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Malaysian Artifact by Moylen

Ampersand 7 7 7 7
DJ Full 8 9 8 7
eRIC 7 8 6 6
Gerty 8 8 8 7
izzynoodles 8 9 8 7
Jack& 7 7 8 7
Jay 7 7 7 7
Jerry 7 8 8 7
Jose 6 9 7 8
Matie 7 8 8 7
MichaelP 7 8 9 8
Phil 8 8 9 9
Roli 7 8 7 7
Ruben 7 7 7 7
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Samu 8 7 7 7
Treeble 8 8 8 8
release date: 04-Aug-2008
# of downloads: 105

average rating: 7.54
review count: 17
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file size: 111.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Oriental

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A bit of a mixed bag this. While I enjoyed the visuals, I think it might have dragged on for too long — but that's perhaps on me for trying to play this on a single sitting on a rainy Saturday. It relies heavily on darkness for the most part and there's a pitch black fog which shows up three or so times, and not once did it help enhance the atmosphere; quite the opposite actually, it just made things more annoying (especially because they're used to conceal spike traps which seem to have an extended range in this levelset). The settings are very reminiscing of TR1 Peru while also blending TRL Ghana textures, although there's a bit of clash when things start mixing up too much in the last level with jade warriors and shiva statues. Gameplay has a few tricky bits, which all become manageable with a few tries and lots of quicksaves — and the ever helpful walkthroughs from Harry —, and I encountered one issue: the rising block near the very end didn't work, for some reason Lara would climb inside it; fortunately a tricky banana jump got her to the upper ledge she was supposed to reach with said rising block. 120 minutes, 22 secrets. 05/24" - Treeble (19-May-2024)
"A nice variety of locations for an Asian adventure and a lot of diversity when it comes to traps and puzzles. I appreciated that the difficulty level got harder as you progressed into the game. My only issue was the lack of flares, especially during the first half of the game where there are the most dark areas - by level 2 I was relying on the binoculars to find my way around. Recommend for a challenge. Took as little over 3 hours to play." - izzynoodles (09-Jan-2024)
"YET ANOTHER one of numerous levelsets which make me very sad about how little errors (like missing sounds, switch placement or fogbulb glitches) which normally mean nothing can wreak havoc to the rating once they've accumulated. I'm really sorry for every such release because I tend to enjoy them, and so I did this one. About the music I can agree it might seem misplaced but only if you have memories of those tracks attached to specific settings - if you ignore this attachment, you will hear they really are fitting." - DJ Full (10-Oct-2018)
"Better than the current scores would indicate. In retrospect, all of the negative bits (excessive darkness in some of the caves, too tight timed runs and lack of camera hints) are true, but somehow these didn't detract too much from my 2 and a half hour experience with these levels. The darkness is offset somewhat by the attractive outside areas, gameplay is consistently challenging without being too frustrating (timed runs aside, of course), the 22 secrets are worthwhile to go for, and enemies and audio choices are nicely placed. Actually quite well executed." - Ryan (16-Dec-2017)
"This is actually a very good debut adventure that feels rather undervalued by the scoring it has received, but reality is that it does provide almost 3 hours of entertainment in by and large solidly crafted environments (in 3 levels more Peruvian and in the last one a little bit Oriental but with plenty of Indian Shivas). Yes, it is fairly linear and has only few surprising moments that would turn this into a truly memorable raid, but you can do much worse than playing these four levels on a rainy day.
Temple Ruins (7/8/9/8, 30 min, 6 secrets): Tigers, snakes and burners welcome you and I liked the continued use of the torch here and the many audio cues along the way. There is a set of timed runs that are not hard to master and a series of underwater switches along the way. What I did not like so much is the pitch black areas (despite the use of the torch), a tricky rope swing over spikes and a looong climb. The six secrets are not hard to find, but make for a nice diversion.
Jungle Valley (7/9/9/7, 40 min, 6 secrets): Here you get your wildlife variety of dinos to kill, including T_rex, raptor, pteros and compys. Gameplay remains fairly linear, secrets still easy to find and I ended up with a double secret at the T-Rex cave and then did not register a secret near the end which felt like it should have been one (?) The downsides are the shadow bulbs used and an unnecessary cave maze area.
Deadly Tomb (7/8/7/7, 30 min, 4 secrets): True to the level name you get more traps in this part, but nothing really very deadly. The biggest challenge is a short timed sprint through spikes and slicer dicers, but I was lucky and managed it on the second attempt. Unless I missed something you are actually stuck for good if you drop into the wooden spikes/water pit. Plenty of dogs to kill here, but not much of a challenge there.
The Malaysian Sanctuary (8/8/9/8, 70 min, 4 secrets): Finally some Asia inspired objects and textures, even though the Shivas (of which you get to deal with about a dozen along the way) seem oddly out of place. A few too many vases to shoot for a few too many goodies here, but generally I found gameplay engaging and fun. There are two fairly tight timed runs to master, but again did these did not take me more than a handful of attempts. Camera guidance is missing completely, but the flow is quite obvious, so you do not really need them. There is also a bit of an over reliance on jump switches. I loved the fake ending effect - very well executed and then offers you some nice gameplay in addition to get the two pieces of the Jade Circle.
As said, this is a very decent and long play that is well worth having a look at!" - MichaelP (17-Aug-2010)
"Comparing the Malaysian Artefact to the Bermuda Triangle Demo of the same author I found this first level much better. Gameplay is fluent with enemies to kill and traps, jumps and timed runs to master. But there are some frustrating things the player has to deal with, e.g. one jump sequence: Although it seems to be just a simple 3-square-jump Lara persistantly refused to grab the ledge of the next column, and it took me I don't know how many tries to make it. Also there is a pitch-black maze and I wonder what is it good for to make parts of the level this dark. And last not least most of the timed runs are very tight (and lower my rating in the gameplay section from 8 to 7). Giving the player one or two extra seconds would make things still challenging, but easier and less frustrating. I experienced one strange thing when Lara was pushing a block and she was hurt (and killed) by spikes being beside her without getting near to them, and it was not possible to push the block alongside the spikes. Strange thing. All this aside the level was not bad, considering it being a first try. But lighting and most notably camera work could have been improved, and the whole level lasted a little too long for my taste." - Jerry (09-May-2009)
"This is a four level adventure and it took me a bit to finish it. And as the readme states, Lara left with the Malaysian Box tucked away in her backpack. Haven't found all the secrets, as my count was 14. You travel through four different environments and a pity that in three of them you encounter the flare bug. And you need flares AND the binoculars, as the levels are dark and also for finding out where to go in some of the huge rooms. Next time anti-trigger all the flames at a certain point, I do see that while Lara travels through, the torches and they do give a nice atmosphere but the atmosphere is spoiled big time when that bloody flare bug kicks in. And while you are at it check if there are enough flare pick-ups. I got more than enough ammo and I could have gladly changed them for more light. A pet peeve of mine is timed runs with no indication whatsoever. A little camera work wouldn't go amiss. For the rest if you keep your eyes wide open and don't miss some of the levers (or pick-ups) that are nicely hidden it is not too difficult. The gameplay is more on avoiding traps, doing times runs, and pulling levers, with a little back and fro. But I have to say that I had an enjoyable time to get to the end." - Gerty (28-Sep-2008)
"I'm somewhat surprised by the relatively low numbers I've seen in the reviews. Granted, I'm known as an easy grader, but I saw a lot that I liked in this four-level set. The jungle ambiance is both convincing and eye-pleasing, and I spent a little more than three hours working my way through an assortment of puzzles and danger areas. Although any one of the four levels, standing on its own, would perhaps earn nothing higher than the present ratings, I feel that the extra bang for the buck, so to speak, is deserving of some premium, hence my own scores. True, there's nothing truly innovative here, but the quality seems consistently high throughout, and I had a good time while enjoying ample lighting. I could ask for no more, so I recommend this release for those looking for a pleasant raid with no game-stopping moments." - Phil (28-Sep-2008)
"This is a good set of levels, but although there are good puzzles, I had to lower my rate in the gameplay 'cause the very tight timed runs, frustrating you a lot. The best I liked were the enemies and objects, with a lot of pickups and guns to help you; secrets are not difficult to find. There are few cameras, and many times the atmosphere is very dark, being difficult to find the way, but the game is well textured. It's a pain that the timed runs ruin the gameplay." - Jose (16-Sep-2008)
"This game starts at a temple with tigers, continues in a jungle and a tomb with raptors and dogs, and ends in another temple with sheevas in it. The gameplay is not the best, there are some annoying things and bugs but I like the game after all. Not too easy to find the secrets and the objects are great, the outside areas and the last level are beautiful. The sounds are from the original games, placed properly. I can't give 8 points for the lighting & textures because too many places are very, very dark. If I remember right the lighting in the last level was excellent. I like the texturing what Moylen uses. All in all good game, hope the author will get better and better in level editing and these little problems with the gameplay will not appear." - Matie (07-Sep-2008)
"A complete adventure with mainly the modern Peruvian textures, and a bit of TR2 oriental texturing in the last level. The levels are solidly built, with quite a dose of actions, one of them being quite tricky to get through. But generally the game is rather easy and straightforward , even if there is no camera work. Many sounds are missing , for the switches , the doors and for some of the enemies and traps. Many secrets which generally are easy to find, still finding some of them offered a nice diversion to the main quest. The author is very generous in medipacks and ammos, but not in flares. I also noticed the flares bug in the 1st and 2nd levels, average texturing with even some missing textures, and a place where you can't go out from water. TEMPLE RUINS [30 minutes] The first level of this quest starts outside and was enjoyable as the tasks to do once inside the temple are quite varied and the gameplay fast paced. Not a boring moment in this one despite a short pitch black area. Especially the slope with the rollingballs was quite well done and a pleasure to master. JUNGLE VALLEY [40 minutes] Exploration is required here in this jungle valley while dealing with many dinosaurs, before entering into another indoor section of which the gameplay was not as entertaining as in the 1st level. You also have a series of dark caves where you have to find your way through. DEADLY TOMB [35 minutes] Not very long, the most memorable parts , are the mastering of a room with ledges and burners, another big room to circumnavigate , before dealing with the first difficulty of the game, a crazy timed run through stargates and spikes. MALAYSIAN SANCTUARY [1 hour] The longest level of the set with a welcome variation in the texturing. Some good moments here , like some very well balanced timed doors , and especially the quests for the two parts of the Jade circle was enjoyable gameplay. The trapdoors opening while Lara thinks she can grab the Malaysian artefact is a welcome idea , not often seen in a level. Many shivas to kill but it is not a problem as there is plenty of hardware in order to deal with them, before getting the well deserved Malaysian Artefact." - eRIC (22-Aug-2008)
"ANOTHER debut level and ANOTHER decent one and, yes, I am beginning to sound like a stuck record. This is quite a long (four part) level and contains a pleasing variety of settings and gameplay, whilst remaining fairly linear and readily accessible to all players. It's amazing how many of the recently issued levels have been from new builders and with all this good potential about I'm looking forward to being able to raid until I'm a very old lady (no comments please)." - Jay (19-Aug-2008)
"Another level from my country, Hungary. :-) Well I pre-beta tested this level, but all in one, the gameplay is a little strange for me. You start the level in a jungle, with dinosaurs and you finish the game with sheevas. Hmmm... the gameplay 2-3 hours approx. A little linear levels, but very enjoyable. You will find hard traps, and hard puzzles too. Enemies are sneaks, dinos, bats, sheevas, others... The textures from the TR2 and from the TRL, and TRA. The lighting is good. Sounds and musics are from the original TR games. I found a little bug at the last level, you will find it too, if you use the pushable object... :-( If you want, try it but nothing special. I looking forward to Moylen's next level." - Roli (13-Aug-2008)
"This one's a little difficult to rate. The author can only be applauded for the obvious effort they've made - there's a wealth of custom textures and objects to behold, and I enjoyed the music especially. But while there's nothing really that bad about the whole package, it's hard to enthuse about. The gameplay consists largely of simple physical feats with little emphasis on puzzles; though there's enough to do to compensate for that fact, the levels lack direction and purpose. There's no great feeling of accomplishment to be had when (at last) you finally stumble into a switch. The settings are pleasant to look at, but quite flawed both in terms of building and playability - atmospheric lighting is lacking throughout, a real immersion-killer in my book, and there's a dreaded dark maze very early on. New builders, please, there is never ever any circumstance that calls for making rooms either bright white or completely dark. Overall, it's underwhelming for such a big download, but it's nice enough, made with care and there's a decent amount of action to be had. The builder has obviously been doing their homework, and can only get better from here." - Ampersand (13-Aug-2008)
"well what can i say about this one ....? .... some players would love it some hate it ....... i am between ..... a fair long 4 level game with some tough time runs and even boulder chase run and spike floor run ....also not much story on it enemyes are some dinos , some shivas , bats some tigers and a big T-Rex wich was hard to kill ......and allmoust forget some pesky fishes wich i find the moust dangerous cos was on my way even untill i needed to find some UW switches ans no way to get at solid field to could kill it ... this was a bit frustrating part .... albeit i get stuck a few time ... cos well hidden switches the game end a bit abrupt after a UW door open get through and that was ........ all in all not bad game from my point off view but also not top one .... so / so -- worth to give a run through ...." - Jack& (08-Aug-2008)
"This game has four levels that have diverse locations such as indoor temple areas, valleys and caves. Gameplay is rather action packed and has plenty of jumping, climbing and timed runs to accomplish but actual puzzles are quite rare. On the other hand it didn't bother me a lot because gameplay was anyway varied enough containing many different kind of tasks. Objects and enemies are well placed and they fit to the setting. What comes to the surroundings I think that author could have made it better looking including more detailed shapes, better lighting and include more eyecandy to look at. Nevertheless this is a very good debut level and hopefully author will keep making more and even better level is future." - Samu (08-Aug-2008)
"A rather pointless game with no real idea of gameplay , boring atmosphere (if there is any) and ridicculously exaggerated kills of all the poor animals who peacefully inhabitated their owm world until Moylen decided to send Lara down as a blood-thirsty heroine to make an end. Staggering around in darkness for most of the time at no moment I felt at home always waiting for the true TRLE feeling to come but it never happened to me . In this adventure by a new young builder I can see a lot of effort having put into this game ,like trying to work out some textures , adding his own personal sounds or even thinking about some puzzles , at the end of the day it had left me with a feeling like : well not really what I had expected after this huge download but with a high hope that in his next issue this fairly talented young builder will consider that it is much more important to create a real story (like in a movie) before building an environment tasted with switches,pick-ups,kills and runs." - Ruben (05-Aug-2008)