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KCR Project by Gaabr

Akcy 10 10 10 10
CC 9 8 9 9
DJ Full 8 9 9 8
Gerty 8 8 9 9
Jay 9 9 10 10
JesseG 8 8 9 9
Jose 7 8 9 9
Juno Jim 9 9 7 8
Kristina 8 8 8 8
MichaelP 9 8 9 8
Nomad 8 9 9 8
Phil 9 9 10 7
Ravenwen 10 9 10 9
Raymond 10 10 10 9
Ruben 9 10 10 9
Ryan 8 9 10 8
Samu 8 8 8 8
Treeble 8 8 8 8
vienna 7 8 9 9
release date: 01-Sep-2007
# of downloads: 80

average rating: 8.72
review count: 19
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file size: 61.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Base/Lab

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Reviewer's comments
"I've played this in one sitting (well, almost, as I had to take a break to do the laundry) and I realized I'm getting too old for this. This is one massive intertwined base level with a whole lot (lost count, but I'd wager a dozen or so) of cards to be collected all over the place, and while there were a lot of unusual and fun setups along the way, it just dragged on for too long. There's one particular route, with angled jumps through a narrow corridor, which was one of the unusual and fun setups the first time around, but you end up taking it another three times as you advance through the level. There was a backflip to a crawlspace for secret #2 which I was sure was impossible, but for some reason about more tries than I care to admit Lara got somewhat "squeezed" into the crawlspace and pushed out the very next second, but that gave me enough frames to finally grab the ledge. I don't think that's the intended way, but I'm surprised it even worked (and that someone had figured this out earlier on, thanks to Akci in this case for the guided experience). Ah, and yes, definitely take the Normal version, unless you're a youngster. That's not going to prevent you from doing a number of banana jumps, but will reduce the number of enemies while also giving you more medipacks: win-win. 2 hours, 5 secrets. 12/23" - Treeble (17-Dec-2023)
"This custom game has both medium and hard difficulty. I chose the medium difficulty, since according to many of the other reviewers, the hard difficulty is very punishing. Gameplay consists of mostly challenging platforming that often includes timed runs and excellently used traps, such as moving laser traps, rolling barrels and flame emitters. The game will also test your memory, since you will be collecting plenty of key cards, and sometimes it can be difficult to remember where you can use them due to highly non-linear structure of the game. Although I enjoyed the gameplay overall, certain parts contain tedious backtracking. Sometimes you are forced to go through the same traps twice, and other times you may arrive to a dead end because you hadn’t found a key card that was needed to proceed, and thus, you will have to backtrack to an earlier location. Visually the game looks quite good, despite the large quantity of stretched and misaligned textures, and the fact that the rooms tend to look very similar to each other utilizing the same grey color palette. All in all, I can recommend this game if you are an experienced player who enjoys tricky platforming." - Samu (09-Sep-2023)
"Owaaaa, you should remove that one corridor where you need to undo progress everytime you go there too early, and the experience would get twice better. Outside of that, it's a reverse example of what I normally encounter - the lighting here is flawless but texturing/shaping is inferior to that. Can't we just once get everything correct? Also, the combat, omg - at some point I just found medikit conservation futile and I started to take multiple medikits, and I think levels which are MEANT to use medikits should have a special warning, because the earlier you adapt such mindset, the more you're going to enjoy. Also, there is only one camera hint and it's only to the very last keyhole, when you're not confused anymore - so why not to include these earlier also. Secrets add to challenge but if the level is combat-heavy, why there aren't any stronger weapons to find? Eventually, the 4x card puzzle pretends to be a combo, but you need to do half of it in order to do another - I can see multiple players mistaking it for a single chapter to visit later, so they will ignore it and miss a critical item required to begin the second half of the quest after the first one is done. Still, this level has a very unique soul and forms a remarkable infiltration setting - just keep in mind it IS difficult and it WILL need a good moment to attempt." - DJ Full (24-May-2021)
"Whew, what a juicy level. I will be reviewing the normal version because I found the hard mode too challenging, not impossible but hard enough to make it lose its fun. The level features a very well designed and logical base, and your task is mainly finding four hangar cards so you can destroy the missiles' system, and you will have to visit every nook and cranny of the huge base to accomplish the task. Which can be sort of problematic, because the level gets very complex as you go on, a lot of passages and rooms open up and you stumble across myriads of doors with different colored keycard sockets. You really have to memorize where each of these is located with the corresponding colors or you will really have a headache trying to locate the correct ones after you find a card. Even with the correct path there is a lot of backtracking and you even have to redo challenging jumps and a box puzzle, which is a bad feature I think. There is one genuine puzzle in the level and I'm not sure what to feel about it (the knight jump), because the given hint was a bit confusing in my opinion, the tiles seem to actually point to wrong jumps if you really look into the picture. The level is pretty exciting overall though, I liked the enemy-medpack-ammo balance a lot, and the traps particularly the laser traps are very enjoyable to deal with. There are a couple of very cool timed platformings, though I must confess I am not a fan of the banana jumps. That jump should be realistically impossible and I don't like when builders make them mandatory. Anyway in general this is a solidly designed base level, not perfect but quite good. Recommended only to experienced raiders." - Nomad (28-Jan-2021)
"You're presented with a choice at the very beginning of this level (actually two interconnected ones): you can play in either easy mode or hard mode. I elected to play the easy version and believe me that was challenging enough in quite a few places. Judging by the walkthrough and reviews, I don't think I would have been able to cope with the hard version. The biggest downsides were probably the ferocity of the enemies scattered around and the continuous backtracking near the end. At least in easy mode, enough medipacks are available (they looked scarce in the hard version though), but it still got a bit much at times. There also could have been a couple more shortcuts to alleviate the latter point as well. Your ultimate objective is to destroy the launch computers for the missiles and there's a lot to be accomplished before that. Despite my griping though, it's a well thought out level with a few nifty puzzles and timed runs that'll give you a good workout." - Ryan (27-Mar-2019)
"Level is too complex. It is hard to find right cards to progress forward. An example is place where you must jump like a knight. There is the map but it was still confusing. There are many place where you have to jump movements exactly right time. I prefer more an idea where you have 1-2 sec more time than that. I recommend this only for pro-raiders." - vienna (30-May-2017)
"A two-hour adventure of two connected levels, with two difficulties to choose from. I decided to be daring and pick "hard", but soon changed my mind and stuck with "normal". Turns out the difference, or one of them, is hard mode lacks the very precious medpack pickups and instead has more enemies. Don't underestimate these guys - they can drain your entire health bar in three or four rapid-fire shots. They can also shoot at you even when facing sideways, and this combined with the odd appearance of the gunfire made me wonder whether there was something glitchy about their setup. I used 9 medpacks on normal and I feel maybe toning down the enemies would have benefited the levelset. Even beside that point, these levels are certainly not a walk in the park, as just about every switch is timed, and there are many abysses, death tiles, lasers, and flames to avoid on your quest for 4 hanger keycards, to deactivate the rockets in the base. There are also a variety of other keycards to collect in each level, and it is a bit overwhelming to seek them all, recollect where they are used, and backtrack back to them. Not having foresight with a certain pushable block made me backtrack through a bunch of lasers and ledges where I needed to use a very tricky "banana jump", and then travel through that route once again. The builder needs to be very careful about structuring levels so that the players don't "trap" themselves in such a manner. Anyway, turn your memory on, brace yourself, and this will be an entertaining raid." - SSJ6Wolf (05-Jan-2009)
"Beware - the author of this level makes no prisoners and will show no mercy whatsoever towards the player. So when he offers you a hard version and an easier one, don't foll yourself, as hard means really hard here. This is a two level set which plays as one very long (2.5 hours for me) level in a base / warehouse / sewer / office environment. You have a purpose, which is to destroy the launch computers for the four missiles and this task will require you to collect many, many key cards and most of them are not easy to get. My biggest issue in the hard version was the scarcity of medipacks while the number of tough baddies and health depriving lasers is almost unbearable. The plenty of timed sequences are creatively designed and managable with some persistence even in the hard version. And once you get the hang of how the author thinks, the flow is actually quite smooth - BUT what spoiled it a bit was the fact that even when there was an opportunity to create a shortcut to make some necessary backtracking easier, the author seemed to have made a conscious effort to NOT offer that shortcut, as if to make it extra difficult for the player. It all got a bit much really towards the end and I believe I would have enjoyed this more in smaller doses than via this mammoth of a trial to test your raiding skills. You can tell the author is a very experienced player himself and wanted to see what can be done, which is fair enough... just a little more mercy in the next one maybe ;)" - MichaelP (26-Nov-2008)
"Another unreasonably dark level that I could not play with any sense of enjoyment without providing artificial lighting through a gamma adjustment on my monitor. As long as there's a category for lighting in the rating system, I'm going to continue voicing my displeasure by taking off points for levels with inadequate ambient light. However, the gameplay here kept me enthralled for nearly three hours before the maddening backtracking required in the second level filled me with an overwhelming desire to have the damn thing just come to an end. The game map for these two connected levels has been well planned, and the player has the choice at the beginning to play either in normal or in hard mode. I chose normal mode and found that to be be quite appropriate for my playing skills. There are a number of nifty timed runs sprinkled throughout the two levels that I found exhilerating but reasonable. Judging from the comments in the walkthrough, I doubt that I would have the same opinion had I been playing in hard mode. Recommended." - Phil (04-Jun-2008)
"A very good base level. Even those who don't like this genre, will enjoy playing this one. Lara has come ill-equipped for this adventure. She should have known this type of mission would require a lot more than mere pistols. So she'll have to hold on to her health packs to get through it. Luckily we have a choice at the beginning... the easy or the hard way. The 'normal' route is quite tough as it is, so the 'hard' one is definitely only for experienced raiders. We're trying to stop the launch of four rockets in a heavily guarded base built below an innocent looking grassy forest location. This place is huge, and whereas we perform the usual movements in a base type level, the whole thing seems so refreshingly 'new'. We are searching for keys to open the rocket hangars, and code cards to open the different doors. Not so easy, as the different routes are strewn with traps and Lara will perform many difficult tasks that aren't helped by all the backtracking, especially between the two levels in this download. Appropriate, and some not seen before tasks are shooting fuse boxes that blow black holes in walls, as well as lots of monkeyswings, ladders, trapdoors, slides, difficult fire emitter gauntlets, barrel dodging, and nicely designed angled jumping. The laser traps are very well designed, and great fun to negotiate. Also many timed trapdoor jumping sequences where we have to stop half way and use a switch that will allow us to continue. Some good push block puzzles, target shooting, and a clever way to rotate a walkway. Enemies are appropriate, rats, bats, and lots of workers and gunmen. Great level design, and the atmosphere is as it should be. In fact, it's all so deceptively simply looking, almost naively textured and lighted, that it would give the impression this is going to be quite easy, almost ho-hum. That is the genius of the level. Not sure if it's a 'mac' thing, but there is a part of these levels where Lara will die in blackness for no particular reason. This 'bug' did eventually clear, but it meant constant reloading and moving along, little by little. Mystery! We're left with a couple of questions at the end. What happened? We know why Lara came here, but did she actually accomlish her goal? Perhaps the angry look on her face is a tell-tale sign! Or perhaps there's more to come!" - CC (12-Nov-2007)
"I chose the hard route and the only thing that I found, I speak for myself giving my standards of hard, was that I had to be extremely careful with Lara's health because the medipacks were few and the enemies many. That is not my idea of hard gameplay and I hate it when builders choose to torture the players like that because I am all for giving a bit of 'trouble' and not provide a ton of medipacks but there is a limit. I am disappointed because when I chose the hard route I was expecting more challenge and complexity as far as puzzles are concerned. Well I found quite a few challenges, that is true but one could find that sort of challenge in a level without a choice of gameplay that is just above medium. Of course I do not mean that I didn't enjoy this, on the contrary it kept me entertained for two and a half hours but I had to write my disappointment for not finding what I was expecting. The thing the players should expect though are many enemies, many and I mean many cards and a confusing level. There are many ways to go and much backtracking so if you have little patience you might want to think twice before you install this game. At some point my only concern was to finish it because I really got tired of searching for cards so I ignored the secrets. Even so I managed to find two of them. This game needs patience and someone to be a fan for base type levels otherwise I don't think you can make it through sane." - Kristina (24-Oct-2007)
"If you are not a very expert player I recommend you choose the normal skill, 'cause even in this mode the game is hard enough. The base is very big and it has all the features you can expect in this kind of levels: deep pits, rolling barrels, a lot of timed runs with gratings, many crates, fire traps, agressive workers and mercenaries, lasers, many buttons to push, a lot of code cars to find, continuous danger,... Levels are well builded and there are many interesting puzzles, but the too much no-lineal gameplay makes that many times you arrive to dead ends after passing much time solving tricky tasks and you have to go back 'cause you haven't the required keycard or item, and again you have to reload and pass again all those tricky tasks losing a lot of time; so to complete the two levels can take you many hours. I only found the uzis as extra weapons and very few ammo for them, totally insuficient for me. The worst for me were the difficult banana jumps, and the best some puzzles, lights and textures." - Jose (24-Oct-2007)
"I love lab levels !!! This one was excellent, although the backtracking was a little much. I'm not too savvy about camera following, but I had to hit "look" many more times than usual... Quite challenging, trying to remember where you were, and needed to go, but lots of good entertainment !!!" - Juno Jim (22-Oct-2007)
"Here's an interesting idea - two levels of gameplay, one 'normal' and one 'difficult'. So just how masochistic are you feeling? I started off trying the difficult version, but soon decided to leave that to my husband while I went away and played the normal one. I feel certain most players will find the normal version quite challenging enough. Having seen the difficult version, I can only say - aaaaaaaaaaaaargh, no way. In any case, whichever version you choose, there's a lot of exploring to do in a huge base environment and I strongly suggest you make notes as you go along (unlike me) or you could easily become very confused (absolutely like me). It's really good gameplay - never a dull moment - and the base is beautifully and very realistically constructed. This really is not to be missed, even if you do wimp out take the easier option as I did." - Jay (08-Oct-2007)
"Phew, now I need a hot tub, a couch and something to let me unwind. Not necessary in that order. The story is simple, however the task to get to your goal is not. I choose the"normal" settings and although I like a challenge, I decided not to do the"hard" part as I have been running around and I must have been at least ten times in every nook and cranny and I still got lost in a major way. That is my biggest complain as you have to go back and fro quite a lot, as pushing a button in W, only means that you have to go to E to find a door open, to push another button and so on. Finding code cards, coloured ones, so remember the colours of the receptacles or else you will be running around like an idiot. Your main goal of course to get access to the rockets and for that: 4 other cards are needed. Some doors stay closed at least at my part and I suspect that the builder is teasing us to keep some shortcuts closed. Although the fly by's are excellent I missed more camera work (hence my running around). But give this one a try, you won't be bored and I am glad I made it through this level without any help. Not sure how many secrets there are but I think I found only 2." - Gerty (17-Sep-2007)
"Upon starting this level, you are given the choice to select between normal and hard mode; I took the challenge and selected the difficult path, and I was more than rewarded! This level in its hard mode is top notch gameplay, unstoppable action, traps, tight jumps, impossible timed runs and many other challenges that make you hold your breath many times as you try to make it along. The action is split in two sections, and your objective is to find a series of code cards and four important hangar keys that will finally open up the exit for you. Sometimes finding those items is relatively easy, but making your way back to where you must use them is extremely challenging! If you miss something, you may have to go back a long way through several trials and tricky sequences; and there is a lot of backtracking too. Nice lab atmosphere emphasized by convenient texturing, sound effects and music, many baddies (and lots of bats!) who try to stop you, but the major highlights in this level are the amazing, professionally set gameplay and the brilliant construction of the network of rooms; truly a masterwork concerning both those aspects. I haven't tried the easy mode, but I guess it's conveniently set for all players; however experienced players that want a high-class challenge, should definitely try the hard mode - you won't regret it!" - Ravenwen (10-Sep-2007)
"Fully satisfied by this stunning adventure , a complete game which is definetely a must-play. The difficult option I would only recommend for the top class players , not even for the good ones because difficult means VERY HARD in this game , in capital letters ! I have played the "easy" version and I tell you not even that can be taken as a piece of a cake . Heading back to the elevator I suddenly stopped and noticed I must have had missed one particular object ,the only reason I had been here for ! Checking my inventory : No Sir ! No trace of Hangar Access C3 Card !!! Now going back to search for this one is just like looking for a needle in a hay stack for I knew I must have visited all the important locations at least once . Start again ? But where ? Finally found it (BIG and BRIGHT and VISIBLE) and got back to level 1 . The last and final cutscene in which this game ends leaves one question open : What was she really here for ? To destroy the rockets ? Anyway, a very good and exciting adventure , a bit dark in places , but who uf us has ever been in the HQ US Stratecic Air Command Base deep under the hills of the Rocky Mountains ? It may be even darker down there. Luckily the author has supplied enough candlelights for Lara, helping her to find the right track. Surely a game worth playing , you will love it and hate it like I did !" - Ruben (08-Sep-2007)
"A level for gourmets, spiced with really tasty curved jumps and timed tasks, hard to avoid traps, extremely well placed opponents, and everything perfectly fits. The layout, building and setting of the levels are incredibly good, from both the look of the place and the gameplay point of views, it could made me feel 'being there' thank you Gabi. Because simply everything is in place and fits, but with that natural obviousity that we might don't even notice it. I mean like, in a real missile base would anyone make note of the fire extinguishers in every room? I don't think so. But of the lack of them. That's just how everything is in place here, it clearly shows that Gabi took care of the details, and he has good sense for them. Authentic doors, switches and other objects, the various color cards, the scattering small rats when sliding into one of the rooms, the KCR arm bands of the workers, or the unopenable service doors. On similar base themed levels when my Lara arrived at some hard to reach areas the question occured to me many times, that those already inside always crawl through the vent system too? Here this isn't the case, another nice touch. Although the colors of the levels usually represent various shades of gray, but the plethora of decorating elements and the great lighting are able to make that hardly noticeable, and from the standpoint of reality that's even a good thing, what other colors would we expect inside a missile base. Nevertheless, I suggest to play at night, for daylight wouldn't disturb visibility. Sounds are fantastic as well, and they helped to create the great and authentic atmosphere, the voice of the rats are so cute, I was so sorry to shoot them, the card and door noises, the musics, all superb. The five secrets are just real prizes, they don't influence gameplay. The optional level of difficulty was very thougthful from the author, but there is a need for it indeed; beginners will find it difficult enough even in normal. Fantasticly arranged and, at least in hard, tough to the extreme timed tasks, jumps, progresses through laser traps, escapes from rolling barrels, original puzzles, exciting fights. There were just a few minor mandatory injuires, still I was just barely able to finish it without using medis, Lara's health bar was very low, specially on the first level. Because sometimes it's impossible to kill the enemies without some health loss, not that there were too many of them at once or unfair places, on the contrary, they are placed just right to really live up to their purpose, to represent obstacles to overcome and challenge. As I was a beta testing it, I played it several times, and doubly that is, due to the two difficulty levels, still for the Xth time I was still entertained and enjoyed playing, and that is a peculiarity of the best levels. If you have uncertainities in controling Lara then prepare yourself, you may have some real struggles, but you can learn so much in exchange, since the really great levels are able to force us to become better players, and this one is just like that. If you are already an expert and like challenges KCR Project will be one of your favorites, I guarantee it." - Akcy (05-Sep-2007)
"I'm not that much a fan of base levels, but this one is really excellent. Lara has to prevent the start of four dangerous rockets at a secret military base. At the start of the two-level-game you can choose between difficult and normal! And difficult means this time really difficult! And this with all tasks in the game, especially in the first level! Very tough battles with pistols only (nearly), tense and technically difficult timed tasks and murderous traps! I particulaly remember this laser orgie near the end of the first level. It is so masterfully crafted. In the first level you`ll get real difficulties to get through with the given life power. I had nearly nothing in the end. So save every bit of life power you have! But all this is extremly well constructed. The whole game is atmospheric, beautifully lighted, very good staged and the levelarchitecture is great! Only texturing could be a bit more careful in some places. So I had immense fun to play the difficult variant of the game. Because of the two variants everybody can play this excellent level and have a lot of fun with the challenges here. I tested also the beginning of the normal variant: it's really much easier and everybody can play this! I absolutely recommend the difficult variant for expierenced players and the normal variant for everbody else!" - Raymond (05-Sep-2007)