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Castle O'Dwyer by Night by Jer_Atch

alan 3 3 3 3
Andi Croft 8 8 7 8
CC 6 5 6 4
Dimpfelmoser 4 4 5 5
Elpasodude 6 4 5 7
Gerty 8 5 7 5
Jay 4 5 5 4
Jbc21 6 7 5 6
JesseG 3 3 3 3
Jose 2 4 3 4
Kristina 3 3 3 3
MichaelP 8 5 7 4
Miguel 4 5 4 4
Qwendo 6 6 7 7
RaiderGirl 6 5 6 6
Ryan 4 4 4 4
Sash 6 5 5 6
Treeble 5 4 4 4
Whistle 8 6 6 7
release date: 01-May-2001
# of downloads: 55

average rating: 5.00
review count: 19
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file size: 17.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Castle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Seems the walkthrough was written by the builder here. Interesting to see how they describe the various rooms, but I didn't see any stables, or a courtyard, just a series of similar stone rooms with many texture issues (stretched, transparent into a void, wallpapered, poorly marked climbable surfaces). Props to the bedrooms though, which did sort of look like the rooms the author labeled them as. The gameplay has its own struggles, full of backtracking between switches with no clue as to what they did, with a few goons sprinkled in between, using a key in a barely visible receptacle, and an inaccessible finish. I checked in fexinspect, seems the author accidentally blocked off the exit from a crawlspace so you can't reach the final switch. 45 minutes." - JesseG (02-Aug-2021)
"I will give a slight bit of credit to the builder for attempting something different with the old texture sets, but unfortunately nothing in this level comes together coherently. The gameplay offers nothing more than pushing countless buttons to open countless doors, with few if any camera hints and backtracking all the way across the level to that door. The walkthrough is also very vague in places so I ran around in circles more than I would like. The textures are also patchily applied and a lot of the walls and blocks were rather ugly looking, while enemies are the ever present scorpions and ninjas. Not really worth playing, if I'm honest (and I have to be)." - Ryan (20-Nov-2018)
"Another big level with huge rooms, empty of objects and same tasks: finding lots of buttons, fighting lots of red ninjas. Missing cameras, badly applied textures. The 'button' that was supposed to be in the end wasn't there, so I felt like I did all that running and exploration for nothing. Not recommended." - alan (24-Apr-2018)
"Easily the best thing about this level is reading the descriptions in the walkthrough (which you will need if you wish to retain your sanity) and finding out that you are passing through 'stables', 'bedroom', 'courtyard' etc., when everything just pretty much looks like great big badly textured blocks and wafer thin walls. It doesn't look much like a castle, but then it's not night either so I suppose that's OK. It is however very dark in places. Gameplay consists almost exclusively of pushing buttons and shooting ninjas and scorpions. On the plus side, it isn't yet another Egypt level and the builder really has tried to do something different, even if it doesn't work too well." - Jay (21-Mar-2016)
"I can't understand some high ratings for this level. All is bad here. The gameplay, only press buttons (wrong animation) to open doors and running long distances to return to the same places. Huge rooms without objects; some enemies here and there, I only found the uzis as extra weapon and a secret. No cameras to show the open doors, sometimes very far from the buttons. No musics (well, perhaps one or two). Stretched textures, missing textures, monotonous texturization, a lot of paper walls... Not worth to play for me." - Jose (20-Nov-2015)
"While a quick glimpse on the walkthrough page may suggest this is a short level, don't be fooled. I followed the walkthrough step by step and it still took me above half an hour to traverse the huge, empty, rooms. Most of them suffer with texturing issues and wafer thin walls, but the gameplay is really bad mainly because there's absolutely no camera work in this button extravaganza, so I'm glad a walkthrough was available. 40 minutes. 08/07" - Treeble (06-Aug-2007)
"Once upon a time a big Irish fellow called O'Dwyer went into the desert and built himself a fortress but of course as he was used to using the term castle that's what he called it. Not being a great one for interior decoration he decided to concentrate on big (like himself) that is big beds big staircases big battlements. And having a funny streak (or a twisted sense of humour) he built these peculiar looking follys all over the place for a laugh. He used to throw these crazy partys where he'd invite the local ninjas (the only ones brave enough to go near him) where he'd hide a canopic jar in the castle and they'd have to find it. He really didn't hide it at all he just left it on one of the beds but he drove the locals crazy by hiding the switch to get to it and having this flashing thing on the wall that looked like it could be a switch so they would all just give up and chase some scorpions instead. But our girl knew better found the jar and saw immediately that this is where the jar was to be placed. But she couldn't get the better of this fellow because he instructed his mate Jeremy Atkinson to write that there was a switch in the crawlspace at the end and she couldn't find it. And nobody lived happy ever after except of course O'Dwyer who went to bed hugging his jar." - CC (21-Oct-2003)
"That was awful the castle doesn't look like a castle but just blocks all around it's hard to recognize the bedrooms and where was the night time anyway. I had a hard time locating which door opened the button I pressed every time due to the lack of cameras and the enemies see ninjas and scorpions were randomly placed. That's all you will get here climbing and pushing buttons to finally find the canopic jar and place to a hole you can barely see as it is not well placed plus the textures are stretched and there are thin walls everywhere. After more than an hour I got to a crawlspace with nothing in it so I checked the walkthrough and there was supposed to be a button there to end the level but it has mysteriously disappeared so I never got to press it. It doesn't worth the trouble." - Kristina (27-Aug-2003)
"A level in the style of Tinnos. A lot of miles to make... ever use switches - but sorry without cameras it's difficult to find where a door opened. It's not so linear and so you will use about one hour to get to the finish and that without a finishtrigger. Be aware of a deadend before getting the idol - because if you use the switch by the opened door you will close it and then its over. The builder put a lot of time in this map - but textures are not well placed ever and sometimes there aren't any. And there where you have to put the Idol - something is wrong. Light and Shadows sometimes overplaced - and sometimes you will not see where to climb. Under average." - Miguel (31-Mar-2003)
"What kind of castle is this? I liked the pool-room but the rest of the level was spent climbing around huge strangely built and textured rooms searching for button after button and the doors they opened. There was no camera work on the buttons and half the time I didn't know where to go next. I usually enjoy exploring large levels but to me this just wasn't rewarding at all - I couldn't even find the finish trigger!" - RaiderGirl (20-Feb-2003)
"The concept of this level is quite good; alas there are three major drawbacks that prevent the gameplay from being entertaining. You get a huge and complex setting that will have you jump climb and explore for switches that open doors throughout this strange castle (first flaw). Unfortunately you get no hints whatsoever as to what door has opened and (second flaw) the missing textures insufficient lighting and repetitive design make the endless searching for newly opened doors a real pain in the ass and (third flaw) there are some areas that you are bound to reach before you allowed to making the whole experience even more confusing. It just takes ages and from a certain point you just wish for a bit of variety as far as the gameplay is concerned." - Dimpfelmoser (10-Nov-2002)
"If you are looking for a lot of running around looking for buttons to press and doors to open then this is definitely the one for you unfortunately after the tenth button I was a little tired of it and hoped for more which never really happened. There are some nice qualities about this 80 minute level such as the climbing and back-flipping puzzle over water to get to one of the buttons the initial dark many layered room to find and press a button and the climbing wall high above the large room that led to you guessed it another button. One more thing there were no camera fly bys or cut scenes after pressing the buttons and it was then just a total guessing game as to what was triggered." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Well initially I did not think at all that this looks like a Castle but later in the level it does very much and is actually quite nicely built from an architectural point of view however the lighting is too dark in places and there are quite a few missing textures and paper-thin walls which make the overall look of the level a bit unfinished. Gameplay though a little repetitive with all those buttons to push was quite fun for the well above 60 minutes it lasted especially the hanging pillars jump sequence. Cameras are unfortunately really going a miss here. I actually needed the walkthrough to find the tile where to place the canopic jar but that finish trigger switch mentioned in the walkthrough never revealed itself to me." - Michael. (21-Jun-2002)
"Good sort of 'middle-class' level with huge rooms. Many many switches (unfortunately you do not see which doors open so there is a lot of searching) but the author actually provides a walkthrough with the download. What is remarkable is the very colorful design of the rooms. I could not end the level as the Finish trigger seemed to be missing." - Qwendo (21-Jun-2002)
"Large halls vast rooms and shady corridors. No doubt you are in a castle and at night. A few extra flares would not have been useless! The overall gameplay is quite good although a bit confusing as there is no indication at all about which way to go or which door has opened! A bit more flyby cameras also could have been nice! Now we want the outdoor castle!" - Jbc21 (21-Jun-2002)
"After playing a long and hard level I thought why not this one as it is only 0.98 MB. Wrong -this is a big level with huge rooms and it took me forever to end it. Missing were some flybys that means running back and forwards looking at what you just opened by pulling a switch. Enemies well there are some just appearing out of thin air. Nothing much to worry about. Could have used a bit more flares as some places were a bit too dark. Better still the level could have used more light because then one could see how vast the big room really is. Also some textures are missing. Best thing was the pillar jump over water. Took me some time to find the right way to proceed as there is also some climbing involved and the walls don't look like they are climbable. Had very sweaty palms because of my fear of height. 15-05-2002" - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a pretty good level. Not great or awful but a bit above average. It's worth a download." - Elpasodude (21-Jun-2002)
"Good level but one or two flaws in the version I played (it was a test version). Lots of good moving round strategy needed- in the big pit with all the pillars in the large room as well as on the battlements. Some areas initially giving the impression of being impossible to reach but be patient (and don't use DOZY). Perhaps it would have been better with more hints/help like flybys. Those of you who like a good swim won't be disappointed. As there are a number of swimming areas where you will have to think. Ending?" - Whistle (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a good game. It is only 0 98 MB but this is a long game. I have played 1 hour and 30 minutes. Nice textures and a lot of buttons to push. The light is a little bit dark and I couldn't find the ladder to find the vase. The button for the vase is not to see. It is a bug. I thought: What are the flashes here and I think it is for the vase. I coulddn't end this level behind the crawlspace. But I know there is the end. A nice game." - Andi Croft (21-Jun-2002)