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Croft Manor in Paris by Gabriel Oliveira

CC 1 1 2 1
Ceamonks890 0 1 1 1
Cory 1 1 1 1
DJ Full 1 1 1 5
eTux 0 0 1 1
Gerty 0 0 1 1
guss18 0 1 1 5
Jay 0 1 1 1
John 0 2 0 1
Jose 1 1 1 1
Kitkat 1 1 1 1
Kristina 1 2 1 1
manarch2 0 1 1 1
MichaelP 1 2 1 1
OblivionJaw 1 1 1 1
Orbit Dream 1 1 1 1
Ryan 0 1 1 1
Scottie 1 0 2 1
Spike 1 2 1 2
Torry 0 0 4 3
Treeble 2 2 2 2
Vaughnage 1 0 0 0
release date: 25-Nov-2007
# of downloads: 85

average rating: 1.08
review count: 22
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file size: 12.25 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A manor in paris apprently. Outside stretched and messed up textures and some large open rooms there really isn't anything here. However the ideas presented are nice enough. Really not much to do here, but a cool outfit is used." - OblivionJaw (10-Dec-2023)
"Make your way through large rooms with stretched home textures again pushing a few switches to open doors as you go, very boring and pointless as there is no gameplay,and all over in less than 5 mins, more of a early test level. lara looks very fashionable in this one though" - John (09-Aug-2021)
"Extremely short run through a modified Lara's Home with huge boxy rooms and nothing to do. What was the point here?" - Torry (09-Jan-2020)
"Another early take on Croft Manor by Gabriel, which may have a bit more logical construction to it than 'Lara's Home in Africa', but unfortunately, it's still just as pointless to play. Skip this one, unless you're a reviewer." - Ceamonks890 (19-Mar-2018)
"A two minute run through a slightly modified mansion, using switches and opening doors. Found a few invisible door blocks and no noticeable end trigger. Don't bother." - Ryan (18-Dec-2016)
"I just noticed that I played this level months ago and forgot to review it. Indeed it's not exactly a memorable level where the gameplay is restricted in running down some corridors and... yes that's about it. Apart of flicking one lever hidden in the darkness and some more obvious ones there is really nothing to. The setting also is perfectly rushed, textures are streched and wallpapered and the lighting is unrealistic. If this had been a debut and not the fifth offering by the builder... meh. At least he picked up eventually. 2 minutes, no secrets." - manarch2 (25-Aug-2014)
"Average textures and good lighting. Nothing more. Gameplay includes entering following rooms and there's no puzzles. The whole level can be completed in one minute. During this time we can't hear any music or see any camera. One point for the atmosphere, as the place resembles a house. And one for objects - several chests, barriers, a T-Rex head hanging on the wall... not so empty, this level is. SUMMARY: Nothing, really nothing special. Honestly, one of the worst "Home" levels I've ever played. Not recommended at all. Even if the lighting and texturing are rated high, don't mind this score, as it only stands for technical things and surely not for entertainment level." - DJ Full (08-Oct-2010)
"Lara should search a new architect for herself sometimes, because the hut looks really bad. It puts the question to itself who is a guilt for the whole plight. Was Lara in financial difficulties and wanted to have built something? Did the architect do not feel like building something reasonable? Did the architect come just freshly from the university? Was this an architect generally? Questions about the questions which await all one answer. I can only hope that Lara a complaint has submitted and gets back her money. Since now thus one cannot really live. Nevertheless, there one disgraces himself before his guests. With the next sometimes Lara should get a famous architect aboard. And supervise everything itself. Then she has the guarantee to get a nicely furnished house. And now Lara must call up first a demolition company." - Scottie (02-Apr-2010)
"Well, it's big! There's no indication that it's in Paris. But despite some painful looking stretched and odd texturing, the architectural anomalies and weird lighting, some rooms look really well. This is just an exercise in building a level. Nothing to do except run around and have a look. Unfortunately looking will also show it's defects, like the shelves buried in the wall, invisible blocks, the positioning of the freezer room door. But I do like that grand staircase and pool room." - CC (12-May-2008)
"This lasted only four minutes and I am sorry to say that it has nothing to offer to the player. There is a manor of some kind (not the one we are used to) with many stretched textures, very few objects and a few buttons to push to open some doors. I guess the level ends in what looked like a trophy room or something because I found no finishing trigger so I can't be certain. Don't bother." - Kristina (26-Jan-2008)
"A short jog through a poorly-designed mansion until we reach what we assume is the end of the level is what's on offer here. Repetitive and stretched texturing, bad lighting and minimal gameplay doesn't make for a wonderful experience, and there are plenty of other levels to play instead." - Spike (18-Jan-2008)
"Apparently there is no finishing trigger, a bit of a bummer. Stretched textures and haphazardly applied and no game play to speak of." - Gerty (13-Jan-2008)
"Not really good, in my standards, no offense though. Prince Eric really needs to learn to level build at a higher standard, and better texturing. The gameplay mechanics are sloppy to me, no finish trigger, wondering why i even was in this one room. But, it wasn't the worst..." - Vaughnage (14-Dec-2007)
"No much to comment about this level. You'll push some buttons to open the doors of the house and see how the rooms are decorated. No more. No puzzles, no enemies, no cameras,... Finally I arrived to the treasure room and I wasn't able to continue so, I thinked there was no finish trigger. A level without interest." - Jose (11-Dec-2007)
"Just a short run through the Croft Manor. Can't recommend this as there isn't any real gameplay, just a few switches and no finish trigger. It appears that maybe this builder might need to seek some help with the tutorial." - guss18 (05-Dec-2007)
"Definately another prince eric level, not particulaly good but i think the builder has improved, the texturing was marginally better, so was the gameplay to give about 5 mins of gameplay, keep trying Prince Eric and put in a finish trigger next time!" - Cory (03-Dec-2007)
"If you take longer then ten minutes to reach the end of this level then you have the wrong hobby. I'm tempted to say that Prince Eric has chosen the wrong hobby when he decided to become a level builder; but that would be below the belt,wouldn't it?" - Orbit Dream (03-Dec-2007)
"This is a basic 'Home' level; it consists of simply running through Croft manor pulling a few switches and not finding a finish trigger. {Lara does look very pretty in her party outfit, though.}" - Kitkat (01-Dec-2007)
"Best level of Gabriel so far, definitely an improvement over his initial levels but still a lot to learn. Several stretched and compressed textures in the oversized rooms, and even though it's a manor level it's incredibly linear and in about 5 minutes you reach an area that resembles a treasure room. 5 minutes. Buttons and doors functioned properly, at least, but there was no reason to provide the .wad and .was files, since they're completely useless without the rest of the WAD files, and he supplied a .tr4 file too, anyway. 11/07" - Treeble (01-Dec-2007)
"I felt unable to award any score for gameplay since there really isn't any. This is just a quick sprint through Lara's somewhat weird but unfortunately far from wonderful mansion, opening a few doors along the way. Even if you are a die-hard mansion level fan (and I just know there are two of you out there) trust me you really don't want to play this. Sorry." - Jay (28-Nov-2007)
"What sets this apart from a Croft Manor in Africa (re: author's previous level) or a Croft Manor anywhere else in the world is beyond me. The Eiffel Tower certainly wasn't sticking through the floor anywhere here while I was playing it - so the connection to Paris is a bit lost here. It's actually a very linear run through the house - and you surprisingly encounter it all - the bedroom, the staircase, a pool, the freezer, a rudimentary training room and a trophy room to put a dot at the end of the sentence. Still no finishing trigger, unless I missed it, but there're also no enemies, no major tasks but running through here and pushing a couple of (wrongly animated) switches to open a number of doors (that occasionally suffer from the door-collision bug) and that about is it. Not all that different from the author's other 4 levels to date and I'm unsure if it ever will be unless he gives the good old tutorial/manual treatment a chance *hint, hint*. A level for upping your review count, or playing a short unimpressive level you don't expect a lot from anyway." - eTux (26-Nov-2007)
"The good thing about this Lara's Home adventure is the fact that for a change a did not get lost running around forever trying to find out which task to complete next and apart from being linear, this ends after only 5 minutes in the trophy room (apparently - as there is no finish trigger or I could not find one). Only a few buttons to press and many stretched and squashed textures to look at." - MichaelP (25-Nov-2007)