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Adventure in Peru (Demo) by Deadly Flourish

Blue43 3 4 4 5
eRIC 3 3 3 3
Gerty 2 3 4 3
Jay 3 5 5 5
Jerry 2 3 2 1
Jose 3 5 4 5
MichaelP 3 5 5 5
Orbit Dream 1 3 1 2
Oxy 3 3 3 3
rtrger 2 4 2 2
Ryan 2 3 3 4
Treeble 3 4 6 6
release date: 30-Nov-2008
# of downloads: 52

average rating: 3.35
review count: 12
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file size: 15.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"At not much more than 10 minutes, this is very short even for a demo. The Peruvian assets do give it an edge in the looks department, but this is mostly bland, rocky hallways so it is hard to shout about it. There's a useless waterwheel at the start (assuming you can use it, I never tried), and the only highlights were the raptor attacks." - Ryan (21-May-2018)
"Don't expect too much, as this is a demo level and as with most demo's it never got finished. Not sure if the raptors were on some sort of stimulant as it took a while to kill them" - Gerty (07-Jul-2011)
"This is a short demo level with fairly easy game play. The builder included a timed run, a dive, several short and long climbs, a shootable gong, jump-switches, levers and vertical blades. The main enemies were raptors, which I found to be annoyingly placed, as they will corner you right away in a narrow hallway and they take a long time to die which cause a lot of health loss for Lara. There was also a wolf and some Ice Elementals. The texturing was pretty nice in the hallway areas but the bigger rooms had some repetitive wallpaper and some were stretched. The lighting was good although a bit too well lit for areas that should have been rather dark, I thought the secret was nicely placed and there were lots of weapons pickups, even a grenade launcher, which was never needed as the level ended soon after that by crashing to the desktop. About 10 minutes and 1 secret found." - Blue43 (12-Oct-2010)
"A short one with a bit streched and repetitive textures, but there are some nice objects. Going through the level is not a big thing. The level is very linear, nearly everything is in your way. There are some traps, but they're easy to avoid. The only challenges were the dinos for me. They have lots of health. 4 minutes of gaming and no more." - rtrger (28-Mar-2010)
"It's probably a known fact that I absolutely adore Peruvian based levels, even though I can't express the reasons myself. Taking that into account, yes, my ratings are somewhat biased because you don't really get to do a whole lot in the little time you spend here and some of the things you see fail to justify themselves (the waterwheel at the beginning, for instance). Still, thanks to the textures this level is somehow visually appealing that you just might look past the its shortcomings. 10 minutes, 1 secret. 06/09" - Treeble (14-Jun-2009)
"This is very short level, only few rooms, designed with Peru textures. Play if you wish to see the level from beginner builder. I missed good 3d environment with sun lights, wall knife trap was good, caught me twice :-) I also liked the climbable switch and I wonder what is hidden behind the door in secret room. With help from walkthrough I found the end of the level which is too dark and you don't see anything. You can also avoid the white wraith with no-triggering it. This some kind spoils the game play - not to do the things which aren't necessary?" - Oxy (13-Apr-2009)
"First of all: What is the water wheel at the start good for? There is even a savegame provided with the download with Lara standing on that high up platform, but there is nothing up there, so I assume that it is used only as a joke to the player. And what about that green coloured crystal in the corner? It looks like a health recharging spot, but it is not and can't be picked up either, so it is good for nothing. This short raid of about 10 minutes is only running and diving through some unimaginatively and rather carelessly textured rooms, pull some switches, kill two raptors and pick up a secret. When leaving the last room after shooting a gong the game crashes with a tomb4.exe error message. To cut it short I wouldn't call this a demo. A demo should be something that is close to be finished, at least that is the way I see it. But instead of close to be finished it seems to be the first few rooms of a project the builder has just started with." - Jerry (12-Mar-2009)
"Very short this demo to can say something about it. Empty rooms with few furniture, pulling some switches, an exit door you can't see even with flares or binoculars, climbing some ladders, shooting some enemies and few more. The complete version could include some puzzles at least." - Jose (23-Jan-2009)
"This made such an impression on me that,less than three hours after completing it,I've already forgotten pretty much all that happened.The textures were the usual peruvian crowd but quickly applied;the lighting was bland verging on non-existant;and the level was over just as it was beginning to get itself into gear. A couple of good Raptor attacks were the only highlight." - Orbit Dream (12-Dec-2008)
"OK, it's a demo so you're already not expecting very much are you? It's undoubtedly short, but reasonably competently made and might possibly be worth playing in a longer format. It is of course almost impossible to judge from such a short snippet." - Jay (03-Dec-2008)
"Very short Demo at under 10 minutes, with the familiar BtB08 package used, so you all know the objects and textures you will see here. The wraiths at the start and the two raptors provide for a bit of adrenalin rush, but other than that it is a very tame raid with a hard to miss secret along the way." - MichaelP (03-Dec-2008)
"This is really a short demo that let you know what can be expected , without really making a lot of sense by itself as there is things or doors or even a room that serve no purpose , but we can believe those will be part of the gameplay when the full level will be released. In only 7 minutes, the time to flip a few switches including a timed one, battle a couple of raptors and a wolf, avoid a blade , do a bit of swimming and find an easy secret. The rooms are solidly built but the author should work on the lighting (a sun bulb in each room is a must plus lights or effects or spots if possible) to enhance the looks of his upcoming level." - eRIC (02-Dec-2008)