end of the level without achieving the goal of getting all four secrets, but I don't recommend doing that as you will miss some lovely areas and entertaining gameplay. Well, OK I confess to missing one secret, but I did at least see it, I just never worked out how to get to it. Perhaps I'll try again when the walkthrough comes out. A definite must play for the more experienced raider." - Jay (18-Aug-2007)
"Here is Lara on an adventure in the icy mountains in the search for four mysteriuos crystals. These crystals are secrets and not necessary for finishing the game, but I consider them as essential part of the game. The environments and the level architecture alltogether is just great! So you`ll get alot of nice jumps, deviously hidden things like jump switches and target for shooting, well placed enemies (wolves, bats, SAS, machine guns), some of them really difficult to eliminate and some nice trapes (burners, rolling balls, wires, laser). I really liked the exploring of this mountain scape with it's deep basins very much. Finally you have to make your ecape through a base in the mountains. At the same time you get the opportunity to get on a second "round" for missing crystals. Well done! The only thing to critisize is, that you can miss the revolver in the start area by making some unwanted jumps, which gets you also to the end of the world. But I don't care about such stuff much, if the level is otherwise simply very professionaly done! Because this is of higher difficulty it's nothing for TR-novices, but a must-play for the others!" - Raymond (16-Aug-2007)
"I just finished this level and that I can say is that it isn't for unexperienced raiders ! There are a lot of difficult tasks which involve boulders, fires, ropes, tricky jumps and a lot of enemies. We have also to search some hidden switches or objects. It was a pity that some objects (like the revolver for example) were hidden better than the secrets. I was stuck many times because of hidden things. Most of the time the tasks that you need to accomplish aren't obvious. Three of the secrets were rather easy to obtain but I missed the fourth secret. I know where it is but I really don't know how to get it and, after a long travel in the mountains, when I arrived in front of a big machinegun without any idea of what to do, I decided to leave the secret and reach the finish trigger. Anyway it's a nice level which is not too much frustrating and that I enjoyed. Audios sound were great and well placed but it was a bit strange to play without ambiant music. I disliked this a bit. Also it could have been great to have some flybys cameras to show these magnificent mountains to the player. Even if the textures are applied weirdly sometimes the level is quite beautiful. The ligthing is perfect by the way. I recommand it to everyone which feel able to play a challenging level. :-)" - TimJ (15-Aug-2007)