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Italian Exploration by tweetygwee

Bene 10 9 10 10
Czar 9 9 9 9
DJ Full 8 9 9 8
dmdibl 10 9 10 10
ersatz 10 10 10 10
EssGee 9 9 9 8
Glouglouton 9 9 10 9
herothing 10 8 9 9
Jack& 10 10 10 10
Jay 10 9 10 10
JoeTheCrazyGamer 8 9 10 8
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Jose 10 10 10 10
manarch2 8 8 7 8
MichaelP 9 9 9 9
Mman 9 9 9 8
Phil 9 10 10 10
Rambo 8 8 8 8
Relic Hunter 9 9 8 8
Roli 9 9 10 10
Ruben 9 9 10 9
Ryan 9 9 10 10
Shady Croft 9 9 9 9
Shandroid 10 10 10 10
Spike 8 7 8 7
Treeble 8 8 9 8
TrueRaider 10 9 9 9
Vaughnage 10 10 9 10
vienna 10 9 9 8
release date: 10-Nov-2008
# of downloads: 114

average rating: 9.11
review count: 29
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file size: 135.15 MB
file type: TR4
class: Rome/Greece

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Reviewer's comments
"Clocking in just under two hours, there are several small levels in this release which feel a bit like a mix of TR5 and AOD (and yet better than both) before leading up to the real deal which takes place in a temple with a lot of side challenge interconnected by swirling portals. It gets very gamey along the way, but it's a whole lot of fun. The shorter levels convey a decent city design despite the somewhat simplistic visuals, which I guess is why the museum took me by pleasant surprise as it features nice nods to the original games but also to BtB-Asia which at the time was recent. The tinmen at the end behaved rather oddly, I'm not sure whether because of the room geometry of that arena or if the objects were causing them to keep running against the walls when there was plenty of space, that made things slightly more difficult and then both of them got right back on the horse when I managed to down them. Took a while longer to defeat them, but eventually things got done, and thanks to G&D's walkthrough I made it to the end in one single session on a Saturday. 110 minutes, 15 secrets. 06/24" - Treeble (09-Jun-2024)
"It's a great debut level and the music was very well placed. I loved the TR5 vibe, the few two levels were really easy and didn't include many puzzles, the final level improves on this dramatically and a great way to end with two horsemen, I would recommend this one." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (28-Dec-2018)
"This five-parter is exceptionally hard to rate. It has many ingredients of an epic level - complete storyline, new animations and quirky design of objects, creative gameplay, a quite unique atmosphere - but it still falls short in several occasions. To sum it up, I'd call it lack of care for detail. It sounds hard, but I really think that with a bit more concentration on the little things around this might have been somewhat better for me. For example, right at the start you face a dog appearing out of thin air; that happens more often in this game. Directly after the start, if you go for secrets, you bump on an invisible ceiling, which is really a downer in terms of atmosphere for me. Those things are not really seldom throughout the game; things like architecture that is solely functional in terms of gameplay but does not help to spread realism, blocks in front of doors, several misplaced textures, the museum level being fairly boxy, wallpapered and not exactly eye-candy, occasionally flat lighting, sometimes fairly odd sound changes when you go back between some areas, camera flybys you can break with the look key so that important actions are not triggered - but, to be honest, those things are quite forgivable as this is a debut level. I just don't quite understand how a level containing a good bunch of beginner mistakes ends up in the Hall of Fame. It's for sure a very enjoyable game, the puzzles and especially the timed runs are often quite outstanding as well as some nice trap setups (like platforms moving down when you stand on them) and even the looks are rather unique from time to time. In the last level the builder has made significant progress in creating a believable environment, the gameplay also is even more enjoyable than before and only the trap passage in the Incan section of the museum surpasses it. Many of the sound tracks used are quite effective. But in the first four levels, good to excellent gameplay, visuals and the like mix with fairly mediocre to faulty things, and it's a really weird mix. The last level had quite a few things done right here and raised my overall scores quite a bit, but I want to keep one 7 to express that there was still much room for improvement. Spent 1:35 hours in here and found all 15 rather easy secrets." - manarch2 (16-Nov-2018)
"I am a fan of TR1-style so HD-graphics are not plus for me. I liked level's athmosphere (TR5 Rome). Soundtrack is very nice and I liked very much of using AOD-music. I found all weapons (Uzi, shotgun, bow etc). There was one point where I needed a walkthrough. I didnt notice that one square on land is openable. If you like HD-graphics that level for you." - vienna (25-Sep-2016)
"Nice adventure in Rome with great and at times imposing music to boot. This is a most accomplished debut level with no noticeable bugs or faults. Nice puzzles, lighting and textures. Recommended." - Ryan (23-Apr-2016)
"I experienced something very similar to playing The Templar Archives because the location, function and arrangement of particular levels is quite alike, from the city intro through the manor research to the cross-shaped final temple. And the AOD soundtrack is also here. The major difference is revisiting the city at night. Puzzle design is very good in there, I counted just one switch though the monkey part was ridiculous. These cityscape exploration levels have town atmosphere well captured despite of lack of transitions, and are much better sized/textured than the quite mediocre, overscaled and wallpapered Von Croy museum intermezzo. Then everything is concluded with a buried temple which has things mostly done brilliant though for instance the whole challenge for the second rod can be skipped. There are also things ingame which can get you into a dead end. The author says for him this levelset was a training ground which taught him a lot, and this might be the most fitting one-phrase description - the game certainly includes pieces made at various stages of his skill development. Once again I think it could be a wise step to fix the weakest links with powers gained when forging the strongest ones, but the final impression is still good, I quit rewarded and I will remember this levelset as a solid piece of work. Recommended." - DJ Full (24-Aug-2015)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: The first levels are too easy and the gameplay is rather low, not much to do but there are a few interesting puzzles. The last level is better, still more could be done but it's overall quite fun. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Only few enemies, which look nice though, as well as objects - in the decoration there is room for improvement, some rooms are rather empty. The secrets were sometimes good, sometimes way, way too easy. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Sound and cameras are really good... but architecture is often squaric and simple. The atmosphere is on the whole still quite good, but misses charm because of that. Lighting & Textures: The textures are colourful and look mostly good, but aren't always well applied, there are some mistakes. The lighting is solid, but not expressive enough. Total: 8/10, a good but not a great game." - Rambo (05-May-2014)
"It is a fairly rare occasion to find a debut level show up in the Hall of Fame rather quickly, but this five level adventure shows that the author has taken his time to practice with the editor and then put a wonderfully cohesive set out on the public market.
Morning in Rome (8/8/9/9, 30 min, 4 secrets): This part lets you in nice and easy with an early timed run for a secret, a great sense of place and a good flow. Later you get a few originally different timed sequences and have to avoid a few boulder traps in a clever way. Camera work and audio really stands out and only a few bad guys to battle along the way.
Werner's Mansion (8/9/9/9, 25 min, 3 secrets - missed 2 of them): Most remarkable how a few objects are used well here to avoid the all too blocky TR setting. Maybe a few too many buttons to press in this part, although the 5 button puzzle was well done. I really liked the introduction camera of the ninjas and the trap course you need to master - those timed fire platforms took actually quite a few attempts to get through alive.
The Museum (8/9/8/9, 25 min, 2 secrets): You traverse a grand scale museum room here all round and up and higher, with a somewhat simplistic but still effective theme room structure. Nice variety of tasks, including the use of the water scales and sinking platforms.
Rome by Night (8/9/9/9, 20 min, 2 secrets): Again the camera guidance makes this more exploratory part a joy to play. Fun use of the code reader and the shovel and a few bad guys to spice things up. This part seems to mainly serve as a quick interlude before getting into the true heart of the action.
Temple of Fortuna (9/9/9/9, 70 min, 4 secrets - missed 1 of them): This longest part would have stood nicely as a level all by itself, but it also works really well as the culmination of the series here. Colorful transporters move you around into areas where you have plenty of entertaining tasks to accomplish, which are never too hard to figure out or do, but because of their variety never leave you bored for a second. The aqueduct structure was nicely done and I had not seen the two wraiths chasing each other in quite a while. I got confused in the area with the torch, as I was able to pick up the oak rod by going up without the torch first and then wondered what I did all the torch work for later on and I am not sure whether I enjoyed the boss fight with the two horsemen as it is not really hard, but in fact rather tedious to get through it. But those are minor gripes in an otherwise wonderful and truly fun adventure." - MichaelP (20-Mar-2011)
"I admit the screenshots kind of put me off playing this for a while, as they had an "unlit" feel to them I didn't like... Which is odd as the actual pack looks far better and the lighting is mostly great.
You go through various parts of Venice before reaching the Temple, and the difficulty and complexity ramps up well. The flow is also excellent; it wasn't overly simple, yet I also didn't get stuck once either. There's even a bit of a story fit in. The only issue I have with gameplay is that some areas felt kind of underused; there are a few big areas (evident the most in the final level) where you do one easy task and then leave, it felt like there could have been some more to them. Although other areas also make excellent use of space (level three in particular). The secrets were also a bit weak; I only missed a few, and a lot of those were either extremely obvious or, in one case, on a ledge necessary for progression anyway.
The Italian atmosphere is pulled off very well (and the Temple for that matter), and level 3 even manages to fit in some other cultures too. Cameras were used well to keep the gameplay flowing without being overbearing. Lighting and textures were good outside of a few areas with slightly flat lighting, and some repetitive texturing (namely in the earlier levels, which let the score down a little).
Overall it's a must-play, and, outside of one tricky trapdoor sequence near the start, it's also for players of any skill-range." - Mman (10-Nov-2009)
"Great level. This was the first custom level i ever played and i was wowed by it.I think the story was excellent and i was very pleased with how the lighting and textures were used. I think the colours were always suitable although i did notice that some textures were the wrong way round, whether you did it on purpose or not, i dont quite think that it was fitting in. I do think ,however, that there could have been something more to do with secrets and there could have been more enemies and possibly someone in the guid slot or von croy slot to help us along the way. Overall though 9/10" - herothing (09-Apr-2009)
"A fine adventure crafted from nearly two years of hard work, and also one of the few projects talked about on TRF that actually sees the light of day. From start to finish one can see how tweety's building skills shape from beginner to a more experienced user towards the end of the series. The difficulty of the levels is quite easy and offers a more relaxed pace of progress to players through some spiffy environments. You'll be working your way through cities, undergrounds, large indoors and a challenging temple to get to the end. A lot of the time though the environment is rather square, and the mansion/museum levels are a bit abstract in the types of rooms that are present. Werner's mansion sure is filled with many trap passages which are fun gameplay, but it must be such a hassle for the old man to have to get through the multitude of traps just to get around. It really isn't a huge complaint to me, but it is a bit unrealistic. On the other hand, they are fun levels, and I liked the teleport bit in the museum. A teeny issue for me would be the passage with the electric floor and the falling pillars, I had a very hard time making the last jump because I couldn't get Lara low enough to reach the platform without touching the top, resulting in instant death. I did get through after about a dozen or so attempts, so it's all good. At the temple level, tweety's skills continue evolving and there is more complex room geometry used, as well as good use of objects and texturing/lighting to make a pretty nifty Roman themed environment. While rather easy and showing some newbie mistakes, this set of levels shows a lot of promise from this new builder, and with the experience building these entertaining levels, I'm sure that if he goes for another major release it could be a masterpiece." - Relic Hunter (08-Feb-2009)
"This is an excellent debut series from this new builder. 5 levels in different locations in Italy that help show the progress of the story and explain it, something I really liked about it (Lara's purpose for being in Italy will be clarified in the 3rd level). The first 2 levels are quite short and easy, but the levels become longer and harder as you move forward, and you can clearly sense and see the builder's level building improve as you move forward in the game. Overall, the gameplay is great with numerous and various puzzles and exploration in some levels. Texturing and lighting are great, and the atmosphere is there. This one shouldn't be missed ! Recommended !" - Shady Croft (27-Dec-2008)
"This is an excellent debut from Tweetygwee. The gameplay is generally straight forward until you get to the final level which is indeed the best level of the game but at times a little confusing, so it's important to keep track of what you have done. It's an interesting game to play in that one can almost feel the author improving their level editing skills during the progression of the game. The first level suffers a bit from texture overkill and lacked continuity in the textures in general. The mansion levels are quite good looking but kinda morphed into a VCI style HQ. I liked the idea of using the themed museum areas, and the teleportation. The Temple of Fortuna is definitely the showpiece of the levelset, and I thought the author got the balance of gameplay,lighting and texturing pretty much right in this level. A good selection of music complements the gameplay, and there's certainly no shortage of cameras and flybys. There are some areas for improvement. There were some very nice new objects, but generally statics could have had more appropriate lighting to blend in with the environment; use of more complimentary textures in some of the Rome areas could have made some rooms more appealling. Everyone has their pet hates - one of mine is wall levers with no slots in the wall texture, and there were many of these to be seen. I was lured to play this game by the glowing reviews it has received. I can see the appeal to many players as its gameplay is fluent, and levels are not overly long. But I'd have to side with Spike on this one and agree with every point of the constructive criticism he has made. Nonetheless, it's a highly recommendable level for all to play - a most enjoyable raid." - EssGee (15-Dec-2008)
"This is raiding at its best. Everything about this five-level set approaches perfection. The graphics are stupendous, the gameplay is diverse and challenging, the lighting is flawless, and you get about three hours of net gaming time from start to finish. The only thing that keeps me from awarding it top marks is a rather unusual glitch I experienced near the end of Level 2 (Werner's Mansion). After negotiating the raising block room, I would die upon loading a savegame (unless I kept my finger on the forward run key during the loading process, which for some reason kept me alive). In the final room, however, where you have to step on four tiles while avoiding random lightning flashes, I would consistently die upon pulling the switch to open the exit door to the next level. Someone in the stuck thread speculated that this phenomenon might have something to do with those raised blocks in the previous room. I don't know enough about it to have an opinion, but I do know that without a posted savegame I would have been unable to continue. This is a flaw that should be addressed and corrected with a revised download. Anyway, this was only a minor irritant, as the rest of the gaming experience here was a sheer joy for me. Highly recommended." - Phil (10-Dec-2008)
"Simply excelent. One of the best custom levels I've ever played. Architecture is not very complex but effective; magnificent textures and objects like the very huge columns in the museum; always enough guns and ammo to shoot the enemies; a lot of good and innovative puzzles without impossible tasks; a very good ambience... A jewel of the custom levels. There are some bad placed doors (invisible blocks in front of them) and some ilegal slopes, but those small details are despicable compared with all the hours of fun you get with this set of levels. The best for me was the very good gameplay; sometimes lineal, another times half lineal and another times the author leads you through huge areas with a lot of intelligent camera shots so you always know where to go. The last level was really fantastic. Please, don't stop building!" - Jose (10-Dec-2008)
"I just loved this wonderful first level by tweetygwee from start to finish. I absolutely adore well done Italian levels and this is one I will be replaying. This level is very much about the puzzles. There are some enemies, but killing them is not what will be taking up your time. Tweetygwee has come up with some ingenious puzzles that are so fun to figure out. They aren't so hard to figure out that you are frustrated, but aren't so easy that you do not get that rewarding feeling after solving them. Along those lines, the builder has placed several interesting and fun traps as well. Gameplay, which is very important is definitely a strongpoint in this level, but the atmosphere is gorgeous, from Rome in the day and night, to Werner's mansion and the stunning Temple of Fortuna. I was especially impressed with a part in Werner's mansion where Lara is transported to what appears to be a trap set in ancient times. When the artifact is retrieved, Lara is transported back. It is a really neat treat for the player. The only problem I found were with the cameras. They weren't my friend in many areas, but the problem wasn't annoying enough to warrant a reduction in the score. I am so pleased tweetygwee spent two years working on this level, for it shows immensely. I can't wait for tweetygwee's next effort, I just hope he learned all he needed to doing Italian Exploration, so I won't have to wait another two years!" - Shandroid (25-Nov-2008)
"The best "5 level tutorial" someone has come up with so far! Lara is after a shield in Rome. She starts her quest in broad daylight, then she invades Werner von Croy's mansion, pays a visit to his archaeology museum, gets back to Rome by night and ends up in a temple full of teleporters and new adventures as she looks for four keys and two oak rods. In the end, still in the temple, she must struggle with two horsemen, which is one of my pet peeves but I didn't mind these so much because there was plenty of space and medipacks to fight them and I finished them with just my faithful pistols. To sum things up, this game has nice textures and settings and an overall quite above average atmosphere. The gameplay is mostly on the easy side but still challenging and never boring, meaning you can tell when a builder's also used to playing other builders' games. Quite achieved and I'll be looking forward to more from twetygwee." - Jorge22 (24-Nov-2008)
"A great adventure! Despite a only bug where we can go throught a window and to be stucked cause that was not the right way, the game is enjoyable. Especially rome at night and fortuna temple. In the museum also we can believe to be in TR Anniversary. Good work!" - Glouglouton (22-Nov-2008)
"This game is near perfection! It is so great to play, fun, and all of the aspects of a good game are present. The game is really one of the best parts, its fun, and it keeps the adrenaline going at all time. The puzzles aren't as top-notch, but they still get the job done right, and greatly. The enemies are pretty sweet, nothing incredibly bad, same with the objects and everything else. The atmopshere of the game is great, a giant city, etc. is all really great. The cameras are a little more to be desired, but still pretty great. The light and textures are near perfection. Everything is almost realistic. So, you have to download this game off of Its one of the best games, period." - Vaughnage (22-Nov-2008)
"Without any daubtness 40/40 great level , I enjoy it from the first moment, unusually solutions and a lot of great new ideas, very fresh and beautiful. Interesting action and wonderful music. Great work - i am waiting for the next part !" - ersatz (18-Nov-2008)
"This is the author's first level! And the level is brilliant!! We start on the streets of Paris, and we have go to the VC's apartment, museum, etc, and then to the Temple of Fortuna. The gameplay similar to the TR5 mixed with TR6. The puzzles are easy, great for the beginners. Not different puzzles, but well builded. The enemies from the TR2 and TR5. The objects from the TR2 and TR5 and a little TR6, and TRA. The music tracks are great too! The lighting is quite atmosperic, and the textures georgous! The boss batle with the tho horsemans is easy, but enjoyable! I can recommend!" - Roli (16-Nov-2008)
"It's always nice to see a builder's first release so well received, and while I seemingly wasn't as impressed as a number of other reviewers have been, I can still recommend this levelset as a fun, well designed adventure (which lasted me around 2 hours gameplay time). The levels themselves seemed to improve as I advanced, with the earlier levels being somewhat weaker than the latter ones, which in my opinion contained both superior gameplay and visual appeal. The tasks in the levelset are varied, yet mostly simple, though at least this meant that there were no times where I was hopelessly wandering around with little idea of where to go. The frequent use of camera and/or audio clues helped me a lot along the way, and the other audio usage throughout was also generally suitable. In terms of texturing, it ranged from "very good" to "wallpapered", along with a number of badly rotated and sometimes missing textures, some of which did have a large knock-on effect on atmosphere in some areas (most notably earlier in the game, with the Museum level sporting masses of wallpapering in the main room). The lighting was also generally good, but a large number of cracks at times didn't help much. Objects throughout were well placed (and I think I may have spotted a new custom-object or two along the way), and the enemies used were fitting with their surroundings, yet there were a number of times where the objects flickered and disappeared, as well as the occasional collision-less tree I stumbled upon. Some of the objects could also have been coloured a bit better to fit in with the surrounding lighting. Secrets were plentiful enough, yet too many of them were extremely easy to find (though there were a couple of cleverly hidden ones, such as a secret in the final level, which involved a little task leading to the floor of a pool being broken through). While I can't praise this levelset with the acclaim that others have showered it with, it is still a worthwhile download that should appeal to the majority of raiders." - Spike (16-Nov-2008)
"Another one bound for the hall of fame ,created by a new builder who has taken his good own time exploring all the level editors techniques and finally presented a first class game . As Phil has mentioned some days ago we cannot take it for granted that there are people out there who spend nights uncounted just to keep the reviewers happy but rather encourage the new builders to continue their good work . And this one is a real piece of art ! Dear James , just look a little bit closer upon Richard Lawthers Puzzles & Gameplay or Trixies and Nadines Artwork and I am sure your next One will be a full 10 ! Thank You so much ." - Ruben (14-Nov-2008)
"Game flow is expertly done as one task flows into another with a bit of thinking. The Rome levels were my favorites as they gave the opportunity to really explore. I got caught in the Shuttered Window dilemma and had to re-do and I got through the fire tiles in a way not designed by the builder. There's more than one opportunity to get the crossbow and shotgun, showing design that is player-friendly which is evident throughout. The transponders were a lot of fun as was the entire level set and the camera work was well done. I'd classify this as a must download - not to be missed. Congratz, tweetygwee, very nicely done!" - Bene (14-Nov-2008)
"This just goes to show that you don't need flashy objects and effects to make a fantastic game. Most of these five levels are quite simply built (especially the levels set in the streets of Rome) but the gameplay because of it was brilliant. For me it was perfect, not always completely obvious but never frustrating. A level where you don't need to keep asking for help is a good level in my book. It had a great balance, linear to begin with to get you going, then later a bit more to and fro, but you were always aware of what you had to do and where it was going. It had everything - variety, a good level of challenge and it looked very nice, especially the final level. It progressed like a level series should. Quite short levels, each with their own theme not only in looks but also puzzles. For example, Morning in Rome is more about exploring, Werner's mansion is trap heavy and quite exhilarating at times, Werner's museum is a bit of both with puzzle solving and the Temple level at the end was a fitting farewell. Quite a lot of puzzles involving both jumping, pushing/pulling and general thought. The music was very well placed. A lot of it came from AOD and really helped the enjoyment. The background track in the final level was foreboding, really providing a feeling of climax. Plain and simply, it worked because the player was given a helping hand. You were aware of every challenge that awaited you with no silly teeth spikes or flames killing you from nowhere for no reason. No "haha, gotcha!" like some levels seem to love. It doesn't scream "look at me!" but the environments are still convincing and a pleasure to explore. There were no major downsides, just a few minor niggles. A few objects seemed to be randomly placed, for example one of the stars in the first level was on a wall unmarked and I missed it for quite a while. This seemed to end though later on, objects you needed were somewhere you might expect, but occasionally you just had to keep a good eye open for stuff. Some rooms were rather large and blocky, mainly the main room of the museum and parts of the city, but this is by no means a detrimental hindrance, I'm just not a fan of double rope swings, of which there were two. All in all though, brilliant." - TrueRaider (13-Nov-2008)
"The first hurdle with this level is to get it to run at all. I encountered an error when first trying to run it, to the effect of 'Unable to initialise DirectX'. Something which I've never experienced with any custom level. But this was no persistent problem, for all it required was the creation of a setup shortcut, and then all went well. It was interesting to note what seemed to be the progression of the builders learning and increasing skill as I advanced through the game. Of course, if the levels weren't built in order, it blows my theory out of the water. Never mind. Suffice to say that at the start the level is quite plain, in a classic TR2 Venice kind of way, simple and not too taxing at all. As we progress, not only does the look of the levels become more attractive, but the feel does too, and with the apparent increasing competence of the builder, so the level of enjoyment increases with it. Musical incidences are used in a reasonable, if not spectacular way, and the builder hasn't been tempted to blast us with something they consider cool, but which others merely find irritant. As such, all the pieces knit the gameplay together nicely and seamlessly. Enemies are incredibly easy and few in number, but this is not a criticism. If it's enjoyment of environment and puzzle elements that you favour, this is a level for you. On the bug front, I did get one, but it is of such small consequence as to be hardly worth mentioning. It doesn't particularly impact upon gameplay, only rendering one very small section involving two boxes and a lever unnecessary. No loss there then. Overall then, for a debut level, this is a very well made adventure that should prove enjoyable to most. Well done to the builder, and I look forward to more from you." - Czar (13-Nov-2008)
"Excellent game, fun, designed with the player in mind. I reacted to this somewhat as I did to the "Templar Archives"; that is, the levels seemed to get better and better as the game progressed, until with the Museum and the Inca display, and the "Rome at Night" level, and the "Temple of Fortuna" level, we see the highest professional work. It is hard to fault the initial level, "Morning in Rome," as it is enjoyable and competent, but for some reason it didn't click with me in the way that the later parts did, though many of the individual elements that compose it are good. In the next level things pick up with some fun challenges, a clever rope swing over a laser trap that has a sneaky secret. Or there was a rather devilish test with three timed switches that extend three sets of platforms over flames. The tasks can be done without a high frustration factor. There is plenty of variety in the game play and architecture, and the lighting is well nigh perfect, even in the night level. The TREP choices for the tomb4.exe are close to what I use myself: the few times when Lara needs a flare it lasts 50 seconds, which is convenient. So things really are designed for the players' enjoyment (maybe other authors will take note). I thought the levels had reached a peak with "Rome at Night," which is beautiful and engaging (perhaps it could have been longer). It is just a pleasure to look at everything or to gaze up at the full moon in the sky, and there are plenty of helpful cameras to make the action go quickly. But then the "Temple of Fortuna" is fantastic, with multiple teleporters and varied tasks (nice Uzi secret), leading to very good temple and aqueduct sequences, and a final showdown. I found it hard to stop playing this game, which is about the best one can say of any Tomb Raider levels. Absolutely recommended for all players." - dmdibl (12-Nov-2008)
"I like Rome levels, although it's amazing how like Venice Rome is looking these days, but then I like Venice levels too. What I especially like is levels where the crowbar turns up really, really early on - so big plus point there. This is a much better (and longer) than average debut level. Initially, I felt some of the textures were perhaps an odd choice, but overall it's a very attractive level, with good, varied gameplay, including some well devised and fun timed elements to achieve and boulders, lots and lots of boulders. It just seemed to get better and better as it went on and by the time I reached the Temple of Fortuna section I was seriously impressed. Difficulty wise, I would judge it as enjoyably challenging without ever being annoyingly hard. Good choice of sound files too. Highly recommended." - Jay (12-Nov-2008)
"well .. this game is fantastic .. i must say that city levels are my favorite ones ..... this 4 level game is between best 20 games i ever played .... and u know me i dont throw with high marks only 4 -10 in the line i give untill now...... well is hard to discuss about all this magnific game ... each level from 4 have his own magic .. all 4 is magnific planned and builded with crisp graphics and variated gameplay -here u can find slope jumps / bannana jumps timed runs (some off ir tough ) rope jumps rope cross , shooting at targets . enemyes are gunmans / wrencs handling ones / dogs / 2 tough horsemans at the end ........i think we see another 100% Hall of Fame material here ....... this begginer builder is a serious contender for the best begginer level ever made ..... personaly i cannot give only 10 in the line for this brilliant game ...... (my only 5 th 10 in the line ) Bravo Tweety i cannot wait ur next masterpiece - i hope will be city like this one cheers .." - Jack& (11-Nov-2008)