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The Luxurious Lepore Skyscraper by Amanda Lepore

Ceamonks890 3 5 6 7
Cory 3 2 4 6
DJ Full 5 4 7 8
eRIC 3 1 7 7
EssGee 5 4 5 7
eTux 4 5 7 7
Gerty 4 2 6 7
High Priestess 6 4 6 7
Jack& 0 0 3 8
Jay 5 4 7 8
John 5 6 8 7
Jorge22 5 4 8 8
Jose 4 3 4 7
Larson 1988 2 0 3 8
manarch2 3 5 6 8
MichaelP 4 5 6 8
Orbit Dream 3 3 6 8
rtrger 3 4 5 4
Ryan 4 4 6 8
Scottie 9 7 8 9
Shandroid 6 6 7 7
sonnyd83 5 7 8 10
Torry 3 4 5 5
Treeble 4 6 6 6
TrueRaider 5 5 6 7
Zhyttya 5 6 6 5
release date: 26-May-2008
# of downloads: 79

average rating: 5.36
review count: 26
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file size: 24.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"While definitely interesting and intriguing to explore, when it comes to gameplay this level was way to simple and short unfortunately, i liked the couple of platforming challenges but apart from that its mostly just finding switches and keys to insert to open more doors to do the same really, theres pushable boxes and a lot of climbing on a ladder as well. you dont play as lara, im guessing you play as this amanda lepore person maybe? i cant tell, i liked the outfit anyway but its kinda inappropriate when your crawling and climbing haha. some of the rooms in the building are very nice to look around in with good textures like the nightclub area for example and with some colored lighting and good pop songs i was definitely getting in the mood but the level was all over too quickly for me to start to enjoy it more" - John (24-Jul-2021)
"I have the feeling this level could have bring a lot more to the table than it did. I was starting to really enjoy the gameplay then it ended, on a very weird way I must say. What happened? Lara was kidnapped? Anyway, this one it's a bit different from your average custom level. It seems that the author made this level with accordance to satisfy some of their wishes. With this, the textures and atmosphere seemed really strange and out of place, but it was fun even though it was disappointedly short. The lack of background music it's anticlimactic, specially when we're greeted with some 'disco' type of songs only to end up with nothing but silence and Lara's sounds. Neither do I recommend or don't, it's a fun short level to go through but it's weird." - Zhyttya (14-Jul-2020)
"An improvement visually from the builder's previous releases up to this point, but there's still not a whole lot of substance on offer here in the gameplay department(which is a big reason why anyone plays custom levels at all). So in that respect, I can't wholeheartedly recommend this to curious players. At least the theme song choices were more pleasant to hear in my ears this time around and the nods to certain builders was done in a tasteful manner, even if the same thing can't be said for the player character model." - Ceamonks890 (05-Apr-2019)
"A bit more to offer than the original "episodes" in this series, but still nothing substantial going on. This one also name-drops a few builders and reviewers out there in the custom level world and contains a few pictures of (one presumes) Amanda Lepore herself. The included song is maybe less grating than before, but this is still only for real fans of the saga." - Ryan (30-Mar-2019)
"Is this level for real or just a 14 year olds wet dream? What was the point of this and who the hell is Amanda Lepore? Further, can we insult Lara any more by dressing her in a mini skirt so that all and sundry can peer up there at leisure? That's 20 minutes of my life I will never get back. Utter rubbish." - Torry (23-Aug-2018)
"Not a terribly long level and yet I played this before and made the same error of assuming the double doors to the disco room were in need of a switch elsewhere. In fact they open upon approach. I'm not familiar with Amanda Lepore but she is clearly adored by this builder since pictures of her are peppered around the level's various walls ;) I thought it was a vibrant little level but with a bit of a tedious ladder climb. Be careful not to jump a balcony into a swimming pool as I couldn't find a way back from here so had to reload. Note: This level has a video walkthrough on YouTube for those who may require it." - High Priestess (08-May-2017)
"I feel more and more respect to this builder. The atmosphere is often flawless, all texturing makes sense even if 64x64 is placed next to 256x256, and especially lighting has pleasant transitions. Everything is nicely furnished although some of rooms are plainly static while you could fill them with much more interaction. People in the club could vary and since it's party time they could be of gameplay as well, for instance talking to Lara or providing her with items in exchange for stuff they want. There are some special textures which nicely tribute to players and I just died at "save water, shower with me". But the majority of this level is much more serious than the preceding ones... until of course we get kidnapped by the UFOs. What next?" - DJ Full (02-Feb-2016)
"Another 15 minute level by this builder, but this time you'll explore a skyscraper with a lot of interestingly designed rooms (especially liked the disco and the yellowish area in the cutscene near the end) and I found texturing to be quite appealing again. This time only a few sound tracks were used but not a very fitting background sound which I almost missed regarding who built this level. And yet again, gameplay is rather basic with a lot of doors to open, but the endless climbing up-and-down of the ladders in the second half of the level was no fun at all. I wonder if all names in the disco knew they were friends of the builder though..." - manarch2 (02-Dec-2012)
"This appears to be Lara's early manor house just rearranged and plastered with pictures of Amanda Lapore, occasionally nude, to me she looks like the Lady Gaga of a previous generation. It's certainly very stylish and everything has it's place, a very nice bridge over a pool, and my favourite bit is the club, very retro, has tables, chairs disco lights etc, soundtrack is pretty good too. The lighting is very subtle and almost flawless, has the feel of an apartment block. The gameplay is rather basic with buttons to open doors, push blocks to get to higher places and monkey swinging, then a trapdoor leading to a lift shaft, collection of a fuse, allowing another door to open. I like the stairwell, and lift shafts as they're textures just as well as the rest of the building, but very drab looking concrete, but I like that change as it makes the apartments stand out more. You have 3 directions to go here, but two of them lead nowhere, the other one leads to a nice lobby with chandeliers and a scary drop to one side, here a key is collected, and backtracking a little to a ladder, you place the key here. The door next to you leads to another equally attractive dining area and pool but doesn't contain much. Then more climbing and we end up on the roof, with nice views over the city, and here we have a spaceship to beam Ms Lapore back to where she came from. I feel this level is more one for sitting back and admiring and self indulgence than one for playing, still love it though! Net gameplay 25 minutes." - sonnyd83 (17-Jun-2012)
"A skyscraper is big,but I don't think it's empty like this level.The only thing I liked in this level is the disco at the begining.The rest of the level is boring,go to search for Amanda Lepore's Key,what is on the floor,and go to the roof.I could say the level is about nothing." - rtrger (20-Jul-2009)
"This is something quite new!! An Amanda Lepore-Level, whom one can play without being afraid getting eye cancer. Amanda is here in a skyscraper (maybe her own?) and must go upwards onto the roof. Because the lifts are out of order, she must climb through a shaft upwards. After less than half an hour, one is on top and the level ends. The rooms are provided with cleanly applied and diverse textures. One can get over smaller goofs with the sound. Result: Give a look into this level. In this particular case, it is absolutely worthwhile" - Scottie (19-Apr-2009)
"Following the same style of the previous level -- as opposed of the first two -- this one is a bit more like a real custom level. It's a young Lara level, so you don't have your guns but there's no need for them either, you just parade up and down in this hotel and the character is eventually abducted by an alien ship. Quite honestly, I'd have never expected these levels to take a turn for the 'serious', despite keeping it very simple as far as gameplay is concerned. 15 minutes. 01/09" - Treeble (06-Jan-2009)
"Lara with her new look takes a ride along a luxurious mansion without guns. No enemies, no secrets, only press some buttons and place some items to open doors and admire the environment. I've got a strange bug in the Lara's outfit (hands) when she lightened a flare." - Jose (29-Jul-2008)
"A little romp in a building with a disco, staircases , a bit of underground, it is finished quickly. The setting is competently made and the music , although of the kind that pleases to effeminate people who go to the disco , was not annoying. But there was really too little to do in terms of gameplay." - eRIC (26-Jul-2008)
"I was pretty surprised by this level and I liked playing it. I loved the cityscape outside the building, but my favorite part of the building was a place you could never go! Oh well, that's ok. Gameplay was a bit more involved than other Amanda levels. The atmosphere was much classier and the music about 1000 percent better. I was kinda hoping there would be more to this level, but before ya know it, it's over." - Shandroid (18-Jul-2008)
"Sorry but this one didn't do anything for me. The novelty of the animating textures etc has worn off after 3 levels in quick succession. It just feels like the author is flogging the same ideas over again in a different environment. The level building skills are better than previous outings but the modified Lara's mansion style rooms in what is supposed to be one section of a skyscraper just felt tedious and rehashed. Seen it all before I'm afraid. The top rooms and the rooftop were quite believable, the disco is well created, but the bottom line is I didn't really have fun in this outing." - EssGee (05-Jun-2008)
"I generally don't like home levels because I usually run around like a headless chicken before finding the right next thing to do. Thankfully that is not the case here. I also do not like extensive long climbs or crawls and while there is a long elevator shaft this is also not too bad here and you will be done in about 15 minutes anyway, reaching the rooftop. But what I really, really cannot excuse is that we have a builder here throwing out one quickly thrown together level after another, the only real benefit of them being that some of us reviewers can increase their counts a little faster, when in the meantime he could use his level building energy to work on a level that suits his reputation better, because I am sure it won't be long before the community learns who really is behind the Amanda Lepore nick. These things always come out... always... I would give it another 2-3 weeks max..." - MichaelP (02-Jun-2008)
"Not much to do here apart from some crawling, pushing climbable blocks, some swimming, picking up a fuse and a key. Then there is that long, long, very long climb, up and down and up and up again. Boy that was boring. Still found one door in the water that hasn't opened yet and once you jump over the railing there, there is no way out. In the disco and here and there in the house (or should I say skyscraper) you could read the names of some people, well known in the TR world. Saw even my own avatar in there. The plot thickens LOL." - Gerty (01-Jun-2008)
"Intrigued by all the somewhat surreal looking photos on the walls, I googled 'Amanda Lepore' and was surprised to learn that there is such a person (what? I don't get out much, OK?), although I'm pretty certain that's not who built this level. It's not bad actually - short and somewhat simplistic, but certainly not unplayable. I rather liked the skyscraper with its disco, indoor pools and impressive views over the city, but I think more staircases and fewer ladders would have better suited my idea of luxury." - Jay (29-May-2008)
"A short level of around 15 minutes where you have to reach the top of the lepore skyscraper. The gameplay would have been good if there had not been a huge ladder climb. The texturing was nice but could have been better, lighting was good and sound was okay. This level might put an end to the lepore saga, in any case, it is a great improvement from the first and second levels. I do have one question to this Amanda Lepore. Why wasn't my name mentioned? :D" - Cory (28-May-2008)
"As soon as I heard there was a new Amanda Lepore level I HAD to play it because I've grown quite fond of this unique series! Out of all the levels I by far enjoyed this one the most. Why? Because it not only incorporates the wacky camp aspect of the first two levels and maybe tones it down a little, but also adds some pretty decent gameplay in a perfectly lit and well textured level. The only downside was that it was too short and it was all over too soon. The disco room was great and I didn't find any of the music annoying, probably because it didn't repeat itself this time." - TrueRaider (28-May-2008)
"I think it's quite unfair to rate this "adventure" too low as it is unfair to other builders to rate it high. There's someone playing tricks on us, someone who knows other members of the community, and I'm sure it isn't Amanda Lepore! But this time the trick is quite nice to look at, not to mention that the disco music perfectly fits the atmosphere. To cut it short, the level promises us a (short) visit to the "luxurious Lepore skyscraper" and that's precisely what it offers, so why feel insulted? Even though I wasn't thrilled, I thought it was cool." - Jorge22 (28-May-2008)
"Another odd foray: odd because much of this is quite skillfully built and yet seem's to exist as nothing more than another ego trip. I enjoyed it for all that;partly to see The Old Dutchwoman make a cameo appearance and partly because I rather liked the view of the heroine (apparantly not Lara,this time) while she was crawling along. It's fun and entirely throwaway." - Orbit Dream (28-May-2008)
"Think what you will of the author's style, but in all other aspects the latest releases show a different picture than the first two did. This is a nice looking home/office building setting where your ultimate goal in the approx. 15 minutes is to reach the rooftop, but you traverse a disco, an office with its own private pool and some tall elevator shafts before all is said and done. There are only minor texture flaws, the lighting is impeccable, and the audio tracks don't loop endlessly anymore as well (so if they happen to annoy you a simple save & reload combo after triggering them will do the trick), thus resulting in a well rounded aesthetic experience. Unfortunately though, that doesn't detract a lot from the fact that there's not really a whole lot to do here. You encounter the odd jump, shimmy cracks, tall climbable sections and the pushblock or 2, but essentially it's just a short and not particularly eventful key hunt. The next step should always be clear due to nice camera work, but overall, as nice as the game is, it's far from memorable. Probably the highest recommendation from all the author's works to date, though." - eTux (27-May-2008)
"well just i was expected another Amanada Lepore countles saga lol ......well this is same crapp like other 3 Amandas with 1 exception this time the graphics was unexpected good same the look off Lara ................ i was enjoyed more Laras butt with the sexi black bikini when she climbed the laders than the gameplay wich was 0 ...................worthles simplistic short level with some surprising good graphics i was say it other times ............ i think this builder is a old bikes at level designs just want to mess with ur and hidde at other nick ........... u can give it a run moustly to see one off the sexiest Lara at all custom levels hehe ............ worthless level ...." - Jack& (27-May-2008)
"What can i say, a special level. At least i got to hear Janet Jacksons new song! :D" - Larson 1988 (27-May-2008)