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TR Legacy - Secret of Babylon by Lady Croft Team

Adriel 9 8 10 8
CC 6 6 7 6
dantheraider 4 5 6 6
Gerty 5 7 8 7
God Horus 9 10 9 8
guss18 4 5 5 10
Jay 7 6 7 8
Jorge22 5 6 5 8
Jose 7 8 8 10
Kristina 4 5 5 5
MichaelP 7 8 9 8
Orbit Dream 4 6 9 9
Phil 7 8 7 8
Ryan 6 6 6 8
Treeble 6 7 7 7
Vaughnage 7 4 10 8
release date: 24-Nov-2007
# of downloads: 53

average rating: 6.94
review count: 16
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file size: 51.61 MB
file type: TR4
class: Coastal

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Reviewer's comments
"While I liked the overall feel of this levelset — which is very Prince of Persia, and mostly in part of the audio selection —, I thought gameplay wasn't quite as engaging as it could have been. It's more focused on telling a story, so from start to finish you play an original character who doesn't wield weapons but instead has to outrun a number of guards. Gameplay is quite limited when you think about it, lots of platforming and crawling around, but not many pickups or levers to operate doors. Quite a few mazes though, but Harry's walkthrough was effective as always. I personally didn't mind the fixed cameras and understand the cinematic approach the builders were angling for. 70 minutes, 6 secrets. 05/23" - Treeble (21-May-2023)
"This seems to be a collaboration between different builders in an attempt to create a story that moves itself along. It's a bit of a mixed result though, although in a slightly more negative way. The visual aspects are often quite striking and impressive with a lot of colour used, although most of the areas are a bit too large for their own good. The cutscenes are also used well, although again a little too long and the audio is hard to hear over the dramatic music. The fixed cameras are often used in an annoying fashion and to (unnecessarily) make progression harder and gameplay is dragged down by long crawl passages, shimmies and having to defend yourself against hordes of enemies without weapons or medipacks, which is a bit unfair in my book. But if you do want to have a go at something a little different, it's up to you." - Ryan (29-Jan-2018)
"This is a somewhat ambitious project, but for me it fell flat. The gameplay is less than aspiring, and there are far too many areas with fixed cameras. What's more, you have to play the entire adventure without any weapons, so you're helpless to deal with multiple enemies you meet along the way. The main saving grace is the lighting, which is such that I rarely if ever had the need to use a flare. The game consists of two main levels, sandwiched between opening and concluding FMVs that presumably established a story line of sorts. The sound files come with download in compressed format, and I didn't bother to unpack them, so I played in silence and missed all the explanatory dialogue. But since story lines in a custom level mean little or nothing to me, I don't feel I missed much. Harry Laudie's walkthrough is almost as much fun to follow as the actual gameplay, as he never misses an opportunity to grumble about the fixed cameras. I can't say that these levels are without their redeeming qualities, because they kept me occupied for the better part of two hours. Still, I can't imagine ever selecting them to replay." - Phil (18-Jan-2016)
"A game that remembers a lot Price of Persia and has a great story that entertains the player until the end. The design of the game is good, but it could be better in many aspects of illumination and texturization. I found many technical errors too that could be fixed. On the other hand scenarios are huge and have to be explored and I think gameplay is very good. The next levels of this team will certainly be better if they don't repeat the same errors committed in this one." - Adriel (24-Dec-2010)
"Talk about a wide range of scores here - rarely you have levels getting 4s and 10s at the same time, so why is that? On the plus side, this is a very ambitious adventure, with a grand scale music score from Prince of Persia and Beyond Good & Evil. It has a complex storyline, which is introduced via nicely narrated (albeit very hard to understand) intro and outro flybys and it is lit with strong colours and provides a fairly interesting architecture throughout, with inside and outside areas, some smaller and some rather wide and spacious. There are also 6 nice secrets (3 in each level) which you really have to do quite a bit of 'work' for and every now and then an enjoyable flyby is thrown in to introduce a new area. So - why all these lower scores then? Probably because there are several rather annoying things as well here. You have no weapons or flares throughout the entire adventure and you do run into the occasional warrior and some pesky bats along the way nibbling on your health. Nothing too bad, but still a bit of a nuisance. There are several fixed cameras, especially in the first level, which you cannot break out of and which only serve the purpose to make it a bit more difficult for the player. There are generally almost no helpful camera hints, so you could easily be confused if you do not remember a closed door you need to backtrack to, as it may have opened when you flipped one of those many levers or buttons. But the worst for me - which caused me to lower my gameplay score was the very tedious gameplay in Part 2 - ironically named 'On the Run', where you get plenty of crawling in maze like structures to do and progression becomes very slow. There is also a shortcut here, as you do not actually need to collect the four gems at all to reach the end. Bottomline, I have to say though that I enjoyed the almost 90 minutes in this two parter very much. It is certainly and adventure with a bit of a difference and let's hope the team has not been discouraged too much by some of the criticism it has received and we may one day see the sequel still." - MichaelP (24-Mar-2009)
"What a brilliant idea! A great storyline, good introductory flyby, a mythical character, her journey, her surroundings, her encounters, and her demise. The makings of an epic. So why doesn't it work?! Well, for starters, it was very hard to hear the whispering narrator over the dramatic music. Understanding what is happening will be easier if the player goes to the original site first and reads about it. Lighting is very odd, dark figures silhouetted against the lighter background, lighting a flare turns them into sinister looking non-descripts. Extremely odd object placement, a lot of annoying fixed cameras, or no cameras after actions. The textures are from all the original games resulting in some colourful if odd busy looking rooms. Some textures are missing and we see the end of the world. But we also find some beautiful rooms with perfect lighting. We are in for a shock as the main character, Kraene, has to outrun so many enemies with nothing to defend herself with. And considering she has to perform actions like jumping to pull down switches with guards waiting underneath to hack her to pieces, negotiate many traps, find numerous switches and trapdoors, and what finally happens to her, I thought this very unfair. At the same time, this is a huge challenge, and in keeping with the storyline, of the heroine risking life and limb for the greater good. It certainly is a good team effort, and it will be interesting to see what could be produced in the future. It's also a mystery as to whether this story will be continued, in another form, at a later date. Who knows? It will be extremely interesting to see it developed. It is definitely worth investigating, and screams for a repeat performance... with a bit of fine tuning." - CC (12-May-2008)
"It is a strange level with an even stranger structure. It has a colourful setting but the gameplay is a little boring. First of all you don't start as Lara but as anther female character and then you have no guns or binoculars so imagine the frustration you'll feel later on when enemies appear and chase you. The worst thing was the fire wraiths, it took me forever to monkey swing to the other side where the water was because it is difficult not to catch fire while monkey swinging. That was a very bad idea. The rest of the game is about finding switches, levers and four gems in an outside setting with many levels to climb and quite a few crawlspace mazes. I found five secrets. It wasn't from the games I enjoy playing." - Kristina (26-Jan-2008)
"I am really sorry for this team effort as the story is a solid one but it didn't pan out at all. Although the readme on their home page (in English) does warn you for bugs, I got all of them and some more. First I played it without the included exe file and then a tried it again with the exe. But the bugs, it made no difference. What I found the pits is that there are no weapons, not funny and although you can avoid the enemies, the bats are a different story. Also the fixed cameras are no fun especially as there are no binoculars. That is a big NO in my book. Texturing wise they should have a good look at them as they could use some working as some are squashed, some are stretched and some do need rotating. Lightning is another story, some part were too dark (no flares) and some too bright. Pick ups I found were only secrets and at that medipacks, could have uses a tad more, as I haven't found all the secrets. By leaving the first level I had an unsatisfied feeling as some doors were still closed. In the second half there is too much crawling to do and for what.... as I never found the 4th Crystal but instead found the finishing trigger and left it at that. Btw the secret word is gealen." - Gerty (12-Jan-2008)
"This is not an usual level. There are not guns, flares or binoculars and you have always yo escape from the enemies, avoiding them, thinking quickly where to go and running all the time. There are very few pickups too, only a book, some medipacks if you discover the secrets and some gems in the second level. There are a lot of annoying fixed cameras through all the level difficulting a lot the gameplay and on the contrary when you pull a level there are not cameras to help you a little so you have always to figure out where to go. In the second level there is a defect on the design so you can finish the level without get the four gems losing a good part of the gameplay, based in exploring and Lara's movements over all. I liked very much Lara's outfit, very good musics, very good textured, excelent objects and environment, great architecture, marvellous scenes and nice history and animations. A different way to understand a TR game but it's worth to play." - Jose (19-Dec-2007)
"Good, but not great. The lady croft team really needs to work on their textures, lighting, gameplay, appeal, and everything. The lighting and textures were okay, but some parts were bland, and uninteresting to look at for a long time. Some areas with lush plants were good to look at, strong texturing for the plants, kudos to that. Some of the enemies were stupid, and retarted, not knowing where i was at times. Some of the sounds were amazing, and it was original. All of the moody and scary sounds were astounding to hear, but some parts were too weird, and didn't really fit in well with all of the other musical scores. Some of the puzzles were very illogical. Overall it was actually a pleasent game." - Vaughnage (18-Dec-2007)
"I honestly loved this level. Now, I know it may have some negative score, but overall, it is very interesting. When I reviewed this level, I looked at the effort put into it. There is a lot of effort put into it. I was shocked to see they forgot to disable DOZY, but other than that it was great. Textures, lighting, camera, enemies, gameplay is all excellent. Texturing may get a bit boring at times, and you may need to use DOZY, but it's excellent overall." - God Horus (03-Dec-2007)
"Aaaargh, gladiators everywhere and no guns. OK that would be an anachronism in the context of the story - I'll settle for a sword. And the bats were a major irritation but luckily they're not particularly good underwater swimmers so you can get away from them eventually. This is a most interesting idea for a level actually - set in ancient Babylon - and the settings (and 'Lara's outfit) are very well done and have a good feel of authenticity. OK, you have to treat it essentially as a young Lara level so the gameplay is a little limited, but it's very attractively built and definitely worth a look at." - Jay (03-Dec-2007)
"If this was indeed a team effort (and assuming different members of the team were responsible for different aspects of construction)then I would like to say a hearty 'well done!' to those whose job was the actual construction and lighting - this was superb and full of visual imagination with nary a mis-placed texture to be seen and some very fine design work evident in the overall layout. I would also like to give a very big slap around the head to whoever it was who designed the gameplay and who pretty much undid all the hard work that had been put into the aforementioned construction.Whose bright idea was it to include swarms of bats and loads of baddies and yet not allow the heroine to be able to defend herself? Granted,she was an ancient babylonian character and would not be expected to carry a firearm,but for the love of God!- who wants to spend most of 90 minutes running around being continually nibbled by bats and hacked at by Galdiators while only having a couple of medi-packs and absolutely no way to retaliate?? Added to that a loathsome crawl-maze just as the adventure seemed to be gearing itself up for a fast-moving Finale,a pointless 'quest for 4 diamonds' which could be avoided entirely,and so many fixed camera angles which did little except impede your view (and also helped to spoil the atmosphere) and I was left with 90 minutes of general frustration. The voice-work was sincere and performed with conviction,the music was epic,the lighting accomplished; but where was the fun? Not here,I'm afraid." - Orbit Dream (03-Dec-2007)
"I love Prince of Persia and have always thought a POP type TR would be interesting. First what I liked about the level: Lighting & textures. What I did not like: The Character, gameplay(or lack of), the large areas without a clear sense of fluid gameplay. Looking for a few buttons and jumpswitches quickly became boring for me. I think the concept was good but the execution went terribly awry. Hopefully the builder/builders will accept this as constructive criticism and will consider this in the next project. I can't recommend this level especially if you don't have high speed internet." - guss18 (01-Dec-2007)
"The story is good, but if you want to have an original character you need to change the sounds from Lara to the new characters. The level design could be improved and more varitiy of textures can be used. Having orginal stuff makes a level or a game even better. (I know that I'm not using original stuff in my game.) But I must admit that Lady Croft Team has a good start, but they should take more time in devloping the levels and the story more, and some of the fixed cameras were a pain. But still an enjoyable game, I recommand it for people who just want to check it out. Good luck with the next part(s) of the game." - dantheraider (29-Nov-2007)
"Sorry to say but the Lady Croft Team has done a pretty bad job... Lara isn't Lara but instead some irritating blonde with a foreign accent; She doesn't have any guns throughout the entire two levels, even though she's attacked by gladiators plenty of times; there is an incredible exaggeration of 3rd person views that only complicates the gameplay for no special reason and may make up for poor design; there are, at least once, spikes on the floor without any way to see where they are; the Prince of Persia music gets on your nerves; the second level, where you have to find four crystals to get a secret is a design disaster with enormous areas where there is nothing to do except run (the level is called On the Run, alright), it's quite confusing and it has kilometres of crawling and I can imagine how the girl's knees must feel. Plus, I never found all the four crystals even though I finally used DOZY (they forgot to disable it) to get anywhere I could think of. All in all, it's just one of those eye candy levels (and not that much eye candy, after all) with wide good for nothing areas. I can't reccomend it, sorry." - Jorge22 (27-Nov-2007)