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LB Advent Calendar 2007 - Another Home by Codo dennis16 Horus illyaine Luke masha Mr XY Tifa Nazah

afzalmiah 9 8 10 9
DJ Full 8 8 8 8
dmdibl 9 8 10 9
drguycrain 9 8 8 9
eRIC 10 8 10 10
eTux 7 7 9 9
Gerty 8 8 9 9
High Priestess 9 9 8 10
Jack& 7 7 9 10
Jay 8 9 10 10
Jenni 6 6 6 6
JesseG 6 9 9 9
John 8 8 10 9
Jorge22 9 9 10 10
Jose 8 9 10 10
Kitkat 8 9 9 10
Kristina 6 7 8 8
manarch2 6 7 8 9
MichaelP 7 9 9 9
misho98 9 9 9 10
mugs 9 9 9 9
Phil 9 8 8 9
Ryan 9 9 9 10
Shandroid 9 9 10 10
Silgukaarel 8 9 9 10
Spike 8 9 9 9
Thorir 8 7 8 9
Treeble 8 9 10 10
Vaughnage 8 9 8 10
young Lara Croft 9 8 9 9
release date: 23-Dec-2007
# of downloads: 213

average rating: 8.63
review count: 30
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file size: 41.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

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Reviewer's comments
"What a Lovely home level and I’m not surprised to learn this level is a group effort because of the different Style rooms and tasks to do here, it’s really nice environment with great textures and lighting with soft relaxing music to accompany you as you explore around, my favourite tasks we’re finding the key in the main hall with the chandeliers, the tasks in the ice cave was a welcome diversion from the main house, the puzzles and platforming in the gym was very enjoyable! And the pool room was just stunning and reminded me of my own house level when I had to shoot gems in lions head at the top it it haha. Other tasks included a pushable object puzzle in another gorgeous looking room with a great shiny floor, rope swinging , a lot of item collecting which is to be expected, an extinguishing fire task and shooting a couple of pictures off the wall. The level was a joy to explore but I found myself getting stuck at certain points not sure where to place items I’ve collected so I had to use a walkthrough sometimes, plus I missed not having any traps or timed runs but I still had a great time here and it’s definitely a level I’d replay, great team work" - John (19-Jul-2021)
"Here we have presents, snowmen, and pine trees. Par for the course in a holiday level, and we have a large mansion and some ice caves to explore in it. This includes a simple (but nice looking) pushable puzzle, swimming, and some acrobatics in the gym. There were a few rough spots, such as invisible walls and a door inconsistently used as both a crowbar and non-crowbar door. The ending was a bit abrupt, but as with most levels of this genre it certainly makes for a nice, relaxing time. 58 minutes." - JesseG (04-May-2020)
"A team project that manages to be one of the better levels of the 2007 advent calendar. The thing sticking out most is the visual presentation which is quite impressive, even if there are a few tiny texturing mistakes here and there. The mirrored floor (there's no doubt who built this), the charming icy setting, the impressive swimming pool hall, all those are quite memorable places. Not so much work is done in terms of sounds and cameras, but they are solid nevertheless. The gameplay is enjoyable too, with a nice variety of tasks and a lot of enjoyable exploration, but also quite a lot of to and fro and some confusion where to place some of the items - the shatterable picture is also quite obscure among a lot of other, non-shatterable ones. There's also, as so often, a lack of creative puzzles or tasks, the ones presented are often very easy and straightforward. Objects are suitably used and the four secrets are decently hidden, but it's not hard to find them. While signs of a team effort are visible in not a sometimes not very coherent design, I think that there's still something that holds all those things together well and the result is a charming and quite beautiful effort. 25 minutes." - manarch2 (18-Dec-2017)
"I really loved the polished, mirrored floors. For a manor level it was enjoyable and there were nice outdoor areas but not enough to justify it as a Christmas level because we need more outdoor explorations at times. In the gym area there is no need to use the dual rope-swinging facility. One can simply use the first rope to get back to the block with the ruby gem and jump to the second rope from there because lining up dual ropes is never guaranteed to land you in the correct place (even the visuals don't always work). That said it was a very handsome level and I enjoyed it. A great effort from the team. Thank you!" - High Priestess (15-Oct-2017)
"Yes, it really is another home, complete with caves. Who knew? This is a more laid back Advent level, mainly around searching for necessary items. But it has the advantage of beautiful surroundings and polished floors. Big thanks to the team!" - Ryan (26-Feb-2016)
"Beautiful level, a lot of appealing elements that harmonize. I was impressed by the beautiful rooms and cozy atmosphere, I usually like home levels and this one was executed really well. Gameplay went smooth, frozen crown and waterskin(canteen). Recommended!" - young Lara Croft (07-Jan-2014)
"Very good Christmas level. I usually love home levels and this is one of the best so far. The gameplay was relaxing and easy, everything was textured and lightened perfectly. If you're looking for a quick Christmas level - that's the perfect one." - misho98 (17-Dec-2011)
"Yeeeah, Easter is sooo great time to play Christmas levels. After guessing the screenshot from this game recently, I simply HAD to take a look on what these Advent guys were doing several years ago, before I heard they exist. And before inventing TRNG. Yep - here I am, playing a TREP level again. I decided to resurrect my (unfortunately) a little bit dead "live reviewing" tradition - I did it many times, so why not to do it now? Especially because making a "live review" is like commenting a football match or ski jumping, and doing so I really feel like having a dialogue between me and players. So, here we go - madplay has just finished its work converting audios, and it seems I'm ready to click on tomb4.exe.
Bwah! It didn't. Gotta wait...
...done. Launching...
How did they make the main menu options not blinking?
Naaah, a silent door... But I recognized a familiar pack of biscuits... and the place looks really climatic, especially does the animated TV screen with waves. And the bed casts a very realistic shadow.
Hah, the shadow has its purpose... Clever! Very nice way of attracting a player's attention. Thank You.
Also, the new version of lockup next to Lara's bedroom is definitely atmospheric. Shame You had sample 25 problem with pushable switch. I had the same, so I understand.
You want me to do something in this lockup, but for now I had no idea what it is. I found some more flares in the basement, the barrel is well-fitting, but the stacked tables are even more appropriate objects for a storage. Unfortunately, another silent door... Just made it outside and the exterior design is what I like, especially because in most of manor levels You can't climb the shrubbery - and here, I thought: "Why not?", and I'm glad You thought the same way. Camera annoying. Grrr... It has just made me fall from the mentioned shrubbery, lol.
Using the opportunity caused by the fall, I stepped into nearby classic raiding zone - a cave. I don't know which member of the team is responsible for this soundtrack, but I want to say another thank You for its application. Ambience is nice. Let's see what's inside...
Heheh, I knew it - icicles! Why does the snow footsteps sample cause teeth pain? This one is definitely too sharp. I'm REALLY glad You got rid of it for future Calendars.
What the... A Faberge Egg? So it IS Easter indeed! :DD Also, a nice camera hint showing a monkey swing.
Whoops! Seems I found a place I was not supposed to get to. The fence separating it from the rest of the game is too low, and there is a slope behind it, so I felt in and can't get out. Need to reload... Fortunately, I saved a moment ago... I think I am not the only one who tends to save too rarely in Christmas levels - but what can we do? They all look so safe... Who can expect danger? (That's why so many action movies take place in Christmas time.)
Yep, I'm also obsessed in opening ALL double doors.
This is it. Remember the music room? Now the place looks so unique I took its picture and I'm gonna post it in GTSS game. This place is remarkable in "just like extracted from dream file (.drm)" way, and such moments fall into players' memory for a very long time. Bravo. You watched Kubrick, or who?
I've just found a very old-school-looking medi. I don't know if it is a mistake or not - in general, I love old-school TR climate, but here, where everything else is polished and shining, such object don't fit well. Also, I'm right after the attic intermezzo - one of the shortest ever (made of 2 crawlspaces only), but it doesn't matter, as it is definitely interesting with its "somewhere else" feeling and chandelier chains coming through the floor. It's nice You have put the crawlspace roll ingame. It seems it's one of these games having this animation, and not having faster shimmying yet.
Found outside patio. Very atmospheric - reminds me of BTB Venice wad - such a warm place among so cold season! For some time, I was stuck, but I've found the place to use the crown at last. Whoever thought about grilling it was rather crazy. However, beginner players might suffer from it.
I didn't expect TR Legend Gym in a classic manor. I'm positively surprised. Also, some challenging platforming here. Unfortunately, there's also a backtrack.
And the rope swing is CRUELLLL.....
Another pedestal, in a strongly highlighted, symmetric place. Such kinda epic pickup placement makes this level somewhat a castle-like (with that "I've-just-got-another-trophy" feeling), even if it is a mansion.
After being stuck for another half an hour, I found out this is one of those levels with modified SARCOPHAGUS of untouched collision. Grrr. I have no idea why I didn't check this object twice - but I didn't. You need to be patient even if You are familiar to it. But if You don't know the SARCOPHAGUS issue, You are doomed. That's not good.
Same thing with the Faberge Egg. It's like that infamous apple tree in TifaNazah's Winter Choice. You have to do it standing in a certain spot, orientated in a certain direction. OK, I found it with no problem... But in this point, a beginner will either feel a little bit down due to assuming he/she is not smart enough for Tomb Raider, or get annoyed and bin the game.
Ha! The same piano, with the same inverted score I've seen in Mr XY's Snowwhite! I remember I stored the score and kept it to play this piece myself. :D:D:D I wonder what the song is, because the melody is familiar. Well, shame I can't sing it to You here. Also, the piano stands in a polished, shiny hall which is similar to that one from Snowwhite. But here, atmosphere is much better, and shining is not so overdone.
I noticed puzzles in this game are constructed the way a key/puzzle_item may be located at the opposite end of the level than the corresponding key_hole/puzzle_hole is. Normally, such design would be annoying and seeming to be an artificial extension of playtime. But here, atmosphere is so rewarding I forgot about backtracking. Additional point for the builders.
After all this non-linearity and long distances to travel, I found the Smaragd Occular puzzle simplicity not matching everything else I solved so far.
Going back and forth for the third time to enter the Venice-like patio was one time too much... until I realized I needn't have done it :D. Got the Red Key and entered the attic.
Here, I found very nice lighting working well together with a "behold" theme - so no wonder I started exploring the place. In this moment, the level came to an abrupt end. Fortunately, even if it felt like something heavy hitting me in my head, it was rewarded with the final secret. I could go back, look around for a while and I got the final bit of exploration I wanted so much.
SUMMARY: A really nice level. I feel the power of team here, more than I felt it in this year's Advent levels. Or maybe I haven't played enough Xmas levels so far. I don't mean this is the best Xmas level I've ever played, as this title still belongs to LMXA, released in the following year. I only mean this level compared to LMXA makes me feel the team unity much more. Putting some icy caves and Venetian climate, surrounding it all with castle mood while everything is still in a mansion, and MAKING IT ALL FLOW through its smooth transitions and overall harmony is the reason why I don't care which builder built which part, as it simply doesn't matter in a place like this one. CONDENSED SUMMARY: Some players will deny any Xmas level, regardless from what it is made of. But as long as this is Easter, not Xmas - You can make an exception. Recommended one." - DJ Full (21-Apr-2011)
"This was another amazing home level. It is chrsitmas and it's snowing with christmas decorations inside. The atmosphere was perfect for a house level. I would of gave the textures a 10 but I found some mistakes. The gameplay was good but it was pretty hard to extinguish the fireplace. Your goal is to get to the attic but you need a key. You start in a place which looks a lot like her normal home but after you explore a bit you know it is nothing like her normal home. Nothing too hard and was very enjoyable." - afzalmiah (04-Mar-2011)
"This was a really great home level. I wouldn't really call it a Christmas level eventhough there was snow and presents. We start at a familiar place but soon discover that there are some brand new areas to explore. I really liked the ice cave and the gym. There were some nifty jumps and moves to perform, but i felt that the puzzle was a little bit too easy. I found all the secrets and they were not very hard to find. The key items were interesting and well designed. There were almost no clue cameras but we didn't need them due to the fact that the level was more linear. The textures were really nice and i didn't find any mistakes. The reflection on the main hall floor impressed me. Overall, a really good level to play around the year." - Silgukaarel (17-Jun-2010)
"A nice little Home level! Despite the snow and Christmas decoration, I didn't find the level very Christmas-y... So you can play it all year around! Not a very difficult level, but with lots of running around. I found all the secrets, without really looking for them. The gameplay is fun, and the level looks great. What more could you want? Try it!" - Thorir (22-Sep-2008)
"Believe it or not, it gets tiring to tackle the sub par levels that constitute the bulk of the entire level selection out there, so every now and then you have to turn to something more promising even if it's an Xmas level in the middle of July. And as far as this one goes - it's well done for a Lara's house level. It can get confusing, have its tedious or outright unfair moments, but overall is probably worth playing even for the scenery alone, yet offers a number of cool tasks to make it worth your while too. Considering that this is built by a group of level builders, I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't feel as patchy as I half-expected it to. There maybe are a few rooms that feel oddly out of place in the overall design, but we've seen so many manifestations of the house setting, I even rather embraced the oddities than shooed on them. I didn't particularly care for the chaotic gameplay that makes you visit all of the areas for a number of times till all is said and done, and I think the level could've benefited from a more linear approach. And then there's the ever annoying fire-dousing puzzle with the ridiculous notion of there being a better angle to put the fire out, and I have to wonder what would've been so terrible about hinting the players what that angle is? All that said - this is still one of the better Lara's home levels out there, and even if you don't care a lot for the gameplay, there's still the gorgeous scenery and wonderful music selection to keep you going! Well worth a try!" - eTux (22-Jul-2008)
"This home level was luckily not your ordinary home level as there are more areas to explore. Once you know what to do and where to go this level isn't that difficult. Nice ending of all the advent levels, so a Thank You to all at Levelbase is in order and have a great 2008." - Gerty (09-Mar-2008)
"I just cannot help myself. The nature of these home levels is simply not for me as I always get lost and confused about where else to go and what to do next and end up very frustrated by not progressing as fast as I want to. Same in this one, where quite a bit of back and forth is involved and a few tasks more on the obscure side do not make it any easier, but all in all it is a very accomplished piece of a level, which keeps you busy for an hour running around in and around the home, had four secrets to find and some of the tasks are fun to master, while most of the time all you really do is search, search and search some more. Still - a very worthy and very good looking finale of this years Advent calendar; so big thanks to the whole Team!" - MichaelP (20-Feb-2008)
"An inventive and clever home level that isn't a repetition of what we've played before. Lara has turned some discoveries into tangible real estate in "Another Home," with new rooms and grounds, including a small cavern and a revamped, more interesting gym. [But what about the Inland Revenue? That unreported income from Lara's trips surely doesn't go unnoticed?] Ask yourself: where would Lara keep the crowbar, surely her most useful and indispensable possession? I felt like kicking myself for failing to spot it immediately, but its location does make sense. And what's up with the grill on the fireplace in Lara's bedroom? I wandered about at first, admiring the snowy landscape and and finding some curious objects like the Frozen Crown. A couple of the rooms seemed a little off, but in general the design work is a delight. The puzzles keep you searching, but it is the charm of the level itself that is the real treat. A wonderful addition to the Advent Calendar." - dmdibl (02-Feb-2008)
"This game was really masterful, but didn't really convince me to like it in some of its areas. The shining textures and beautiful lighting were a big up. The reflections on the wood were simply delightful! The gameplay and puzzles were too repetitive, but it was fun just to look at it, and explore the whole mansion, and go slow. No enemies, but the objects were well placed. The secrets were hard to find, but still fun. The sounds didn't really fit in, but it was still nice to hear. I overall had a lot of fun with this level." - Vaughnage (30-Jan-2008)
"I would say this one is from the simple levels of the calendar but not bad at all. Lara is inside the mansion searching for keys and items. The rooms are changed so don't expect to see a replica and we have some outside areas with a snowy cave. The puzzles are simple enough with some eggs to find and a two piece puzzle as well. The secrets weren't hard I found all four of them and enjoyed this small Christmas level." - Kristina (26-Jan-2008)
"Yes; it's really another home. I usually don't like Lara's home levels, but it's very different than the others. There is an excellent environment with very nice musics, a great architecture, magnificent textures, objects and design and, over all, a nice gameplay with good puzzles where you'll not need to go back to the same places many times. I've got some difficults defrosting the Crown and placing the Egg in its pedestal, but rest of the gameplay was good. It's a very good level worth to playing for." - Jose (23-Jan-2008)
"Lara's at home again, but this time it looks a little different. Her aim seems to be to get up to the attic to find her Christmas pressies, but silly old Lara doesn't have her key with her. So, we go trekking through her beautifully presented house searching for items and jumping around in order to find that elusive key. While the mansion is presented extremely well, it was a shame that some rooms didn't really fit in with the feel of others, and we would often go from old-style wooden panels to shiny marble and blue hues in an instant. Gameplay was good, and the usually optional features in her home (navigating the gym props etc.) were necessary to progression this time. The background audio and atmosphere was lovely, although there really should have been a few more cameras at times. Secrets were hidden nicely, and the objects in the house were well chosen. An enjoyable and fun Christmas level that is both nice to explore and play in." - Spike (17-Jan-2008)
"Most of the community has been caught up in the BtB competition during the early weeks of January, but I'm hoping to catch up with the rest of the Advent levels during my spare time. This is a pleasant one-hour diversion that consists mainly of finding keys to open doorways to new areas. Everything is quite serene and tasteful, and the lack of enemies allows you to explore at your own pace without fear of distractions. A nice blend of Lara's home and Christmas. Recommended." - Phil (11-Jan-2008)
"This is definitely one of the best home levels I've ever played. The gameplay was quite challenging and i did have to consult the forums more than once. But the joy is that it's interesting gameplay and lots of it. There is much to do in most of the rooms of the house. I have mixed feelings about the decor. While everything is decorated beautifully, the variety seems to stretch a little too far--near the point of just an inconsistent environment. I really appreciated the use of music; builders should really consider the importance of the use of sound, and this level makes good use of music for atmosphere's sake. It was really a fun place to explore, and I would probably play it again someday. The ending being so abrupt would be my only strong critique. It seems lately a lot of levels are ending with a let down because there's no grand finale or closure, or if there is closure the finishing trigger cuts it off so fast that it was unsatisfying. I feel like the ending could've been boosted a bit. But other than that, it's an all around good level." - drguycrain (01-Jan-2008)
"Team Christmas has done a really nice job, quite close to perfection, with this mansion level which isn't a regular home level since it includes interesting outside areas (one of which one has to reach by shooting a shatterable painting) and even caves. Even the gym was different and great. And the atmosphere was rather good, largely due to the music, as were the graphics. Higly recommended." - Jorge22 (31-Dec-2007)
"This is one of the best mansion levels I have ever played. It isn't simply filled with puzzles; at times it feels as it the whole mansion is a puzzle - and lots of the objects I hadn't seen before. The textures and architecture are wonderful. The rooms are all very different from each other but beautifully designed and furnished. If Lara ever wants to move out I'd like to live here! My only complaint - the rather abrupt ending. I wanted to explore the attic and unwrap all those presents!" - Kitkat (29-Dec-2007)
"This level seemed quite messy for a team effort - it seemed everyone was assigned a room and to "go for it" because I was amazed to see parts of Snowwhite palace in Lara's house - it seemed so out of place. In fact, none of the architecture was consistent - every room you entered made you wonder if you weren't in Kansas anymore. I think maybe the architect was on drugs to design a place like that! The Caucasus egg confused many players as it seemed to pour water or something from it - yet it was a secret with no use. Probably not wise to have secrets seem like usable objects - especially considering a Faberge egg (usable object) is also collected. Because there seemed to be no unity - gameplay was interesting in some areas and dead boring in others. Nice effort, which probably would have worked a lot better if the team actually worked as a team to make objects and gameplay a bit more consistent and uniform." - Jenni (28-Dec-2007)
"Wow, what an incredibly beautiful and atmospheric level. There were many places where I just had to gaze in wonder at the scene. Gameplay was very well done, although there was some confusion with the caucasus egg thing. It filled with water so I attempted many times to put the fire out with it only to constantly fail. The egg had no use in the level, I assume it was supposed to be a waterskin type item, then discarded later, but remained in the game. Not a huge deal. As I stated before, the atmosphere was perfect, as were the textures, sound, lighting and cameras. I really enjoyed this level immensely!" - Shandroid (28-Dec-2007)
"Another wonderful Advent game - and this one is busier than most ! I've never seen so many puzzle items...kept our Lara on her toes. I can't say what she was ultimately after, and it ends pretty abruptly. I loved the new french doors and bathroom pieces and I noticed some new textures too. I ran into several missing textures, but we are also able to access areas that the builders obviously didn't intend for us to go. Players will thoroughly enjoy this one !" - Mugs (27-Dec-2007)
"Another home doesn't sound too exciting for a level, but it's definitely one of the best mansion levels I've played. It builds from the original design we know, but it expands into so much more, with a lot of new areas and others totally reimagined. Gameplay revolves all around inventory puzzle progression, and sometimes it's not so clear what to do next. There are some sneakily hidden items, but eventually you get them all and reach the attic where Lara has stashed away a number of Christmas gifts. Recommended! Happy holidays! 70 minutes, 4 secrets. 12/07" - Treeble (26-Dec-2007)
"I'm a bit staggered by this level. In my opinion it comes very close to perfection. I won't speak of the wonderful textures, the excellent lighting , the great quality of sounds , the texturing which is almost perfect , the background audio tracks which for once is not noisy nor boring , but of the feeling that this level gave me after completing it. This is not a classic Christmas level , although it has many of the ingredients (a mansion , a bit of snow , and some typical decor) but it is a huge puzzle in itself designed in such a clever way that you just can't let it go even if you are stuck a few times and are searching for the pieces you're still missing. When I heard on the forum there was a painting to shoot , I did not exactly knew which one , but later on when I was in the train back from work, the evidence was that this painting could only be the one that was slightly lighted in a rather dark room. There was no special hint , at the difference of some other places where fixed cameras show you something has to be done there, but the lighting itself was the hint and my subconscious certainly had registered the fact. I tell all this just as an illustration to say how much this level is immersive. Great stuff, gang !" - eRIC (26-Dec-2007)
"nice game .. very good graphics medipacks and flares are useless pickups not much flybyes make the jobb a bit more tough cos u dont know wich door u opened after placed some items on pedestrals .. but overall relaxed little game good jobb merry christmas" - Jack& (26-Dec-2007)
"This is a superb looking mansion level and the grounds are far more interesting than in Lara's other mansions - there are even caves. Now that's what I call an impressive bit of landscape gardening. Lara's gym is much more exciting too - in fact this is much more entertaining than the traditional mansion altogether. I'm not the biggest fan of the genre, but this one I enjoyed. And, this being the last of the wonderful Advent levels, I shall now have to wave goodbye to the snow for another year. A very good level to bring an end to the proceedings. Many thanks, Team Christmas and all the other Advent level builders. You spoil us, bless you." - Jay (26-Dec-2007)