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Gold of the Aztecs by Samu

Chronicles5 9 8 9 9
dmdibl 9 8 9 9
eRIC 8 9 9 9
Gerty 7 8 9 9
Glouglouton 8 7 9 8
Jack& 5 5 8 8
Jay 8 8 9 9
Jerry 7 8 8 8
Jose 4 6 7 8
Jungle Raider 8 9 9 10
MichaelP 8 8 9 10
MpGrill 8 8 8 9
Petaludas 7 6 7 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ruben 8 8 9 9
Ryan 7 8 8 8
Shady Croft 9 7 9 9
Treeble 8 8 9 9
Vaughnage 9 7 8 8
release date: 21-Nov-2008
# of downloads: 152

average rating: 8.09
review count: 19
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file size: 51.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"After being in a slump for nearly three weeks (and yet, any improvement is nowhere to be expected anytime soon), I figured I should pick up my lonesome routines where I'd left off, almost wrapping up my 2008 raidlist. Glad this is the one release I went with as the setting is one I love deeply — that LAU marathon reply hasn't come about yet, probably close to one year of promising myself now — and it doesn't outstay its welcome. It's a double level but thanks to the walkthrough I managed to reach the finish trigger in less than an hour without compromising the daily duties of adulthood. There are one too many tricky jumps perhaps but overall it was pretty enjoyable, not many enemies or items to collect but a whole lot of ground to cover before you make your escape with the shiny artifact. 45 minutes. 06/24" - Treeble (30-Jun-2024)
"Decent medium level . it was quite straight forward and i spend good time here . i didnt find any difficult parts or tight timeruns as the comments say below . maybe cause im used playing really challenging levels . some parts were tricky and thats all.. the usage of the torches should be more in usage . also i didnt find any secrets , think there werent . i think i try the newer level of samu , now" - Petaludas (01-Oct-2023)
"These couple of levels should give (very) experienced players a brisk workout. The surroundings are peaceful and serene, but the gameplay is anything but. There are plenty of jumps that veer toward the expert end of the difficulty spectrum (mostly curved jumps and jumps across tightly timed spike tiles) and a few of them will likely have many players in fits and sort the men from the boys, as well as a nerve-wracking wraith chase that will likely take many tries to accomplish unless you are very fast. The timed runs are very easily doable by comparison, but I do think that the difficulty level was a bit too high for more players to enjoy and I have reduced my gameplay score in accordance with this. The settings are actually quite well put together though, so if you feel you're up for a challenge, give it a shot." - Ryan (05-Mar-2018)
"Again surprised with the very high ratings for the gameplay section. I found nothing interesting here. Certainly the architecture is good, and the texturization is not bad; there are also a couple of decent puzzles with movable cages, but except that, all what I found were ideas guided so players get stucked or Lara dies. Rarely a nice task. Very tricky jumps, excessive number of timed runs (and too tight), hidden switches, phantom walls, a banana jump, a nasty escape with the fire wraiths and all that traps to make things even harder near the end... I suffered a bug in the room with the rocky bridge and two timed trapdoors with big buttons; once I pressed both buttons, the door never opened and I had to download a Dutchy's savegame. The jumps in the room with the two pillars and intermittent spikes on top were very very nasty too. Definitely, only for very patient players who like the traps and the hard tasks." - Jose (15-Aug-2017)
"Another great custom level from this builder. A lot of care and attention to detail has gone into this 2 part level and it shows. It offers a challenge for more experienced TR players and has interesting level design, i particularly enjoyed the three story temple. The first part is more interesting though with lush environments and vibrant sounds, the second part is more dull and kind of repetitive but is to expected for an ancient tomb so for me it fits. The only thing i will criticise is the final section of the game with those damn fire sprites! I hate those things and it consisted with a series of well timed jumps avoiding spike pits, blowing fire and those damn sprites. I must of reloaded my game around 50 times and inevitably there was some rage going on but overall i thoroughly enjoy this play through and recommended to any player who's looking for a challenge." - Jungle Raider (12-May-2015)
"Here's a challenging two-part Peru adventure that's very competently put together. Although I found it enjoyable, I won't be replaying it any time soon, and here's why: (1) The many fixed camera views are annoying and distracting. I found that some of them disappeared on their own after a few seconds, and I suspect that their main purpose was to give a panoramic perspective of the area that Lara had just entered. But I couldn't get rid of most of them even by hitting the look key, so I would run out of the fixed cam area to regain camera control as soon as possible. Sometimes I ran into spikes by doing this, which only irritated me all the more. (2) Although the textures are quite appealing, the overall ambiance was much too dark for me, so I manufactured unlimited flares for myself and found that I was using them almost constantly. And throughout the game, everything seemed to have this drab grayness, so that I spent absolutely no time admiring the surroundings. Heck, the load screen is the most colorful part of the whole game. Despite these drawbacks, I really had a fun time here, and some of the timed tasks challenged my dexterity to its limits. Recommended for those who don't insist on bright and colorful environs." - Phil (18-Aug-2011)
"I quite enjoyed this two-part level, though I did prefer the first part to the second. We start in a well-crafted mountain/jungle area with good sound, lighting, and texturing. I did not mind the fixed cameras, actually found them to add something to the atmosphere. Gameplay in the beginning was very, very clever. One has to use the environment to spot well-hidden caves and tunnels and make some difficult jumps to proceed. The map was laid out very nicely, I especially liked the three-story temple area. Gameplay began to focus more on traps, switches, and torches than the environment here, which I didn't mind at first. As we get into the second level though it starts to get repetitive, even as the traps and timed runs become increasingly devious. Still the game held my attention and the challenges were quite enjoyable. I liked the wall spikes, at first I only noticed one switch and thought "well that was easy" only to notice 4 more! Good trap. I did encounter the trapdoor bug, but that wasn't a big deal. Enemies were easily dealt with and there were few pickups, but not much was needed. I did not find any secrets. It's too bad because the author was very clever with hiding many areas essential to gameplay- if there had been more hidden places with secrets it might have been more interesting. Again sound was good, very atmospheric in both levels and not intrusive, except maybe for the flame wraith run track which I heard over and over again as I reloaded the game countless times. The end is very difficult (I hate to watch Lara die over and over) but a worthy finale to this challenging levelset. Took me around 1:15 to finish both levels and I would gladly play again some day. This builder certainly has talent so I will keep an eye out for future releases." - Chronicles5 (10-Apr-2010)
"Yet another level making use of the wonderful BtB08 material and the use of these textures and added lighting works really well in this two part level, even if after a while the rooms tend to look all the same. There seem to be no secrets and enemies do not play a major role with only a few jaguars and spiders crossing Lara's path here or there.
Part 1 (8/7/9/10, 50 min): It all starts with a few too many fixed cameras, but that soon lets off and the full focus is on fairly linear but often not so easy progression, as you need to master several rather tricky jumps and spot a few well hidden crawlspaces and cracks.
Part 2 (7/8/9/10, 35 min): Much like Part 1, but I really cursed the very tight double jump over the spiked pillars. The five lever run in front of a moving spikewall was easy enough though and also the other timed runs later on can be managed within relatively few attempts. And then of course the grande finale as you need to find your way out while two fire wraiths chase you - great adrenalin rush and again manageable with a few saves and reloads.
All in all, a game that has several tricky 'expert player' moments and is generally built around these. But it is set in a very pleasant setting, so really worth taking it up." - MichaelP (20-Jun-2009)
"I liked the atmosphere of this level, it was well designed and textured (apart from textures being a little repetitive) and a nice background sound with birds chirping. Gameplay-wise it is really hard stuff in parts, not in view of the enemies which are not so many, but due to tasks like e.g. a spiky wall run and a couple of tricky jumps. Unfortunately fixed cams seem to be kind of a new fashion as they are used quite often in newer levels and so they are used in this one too. Fixed cams are okay as long as they make sense (e.g. showing something to the player or even hiding from them), but without purpose they are needless and rather annoying. I even encountered a bug when I tried to check the area with the binoculars during an active fixed cam, when I could not get the binoculars off again and had to reload." - Jerry (21-Jan-2009)
"This debut is definitely great and really shows there's a new talent in the LE scene. As the title suggests, your goal is to navigate through the Aztec ruins and temples to get to their gold. The 2 parts of the game are littered with challenges such as precise jumps you have to perform, timed platforms and spikes as well as the great finale which all combined result in the high quality in the gameplay department. Enemies are not many, except a few tigers and small spiders. The atmosphere is great, with a suitable background track. Lighting and textures were clearly not neglected by the author and play a role in making the level look gorgeous. This is highly recommended, and am surely anticipating the authors next level. Well done!" - Shady Croft (05-Dec-2008)
"This was quite an adventure I have to say. It is no walk in the park but on the other hand, keep your eyes open and be prepared to do some nice tricky jumping and you can make it to the end in one piece. I have to add, after reloading quite a few times though. There aren't that many enemies in here, some tigers and spiders, but I didn't miss them at all. There is a lever galore but even that I can forgive the builder for. What I didn't like is the fixed camera's as in some instances they were not needed and were a plain pain in the neck, that is a pity though as that lets it down." - Gerty (02-Dec-2008)
"Its a pretty straight-forward good game to play. There are plenty of jumps and things to kill, and its got a few puzzles here and there, but the overall gameplay is excetionally good. The enemies are pretty scattered, but still okay, as with objects and whatnot. The cameras get a little annoying at times, but it adds the atmosphere. The graphics are pretty good, nothing seriously bad with them. Overall, you should download it." - Vaughnage (28-Nov-2008)
"Handsomely designed levels among Aztec ruins, with interesting ideas and challenges. I was able to play through them without having to consult the forum, playing time not too short or too long, and I'd recommend the levels for anyone looking for close timed runs and tricky jumps. Maybe a bit too tricky...but then we all know how those Aztecs liked to set devilish death traps. Sometimes persistent fixed camera angles intrude, taking away control from the player, and making things harder (can't get rid of them with the Look Key, or by reloading the game). And for some reason Next Generation levels can have a sameness in appearance. Here the author only heightens that issue by using uniformly dim lighting, so it seems that there is little texture variety, and areas can look rather flat. There were two spike-popping pillars that Lara had to jump across (with a fixed camera), and I found the short-takeoff jump was needed to set her up properly. Actually, I used the short-takeoff jump several times to get the right distance for awkward jumps. And there is a frantic ending with fire wraiths in pursuit, though the second level seems much shorter than the first. I look forward to playing the author's next adventure." - dmdibl (27-Nov-2008)
"I almost binned this game right at the start because of all the irritating fixed camera angles. If you hate them as much as I do, just grit your teeth because it settles down fairly quickly and it really is a rather good level. It's no walk in the park however - there are tight timed runs and difficult jumps lurking about and you may well end up with sore fingers and a worn out keyboard by the end of it all. Enemies aren't much of a threat - just a few jaguars and jumping spiders - the agility tests are the real foes. Good fun if you're up for a challenge and can curse creatively. Personally, I now feel just in the mood for a nice soothing Advent level." - Jay (24-Nov-2008)
"Another step upwards the ladder for Samu. This game has quite a few interesting challenges to make good its deficiency in a rather tedious and dull gameplay which mostly consists of an endless series of switches to open numberless doors.I liked the part near the end when Lara has to run for her life after picking up the gold idol beeing haunted by two nasty fire spirits ! It`s the idea behind the story that seperates the good builders from the merely average rest, so Samu you will take another lesson or two from Dick Lawther or Titak and Trix to make your gameplay complete . In this builder I see an improvement every other time and I hope his next issue will be an even better one. Thank You Samu , carry on !" - Ruben (24-Nov-2008)
"well is indeed a improvement off this builder ... but the lack of ideas and the ambition to get highest marks possible - lead him to make this game artificialy hard .. to not say insane .... in this one u can find some off the shortest time runs ever made insane mixed jumps and insane whraits chase run across the platforms with even a burner at on off it to make ur life a misery at the ends off game .... well apart from this very frustrating parts the areas is somewhat boring and repetitive with some gray tunnels - rooms - moustly inside areas not very eye candy ones ... also the builder used alot off fixed cameras wich i particulary dont like - ... the ending was aprupt and dissapointing ... well all in all i can recomand this one only at skilled riders -WITH ALOT OFF PATIENCE -particulary i not died for it ... some off players may enjoy it iff they can ride off alot off frustration .... cheers" - Jack& (24-Nov-2008)
"A adventure made of two levels in Central America, on the challenging side. The jumps on slopes in the first level are not difficult once you know what to do, the double timed switch challenge was not that difficult either. Difficulty increased a bit in the 2nd level with a run on pillars with spikes (many tries are needed here to have the timing right) and the escape at the end was a big challenge with traps to master while being chased by a couple of fire wraiths , it was very hard to reach the water without burning already , pfew! I encountered the possible bug mentioned by the author in the read_me file concerning the timed trapdoors, so I had to reload a savegame and try again, while trying to go a bit faster this time. There is a very smart use of some objects , the movable box that blocks a door, or how you have to trigger the blades. The looks are quite good, the author has used some custom textures i think so to make his level looking less like a usual Inca level and more an Aztec one. Same thing for the architecture of the temples and for the enemies (jaguars and small spiders) which fit the place. Atmosphere is good, (just noticed no sound for the spikes) although I think that more could have been done in this category. In conclusion a good and recommanded adventure, not too long , that can give entertainment and challenge for seasoned raiders." - eRIC (23-Nov-2008)
"This was the first level I played from Samu and I was not Disapointed.There are two very difficult levels that include some hard jumps and traps to master.It was somitimes too hard for my taste so I had to ask for help in the forum.There are parts where I think that it was kinda the climbing grass wall in the first level.Those textures were all over the level, but Lara could only climb at one place(I discovered it totally random). I must give a big plus for some traps and a minus for the fixed cameras that had really no purpose. Also I think that there were too many time-runs... The graphics and the lightning were prety good!Tthere were not many enemies to kill,just a few tigers and litle spiders." - MpGrill (23-Nov-2008)
"This level is quite well made but i think all the task and anniverary texture are a little bit repetitive and without surprise. To Pull a lever, to turn on some fire and to do these task again and again... I wish the autor in the future will make more varieties (texture, ennemies, etc..). Therefore this level must be played and we can find the ambiance of the last back to basics peru." - Glouglouton (23-Nov-2008)