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BtB2009 - That One Door by Dutchy

Bene 8 9 8 8
Cory 8 7 9 9
Czar 6 6 6 6
DJ Full 8 9 9 8
dmdibl 10 9 10 9
EssGee 7 8 8 7
eTux 8 8 8 8
Eva 7 7 7 7
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Glouglouton 7 8 8 9
jawi 8 6 7 8
Jay 9 9 9 10
Jose 9 9 10 9
manarch2 6 7 8 8
MichaelP 8 8 8 8
Mman 7 8 8 9
Moonpooka 10 9 9 10
Mulf 8 8 8 7
Mytly 8 8 9 9
nerdfury 8 9 8 7
Orbit Dream 8 8 9 9
Phil 9 8 8 9
Relic Hunter 9 9 9 8
Ruben 9 9 9 10
Ryan 8 9 9 9
Samu 8 8 8 8
Shady Croft 8 8 8 8
Sutekh 8 8 8 8
Treeble 8 8 8 8
release date: 01-Jan-2009
# of downloads: 130

average rating: 8.19
review count: 29
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file size: 24.88 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is a charming level that isn't difficult or super creative, but was still fun to play. When you enter the main hub area (with the flyby), you may feel overwhelmed about what to do next, but actually progression is pretty straight-forward. If you enjoy shotgun blasting skeletons, you'll love this level. I enjoyed the combat however I felt like the endgame was lacking a more difficult enemy; in fact the last 5-10 minutes, after inserting 4 black beetles, felt lackluster compared to the rest of the adventure. I would have loved to explore that final outdoor area further -- even go to the 2nd floor. As I suspected from playing another level of the builder's, cameras were used perfectly, with the flybys doing a wonderful job of drawing the player into the world. I wasn't that keen on the Lara-double room; it seemed to me just to show off the builder's skills and had nothing to do with progression within the game. I also feel like the builder's choice of textures was detrimental to the atmosphere; while they were all Egyptian-themed, they were a mishmash of colors and the architectural design was often just too "busy". Static objects would often be too bright, as well. I did, however, enjoy how the builder tied all rooms together, and how you could see previously visited rooms through the windows. 8/9/8/7." - nerdfury (21-Oct-2020)
"Apparently I haven’t played the original Cleopal often enough, as I must admit I wasn’t aware of ‘that one door’ in it that presumably didn’t open and to investigate which Lara returns in this level, but I like the concept, and it is very well executed here. It’s difficult to assess whether the level profited or suffered from its inclusion in a BtB contest, but it is perfectly capable to hold its own outside that particular context. It infuses the generic Cleopal environment with a good number of original ideas—some low-key (the flare pickup mimicking the stem of a green plant), others quite spectacular (I had no idea the mechanical beetle could do what it is beautifully shown to do here)—in a non-linear, smoothly moving and architecturally often interesting way with few flaws to speak of. I have to say though that I didn’t particularly care for the beginning (a multitude of doors in a cramped environment) and felt that it went on just a bit too long (the Lara Double scene could have been scrapped, and nobody would have missed it); and the attempt to introduce a TR1-style non-sky towards the end didn’t work particularly well, perhaps because the vivid texture set clashes rather than contrasts with this pitch-blackness. These are minor complaints, however, and the bulk of the level is quite excellent. Isn’t it about time for another one, Dutchy?" - Mulf (12-Oct-2019)
"A nice storyline got me hooked here and this level, while perhaps not among the very best of the competition, definitely has its moments. Progression through this game is rather clever, several traps are a good if not very hard challenge and the cutscenes are also great, especially the one with the beetle you really have to see. Overall, I still think the gameplay could've had more up with it (although the less linear approach while never getting confusing is well planned) and gets a little tame towards the end, with not so much diversity and real puzzles are also rather few. Just some minor other things I found: There was an unmarked ladder which wasn't so nice (although it's rather clear that you have to get up there); what is the point in triggering two harpies and a Lara statue only when shotgun ammo is picked up? It's much easier if you just leave it there. And last, from one ledge in the upper part of the main hall you can jump to the other and vice versa, although it's not a real shortcut it feels a bit strange. The atmosphere is rather well done with nice glimpses in other parts of the level, carefully applied and well chosen sounds and cameras and rather good texturing and lighting (with a few smaller mistakes). There are even some outside areas here which add to the atmosphere. The enemies are also decently used as well as the objects and the five secrets are nicely hidden as well. A good effort which took me 25 minutes to finish." - manarch2 (22-Jul-2016)
"Again it was fun to play the BtB levels for a second time and I have to hand it to Dutchy he always has some fun (as well as great) ideas. I still love the second use of the Mechanical Beetle." - Gerty (19-May-2016)
"How nice to have a level centered around Cleopatra's Palaces. The first room looks familiar, trust me. From there though it branches out into completely new territory, with the expected elements present such as the beetle pyramid, the mechanical beetle and skeletons. Classical raiding as we love it!" - Ryan (11-Apr-2016)
"This one begins exactly how I like, with Lara trapped in a tight space to figure out the getaway. Whatever unfolds, should be greater and greater - and it is: we enter a really impressive remake of classic cleopal architecture, in well repictured style of curved corridors covered with green, skeletal pitfalls and lots of familiar sarcophagi. The lighting lacks a bit of contrast, but architecture variety manages to keep the place very interesting: ornamental yet not overdone paintings, obligatory fountains, differing floor elevations between various chambers and pillars which DO make sense. Well some later ones still don't so we have to assume ancient civilizations just tend to place these for future raiding purposes. Also the author dared to put some black beetles, a golden beetle, a broken beetle, a little_beetle (with flipeffect 31 - WOW! respect!). Also interleaved these with multiple horseman gems, a combined portal guardian and an ancient scroll. Oh, there's also a Paros Pillar... how the heck didn't he get lost in his own puzzle design? O.O I wonder why is the knot missing, did he not want to apply it or did he just forget? These pickups are usually guarded by other pickups we need to find in primary order or traps mostly utilizing spikes, but also with some well executed benzin flipmaps and with a whole army of harpies, demigods and skeletons, so I wonder why the crossbow comes that late - I fired three times and the level ended, notabene without any particular ending - no, not again... why? And that last upper shelf cried for exploration so I guess the game needs another sequel which will allow it. SUMMARY: A solid cleopal. Surely underlit and lacking a conclusion yet still entertaining and surprising as it lasts. Recommended." - DJ Full (30-Apr-2015)
"As another Cleopatra's Palace level it's kind of funny how similar the base concept of this feels to Just a Bowl of Cherries; you start in relatively confined corridors before moving onto a much more impressive palace area where the main action takes place. Overall this is the much stronger level though; the visuals are more consistent throughout, there's a small twist at the end with the use of outdoor areas, and it's more varied in general. I also like the basic concept of exploring more of an old location (which more Back to Basics Classics levels could have experimented with). Gameplay is quite sedate and based around exploring for beetles for the most part, it has some more challenging moments and is fun enough but it feels a bit a generic and lacking in anything to really make it stand out. I think focusing this level more around the outdoor areas, rather than just leaving it to the occasional view and a small segment at the end would have given this the distinction it's lacking. It's enjoyable enough though." - Mman (13-Nov-2012)
"I love the Cleopatra's Palaces level from the original TR4, so I'm a bit surprised that I missed out on playing this level during BtB 2009. This is a pleasant level, and it's particularly enjoyable if you play it during a break from a longer and more frustrating levelset, as I did. The level flows quite smoothly from start to finish, with the builder's hand guiding you gently along the correct path and providing useful camera clues and flybys. The gameplay is mostly an artefact hunt, but is nicely spiced up with a good use of enemies, traps, some fun jumps, a couple of timed runs, and the ever-adorable mechanical beetle. The enemies are the usual cleopal fare: demigods, harpies and skeletons. I didn't really mind the somewhat large number of skellies, though I wish the crossbow could have been found a little earlier than 5 minutes before the end of the level.
The builder makes good use of all the architectural objects and plants of the cleopal wad. Some of the statics are not properly lit and the room lighting is rather flat in places, but otherwise the level looks very pretty. There are a number of rooms that are just out of reach, either far above or below Lara. I wish we had been allowed to explore those. Oh well, maybe Lara will make a return trip, in a sequel titled 'That One Pit' or 'That One Balcony'. ;)
Overall: While this level isn't quite up there with the best of BtB 2009, it's nonetheless a very enjoyable raid. Recommended." - Mytly (06-Feb-2012)
"Another ridiculously enjoyable adventure from that bloke who writes all those walkthrough's.70 minutes of non-linear exploring around a huge Cleopal environment,which looks terribly daunting at first,but which comes together smoothly as the level progresses.Gameplay is never particularly challenging(there are no fiendish jumps nor mind-bending puzzles),which may disappoint some players;but the relative ease of forward (or,rather,back-and-forth) progression does mean that the adventure has a very smooth flow.The enemies of the cleopal wad have been very well utilised (although I'm not sure if that whole 'double Lara' sequence served any actual point,as it didn't seem to have any effect on progression);lighting is rich and atmospheric,and the overall appearance is lavish and very pleasing.The best parts are the camera sequences,which serve to highlight the quirkiness of the level (especially the hilarious 'beetle ramp-jumping' scene) and the exhilarating timed-block jump. This is great fun from first moment to last,and illustrates perfectly (as was the overall point of this particular BtoB Contest) just what can STILL be done with the original LE. There's life in the old dog yet (and I don't just mean Dutchy)." - Orbit Dream (05-Feb-2012)
"It seems like a fair number of the BtB 2009 levels have that feeling like they could easily be continuations of the original levels that inspired them. This is another one that follows this example and while on one hand the good thing is that you're already facing a winning and tested formula, the downside is that despite the looks being generally nicely done, there isn't that much innovation here as far as the aesthetic side of the level goes. But what creative sparks it might lack in the aesthetic department, it makes up for rather interesting gameplay elements. It flows really well, has a number of fun jumps and interesting use of the mechanical beetle. The 4 of the 5 secrets I found were not overly generous, but the base supply of the goodies is more than enough to face the hazards this level provides. All in all - nicely done, never too complicated, but at the same time not so straightforward you'll get bored - so suitable for players of all skill levels." - eTux (04-Feb-2010)
"Well, wasn't there a lot behind the door Lara forgot? You start this level by having to find a crowbar allowing you into the next area. Then you go into a well-built main area with various different routes, all of which you'll access in this level. With gameplay that, at times, was slightly confusing (but only rarely) this is actually a quite enjoyable level. The only slight annoyance with the gameplay was that I happened to miss one black beetle so I had to go back and collect it. A lovely atmosphere is created with some nice areas and the texturing was very nice. 35 minutes to complete and recommended." - Cory (15-Mar-2009)
"Although it's a big cleopal level with many rooms and no-lineal, it's easy to play 'cause there are a lot of cameras helping you all the way and you can do the tasks in any order returning always to the same main room and you don't need to return to the same places you've been playing. Evenmore, the author doesn't let you advance if you don't pick up the necessary items, so it was a very good gameplay for me, although there are not great puzzles and the tasks are easy. I liked architecture and textures too, and rooms are very well ornated. There are a lot of skeletons to fight, but the crossbow appears too late near the end so you must use only the shotgun, but there are ammo enough. One of the best BtB levels this year. Very entertaining." - Jose (26-Feb-2009)
"This level is quite good. It has TR4 Cleopatra’s Palace’s spirit. Whole game is easy and enjoyable. I had no difficulties to pass through it. Best thing in this level is very realistic architecture. You explore big tomb with many passages and doors. Every way is connected with the main tomb, so you can easily move around whole location. I like, that you can go back, if you missed something. I don’t like rooms with black horizon. For some reasons it annoys me. Lightning should be better, without so many too dark or too bright places. Textures and objects are well used. I took two secrets and was sure it’s all, but then I saw that there were five of them and got shocked. There aren’t any special moments that stayed in my memory. All in all: although I prefer more difficult levels, this is quite a good one." - jawi (18-Feb-2009)
"This level utilizes cleopal wad and textures and is built pretty well. Gameplay isn't focused much on solving puzzles but it contains many different sort of jumping tasks and some exploring. The ways of using flammable liquid and mechanical beetle are very nice features and surroundings are also designed with care even if they are not particularly memorable and unique. All in all I liked this level and recommend it to everybody." - Samu (10-Feb-2009)
"Didn't really expect this one to be quite a wonderful adventure. Yes, it's the same old boring Cleopal wad we've been through many times before, though I just had a lot of fun with this personally. The setting is nicely crafted and offers relaxing gameplay through a journey clocking in just under an hour. I gotta admit, I completely forgot that I picked up a shotgun so for the first part of the level I was quite annoyed by the skeletons hacking me, though when I pressed '2' to draw the shotgun out of frustration, it seems that I have picked up it, hehe. That aside, the skellies make things a bit interesting and I had no issues with having to line them up to go in their pits. There are many rooms to explore in these parts, and some of them have some fun jump sequences too. Puzzles with the mechanical beetle are set up nicely, and there are a few timed runs to do around as well. It is a relaxing journey while trying to find the four beetles so that one can get to the final parts of the level. I really have no big gripes other than the lighting is rather uniform throughout much of the level, but it works well. I have also noticed some texturing mistakes, a couple of stretched ones and one rotated incorrectly, so if the author decides to release more levels they might be a bit more attentive. Not to say they aren't, the level is very good looking, and I also liked the short outdoor part. The windows inside the temple that show the outside part are also a neat touch. I think this level is a bit underrated, I found it quite enjoyable and would have liked to play some more." - Relic Hunter (05-Feb-2009)
"I was really surprised by this level, it was better than the other Cleopal levels I've played recently. This starts really easy and too linear and gives the feeling of yet another gloomy adventure in Cleopetra's places. Soon enough, the level starts having a lot more than perceived at the beginning as the quest for 4 beetles, a scarab, gems, guardian key and a pillar takes you around to tackle tasks while dodging skeletons and harpys placed in tricky spots. The level was not too difficult, but sufficiently entertaining for a Cleopal level. Textures and lighting were very good, and there were a few nice tasks to add a bit of challenge to it. Looks can be deceiving, and I just realized while writing this review that I forgot to put the music scroll in its place....its that packed, it makes you forget. Well done !" - Shady Croft (02-Feb-2009)
"A solid and fairly standard cleopal-WAD level. As usual, you quest for the four beetles by collecting gems, eventually you get the mechanical scarab (though the setup for one of the traps is different from anything I've seen so far) and then you make your way out. Level design is quite nice and I especially liked the way the dark outside affected the areas with open ceilings, thought it was a nice touch. You don't get the crossbow until much later, so you do end up shooting a number of skeletons off ledges. 45 minutes, 1 secret. 01/09" - Treeble (31-Jan-2009)
"So many rooms to investigate in this dingy level, with a number of passages bestrewn with vines interconnecting various switches, pickups and secrets. Along the way Lara is bothered repeatedly by skeletons. Sure, we have a shotgun, but it doesn't stop the irritation of having to line things up near a pit deep enough to blast them into. It's not so bad with one or two, but it does get tiresome with the many more in this level and most of the time I found myself sighing for a bit of peace from the tedious things. Early on one of the secrets is given away by showing where the switch to open the door to it is, pretty much rendering it a non-secret then. Aside from that, the rest of the camera work is definitely useful. There is some enjoyable use of the mechanical scarab, and indeed one later use of it that triggers a mini-flyby, showing other things being set in motion which was a nice little touch. A lot of the structure and layout of this level is novel, and there is also plenty of complexity here, which I do like, but everything is just so miserable looking. Object collection and placement was all pretty standard fare. Whilst I enjoyed various aspects of this level only in the most general of terms, on the whole I just didn't click with it. So uninspired I was, in fact, that overall I could hardly be bothered to keep a good note in order to write an adequate and fulsome review. Aside from some of the recognised positives here, this all just felt very pedestrian. So all I can say then is, well, it's ok. (And this is how flat the level left me feeling.)" - Czar (21-Jan-2009)
"A very relaxing level, with a straightforward, easy and well designed gameplay, based mostly on research with a couple of (not very) tricky moves on the way and timed sequences that can easily be beaten on first attempt. Enemies are masterfully staged, all requiring some strategy (especially the skellies), but introduced in such ways the player always has a chance to make it unscathed. The only moment when health loss is inevitable is the not so welcome appearance of the dreaded beetles (but, hey, it's Cleo's Palace, right?), and even then you can get rid of them quickly enough. Settings are lovely, although not stunning ('pretty' comes to mind), and the lighting is a tad too uniform. I only found four of the five secrets, but I suspect one particular small medipack lying in scalding water to be the fifth, although it seems impossible to pick up without dying (I know, I've tried). That will remain a mystery, unless the author builds a sequel called "That One Small Medipack" one day..." - Sutekh (13-Jan-2009)
"A door that is still closed is causing Lara to lose sleep, so off she goes to find it and finally open it. The nicely designed tomb area in classic Egyptian style invites you to explore all the nooks and crannies. Pretty much all the known artifacts where included and used here, so Lara has a lot of searching to do. Gameplay is quite simple as you search the areas in fairly linear fashion as you subsequently place the artifacts, so by and large it is not that hard to get to open the final door, so that Lara can now sleep peacefully again." - Eva (12-Jan-2009)
"An Egyptian level set in Cleopatra Palace style. This level was a little down on lighting, but more that the lighting was a little dull, but not so that one is struggling with it. Some good setups with the whirli-beetle and hot oil pools. Something seemed to have gone funny in setting up the gem receptacles, as they appeared on their side only showing a small rim, until the gems had been placed. Made them somewhat hard to locate. Skellies and Demigods to battle but nothing out of the ordinary in terms of gameplay, making it a fairly easy and enjoyable raid." - EssGee (11-Jan-2009)
"A real good work and a nice contribution to BtB 2009 ! Its a smooth gameplay not too challenging but you better keep your eyes wide open all the time not to miss any important item but you can always go back to collect it , its mainly about 4 scarabs to find and place in the well known pyramid. I liked this nice little game very much , it is well worth playing !" - Ruben (10-Jan-2009)
"This is good ol' fashioned raiding at what we used to consider its best. Much about this one-hour adventure is eerily reminiscent of Piega's earliest releases. Of course, we've come a long way, both as builders and as players, since those days, so I can't in good conscience award it top scores. On the other hand, this is a delightful level for players of average skills (such as yours truly). There are no tricky maneuvers that require repeated attempts to conquer, just solid, crisp gameplay with ample lighting and those oh-so-gorgeous Egyptian surroundings. Many will probably consider this as a level that's hopelessly behind the times, but I enjoyed it immensely and wish there were more like it being released these days. Recommended for a low-pressure but exciting romp." - Phil (09-Jan-2009)
"Starting as a little walk down the Cleopatra's Palaces memory lane, this evolves into a fast flowing 45 minutes adventure that is really entertaining because it keeps this great balance between being not difficult at all, but also not boring in the slightest. You just zoom through, collecting plenty of artifacts including the inevitable four black beetles, master a few moderate traps and challenges including burners, spikes, ropes, darts and nice secrets to collect (only found three of the five though). Enemies are only a few harpies, skeletons and demigods, but it was fun to see the Lara Statue again that gets attacked and drains your health. Also, it must have been the first time I have actually seen the mechanical beetle set in scene so nicely with a flyby of it even dropping off a ledge at the end of its ride. So, don't wait and boot this one up for some classic and relaxing fun." - MichaelP (08-Jan-2009)
"A good level with some brillant textures and lightings. We find the same atmosphere as tr4 maybe too close by report tothe original game (the level seems to be already used). I've loved also the room of the 2nd lara. This level is quite easy and the difficulties haven't increased during the game and there haven't more to do than find 4 beetles in 4 long puzzles and that's why it's only a good level not a very good level" - Glouglouton (07-Jan-2009)
"Nice storyline and a very good reason for revisiting Cleopatra's Palaces, which have been well rendered by an obviously very experienced builder. The game rattles along at a great pace, with nicely rounded and ultimately very satisfying gameplay, treading that fine line between the exciting and the frustratingly hard. I liked it a lot and of course I'm always glad to get to play with the darling mechanical beetle. I just love the way it wiggles its bum before moving, rather like a cat sizing up a jump. I also had to laugh at the normally titled 'broken beetle' being referred to in the inventory as 'useless beetle'. I almost felt sorry for it. This is a must play level for players of all abilities." - Jay (06-Jan-2009)
"Oh, how lovely was this? A faultless and fun level, set in a Cleopal Palace. Lara has to search for the four beetles, Portal Guardian, gems, the pillar and the mechanical beetle. There's also a secret scroll to find. What I really liked about this level is that everything was straight forward, and nothing was irritating throughout. Skellies, harpies and demigods will hinder the way, but there is plenty of ammo and health around if you need it. Spike and fire traps will are on the menu, and also some deadly pools, but most of all this is a searching level with many lovely rooms to visit. The lighting and textures were perfect for me, and game play was fun and interesting. I missed one of five secrets, but I will be happy to re-play this in the future to find it. Very nice indeed, and this may just have gone to the top on my fav list for the BTB 2009." - Moonpooka (04-Jan-2009)
"This one I really enjoyed. The author has taken the cleopal.wad and done just about everything with it that it is possible to do, far exceeding the original TR4. Very good design, texturing, and game play. I often pause and look around, and here everything combines in a satisfying environment: the way the pillars are decorated, the architecture, the use of those rounded steps, the fountains, the way in which areas interconnect. Everything says this is a seasoned builder, so the player can relax. Many areas are on the dark side (at least for me), but not enough to be a hindrance; the darkness enhanced things like the pillar jump with the two skeletons. I liked the secrets (found 5), though when Lara finally got to the scroll secret I was expecting something like a flamethrower, and the only thing there was a large medipack. We get to use the mechanical beetle again. After Lara finds four beetles, she comes out above the small pyramid where the beetles are placed, which is convenient. In fact, there is very little backtracking in this level (maybe with the secret scroll), and none of the challenges require tiresome multiple repetitions (you still need to think and do some acrobatics). Nicely balanced game play. The main enemies are demigods. I did get stumped for a while right at the end with the unreachable jump switch for the door; as always, play with open eyes. Recommended for all." - dmdibl (03-Jan-2009)
"A return to Lara's roots and a chance to play with the mechanical beetle once again. From a somewhat cramped beginning, this opens up nicely to designed areas filled with good puzzles that is just plain fun to wander through. Good secret placement - I loved the scroll leading to one of the secrets. I got 4 out of the 5. The timed sequences added to the enjoyment and interest as they were (and here's the key phrase) not frustrating and game flow was not hampered but enhanced. A nice walk down Memory Lane, recommended for all." - Bene (02-Jan-2009)