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The Cursed Man by MpGrill

Bene 8 8 7 7
eRIC 6 7 7 7
eTux 6 7 6 6
Gerty 5 7 6 6
Jay 7 7 7 8
Jose 5 6 7 7
Kristina 7 7 6 5
MichaelP 7 8 7 7
Orbit Dream 7 7 6 8
Phil 8 8 8 7
Ryan 7 6 6 7
Treeble 7 7 7 7
release date: 20-Aug-2007
# of downloads: 89

average rating: 6.81
review count: 12
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file size: 69.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"While this took me just over an hour, it surely felt a lot longer. There were quite a lot of retries for some of the trap gauntlets, and generally speaking it had outstayed its welcome about halfway through the second level. Usually I am not bothered by fixed cameras, and in fact I actually appreciate the cinematic effect they bring, but there's a definite abuse of those in here, it feels as though as every other room has a few of them. Luckily you can break away with the look key, but they do become annoying. Another nuisance is the darkness, it's not terrible and there was a surplus of flares, but it gets old rather fast and then there's an area with a pitch black fog which served no purpose other than to hide a few supplies and the way forward. There are a few minor issues such as wafer thin walls, the wrong animation for the trident, the swinging axes have a weird collision box (and they don't slash you, they just outright push you to your doom), plus a weird incomplete scripting and apparently more skull items than you need. You get three at once at some point, I'm presuming the author put those in for partial testing of the area and simply forgot to remove them later on. I'm playing this right after The Break In and I couldn't help but laugh at the goddamned eels. 65 minutes, 6 secrets. 05/23" - Treeble (04-Jun-2023)
"Well, this builder sure likes his fixed cameras, doesn't he. I encountered enough of them in "Above Hell" and they're back again here! They are still an annoyance to some extent, but thankfully most of them can be cancelled with the Look key. This is made up of two levels, the first being a simple taster, (although you return here near the end) and second being the longest and most immersive. Experienced players might want to steer away from this as there are some difficult manoeuvres to perform, not least a devilish timed run into a series of colour-coded gates. I did encounter the wraith issue, so shooting at them, I could progress. Overall, not bad and has good atmosphere." - Ryan (09-May-2017)
"This two-part level is quite complex, requiring the player to return to the first level for additional gameplay before it's all over. There's much going on in between, and I've played a number of levels that have garnered higher scores than this one. Part of the problem seems to be a pair of sword wraiths that are stubbornly death-resistant even when you're standing right in front of the bird statue that's supposed to attract them. Another factor is undoubtedly that timed run near the end that I thought was impossible to conquer. In fact, I initially binned the level and submitted a scathing review before trying once more and finally getting past the timed gate (Murphy's Law, forum effect, whatever). Anyway, between the two levels (which are too dark in most spots for my taste) you get about an hour and a half of consistently challenging gameplay, and Harry Laudie has provided a comprehensive walkthrough to ensure that you don't lose your way. Recommended." - Phil (13-Aug-2016)
"Not all that easy to review this double level, as it mixes a few very good elements with some rather sloppy mistakes that could so easily have been avoided. It is quite a long adventure (I spent 80 minutes here) and generally fast paced with fairly simple things to do and a lot of running through empty corridors, but the 6 secrets and the at times challenging enemies spice things up a bit. Many, many fixed cameras are used but generally you can get rid of them with the look key. Flybys and accompanying audio sometimes work really well, other times seem a bit out of place. The three skulls you need for one of the secrets can be found right in front of the door because probably the author forgot to take the obsolete ones out after testing. There are two gameplay moments which I would deem the highlights: a bit of a jump/slide gauntlet and the timed sequence near the end (which is not too hard if you begin running towards the yellow corridor while the initial flyby is still moving around. All in all, definitely worth playing!" - MichaelP (26-Oct-2008)
"I'm always amused by seeing a dead Indi with hat and whip....ok I'm easily amused. As I was with the majority of this Raid. Yes, the walls are sometimes thin and the camera is overworked in totally unnecessary spots but there is good game flow and the author knows how to use color to indicate objects or areas to explore. I ran into a major glitch with the Sword sprites as I got impatient with the Bird Statue not killing them(and running out of Health) so I ran into the now opened next room and killed the Ahmets and got the Trident -unfortunately when I returned to the pool room I was stuck on a graphic of the ceiling and could only see where Lara was by hitting the 'Look' button. Going back to a savegame took care of that but the Swords followed without harming Lara throughout the game. As for the walkthrough wall areas, I like them and think they add to enjoyable gameplay. Good rolling boulder sequences and the fight with the demi god was a mystery as he disappeared when the Grenade Launcher was picked from inventory - something else I like that definitely amuses me. I'm not sure if he has to be killed as the water was safe when I got to it but then again, maybe it's not safe when he is in the room. Not so amusing but rather intense is the timed floor sword levers/opening gates run close to the end. It's at first confusing but use Sprint whenever possible. I had fun with all of it and if you missed this when it was first available for download, give it a try." - Bene (25-Oct-2008)
"Wow this was also a deją vu as I have seen this before as well and I did play it but I didn't like it that much as it is rather confusing. There is some back and fro but most of it didn't make that much sense to me anyway. Walkthrough walls, well I haven't seen those in ages and they are the pits. Textures good use some attention also the paper-thin walls I encountered. This level was rather dark and I could have used a tad more flares. Then the bit with the eels in the sewer, booooooring, so instead of shooting them I just out-swam them. As for the two-sword wraith, they wouldn't explode so shooting them with your pistols will do wonders. There was a bit of overdoing the fixed cameras in this level but luckily most of them would go away by hitting the"look" key. To be honest I liked the first game by this builder much better. Gameplay wise... it just didn't do it for me." - Gerty (08-Apr-2008)
"An original double level with a rather good setting in a town where you don't spend a lot of time before exploring the underground. The game is not difficult , except for a multiple timed run near the end when Lara surfaced again in the town. In most of the level, I did not had the feeling to accomplish a lot of things as the puzzles are few, it is all about discovering new areas , picking up some skulls or other items. I've quite liked one room with swinging blades where you have to make curved jumps to pass them, two good gauntlets with boulders , and the fact that some of the areas are revisited. If some of the places are atmospheric , there are also some faults in the design or in the texturing. Enemies are various, ninjas, wraiths , scavengers easy to avoid, giant eels ,"cursed men" without a heart , and a mutant demigod that I did not killed. The author has worked on the lighting which is on the dark side. All of the fixed cameras were also not necessary. On the whole , a rather pleasant level." - eRIC (27-Oct-2007)
"The gloomy atmosphere didn't leave a good impression on me but then again I never liked such levels with many darkened areas. It has some pretty good traps with boulders falling and you need to be fast, rooms with blocks you need to be careful when climbing because of the axes and a few good puzzles. The one with the many doors and coloured small corridors behind them was very confusing. I had a problem opening the last gate behind the blue door but a solution from the forum came the right moment. Unfortunately the gameplay is spoiled but the badly applied textures. Many are distorted, others are missing, we get a few paper thin walls as well and generally it seems like that parts of the manual was not read carefully by the builder. I liked the underwater parts, small mazes and the gloomy maze like corridors above at some point but don't worry about that one as there are plenty of flares to find in the entire game. I guess splitting this into two levels had to be done because of their length although the first one, which you will revisit after completing the second, seemed poor. I found five from the six secrets including the Secret Talisman which was a cartouche actually. If not for the mild confusion and the bad textures I would have rated it higher. Take a look at it, it is worth it." - Kristina (21-Sep-2007)
"This game has a good look and well builded, but the second level is too much dark for me to like. The new enemies are original and there are a lot of fixed cameras you have to stop with the "look" key. There's not interesting puzzles but the level is playable. In the room with the neptune statue there is a bird statue to "kill" two spade-wraiths, but I was running around and around exactly 23 minutes (yes, I counted the time saving when I reach the statue and with another save at the end) wasting some medipacks and the wraiths were still hurting me and don't disappeared so I decided abandone the game; my time is precious to waste it in such bored tasks." - Jose (11-Sep-2007)
"Lara's search for an old friend brings her to a cursed town, and consequently it's cursed ruins. The level uses colorful lighting which makes the whole atmosphere a bit psychedelic and even creepy at times - especially when you meet the friend and see what's become of him! Somehow though, I think the author's first level, with all its flaws (that seem to be taken care of here - pickups, and enemy attacks being in moderation for example) somehow left a better impression of his abilities, as I managed to stumble upon the occasional wafer-thin wall, walk-through walls (though these were intended), door placement bugs and several points that had me completely confused (like the timed run with colourful tiles and switches - even if somewhat creative - just as confusing, at least for me!). Maybe also the textures gave this a much rougher feel at times, as I felt the author's first offering was more coherent in that department. I also found that the fixed cameras were overused for my liking and hardly helpful at that, but maybe that was just my perception of it all. All that said - this is really far from a bad effort, and can be enjoyed despite its shortcomings if you see them that way, but I found that many things didn't click with me as they should have and thus I left feeling that overall things were fairly chaotic, and at times felt like serving no purpose at all. What you should play the level for, though, is the atmosphere as it works fairly well, especially in the ruins level!" - eTux (29-Aug-2007)
"Well, top marks for an interesting level name. It's a two parter and starts out in a rather nice (albeit 'cursed') town but you don't get to stay for very long before moving to the cursed ruins, although you will return later on. It's a fast paced game with an interesting mix of action and enemies and just enough challenge to be enjoyable. Pickups are generous and once you find the grenade gun and revolver you won't have much to fear from the enemies. Good fun, but I just hope you like pendulums. Oh, and be on the look out for walk through walls." - Jay (27-Aug-2007)
"A disapointingly short and simple first level gives way to a rather fun run-about which provides loads to occupy yourself with,none of which is particularly challenging whether physically or mentally;until around 10 minutes from the end,when you're required to perform some trickyish jumps and then retrace your steps to rooms you last visited around an hour earlier.A good memory is therefore required (especially if,like me,you interrupted the game mid-way for an evening meal at a nearby restaurant). There are small irritations throughout (wafer thin walls and floors;objects and rooms which look important but which serve no purpose;mazes;walkthrough walls) and the gameplay is generally very straightforward;but the lighting and textures are nicely applied and the whole adventure has a pleasing flow to it,which carries you along from one unpretentiously enjoyable moment to the next.The enemies you face are varied,unusual and entertaining;and there's a delicious moment of humour when you run up a dark tunnel toward the light at the far end,the 'end of level theme' kicks in,you sit back triumphantly and ..! Nothing here will lend this adventure classic status,but I enjoyed it a great deal all the same." - Orbit Dream (22-Aug-2007)