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The Dragqueendom of Olivia Jones by Olivia Jones

Andzia9 2 2 3 3
bERT 2 2 4 5
Ceamonks890 2 2 3 3
Cory 3 3 1 2
eRIC 3 4 4 4
EssGee 3 5 4 4
eTux 3 3 4 4
Gerty 2 4 4 3
High Priestess 3 4 4 5
Jack& 1 1 3 2
Jay 2 5 5 4
JesseG 2 4 2 2
Jorge22 4 6 5 5
Jose 3 3 2 5
manarch2 2 5 3 4
MichaelP 3 6 5 4
Orbit Dream 2 2 2 3
rtrger 1 1 4 5
Ryan 2 3 3 4
Treeble 4 4 4 4
TrueRaider 3 3 2 3
Vaughnage 2 0 7 1
release date: 09-Jun-2008
# of downloads: 44

average rating: 3.22
review count: 22
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file size: 21.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I do not know who Olivia Jones is but I do occasionally zap by Ru Paul's Drag race show and I am most certainly convinced you can not wear drag and ride a quad. Your 'layers' will most definitely be ripped apart between the wheels to start with. And make sure your makeup is water proof because there is some of that too in this level. I am not completely with the lingo and innuendo that goes along with the drag world so I do not 'get' the chickens showing up in this game and blue haired angry women while you are racing around in the quad but it was a bit fun anyway. Not sure either that Ru Paul would like this side show TR Style but he's way too nice a man to send this builder away with his 'Sashay away'. If you're into drag, you may like this short colourful thingy, if not, ah well you can prove your manhood by steering that quad like a real man, spitting along as you drive and drinking like a drunken sailor all those bottles you find along the track. Other than that, gameplay wise it's mostly find that lever time." - bERT (27-Dec-2022)
"To think it's been nearly 15 years since we had the Amanda Lepore craze. Hope they're all doing well these days. This one isn't too different from what you'd expect, random textures tiled together to create a unique style while you run around throwing levers and opening doors. Not much else to say really, good for a short raid between the mammoth releases out there I guess. 15 minutes, 2 secrets. 12/22" - Treeble (18-Dec-2022)
"Seeing a drag queen enter the world of TRLE is awesome, but unfortunately this level won't make much of a splash aside from the character. There is little immersion between the tiled photo textures, plain geometry and minimal lighting, although at least a sun bulb is used consistently. The gameplay is minimal, with a few short quadbike routes broken up by a series of lever pulls, with another queen (I think?) and some chickens to shoot down. There are some spikes to dodge as well, but nothing that will prove to be much of a challenge. 16 minutes." - JesseG (08-Jun-2022)
"Well, the character certainly made me chuckle. Otherwise, this isn't the most involving of raids, containing rather meagre gameplay with a few floor levers to use. The couple of quad bike rides added the merest hint of variety and the textures were colourful (almost cheerful in a way), but there's otherwise not much else to do." - Ryan (30-Mar-2019)
"Quite a quirky level with nasty "moving" worm and maggot floor textures but the character is quite funny and reminds me of the character "Mrs Slocombe" played by Molly Sugden from the sitcom "Are You Being Served". Quite simple and I managed to miss the pistols but found the shotgun. Not bad for a coffee break Raid or something to play before retiring for the evening :)" - High Priestess (29-Aug-2017)
"Well, this certainly has to rank among some of the more bizarre content I've played thus far this year, with this level having you play as a 'drag queen' who actually exists in reality(Trust me, I looked it up beforehand), and seems to be on their way to some big party somewhere, taking out any kind of competition that could potentially steal the spotlight from them along the way. But quirky imagery aside though, this level is nothing special without that aforementioned content present, as all you find yourself doing is one of three things usually: shooting enemies, searching for levers to pull or driving a quad bike. That's it. So if that sounds like something that would interest you for around 10-12 minutes, then go right ahead as there are far worse things out there to waste your valuable hard-earned time on." - Ceamonks890 (29-Jun-2015)
"It was a really funny level with some silly textures and interesting enemies and Lara outfit. Some nice gameplay parts but it was too linear for me. Not bad but also absolutely no masterpiece." - manarch2 (25-Sep-2010)
"This level is very short.Nothing challenging in it,and it's very boring.Textures are set very randomly,and that's very cool imo,but the rooms with the wasps,worms and fishes are very disgusting.Secrets are too easy to find.Nothing intresting.(Well the main menu song was awesome.:-D)" - rtrger (23-Sep-2009)
"Short, colourful but boring level. Just go forward, finding switches, killing enemies and that's all. The type is the same as Amanda Lepore's levels(I think this is the same builder). Nice and colourful textures, but some of them look disgusting like worms or fishes. In my opinion levels should be in joke class, but is there something funny?" - Andzia9 (11-Sep-2009)
"Very colourful this level with a lot of new textures, some of them animated and personal photos by the author. There are some new sounds and objects too. You'll not play with Lara, but with Olivia. Some levers to pull, a ride with a quad and some jumps is all that I found in this level." - Jose (23-Jul-2008)
"Another dose of TR-anny level building. So as you'd expect it's bright, loud, gaudy, tacky and the lead character is uglier than my pet bulldog. The gameplay is simple and linear as you make your way through some themed pit areas of beehives, stinkin' dead fish, and worms....mmm... nice. The most entertaining moments of the level are a couple of Quad Bike rides where you can do the chicken splat run. Fun. It was interesting to see my quad conversion in action in a level, albeit in surreal circumstances. Who ever hides behind this facade of heavy makeup and long false eyelashes obviously doesn't care to give credit for people's objects that they use. Perhaps I'm glad they didn't in this case. I was glad to reach the Chicken Club without too much delay, but really wasn't sure that I wanted to see what was inside. 18 minutes of nonsensical wacky stuff. Sad, disturbing and vaguely funny all in the one package...." - EssGee (29-Jun-2008)
"Not that I'd like to encourage anyone, but a well done level about transvestites could have its merits. If you're too lazy to change the enemy sounds when you use Ninjas remodeled as gun wielding women - that would seem like a good opportunity to tie it into the storyline somehow, but as it is - the concept really is growing old fast. While it's a short OK level on its own the flashy Lepore-ish style makes it hard to give it credit or take the effort too seriously. Which probably is not the aim of the real author(s) anyway, and I suspect all this Lepore and his/her spin-off game collection is more an experiment on the public reaction towards them than anything else. Play it if you want to be part of it." - eTux (26-Jun-2008)
"Wo bin ich? Good question. Wer bin ich? A better even question. Original in ways albeit perhaps not as much as the previous Lepore's levels, this is a short, very simple trip along Olivia's dragqueendom where you get to ride two bikes and kill a few agressive women plus some tiny beasts that cross your way. Not good and not bad, maybe a bit boring, based on using levers here and there and it's missing the fine music from the latest Lepore level. I enjoyed the way the secrets were announced, the alcoholic medipacks plus Olivia's voice at times. Play it if you're following the saga." - Jorge22 (13-Jun-2008)
"A spin-off from the Amanda Lepore series and like most spin-offs, they're crap. Liked the transvestite sounds and the maggot pits, but there isn't the building skill of Amanda Lepore. Even I have to admit the format is a little tired now." - TrueRaider (13-Jun-2008)
"So there I was,preparing to go to work but with a few minutes to kill. What to do? Have another cup of Tea? Watch Neighbours? Hang on,there's Cory;and he's playing a new level! Excellent,I'll watch him instead. And that explains why I came to write this review without actually having bothered to play ANY of this particular adventure for myself.If ever there was a Custom level designed to deter a genuine review it's this piece of complete twaddle,as we follow the continuing zany adventures of a madcap Transexual. All the usual elements seemed to be in place - none of them,it must be said,badly done; but it's all become so obvious and deliberately tacky by now,that it no longer shocks or amuses. Undoubtedly the worst custom level I've never played...and neither should you." - Orbit Dream (12-Jun-2008)
"A tiny level thats badly textured and has very little gameplay. You control a character with a huge pink hat and you have to enter a building to end the level. I dont recommend it." - Cory (11-Jun-2008)
"This was a funny level! I finally got it, I was like, why is she sounding like a guy, but then I realized she was pretty much a transvestite. But all in all, it was a medicore shot at something funny. The gameplay, switching levers, not so fun. The puzzles was pretty much that, so, no real gameplay. The enemies were poor, and the only object I found interesting was the motor-thingy. The secrets were easy, becuase it said "secret" everytime you found a secret. The sound was what really got me, it was funny. The atmosphere was funny, I just wanted more camera angles. Jesus, light and textures were hilariously funny. Not that good in realism, and, for some reason, I love realism. It was a funny level, I must admit." - Vaughnage (10-Jun-2008)
"ohh boy ...this Lepore mania is worse than bone cancer..... i get sick off endless Lepore sheet whatever from who it is ... iff u cannot post something decent go and shot urself dummy... what a crapp.... i am disquisted ....i never even dream to play such a miserable serie like this Lepore .... this guy is a public enemy ... lol ...." - Jack& (10-Jun-2008)
"Oh well, each its own. Transvestites or not, for me.... she looked like a granny and a very fit granny at that. Nuf said." - Gerty (10-Jun-2008)
"Oh deary, deary me. Well, at least some of the textures are fun and I have to approve of the large medipacks being vodka based - that's definitely my sort of medi. If you like joke levels, this might raise a smile, but it's hardly a classic raid." - Jay (10-Jun-2008)
"There should be another category for this kind of levels that have been released lately : the 'kitsch' category. But maybe that would give ideas to others ? This is not really a level, but more a showcase of what someone can come up with a minimalist idea (raiding with a "drag queen" as personage) and throw in the minima of what the word gameplay means, yet giving a raid that is not unpleasant in itself but quite pointless. all you have to do is throwing a few levers , drive a couple of vehicles and make some very easy jumps. With the vehicles you can massacre some gunwomen and some poultry. Some of the other enemies , bees and insects , fit well with the textures of their corresponding rooms which show some positive creativeness from the author. The overall quality of this work is good , but it is too short and undemanding to be enjoyable , without speaking of the setting which is quite simply designed and with silly textures at times." - eRIC (10-Jun-2008)
"Will we ever see the end of it? 'Lepore Mass Productions' entering the next stage with a debut level by Olivia and it is about as useless as the previous similar instalments, despite actually being a relatively solid, albeit simple, 20 minute linear level where you throw a bunch of levers and ride two Quad bikes in a sort of funny Lara outfit. I stick to the two key points made in my previous reviews: The joke is beyond old now and the builder(s) behind this no longer funny idea should rather use their definitely existing skill to poduce something decent." - MichaelP (09-Jun-2008)