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Iron Wolf and Golden Eagle by Lima

afzalmiah 10 10 10 10
Alarable 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 10 10 10 10
dmdibl 9 10 10 9
ersatz 10 10 10 10
eTux 10 10 10 10
Gerty 8 9 10 9
Jack& 7 7 8 8
janachorider 9 10 10 10
Jay 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 9 10 9 10
manarch2 9 10 9 9
MichaelP 9 10 10 9
Monica 10 10 10 10
mugs 10 10 9 9
OverRaider 10 10 10 10
Phil 8 9 10 9
Raymond 10 10 10 10
Roli 8 9 10 10
Ruben 9 10 10 9
Ryan 10 9 9 10
Samu 9 10 9 9
Shandroid 9 10 9 9
Tim 9 8 9 9
Treeble 10 10 10 10
release date: 22-Jun-2008
# of downloads: 177

average rating: 9.54
review count: 26
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file size: 67.77 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"This is one of those levels with a name that sort of sticks, you know, so every now and then I'd think about the name even if I had never played it. Since it's been released, I got myself a PS3 and eventually played the Resident Evil Remake HD Remaster, and in that game there were a couple of books that required animal-themed medallions to proceed. For whatever reason, I was convinced that was the source of inspiration for this release, and boy I don't think I could have been any more wrong. In a lot of ways this reminded me of TR3, which is one of my least favorite entries in the entire franchise, but there are so many unique features in here that you can't help but wonder whatever comes next. It starts on a strong note, with a few dead bodies scattered around a camp site and you drag a gas cannister over flames to blow an escape for one imprisoned citizen (who vanishes afterwards, presumably sharing the same fate), and it keeps throwing curve balls up until the end. I don't think I'd ever seen the trick of hiding items behind buttons before, it's simple and yet effective. The level design also puts worldbuilding in the forefront, so by following the walkthrough — which is pretty much a must, I'm afraid — there are lots of areas you just zoom through and some you never need to visit, but it helps creating that sandboxy atmosphere. I don't think gameplay is particularly unfair, but there's a lot of running back and forth and one too many pathways hidden behind foliages, which might be hard to spot considering the whole thing is deep in a jungle setting. The side levels for the poison ingredients were a nice change from the usual element based levels, but navigating the treetops with dragons spamming fireballs and lots of spike traps around was a tad annoying to be honest. TW/ A cookbook? Those stodgy bastards at TRF will have kittens when they hear of this. 2h20min, 6 secrets. 05/24" - Treeble (26-May-2024)
"This is an amazing game and a well deserved entry in the Hall of Fame. However, it's not easy and inexperienced raiders may skip over this one entirely. Lara battles the odds against fearsome dragons, insects, beetles, eagles in search of the Iron Wolf and Golden Eagle. To do this she must locate three different element artefacts to open a pathway for herself. I cannot think of any major downsides, apart from a couple of minor nitpicks: the ammo and medipack ratio was a bit low, compared to the amount of enemies you encounter, and some of the fixed cameras were annoying. Apart from those, you don't want to miss it." - Ryan (16-Mar-2017)
"I have no words to describe how awesome this level has a nice gameplay a realistic atmosphere and a great choice of textures.although the search for the ingredients bug me a little,the sequence with the pot make up for that. RECCOMENDED" - janachorider (01-Dec-2014)
"Perfect!!! One of the best ever!!! Even if it is not very long adventure, the puzzles and tasks are so clever and complex that it`ll take hours and hours to accomplish it. 3 hrs and 5 minutes net gameplay found all 6/6 secrets (not very hard to find but quite nicely hidden) and i loved every single second exploring in this amazing custom game. It truely took me several days to finish this fantastic raid. There was many and many new ideas and objects which i have never seen before. If you still haven`t played this one then make sure to have it in your list. A masterpiece from talented Lima. Thank you very much. 10/10/10/10" - OverRaider (02-Jan-2013)
"As I heard of Lima's plans for "Dark City 2" I tried out his early masterpiece and thus downloaded this levelpack.
Camp (8-9-9-9) started visually appealing but for my taste a little to colorful to be realistic, with a nice campside to explore and a lot of nice things to do, but somehow progression was rather slow in this first part of the level as there were a lot of hidden passages to find and sneaky things to do, like shooting the man from the rope. But also a very unique puzzle to be solved - pulling the canister to the fire to let a door explode. The use of the guide was clever, with Lara and he helping each other out to open the path to the large building. The objects were mostly customized, but at parts the level felt a bit overused with objects, and shooting a map in the car was really not obvious. The textures in this last part were stronger than in the starting areas. The little hole in a huge room in the river area however was not very good, but the end baffled me away with the building of the bridge in order to get the jar.
Canyon (9-10-10-9) was visually even more appealing than the first level, with a huge map full of fantastic objects and great atmosphere created by the beautiful landscape. Gameplaywise I found this level to be very nice, with a lot of platforming and exploring. I loved how the eagle came out of his nest, great love to detail here. A lot of new enemies and objects are used, as the spike walls, the scarecrows where some spirits come out, and of course the pot and the shelves in the hut and the big balls with invisible walls in front of them in the caves afterwards - amazing. The cutscenes were highly professional and sound choice too. And at the end you of course face another highlight of this level - the puzzle structure (nice hint!) and thereon this level serves as a hub to get into three smaller levels to get the items for the recipe.
Element Levels (9-10-9-9) Much fun provided in these three levels, the first one basically was descending/ascending a huge valley, with many bugs to kill or run away. Loved the flowers with locusts in them, very nicely done. Somehow I found the flower with the element easy to find, you can spot a difference to the others. The escape from the three dragons was difficult but you need to get a strategy to avoid the fires and afterwards everything is quite doable and fun. The second element level was maybe the most fun level of the series, with climbing up a huge tree to meet a hammerbird, with a very clever way to get rid of him and a nice puzzle to get four feathers. Also, the way of letting the element move away from Lara, that first seems to be bad for her but afterwards you see that actually the egg was a guide to let Lara escape from this level, was simply brilliant in technical achievement (breaking a tree, letting fire statues appear,...) and it deserves a 10 in gameplay and originality. The third element level was extremely short, only finding the mushroom in a mushroom field, a bit of trial and error normally but somehow I got it right the first try, but I agree this only was my luck.
You then get back to Canyon, put the items together and the following action has to be seen to be believed. A nice little path accessible from the start serves as the epilogue for this fantastic levelset, that mostly was a masterpiece because of the fantastic objects, but also because of great sense of atmosphere and it was much fun the two hours it lasts." - manarch2 (17-Oct-2011)
"I Loved this game so much! I downloaded this game a very long time ago on my computer but my computer broke and I downloaded it in my new laptop and started again. Each level is very good in their own way. The first level is the camp where you first need to find the guid which will help you fin the iron wolf. The buildings and the caves looked brilliant. The atmosphere and landscape were really breathtaking and the gameplay was very fun and sometimes knowing where to go can get very hard. The second level canyon was another great level with a lot of caves and forests. There are more enemies in this level with birds and natives. Once again the atmosphere and objects were amazing. The other levels finding the elements were another fun adventure and I thought it was another little adventure because these levels were a bit different from the other two. These levels were also the hardest levels in the game. The mushroom level was just a little room filled with mushrooms. Some were the wrong element, some were small medipacks and only one is the right mushroom. I found it pretty fun trying to find the right mushroom. The flower level was a longer level where there were a lot of flying bugs. In the end it gets very very hard! The egg level was a long level where the first thing to do is to climb up this very long pit filled with bird nests. Climbing it was hard and exciting! A lot of bird enemies in this level and a lot happens. A lot of fun challenges and puzzles with brilliant outdoor places. Recommended for everyone." - afzalmiah (01-May-2011)
"In case of masterpieces, one can do two things: either to write a lot, pointing out everything, not forgetting about anything, or... not to write anything at all, except the word "masterpiece" itself - because everyone will care about that particular word only, no matter what kind of essay the remaining part of a review contains. No-one will care that innovative, switch-to-crowbar or switch-to-slot puzzles are pointed out. No-one will notice if one of the best light and shade application available is mentioned. No-one will mind a spoiler telling about jungle coming to life and breeding fire. MAYBE someone will start to read more carefully after it is told about Jungle Ruins atmosphere mixed with Hell's Arboretum devotion to details. But actually, if one uses the word "masterpiece", it will be the only one remembered from the whole review, and the whole rest will be useless. That's why I decided not to point out innovative, switch-to-crowbar or switch-to-slot puzzles, not to mention one of the best light and shade application available, not to give spoilers telling about jungle coming to life and breeding fire, not even to tell about Jungle Ruins atmosphere mixed with Hell's Arboretum devotion to details... and not to use any words except the word "masterpiece". SUMMARY: A masterpiece." - DJ Full (17-Feb-2011)
"Camp (9/10/10/9, 50 min, 3 secrets): Right from the start the authentic and atmospheric setting draws you in. Great sense of storyline created here, as you explore a camp, some dark caves, a pool area and eventually a building from the inside and outside to get your hands on the Iron Wolf (in the shape of a canopic jar). The gameplay is always very logical but can be downright sneaky (like how you get the crowbar) and the almost impossible to see triangular opening in the huge body of water seemed a bit unfair. But that is a minor gripe and the great use of the guide throughout the level and a few fun jumps make more than up for it. There is actually a bug here that allows you to end the level prematurely, so make sure you do get that Iron Wolf before you leave the level and play on.
Canyon (9/10/10/9, 40 min, 2 secrets): Just beautiful - is the canyon and the river you get to explore, until you run into the next camp and have to start killing a few natives and eagles. This level is primarily about exploration and finding a series of gems to open doors. There is a wonderful flyby to marvel at and several cool objects spice things up even further. Briefly you encounter a few spike traps and there is one brief optional battle with three ahmets until you eventually reach the hut that has the magic recipe - and the hint for the push puzzle that opens up the doors to the subsequent levels.
Element 1 (8/10/10/9, 15 min): Very cool vegetation in this part, some helpful (jumping around the big leaves), some harmful (plants turning into spike traps, and 'dragon plants' shooting fireballs and locusts at you. Those wasps were also very pescy, trying to push you of your often narrow standing ground. Finding the crucial poison element was a bit of a negative for me, as it was virtually impossible to spot without the help of the walkthru. The run past the four dragons was not easy, but great fun to master and certainly the action highlight of the series.
Element 2 (8/10/10/9, 35 min): Yuck! Beetles/ants, eagles and more wasps... but all of these can be dealt with quite easily. You then get a series of interesting jumps all the way upwards to beat the eagle hammergod (cool!) and a few of his eagle demigod colleagues (also cool!) until you can grab the needed egg for the recipe.
Camp 2 / Canyon (8/10/10/9, 15 min, 1 secret): A quick escape route, picking up the right mushroom, returning to the kitchen for the cooking exercise and with your Golden Eagle (canopic jar) in hand, making your escape with the Jeep.
Overall, a very unique and original adventure with great ideas and alternative uses of the known (and here slightly modified) TR enemies and objects. I thought it does lose a bit of steam in the second half, but it is still an absolute must play and very worthy entry in the Hall of Fame!" - MichaelP (04-Nov-2010)
"Fantastic set of levels. The first level is hard 'cause it's difficult to figure out what to do with all those new objects you find. Second level was very good with an incredible natural environment and the excellent design for the hut. The level to get the flower was impressive but really hard with all those dragon-flowers shooting you or liberating locusts but the ambience and animated objects were magnificent; I missed another weapon to shoot that nasty bugs. The level for the egg was the best for me with all those stacked rooms and the final fight with the big eagle. I was disoriented in the level for the mushroom 'cause I waited some more. When I got the second statuette I was disoriented too: where can I go? Even so you can't miss this set of splendid levels; you will not repent." - Jose (16-Sep-2008)
"I had something of a bittersweet experience with this four-hour adventure. The technical achievements are stunning, and I found myself awestruck on several occasions as the complex game map unfolded, enhanced by some panoramic flybys. Most of the activity takes place outdoors during daylight hours, which is normally to my liking because of the normal lighting one would expect. However, even with the walkthrough close at hand at all times, I soon began thinking of this game as something to be endured and completed as soon as possible rather than something to be savored like fine wine. The gameplay is incredibly complex, and I marvel at the intuitive abilities of players who can make their way on their own through levels such as these. I found the overall darkness a bit much for my taste, too, so I boosted the gamma in order to see without squinting. The flycheat was summoned to my rescue in that area with the dragon plant, as I could find no legal way to get back across the stumps and up to the exit tunnel (you jump down to the first stump when you begin, but it's too far to make the same jump back). Later, in that deep area with the eagles' nests, the fixed camera angles got so annoying that I aped the eagles and flew through that section as well. The special effects near the end of the game were so magnificent that most of the bad taste had evaporated by the time I hit the exit trigger. My scores are indicative of the technical excellence of this production. But if there were a category for "how much fun did you have," I imagine my honest assessment would be 5 or 6. Recommended, but only for seasoned raiders." - Phil (25-Jul-2008)
"This level is quite an adventure with lots of new things to discover. On the other hand there are throughout the level shortcuts to be found and some are serious nasty as you can't get back and others you miss things (some you need and some not). This is a real shame. There is a lot to explore and do safe in different slots, as the climbing and jumping one has to do isn't always very obvious in which direction. There are numerous new objects and clever puzzles. That for sure is a treat and it did keep me behind the computer for a while." - Gerty (24-Jul-2008)
"Wow, this is such a good level! Beautiful scenery, great secrets and scary enemies. You start in a camp where you have to solve some really good puzzles to go further and where you meet your guide. Then the level changes to reveal a mighty building where your objective is to find a vase. Your next step is to go through the canyon where your aim is to find three ingredients to make a poisonous soup - poison flower, poison egg and poison mushroom. I enjoyed every minute of this level, with so innovative ideas like creepy spike flowers and big dragon flowers, especially so scary at the end. Thank you Lima. I can just hope that this is not the last adventure created by you and will definitely wait for the next part of this one." - Monica (23-Jul-2008)
"Its a great level-set, in a fantasy world :-) The first level is the Camp, very atmosperic, realistic, like in the real life. I had few bugs in this level, like the guide's crowbar... :-( The 2nd level is the Canyon. Very realistic too, but the author put a little flare, what very sort! The level recommended for the wolf-eyed players! Very hard to find everything... And nothing hint! The 3nd level great too, my fav! Nice village and animals, and cannibals. I really enjoyed! A huge area, what perfect builded and textured! ;-)) You need collect 3 posion (?) what you find on 3 other level. Greats too. I recommend this level for the all players, but with walkthrough! ;-)" - Roli (14-Jul-2008)
"This game surely surprised me and managed to keep me interested all the time I spent playing it. Gameplay is very inventive containing many unusual and great tasks like getting a crowbar from a hung man by shooting him down or dropping an eagle monster to a ravine by using trapdoors. The entire game is full of other unique gameplay ideas and the amount of new custom objects is a big plus too. Sceneries vary a lot and you have to explore many well constructed outdoor areas and indoor areas like castles. I liked also much the giant flower places as well as the deep ravine containing nests of eagles. In my opinion this was especial and entertaining game which really stands out from majority of custom levels and I recommend it highly for every player." - Samu (10-Jul-2008)
"One of the best level so far I`ve played this year. Apart from the bug which allowed the player so easily to enter the Canyon Level before the time was due to do so , it has everything one could wish for in a good TRLE game. There are times of peace where the challenge of the game is more on the thinker`s side but also times of war when one has to overcome some hellraising escapes from cleverly modified hammergods , a tour de force especially when trying to bring your precious ingredients back to the boiling kettle . So many good ideas were implemented in this fabulous issue I could not help but think Master Dick himself was at work here. After getting the Wolf and Eagle it became a bit tedious because there was no hint or direction what all this effort was for , apart from escaping . Like many others , I was glued to the screen for many days , just could not stop playing this. I would like to say Thank You to the builder for all the effort and precious time that has been put into the making of such a wonderful game. I highly recommend it to all TRLE lovers but beware what you wish for : you will love it and hate it like I did !" - Ruben (08-Jul-2008)
"From start to finish, this level was top notch, beautiful, challenging and fun. I loved the bright environment and inventive objects. Gameplay was really great, but at times confusing and frustrating. That didn't keep me from thinking that I couldn't finish the level. There were some very difficult areas to get through, ie. the quest for the poison flower. However, this area was my most "wow-inducing" moment. Everything is relatively safe and lovely, jumping around to some very well-designed leaf platforms, battling a few giant insects along the way. Then, once the poison flower is obtained, the environment morphs into an extremely deadly place that will have you running for your life. I just loved that area, even though some folks complained that not enough medi-paks were made available. The other areas were also very well-designed, complex and challenging. Miraculously, I survived with medi-paks to spare, but it was close. There were very few problems with the level, including an overlooked "lava aquarium" in the rock face, a devastating shortcut that messed folks up and an uncooperative guide. These were fairly minor when help was obtained from the forum, though. All in all, this was a superb level not to be missed." - Shandroid (07-Jul-2008)
"At last ! some game for thinking too , complicated? yes , hard ? yes but what the satisfaction is when u found solution ! Great new ideas , uncommon concepts, very surprised, to finish this level player must forget about old rules and open for new things. The funny situation was on the second level because i haven't found all items but i could go to the 3rd without any problems. It is not a game for a few minutes with some enemy to kill only , players must concentrate and looking for anything what is unusual , different and try to find out how to go forward. I was dissapointed that after finding a jeep and keys it is over, i was prepare for more and i hope that it will be very soon! Great work Lima , you have my points 40/40" - ersatz (07-Jul-2008)
"I liked this level, I mean I really liked it. Perhaps its because I like exploring more than shooting, and there is masses of exploring to do here. At times I found myself completely absorbed by the surroundings, especially the half sunken ruins. I agree that it could do with a storyline, to give the raider some idea about whats happened and why. But even so I played on relentlessly, marvelling at the exotic scenery and fabulous dragon-plants. So I'm giving it high marks. And I hope very much to be playing another level by Lima in the near future. One more thing, I finished with 10 medi's to spare :)" - Tim (06-Jul-2008)
"Wow, absolutely amazing! If there was a level of the year award, I'd nominate this as an early candidate in a blink of an eye! Having spent 2.5 hours in Lima's wondrous worlds, I'm tempted to go and try out his/her debut as well, as it would be a huge offense to oneself to let such sheer distilled innovation pass you by! At least if it's anything like this instant masterpiece!
Camp - there's no story given for the game, and while it would've been nice to have some vague idea about what's happened at the campsite, ultimately it's not needed, as the game tells its story so well on its own! I'm not sure if it was just because this level mainly served as an introduction to the author's style, but it felt much more confusing and unfocused than the rest of the individual levels in the overall adventure. Nevertheless - I had my fun as I discovered the plethora of innovations Lima has stuffed in here practically around every corner, and the odd problem or two like the ever whimsical guide, or the possibility to escape the level without your prize (but then again - the alternative escape route, while can be easily discovered, is a bit too weird to be considered the intended solution, so I'm perplexed why some players thought it to be) are soon forgotten.
Canyon - as said before - the gameplay becomes more focused as you go on, and there's some good stuff here. Besides the picturesque canyon which unlocks the cleverly built course you'll traverse a number of times and a few lovely fly-by's to show it all off, you get some nasty trap treatment, a few fun jumps, and a cool soup puzzle, that sends you off to hunt for it's ingredients, that later on nicely fit into the stereotypical cannibal's pot and allow you to reach your second artifact of desire here.
Element 1 This serves as a relatively small satellite level sending you off on the quest for one of the soup's ingredients, and as you'd expect by now there are still a lot of creative moments, like jumping on the leaves of huge plants, fighting off bugs (you do only get the crossbow - but you can put the poisonous and explosive arrows to good use here!) and then of course there's the mother of all boss sequences! After picking up the desired object, all hell breaks lose, and, what could best be described as a huge plant, starts 'chasing' you as you make your way for the exit of the level. Quite a thrilling ride rest assured, and I'm surprised I got out of here with only using 2 medipacks!
Element 2 The longest side quest takes you on a path that is built around the walls of a huge crater filled with nests, and a temple at the top. Lots of the author's signature touches still there, another clever, though more lenient 'boss' fight and a creative chase for the crucial item. What stood out the most for me here were the excellent custom objects either in form of decorative elements, or the cool enemies and the awesome vistas as you climb higher and higher make it a worthwhile experience to have as well!
Camp 2 This part is actually composed of the rather short and comparatively uninspired quest for the final ingredient and then the escape from this undoubtedly memorable affair after revisiting some of your previously attended areas. Found 5 secrets, and missed at least one. And while the difficulty level is high overall through the adventure, thus not suited too well for novice players, it pays you back in so many ways and with so much enjoyment that this easily falls into the must play category despite that! My highest recommendations!" - eTux (05-Jul-2008)
"Great, innovative game by all means. Something dreadful has happened at Lara's camp and she's about to enter a fine adventure where quests for elements 1 and 2 definitely stand out, having even somewhat reminded me of the famed American McGee's Alice at times. It isn't true that there's a lack of guns and medipacks since the explosive crossbow ammo is all you need to get rid of the bugs in Element 1 as you jump from leaf to leaf and afterwards and the demigods are easily killed with just the pistols if you crouch as you shoot; as for the medipacks (a bit psychedelic, not sure if it's good for the younger players, huh?), I finished the game with a lot of them, you just have to find them and they're easily findable. The game's architecture is also quite well done and you can always find your way back and forth, even though it's nothing like simplistic. The only thing I could give the gameplay a 9 for is that it seems that if you don't things in the right order when you're in the camp, then the guide may not be of much help. But it didn't happen to me and it would be plain unfair when you think of how thrilling and well imagined this game is. I could go on with details but all I'll say is definitely give it a try. You won't regret it." - Jorge22 (03-Jul-2008)
"These are beautiful and difficult levels. By the second level, Canyon, I was thinking in terms of Aegean Legends; that is, remarkably well done, though not at all easy to find the right route or to resolve the puzzles or to make some of the jumps. There are a number of new objects that are wonderful: the nests and eggs in the the trees, the eagle heads, the demented eagle demigod, the wooden bridge, the bubbling cauldron, the structure with the egg, mushroom and flower that go north, south, and east--just to list everything would take a page. This is a notable achievement by the author. In playing levels, I often try to get to "unreachable" spots, just to see if it can be done, and in Canyon that proved essential: Lara climbed to the nest and found the green gem, and later climbed to the canyon rim. Just at the point when I wondered if Lara was supposed to be up there a lovely fly-by was triggered, with a scenic overview of the whole level. Unfortunately, unlike Aegean Legends, the difficulty level sometimes seems to be unfair. What the author may see as a minor glitch is something that drives a player nuts, and destroys the illusion created by the game play. One can waste half an hour on a route that proves just a red herring. The game is very nonlinear, which can be intriguing, but it was good that Lara did the elements' tasks in the order mushroom, egg (element 2), then flower (element 1). The last route was very challenging--shooting some plants releases swarms of locusts that completely drain Lara of health and medipacks. Then there are the bugs. And not just one dragon (actually a plant with a bad attitude), but three of them, spewing flames and more locusts. At this point I wasn't so much frustrated as disappointed; it seemed that what had been a challenging game had degenerated into a typical amateur's torture gauntlet. After being pummeled by flowers the game is almost over, Lara gets the jeep keys, and drives off with the Iron Wolf and Golden Eagle. An outstanding achievement in level design, and certainly recommended. But be prepared to spend some time here, or else wait for the walk-through." - dmdibl (02-Jul-2008)
"Well, generally the builders world is split in 4 categories ...... beginners - the ones wich are not bad and in real progress - the ones which are great builders but don't polish their own games, make always mistakes which ruin albeit very good games - the case off Lima (I explain why further down) and the genial ones, which are only 5-10 of them. Well to return on the essence of this review I must say that this game is very innovative with nicely built areas and clever puzzles (time to time) but it is unpolished and not beta tested enough before the launch on the site. I explain what is wrong with this one: First - lacks badly of medipacks and weapons. You could get only the crossbow along with the weak standard pistols. And there are a lot of tough enemies, mostly powerful ones like demigods and you need to shoot 4 demigods one after another with crap standard pistols and you have only 2-3 small medipacks. The frustration goes up to sky level. I don't like games which are difficult ones just because you run out of ammo or medipacks or you don't get enough powerful weapons. I agree a good game must be with hard jumps, timed runs and other tasks, but the most frustrating thing is when you cannot continue just because you run out of medipacks or ammo. Lima, please take a look at TC14's Level set Quest of Gold. It is a very challenging game but never frustrating because you get plenty of ammo, weapons and medipacks. Also, what I don't like is a lot of illegal walls and unmarked climbable walls. Also, climbing is not perfect in this one. But all in all a worthy level to download and play - those who have strong patience to overcome a lot of frustrations mostly at late stages of the game should download and play this one. I am not so enthusiastic to give such high marks because of the the above mentioned considerations." - Jack& (01-Jul-2008)
"It's only Wow! Everything is highly crative, innovative and with a lot of imagination! A nicely staged story in very beautiful environments with a perfect gameplay mix in a hunt for the Iron Wolf and Golden Eagle-artefacts. I especially loved the landscape and views of the Canyon-level and the jumping on trefoils threatened by "plant dragons" in the Element1-level. An absolute recommandation for everyone!" - Raymond (01-Jul-2008)
"Wow, this is quite a game ! It is very complex, frustrating at times when the medpak supply does not match the demands of the game, it will test many of your gameplay skills, and it will amaze you in the vastness of the venue. I gave up on the game once, but it was too hard to walk away from and "sleeping on it" gave me renewed vigor to return and conquer ! There are lots of new, cool objects (bravo to the creator of each) and a variety of enemies. I think it is unfortunate that you are able to complete the game without fulfilling the quest (i.e., I never found the Iron Wolf), but by the time I had returned to camp I was exhausted and ready to move on in the jeep ! I enjoyed this one a lot and always marvel at the innovative things that builders bring to their games ! Keep up the great work, Lima !" - Mugs (29-Jun-2008)
"This series of levels is simply Brilliant. I spent 6 hrs. and 19 mins. finding 6 secrets and enjoying every second. Great gameplay in stunning environments. Such an absolute delight that I replayed it again. In my eyes Lima has attained godliness status as a builder. Definately download and play this now. You'll only be disappointed when it comes to an end." - Alarable (27-Jun-2008)
"It's a shame there's no story information in the readme because this is an intriguing level from the word go. Clearly something dreadful has happened at the camp, judging by all the dead bodes that have obviously met a variety of gory ends. This is an incredible set of levels, filled with the most wonderful custom objects. The action moves through some truly breathtaking scenery, encompassing swamps full of deadly plants and insects and the dizzying heights of eagles' nests amongst other things. The puzzles are innovative, the enemies imaginative (and very health draining) and the gameplay enormously enjoyable. An absolute must-play; download it right now." - Jay (26-Jun-2008)