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LB Advent Calendar 2008 - Swiss Xmas 2 by Agnes

Bene 8 8 8 8
carolinux 5 7 8 8
Cory 7 8 8 8
Czar 6 5 6 5
dmdibl 9 8 9 8
drguycrain 8 7 9 9
Gerty 7 8 8 8
High Priestess 7 7 10 8
Jack& 8 8 9 9
janachorider 8 8 9 9
jawi 9 8 10 9
Jay 7 8 8 8
Jerry 6 8 8 9
JesseG 6 8 8 8
John 5 7 8 8
Jose 8 8 9 10
Lorax 8 8 9 9
manarch2 4 7 8 8
MichaelP 6 8 8 8
misho98 8 8 7 8
Moonpooka 9 9 8 10
Orbit Dream 5 7 9 9
Phil 8 8 8 9
Ryan 7 8 8 9
Shady Croft 8 8 9 9
Shandroid 7 8 8 8
Treeble 7 7 8 8
release date: 15-Dec-2008
# of downloads: 151

average rating: 7.87
review count: 27
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file size: 58.10 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Lovely small town where you go back and forth in a few simple fetch quests, mostly shattering a few objects to open doors along the way. Good selection of audio tracks, very poignant for what's been just another depressive day. Rather short so it doesn't outstay it's welcome, although the opening and closing cutscenes seemed to be a bit on the long side. 25 minutes, 3 secrets. 04/24" - Treeble (05-May-2024)
  • It is a coin flip whether a given object can be shattered or not. This applies to many things from marble columns to gift boxes, and it can be easy to miss key items due to the inconsistency.
  • As with many holiday levels, the gameplay consists of simpler tasks, such as picking up items and pushing a few boxes around, along with some target practice.
  • Although the geometry is a bit boxy, and the lighting somewhat underwhelming, the level still acts as a nice holiday town to explore, thanks to the nice use of custom objects, audio and textures.
Time: 42 minutes | Difficulty: Easy | Rating: 7.5/10" - JesseG (19-Dec-2023)
"Nice Christmas level from Agnes and sadly her last level. I've always liked these more simplistic levels from Agnes where she puts most of her effort into crafting a beautiful environment. This is maybe the best looking town in an Agnes level, not as cold feeling as the first Swiss Xmas, but very nice. Worth a play around the holidays." - Lorax (16-Oct-2023)
"After foolishly skipping the long camera opening part, i found myself in a snowy level i wasnt supposed to be at apparently lol anyway after clearing getting stuck and investigating more i booted up the game again i finally let the flyby finish and it loaded up a completely different level set in a town. There is some really nice textures, lighting and colours here which made exploring around quite pleasant. The gameplay is far to simple, easy and dull for me im afraid, apart from some hidden and clever shooting tasks its all very much exploring around looking for items to find and progress with and with a couple of pushable tasks and some platforming and thats it really with no timed runs, traps, interesting puzzles or tasks it all became a bit boring but it was short enough and like i said the visuals were lovely to explore in despite the annoying music at certain points but i think thats just down to personal taste" - John (20-Dec-2021)
"Not a bad level but a bit confusing in parts with the having to stand on tiles to activate a gate etc. I needed a lot of help from a YouTube uploader but always love Agnes' levels." - High Priestess (22-May-2021)
"This is an easy, sunny level where Lara raids the streets in Ticino, CH. The gameplay wasn't particularly novel, although they were a few interesting ledges to find and unexpected breakable stuff. A rather short and sweet level with visually appealing exteriors and interiors." - carolinux (05-Jan-2021)
"A sweet little level that, despite failing to convince in the gameplay department, has a very lovely atmosphere and a special setting. Everything concerning visuals is put together competently, there are only minor problems with audios (that switch too quickly between areas) and cameras (after a reload, sometimes a previous fixed camera appears again and it takes some time to get rid of it), but nothing serious. Object design is also quite nice. The gameplay is fluent and not annoying, but also very unambitious and lacks variety. The only puzzles are a box puzzle and otherwise the parole "when in doubt - shoot" holds true. Anyway this is pleasant and does not outstay its welcome as it ends after 15 minutes, with three not very hard secrets to find as a bonus." - manarch2 (09-Dec-2018)
"Agnes does indeed have her own style of building and I liked this one too. The duration is quite short, at around 25 minutes, with a couple of rather long flybys which did drag on a bit seeing as we saw what happened before. The design and texturing of this Swiss village is exquisite though, and along with the choice of music, relative ease of gameplay and general lack of danger, this is a very pleasant and well made level." - Ryan (13-Dec-2017)
"I love cities at night.this one is my favourite despite its shortness." - janachorider (05-Jan-2015)
"Pleasant level, not a very Christmassy atmosphere on the outside, but at least the inside areas were decorated lovely. The gameplay was easy but there were some things that I wouldn't have figured out like shooting the columns. The village was nicely build and textured, this is one short but good adventure." - misho98 (07-Dec-2014)
"A brief level in a quaint village. There are two major areas to the village and not a lot of gameplay. But the decor and the music are very well done--strongly ambiant. The music is quite well chosen. And the details like the iron fences really brought a lot of character to the environment. Definitely a pick-me-up holiday level." - drguycrain (16-Dec-2009)
"I think I can spot a level made by Agnes from a mile away, not only her style of building but also her choice of music. The typical Swiss music at the start of the level just put me right in the mood. No Swiss Alps this time but a nice little village to explore. This had me running back and fro quite a bit as (as always) I lost my bearings, it didn't matter this time. It was a nice level and just perfect for this Xmas season." - Gerty (21-Apr-2009)
"A lovely little christmas level though I am still not quite sure about the opening cut scene. Set in a little village, lara must explore and will subsequently find herself in a mansion. The level abruptly ends at this point. The texturing was very nice and helped build up a good village atmosphere. Objects were used very well however the biggest let down to the game was the rather confusing path you have to take to reach the end. For example, a perfectly ordinary object (a pillar) turned out to be shootable however no hint was given. I would not have found this out had I not looked on the stuck thread. But even with the slightly confusing, and at times irritating, gameplay it was still a nice adventure to play. Recommended" - Cory (23-Feb-2009)
"Good level but a bit short. As usual in this author a very nice environment with beautiful textures and objects. Easy to play, I only get stucked when I missed the ring. The secrets are easy to find too. No enemies, appropriate musics for a christmas time, cameras helping you and, definitively a professional work from an experienced builder. You'll like it." - Jose (06-Feb-2009)
"This is a rather short (half hour) level sandwiched in between two inordinately long flybys. I didn't bother to load the sound files, so I may have missed some seasonal cheer, but this Christmas level is a pleasant enough experience. The lighting and the visual surroundings are very pleasing to the eye, and the cutscene cues are quite helpful. There are a number of items to shoot that I would not have thought about trying to shoot had it not been for Harry's walkthrough. There are no enemies, and no occasions for a premature death that I can recall. This is therefore a good level for young raiders to try out. Recommended." - Phil (27-Jan-2009)
"Although it is not so christmassy this easy level was a nice addition to the advent calendar. Pushing some blocks, shooting some objects and collecting a key and some items is all you have to do here. The beautiful design of the village and the accurate texturing were a highlight. I just missed the snow. I want snow in xmas levels. ;o)" - Jerry (06-Jan-2009)
"well nice short level from Agnes .... not hard one .. some key findings some searching in 2 houses inside ... pretty linear and ended abrupt but relaxing one ...." - Jack& (28-Dec-2008)
"In this level gameplay is nice and it isn't too difficult. Secrets aren't well hidden, so I found all of them. I think there should be better looking christmas tree in the last room. This one isn't very real. The best thing in the game is atmosphere. Music is brilliant and beautiful. Lighting and textures are good but in some places I would change textures because it doesn't look well there. It's short, nice level and I enjoyed to play it. Well done Agnes!" - jawi (27-Dec-2008)
"Even if you didn't know it from the download,this level absolutely screams 'Agnes' at you,so unmistakeable are her building styles. I happen to enjoy her levels very much and I felt the same way about this,although some of the 'cause-and-effect' gameplay logic is a little on the esoteric side for my taste.It also features the 'if not absolutely sure what to do,shoot at an unusual inanimate object' gameplay concept,which is a little irritating at times. In all other respects,this is a constant delight. The choice of audio is apt and effective;the textures are lovely and the construction is supremely polished (as you would expect from Agnes).It's a restful and atmospheric Christmas level and wiles away 40 minutes or so very pleasently indeed." - Orbit Dream (21-Dec-2008)
"Disappointingly short, but this is an Agnes level and there's no disappointment there. Fun and fast - paced, there's a few tricky areas that may slow you down but not for long. I especially enjoyed the way to open the underwater grate and the way out from that area. The bowls had me looking for a non-existent torch and the solution took me by surprise - great fun. Thank you, Agnes and a Merry Christmas to you, too." - Bene (19-Dec-2008)
"This was a short Christmas level that looked pretty good, and was very easy. I was relatively surprised that there wasn't any snow and there were palm trees in what is supposed to be Switzerland, and yes, I read the read me, but I still don't understand. That bizarre aspect aside, this was a fun level to play, and the village was quite lovely. A nice addition to the 2008 Advent Calendar." - Shandroid (19-Dec-2008)
"Another beautiful level from Agnes. I just don't know how her imagination comes up with so many fabulous rooms and ideas but I'm sure happy to be in them each time I play one of her levels. For me, beauty is an important factor; especially when you are dealing with a Christmas level, and this one delivers some gorgeous textures and environments. First off, we see Lara in the Swiss Xmas 1 level by way of a flyby. This is a nice little reminder of where she's been before, and also a kick up the pants for anyone who missed the earlier 2005 level. Then we get transported to the 2008 level in all its glory. Game play of course contains no killing, so exploration is what its all about. Lara needs to find the revolver and sight, a ball, a ring and a lions gem. There are a few levers to open doors and some sneaky things to shoot to proceed. This is a rather short level but I am a greedy guts when it comes to such homely levels and wandered around admiring the view for part of my 40 minute playing time. I found three secrets and ended the game reluctantly but smiling. Nothing too difficult here, and a pleasing Christmas level." - Moonpooka (18-Dec-2008)
"Even with this easy raid, Agnes always gets me, because somehow her way of hiding switches and objects does not seem to connect well with how my brain functions, so I always tend to run around in her levels quite a bit, not finding the next thing to do. Overall, this Advent Level is short and crisp though and plays in less than 30 minutes, going through two main areas in a bright city setting, pushing a few boxes, shooting a few things with the revolver and lasersight and there is a little bit of swimming and three secrets thrown in as well. The adventure gets introduced with a nice long flyby reminiscent of Swiss Xmas 1 back in 2005 and ends with a long flyby through the level you just completed. Music is a bit a matter of taste and not so much to my liking here, so I ended up turning the volume down after a few minutes. Nice little level that is just perfect for the season!" - MichaelP (18-Dec-2008)
"A quick Christmas vignette, like those the author sometimes does. It opens with a fly-by that will have you saying, "This looks like Swiss Xmas...exactly like Swiss Xmas. I've already played this." But then we flip to Swiss Xmas number 2. I found the key in the first minute, and the rest of the play went quickly. Usually Agnes has something to trip players up, and this was a grate that one had to shoot through (I originally tried shooting the grate itself). The design is good, the play enjoyable, as one expects with this author. And then the level abruptly ends, leaving one thinking, "That's it?" So I had mixed feelings, but the intent here must be to provide a pleasant short interlude for the hectic holiday season. Expect to find all three secrets." - dmdibl (17-Dec-2008)
"Agnes comes back with yet another fun level. The level is fairly simple and straightforward with simple tasks and around 40 minutes of gameplay. However, the fun-filled journey through the nice looking city, inside the warm, fire-lit and colorful houses, and the highlight of the level which is around the end and takes place in a wide park-like place with a nice pool and a hedges maze make up for its shortness. Textures are very beautiful and colorful, and the music pieces chosen are very nice. This is a good recommendation for a quick raid to relax during the holidays. Once again, great offering, Agnes !" - Shady Croft (17-Dec-2008)
"Bewilderment is the keynote here. Beginning with a flyby as we do, the scene is one of snow covered terrain, a lone wolf howling on the heights which it and Lara inhabit, a scene which we shall surely be investigating as soon as this long flyby is over. A flyby which seems more to be about simply waiting for the music to finish, rather than giving us an idea of what is to come. As the view finally comes back in toward Lara, I ready myself for play. The scene slows and I wait for the release of the camera so that I can draw my guns and shoot the wolf which is, no doubt, going to assail Lara any moment. The movement pauses in front of her and I am tapping my foot now. Then she speaks. What she speaks of, however, is a complete mystery to me for, though barely discernible as it is, the voice-over is not in English. 'Ok, never mind, the camera will release in a second and I can get on with it' I think to myself. Then we get a load screen which is followed by another cutscene, one which seems completely unrelated to the first. Not only is Lara in an entirely different costume, she is also in an entirely different environment. There is no snow, there are no mountains, only buildings. I am completely perplexed by now and I heave a sigh. Not only am I confused, but I find my ears are now assaulted by a different kind of irritant. The jarring sound of a piece of 'music' the accompanying audio files tell me is 'Taccaia - Polcaccia'. Well, whoever and whatever that is, it's horrible. As soon as the camera does release, finally with this cutscene, I immediately save and reload. And that is so much better. A nice, gentle piece of music played on a guitar overtakes the scene, and I can finally get on with the game. Gameplay here is very straightforward. In fact, it's very simple. Sure, the readme tells us this is for children (and one would presume only children who speak whatever language it was that Lara mumbled in the first cutscene), but even some adults can be glad of the complete removal of enemies and a simple game that isn't going to be at all taxing to play. Puzzle elements are easy enough to figure out, though I must admit that I do wonder how long it would have taken me to figure out where the diamond went, were it not called Diamond of the Lion in the menu. This being so different to the norm, I would imagine I'd have been running around for ages. As it was, I did try to place it elsewhere first, before I even noted the naming. In any event, it is always nice to see something different in any custom level. As to the appearance of things, whilst many of the textures in and of themselves are ok, being mashed together as they are makes them clash and therefore look generally ugly. It is as though nothing belongs together. Combining this with the sheer overcrowding that goes on in this level, and the general lack of space, the game has a sense of discomfort and incongruity about it. Having investigated three very small areas in this very small town, we are yet again introduced to another cutscene. On this occasion it is accompanied by an operatic rendition of Ave Maria, and nice enough as that may be, the scenes we are so slowly dragged over are but the environments we have already played. Yes, seen that. Um, that too. Yep, I went along that path. Sure, did that switch. Ooh look, a lamp post. I am getting very bored again at this slow and very dull cutscene, and by now this too is seeming to be more about simply waiting for the music to finish, rather than giving us an idea of what is to come. I am mistaken, however, for it's not about what is to come. The menu loads and the game is over. I am still bewildered. You might not think it to read me here, but I am a fan of Agnes' levels. I've enjoyed so many from her in the past. This one is reasonable enough for what it is, I suppose, but it isn't one that amounts to much." - Czar (16-Dec-2008)
"Yay, an Agnes level - now it really is Christmas. This is charming, which is about as redundant a comment as saying water is wet. If you have played previous levels by Agnes, you will be well aware that you're in for a treat and, if you have never played one of her levels, what on earth have you been doing all this time? This is short, sweet, peaceful, easy and in every way an ideal little Christmas level for all to play. Lovely." - Jay (16-Dec-2008)