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Tomb Raider Revelations 3 - The Hand of Rathmore by Roli

Andzia9 10 10 10 10
dantheraider 10 10 10 9
DJ Full 8 9 9 9
dmdibl 9 9 10 8
eRIC 8 9 10 9
ersatz 10 10 10 10
Gerty 8 9 9 8
Jack& 9 10 10 9
Jay 8 8 9 9
JoeTheCrazyGamer 9 9 10 10
Jose 8 9 9 9
Light a Flare 9 9 10 10
manarch2 7 8 9 9
MichaelP 8 8 9 9
Mman 8 9 9 8
Phil 10 9 9 10
Ryan 8 8 10 9
Samu 8 9 9 9
Shandroid 9 10 10 10
Treeble 8 9 9 9
Vaughnage 10 10 10 9
wdavid 9 10 10 10
release date: 09-Jun-2008
# of downloads: 177

average rating: 9.14
review count: 22
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file size: 175.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Amazing Level set from Roli, It was nice to see his BTB level incorporated into this level too. The caves was made a little more difficult with reduced timers but a seasoned player should be able to complete it really easily. The Lost valley was similar to tomb raider 1's however the cogs were difficult to see on the floor. The last level was also really cool. however i believe it is possible to get yourself stuck if a collasable tile breaks before you can get the serpent gem. Other than that this is stongly recommended. 38/40" - JoeTheCrazyGamer (28-May-2020)
"Echoes of my previous remake complaints haven't yet stopped echoing among Peruvian rocks and here's a direct remake of Core Caves followed by Anniversary room ported from the very BtB2008 level so I had to go through the same burning floor puzzle for the third time in a row. Did I kill too many little baby dinosaurs to deserve that? Since I'm starting to see this Revelation in biblical aspect I will just sum it up with familiar "at least it's familiar" and skip the creativity armageddon to review just the two final levels. Aaannd... that means another remake of Lost Valley, with identical map and pickup locations. But this time the textures are really, really good - possibly I see these for the very first time, they're pretty coherent and they don't lose the old feeling while hi-res in a non-disturbing way. That's just correct. I think something went wrong with the rocky arch because it looks like cut off and hanging in midair, and unlike in many cases of this kind here I didn't notice any source of mystic power that would explain it. But the other geometry is flawless. The level almost lacks enemies except the initial wolf pack and the T-Rex - all the raptors occupy the earlier part instead and even the bones of former adventurers are gone. This creates better feeling of isolation but I kept looking for something given in return, be it a new puzzle or area, but all in vain and I don't really know what prevented it from appearing. The ending of the map is in the same place where we used to do the jump to Qualopec, but this time Lara does the waterworks to grab a well-guarded ancient skull, somehow locked together with a motorbike... talk about instant realism killer. Wouldn't it be better if Larson arrived with that motorbike but was eaten by the T-Rex before Lara could rescue him? So the order of progress through the map locations could be changed as well in order to match this new plot? Anyway we use the bike, shown with a rare FMV cut to Mexico. This is where things get darker and wetter, so we can feel the approaching climax, however the second major location is again a remake, this time of TRU. It again feels like if the author is totally undecided what he wants to build because the last rooms are a mixture of modern fences, Pacific puzzle, Mexican architecture, Greek spikes, Atlantean lava and a Tibetan dragon. In such conditions even the new objects like red scarabs and flooding pipes feel unbelonging. But when I finally snatched the hand, grabbed all the secrets and evaded my demise to the safe end, the final cut was really rewarding. SUMMARY: Cannot fully appreciate it because of over-the-rainbow remake factor and a serious bit of undercoherency, but the thing is very solid and worth finishing. So far there's no more Roli for me to play as I ran through it all, but I hope he continues and future missions appear." - DJ Full (27-Jun-2016)
"The first part of this four level set is a nearly exact copy of the Caves from TR1. The second is the builder's BtB2008 entry, the third is a remake of the Lost Valley and the last is completely new. While this is a good all round level set, I do feel I could have been better without those remakes, just for padding. I had a problem with retrieving the artifact as an invisible wall blocked me. Treeble's review helped me greatly. The Dragon and spiders in crawlspaces were annoying." - Ryan (17-Apr-2016)
"It's interesting to see Roli's levels get increasingly better, and playing (most of) them pretty much one after the other exponentiates that effect. At times, the music gets slightly overwhelming in a mix of old and new tunes, but it's just a matter of adjusting to it (or decreasing the volume, if you prefer). The Caves: although not a 1:1 remake, nostalgia strikes home here. TR1 fans will feel right at home, though not all changes are necessarily for the best (or maybe I'm just being too protective) - I, for instance, could do without the spike trap early on. A very slight variation in gameplay but, otherwise, a good trip down the memory lane. Way to the Lost Valley: is a rerelease from Roli's BtB-Peru entry, I'm not sure what's been changed but my original review still seems valid. The Lost Valley: like the first level in this series, not a 1:1 remake but still familiar enough to anyone who's played the 1996 game. The new textures do make it look very different though. Gather all three cogs and you're given access to the Marble Skull and a functional modern bike someone must have forgotten inside the treasure room. You get a slightly edited TRL cutscene as a FMV here as it takes you to the next level. Chiapas: this is a premake of sorts of the Mexico level in Underworld. The initial area is very well thought out and has you searching for a serpent gem, then you slide into the area which most TRU previews at the time displayed. It's very short, however, as after a few jumps you find your way into the actual underworld and retrieve the Hand of Rathmore. I had some trouble getting the artifact, an invisible wall blocked it off -- I only managed to pick it up after saving and reloading a game right in front of the open cage. The escape is also done FMV style. There was at least one invalid slope that could get you stuck for good early on in this level, but the only reason I jumped into it was to see if I could. Otherwise you'd not even give it a second look. Also, a minor detail but I also loved the TR2 font. The bottomline here is that these may not be the most original levels you'll play, but they'll still provide you a good and pleasant raid, as well as evoke memories from previous games. Recommended. 100 minutes, 8 secrets. 03/14" - Treeble (23-Mar-2014)
"It's more than hard to score this four-parter. One the one hand, a quick leaning curve in the progression of the builder can be seen, and a lot of care has been made to create a nice background story and unveil it in-game with all those FMVs, but on the other hand, the builder has made things too easy for himself as only the fourth level was a (not only quoting the two previous reviewers) "completely new" one. There are two remade levels from TR 1 in here which really looked nice with remodelled textures and better lighting (although the dinosaur valley in the third level was a little bland for my taste), but the gameplay didn't change essentially. Regarding the second level... well, it was a new experience for me since I didn't yet play any BtB '08 levels and it was better than a remake of the Vilcabama level, but I'm not utterly sure if it was such a nice idea to place a remade version of his previous level, especially between the two remakes, which lets the whole game feel kind of cheap. Apart from that, I really liked the gameplay in this level mainly consisting of finding three keys, there were many engaging trap sequences but at the end this level felt a little too long and I found too many dark spots; the mazes also didn't help the fun factor much. After three remakes, Lara finally arrives in Mexico after finding the required skull, the setting is spectacular (something completely unique at that time) and highly atmospheric. The gameplay is rather non-linear but in a relatively small map so you won't be stuck for too long; the puzzles are quite short so that despite of what I said above the level is pretty fast-paced. Only mistakes I found were the invisible walls on top of the tower where one finds the red gem and a kind of flashing light in the platform room just before the boss battle, the latter being quite annoying at times so I just dropped down from a great height losing a lot of health. The finale itself, even if quite hard with all those fires and the constant threat by the dragon, was quite entertaining and after 1:35 hours I could enjoy a final cutscene. So bottomline I think it would be better if the builder only released the second and fourth levels and changed much in comparison to the previous version in the second. I would've given this levelset an 8-9-9-9, but I don't think a Hall of Fame level should be mostly about remakes and that's why I'm downgrading this slightly. Still a great work from this builder and another step upwards in his career, mostly visible in the graphics and atmosphere." - manarch2 (16-Feb-2013)
"Level one and three of this four level set are remakes, with level two being a re-release (of the author's BTB Peru level) and the last being the only level that's completely new. Visually the remakes are somewhat creative though, and have various new details and very different lighting, making them feel somewhat fresh despite that. The BTB level has some great visuals, although there are perhaps slightly too many dark corridors/mazes. The fourth level is entirely original and is a somewhat TR:Underworld inspired Mexico level with some really impressive looking open areas (and is probably the best looking level in the pack). While the lighting is mostly executed well there's the occasional moment where it felt a bit off, with stuff like dark spots that don't seem to fit very well.
The gameplay of the remakes is mostly the same with some small tweaks here and there, but nothing that really changes the dynamics of the levels. I haven't played the BTB Peru level in a while so it was mostly new to me; it has some good platforming sequences and some great views and area designs, but as I mentioned above there are occasional mazes that feel a little lazy. The Mexico level is probably the most balanced in gameplay, with quite a bit of variety and non-linearity without going overboard and being vague. Also Spiders, agh! Thankfully for me there was only one Giant one (the walkthrough says there are two but the second remained conspicuously absent...). The only real letdown is the very end, with one fire pit to climb down where it seems whatever the author intended is completely skippable (suggesting a play-testing issue), and the end fight, which is very frustrating due to certain parts being completely down to luck and timings that can't really be made without saving and loading at the right times. Definitely worth playing unless don't like remakes at all, and even then the new (and semi-new) content provides plenty of enjoyment." - Mman (27-Jan-2011)
"Caves (6/8/9/9, 20 min, 2 secrets): A rather faithful remake of the TR1 level with only minor adjustments, but certainly good looking with the high res textures and the colours and the snowfall.
Way to the lost Valley (7/7/8/8, 45 min, 1 of 2 secrets): Largely the author's BtB2008 entry, but it was still fun to play through 2 years later. The darkness that bothered me then is still a problem at times, but not too bad and the rather empty and bland maze like areas are also still here, but the level flows well and is a great element in this series.
The Lost Valley (7/8/9/9, 30 min, 4 of 5 secrets): Another faithful remake of a TR1 level, and this one even more colourful and intense in terms of atmosphere. Great looking waterfalls in the valley and a fabulous FMV included at the end.
Chiapas (8/9/10/9, 40 min, 1 of 2 secrets): Finally something completely new and by that fact alone this is the best part of the series by far. The overall setting is very convincing with the rainy and lush area around the pyramid, the partly foto-realistic textures and good use of ambient sound. Gameplay is initially more about exploration and finding a few jump switches, later there is a timed run and a few traps and a great lava cave with the dragon as a boss enemy. Several flybys have been added to show off the nice rooms as well and the ending tops things off nicely with yet another little FMV scene.
All in all, this series must have felt a bit ahead of its time when it was released two years ago (and thus the relatively high scores). Today, the high res textures are rather common and many of the special features have been seen many times in other levels. Still, this adventure flows very well as a whole, is not difficult, looks very good and is a great and entertaining diversion for a rainy evening." - MichaelP (11-May-2010)
"I've played this game short after the release but i haven't wrote a review, now here it is. :) This levelset is amazing. The first level is a remake from TR1 which is perfect for a little warmup. i've palyed ehe second level in the BTB08 competition and i was very happy when i seen it's back. The puzzles in this level was amazing. I like the one with the boulder where you have to slide and jump to the swingpole. This move has gave me some crazy moment but i solved it;) The remake of the valley was absolutely amazing. Roli has added his own touch which made it breathtaking. The colorful lighting and the butterflies increased the atmosphere of this level. And here is the best part of the game, Chiapas. The dark, rainy atmosphere was very good, it was identical to Mexico in TRU. This was the most difficult level especially the way down to the underworld. The ending FMV was beautiful. I recommend this level for everybody but it could be a bit difficult for the beginners. Well, i enjoyed every moment of this game and i can't wait Revelations4.;)" - wdavid (31-Jul-2009)
"I have played of three parts of TR Revelations by Roli, but this one is the best. Beautfilul areas, great gameplay. I liked very much snowy caves and areas, valleys, and raining Chiapas." - Andzia9 (24-Feb-2009)
"I really enjoyed this series by Roli. The levels are all beautifully made, with fitting objects and stunning atmosphere and lighting. I liked the two remake levels from the first Tomb Raider (Caves & Lost Valley) - all the gameplay here was familiar but the levels were given a whole new look and were lit very well. My favourite level was, of course, the last level in the series (Mexico). The atmosphere in this level was flawless, with perfect ambient sounds, thundering skies and a great sense of exploration. I thought that the puzzles and traps were well thought-out and the escaping from the lava cave, with earthquakes and flames everywhere made a thrilling ending to the levels. Definately a highly recommended game - well done, Roli!" - Light a Flare (23-Feb-2009)
"This is a three-hour romp that's pure fun all the way. The four levels include the builder's submission to the BtB Peru contest, but it didn't bother me the least bit to have to play it again. The third level appears to be a faithful remake of an early TR1 level, but I enjoyed it even more because it's so well lit and enabled me to see the lush jungle surroundings as never before. The final level, played in a steady downpour, is particularly rich in atmosphere. The gameplay is punctuated with three movie sequences which add a great deal to the raiding experience, reminiscent of the commercial releases. The only drawback is that the first FMV plays each time you restart the game to load a savegame, so I renamed it to keep that from happening. I haven't played the two prequels yet, but I plan to remedy that in the near future. There are some challenging timed runs in TRR3, not to mention a difficult boss (dragon) sequence at the end, but there's nothing here that you can't manage with reasonable persistence. High recommendations." - Phil (30-Sep-2008)
"Overall this is quite an adventure. So better be prepared to take some time to travel through Caves to end up in Mexico. There are very good FMV to tie the levels together and I was having a headache when I was finally finished. Nice that there is a new engine and even TREP to use, but... (and you could have seen this coming from a mile away) it is dark. There are flares and there is the nasty bit, why in heavens name are they giving a red glow? That doesn't help much. There are something's for levels IMO that one shouldn't temper with and those flares are one of them. I loved the last level the best, but that was indeed the newest one. Roli for sure knows how to built" - Gerty (25-Aug-2008)
"A real and complete adventure full of danger through natural environments. The first and third levels are the same than in TR1 but with the trep engine and some modifications so are easy to play. The second level is one of the BtB08 levels and the last level in Mexico is new (and the hardest). Wads and textures are from BtB08 so if you played those levels you can take an idea what to expect. Good arquitecture and better textured with a lot of tasks to do, sometimes hard like the timed run between the spike bags or the final fight with the dragon. There are some nice videos interlevels and another good features. Over all, much action and a lot to explore. A professional level not for beginners." - Jose (29-Jul-2008)
"Great game, everything was great, from the sound to the gameplay. The underground was to dark for me and when I didn't have flares I had to get close to the computer screen. It is very worth the download and I do encourage people to play this. Congrats, this is the first level that I played from this author and it will not be my last. Well done." - dantheraider (17-Jul-2008)
"Wow, what an accomplishment this level is for Roli! When I started at the caves I got all goose pimply since it reminded me of the first time I ran Lara through the caves. You should be able to get through the caves fairly quickly, since most of it is very similar to the original, as is The Lost Valley. However, the textures were vamped up to the max and there were some differences that made these two levels more interesting, especially for those of us who have played TR 1 a hundred times, then the TRLE remake, then Anniversary. I like the Way to the Lost Valley, even though I lost my way more than a few times. There were some nifty traps to get around, but one sliding sequence was not done well, in my opinion. It appears that you slide, then jump to a swinging bar and then catch a platform. This never worked for me nor many forum folks. That wasn't the nicest way to force folks to battle the dinos, but I figured it out on my own, so it really didn't irk me too much. Where this level shines brightest is the Chiapas level. It's pretty darn dark, but hey, it's raining and night! This level was a doozy in difficulty, but somehow I managed, maybe because I loved it so much. That final boss had me crazy for a bit, but timing is everything regarding getting that Hand and getting the heck out. I was most impressed with the gorgeous scores played throughout the levels, as I feel that music selection is highly important, in fact I am keeping them for my personal collection! A few problems existed, but not many. Again, here were those ghastly, useless red flares. AARRRGHH!! Please, builders do not use those flares! I could hardly see a thing with them and dang it, what was wrong with the old ones, anyway?! If it ain't broke, don't fix it, I say. Another part that stands out as a problem were the "jungle sounds" in the Lost Valley. Holy ugh, were they a din in my ear. I get what Roli was going after, but I had to turn it all the way down. There was a part in Chiapas with floating platforms, fire and slides. This was a part that just had me scratching my head. I think Roli had a master plan involving bouncing and avoiding fire, but I couldn't figure it out. I just walked off to a low slide and slid to the ground resulting in a bit of health loss, but I got to the bottom in a non-fried condition. Those complaints are quite minor compared to all the wonderful aspects of this level set. Well done Roli!" - Shandroid (09-Jul-2008)
"This game includes four levels and two of them are remakes of original TR1 peru levels and the other two are designed completely by author himself. When I'm giving a review for a level I always think how much imagination author has used for level designing and if the level is a remake much imagination isn't used which is not a good thing in my opinion. Anyway it's not a big problem in this game because half of it doesn't contain remade scenarios. All in all I really enjoyed this game and how it looks visually. The last level was especially good including great atmospheric lighting and large outdoor areas that are real pleasure to look at. Gameplay was maybe a bit repetitive consisting of mainly jupms to perform and obstacles to avoid but it had also some puzzles like the switch combination puzzle in second level. I recommend this game for every tomb raider fan and I liked it a lot even if it had some remade areas." - Samu (03-Jul-2008)
"Well... one of the best levels , great atmosphere, absolutly wonderful story with many surprices and sometimes really hard moments and time runnings with jumps , rolling stones and other unpleasant but very exciting moments. I loved all parts and was only a little dissapointed that after such a hard fight ( or rather running from ) with dragon and really big explosion - this is the end . I would give more points than 40/40 for the best intro which i ever seen in levels made by TR funs, it shows how tallented is Roli and that he is not affraid to try something new and work on it really hard. Perfect work Roli, congratulations and hugs from Poland !" - ersatz (21-Jun-2008)
"There are four levels: 1 and 3 are remakes of TR1 Caves and Lost Valley, 2 is the author's entry from the BtB Peru contest, and 4 is new. My previous review for level two stressed how beautiful and professional the aboveground portions where, but that the underground portions were dark and trying. In level four, Lara starts in a poorly lit chamber, and her flickering red flares are almost worthless. I couldn't see anything. Eventually I reasoned my way out: Lara has to get to the top of the pillar, but Lara can't climb the pillar, so...this leads to some acrobatics for Lara's escape. Once in the open the level is stunning, even if it is raining (it is always raining). Lara climbs a massive stepped pyramid, from which one can view an impressive temple complex. At this point I thought, "Wow, this is really good." And it is good; in scope and execution this is much superior to level two. But soon enough Lara goes back underground. Even with a red flare I couldn't see a wall lever a meter away from Lara. This lever initiates a tight timed run through swinging spike bags. Once back in the open air the level is fun again. But then it is back to crawling underground with skittering spiders repeatedly sinking venomous fangs into Lara. And so on, until the moral of the tale, which is: Never steal anything from a dragon. I don't understand why the lighting isn't better. Even level two looks darker and worse than it appeared in the BtB contest. In level two the fire emitters in the short maze have been replaced with swinging blades, so there is no longer a possible flare bug, but almost everything else is the same. Level three, the remake of Lost Valley, is pretty much of a clone, so many players will be on autopilot, though the scenery is beautifully done. The author has added three FMV, and I particularly enjoyed the one of the bike ride between levels." - dmdibl (16-Jun-2008)
"Agree with Vaughnage... Roli is a very talented builder - very pleasant remake off the earlyer game with some nice add-ons ...the last level was very atmospheric and well builded not particulary hard at puzles or jumps & timed runs but enuough hard to catch u .. and i think fitt at everyone ..particulary i like moustly the intro with the bike riding between the levels and my advice could be only 1 download it and play it now !" - Jack& (14-Jun-2008)
"A good game that I strongly recommend. It is also very well put in scene with a good and dynamic presentation of some of the places you are about to raid and a couple of FMV, the one between Peru and Chiapas -where we see Lara riding the bike- being quite impressive. A professional work ! CAVES (17 minutes) The remake of the well known level with the addition of a big spikes pit. I also noticed that the darts are poisonous in this level, you have to use a medipack if you are touched by them. Very impressive and pleasant atmosphere, very good looks with high-resolution textures. Also the sfx sounds are excellent which is also the case in the following levels. THE WAY TO THE LOST VALLEY (50 minutes) The BTB2008 level. I enjoyed it better this time with the exception of the famous timed door. Strangely it is in this level that the looks are a bit less good. THE LOST VALLEY (17 minutes) The remake of the well known level , with beautiful high-res textures and new audio background files. It was a real pleasure , although I would have liked some added areas. Lara picks up the skull she was searching for at the end before moving to Mexico. CHIAPAS (55 minutes) I was very impressed with this level at the beginning with again great textures and another new audio background loop. Enjoyable gameplay as you first find your way upper using horizontal bars, then explore a big Chiapas city with pyramids and temples. This was quite enjoyable and not difficult. Then the challenge really begins when you go underground for a dynamic journey with traps and tough enemies. I still don't like little spiders waiting for you in crawlspaces , and I experienced an annoying problem in the room with fire emitters as the screen went all yellow. But the author was kind to provide a savegame to me. Not sure what caused this, maybe my PC is not powerful enough as the screen was also a bit jerky in the big outside area earlier on. The final boss with the big dragon spitting locusts and balls of fire is tough. A must play level." - eRIC (14-Jun-2008)
"I acutally found this to be an enjoyable level. I like the first half, the remake of The Caves. Really well thought out and organized. I really also like all of the new additions the the remade levels. But enough with that, heres my full reveiw. The puzzles were really easy at times, and then some of them were really hard to begin with. The enemies were really great, as well. I liked the wolves. The objects were very realistic. The atmosphere was, as ever, scary as the first game. And the sound just fit in perfectly with the whole game. I don't particularly like the textures and graphics, but the lighting was a very nice additon to the game. I would overall say that this is a great game. Download it!" - Vaughnage (13-Jun-2008)
"This is a four part level, parts 1 and 2 being copies of the TR1 Caves and Lost Valley with the author's own excellent Back to Basic Peru level as a linking section. Since I'm sure you will all be more than familiar with the original TR1 levels and you should have played all the B2B Peru levels (yes, you really should have), there's little to say on that score. The fourth part is however completely new and absolute heaving with atmosphere (and rain). The areas are beautifully made and wonderful to explore and the tasks enjoyable. The timed run past spike bags whilst being eaten by beetles is quite memorable, but not nearly as hairy as getting the actual hand of Rathmore away from the dragon (and attendant locusts) then making an escape through lava flows. Talk about 'may you live in interesting times'. I think I need to go and have a rest now. Good stuff." - Jay (12-Jun-2008)