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LB Advent Calendar 2007 - Snowwhite by Mr XY

afzalmiah 10 9 10 10
Aneres 9 9 9 10
ColeMoles 9 8 10 10
Dick 7 9 8 9
DJ Full 8 9 8 9
drguycrain 10 9 9 10
dya1403 8 7 10 10
eRIC 7 9 8 10
eTux 7 8 8 9
Gerty 8 9 9 10
gfd 8 9 9 10
guss18 9 9 10 10
High Priestess 10 9 8 10
Ivan 9 10 10 10
Jack& 10 8 10 10
Jay 9 10 10 10
Jenni 6 6 7 7
John 5 7 8 9
Jorge22 9 9 10 10
Jose 9 9 10 10
Kitkat 8 9 10 10
Kristina 9 8 9 10
Loupar 9 10 10 10
m.julien 9 10 9 10
manarch2 6 8 9 10
Manymee 10 10 9 10
MichaelP 7 9 9 9
Minox 9 9 10 10
mugs 10 10 10 10
Mytly 7 9 8 10
Neso 7 10 9 10
OverRaider 9 10 8 10
Phil 9 9 10 10
QRS 8 10 10 10
Ruben 10 10 10 10
Ryan 8 9 9 10
Shandroid 9 10 10 10
Spike 9 10 10 10
TimJ 8 9 9 10
Treeble 8 8 10 10
Vaughnage 10 10 10 10
young Lara Croft 8 8 9 10
release date: 14-Dec-2007
# of downloads: 189

average rating: 9.11
review count: 42
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file size: 38.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is such a shame because here is another one of those levels that started off well and that are lovely to look at and explore around partly but where the obscure tasks, hidden items and lack of camera hints or clues turn this beautiful palace level into an irritating, annoying and dull experience especially with those venice violins constantly on repeat and a lack of any traps or timed runs. The block puzzle was ruined for me because the division sign was not displayed on the wall instead what we get was 2 dots and i'm sorry but 2 dots is not a division sign and didnt mean nothing to me therefore i had to use a walkthrough. A lot of the gameplay is search and fetch quests or moving items which was just dull and boring and made worse with a lack of nearly any clues there resulting in me looking at a walkthrough every 2 mins. I liked the gorgeous textures, snow lighting and cameras in and outside the palace its just such a shame there wasnt any fun tasks to do in any of the level" - John (17-Dec-2021)
"A charming level with not too many challenges - just perfect. I spent three evenings playing this at a leisurely pace and thoroughly enjoyed it." - High Priestess (15-May-2019)
"The lighting, textures and atmosphere was all up to scratch in this nice Advent level. I did find the block puzzle a bit tedious and as good as the Venice violins are, having them on mostly continuous loop was annoying. That aside it was nice but short." - Ryan (26-Feb-2016)
"This wintery magical level is worth the effort. I played it long time ago, this will be my replay after a couple of years. There's something exciting that the old Xmas levels had that the recent ones lack. In this case the over the top polished textures of next gen level editor can render is phenomenal! The entire level , the atmosphere and use of textures and objects blends into a unique setting creating a memorable experience. I was so pleased with this that my rating will not go lower, there's a certain amount of creative effort that was invested into making such a wonderful level that it deserved to be recommended." - young Lara Croft (22-Dec-2013)
"This nice christmas level takes us to Snowwhite, a nice small snowy village filled with christmas decoration and ready for exploration. There are two little main quests in it and a well hidden one secret. The pushblock puzzle with numbers is ingenious, the tasks are numerous and mostly requiring exploration and noticing which was quite a challenge here. I spotted some texture mistakes (in floor-mirrored room, some objects texture missing...) but I can forgive them as they are just very little. But I couldn`t forgive the background music, well when you are outside that`s allright but as soon as you enter the palace then Venetian violin solo starts play what is good...but!!! But if it plays always the whole time while you are inside the palace then it starts getting to be very annoying and forced me to switch off the music in option (I very rarely do something like this!). Nevertheless I enjoyed this little 45 minutes adventure (found 1/1 secret) which took me to the christmas ambience atmosphere of perfectly builded and lit areas, environments and palace all breathtakingly looking. Definitely recommended for all players! 9/10/8/10" - OverRaider (11-Dec-2013)
"This is a creative and original Xmas level. The puzzle with 3 pushables was very imaginative. Textures and lighting are really good (some textures from PoP) and the blue/white and shinny atmosphere fit well with a regular christmas level. some new features like the diary or the interaction with the piano... The classical music in the library was fun in first impression, but a little boring after the 2 first minutes. Gameplay is to find hidden items to proceed. I consulted the walkthrough by 2 times (for a shatter window and the glass on the table) Very recommended! 9/10/9/10" - m.julien (01-Jun-2013)
"I have to agree 100 % to DJ Full's review. It was a pain to see this level slowly but steadily losing its charm that certainly existed at the beginning. Without doubt, this game looks very good, with fantastic castle and village textures throughout and excellent lighting. The atmosphere is very nicely conveyed with good audio, high-res objects (although those certainly felt a little too shiny to be realistic) and professional camera work, although, just like in other games of the same builder, it still suffers from monotonousity as some rooms inside the castle looked too much alike. So gameplay was the point where this level totally failed in my humble opinion. The initial actions with the dialogue with Estelle and the first quest really raised hope for a fun level, but the 35 minutes afterwards until the very end were much of a desaster, with only occasional high moments. First of all, the choice to put an overly long pushblock puzzles right at the start was not a good idea, since it takes only a ever slight part of the time to solve it; the most of the time you will be pushing and raising and pushing and lowering and pushing blocks (did I mention pushing blocks?) for about ten minutes. Make no mistake I like longer puzzles but only if most of the time is spent to solve this puzzle, not to execute it. The good feeling from the start vanished. Despite a few rather unfairly hidden items like the pistols and the pushblock in the horse stable - including a fixed camera - the game picked up again, with the next dialogues and the inspired usage of the piano, but soon enough play gets so mediocre that I almost couldn't believe it. The actions vary from obscure - like a hidden lever behind strongly blue curtains, finding a wine glass on a table full of wine glasses, add to this a lot of missing clues - to way too easy, like prying a cross of the wall to place it on the opposite site, or finding a torch to light it few squares away to light wall torches exactly where the torch was originally hidden. Visually, the last mirror-floored room with snow falling from ceiling holes was one, if not the highlight, but the statues in this room aren't even used for a puzzle and after few easy actions the level ends all of a sudden when picking up a gem; the story wasn't even finished as we still don't know why this village is lonely, not even speaking of solving this problem. I really tried liking this level, but there is too much that prevents me from it. Really was disappointed with this one." - manarch2 (03-Jan-2013)
"This was a very fun level for me. This city is very well made with high resolution textures and perfect lighting. The atmophere was perfect. This is a christmas level so there are no enemies. The most annoying thing for me was the the math puzzle. I don't like math! I didn't know what the : meant but I read the walkthrough and it helped a lot. The library had some croft manor textures as well. The best thing about this level was the amazing palace. The reflecting floors, the beautiful textures and the fitting music. Very recommended!" - afzalmiah (04-Mar-2011)
"Graphics in this level are nearly perfect, bringing Advent peace with objects and texturing so well built, drawn and applied it is hard to imagine them looking better. However, this is yet another case of a game where lighting seems to be not finished. Places surrounding torches are the darkest spots ingame, and snow contains unexplained shadows. Also, contrast between light and shade shouldn't be so intense in the main hall of the manor. Sometimes I think most builders think: "Most of players won't notice that, so let's leave the lighting as it is - and as long as it affects the atmosphere, I'll get a 10 for LT anyway". No, You won't get a 10 from me - because I like when lighting makes sense, and also because some builders care about that, so these rare symptomes of genious are those which should be rewarded with a 10. I hope I gave a clear explanation and no-one will feel insulted now, when I'll give another 9 for LT to a game that "seems" to look perfect. OK, enough about lighting. An old, good Venice theme doesn't fit the manor interior at all. To make matters worse, it's looped and we are forced to listen to this for several dozen minutes. I MUTED IT. Similar thing happens in case of that violin theme. I am a violin player, but after 20 minutes of listening to this music I was glad it's finally over. Gameplay is really unbalanced here. I mean: if a miracle occurs and one doesn't get stuck in that crucial place right before entering the manor part, the math pushable will take her/him a half of the whole playtime. The rest of puzzles is quite interesting and of various kind - torch, shatter, crowbar and combined. However, they seem to be more interesting than they actually are, because their objects look great. I don't know if it's good or bad - on the one hand, the impression is better than it would be if these objects were usual. On the other one, it's another case when stunning graphics cover draws a reviewer's attention away of puzzle typicality. Anyway, as long as the overall impression is more important than elements creating it, I'm gonna give one extra point to the overall gameplay. SUMMARY: It seems another cruel review with no sign of human feelings has been written by me. But in fact, the only thing I wanna point out is the more I play those pretty, shining, crystal clear, polished, hi-res, hi-polygon, hi-everything levels, the more I miss classics. Isn't it a paradox the more we create, the less we achieve? This game will be forgotten someday, because it has no life in it, no "soul" except the piano and the score standing on it, being a real melody. Whole levels should be such melodies, and I can clearly see many new builders forget about it, and about true symphonies of TRLE released once upon a time, a long, long ago. The more new levels I play, the less remnants of those symphonies I can hear, so I can't help asking a question: what happened to them? Where are they? Why those pretty overrated - I mean "pretty and overrated" levels are FROZEN (even if some of them are not winter games), no matter how many polygons they have?? Why are they DEAD, no matter how pretty puzzles we solve? This is not a raid anymore. But it not only happens to TRLE. This happens to everything. Recently, I watched the new "Medal of Honor" trailer, and even when all those polygons started to collapse, I knew if it was me playing, I wouldn't know I am supposed to escape/survive/do something. I would wander among those polygons, stunned by their amount, without an idea what to do with them, because they are simply "too perfect", so mind-washing they make me helpless, and cause a kind of uneasement - because THEY LEAVE NO PLACE FOR A PLAYER'S IMAGINATION. A player stops to think when he/she sees too much. That's why I found it difficult to avert my eyes from those MoHpolygons, and the same thing happened when I was playing Snowwhite. I will always claim: "OK, make good graphics. But please leave some space in players' heads." But I will also recommend this adventure and rate it quite high - just because every kind of beauty deserves appreciation, and also because I know there are people in our world who seek for a different kind of beauty than I love to find." - DJ Full (12-Feb-2011)
"I was quite surprised to see my final stats at the end of this level - one hour! - considering that the actual gameplay is so minimal. That's probably because of the large amount of time spent on a long, tedious push-block puzzle or running around in very pretty but nearly identical long corridors. Still, there are a couple of innovative puzzles: the aforesaid push-block puzzle involves simple arithmetic equations; and another cute puzzle involves pouring wine into a lovely crystal glass. Being able to talk to another character is a nice feature, as is the diary. Lara playing the piano is a nice touch, but a rather unintuitive method for opening a door. The end was a little anti-climactic, since I expected that the golden Senet pieces would feature in a push-block puzzle on that gorgeous mirrored floor. Instead, all you have to do is pick up a diamond lying on the floor and the level is over.
The level's highlight is its looks, no doubt about that. The shiny objects and lovely textures are incredibly beautiful (though occasionally a little too shiny). The snowy outdoor areas as well as the interior of the palace are equally stunning. Atmosphere is pretty good, but the music is very annoying (note to builders: looping music that plays constantly can get extremely irritating; stick to one-shot tracks and ambient sounds). A few more camera cues would have helped cut down a lot of the running around as well.
Overall, the level left me with the impression of being a short experiment with novel features rather than a full-fledged level. Recommended because of the eye-candy, but not much else." - Mytly (08-Mar-2010)
"This was absolutely beautiful! I wanted mooooooore! My ONLY disappointment with this level was that it was too short! I agree with other reviewers that the shiny was overdone, but luckily for me it ran completely smoothly. I also agree that the shootable objects/walls were aggrivatingly hard to catch - I too had to use walkthru, which leant to my original dissapointment cuz for such a short level why should I need a walkthru >.< Oh I'm making this sound so much worse than it was xD Gameplay was fun and engaging, items were hidden in clever places (except the final object, right out in the open and bam end of level O_o). All the objects (if slightly cluttered) were absolutely gorgeous. Lighting and textures - absolutely gorgeous. Especially the bookstore, that room was just oozing ambiance and a smooth charm. There were no enemies present at all, and I shall leave the reader to decide whether that's important or not, I have no opinion on it. I just wanted more! I mean I knew it wasnt a big download but by the time I got to the final room I was really into it and looking forward to more fun and unique puzzles and gorgeous architecture. Music was excellent aside from that tr2 boat music, I always found that track grating for some reason, but thankfully (and skilfully) that music was only present in one room and would fade away if Lara exited said room. All in all this is a very lovely but quite short Xmas level that'll get you through about 3 cups of steaming hot cocoa ^_^" - Aneres (30-Oct-2008)
"I guess I could just say that I agree with what Dick said, as he has summed up most of my grievances with this level, but that wouldn't be very nice, as I believe that especially because of the shortcomings in what generally is a nice little game, the level deserves a more detailed analysis, so I'll try to live up to my word. Generally it's actually a pretty fine looking village & castle setting, and with the exception of the redundant use of the shine feature (it's nice where needed - but looked too phony on items made out of fabric (the medipacks) & stone (the horse statues among other stuff - though if it hadn't been as intense, I could've bought it as polish)) and the bit monotonous looks (the palace could've used some more colours to balance out the sterile white looks of the outside areas) the attention to detail can't be faulted, the atmosphere is nicely chilly and the setting fairly believable. The gameplay at first seemed like a piece of pie, as the diary feature practically led you through the first few errands by hand, but I found that it explained the most obvious parts of the game, and was neglected entirely where it could've been used to clear up the things the players really could've used help with. (WARNING! Some spoilery bits follow, if you wish to skip - read on from the next bold word) For example an entry like "I wonder if I still remember that tune I practiced last week?" could've been used to hint the player to use the piano, or "Those curtains looked suspicious! Maybe I should take another look?" hint at the lever hidden behind the curtain, or "I wonder what those 4 vases are for?" could've been used to hint the players that the lasersight comes into play finally in the last area. So yes, the examples given give it all away - and while it possibly could be worded more subtly - there's nothing really wrong with easy gameplay as well, and I'm perplexed at where the misconception has come from that you need it to be extra challenging to be noticed among players? At least I was lead to believe it would be easy from the first few tasks, yet somehow it seems the author abandoned the idea of using the diary as a means to communicate your next step, while it would've given the game a more coherent feel if he had stuck with it. The confusion galore with the windows and wine glasses didn't help it too, and even the nice math puzzle is a bit spoiled by the tedious way you have to move between the 2 levels and all the pushing and pulling generally. My point with all this being - that given the attention, there could've been some strong gameplay here, but as it was it felt pretty chaotic and unorganized. The music wasn't what I would've chosen for a background track, as I found it got on the nerves eventually through the 40 minutes I spent here, but to each their own I guess. The level ended abruptly after picking up a gem, and while it's a solid effort - with some work it could've been much better, but despite all it's shortcomings, I'd probably still recommend you to play it, especially when in a festive mood!" - eTux (19-Jul-2008)
"This is probably the best looking and atmospheric level I have ever played. Although I'm not a fan of x-mas levels in general, this one is special! All the objects, music and fantastic textures makes it a very enjoyable to play. The gameplay aspect is great but could be improved. What makes it good is the different aspects that TREP provides. The diary etc. What could be improved? Hmm more things to do in this fantastic x-mas like environment! Looking forward to see a longer levelset with a tad more of gameplay. Nothing else needs to be changed though. The author is a master in the other categories!" - QRS (21-Apr-2008)
"This level demonstrates that there is a price to be paid for filling an area with lots and lots of shiny high-poly objects. My PC, which normally handles TR fine, chugged badly in the outdoor areas and a few indoor areas too. Was it really necessary to make virtually all the objects mega-shiny? In fact everything was so shiny it looked unnatural, as did the technically impressive mirror floor (the lower room needed to be made much darker to create the illusion of a polished floor - as it stood it looked like an ice layer was separating two real rooms). If the poly/shiny count had been reduced by about 75% the level would have run fine and still looked almost as good. Onto the gameplay: and yet another game of hide-and-seek. Easy to overlook a critical object and I ended up using the walkthrough many times - which I hate. I would have chucked this level in the recycle bin but I could see from the very short walkthrough that the level was brief and I wanted to write this review. I liked the push puzzle near the beginning but forcing the player to endlessly move between upper and lower levels via a sodding swing-pole was hideous gameplay! What's wrong with a simple flight of steps? Btw, what is it with these swing-poles? Has there been an edict that all new games must include this tedious item? I did not like that some objects are shootable and identical ones are not, this just forced me to spend the rest of the level shooting at everything and that began to play with my nerves after a while. And finally onto the music: I didn't care for that either. I generally prefer ambient sound effect to music, but the music here was particularly dirgey. Guess it wasn't my thing." - Dick (15-Apr-2008)
"This is a great Xmas level, lots of exploring and in general a good gameplay (although the neighing of the horses almost drove me up the walls). I took my time to examine the bookcases, the glasses, the ticking clock and the playable piano. Nice touch was the diary, not that I needed it but then you don't have to read it. In here as well you can see what TREP can do for you." - Gerty (09-Mar-2008)
"This game was so enjoyable to play during the seasons period and I must say that has brought me to a new perspective in what regard the Advent levels wich I am not such a fan of. The gameplay was good, but I must say I had to consult the forum in a few ocasions because some things are maybe to well hidden.The colours, textures and sounds were so nice and that's what I consider to be the strong point of this game. It really made you fell like it's Christmas.I decided to give a 7 for the objects category because I simply think thee should have been more of them and the game finished too soon. Eventhough, this game is a step forward in the trle evolution as it is full of new ideas and it has a story to tell." - dya1403 (04-Mar-2008)
"As pleasing as this is for the eye, and as original it is because of the original ideas, I did not quite enjoy this 45 minute adventure as much as many of the other reviewers. It starts easy enough with the diary and Estelle giving Lara her first task, but soon I kept running from one stuck point to the next, as things are very easy to overlook (pistols, crowbar, switch behind curtains) and as things do not always behave consistently: Why can some windows be shot and others not? Why can I pick up only one of all the wineglasses? The math / push puzzle was fun conceptually, but in the end it takes you 2 minutes to figure out and then 15 minutes to tediously push the boxes up and down. The music selection was nice, but in the end the tracks kept getting on your nerves as you kept running around searching for the next elusive thing to do. And then the end was quite sudden and unexpected as well and a bit of an anticlimax to the whole adventure. So, all in all, yes it is a beautiful and technically very well done level, which just did not work so well for me." - MichaelP (09-Feb-2008)
"I loved this one for its beauty and the wonderful design. Even though the builder has overdone it a little with the shine, it doesn't look bad. The only thing that bothered me was the looping music during the entire level which was very nice to listen to but not for the entire hour the lasts. The dinning room, the outside areas, the sculptures, and each area you visit, is really stunning. There are some items to find of course such as a bottle, a glass with wine, the crowbar, gem and so on. I could just stand and admire the great architecture in such games. The gameplay isn't inferior to the design so I am sure you will appreciate this game as much as I did. I found the golden rose, the only secret and enjoyed playing this game very much." - Kristina (26-Jan-2008)
"There are two things I particularly loved in this level, which are the adding of Lara's diary, and the little quests. Besides, Lara playing the piano was also such a good idea. Which desolates me is that there weren't more quests to do. The little one with the robbed books was enjoyable, but after that we came back to a pretty formal adventure. Gameplay would have been improved by brand new ideas. For instance, this mathematical enigma with pushable blocks was really boring and time-consuming. One was fine, two was too much. I won't linger about the lightings, the textures, the objects, the atmosphere, those kind of things which have obviously been made successfully in this level. 30 minutes." - Neso (19-Jan-2008)
"It is short and easy but very relaxing with very good ideas. The mathematic pushable puzzle was a bit boring but apart from that it is a very enjoyable level. I was very impressed by the possibilities of TREP which allowed Mr XY to give a lot of beautiful details in his level, like the little cloud of mist which appears when Lara breathe outside and the horizontal mirror. A very beautiful level which I recommand to everyone!" - TimJ (18-Jan-2008)
"When I opened this door and found myself in Mr. XY`s universe I encountered the most beautifully designed christmas level ever released . There is not much more to say except : Absolutely Wonderful !" - Ruben (06-Jan-2008)
"Fantastic level. Very good atmosphere, perfect textured, well ornated, new objects, good puzzles, excellent cameras, great ambience, new features,... What more can I say? There are many "hidden" things, or sometimes things are not what they seem to be so you'll have to look very carefully each room if you don't want to run around and around wasting your time. Great work!" - Jose (01-Jan-2008)
"This is a simply beautiful level to look at. There is snow falling and everything in this quaint village seems to be sparking in the frosty, winter sun. There are lots of innovations: interacting with locals, hints in Lara's diary, a mirrored floor and of course the shiny effect on pretty much everything. But these things alone do not a level make! The Gameplay is nice and relaxed, no nasty timed runs here, the puzzles may have you scratching your head at points but it flows nicely and every task fits the environment well. Lots of lovely objects add to the atmosphere, as does the soundtrack which changes depending on whether you are inside or outside - which I think is always a nice touch. The secret was well hidden as secrets should be. And the textures used are simply gorgeous. A thoroughly enjoyable Advent level." - Kitkat (29-Dec-2007)
"A nice level to play with new features of interacting with others (although my sound file for what was spoken didn't work, luckily the diary prompts you on your task or I'd have no idea what to do after the conversation) - but I liked the diary idea, pity there wasn't more tasks to solve. What I didn't like was the massive amount of ground to cover - going from one end of the palace to open a door at the other end, and the constant to-ing and fro-ing was annoying - maybe put a motorbike in the palace to get to places a bit easier to avoid overuse of the sprint button?! A nice level with good ideas of interacting with characters and the diary to expand on quests - hope to see this idea expanded on in the future." - Jenni (28-Dec-2007)
"This level captures the Christmas spirit about as well as any level can. A soothing lullaby helped to redeem an otherwise unforgivably tedious block puzzle near the beginning, but the rest of the quest was suitably engaging. Along the way hints would be given in a Christmas diary, but as I had Harry Laudie's walkthrough I didn't need to refer to it. A nice way to spend a relaxing hour during this Advent season. Highly recommended." - Phil (26-Dec-2007)
"This is exactly what i've been looking for in the evolution of tombraider levels. You can talk to people in order to develop the story and tasks. You have a diary to keep record of your journey and suggest next steps. There really is somewhat of an obvious plot. I would really like to see these types of themes explored further in other TR levels. But the level isn't cool just because of those new themes. This is a fantastic Christmas level in its own right. The scale is huge. (i was disappointed because i could not get a decent frame rate on my comp while i played the level, so it looked a bit choppy when i was in the outdoor areas.) And a great deal of it is gameplay relevant. The entire level is decorated beautifully. The gorgeous marble walls and floors indoors were elegantly done. My major critique of this level would be that the end was terribly disappointing. i wish more designers took the time to create climactic endings. A secondary critique would be that this level was so huge, that i do think maybe even more could've been done with the space in terms of plot and gameplay. Explorability (was it actually fun and exciting to search and hunt for things and just look around) and Replay-ability (did i honestly enjoy that enough to start it all over and play it through again) are always my top two criteria in judging a level; this level scores rather highly for me in both categories. The only thing that would hurt the replay-ability category would be the frame rate issues i had with my comp. But on a different, faster PC, i would definitely play this level again. Excellent work!" - drguycrain (25-Dec-2007)
"Now this one was true eye candy! It was a true delight to play, and even though all the shiny and brightness could get a bit tiring on the eyes, it just looked perfect. There were a couple of things I hadn't seen before featured in this level, such as the mirrored floor (adding to the beauty of the level), the use of diary and the interactive people. Ok, so it's all a bit simple, but I hope everyone realize what a breakthrough to this old engine this is! Gameplay revolves around finding items to proceed, nothing too taxing, but still fun and everynow and then you might get stuck. I also enjoyed the Prince of Persia textures. Well worth playing! Happy holidays! 45 minutes. 12/07" - Treeble (23-Dec-2007)
"This is the best Advent Calendar level of this year so far. I've played and enjoyed every minute of the game. There are extremely beautiful rooms with a clever gameplay although the blocks puzzle was a bit tedious. Nice environments, no enemies and good music: a perfect level for Christmas. Good work!" - Loupar (21-Dec-2007)
"What a beautiful venue this is !! I just love builders who put as much care and skill into their "game worlds" as they do in the adventure itself. This one has so much spit and polish on it that the objects just gleam !! I thoroughly enjoyed opening each room. This should have been titled Snow- White's Palace. The new bookshelves are works of art in themselves. Lara's main objective is to find Snowwhite's snowy diamond (it probably has a proper name, but I have forgotten it). The adventure is straight-forward with only one little hiccup along the way - picking the wrong wineglass and moving on too soon. A lovely Christmas game. BRAVO !" - Mugs (19-Dec-2007)
"well what can i add to these reviews ...very nice level with a puzzle wich made me to think alot ...very nice graphics -relaxed gameplay -through a bit too short cos i wanted to never end :) well done jobb greetings for the builders .." - Jack& (17-Dec-2007)
"This is such a spectacularly beautiful level it would be a pleasure just to explore it, with minimal gameplay involved. However, the gameplay is highly enjoyable as well, so what you've got here is an all round excellent raid. AND, I would oh so like to express my deepest appreciation to Mr XY for arranging something I've long wanted - finally, Lara gave us a tune on the piano. Wonderful. A truly magical level for the Christmas period." - Jay (16-Dec-2007)
"Excellent Christmas level of Mr XY, I loved the atmosphere snowy, beautiful objects! There is a lot of exploration to be done to get all the nooks where objects hidden! The textures are beautiful and well positioned ! I enjoyed the mathematical enigme block (phew ! I know still count lol), the music is very pleasant and what piano lesson from Lara! Really very good level that I highly recommend" - Minox (16-Dec-2007)
"Now this was a delightful Christmas level! Mr XY used a cool use for TREP with the diary aspect, although I would not want the load and save on the same book for a really long level. The atmosphere in Snowwhite was just gorgeous and I fell in love with the castle. I would have designed a different puzzle if I had done the level than the number block one, that was the only downer in the level. Other than that, this is what a Christmas level should be like: cheerful, bright, beautiful and fun. Now how about a full-length, multi-level adventure using your immense skills, Mr XY?" - Shandroid (16-Dec-2007)
"Excellent level with gorgeous graphics and nice gameplay. The librarian request your help in located two missing books. Off you go through this beautiful village with Icy horse statues, live horses to collect keys, books, other objects to complete your tasks. There is also a unique push block puzzle that I enjoyed, which is not usually the case. Once you get to the palace do take the time to really enjoy the beauty of those amazing floors. I thoroughly enjoyed my short stay in this charming village and can highly recommend this level." - guss18 (15-Dec-2007)
"As Christmas levels go, this one is a winner. The atmosphere is wonderful, enhanced with beautifully reflective textures, and it's easy to get going and to keep going. I got stuck only once as there was a lever very cunningly hidden, one of those "I've been past that spot ten times and never noticed" sort of places, which I really love. :) Nice touches throughout, the wine glasses and chandeliers extremely delicate, the playable piano, the clock ticking away, the horses in the stable... I also loved the little talk with the librarian. I gave 9 for atmosphere, Sounds and Cameras because I think the music in the big mansion was a bit too much as it never stopped as long as you were inside. Gameplay was thoroughly pleasant, apart from the block pushing puzzle which I rolled up backwards, so I had to move everything twice, but since that's my own fault I can't fault the gameplay either. All in all, a great level, Kudos to Mr XY!" - Manymee (15-Dec-2007)
"Chrismas is always my favorite time of year, because i know im in for a treat with these beautiful tomb raider levels hitting the downloadable internet, This, by far is my most favorite chrismas level so far, you start in a beautiful little village outside a palace, with some houses and a book shop, go inside and talk to the person for your adventure to really begin, The atmosphere while playing this level was absolutly perfect aswell as the texturing and sounds, i really enjoyed finding the crowbar e.t.c., as well as being stuck on a few puzzles, the difference between this and a normal level though is that even though your stuck you wont give up, just remember to keep a good lookout! and remember, new stuff has been added to this game, so there may be new things you can interact with. Highly Recommend the download :)" - ColeMoles (15-Dec-2007)
"A lovely looking, relaxing Christmas level that, despite being just one hour long, still manages to pack a few nice new things in. First of all there is a little diary you can read, which is different and, secondly, you can 'talk' to someone. This level really has nice graphics and the gameplay is never taxing. It also features a cute ending." - gfd (15-Dec-2007)
"This game is great! The sounds, the graphics, the everything is amazing! The new sounds that lara makes as she walks on things are great, the music and voice actors sound splended, and the horses pen has atmospheric sounds that are very moody, and set up the level greatly. The whole lighting and texture for the level really work in its favor. The snow is great looking, the books and objects look really nice and shiney. The puzzles were very hard, but at the same time the answer was right in front of you, you just don't really notice it very much. Overall this cotum level and/or game is splended and amazing." - Vaughnage (15-Dec-2007)
"Generally Christmas levels have a lot of exploration , little action, and an atmosphere that just pushes me to search for doing something more interesting instead. This one is no exception. It was hard to get riveted to the screen, I almost felt asleep when playing. This said, Snowwhite is a beautiful level , with great lighting and texturing. It has some good puzzles too and smart use of objects. I also like how the level is presented and the new features (interaction with persons and a dairy to collect some hints) are a real achievement. A pity that the good -although time consuming- pushing block puzzle seems to have a bug." - eRIC (15-Dec-2007)
"Excellent level with very nice graphics and objects. Iced horses, live horses, very well hidden keys and books. Found one secret golden rose behind wooden part in house. Menu is extra made, and for first time you have new options, like a read Lara's diary. Very interesting. Big great winter house - castle with floor where you will looking for objects for solving game. Not too hard for play but because is big area for searching was little confused and lost for a moment. Atmosphere are really winter and music follow you on every corner of game. Highly recommended for playing this very nice level." - Ivan (14-Dec-2007)
"First of all, this level comes with an exe, meaning you don't have to install it - I'll say it again: more should come this way! As for the level itself, Mr XY has done a pretty good job. There is a diary that gives you clues and you even get to talk to Estelle, a citizen of Snowwhite, which brings to mind games such as Broken Sword, not that this is as complicated at all. It's a rather simple Christmas level but an outstanding one too, where you have to search for books, light torches, break windows, fill and use a glass of wine, find the pistols and the revolver plus the laser sight and much more. I never found the secret Ivan mentioned in his review. But one thing is for sure: taking into account the originality, the relaxing yet interesting gameplay and the quality of the graphics and objects, I find it highly recommendable." - Jorge22 (14-Dec-2007)
"Here we arrive in a small town complete with bookshop, stables and a huge palace in the background. In the beginning we have to run a little errand for a woman who wants her stolen books, off we go, searching for them. Not long after finding the first book however, we encounter a pushable-puzzle. Now, at this point I'd usually use words such as 'monotonous' and 'boring', but this time the only word that comes to my mind was 'clever'. I actually enjoyed solving the little number puzzle laid out in front of me, and while it didn't stretch my brain it was a fun little task nonetheless. The gameplay throughout the whole level also remains enjoyable, with only minimum backtracking and a variety of tasks to carry out, from pouring wine, to playing a bit of music, to the more traditional TR-gameplay of jumps, swingpoles and switches. Not only was the gameplay excellent, the level was also extremely pretty and atmospheric, with falling snow, cool colours, shining floors and a magnificently decorative palace. The selection of audio, objects and the use of cameras also complimented greatly to the overall presentation. This is easily one of the best Christmas levels available, is both peaceful and enjoyable, and is highly recommended." - Spike (14-Dec-2007)