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Time Paradox 1 - The Museum by Lugu

Ampersand 6 7 7 7
Bene 7 8 7 7
dmdibl 8 8 8 8
eRIC 6 7 7 7
Gerty 7 7 7 7
Jack& 7 8 8 8
Janny 7 7 8 8
Jay 7 8 8 9
Jose 7 7 7 8
KawashiSquirrel 8 8 9 9
MichaelP 6 9 8 8
Orbit Dream 6 7 8 8
Phil 6 7 7 7
Ryan 6 7 8 8
Samu 5 7 8 8
Shandroid 6 8 9 8
Spike 7 8 8 8
Treeble 7 7 8 7
release date: 23-Jul-2008
# of downloads: 84

average rating: 7.42
review count: 18
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file size: 37.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is sadly the sole offering from the builder, and it's heavily based on AOD. Dare I say it's even better than the source material, although obviously within all the restraints of our beloved old engine. The atmosphere is pretty spot on, some of the tunnels and sewers might be a bit on the dark side but I never lit a flare (played in a dark room and used the pistols muzzle flash when needed), but the museum itself is pretty neat. Gameplay is pretty straightforward and boils down to running from one area to the next, killing mercenaries along the way and dodging laser traps, but I'll also add there was a nice platforming sequence in the sewers. Some of the SFX were missing but all in all this was a nice and relaxing raid — and I had a laugh at the (accidental?) emergency door opening right up to a brick wall. None of the secrets register as such and there's a lack of scripting on that end as well. 25 minutes. 12/22" - Treeble (30-Dec-2022)
"This is a nice little level in a modern setting that shouldn't tax the experienced (or indeed inexperienced) raider too much. The gameplay in the initial sewer environment is actually quite nicely paced with a few enjoyable jump sequences around water pools (a bit too dark for me though), but it maybe does fizzle out slightly once you reach the museum section with a few too many guards to shoot and doors to open. The golden roses also never registered as secrets for me. Nonetheless, you can try it for a fairly relaxed half an hour." - Ryan (29-Mar-2018)
"I binned the last level I attempted (Caves of Amun) because of the darkness, and I almost did the same with this one. It's a fairly short level (a bit less than 40 minutes), and the first segment takes place in a very dark sewer environment. Even though the gameplay is better and more varied here, you can't enjoy yourself because you can't see what you're doing half the time. The second segment takes place in a museum that's much more brightly lighted, but the gameplay here is excruciatingly ho hum - open a door, shoot a baddy, and so on and so on. I'm rather surprised at the relatively high scores, and this coming from an extremely easy grader. Not a time waster, but nothing to write home about." - Phil (23-Apr-2014)
"It's a shame to see that there's no part 2 to this little adventure as the first few minutes really grabbed me with its atmosphere. There are a lot of levels out there that try to mimic the AoD mood and I think this one really managed to capture it in the starting area. You have to admire a builder who just throws you into the level without any fancy flyby or backstory and simply lets the atmosphere and surroundings guide you. I really enjoyed the first part of the level where you have to look for a way inside the museum and a means to arm yourself as well. Running through dark streets and sewers without any guns can definitely tense up any raider, especially when you know you're headed towards a museum with heavily-armed guards. I found the museum itself a bit disappointing, though, in that it felt rather bland and lacked the type of mood you'd expect. The objects you'd think would be interactable (lockers, drawers) were sadly just for show and the guards, while heavily-armed, didn't really seem trigger-happy until they were in clear and close range of Lara. The larger part of the building felt more like a VCI type of level and not really a museum. But, despite its shortfalls, the level proved to be entertaining way to spend half an hour." - Janny (02-Oct-2011)
"First part of this interesting debut is set in a nicely done urban environment that I wish would have been extended for more gameplay. It's well done and fun to play. The sewers: yes, you can by-pass the jump sequence but why bother? It adds enjoyment and even more fun. The Museum: needed work as the lasers were ineffective but a nice lay-out. Since this is entitled #1, I hope to see the builder continue this into a series. It's is a promising beginning with a few flaws such as sounds not working and the need for extended play but it is a fun Raid and it's good to see the LE attracting newbies who show a bright future." - Bene (19-Sep-2008)
"I think I've played a level like this some years ago, but I'm not sure. The base is well builded, nice textured and full of enemies. Nothing special in the gameplay, only going from place to place pulling switches and pushing buttons. I missed some more ammo for the uzis or more guns 'cause I found the revolver in a secret place near the end when there's no use for it. The cameras show you where to go, but many times they work too much fast and you have to remember the places you've visited. I've found a torch and lightened in a place near the beginning of the level, but I didn't find something to light and I didn't use it although I finished the level and I found all four secrets (???)." - Jose (16-Sep-2008)
"A very encouraging start of a possible series here. All set a bit in AoD style (including the audio) this is a very convincingly looking level, especially outside and in the sewers. You start with no weapons but find them quickly to shoot the bats and guards that cross Lara's path in the 30 minutes you will spend here, making your way through in a fairly linear fashion. Everythings is nice and easy and flows quite well, and as a starting level for a bigger series it would probably work even better than as a stand alone level. A few small glitches: The four golden roses do not register as secrets, my AK weapon did not have any sound when shooting, and some door frames have no collision and you can just walk through them. Nothing major though, so give this little adventure a look." - MichaelP (20-Aug-2008)
"And what a paradox it is: for all the work the builder seems to have put into make a convincing urban setting and adding custom sounds, the level's called 'Playable Tutorial Level', the secrets aren't actually secrets, and someone left their 'Armoury Key' in that little storage room. Still, overlooking the scripting and secret-trigger neglect, this is still a enjoyable gallivant. Its cleverest point is a complex jumping sequence, unless you take advantage of a gameplay loophole and circumvent it completely, but for the most part it's quite samey and straightforward. The museum and backstreet environments are put together with some care and attention to detail, though the lighting doesn't always convince, and I'll just assume the static water textures were a stylistic choice. Overall it's a breeze to play, and not a bad-looking one at that, though I know crawling about and manoeuvring boxes round a small room don't equate in some people's idea of a 'breeze'. Lugu may well have a promising series on his hands." - Ampersand (14-Aug-2008)
"A very nice debut from this builder, taking place in a well created city setting, passing through some dingy underground sewer-like areas and then emerging in a pristine museum...better make sure you don't leave any muddy footprints, Lara. The gameplay is quite simple throughout, and starts off with a little running about and finding a key. Once you're underground, however, the fun ramps up a lot with a great section involving a ton of jumps and flames to dodge. Eventually we pop out the other end of the sewer, and this is where the gameplay takes a turn for the worse, with loads of bad guys to deal with, and laser traps that barely scratch Lara if you touch them (though I did do my best to avoid them anyway, if only for the feeling of wanting a little more interesting gameplay in this part). Visually, the level is great, and passes off very well as a believable city, apart from those few odd moments such as opening a door only to be confronted with...a solid brick wall. Still, the level is worth a try for anybody wanting an easier raid, and hopefully the author can do a similarly good job if "Time Paradox 2" is made." - Spike (07-Aug-2008)
"It's brilliant and well designed for the first level in the series. I enjoyed the bit where you have to jump from slope to slope, it adds a lot of challenge to the level. I had to repeat it a couple of times, but not enough to get me annoyed, so that can be praised. The real reason I liked the level is because it's set in an urban environment, and makes quite a change from the tombs. Not saying they're bad, but I prefer city levels. Also, the author has clearly based it on AOD. They've done this very well, I noticed quite a few textures that could be seen in AOD too. There are quite a few baddies to kill here, all of them being museum guards. It's a shame they make that water sound when they shoot, but that's not much to worry about. A very good start to this series, I can't wait for the rest!" - KawashiSquirrel (05-Aug-2008)
"Phew, after playing a rather boring and very confusing level, this one was right up my alley to get me in the mood for more raiding. The first part, the city was very much to my liking. The Museum was a nice but apart from dodging lasers, shooting guards the only thing left was opening doors. The doors however in this level left me afterwards a but puzzled as there were some I never opened (probably never will open). And by getting the Hourglass the game ends. Got four roses and I take it that those were secrets. I was in dire need of flares and why you are at it, either put more in or lengthen the time of the use of the flare. Found some paperthin walls and to be honest I forgot to give the textures in this level a good look over, sorry..." - Gerty (04-Aug-2008)
"I think this level and especially the surroundings are very good work considering that this is author's debut level. Textures are used well, lighting is detailed and shapes of the rooms are made with care too. Gameplay is also good in beginning of the level containing nice jumping tasks, exploring and push block puzzles but later it becomes rather monotonous and boring. Mainly you just have to run from room to another and shoot some baddies which is not a good gameplay in my opinion. Anyway I liked this level and I'm looking forward to other games from Lugu." - Samu (30-Jul-2008)
"This is a good solid effort for a first level,with an intersting storyline (well developed within the Gameplay),soundly built and with quite a few imaginative touches.The nocturnal atmosphere has been well caught and the Museum interiors are surprisingly effective in a somewhat empty kind of way. What lets it down is the jump sequence,which I now realise can be entirely circumvented, and the lack of effectiveness of the security lazers which should have been a gameplay highlight - surely such things should have provided more of a challenge to navigate through,instead of causing minimal health loss? Nonetheless,it's an enjoyable debut adventure and I'd recommend it for whiling away 40 minutes of anyones time." - Orbit Dream (29-Jul-2008)
"Quite respectable for a debut level. A good beginning with a city layout, somewhat reminiscent of AOD, and Lara having to find a crowbar and move some boxes. Shootable trashcans abound, but at this point Lara doesn't even have pistols. The author put some work into one room with flames and slopes and climbing surfaces, where Lara can exercise her gymnastic skills, though a shortcut exists. After this the level is sort of an anticlimax. Lots of doors, and most don't open. Lots of cabinets, but I never found any that opened. Lots of guards shooting at Lara when she has no room to maneuver, so it's mostly just stand there and fire back at them. Some odd museum architecture, having to go through washrooms to get anywhere. I found four golden roses, and the Readme says there are four secrets, so that must be it, but the level statistics indicate zero secrets found. I kept thinking Lara would have to return to the beginning, but instead the game just ended. Promises better things to come." - dmdibl (27-Jul-2008)
"A good first level where - after the first moment outside- you spend the first half in undergrounds and the last half in a museum. I think more could have been done in the outside area at the beginning. Anyway the first part was more interesting gameplay wise as there are 2 good rooms you have to circumnavigate, even if it is quite dark and there is a shortcut in the room with ladders and sloped blocks. The museum is brighter lit but here it is all about killing terrorists and opening a lot of doors, a couple of them having bugs as you can go through them when you should not. There is also some lasers you have to jump above or crawl under. The MP5 was a good weapon but there was not enough ammos. Some very good textures used through out, but the texturing ain't always perfect. Good decor and atmosphere and some good new sounds, but a few are missing. All in all a pleasant level that ends a bit abruptly." - eRIC (27-Jul-2008)
"I always breathe a sigh of relief when I fire up a debut level and my immediate reaction is that it looks attractive - it's usually a good indication that the builder has practised enough to produce something worth playing. First glance at this level is very promising indeed, opening as it does in a good looking, solidly built city environment. The initial gameplay is most enjoyable, exploring the city and finding one's way into the museum. Once inside, it does perhaps lose momentum a little and become rather samey - opening doors, shooting guards and avoiding laser traps. Nevertheless, it's a very decent debut level and well worth playing. Definitely a builder to look out for in the future." - Jay (26-Jul-2008)
"When I first started this very nice-looking level, I was thinking ooooh this is gonna be great! Well, although the level looks awesome, gameplay is kinda boring. You go through A LOT of doors in your quest for keys and then finally the artifact. There are many cabinets that one can usually open up in levels, but none were openable in this one. The level was really dark in many places, but I had enough flares. I could also run through the moldings around the unopenable doors, plus one door opened up to a brick wall. In order for the level to be better, there should have been more fun things to do both outside and inside. I was hoping Lugu would have had good puzzles and jumping sequences to go along with the great atmosphere. What I got was ho hum puzzles and at least one jumping sequence that I was able to almost entirely bypass. What happened was a situation where the builder set up a somewhat elaborate jumping sequence to get across a pool to the other side. I just swam over to a slope and backflipped to the necessary platform. A missed opportunity in the museum was found with the very easy to get around lasers. Although I loved the realistic atmosphere and nice AOD music, the builder needs to work a bit harder on gameplay for better scores next time." - Shandroid (26-Jul-2008)
"well a not bad debut game from a builder wich i am sure could doo alot better games in the future ....... u start with no weapons .......and only weapons u find later is standard pistols ..... well is enuff i think cos only enemyes are some SAS guards .........the aim is to get inside the museum ......the museum have alot off rooms crawl passages and laser traps ....... albeit stationary so could avoid it easy enuff .........also alot off doors inside wich dont open but look like should open ......... after second key find (green ) u pass alot off rooms ....... moustly laser trapped and finaly get a item from a pedestral and the game ends abrupt time runs / some slope jumps with some burners ...... easy enuff ...... and that's all ///// for a debut level is good one and i wait for this builder next game .... also graphics are not bad at all ........30 min off fun ....... worth to try it cheers ......" - Jack& (25-Jul-2008)