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Nerkopolis by Lara Croft

afzalmiah 9 10 10 9
Andzia9 9 10 10 10
Bene 8 9 9 8
BlackWolfTR 9 8 8 8
DatoDavid 8 9 10 9
DJ Full 9 10 10 9
dmdibl 9 10 9 9
Dutchy 9 9 8 8
ersatz 10 10 10 10
Gerty 7 8 8 8
Jack& 10 9 9 9
Jay 10 10 9 9
Jorge22 9 10 9 8
Jose 9 9 9 10
Juno Jim 10 10 10 10
manarch2 9 9 10 9
Manymee 9 9 9 9
MichaelP 9 10 10 8
Mman 9 10 10 10
mugs 9 9 9 9
Phil 10 9 9 10
Rainmaker 9 10 10 9
Ryan 9 10 9 9
Shandroid 8 9 9 9
Treeble 9 9 10 10
Vaughnage 9 5 8 10
release date: 25-May-2008
# of downloads: 164

average rating: 9.14
review count: 26
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file size: 102.18 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"What an amazing city environment the author has crafted in here, it's not often the case as the scale really feels off if you stop to analyze anything for more than a second, but everything put together, with the roads, the cars, the (still) people, the park, it makes up a very pretty and convincing city. It's a bit sandboxy in design so you often find yourself running back and forth, or if you can be bothered to keep mounting and dismounting there's a bike in place for just such occasions. There was a very clever (but equally tedious) tripled tiered pushblock puzzle, and for some reason that nightclub felt strangly familiar in design with the use of the support beams and alternating trapdoors for a torch sequence, although I could never for my life tell you where that memory comes from. All in all, definitely one to check — the great escape after destroying the virus lab was a nice touch as well. 80 minutes, 4 secrets. 05/24" - Treeble (13-May-2024)
"That's pretty good and pretty old level. I played it because it had been recommended on the TR Community Advent Calendar. I have liked it and it has some nice feeling of TRNG era times. Gameplay is the strongest point of this level with variety of tasks, nice story plot and some cool puzzles. It was cool to run around this quite big city. I also liked the short but very fun motorcycle race in second level. About the looks of level... It was mostly good looking but it has some bad points. The streets and city area looked good with some nice thrilling atmosphere, good lighting and well chosen decorations and textures. The atmosphere of interior rooms was quite poorer. Some of interior rooms were boxy, empty and with not much diversity of textures. Lighting was for sure better in outside areas rather than in interior rooms. I had feeling that some rooms had quite chaotic lighting and in some others it was pretty flat. Overally, it's pretty good old level with nice story-plot, diverse tasks with nice visuals of city and less nice visuals of interior rooms. I can recommend it!" - BlackWolfTR (09-Dec-2021)
"The pushblock riddle and the cash puzzle ripped my mental health to shreds but apart from that we get a great city level on par with Clara's/Masha's and with a plot unique for TRLE world so far. The gamestopper bug should be mentioned in the readme." - DJ Full (25-Jul-2019)
"Rather than choosing to have a sparsely populated city setting (like the ones we saw back in the original TR4 Cairo levels) the author of this level has chosen to have one that's filled with custom objects and citizens going about their business, which I appreciate. You can either zoom around the city on your motorbike or go on foot (I did a bit of both). Many nice touches included here, such as the torch puzzles in the disco, the block puzzle in the sewers and the fight against the viruses. It might help to have the walkthrough handy for the money searches, but this really is a must- play nonetheless." - Ryan (10-Jun-2017)
"This is a level I always wanted to play, but everytime I was leaving it and started playing another one. Well, today I decided to play it. It is nice being on vacation. You have time to play many customs. Let's get to the point. This level has great atmosphere and nicely placed objects. Almost everything here looks so cool. Sure it would take some improve, but it is good anyway. I had great time playing it. You can face few good puzzles and few a bit borring. I mean, I can't see where the fun is in pushing and pulling objects. I definately recomend it and I am sure you'll enjoy it." - Rainmaker (08-Aug-2013)
"I have mixed feelings about this one. It is a well designed level, with nice texturing (but there were few mistakes like wrongly roteted textures or a texture of a rock was acting like it was water). Nice lighting and cool atmosphere in the town, but there were no signs that this town was affected by a virus. Never mind. The gameplay was mostly easy, but not bad. Maybe you have to run long distances sometimes, but it is not boring. What I found boring and surely not needed were the too long pushable puzzles, especially the one with the crates. I mean there is nothing fun about pushing and pulling objects for more than 10 minutes trying to place them right. I was thinking about quit playing this level for this. Fortunately, I didn't because it was a nice level. Some things were bad, while other really good. Of course I believe that some parts were a bit unnatural. Lara needs 60,000 euros and she is finding them on the street? No way. I think it would be a better story to make Lara find a bank and taking the money from her account. There are few bugs in the game, so it is better to take few looks to the walkthrough if something is wrong. Anyway, this level is smart, interesting and nice. Good texturing and lighting, nice objects, not many enemies (that's a pitty), some frsustrating and way too long puzzles, few nice ones. I would easily recomend it." - DatoDavid (01-Mar-2012)
"I had high expectations downloading this level and they were fulfilled. This level turned out to not only be a level with unique object usage and a great atmosphere, it also had a feeling for gameplay. I really don't think a level that starts with a nice long dive into the beautiful sea can be bad, and afterwards there is even a little training parcours for those who didn't use the "new moves" yet. The exploration of the town was pretty fun as much can be seen and adored, especially the traffic signs, the other characters and the huge buildings. After some initial problems to know where to start this game flows smoothly because of the given diary entries, and after getting into the sewers it started to be a quite puzzle-based level, which I liked very much. The current puzzle was just as great as the long pushable puzzle, but for the first there was a little too much backtracking involved for my taste. At some parts there were some texturing mistakes, but luckily only some wrongly turned ones, which I can forgive. The atmosphere down here was great, nothing was too dark as one could expect from a sewer area. Apart from the puzzles, you also can test your agility in terms of jumping, mostly with the new moves, and there is some clever torch puzzle in the disco that surprisingly looked pretty much like the disco in "The Triangle of Light" (objects used and room geometry). Maybe the 60000 euros could have not been so much scattered cluelessly around the town, a diary entry with rough locations would have been better, as even if you find the location, it is pretty hard to actually see the small bank notes. The laboratory part was very spooky and here you have the only enemies in the whole level, in my opinion that was pretty much unbalanced as the four or so dogs you had to shoot were pretty hard to kill without being killed without any harder weapon. And maybe I also hoped for a special way to get rid of the zombies - well, at least overcoming the sentryguns was ingenious, with some stealth you soon can shoot them with the revolver. I was really happy to have found the five well hidden secrets in this level, because if you have them all, a nice little bonus level with a bike session kicks in that concludes this level in a nice way. Highly recommended." - manarch2 (14-Jan-2012)
"This level is set around a large city hub, along with some side areas like the Subways and Sewers and the Laboratory that is your goal. The city has a great scale and is full of objects (including various civilians) that sell it as a living city. The side areas also look good, and the atmosphere is very varied, from the lively streets to the creepy lab areas.
The gameplay is quite story oriented, with a combination of diary entries and interactions with other characters (unfortunately the dialogue is near inaudible and there's no transcription, but the diary gives you the general idea). There's some good puzzles too, including a crate puzzle that's actually quite creative in its complexity, a maths sum to get a door code, and arranging pipes correctly to flood an area. The weak point of the gameplay is some of the items that are lying around, including one disk that's near- invisible even when you have a good idea where it is, and the hunt for money part-way through felt like unnecessary filler (especially as the diary entry gives a completely different figure to what you actually need). That flaw doesn't counteract the strengths of the rest of the level though, and this is one of the most ambitious single-level (beyond a short bonus race map) sets around." - Mman (24-May-2011)
"This level was a good city level with the textures and the objects which makes the atmophere really nice. This is a pretty long level where you start in the roof of a building and then you explore a lot of other places like the actual city, the underground railways, the sewers and a lab with a virus you need to destroy. The city is pretty big and you might feel lost a lot of the times but the walkthroug is helpful. You also travel the city in a cool motorbike! When you find the right items you then make a lot of progress. I wasn't a big fan of the sewers because I don't like sewer levels! A very fun level and it will keep you entertained for a long time." - afzalmiah (19-Apr-2011)
"Wow - right from the title flyby you know this will be an interesting raid! The city setting is very impressive and while it seems daunting, it does initially flow quite well as a game, at least for me, with some hints given by the author (via the diary and the embedded cut scene interactions with other characters). There are so many locations to rave about here: The metro station, the sewers, the cinema, the disco (very, very cool) and the labs - the are all created in a rather authentic way and nicely fit in to carry the storyline along. Gameplay is massively entertaining and full of amazing ideas, the highlight for me being the laborious but very clever double-layer box push puzzle and the whole torch action in the disco. The weakest part for me was the need to have to look around the entire place for the 6 stashes of money, which had simply appeared on the ground all of a sudden and you have no idea where to go look for them. Very tedious and apparently even with a bug, if you do things in the wrong order (so - keep a save and check the walkthrough if needed). The timed run at the end is a nice finally and the Bonus run (if you get all 5 secret roses) a nice, relaxing and entertaining revisit of the location that you just spent more than 90 minutes in. A fabulous and inspiring level that I would recommend highly!" - MichaelP (08-May-2010)
"Very beautiful city and looks so real. The game was easy. Only difficult was box puzzle in basement and switch puzzle in labolatory. The music and sound was great. The sea, city, disco-so amazing. I liked bonus level too." - Andzia9 (02-Feb-2009)
"Nice to have a city level populated with people and a bike to zip around the downtown areas. Monkey Lara with the new moves took me some time to get accustomed to but they do open up gameplay. The lack of binoculars is a real minus for me as I tend to use them more than flares. It's usually the first thing I use coming into a new area. This can be a bit buggy as there is a correct sequence in which to proceed and if done differently than the builder intended the player can come to a dead stop. It would be useful, perhaps, to have a walkthrough handy as a good guide. Fun and a bit quirky, it's an interesting and different kind of TR experience with an added challenge of a fun bike race." - Bene (03-Oct-2008)
"Certainly a very cleverly built level, the gameplay was very absorbing. At some points there were some strange things like a book and money suddenly appearing. No hints for that too. What struck me was the texturing, very well sorted textutres, especially for the city, but when you really looked close, you could see how some (a lot) of them were placed (rotated, compressed, stretched). A part of the harbour water surface had no textures at all and there was a nice end of the world view too when you jumped along the rocks to the right of the boat house. At some points I turned the background sound down as it really started to annoy me, where the title music was very well chosen. You could get stuck due to a bug and there should have been some camera's here and there to give a hint to what should be done next. Pity, for a level of this outstanding quality it should have been tested properly to get those flaws out and you would have hed an even higher score from me. Loved the idea and set up of the Bonus level though..." - Dutchy (11-Aug-2008)
"This is a gaming experience that all raiders should enjoy. I tried to play it on my own and got a fair way into the game, getting used to the new moves in the process. However, I quickly got bogged down and decided to wait until a walkthrough became available. Jose has obligingly come to the rescue, and when I sat down to replay the level from scratch I saw that I had done some things in improper order. At this point I'd like to observe that what other reviewers have called bugs are really design flaws, where the player is allowed to be somewhere prematurely or is allowed to use a pickup prematurely, either of which makes it impossible for him to proceed in the game. When you use the walkthrough it all flows quite smoothly, so purists to the contrary I recommend that when you play this level you print out the walkthrough and follow Jose's flawless instructions so you can enjoy everything that's going on around you. There are so many unique touches here that I can't begin to cover them all. I spent about two and a half hours from start to finish, and every task was a pure delight. The enemies are almost nonexistent, but all you have are your pistols until very late in the game. You'll find a meticulous block puzzle and a clever torch puzzle in a fixed-camera maze, both of which Jose has described quite articulately. I could go on and on, but just put this high on the list of your next levels to play and see for yourself what I'm talking about. Highly recommended." - Phil (01-Aug-2008)
"Fantastic work; a city level with very good ideas, very well textured, new movements, nice objects and a lot of work behind. Very few enemies and pickups and no extra weapons; those dogs are hard to kill. I liked very much the crates puzzle in the underground and there are another interesting ones like the pipes puzzle. The book to indicate you the next tasks and the cutscenes were professional touches too. It cost me a lot to find all the money looking for a good part of the level and it's a pain the bugs I found in this sensational creation." - Jose (23-Jul-2008)
"I am having a difficult time reviewing this level for many reasons. Honestly, I thought the look and feel of this city level was quite brilliant. I had really, really fun time trying to get into the lab, scooting about the city on my motorcycle and following my diary instructions implicitly. The puzzles here were very well-thought out and fascinating, even though for one where I needed to solve a math problem. I would have tried, but I couldn't make out the numbers. Apparently no one in the forum had trouble reading the pass card, and some were just happy snappy to solve it for everyone (thanks wondrous forumites!). I could solve the rest of the puzzles no problem. This level also had some incredibly and completely useful new moves which I loved so much that I will sorely miss them when playing other levels...Nerkan how could you ruin those poor other levels for me like that! Ha! Anyway, now to my problems with the level (reasons I had trouble giving high scores). There were numerous bugs in the level that weren't just annoying, but severely critical in nature. In one, you must collect money throughout the level. These monies appear after you obtain a key (in places previously visited). This is swell, if not a bit outrageous ($60000 just lying around? Not in any city I have heard of). Tsk tsk, Shan don't be picky, sheesh! How was this a problem? Well, if you insert a certain item prior to collecting $50000 first, you are done...start the level over, or from an old save.) The next critical error was found in the lab part. If you miss a door that opens another door before getting to the virus room, you will be trapped...start the level over, or from an old save. The next critical error I found was that if you do not kill the second virus in a pool prior to climbing up to a hang glider, you will be "teleported" back to the lab and you are infinitely stuck in the lab forever (unless you can fly) because well, just before your teleportation, you took the only way out of the place. I think the level is extremely fun and well-made, however, the builder and beta-testers really have to test out the levels with a keen eye. Pretend you are an old fogy like me who misses stuff and might do something a bit differently than was originally planned. Builders need to remember to NOT make a place available or a key available before you close off an area or provide access to something that will only cause you to have a critical error and make you royally upset. If these bugs weren't in the level, I would have raved over the level. As you can see, I didn't ding the level much at all, because it is very good and very fun. There is a racelevel that is a bonus if you got all the secrets, but I didn't get them all, so I didn't get to do this level." - Shandroid (14-Jul-2008)
"What NO binoculars, come on people...., but this game does starts with a difference. Must have gotten a buggy version, as vimmers and I were chatting about this level, we found out that I missed at the end a big part. Not sure how that is, maybe when I shot the second"virus" as I was out of medipacks. Also the last virus never left its place. Anyway after using the 5 buttons I could use the hand glider and I was on my way. Missed a timed run altogether. Although the book said to go to the park to get whisked away by helicopter, I never saw the thing. I did meet up with virus number two though. No race for me, as I was short one secret. But I am not a racer anyway. For the rest it was an interesting level. Too much back and fro that did prolonged the gameplay unnecessary, in my opinion. But there were nice new things in here as well. New moves weren't that hard although I didn't liked the shimmy Lara did. Texture wise they for sure could use some attention but overall it is a nice adventure." - Gerty (26-Jun-2008)
"Very good Lara !!! I can't add much, except to bias your score a little higher. A very nice game. Good puzzles, not too many baddies, interesting scenery, new moves, loved the kite rides, good plot. Well done - can't wait for your next one !!!" - Juno Jim (25-Jun-2008)
"Great game ! Fresh , new ,modern, new animation and moves. Wonderful music especially in metro part , secrets well hidden i found only 4 /5 . I had problems with money beacause i used book first but then i red revievs and found mistake, so be carreful with it . Timed run not too hard but not easy too. Very interesting story and it could be longer for me. 40/40 Great job !" - ersatz (10-Jun-2008)
"fabulous, fabulous, fabulous level. Thanks Lara Croft! Immensely enjoyed this one. Although sometimes I think I didn't quite do what was expected, like the moving block puzzle in that backroom with the lightning catcher device. Also I found the bottle wasn't needed as you can jump over the fires. All jumps were doable and the timed run too, that's a great Plus :2thumbsup: The new moves speed Lara up quite a bit and are fun, and the lighting and texturing was pretty neat and agreeable." - Manymee (07-Jun-2008)
"I hadn't played Tomb Raider for a while, and these levels are certainly a wonderful way to return to the game. Exploring the city reminded me somewhat of the villages in TR Search HQ: the play is that good. At first Lara does a swan dive into the sea and here some of the textures at the edge are odd triangular patches of "land" that Lara can swim through, but this is soon forgotten. The city itself is solidly and beautifully constructed. I hit a snag when Lara is asked to find $60,000 (curiously, bundles of money are left lying around by the inhabitants). After much fruitless searching I finally gave up and read the forum and found that if Lara uses the book first, then the rest of the money bundles disappear. So I reloaded a previous Save (without this major bug I could have given a higher score). The diary can be misleading. Lara has new Legend-type moves and the author has constructed ingenious puzzles which require using them, such as a shimmy and jump over electrified water. The Legend moves add much to the game, but I still find that the new animation for the shimmy looks unrealistic. There is a clever two-tier box puzzle, a well-done disco, more switch and maze puzzles that will have you scratching your head, and some fairly tight timed tasks. I depend on the binoculars, and always hate when the author removes them from play. I couldn't find the cogwheel in plain sight, and the binoculars would have helped. Then at the end of the game, I couldn't find the disk that was in plain sight either, even when Lara was standing right in front of it. Though I did find all five secrets. The second level is a motorbike race which took Lara 1:31 to complete (probably the best players shave 20 seconds off this time). This seemed a nice way to end the game, freely whizzing around on the motorbike. A challenging (sometimes frustrating) city level, beautifully made, very rewarding and memorable." - dmdibl (06-Jun-2008)
"This a pretty good level, but, off course, there are some things wrong with every level. The gameplay was great, I just didn't really feel for or get the puzzles. The whole level was fun, though. The enemies, could have been more. The objects were placed in a neat order, and the secerts were challenging, until you see them. The lighting is superb. The textures for alot of things are great. I like the water, with its wave-like format." - Vaughnage (06-Jun-2008)
"I loved this level, right from the first glimpse of the imposing city with its wonderful harbour and streets full of fascinating objects and inhabitants. It's just all so well fleshed out that it's a pleasure simply to wander around before even taking any gameplay into account. Luckily, the gameplay is every bit as enjoyable as the surroundings, with some great exploring, super puzzles and infrequent but significant enemies to deal with. Agility tests are catered for as well, but nothing too difficult to achieve and I feel this excellent level should be playable by pretty much everyone. It's a real must play and you even get a fun bike ride as a bonus level for finding all five secrets. Don't hesitate - download it right now." - Jay (29-May-2008)
"What an extraordinary level this is. The city venue is beautifully constructed and well-appointed. There are a few flaws in textures which explains the "9". Gameplay is challenging and very interesting. Once again, the flaws are few, but there are bugs that make progress impossible at times. These have been well-noted in the Stuck forum. The new moves can be really vexxing at times, especially during the final timed run. Despite some of the drawbacks, this was a fun game to play and I found it hard to resist playing until finished. Well done, Nerkan (Lara Croft)! Can't wait to play your next one." - Mugs (28-May-2008)
"A rather nice adventure albeit with some imperfections that I wish had lasted longer. The city settings are quite well achieved despite the feeling that some builders are out there are closer to perfection - but I suppose I couldn't have done better. The challenges are varied and interesting and the only one I thought was unnecessarily complicated was the box puzzle - you can see what you have to do but in the end you just need a lot of patience (and yes, I asked for a save). There's a place in the book shop where Lara can't go or she'll freeze, fortunately she can avoid that spot. The disco is great and so are the laboratories and the paragliders. The diary is also put to good use and so are the occasional dialogues, even though a bit naive in their conception. I liked the new moves which were greatly used at a few points in the game. Finally, the secret roses (with the great accompanying music) are quite well placed but I believe one should be able to see how many one already had. Unfortunately I only got four out of five (but I could have sworn I'd gotten five!) which kept me out of the final race, thus a feeling of non-completion - *sigh*. All in all, a very nice adventure that shouldn't be missed by all you fellow raiders." - Jorge22 (28-May-2008)
"well i must start to say that city levels was allways my favorite ones ........ this one was no exception this game rocks -very clever puzzles ,beautifull city with alot off to doo and very challenging the game play time to time .... only minnor bugg at last part and lack off medipacks + hard to kill dog zombies well at least with standard pistolls -( and the revolver u get late in the game )- u need to shot alot off ammo untill they die and come 3/4 at once so unexperienced playes may run out medipacks untill the end and therefore cannot finish the game , but all in all this is a top game between best 15/20 i think // - albeit Lara is not very sexi in this game -- what's happen with she's famous tits ?? ;) hehe ...... very good work and i wait for a continuation" - Jack& (27-May-2008)