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Andzia9 10 10 10 10
CC 10 10 10 10
Cory 10 10 10 10
dantheraider 10 10 10 10
Dick 9 10 8 8
DJ Full 9 10 10 9
dmdibl 9 9 10 10
drguycrain 8 9 9 10
EssGee 10 10 9 8
eTux 8 10 9 9
Gerty 8 10 9 9
ggctuk 10 9 9 10
Jack& 10 10 10 10
Jay 10 10 10 10
Jeffrey 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 8 10 9 9
Juno Jim 10 10 10 10
Kitkat 10 10 9 9
Leeth 7 9 8 8
Lilly Jericho 10 9 9 10
manarch2 8 9 9 9
MichaelP 8 10 9 9
mugs 10 10 10 10
OverRaider 10 9 10 10
Phil 10 10 9 8
Ruben 10 10 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 9
Samu 10 10 9 9
Shandroid 10 10 10 10
Spike 9 10 9 10
TimJ 9 10 10 9
TombRaiderTim 10 10 10 10
Treeble 8 8 8 8
Vaughnage 10 8 8 10
Wendee 10 10 9 9
Zhyttya 8 8 8 9
release date: 14-Jan-2008
# of downloads: 262

average rating: 9.44
review count: 37
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file size: 150.18 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"Mixed feelings as I finally wrap this up after five days worth of trleing, but the biggest one is surely 'relief'. It's massive, one of those releases that seem to drag on at times because it tries to be so much. For the most part it was a neat showcase of objects and there are quite a few unique ideas here, so that's a bit of an incentive to keep pushing forward all the way to the end, but at times the levels feel a little bland or repetitive. The village was nice though, that combined with the crazy old lady throwing apparel out of the window (and eventually getting her own hands dirty) was the great selling point of this entire set in my opinion. 5 hours, 32 secrets. 03/24" - Treeble (24-Mar-2024)
"All in all its a really long and very well done level, thats a huge fun to play! I have to remove one point for the camera sadyl which at two points gave me a hard time, but the rest is simply fitting really really good! Also the hint for the room with the shotable monitors was so well hidden, that i never realised it was the hint for that (for good trial and error worked OwO). What i will never forget? Definitely Granny and her favourite word: "Wait!" or the moment when she throws her furniture after you! Was a very nice laugh! I would definitely replay it at one point :)" - Lilly Jericho (15-Nov-2020)
"It has been almost 10 years ago when I first saw this one and now replaying it, it still amazes me how well this team worked together for this huge level set. Nothing was too hard or too difficult, apart from the last level. That took some doing and a lot of reloading. That dragon had to be on medication as how I turned, jumped or sprinted Lara was on fire. But as you can see, I finally made it (with the help of a lot of saves LOL). One complained I had is the use of too many shadow bulbs at certain places but you will have enough flares to light up all those dark places. This I for sure will replay again years from now as I had a great time going through this adventure." - Gerty (21-Feb-2018)
"This level was like a roller coaster. It started as a great and beautiful house but then it had three zones that were really empty and low quality compared to the rest of the game that came after that And those zones really lowed the score overall with some "forced" mechanics, some ambient decoration that seemed unfinished compared to the other zones and the "way to simple" puzzles and platforming. That, and the random crashes near the end in the special events. Besides those zones, the aggressive music change, the lightning on this models face, the "breathing bar" that you can barely see and the fact that you can progress without picking the lazer sight were the only things that really bordered me. But now talking about some lovely details: The Winston was just a lovely thing to do that really made me love this game from the start, the functional semerket puzzle, the old lady in the house (and the sound work on that) and the fact that everything on those zones were connected (not like in those three zones at the start) and the entire train area (background was lovely).. Well, there are so much little details that i can point out, that really hurts me a bit to give such a low score because of some silly areas. Oh, and the end game after the credits didn't help either, it seemed like something a bit rushed and out of place and really makes me question the "story line". Never the less, highly recommend level with a great soundtrack to make you company during your journey!" - Leeth (03-Apr-2016)
"Phew! Now that was a very long TRLE. Long and with a very smooth game play, progressing normally every time. The plot was well exploited and the introduction to the game was too. Croft Manor is the first part of the game, and it's magnificent. The decoration has so much detail, that you'll find your self wondering around most of the time exploring the well decorated rooms, which in fact, serve no purpose for the game play. From the empty room to 'frozen Winston', Croft Manor really got my expectations high. However the following sections, laboratory and the mountains were a bit disappointing. For starters i think the atmosphere on the laboratories was too blank when compared to the previous level, it felt really empty and the game play didn't help much either. On the next section, the mountains, we have a nice use of the new mechanics (which i might add, were super fun) but once more a bit too empty as well. Things heat up again once we reach the village, and from there the game just gets better. First off amazing lightening from the houses, was really realistic, such as the whole village itself. It really feels alive with the crazy woman, and some random villagers. Fantastic puzzle solving, specially the woman's house and in the second part, lovely detail with the Father. The factories were without a doubt the best part of the game for me, the game play flew incredibly well and it was really interactive and fun to go through (breathing bar was incredibly hard to see though). These parts were the reason why i gave a 8 on the game play. On the last part i almost drop my score to 7, because of the crashes. From time to time the game at a point the game crashes randomly, spoiling the game play completely, which is a shame. The ending was not has i was expecting; there's a few game play after the credits but it just seemed totally out of least we should have finished the game before the Anyway, there's tons of things which totally deserve credit, such has the immense custom objects and animations, but there are also things that made me lower the score overall. Either the empty levels, the ruff music transition or the crashes, but ultimately a level totally worth playing." - Zhyttya (03-Apr-2016)
"This is an amazing collaboration between several builders with a unique storyline. Lara infiltrates TRSearch headquarters to stop a virus affecting the database. If you find all teddy bears you get a reward. Don't miss it!" - Ryan (20-Feb-2016)
"An action-packed multi-level adventure with diverse objectives, various location types and an unexpected teddy bear element of purpose remaining a mystery until the very end when everything becomes clear. There are too many toilets, some places could be lit better and few levels include tedious corridor-to-corridor sequences, but flowing plot, creative puzzles and numerous custom objects (of which Mad Granny wears a crown) well compete for flaws and keep us ingame till the very end. I must admit the game turned out to be something completely different than I thought it will (feels like a standard base/lab while I expected lots of levelbuilding references), but I'll highly recommend to reserve few days for it anyway." - DJ Full (01-Nov-2013)
"Well, this custom game truly amazed me but sadly it has some weak points like first testing levels which were quite boring. Next weak points are secrets because many secrets wasn`t well hidden just lying around and too easy to spot, some were nicely hidden and some in my opinion were hidden unfairly. Nevertheless it is unforgettable amazing adventure which take you long time to finish. The true adventure starts when Lara travels on train leaving testing laboratory in Croft Manor. She visits varius places like mountains, villages, factories, high buildings etc. and all are different from each other. Superb atmosphere lighting textures puzzles ideas objects enemies and the best boss battles ever!!! The idea of the storyline where virus atacks level editor and now Lara must search and kill virus and save trle world is perfect. After finishing this adventure i wasn`t sure how to rate it so i couldn`t sleep because i was thinking almost all the night what numbers to give and so i decided... My last words are: Don`t miss this amazing adventure and thank you for builders for this amazing game. 10/9/10/10" - OverRaider (08-Jan-2013)
"A huge group project mainly about saving the custom levels - already the idea well deserves its entry in the Hall of Fame...
Croft Manor (6-9-9-8) - This short introducing level was as lovely as it could get with the great starting cutscene, a lot of custom objects. The tasks are not overly difficult so just right to come into the series and this level would be even shorter if there wasn't the search for five hidden secrets which could have been regular gameplay. The highlights were the "melting" of Winston including a few nicely done cutscenes, the target shoot and the gym where some new moves are explained for some usage later in this game, and finally the great sound usage. However the new swingpole animation are highly buggy and some of the levels suffered from this, as often the jumps even if done correctly simply don't work because of them.
Testing Laboratories (8-9-8-8) - Quite impressing what can be found under Croft Manor - a huge laboratory area with multiple theme areas. The real gameplay starts in these levels and it is tending to be quite trap-based with a lot of dangerous rooms to traverse, the new moves are used nicely here. Later one there are even a few puzzles to solve as the Senet game (a rare appearence so always nice) and a small but clever statue puzzle reminding on the Hypostyle Hall level from TR 4. The spike and boulder sequence in the caves also was very challenging but also a little buggy; the "Hall of Fame" with object presentation also was a nice gimmick - the ball Lara could use to get to the other side of a lake was particularly memorable (it indeed works when holding Ctrl and Forward). The texturing was not very strong especially in the lava cave and it sometimes was a little too dark. All the secrets weren't hard to find, they mostly were hard to miss. Until this point I wasn't really impressed by this level, it was solid but not great either.
Mountain Railway (7-10-9-8) - Again a very short level but it's one of the most unique ones of the whole set; maybe the gameplay was a little slow in the first half of the level but when the driver flies away with the helicopter it picks up much as there is a nice challenge to get the control over the train in less than three minutes and the two alternate final sequences are superbly done and have to be seen to be believed - both an object- and camerawise highlight of the set.
British Mountain Ranges (8-9-10-9) - After the short transition level before this was actually the longest single level of the set with a huge mountainous area to wander through, the occasional wolf to shoot (all not very exiting) but when you arrive at the castle the game finally reaches a nice pace I slightly missed in the first levels; I loved the different objects as the rotating knifes or the castle inventar and the atmosphere accompanied by great music was fantastic. A little complaint would be that it's at first quite hard to spot where you actually are, if not for the title in the walkthrough the castle setting is not overly clear from the start; it also could have been a courtyard with a few buildings; maybe it would be greater to see it from a wide perspective, but as said this is a very minor complaint. The swingple/mirror room and the bike ride were great fun but they were quite challenging at parts, especially the bike ride.
The Village (8-10-10-9) - These two levels even surpass the quality of the previous, as the village with all its buildings is very nicely created and there are a lot of innovative things as aunt Agatha throwing her furnitures out of the window to calm some dogs, the interior of her house that also unfortunately includes some unfair gameplay due to the unstoppable sentrygun and the hammer Agatha uses; the church also holds up for great gameplay with a great pushable puzzle and the "calling" of the priest including the best secret in the whole set. The exploration of the buildings of the village was lovely but a but tiresome after some time. More highlights in this level are created by the great camera work especially the rotating ones when Lara drives the jeep through the village or between the two parts of the village. The darkish atmopshere was fantastic and even if the area is very, very huge it was great to explore it due to its visual beauty.
Factories (9-9-10-9) - Next level, next highlight of the series - two huge and interconnected levels with again a great sense of atmopshere and several great ideas inside the factories. The first part was mainly about exploring the huge distribution area of the factory with not that many puzzles and a bit lower paced gameplay that also includes a bit of backtracking but finding the necessary items to progress was still fun due to some nice traps, well placed enemies and nicely designed rooms. The second part was the best level of the whole series with innovative usage of (the old-styled variant) conveyor belts, great puzzles like the valve one, several fun block puzzles over multiple stages and at the end a shoot-the-tile puzzle with a lot of enemies that can quite annoy you and prevent from shooting the correct panels. At the end you return to the village section and there is a nice cutscene of Lara changing her outfit...
TRLE Search Engine HQ (8-10-9-9) - Lara enters the Search headquarters and has to quite fight her way free to explore the huge setting, do quite a bit of (office) exploring first, and solve another nice pushable puzzle, do a small innovative rope sequence and enjoy the great scenery. With the level change to the top floor the game's fun factor slows down a bit though, as it mainly was about freeing and shooting several enemies, pick up their legacies and place them eventually, and the next base-like level would be quite boring if it wasn't for the preparation for the great boss fights at the end - you mainly run through empty corridors and rooms, overcome a pretty unfair laser trap (because you cannot see when the lasers come) and backtrack quite a lot. But as I said - the boss fights were great, especially when you think that after the first fight everything is finished you get to the (a lot harder) second fight against a modified dragon, but what for a one - it looks amazing! Would be quite cool if it wasn't for the constant attack of locusts and fire balls that can kill poor helpless Lara. The "super secret" at the end when you found (and then shot) all teddy bears throughout the set was quite rewarding.
Summary: Mostly stands out for the great object usage, but there also were too easy secrets and also some unnecessary hard (because of the bugs) swinging sessions. The gameplay was the element that could be improved the most as it often is about running around the different settings, with getting better towards the end. So this is a great and innovative piece of custom level history and not to be missed, but the inequality between the earlier and the later levels and also between the review categories prevented me from giving it higher marks." - manarch2 (10-Mar-2012)
"What can I say - this was very very good work. This custom was big, but I was enjoyed with it. There were lot's fantastic things like: visit four great places in Testing Laboratories, playing of Senet, raiding a bike or jeep, visiting amazing places. The places were amazing too: like Croft Manor, Testing Labolatories(beach, Egypt, Snow), Village, Factory or Office. And of course museum of Hall of Fame. Atmosphere was wonderful, textures were perfect too. Sounds and music were very good. The final battle wasn't so difficult, the same to timed runs." - Andzia9 (02-Jan-2010)
"Croft Manor (7/8/8/8, 20 min, 5 secrets): Not necessarily a great start into an adventure for me with a Lara's Home level. The purpose it serves makes sense though, as you collect tons of flares and get a little practice with the new bar moves. And the hunt for the 5 secrets provides for some entertainment at least including the great and funny moment, as you get to 'treat' Winston.
Testing Laboratories (8/9/9/8, 80 min, 9 secrets): A set of three levels the let you in gently, as the gameplay is never too tricky, but still busy enough to keep the interest. You get a variety of settings with plenty of tasks to work through (Coastal, Egypt, Desert and Snowy) and a highlight is of course that you actually get to play a game of Senet! The new bar moves are used well and are fun to work through. I also liked the lava river setting very much and the turnstile puzzle where you turn the heads of big statues is simple but well designed. Probably the biggest downside is that you do indeed need many of those flares that you collected in the Manor as there are plenty of dark corners and areas to explore.
Mountain Railway (7/10/9/8, 20 min, 1 secret): A train level exactly the way it should be used: as a transition. It is the usual type of train level gameplay, but thanks to the custom objects it is still fun to go through it and the timed sequence provides for a small rush at the end. Very cool sequence where the train driver gets whisked away by a helicopter here.
British Mountain Ranges (9/10/9/9, 50 min, 4 secrets): Up in the snowy mountains now, this part starts a little boring with the killing of a bunch of wolves and a lot of running around, but it then picks up the pace nicely, showcases beautiful objects, challenges you with jumps and traps and offers a really cool ride with a snowmobile as well.
The Village (8/10/9/8, 80 min, 6 secrets): Dark night, snowfall and a huge full moon - this is the scenery for this village split into an Eastern and a Western part. Again it is the 'specials' that make this memorable, as the encounters with Aunt Agatha are indeed one of the highlights of custom level history, even though it was actually quite tough to get past her. Beyond that, these parts are a lot about exploration and searching the houses for the crucial items, which can get a bit tedious if you are not lucky enough to find the next thing soon enough. The fancy yellow Jeep is put to good use here and the Church looks very nice. Great secret involving the priest!
The Factories (9/10/10/9, 130 min, 3 secrets): Definitely a highlight of the entire set! The Factory levels offer a truly unique industrial style setting with a wealth of very fitting custom objects and engaging and at times challenging gameplay, including the use of conveyor belts, stompers, timed sequences, pushable objects, laser traps, a 6 switch puzzle with a hint and a great battle room at the end. Enormous technical achievement here and great fun to experience this raid!
TRLE Search Engine HQ (8/10/9/9, 100 min, 4 secrets): In these final levels you have eventually reached the HQ and deal with VCI style gameplay, ie lots of running around from floor to floor until you find what to do next. There are many restrooms but only one actually has something vital to do in it. The disco globe puzzle is cool and the HQ pushables puzzles is nicely done as well. On the Top Floor you run into a bit of an odd battle with the clones to get the 5 needed wires and at the end the much needed disc. I did then enjoy the eerie Database level even more with its laser and burner traps, some push blocks and an interesting boss fight with a Setha enemy - loved the audio choice there. Also, very well done that after the 'credits', you are actually being treated to another rather tough boss sequence which yuo have to experience to believe it.
All in all, a truly amazing adventure with a coherent storyline and a nice growth of challenges along the way of the 8+ hours of gameplay spent. The ever present gloomy darkness in the first half of the game put me off a bit, but it was no longer an issue in the second half. The 32 secrets are often nicely hidden but never too hard (needed the walkthrough only for two of them) and I guess I had only hoped that the reward for collecting the bears would have been a bit more than getting the bigger rainbow version and seeing it sit there on Lara's nightstand at the end. Ah well, guess you cannot have it all.... A great project and a big Thanks to all involved for making it happen!" - MichaelP (16-Jun-2009)
"This was a pretty fun game, but a little too long in my opinion. i honestly didn't care for the egypt, cavern, or coastal levels at all--they seemed like nothing more than filler. The reason i scored the gameplay a little low was because the puzzle solving elements were a little week in my opinion--there was just too much back and forth between this switch and that one. What made the entire game series worth it were the British levels--the railway, mountains range, and village levels. In fact, i wish they had been used for a stand alone story apart from this semi-joke theme. What i'd also like to applaud is the attention paid to climax in this game. So often levels are a complete let down at the end. This level series actually kept on giving and made sure to go out with a bang. More builders should take note that if someone took the trouble and effort to work through the level you should make it worth their while at the end. This level certainly delivers." - drguycrain (08-Jul-2008)
"Amazing!! This levelpack actually has endbosses!! Very good sounds!! Very good Puzzles!! I just love the old lady (tante agatha) :D I was completely stunned by this.. This levelset is a masterpiece :-D I found 20 secrets on my first try. I missed 12 (according to the readme file) excellent quality (the level with the clones was a bit wierd and buggy but no matter:D) Excellent job!! I recommend everyone to play this!! It's just grand!!" - Jeffrey (26-Jun-2008)
"This was an amazing set of levels. 11 in all with 10+ hours of play. I actually introduced my 6 y/o to TR through this set of levels and he is chomping to play more. I appreciated the flow of play, the new move for Lara, and revisiting old places with a fresh perspective. The boss battles were the BEST. Heart pumping and getting sweaty palms just like old times! I'm not fond of dark levels but there were plenty of pickups that assuaged this. Overall a highly recommended level that I was sorry to see end." - Wendee (17-Jun-2008)
"I had the pleasure of beta testing this large game, and no matter how many times I replayed it, it was always fascinating. The player will be astonished at the high level of professionalism, not only with the design, layout, texturing, sounds, attention to detail, etc., but the amazing new moves, objects and scenarios that we've not seen before. Great imagination and delightful humour even in the most serious situations. The Wow factor is sky high, and not least with the pole vaulting. Many levels here, each with it¹s own unique atmosphere, environment, tasks, enemies, and goals; one of which is to find five teddybears; not necessary to finishing the game, but adds greatly to the whole experience. There are far too many things to mention, that range from the excellent loading screen, the terrific storyline, to some awesome sights and situations. So very briefly...
Croft Mansion. A sophisticated version of the mansion, where we learn the moves we need to master for later levels, and an hilarious twist on the Winston theme that must be seen. This, and other extra touches throughout the game make it a truly memorable and special experience. The huge basement houses the Hall of Fame and Testing Labs where Lara has hidden vital keys. Wonderful to see the senet game in the Egyptian rooms, the great pharoah statue puzzle, the boulder runs, spike walls, the revolving doll, etc. The maze was a bit of a pain, but we must go through it. A delightful moment was seeing Santa flying overhead and dropping a very useful present. This would have been an excellent stand alone level. But we know there is much more to come. So we find the station and start our journey...
Mountain Railway and British mountains. Lara changes into combat gear, which is just as well, as the train is taking her to the ice and snow of the mountains. Train levels are pretty much the same. This one though is superbly rendered and has the exciting addition of a timed run to stop the train from crashing, or more precisely to twart the efforts of the thugs on board. From the station (where we must choose pc or mac gameplay) we explore the icy mountain caves and long routes through the snow. We have to deal with many wolf packs on our way to a beautiful monastery perched on the cliffs. Some really excellent tasks to perform here, avoiding traps and using our learned skills. These include lowering a drawbridge, a great mirror room, bucket blades to dodge, moving unicorn statue, and a hair raising snowbike ride over the mountains. Now we are well and truly in an exciting adventure that keeps getting better and better.
Villages East and West. Although the two parts of the village are separate levels, we will consider them as one as we will find a lovely yellow jeep to go from one section to the other to collect what we need. Or to be more accurate we 'borrow' the jeep from the unconquerable, hilarious, and positively brilliant Tante Agatha, keeper of the church key, and no better woman to leave 'anything' in her care. Worth the download alone to meet this leviathon of grace and gentility, ROFL. This snowy twilight village is just gorgeous. Those people who are not tucked in bed are out shovelling snow. And snow is the key here (<--hint). We search the houses and warehouses, swing on lampposts, get into the church and summon the priest (probably wondering how anyone could get past the famous Agatha and her bulldogs). Nice object pushing exercises, well hidden items, and a dip in the icy river. We were constantly looking at that factory as we drive around, and now we have the means to get into it...
The Factories. Some players will recognise this from a previous release. Basically the same setup, but much improved. The atmosphere outside exudes freezing weather conditions that contrast with a much warmer feel inside. Plenty of red jacket guards and dogs to deal with. These levels can be very confusing so at this point I would recommend the walkthrough. There is so much to do and see. The areas to cover are huge and varied. There's a fair amount of crawling and swimming to be done, but at no time is it tedious. Some tasks to perform involve conveyor belts, lasers, barrel traps, pistons, hammers, chains, moveable objects, but we can choose an easy or hard route. We search for discs, fuses and cards. We fill one empty pit, and drain another toxic water room. Which means there¹s more swimming to do. To get from one place to another we use the conveyor belts and a brilliant sideways elevator. And finally we destroy the motherboard to get our code disc, return to the village and into another building, which is...
TRLE Search Engine HQ/Top Floor: Before getting down to business Lara changes into a black catsuit and balaclava, which is more suitable for the burgling she's about to do. This is a very beautiful building with interior decor that is as useful as it is gorgeous. So look very closely at all you see. The place is crawling with guards and they take a while to deal with. Plenty of rummaging to be done in cabinets, or simply taking items where we see them. One being a bottle of lemonade, the use of which is just hilarious. There's a particular HQ object puzzle that was more trial and error for me, but there are instructions. On the Top Floor there's yet another new type of task to perform to get more fuses. And down in the basement we locate one major cause of our present troubles. Having disposed of it we might assume we can relax. Not so fast. The virus revives to give us a tough fight. And now we need to make one final big effort in...
Database. This is a fairly tough and excellent boss level. She's big and nasty, but a tad confused, which allows us to complete our tasks and clear the system.
There are so many special moments in this game. Each one memorable. A very enjoyable raiding experience and one that will stand the test of time. Superb game. Well done the HQ Team." - CC (12-May-2008)
"This game is simply great! I love everything to the puzzles, the atmosphere to the sound, its all just stunning. I guess first I'll start with the gameplay puzzles section. It was just superb, everything was well thought out, and every little puzzle was just right. The enemies were okay, I don't think they were anything special, but the objects and secrets were great, and well planned for the final game. The sound was important to me, and I don't think they got it completely right. The atmosphere was great, and the cameras were, okay. Light was incredibly amazing, and so were the textures. I highly recommend this game for people who want adventures, and incredible puzzles." - Vaughnage (26-Apr-2008)
"This is a game that has something for everyone - A manor; a runaway train; a bike ride; base/lab settings as well as gorgeous mountain terrain and quaint villages; even good old sandy Egypt makes an appearance! There are new traps to avoid and enemies to fight (including a super computer and the virus itself) plus the new scourge of the Level Editing world: Aunt Agatha! (Quake in fear mere mortals!) There is lots to keep you occupied as you fight your way closer to the well armed hackers, including new moves that are very well used in conjunction with gameplay. (TR Legend's "evil coat racks" make a welcome return.) The difficulty of the levels gets harder as the game progresses, which is to be expected in a large level set, but no task is impossible. The building style of the levels change as Lara moves from location to location (as different builders contributed to each level) but everything blends into each other very well. I found this to be a throughly engrossing and fun raid which had me clocking up nearly eight hours of raiding time." - Kitkat (23-Apr-2008)
"This game starts in Lara's mansion and later you have to explore various beautifully constructed areas like snowy mountains, village, factory and finally the base of TRLE search engine hq. This game has also plenty of surprising gameplay elements that many people couldn't have even thought to be possible. Good examples are the vertical rotating swing poles and conveyor belts in factory level. Boss battles were also hugely fun which isn't a usual feature for a level. Very often you just have to stand and keep jumping and shooting boss enemies but boss battles in this level are less monotonous and require also some thinking which is good in my opinion. Authors have also added some nice humorous moments to the game like frozen Winton in a fridge or Samara (from The Ring movie) in bottom of a well. Added to what I've told this game has a great deal of other unforgettable moments which you have to experience by yourselves. Don't miss it." - Samu (21-Apr-2008)
"Technically very impressive in parts with new animations, objects and special effects. However, the game is visually rather grim and dark, and it takes a while to hit its stride with some of the opening levels seemingly there for padding or to show-case a new feature. It picks up from the village onwards." - Dick (01-Apr-2008)
"What a great work from this team!!! This is a very complete TR game with a lot of new features, objects, textures,... It cost me a lot to finished (I can't play all days) but finally I got it. The first levels are more simple but good, I found it too much dark, although there are enough packs of flares, you'll need it! Last levels are a bit better, with good puzzles and nice features but more difficult too, over all, the village levels 'cause you have to jump between levels several times, and it can succeed that you haven't all that you need. I liked a lot the new effects and movements for Lara. Textures are very good too. Sometimes you can get stucked, but there are not very tricky tasks, except some corridors with lasers. Reserve some ammo and many medipacks for the final level, you'll need them. Great final boss! An excellent game you can't miss. Congratulations for all the members of the team." - Jose (07-Mar-2008)
"Another technically brilliant multi-level set marred by insufficient lighting. I held out as long as I could with my normal monitor settings, but the darkness quickly became so annoying that I increased my gamma to near-maximum in the second or third level and played that way the rest of the game, until that final Boss sequence (where I found the lighting adequate, I'm pleased to report). In the meantime, I became so engrossed with the wonderfully inventive gameplay that I completely forgot about the washed-out colors on my screen. There are so many unique touches here that my review would become too long and boring if I were to try and list them all. I clocked in at just over nine hours, over a period of two weeks or so, but I rarely felt the passage of time while playing because I was having so much fun. You get a deceptively deadly Aunty Hammergod, some new moves on the poles, a huge replica of Lara as a Boss Virus at the end, and a generous sprinkling of 32 secrets along the way (all documented in Dutchy/Gerty's typically competent walkthrough). Play this one for an unforgettable experience. I'm now off to Himalayan Mysteries, where I trust the lighting will be more friendly. I'll probably scream if it isn't." - Phil (01-Mar-2008)
"This is a terrific conceptual and at times esoteric game, and there's plenty of fun to cater for many tastes. It's got a Manor level, Train level, unique boss battles, base/lab/office levels, snowy mountain settings and an ending set in a surreal atmosphere that will test your raiding skills. The game advances in difficulty as you progress. The middle levels are inter-woven, but there are usually clues to guide you in the right direction. Plenty of WOW moments to be had, so really never a dull moment in this expansive game. The storyline is simple enough and provides a good vehicle to take you through the diverse environments. With a group of builders involved, naturally you're going to get some variety in the look of each level. Generally it holds together very well, with some average texturing and lighting and simplistic environments in some levels of the game being the only thing that leaves it a tad short in the quality stakes. Having said this, there are other components of the game that are positively breath-taking (the deserted mountain home in British Mountain Ranges and the well polished TRSearch HQ come to mind) and there's some great enemies to battle as well in diverse situations (especially the eccentric and psychopathic Tante Agatha). Lots of interesting audio tracks are included - some are a little quirky, but they kind of add to the unique charm of this game. Be sure to read the readme for special instructions for the game as there are some features that need explanation. The new pole swing animation is terrific and I love the secret teddy system. There's no doubt there are a couple of levels in this set that, if rating them individually, I'd probably give a perfect score. As an overall package I can't rank it as high as that, but it's a damn fine game, with some really clever innovations and good object work, that will give you many hours of enjoyment. I'd highly recommend it, especially if you like something a bit different." - EssGee (28-Feb-2008)
" has had its fair share of projects for a while now, but this one definitely is the most ambitious one yet, and with involving an A-class builder like Bojrkraider it was bound to be a success! While I'm reluctant to give the overall game a score approaching the 4 tenner perfection others have due to various reasons Bojrkraider's touches can be seen throughout the game and give it a freshness I believe had been very hard to achieve otherwise! But it's a group effort so it seems inappropriate to pinpoint anyone's responsibilities, so I'll just jump into the game itself. Overall the game kind of is a mixed bag though - on one hand there are those wonderfully inspired moments in form of enemies (Lady Agatha), settings (the mountains, the military factory with all the conveyor belts), puzzles and some of the most riveting boss battles in the history of custom levels (the mother computer and the final Trojan level), yet on the other hand it can also be just running to and fro the well-worn Lara's home level, uninspired bunker, base and office settings and doing nothing particularly exciting except for shooting a plethora of thugs, flicking switches and picking up the next item to use for progress. The same can be said for the looks - at times they can be awe inducing yet on other occasions I'd be more inclined to say 'meh' than 'wow'. That would be the long and short of it - but despite the less impressive parts - the truly impressive ones more than make up for that, which understandably has given the level set a huge popularity among the players (not to mention the clever marketing before that ;-) ) and rightly so! While, as said before, I'm reluctant to put this up there with the best levels ever made, it's gotten attention from the raiding community for all the right reasons and definitely should be on your to play list!" - eTux (22-Feb-2008)
"WOW. Incredibly good. 13 levels of great gameplay and amazing architecture and texturing. You start off in a mansion level in which they have incorporated new moves in the gym to help you in other levels and to allow you to reach a secret. Winston in the freezer was an incredibly good idea. Then you go to the basement of her house in order to collect 3 keys to go to the next level. An optional hall of fame level which is well worth looking at. The lava area, the coastal and egypt areas are very good with a game to play along the way. Then you get to a train which is a short but very well done level where you have to take control of the train before the time runs out. This takes you to an amazing portrail of the British Mountain Ranges where you go inside caves, buildings and have an amazing motorbike ride with snow boulders falling towards you which weren't that difficult to avoid. The village levels were well made exploration levels with an exceptionally nice little old lady. The church was built well with lots of goodies to enjoy. The factory levels were very nice to play with a nice computer boss at the end and some amazing gameplay between the two levels to obtain a code card to get to TR Search Headquarters. Exploring up and down the level with a nice pushable block sequence and a nice rope swing/pushable block sequence just remember to check in the drawers. When you are finally able to catch the lift you are taken to a very short level where you find a very obvious secret and some clones. The penultimate level was amazing with fast-flowing gameplay and plenty of baddies to shoot. This takes you to the 'VIRUS' which is easily killed to complete the level with an exceptional flyby showing the credits. A fun level named TROJAN (I don't know why) was next in which you re-kill the 'VIRUS' which takes you to another part of the levl where you have to cleverly pull and place things to allow you to kill the final boss and allowing you to finish the game. It ends nicely with lara in her bed while the computer is allowed to fix itself. A great level set to provide roughly 8 hours of gameplay. This is well worth the 150mb download. Well done HQ Crew!" - Cory (14-Feb-2008)
"Wow, great game, complex, but still worth the download and getting through all of it. Although I didn't go to the Hall of Fame, and I would have liked to see it but its a great game. I hope they make more games like this and put some of them on cds." - dantheraider (05-Feb-2008)
"First good thing about this level: I know some of you won't give it that much importance, but you can play it without having to install it. Second good thing: it's long and never boring, it's pretty much varied and has some great settings. Third good thing: it's a very creative visit to the level editor world with a storyline; thus, even though it may not interest the occasional raider of the official games, namely the poor souls who only know Tomb Raider from Crystal Dinamics' offers, it is obviously important for the whole lot of us who have accompanied the level editor's evolution. True, the game has some very minor bugs, but that's it, they're very minor. True, it can be quite cryptic at times, but when you find the solutions it's very rewarding. I really can't stay what I liked the most about it, but I guess I truly enjoyed the Village with the dogs that were different from the regular TR dogs, the pushable angel statues with a face that looked much like Mário Soares, a former Portuguese president, with his round fat cheeks, the funny portraits of Aunt Agatha and the angry old lady with her killer broomstick - totally enjoyable and filled with humor! But I did like absolutely everything, from the first much easier levels to the factories and the harsh final Trojan boss. Unfortunately, I only found the brown teddy bear among five... But that may only be one more reason to re-play the game again sometime! Three cheers to this outstanding team work that will probably remain in my memory for as long as I live!" - Jorge22 (04-Feb-2008)
"This was a long one, so I took notes. I like your New Lara - she's looking younger all the time... I liked starting in the Manor the gym with lessons, to get ready for some new jump features - and the music from Legend. Finding Winston in the freezer almost rolled me on the floor - geez - I forgot I left him there... The train sequence was very good - I had to keep remembering that the jumps were the same, although I was moving. I'm just as glad that nobody decided to add wind resistance... The revolving blades were a new challenge, especially combined with the with sliding blocks and the slab suddenly falling - whew !!! The bike ride was a lot of fun, and what a surprise, when it turned into the jeep !!! Then there were those mines, that I kept forgetting about... The whole sequence with the old lady and throwing things out the window, nasty looking guard dogs around the house too and THEN the harmless old lady becoming a formidable enemy - great !!! The couple cleaning the snow from the pavement, who would think there was something under that snow ??? I loved the conveyor belts, new to me, and all the electrical stuff, fuses, sideways elevator - cool. I'm an electrical engineer - where'd you get all those pics of all that old industrial control stuff ??? I can probably supply a few you've never seen... Interesting challenge - the hand blocking the screens - that was clever. And the very good robot, and those flying things - Geez !!! Some of the enemies were pretty tough, and got tougher towards the end. I did have to refer to the threads a few times, and only got 26 secrets, but it's a game I'll save for another time. Yes, it was a whole game - took longer for me than Legend or AOD. Then there was what I thought was the end, very nicely done, with credits to many I know from the forum, then a whole new, even more difficult challenge - WOW, what an ending !!! Great work, everybody !!!" - Juno Jim (03-Feb-2008)
"Croft Manor: Although staying fairly faithful to the original layout, the mansion has been nicely updated with new textures. Finally, someone found a use for Winston. Brilliant. This section is pretty much a chance to pick up some supplies and practise Lara's cool new moves in the gym before heading off on the main adventure. Plus, it's Christmas and if you find all five secrets Santa flies over and drops a present in the grounds. Hall of Fame: This is simply amazing. I'm not going to spoil it - you need to see it for yourself. Testing Laboratories/Coastal Area/Egypt Area: You will be coming and going between these areas, which is always a nice chance to get freebie health top ups and, oh the joy - senet. I used to keep a save game in the appropriate spot in the official TR game, just so I could enjoy a game of senet from time to time. I don't know just how the builders managed to recreate it, but I'm so impressed that they did. Clever lot. Mountain Railway: Yay, train level, I love them. Lara's taken the time to change - pity she neglected to wash her face. This is a short, but action packed section with a fun timed run/shoot 'em up. British Mountain Ranges: Mountains in the snow - no wonder Lara changed into warmer clothing. It's a really superbly well built level with its snowy woods, stunning underground river and amazing looking village. With all that snow I almost felt I was in an Advent level - well apart from shooting packs of wolves. There are some really interesting traps in the village (death by unicorn, anyone?) and you also get to do some fun bike riding. The Village - Western/Eastern Section: It's still snowing and everything is still very beautiful. There are some interesting objects to interact with and some priceless cut scenes involving a truly terrifying old woman (who turns out to have a lot of vicious dogs and avoiding them all is quite an adrenalin rush). It's a big village so a cheerful yellow jeep is kindly provided to enable you to get between the western and eastern parts for both keys to the factory. Pay attention to the village priest- he turns out to be extremely helpful. The Factories - Distribution/Production: The factory is huge, the guards and workmen definitely unfriendly and the lasers can be a touch tricky to avoid, especially when coupled with fire emitters. There's some real fun to be had with conveyors belts and you get the choice of hard or easier gameplay at one point. Do have a go at the hard version - one timed run is tight but the rest isn't too bad. TRLE Search Engine HQ/Top Floor: After a brief return to the village to place a card in the control panel Lara just takes time to change her outfit again before breaking into the HQ. Destroying the computer is fun and definitely different and there's a wonderful use for a bottle of Lucozade. TR Search Database/Trojan: Get ready for a lot of fighting and a real boss ending - it's quite exhilarating and just when you think you've finished, you haven't. This is a simply amazing and highly innovatice production that will give you days of excellent gameplay. It's just so professionally done in every aspect. Staggeringly good." - Jay (03-Feb-2008)
"This level had one of the coolest concepts ever to be seen in a level. Lara had to find and destroy a computer virus affecting the TRSearch computer. I found the level to be extremely fun, ridiculously challenging in some parts, and beautiful and well-designed in every sub-level. Each level was so different from the rest which meant I never got bored, although some levels, although brilliant, were so challenging they became tiring and I found myself wishing they would get over so I could see something new. This level had just about everything you could want in a level and a taste of just about every genre. It even had a museum of sorts! Really fantastic in every way is how I would describe the level. There were some bugs that I never came across, but some folks did. Bugs that would have not let them proceed on (the key in the glass is one). Some folks had difficulty traversing the swinging bars, but I loved them. All in all, this big adventure with an equally big and challenging final boss was quite an achievement and a must-play for all." - Shandroid (01-Feb-2008)
"First, the (personal) bad out of the way. I'll admit that base and snow levels aren't really my sort of thing, but this was more, much more, than your typical set of levels. I was pleasantly surprised by the completely updated look of Lara's home, but somewhat disappointed that you couldn't go into the assault course or what I would take to be the quadbike track, but that's been done so many times, I won't mark lower for just that. The levels kept me oon my toes throughout, and after the end credits roll, I found that the game wasn't quite finished - the virus revived. I thought the atmosphere was very well constructed. However, I marked lower for the enemies since they are mostly all meshswaps for TR4 enemies - for instance I can recall Baddy creating the SWAT guys from TRC in the BADDY1 slot and they worked perfectly. But I won't mark too low for that either. So overall, I think this is one of the best I have played in a long time. It certainly won't be removed from my (18.5GB hard-drive with only 3GB left) laptop for a long time either - I'll keep coming back to this for more and more." - ggctuk (30-Jan-2008)
"These are excellent levels, though maybe I have a bit more tempered response than some reviewers. The teddy bear secrets are a nice touch. Any level with Aunt [Tanta] Agatha has to rate a solid 12 from me. This village episode starts with good atmospheric design; with all the snow and the sound of the chilling wind I had to go and put on a sweater [Lara never seems to shiver]. Then Aunt Agatha yelling, "You dogs, quiet! I'm trying to sleep," and throwing furniture and what looked like a washing machine out the window; and her machine gun security system, and croaking "wait...wait," as she pursues Lara down the stairs. Even the T-rex flees when Aunt Agatha is around. Tomb Raider has never had such a deliciously hilarious and fearsome enemy before. Then in the Eastern Village, there was a nice bit with the priest--if Lara rushes off after the screen shots of the priest leaving his house, she will miss a secret. Instead, first wait around for the priest to tour the church and open doors for Lara so she can pick up some goodies. The factory levels were good, with the clever use of conveyor belts. Then the TR search section maintains the high quality. Throughout the levels there are new devices and setups, like the waving arm in front of computer monitors. In TR search one device was having a mirrored globe suspended from three chains; shooting the attachment freed the chains so Lara could swing on them. I liked the use of the sinking floor to mark the area where movable objects should be placed--once positioned the pushable can't be moved away. I could go on and on listing the good things about these levels. But the fact remains that there are twelve TR4 files in the data folder (not counting hqtitle.tr4), and about a third of them--the first played--are fairly ordinary, maybe rating an 8.5. And dark. Coastal and Egypt were so dark, really dark, that I almost felt guilty about having criticized some Peru levels for poor lighting [I said almost]. Lara's house was well done, with new touches like Winston in the walk-in freezer so he couldn't bug Lara as she wanders about. But it then takes a long time (several levels) to get to the subway, and the subway turns out to be a mountain railway. Maybe a problem in translation. The British Mountains look more like the Canadian Rockies or some European ranges; this level is where things really start to get good, with good design work, and a fun concluding bike ride. Then comes villages, factory, and TR search. Endings are very important, and I have to say that Trojan seemed confusing and pointless. Fortunately one can just quit here and not miss anything, just a final shot of Lara reclining on her bed with a book. And last, if builders are going to use TREP, why not implement the crawlspace climb, so Lara doesn't have to use crouch to enter a crawlspace? If players really want to hold down the crouch key they still can, but those of us who have almost forgotten such barbaric game controls will be happy. Why not make the flares more usable, like in TR2, and get rid of that godawful blinking? If authors are going to use TREP, I'd love to see them include the preset file (the tiny .tps). To sum up: must play high quality levels, but don't be surprised if they take a while to get moving." - dmdibl (24-Jan-2008)
"HOW SHOULD I START ....... i am speechles.... this multilevel game is a state or art at highest level............i was amaized , also some very nasty things amused me very much .... like the granny at village level wich get pissed off by noise and started to throw all the furniture out off the window lol also this game impemented some very cool new jumps &moves the music in the game is also top notch , graphics same .......the factory production was my favorite level tough and very smart builded but all the levels are top notch..... i played 50 or more levels but this one is in top 3 all time i think......... after i started to play it i dont eat i dont sleep just play and play hours after hours .... lol sad is that all good things end after a time :( .... i was wish to never end ..... this team make a excellent jobb ..... 10 mark is too low for it i would give 15 on the line ....... iff i could ....thx very much Bijork and all the team wich made this masterpiece i would recomand at all TR fans but especial for the dedicated hardcore Riders .. i think this will be the game off 2008 1.000.000 greetings ....." - Jack& (22-Jan-2008)
"I think that this levelseries is a little jewel in the world of custom levels. There is a lot of incredible ideas and new objects which I would have never thought possible to do. Mainly, the gameplay is medium difficulty, even if there are some tricky trials like the final boss or the granny in the village. I really liked the remake of Lara's home for some reasons. The new rooms are really well integrated into the Manor behind the closed mysterious doors of TRII and TRIII. I was happy that Winston wasn't here to follow me while I was wandering in the house and when I arrived in the kitchen I thought it was a pity because I could'nt put him in the fridge. Once I opened the cold room, I burst into tears of laugh when I see Winston frozen in it!! It is an excellent idea! Lara's home was a very good level to begin this adventure. The less good levels are the three next ones after the Manor, in my opinion. They aren't bad at all but not as good as the other levels. They are a bit too linear and they could be more beautiful. The different puzzles are nice, though. I liked to play Senet again (I've never played it in a custom level) and the puzzle with the big statues is really good. Unfortunately the caves and the coastal parts are a bit boring with nothing to do. Furthermore, the secrets are not really hidden and too easy to find. The train level is great and quite beautiful. It isn't long and there isn't a lot of things to do but it isn't borind and the sudden timer is interesting and not hard. I really enjoyed it as it was a good interlude between the laboratories and British Mountains. This level is also really nice, apart from some places where the mountains doesn't look realistic. The gameplay becomes really interesting since this level, in my opinion. There are new traps for example. When I arrived to the Monastry I was really wondering if I hadn't miss something because there is a big walk in the mountains with nothing to do. I was really not expecting to find a motorbike ! The ride is really fun and original. ;-) The secrets aren't really hidden and a bit easy to find in this level too. If some parts of mountains doesn't look realistic the Monastry is really well built and beautiful. There is even a mirror room where the mirror is apparently only to decorate and useless for the gameplay. :-) In the two village levels I had to find two keys to open the doors of the factories. Their isn't any enemies except an angry aunt Agatha and her dogs and it was really nice to walk in this village quietly. I was a bit lost in this village at the beginning and was wondering what do to but once I had found out what to do there was enough hints to know what to do next. The difficulties is just perfect. Not too hard but not too easy. I liked also the little clock above the timed switches (that there is also in the following levels). The only thing which really annoyed me was the stupid machine gun which appears in front of the door of Agatha's house. You are forced to go there and use a key while being shot and attacked by Agatha and two of her dogs. However I was able to turn the machine gun in another direction because once it has found Lara, it follows her until she goes out of its sight. And there is a trap behind the machine gun. So I could jump in the hole and enter the house and use the key without being shot. It isn't easy to build a realistic village and I think these two levels are in the best ever built for this. The secrets were quite well hidden and I must admit that I found one by chance. The factories level are my favourites, the second one is the best. I think that it's really hard to make factory/base/labs levels which are interesting but these two are really well built. The second one has a lot of new objects and interesting things which I would have never thought possible. The conveyer belt and the moving platform, for example. There are a lot of things to do and we can't be bored in these two beautiful levels. The TRSearch HQ is also a great and beautiful realistic level. There isn't a lot of things to do but there are a lot of exploration and I liked it a lot. The fight against the clones is fun. I loved the secret with lucozade, above all when I was attacked by the bottle! It was too funny !!! The Database was a really short level, without a lot of things to do. It was a nice ending level. It could have even been a bit harder in my opinion. The final boss fight was great, even if I can't bear the Dragon ennemy with its annoying mosquitoes. I found all the 32 secrets and the six teddy bears which, by the way, were a good and original idea. :-) Congratulations to the builders !" - TimJ (22-Jan-2008)
"I was sucked into this adventure right from the very start of it's release. I still have to chuckle at my utter dismay of discovering that my favorite resource for all things tombraider had been hacked and the forum had been shut down. How could this have happened ? What were we going to do now ? This calls for action ! Not for a moment did I think that this might be a delicious preview of the Crew's new game. Brilliant !! This is an outstanding, jam-packed-with-fun game. There is so much to do in this game that my review will not do it all justice. I loved the two villages and all that was involved in breaking into the factory. Once inside, it's an exciting raid with the ultimate goal of killing the virus that has infiltrated the master works. The music that accompanies this game is excellent and so sinister in the DataBase that I had to play that level with all lights blazing. The enemies are varied and terrific. The custom objects and animations are superb. I got bogged down only once at the very end where the bears play an integral part in your progression, but I didn't care by then. The ride was over and it had been sheer delight. This is a must play !!" - Mugs (22-Jan-2008)
"Believe me or not, this is just another masterpiece ! In the beginning I thought it would only turn out to be a sack full of old socks , carefully knitted together to appear as a complete suit . How wrong I was ! The story and gameplay developed and advanced during the game from one level to another and took me through some moments of unforgettable TRLE raiding ! The final levels are in a world of their own , the gang around Bojrkraider have done a complete good job which deserves a ten for all !" - Ruben (19-Jan-2008)
"I got excited as soon as i heard about this and what a great idea to make a game based on TRsearch itself! The game kept me busy for a while and puzzles were hard to complete to but this game has to be 10 out of 10 for me! Well done the TR Crew!" - TombRaiderTim (17-Jan-2008)
"I've been waiting for this level for a while now, and the wait was definitely worth it. TRsearch is under attack, and we must travel through mountains and complexes to reach the centre of the problem. That's one of the things I like most about the levelset, it really does feel like a journey, and every area connects well. You can see places from the village that you'll visit in the future, such as the looming Factories and the HQ itself, and it really adds to the atmosphere greatly. The presentation throughout was excellent, and the texturing and lighting was mostly perfect, and it was also nice to see some old TR textures remade into new high-res versions. Gameplay throughout was also very enjoyable, with many tasks that I had to guide Lara through, and some new moves that she's learned as well (such as the updated pole-swinging system). It was also nice to see Senet making a return after all these years, which was a nice change of pace. The boss battles were also quite interesting, although sadly I found them very frustrating at times. For example, one sequence involves shooting down computer screens to destroy a big waving arm...however, said waving arm spent most of it's time waving about in my way, and the collision box often made my bullets unable to reach it's target. I also found it annoying that enemies spent most of their time shunting me into the lightning strikes dotted around the room. Also, in the final battle of the game, the super-fast flying creatures kept on knocking me off the edge of the platforms and took me a while to lock on and shoot them due to their speed. That said, the final boss battle really was greatly presented, with the most original version of the 'City of the Dead' dragon I've ever seen. Along with the visuals and gameplay, audio was also excellent, although there were one or two times when I felt there could have been a better choice than what was used, and the number of missing sounds in some levels was a little disappointing. Despite the few niggles I had with the game, this is still a brilliant levelset to get stuck into and enjoy." - Spike (17-Jan-2008)