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Colorful World (Manor Outside) by Skyler Ortega

CC 1 2 1 1
Ceamonks890 0 1 1 1
Cory 1 3 1 2
DJ Full 1 1 3 2
eRIC 0 2 2 1
EssGee 1 2 0 2
eTux 0 2 0 1
Gerty 0 1 1 1
God Horus 2 2 3 1
Jay 1 2 1 1
JesseG 1 3 2 3
John 1 1 0 1
Jose 1 1 0 0
manarch2 1 1 1 1
MichaelP 0 2 1 1
Orbit Dream 0 0 0 2
Ryan 0 0 1 2
Scottie 1 1 3 2
Spike 1 2 1 1
Torry 0 0 0 0
Treeble 1 2 1 1
release date: 24-Feb-2008
# of downloads: 55

average rating: 1.13
review count: 21
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file size: 19.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Hardly a level here, probably just some practice for the author. Massive rooms, untextured surfaces, stretched textures... everything is essentially here. I actually enjoyed (partially) the colorful weapons, made me think of the silly weapon skins available in Fortnite which add absolutely zero value to the experience and yet I find myself grinding whenever there's a free one for grabs. Anyway, I digress. I have no idea how the bike gets operated with the jeep animation but as you'd expect it doesn't really work. 10 minutes. 12/22" - Treeble (18-Dec-2022)
"A badly textured and constructed outside area of home level here, you have stretched and missing textures a lot of the time. when it comes to gameplay theres a motorbike in a racetrack that doesnt drive correctly and that you cant get out of so save first if you wanna do some exploring after. theres also an assault course if you can quite call it that with 2 items to find in it to combine into a key that you can use to exit, also at the end of the assault course are 3 flesh textured bad guys to kill, erm are they supposed to look naked? lol Anyway for me the only thing that was vaguely interesting was laras very colourful outfit and guns that you can pick up in the garden. its all over in 10 mins and is clearly just another test level" - John (09-Aug-2021)
"Not a good effort I'm Afraid. Garrulous colors, weird animations when riding the bike or even getting onto it. Why is Lara peering backwards when driving forwards? Sorry, did not like this one at all." - Torry (12-Jan-2020)
"Yikes, what was Lara thinking, dressing like that? And her weapons are no better. This is a somewhat incomplete version of the regular mansion, along with some funny animations when using the bike. Reviewing this seems pointless considering that the author has greatly improved. So don't bother with this one." - Ryan (20-May-2016)
"There's really only a few words that need to be brought up about this debut level. As it's nothing more than an atrociously-designed, bland and ultimately lifeless reinterpretation of the outside areas of the famous TR3 manor(And no, you can't go inside, which is more of a blessing in disguise here.) The sole positive worth noting though for this level is the music. However, since it's a couple of the usual TR4 tracks that I've come to expect hearing in custom levels over the years, that honestly doesn't mean a lot in the long run. In the end, ultimately nothing of any real value or fun can be obtained via this release. So you're better off avoiding this one and playing something else." - Ceamonks890 (13-May-2014)
"As the first strikes that Lara must have dressed herself in the darkness, true to the motto "once grab into the wardrobe and then something will be already found". Then you can see the partly badly stretched textures. Lara must have bought the weapons in a fettle whom I better not describe. I have not seen such colours up to now yet and would gladly avoid seeing them once again. The lawn is very big and is, up to a handful of bushes and a fountain, very empty , but at least green. The way to the training area behind the house is so long that one should eat something in between to keep up the strength . Therefore, the house seems to be bigger than the Buckingham Palace. Then after less than 10 minutes one has collected both parts of the Eye-Piece and is able to leave the property. There is no Finish-Trigger. However, one can still drive with the motorcycle what I would like to advise against urgently! As the first the animation has failed. Lara rises thus on the motorcycle as if she would get into a car and she just also sits in this way. Further she looks repeatedly to the back. The journey itself goes through narrow ways with green wallpapers. She can not dismount from the motorcycle. It is puzzling also for what she has gathered the weapons and the Medipack, nothing is required, in any case, of it. One can not go into the house, but that is maybe the best for the health of the players.
The only good thing is the sound, but you can believe me that's really the only good thing." - Scottie (25-Apr-2011)
"Very bad level. Texturing was very streched and there practically was no senseful gameplay elements, as there was both a senseless assault course and a motorbike ride without a certain goal. There is no category to get a zero, but this level still can be ignored. No fun here." - manarch2 (10-Mar-2011)
"Hey! Nice sound in this level! The rest is poor. You can complete the assault course, but its first half comprises of one ramp only. The main puzzle item placed so oddly a player can easily miss it. And there is neither no reward nor finish trigger after solving the puzzle. You can enter the motorbike, but you can't exit it. Due to this, you need to complete the race track on foot if you want to collect the jeep keys, and there is no use for them anyway. SUMMARY: Despite of the high rating for sound and weapons, I think it's the most boring manor level I've ever played." - DJ Full (11-Oct-2010)
"A 10 minute adventure where a very brightly colored Lara (with equally colored but useless weapons) takes a stroll around her distorted mansion. The level is built from several large and empty rooms put together. There are quite a few missing textures, and misuse of transparent textures, and besides that most other textures are horribly stretched. There is some creativity shown in the object texturing, but in this case the bright colors can be painful to look at. For some odd reason Lara's jeep animations are used with the motorbike, which had me chuckling until I hit a dead-end and found that there was no reverse. Besides the odd bike course, which doesn't connect with itself, all there is to do is explore the strange obstacle course and find the horus eye pieces to open the even weirder tomb door at the front gate to freedom. While I do see the glamor of custom objects and textures, the builder should focus on the fundamentals of level structuring before thinking about the eye candy." - SSJ6Wolf (17-May-2010)
"Put your sunglasses on, as the outfit Lara wears is rather colourful. And so are all the weapons and ammo the girl finds. I thought I had to battle a horde of enemies but that was not so. There is no finishing trigger so don't despair and just quite the game when you had enough. For the rest, there is apart from flipping one lever nothing else to do than collecting the two halves of the Eye and use it in the gate. Beginner mistakes as paper-thin walls and stretched textures. Lightning is pretty bland and there is no real gameplay so to speak." - Gerty (22-May-2008)
"Clearly a demo (or joke!), and an experiment... in colour use... but nothing else. Lara and her weapons are more like colourful plastic toys. And the jeep is the same, if it is a jeep! Driving this around a confined area in front of a very simple looking mansion was not easy to watch. Lara is driving forward, but looks behind all the time; and then through a stretched textured maze is about all there is to do here. Congrats for trying, but having done this much I don't know why the author didn't put a little more time into it." - CC (12-May-2008)
"A very colourful outfit for Lara, the weapons, the bike and the cars, but nothing more. If you mount the bike you can't go back or dismount. Go around the house, get two eye pieces, shoot one enemie and open the octogonal door to get outside. That's all. I couldn't find the final trigger." - Jose (20-Mar-2008)
"Colourful doesn't even begin to describe the eyeball searingly bright clothes and weapons Lara is sporting in this level. Don't light a flare whatever you do, or you might just burn out your retinas. It's an interesting idea, but it's very poorly executed - a real beginner's effort with some unintentionally hilarious animations as regards the motorbike. I thought I was a bad driver, but even I don't drive looking backwards over my shoulder. Sorry, it really wasn't ready to be released." - Jay (12-Mar-2008)
"A short adventure which was not all that pleasant to play. Nice vehicle rides but you couldn't get off the moterbike and she kept looking backwards. Not much more to say." - Cory (02-Mar-2008)
"Her outfit is gaudy and unspeakably awful. The level itself is considerably worse." - Orbit Dream (01-Mar-2008)
"Despite the title there were only about 3 colourful things in this level, although judging by the brightness of Lara's outfit, perhaps that is a good thing. Gameplay here is minimal, involving running around her huge gardens looking for puzzle items. To add some much need 'excitement' to the mix, we got to drive a jeep/motorbike, though that fact that Lara couldn't figure out how to look in the right direction while driving, or even get off the vehicle in the end suggests she needs to take some lessons. While driving around on a bike is usually fun, the long and winding corridors here made it a lot less interesting. A great manor-garden level could be made, but perhaps with a lot more varied gameplay, much better visuals and a more fashion-conscious Lara." - Spike (28-Feb-2008)
"Colorful - yes; good fun - no. Sorry but this is an experimental test level that should have remained safely on the author's hard drive, because it is just that - experimenting with the editor. I don't think the builder does themselves any favours by releasing something so prematurely. Masses of 20-click high stretched wallpaper textured flat-topped rooms. Endles maze-like corridors of nothingness. A motorbike with jeep animations that Lara drives forward while looking backwards and then can't get out of the vehicle. Water-gurgling goons. Were they nudey or just liked to show a lot of skin? and a quest for an eye of horus door that sits in a manor garden - yeah right...And finally the 'colorful' primary colour theme of the level. Bravo to the level builder for being adventurous and experimental, and I don't want to discourage that, but oh dear... I'm sure it seeemed like a really good idea to the author at the time, but this technicolour yawn is just not pleasing to the eye. Back to the drawing board." - EssGee (28-Feb-2008)
"It may be bad to judge a level by its title, but the moment I read it - it screamed POINTLESS in my face, and I wasn't disappointed when I actually played it. Everything here is so wrong on so many levels, that I actually did not know what to give the level points for. With the non-functioning racetrack, the plethora of guns for 3 (nude?) gunmen only, the appalling Lara's outfit and lots of lots of running around - this is even sub par for a Lara's Home level. All I can hope is that now that the author has had his way with experimenting with the editor, he'll seriously approach the tutorial and manual and invest more time in his future efforts. As for this one - players, give it a wide berth." - eTux (28-Feb-2008)
"A new builder playing around with the editor and out comes yet another rendition of Lara's Home, albeit only the outside of it this time. It has rather a few oversized dimensions, many stretched and squashed and also missing textures and virtually nothing to do but find two pieces of the eye of Horus, as you run along the hole track to open a door that you do not actually need to open (as you can get to the outside area easily via the walls) and besides you will not be finding a finish trigger behind the door anyway. So what you are left with a custom outfit that is rather painful to the eye with the strong colours and a hilarious bike ride (with the wrong animation of a Jeep) and you cannot actually get off it once your are on it. We all need to start somewhere but let's hope this builders spends more time on his next level than on this one." - MichaelP (25-Feb-2008)
"Colourful is indeed the word to describe Lara's outfit and weapons. But what is the point to place weapons and ammos in a level without any enemies ? And what is the point of releasing another"house" level (or rather a garden plus training course level), as if the players still had to practise and improve their skills ? Maybe the author wanted to experiment some things with the editor (there is a couple of different sounds, retextured weapons, and a"motorcycle" that does not seem to really behave as a motorcycle). Well there is almost nothing to do here I'm afraid except placing the eye of Horus, and I will say nothing about the looks of the level, the rating in this category speaks for itself. The course with the"motorbike" (in fact it seems to me it is the jeep re-meshed as a motorbike ?) was rather comical though, as Lara was driving while looking backwards all the time. No finish trigger. If you have ten minutes ..." - eRIC (25-Feb-2008)
"Sorry, this level still needs a lot of work. You'll get quite a chuckle out of Lara's outfit, which does look pretty nice. THe texturing is applying with care in some areas, but in others it's put on like wall paper. The lighting is dead in some areas, and there is no gameplay, and nothing to really do. It needs a lot of more work." - God Horus (24-Feb-2008)