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Quattuor by Ghostraider

CC 7 7 8 7
eRIC 8 8 8 8
eTux 7 9 9 8
Gerty 7 8 8 8
Jay 8 8 9 9
Jose 4 7 7 8
MichaelP 8 8 9 8
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Shandroid 7 6 7 7
release date: 06-Jan-2008
# of downloads: 76

average rating: 7.83
review count: 10
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file size: 50.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"For a four level game, this was quite an immersing adventure. Each of them are disparate and therefore have to be played separately but each one gives you around an hour or so of classic raiding in attractive surroundings. The main highlights throughout were: destroying the sentry guns and negotiating the bike course in Sea Devil and exploring the impressive carved face structure and different cave areas in Ice Pharynx. I wasn't fond of the backtracking required in this final level though (I counted at least five times retracing the same routes each way) and slightly spoiled the otherwise impressive layout. But overall, these levels provide solid and enjoyable raiding and I highly recommend them." - Ryan (31-Aug-2018)
"Talk about getting a lot of bang for the buck - for the comparably small download you get many, many hours of classic and complex raiding which will test your skills (and your patience) quite a bit. Each level is to be played separately off the main menu:
Oracleeye (7/7/8/7, 70 min): A mix of Cleopal and Tut1 this level keeps you busy with many, many artifacts to pick up and use along the way. I think I counted more than a dozen of gems, knots, pillars and the likes. It already sets the scene in terms of the author's style with a few well hidden jump switches and sneaky crawlspaces. The flybys are a bit too fast and exploring the huge room with its many nooks and crannies ended up being a little tedious, but it sure looked impressive. Only a few harpies, demigods and skeletons crossing Lara's path here.
Delusion (7/7/8/7, 50 min): Very classic catacomb style, this one. And the easiest to get through for me, despite the invisible elevator, which is always a big no-no, an unusual use of the mechanical beetle and a very obscure hiding place of one of the gems. Triggering a timed run via a pushable object was a bit of a novelty and I liked the mirror room.
Seadevil (8/9/9/8, 80 min, 5 secrets): I liked the last two levels better than the first two, but at the same time also hated them both. They are ingeniously crafted with their many connections and you open up several paths and shortcuts as you get deeper into the adventure. But that can easily get very confusing as well, because it makes the levels very non-linear and if you miss a crucial item (which is in fact likely to happen here or there), you inevitably end up searching the entire level for that elusive crawlspace that you may have overlooked. That aside this is all very, very clever work: Here we have a mix of a Base/City level with touches of Coastal. You get to use the bike quite extensively and smartly and the 5 armour pieces are to be picked up as secrets. Eliminating sentry guns never loses its charm and even though it was totally unnecessary - the timed jumps up the ledges (in case you missed an item and parked your bike there) was fun to master. Unfortunately, I had missed that jump switch near the nitro pickup, so ended up searching how to open the final exit door for a very long and annoying time, but still the architecture of this part is very, very impressive.
Icepharynx (8/8/10/8, 70 min): As said before - be prepared to repeat a few trips a few times as you explore this huge icy/snowy cave which the builder very cleverly mixed with the Tomb of Seth objects and traps. The huge face structure looks cool (especially the nose) and you get plenty of things to do going up and around the main hall collecting several cartouches and guardian keys. There are a few walkthrough walls and fall through floors, which I usually hate, but they do not really halt your progression the way they are set up and the meet up with the guide is a fun encounter, as he paves the way for you to place the Eye and finish.
All in all, four very complex and solidly built levels, which can certainly be played in under one hour each, IF - and that is a big IF - you manage to not miss things along your path that you have to go back for later on - as I did many times." - MichaelP (28-Mar-2009)
"Finding a level set like this released nowadays feels like unearthing a time capsule from the early days of level building, thus coming along with a certain amount of nostalgia. Yet I found that the blast from the past brought along both - the good and innovative approaches that were required if you wanted your level to stand out among the countless Egyptian adventures - and the less than good ones, like a plethora of moments where the author didn't seem to have the player's point of view in mind, not to mention a number of things that should've been polished - like each of the 4 levels crashing to desktop when finished, some script problems, and while the levels obviously followed a linear storyline, the faulty finish trigger setups force you to play each level separately. Thus I'll try and take on each level on its own.
Oracle Eye (49 minutes) - with a nice touch of a fall-through floor, you enter a Cleopatra's Palaces alike setting. The first half of the level has a circular structure, where you spend your time collecting a plethora of items needed in the level, and it made me extra wary that they are placed very haphazardly - as the easiest thing to do here is to miss something you need, so it's a good thing you return basically where you started in case you missed something. The enemies are what you'd expect in a Cleopatra's Palaces setting and you even encounter the brass Doppelganger for a moment, but with a generous amount of ammo they're not a big problem. The final bridge area is very well made, though it's a bit confusing to find your way about, and I wasn't a big fan of the ambiguous texture use for climbable walls. Found 1 secret.
Delusion (33 minutes) - a very solid, well done Catacomb level. While there's little to fault in the looks department, it stands out more for the clever use of the catacomb objects, some of which seem fresh and never seen before, which is an achievement in itself, considering this level quartet has been released only this year. I particularly liked the sneaky placements of the gems, but the beetle is used in a clever way as well, though I wished there had been some clue that all you need is to place it on the designated tile for it to work. Other than that - I was once again not pleased with the non-obvious texture use for climbable walls (a waterfall texture of all the possible ones?) and the jump-through wall at the very end didn't seem like a good way to end the level on a high note, but otherwise it's a very decent level, that would've done well as a stand alone too. Didn't find any secrets.
Sea Devil (48 minutes) - If I could somehow understand why levels 1 and 4 are named like they are, the titles for this one along with level two have me clueless. Maybe the submarine's name is 'Sea Devil'? But that's as far as my imagination stretches. Luckily the correlation is not required to enjoy this level, and for most part I did. It uses the city object set's capabilities well and you get a thrilling bike course and neat sentry gun puzzles as a result. The 5 secrets are maybe a bit too easy to find and aren't particularly rewarding, unless I'm the only person out there who hasn't figured out the application for the Horus armour, but still great fun to get. The looks are pleasant all the way through, but the huge lake housing the submarine is probably the most memorable area this level has to offer. The non-linearity as usual works both for and against the level. On one hand it's great to see how the level gradually unfolds as you put the right pieces together, but on the other hand it can easily get very confusing and overwhelming in the worst case scenario - for example, as clever and sneaky as driving up the very ramp I slid into this level was - I didn't consider that option for a long time and was tearing my hair out trying to find what it is I've missed. The dead ends and doors that never opened were misleading as well, but then again, I might have missed out on something, but all that put aside - this is yet another excellent raid in this level quartet.
Ice Pharynx (56 minutes) - if I only had to take the looks, architecture and atmosphere into consideration, this would be as close to top marks as this level set would get for me - and purely from that aspect the best level Quattuor has to offer. The simply huge face structure carved in ice is awesome not only to look at, but to explore as well - as you get to at some point in the adventure. The rest is wonderfully constructed as well, involving such chilling moments as the guards frozen in ice and other wonderful structures like shrines and chambers. Unfortunately, as great as the looks are, there's enough problems in the gameplay to even it out. There's nothing wrong with the individual tasks per se, they are wonderfully inspired as you'll be accustomed to this far into the adventure, but the entire package lacks in a much needed coherence, and forces you to take the same route numerous times again. I counted no less than 10 times, and every time I maneuvered through the narrow crawlspaces, shimmy cracks and mastered the long climbs, I couldn't help but wonder if there really wasn't any way the author could've squeezed in a convenient shortcut, or if he simply couldn't have constructed it in a way that it's impossible to miss out on the crucial items? I felt that this unnecessarily left a bad aftertaste to what generally was a very pleasant game, especially taking into account that it's the first we see from this author.
Bottomline - this is an excellent set of 4 levels reminiscent of those we saw frequently in the early days of level building, yet showing a certain skill level of the author. Recommended for a long lazy day or over a busy week." - eTux (01-Aug-2008)
"Four levels here. All different, and basically Egyptian in tone. They are all very well laid out and look great. Gameplay is non-linear and could result in a lot of to-ing and fro-ing if played without the walkthrough. Overall gameplay is excellent, very well thought out.
OracleEye: Some very good jumping and climbing to be done here in the caves and temple areas. We need to search everywhere, high and low, as there are some cleverly hidden crawlspaces and jumpswitches along the way as we search for beetles to put in a black pyramid, gems, Hathor combo, pharos knots, mechanical beetle and the essential crowbar. This place is guarded by well dressed skeletons and demigods. There is also a fair amount of swimming to be done, especially in an impressive and enormous water room with stone bridge. The throneroom and mirror room look great too, where again, you need to keep your eyes open.
Delusion: More fun gameplay and many more water rooms to explore. Very good jumping swimming and climbing. There is one of those moving floor situations where we need to position pillars underneath. In fact, raising and lowering is the order of the day on elevators, blocks and leaps of faith, plus ropeswings, monkeyswings, jumpups and high dives. The items we need are the same with the addition of a very cleverly hidden gem. We have more skeletons and wraiths to deal with, lots of spikey boulders, bones to shoot and a good timed run.
Sea Devil: Egypt with a City of the Dead flavour, or not, as we have to move corpses. The author has tried to make this a cross between the city and a base. Although this was odd it worked well. It's quite a big level with many routes to take, some we cannot do without the bike. So our main goal is to find the nitros oxide. Pickups include the five armour parts that can be easily found if one is determined. Some rooms seem to be more show than necessary with quirky architecture, but deadly traps, i.e. a machine gun firing at you, but you must get past it. Perhaps this quirkiness is to hide the targets we need to shoot. Again, there are many water rooms. One with an impressive submarine. Another with a helicopter to blow up. And yet others to find levers or get past in the underground tunnels. All told this was great fun.
Ice Pharynx: From hot to cold, and poor Lara hasn't had time to change. But all the hopping about will keep her warm. That happens from the start where we have to grab a wall before being squashed. We slide into an enormous room with stone structures we just know we have to go up top and get down from. We saw what looked like giant 'eyes' in the previous levels. They are here too, as part of a monumental 'face', which is both impressive and spooky at the same time. We come back to this huge room many times having explored behind the ice, searching for cartouche pieces, sands of time and pyramid keys to release our guide. Theres lots of sneaky fall through stuff going on, so saving often is advised. Some very good traps to get past, packs of wolves, scorpions and dogs. The most memorable is the guide, but a little problem occurred. Without the walkthrough I made it to the end without two vital eye pieces, and couldn't go back for them. Considering how well laid out the levels have been up to this point, this was a major disappointment.
Certainly, for a first attempt, these are very good levels. Add that devious mind to the mix and we are looking at a promising future. Well done Ghostraider. Highly recommended." - CC (12-May-2008)
"This game has four separate levels and I played it while Dutchy was visiting his homeland. Apart of the sometimes a tad too much back and fro this is a nice adventure what will keep you busy for some time. I have to say that it was nice to share the time in playing this level, as personally I wouldn't have finished it. Don't get me wrong the levels are very well built but gameplay wise it didn't do it for me. Too much unnecessary going back and fro and the distances are pretty huge. No shortcuts in here and that is a pity, as that would enhance the gameplay. Also a pity was that the levels weren't connected. So if you do like to run around this might be the level for you, it is no small feat when you finished them. And last but not least this builder has a lot of potential in my opinion." - Gerty (06-Apr-2008)
"They don't make 'em like this any more, unfortunately. Here are four unconnected levels, each of which will give you an hour's worth of gameplay or more, and all are built in the grand old style with eye-catching scenery and plenty of light by which to enjoy it. More and more levels these days seem to be bitten with the darkness bug, and I find them to be nowhere near as much fun to play. Furthermore, you get here what amounts to a full mini-game in a download that's smaller than most of today's single levels (and without all of those extra sound files that in my opinion add little or nothing to the gaming experience). The only real complaint I can make is with all the maddening backtracking that was required in the fourth and final level. I finally enabled the flycheat so I could get quickly back and forth to areas that I had already visited three or more times, and I was ready for it all to end by the time it was over. Maybe the builder would have been better advised to hold that fourth level back, although it did have some rather clever twists. But other than this relatively minor gripe, I think you'll enjoy the classic raiding that you'll find in this foursome. Recommended." - Phil (12-Mar-2008)
"This level was pretty fun to play with a nice Egyptian theme. It was fairly straightforward that the goal was to collect a bunch of stuff, which ended up being a bit of a pain when I had to backtrack to collect a couple of things that I missed. It was set up so that wasn't a terribly difficult task, however. I liked the last room the best, but I saw one area that looked like it could be reached via a crevice but finished the game without needing to go there (I'll check the walkthrough.) Pretty solid game with few stand-out areas, mostly enjoyable for those players interested in Egyptian areas with bright lighting." - Shandroid (07-Mar-2008)
"Those levels are well builded, with a good architecture and well lightened and textured, but I think the author never readed the page 70 from the manual of the level editor: "In the tutorial you learned how to set it up so the player could not leave the area until the puzzle piece was found. Try not to create a situation where the player can get to the end of the level and not be able to finish a puzzle (therefore not finish the level) without having to retrace steps....especially if it is a long distance. BORING!". If you like to run around and around always through the same places those are your levels. They are too much no-lineal, and it's very easy you arrive to a place and find a closed door or a receptacle for an item which you don't possess. The worst is that the author lets you advance a lot through the game and then you have to look for hidden jumpswitches or hard-to-see crawlspaces through very huge areas. Many times there are cameras to help you, but I've found sometimes timed runs with no camera shots so, prepare yourself to get totally stucked. I don't know why the levels are not connected, and when you finish a level the game crashes; even in the two last levels I had to reboot my computer. Good ideas, some good puzzles but a very bad gameplay." - Jose (14-Feb-2008)
"This is a quartet of very enjoyable, completely separate levels. The first two are Egyptian in style and represent classic raiding at its best. The third is a complete change of style, having city/base elements contained in a very large area that takes some exploring. The good news is - you have your trusty bike. The fourth is a somewhat surreal combination of arctic areas with Egyptian objects - rather imaginative. The one thing that links these four levels together is that they are very good and extremely well made. The gameplay is absorbing without ever becoming difficult, although this builder is very good at hiding things so you may spend quite a lot of time running around wondering what you missed, particularly in the fourth level where the snow and ice textures make crawlspaces and ladders just that much easier to miss. I enjoyed all of them very much, but I think my favourites were the first two. What makes these levels even more impressive in my view is that they are the first ones from this builder. I sincerely hope we see many more in future." - Jay (25-Jan-2008)
"A set of 4 stand alone levels built with the basic Wads of the Editor. There are all quite interesting to play; sometimes challenging, the author has made a a lot of good work , with some brilliant ideas at times , and also a few tricky or teasing bits. The author has made 4 good maps that get the player busy for quite some time, part them of completely not straightforward , the gameplay is generally fun with subtle moments that require a player to be fully awaken and pay attention. All the levels have also enough pickups , no additional audio tracks , the standard ones being well used. The looks are generally good without being specially beautiful and with only minor mistakes. The lighting has been worked on, but could be better in some places. ORACLE EYE [ Cleopal Wad / Tutorial texturing ] NetGaming time : 1 hour 10 This was quite fun as you are searching here for 4 black beetles. Spotting small openings is a must here, and if you have found something interesting , in jour joy make sure there is not yet a small opening near by. This kind of gameplay is smart. There are good jumps and pleasant moves to perform in this level. Not many enemies at the beginning, but the first you meet are well used as there is no shotgun in this level for the first skeletons, only after you find the grenade gun. Very fluent flow, if admittedly you don't omit to find any of the items you need, yet you can of course revisit again all the areas. So it is better to not go too fast , and savour the level. After placing the 4 black beetles, you reach a huge water room with plenty to do and some more artefacts to find and place, you can even find a secret here , Von Croy's broken glasses , with additional enemies, so don't miss that part of this final area. The looks are okay, some places have stretched textures , but the level generally has been designed with care. A good level I enjoyed playing DELUSION [Catcomb Wad / Catacomb texturing ] NetGaming time : 1 hour A classic Catacomb levels, or almost classic given the trademark of the builder who is sometimes in teasing mode. Not many enemies in this level and you quickly find explosive arrows, but some good use of objects like the golden beetle , it is the first time I see this object used this way in a level. Generally easy and perhaps the most straightforward of the quattuor, but the author has always a good trick in his bag. The solution is always not far though. Good atmosphere throughout , at one point the background audio switches from the classic Catacomb ambience to the City of dead atmosphere which works rather well here. SEADEVIL [City Wad / City + army base + and Coastal ruins texturing] NetGaming time : 1 hour 10 This one is really special as the whole level is completely Not linear and after a while you can visit all areas again and again according to what you have done and missed. The map design is quite clever actually, but maybe it would have worked better if some areas were not optional for that can be confusing. My net gaming time I have indicated is really meaningless then. One of these optional areas is a very high room in which you make a great timed series of hops upon floating tiles (with the same technique than in the TR1 level Colosseum). Your main quest here is to find the Nitro for the motorbike, but you will have a lot of exploration and work before being able to do the jump over the broken bridge, and there are a lots of SAS here with a few sentry guns thrown in for good measure, one of these being quite tricky to outsmart, or was is me not smart enough, I can't tell. The background atmosphere is from the Coastal ruins, which was pleasant and gives a good contrast with the setting. ICE PHARYNX [Settomb Wad / Tinnos texturing] NetGaming time : 1 hour 25 All the action here takes place in and around a huge icy cave in which are two big and large bridges of stone. The setting is good generally , pity that the lighting is not very appealing. Again I think that the map is pretty good, considering how the areas in which you have to find and place many artefacts connect together. This vast quest was quite exciting, as little by little some areas begin to reveal their purpose. On your journey you have to make some good jumps (in some places it is necessary to make the long jumps with a dive) some other moves as well like climbing and shimmying , a couple of places where you have to take a leap of faith. Also it is necessary to take time to look at the surroundings so to spot how to get to some places. Pity there is a major drawback to this level : the lack of shortcuts for areas already visited , as you likely have to redo a long detour a few times (imo, a raising block under the door that is opened with the first cartouche you place would have been great). The enemies are only of the small size , dogs , bats and little scorpions , this said it is not so often that the little scorpions are poisonous in a level. I really liked the frozen army of guides, one of them being delivered at the end in order to help Lara pass the last obstacles and being able to grab at last the Ankh." - eRIC (13-Jan-2008)