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The Skribblerz Stonez 2 - Oak Island by Aza

Blue43 9 8 8 9
Dick 10 9 10 9
DJ Full 8 8 8 8
dmdibl 9 10 10 9
eRIC 9 9 10 10
eTux 8 8 9 8
Gerty 9 9 9 9
Gill 10 9 10 9
Ivan 9 10 10 9
Jack& 9 8 10 10
janachorider 9 8 9 9
Jay 9 9 9 10
JesseG 9 9 9 10
Jose 9 10 9 10
Magnus 7 6 6 6
manarch2 8 8 9 8
MichaelP 9 9 9 9
mugs 9 8 9 10
Mytly 8 8 8 7
Phil 8 9 7 8
Ruben 9 9 10 10
Ryan 9 8 9 8
Shandroid 9 8 8 8
Treeble 8 8 9 8
release date: 29-Dec-2007
# of downloads: 80

average rating: 8.75
review count: 24
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file size: 151.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A few key similarities between this and the previous levels (items placed in chests, the room housing the grand prize), but this takes a departure from stone dungeons to a pirate island/treasure quest, and it's quiet well done, too. Gameplay seemed a bit more obvious than the previous entries (and yet, I'll state my thanks to G&D for ensuring I'd see this to the end), with a timed run that wasn't so difficult and a few items to retrieve. I particularly liked the different ways to trigger the boulders on the surface level, and I absolutely loved the nod to TR1 with the timed flame pillar set up. 35 minutes, 2 secrets. 05/23" - Treeble (14-May-2023)
"There's some quite interesting gameplay for the most part in this level. I particularly liked the main puzzle of releasing three boulders into separate pits on the ground floor, as well as the boulder traps and exploring the (rather underused) pirate ship area. I initially considered giving an 8 for gameplay due to that unfair swamp sequence with the unseen beetles, but the boulder puzzle raised my score to a 9. There's also some exploration inside some authentic looking caves, but the scenery didn't seem that attractive for me. Play it for the gameplay." - Ryan (16-Jul-2017)
"The game's like a pocket version of TC14 or Cowboy's pirate levels and the background is very solid as well as the storyline division into exploration, infiltration, climax and a brief solution. The purple-green palette is not made of my colors but of quite matching each other so I can live with them. What I cannot is the swamp filled with beetles and wooden logs to force medikit usage, you just shouldn't design stuff like that. A minor issue, anytime I see potentially Walkable rocks surrounding a location I feel uneasy because of those numerous examples when they were accessible and equally numerous cases when they weren't. Also there could be more variation between ambient audios because the constant creepy track isn't creepy and may become tiring." - DJ Full (03-Mar-2017)
"There is something in the way Harry builds, and I for one really like it. It is a well-constructed level and the gameplay drew me in so I finished it in one go. That happens seldom I have to admit. Still no big fan of swamps but I managed. Loved the boat and the pirates at the end but a pity that that area was a tad underutilized. It is no walk in the park and but luckily not too hard. Look everywhere as I almost missed a set of bones I had to shoot." - Gerty (25-Mar-2016)
"I think this is an interesting level, before playing i didn't knew the mystery of the island until i read the link.well for starters,the gameplay is good as well as the enemies,i liked the boulder puzzle and the little tribute to midas palace fire pillars.although i found myself a little confused at the net part even with the flyby i didn't know what to do the final part with the pirate ship was my favorite,Reccomended." - janachorider (25-Mar-2014)
"According to the site that was linked here, this level was set quite with many touches of reality, well, unless Aza wrote the story for the site itself to let us think so ;). A really well crafted level, with good texture usage and lighting, also a stunning atmosphere. This one was created by using fitting sound choices in very intriguing cutscenes to show the next area, not so much by creating interesting objects, but by a spooky pirate ship with some undead pirates from the Lara at the Movies pirates level and a beautiful tree area at the start, where many actions have to be done. My favourite is clearly finding a way to get down all three boulders, you need some open eyes to find the right way there. In this half an hour lasting level, you also get hard boulder traps, some TNT explodes, three or four timed runs (one over some water pillars - one of my all-time favourites) and a nice puzzle where you had to use the binoculars to get over that pit I think here it'd been better if the pit was rectangular, as it was quite hard to find a start, but it still was a nice touch. Moreover, there were two relatively easy secrets to find (still, why putting everything in chests? Only the secrets would've been enough!). All in all a very entertaining level with great historical/real touches and great surroundings. Maybe I would have given a few more camera hints, as I still don't know what the lever in the pirate ship room did, or (I think, but I can fault) one of the timed runs was not clearly marked so that the player knows where to sprint. The texturing is good but has a few mistakes in the outside areas. Put those things aside, a very convincing level." - manarch2 (07-Jul-2011)
"In this very entertaining level Lara begins with exploring a few mountain sides, caves, a swamp with nasty beetles and do a bit of climbing around on tree branches. I found the game play fairly easy but a little confusing at times. I was completely lost in the area with the net on top of the cave until I read the walkthrough. The timed run for around the central block in the cave took me a few times. I liked idea of releasing the boulders and also blowing up the TNT cave. Lara encountered a couple of big rats, skeletons and later even ghost pirates on deck of a large ship toward the end. The level had a nice atmosphere and well done texturing and lighting. Lara's outfit was pretty unique - I don't remember having seen this one in another level before. An entertaining and enjoyable raid - definitely recommended!" - Blue43 (25-Feb-2011)
"I didn't read the story behind Oak Island until after I finished the level, but even without that background knowledge, this level holds up quite well on its own. The gameplay is mostly enjoyable. The idea of getting three boulders to drop in three different ways in the first area is interesting. The jumping puzzle over the net later in the level is also fun, as is the Palace-Midas-tribute burning pillars run. The one long timed-run is a little tricky until you realise you can take a shortcut. All in all, there's only one unpleasant note as far as gameplay is concerned, but it's a big one: the swamp with the unseen beetles draining Lara's health. I first thought I was doing something wrong when I dropped down into the swamp and saw Lara's health ebbing away for no apparent reason, and tried looking for some less painful way across - for example, along the high wooden beams. But finally looking at the walkthrough, I was horrified to discover that walking through the deadly swamp was the intended route ... and not once but twice!
Texturing is rather uneven. Some areas, like the outdoor area at the beginning, look nice at first glance, but a closer look reveals a tangle of textures that don't really fit together. The lack transition of textures looks jarring and unnatural. The geometry of the natural areas like the outdoor parts or the underwater tunnels is nicely done, and the pirate ship at the end is very well-made. The enemies seem a little underused - at least the unique ones are: I wouldn't have minded more translucent pirate ghosts or pirate skeletons and fewer crocodiles (and no beetles!). Some of the objects seem to float above the ground.
Overall: A nice level, but a little uneven in quality." - Mytly (09-Feb-2011)
"Judging from the other levels I have played by the author (which, admittedly, is less than half of his output), he seems to focus on making short but fun levels. This level, which ends after just over twenty minutes, is no exception. The first area is by far the worst in the level. Your task is to get three rolling balls to drop down into three holes below. Not a bad idea in itself, but the area isn't very interesting to explore and it's hard to tell where you're supposed to go due to the patchy texturing and flat lighting. Things improve after this point, though, as the gameplay gets more linear but focused and the texturing and lighting improves. You get to blow a hole in the ground, do a pretty fun timed run and visit a pirate ship. I was a bit confused near the end of the level, where I jumped on fire platforms to pull a switch that turned off the fires on the platforms I had just navigated and didn't need to revisit, but other than that, it's a fun, albeit not very complex, level. The texturing, as I mentioned, improves after the droll opening area, and while the pirate ship near the end is far from the most impressive ship I've seen in a custom level, it's still pretty neat and everything in-between looks pretty good. Putting pickups in chests seems to have been an arbitrary rule in The Sxribb1erz Ztoenez 2, and continues to suck. Overall, this isn't the most impressive level ever and it is on the short side, but it's entertaining enough and doesn't outstay its welcome." - Magnus (01-Dec-2010)
"This third installment of the second Skribblerz Stonez series is quite different in appearance to the first two levels. This Lara looks different with a different outfit. The gameplay here is very fun and interesting with inventive uses for the boulder. I was very impressed with with this level." - Shandroid (26-Apr-2009)
"This level had a unique sense of beauty and evil mixed together to form the atmosphere. Besides the huge canopied area, there are many caves and passages to explore as well as a hazardous swamp (which I felt warranted perhaps more than one large medpack nearby) and these areas have you performing "wading runs", timed runs and trap dodges while you also must fend off skeletons and bats. I found some parts particularly exciting such as blowing up the "turquoise" TNT package using a boulder. Some objects were missing sounds, but that's about my only gripe here. Cameras and custom objects are well done. Very creative and one-of-a-kind adventure." - SSJ6Wolf (04-Dec-2008)
"As riveting as the backstory the author linked to might be, I have to say I did not have the patience to sit through the short story long description, so am grateful that some of the reviewers here have provided a Cliff-Notes version for me, as when it all boils down to the essence, it really is an interesting story! I'm glad to say that the level itself is as well - the looks are really unique as I could not peg it down to any of the original TR settings, ad that's a great achievement! The tasks are generally simple, but still clever all the way through and while it doesn't last too long, I had my fun when all was said and done. On a more negative note - the start of the game is quite confusing - enough so for me to miss the swamp area, thus the lasersight, entirely on my first try - but fortunately enough - if you manual aim skills for the crossbow are good enough - you don't really need it anyway. The ship area could've been used to its full potential for some extra minutes of gameplay, and I thought the puzzle with the huge net over the abyss could've been done more interestingly, but overall those are rather small gripes to what otherwise is a really fun game, you should not miss!" - eTux (14-Aug-2008)
"In the first flyby I was quite impressed how three dimensional these rock textures were looking abnd it was not the only moment I was very impressed with this level. There is the cool Lara outfit, the engaging gameplay that feels somwhat non-linear but in a relatively confined space, you get a nice long timed run across ledges, boulder runs, fire traps, search for jump switches and keys and meet up with a few nicely fitting enemies, like the pirate skeleton, huge rats and crocodiles and the pirates on the ship. The caves to swim through looked very authentic and there is even a swamp to wade through. Very solid camera work throughout as well to guide you along when needed. The only real downside of this adventure is that the ship area seemed a bit underutilized and that it all ended way too soon after 50 minutes. A level that makes you want much more of it." - MichaelP (08-Aug-2008)
"A very well-constructed level, professionally lit and textured, but it's the gameplay that impresses me most: it is both inventive and varied but also (most impressively) all integrated together in a very satisfying way. There were several head-scratching moments but in the end I managed to figure it all out on my own. This is the first Skribblerz stonez level I have played and I feel that the format somewhat pulls the rug from under its feet - you get the thistle and it just ends after a short flyby. I think Oak Island could benefit from being expanded into a multi-level game." - Dick (08-Feb-2008)
"I found this level to be enjoyable, but a cut below the two others I've played thus far in this series. You get about an hour's worth of gameplay, and there are several fresh touches (such as shooting bones underneath one boulder, and getting behind to push another boulder onto a box of TNT). That pirate ship at the end, guarded by the two ghost skeletons, was also a neat effect. Otherwise, I didn't find the scenery to be all that attractive. There are a few tricky jumps along the way, so I'd place the difficulty level at medium to hard. This is a commendable level set that everyone should play. Recommended." - Phil (01-Feb-2008)
"The second level in a row by Aza where I really had a great time playing. The setting is very well done, those green and pink rocks are realistic and beautiful, the appropriate objects and enemies fit very well in the storyline, and the gameplay was much to my liking, I enjoyed it a big deal. Beautiful flybys (I watched the one in the cave with the greenery web 3 or 4 times) and has a special mysterious atmosphere. Not many enemies in this level, but I really thought this was yet another perfect level by the author, and very fluent at that, if it was not for the puzzle with invisible pillars near the end which was an enigma to me :)" - eRIC (26-Jan-2008)
"The historical Oak Island, or "the money pit," has a lot to do with playing this level: knowing the background helps. Originally three boys discovered an oak tree with block and tackle in its branches, and underneath a soft depression of earth. Pirates had been rumored to bury treasure here. They dug in the depression, hit flagstones, and removed them to reveal a shaft loosely filled with dirt. At ten feet they hit wood planking, at twenty feet a layer of coconut matting, then deeper a layer of clay, then more wood. A strange tablet with markings was unearthed. Every ten feet they hit some new layer of material, down to ninety feet or so. Plunging a spade in the ground they hit something hard and metallic. Exhausted, they quit for the day, sure that tomorrow they would reach treasure. The next day the pit was flooded with sixty feet of water. For years work was stymied until someone noticed (rather belatedly) that this was salt water, not an underground spring as everyone had assumed. An exhaustive search located five stone channels on the north side of the island, all placed between the low and high tide marks, and funneling into a tunnel leading toward the money pit. This was no pirate coming ashore in a long boat with a treasure chest, but a massive engineering undertaking. People began to talk about a pirate treasury, where twenty tons, forty tons of Spanish gold was collectively held. A parallel shaft was sunk, but it, too, flooded. A boring hole was drilled and went down through layers of more wood, then dropped into what seemed an empty cavity. When it was brought up, three small links of a gold chain clung to it. More shafts were sunk but they collapsed. At least six people have died in the money pit. Finally someone got the bright idea to drop dye in the water. The red dye flowed out not on the north side as expected, but on the south side--seemed there was a whole different flood tunnel there, which was why all the attempts to block the seawater on the north had failed. To date this has been the most bungled treasure hunt in history. The site is now a chaotic jumble, in some places turned into a morass from the flooded diggings. When you start the level you will notice the oak tree, the mess that the previous explorations have made, the hut, and also discover a small swampy area. Beginning play, I thought this level was chaotic and frustrating, but some of that is deliberate, inherent in the nature of the site. Can Lara get past the booby traps that have stymied everyone else? Bear with it and the secrets gradually emerge. Somewhat tricky (find the crossbow and the laser sight), but in this case I think the tricks are justified. A very good level expanding on the legend surrounding Oak Island. And good ghost pirates and ship at the end. A unique adventure not to be missed. You will be glad you played this one." - dmdibl (26-Jan-2008)
"This third level is more complex than the others, 'cause the author doesn't base the gameplay only about solving puzzles, but in tricky and small details with the architecture too so, it's more easy you get stucked. An environment to explore a lot, I liked the very well made swamp (I don't know how this can be done with the editor) and there's a room with one of the puzzles you could solve in "Midas Palace" from TR1; I liked the final ship with the ghost pirates too. Excellent texturing, you'll think that you're in real places, good use of the cameras and lights, this level could be very satisfactory for most players." - Jose (23-Jan-2008)
"It's a lovely colourful tropical island, but it's no place for a holiday. The rats are huge and tough and there are things in the swamp that eat you alive. The crocodiles aren't exactly cuddly either. Not the easiest of levels in parts, but well worth the effort - some of the gameplay is most inventive and I particularly liked the clever use of boulders. There's plenty of enjoyable exploration to be had, including leaping about in trees, although I didn't much care for having to go back into the horrible swamp. Luckily the rest of the island is beautiful enough to warrant a few looks, if you lose your way from time to time. Plus, ghost pirates - you can never go wrong with ghost pirates." - Jay (17-Jan-2008)
"Another TR adventure, at its best from this author. When I first entered this level and watched the fly-by, my first thoughts were,"I'm going to get lost and stuck here". But, first thoughts can be so deceiving and wrong and it wasn't too long, before I got myself stuck in and started searching every nook, boulder and tree, that was accessibly possible, which in turn led me down the correct and right path and into a most enjoyable TR adventure, with some memorable moments of game-play. With some tricky jumps and puzzles to solve and timed runs to master, all this will eventually lead you deep down and beyond, to an underground cavern with a nicely designed ship where you will encounter some ghost pirates as your enemies, just before collecting your treasured prize"The Skribblerz Stone". The whole layout of this level adventure was well thought out by this author, to give you that consistent and fluent of game-play, which one could expect, by not getting too flustered and wondering in what to do next for too long, but still captivating and challenging enough into thinking, what might lay ahead and in turn, will keep you riveted to your seat to complete your adventure and your tasks at hand. I thank you for an outstanding performance of level building and for creating a great adventure, such as this." - Gill (04-Jan-2008)
"First of all I thought : Oh No ! Not another horrible tree level !!! But there`s only one tree to climb . As the game continues you will find yourself in an imaginary world cleverly designed by Aka . This little masterpiece takes me back to my computer childhood in 1990 : The Secret of Monkey Island. Beatifully designed textures in this game , especially the floor with all the golden flowers ! Press the download button all you TRLE lovers , this one is worth it !" - Ruben (02-Jan-2008)
"Right from the beginning, you will be struck by the rock/bark textures in this venue. The structure of this place is fabulously realistic. I loved the use of the boulders to create access to the underground - although that boulder on the bones is a bit problematic and the ones in a tunnel didn't seem to trigger properly (Lara was not crushed by the first one and the second one never fired off at all). Nevertheless, this is a fun game with lots of exploring to do and sussing out the correct approach. I thoroughly enjoyed it until I reached the web. Senility kicked in here - it happens at the most inopportune times - and I completely missed the point. Aza was kind enough to give me a jump-start. Bottom-line: collect two "Pirate Plunders" and the Skribblerz Stone is yours !" - Mugs (31-Dec-2007)
"When i start to play first thought was, what a boring start :( But, one very big but after little run to see what is behind tree or stone or in some hole, this level start to open its mysteries. Beautiful made it, with huge big stone halls in some mountain, great and very good tunnels with crocodiles and fresh water. On almost every corner traps and amazing peace of rock and stone, trees and bushes. Wonderful big pirates ship from stolen ages and two ghost pirates. Very brilliant level. Highly recommended for playing. Atmosphere are very good and warm for playing, cameras exactly where need it." - Ivan (30-Dec-2007)
"another masterpiece .... just like the Forgotten Realm 2: The Wanderers - this time Lara start at a forest like area with dense vegetation tall trees wich need to escaade very clever hidden paths tricky jumps ,timed runs and at the end a beautiful galleon with some very nasty ghost pirates wich are imortal.....personaly i founded very tough the swamp part for the laser sight i lost alot off health there also is a very tough part when u need to cross a path with invisible platforms all in all was tough challenge allmoust good as ''Wnaderers '' level very nice jobb...." - Jack& (29-Dec-2007)