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Tarragona 6 - Algernon's Lab by Josep Borrut

alan 7 7 8 9
Albert 9 10 10 10
CC 9 9 10 10
Cuqui 9 9 10 9
Dimpfelmoser 9 9 10 9
DJ Full 6 7 8 6
Dougsan 10 9 10 9
eRIC 6 8 9 9
eTux 8 8 9 9
Fabio Ribeiro 8 9 10 9
Freeman Porter 9 10 9 8
G.Croft 9 9 10 9
Gerty 8 9 9 10
gfd 7 8 7 7
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Josi 9 9 9 9
JRaider66 9 9 8 8
Kristina 9 9 9 9
Loupar 10 10 10 10
Magnus 9 8 9 8
manarch2 5 8 8 7
MichaelP 9 9 10 10
Miguel 8 9 9 9
Mman 8 7 6 7
Momster 8 9 10 10
Navi 10 10 10 10
Phil 9 8 9 8
Qwendo 9 9 10 10
RaiderGirl 9 9 10 10
Relic Hunter 8 8 9 8
Ryan 8 8 9 9
Sash 9 9 9 9
Scottie 10 9 9 10
Sheevah 8 7 9 8
Tombraidergirl 9 9 9 9
Treeble 9 8 10 9
Wendee 8 9 9 10
Xxenofex 9 10 10 9
release date: 04-Jul-2001
# of downloads: 125

average rating: 8.80
review count: 38
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file size: 101.15 MB
file type: TR4
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This starts in a laboratory, but in a part of the level you'll get into the sewers, like the previous level. The glass maze with cameras was not difficult, neither was the underwater one which also had some interesting camera angles. Only that in the glass labyrinth the game got laggy. Enemies are guards, crocodiles and a bull, but you can leave this one alone as it isn't necessary for it to bump against anything. I found 2 secret skulls." - alan (10-Dec-2017)
"Lara continues her journey through the sewers and reaches her next destination, Algernon's Lab. Again, mainly exploration but there are a few inventive twists including a couple of transparent labyrinths (not too bad), enjoyable boulder traps and a bull to contend with. There are a few tedious long tunnels and ladders to traverse, which does counterbalance proceedings a bit. This is probably my second favourite in the series so far, but IMO Devil's Lair still takes pole position." - Ryan (18-Apr-2017)
"The bike ride requiring to stop and grab pickups from every splattered enemy and the only good final room barely redeemed the previous part, but here such design repeats with even more severe creativity drop - a good prologue and finale among underlit corridors, switches and sases are simply not enough." - DJ Full (24-Mar-2017)
"Visually this isn't much of a leap from the last level, and there's nothing as impressive as the last room of the previous map. On the other hand, I do feel the general quality is more consistent and smaller areas generally look a bit better. It's also better structured with areas linking more as opposed to the last map where everything was separated by long corridors. While still not especially challenging this has the most engaging gameplay so far outside the bonus level; it's a bit maze-based but general exploration is more interesting, and the mazes aren't as bad as they initially appear (the camera effects in the main one are sort of cool, and it's nice you can avoid them by keeping your guns drawn). It's actually one of the shorter levels so far though, but it ends with a nice twist." - Mman (10-Feb-2016)
"The atmosphere follows the one from its precedessor, yet while feeling even more sterile and grey at the start the soberness of the base is actually a nice element of atmosphere. Still, with almost no lighting usage and very monotonous textures in long and always two-click high corridors, the visuals tend to be a bit dull. The room connections with those cubic glass walls are rather sweet though and there are some nice views from time to time. This time the object usage is better, so that the bureaux and many areas still look quite fancy and there are several cool effects put to good usage in this level, like the prison scene (when trying to shoot all lattices with explosives, the game crashed ;) ), another, even more sophisticated 2D underwater maze and of course the nice teleport effect with the cube that is simple but very effective. The gameplay has several quite tedious parts like in the previous level, but there are also a few better ideas realized, although - again - the best ones are reserved for the secrets, which is a bit of a pity. In the one with the squishy blocks, I managed to get to the secret before noticing there's actually a monkeyswing making things much mroe easy... however, I also must mention the dead end if you fall into the water in the boulder alley one, which was avoidable. The glass maze at the beginning shows that even those can be fun with a few ideas (here the fixed cams that are thankfully breakable with the Look key). The function of the bull still eludes me, since it's easy to avoid him and there's no door or button he has to run against. While, there are, as said, some better parts in gameplay, this time the progression doesn't feel as coherent and I think there are too many tasks that can be done in any order and it's hard to distinguish what you've just effected, there are strange multiple shortcuts, longer paths and dead ends that left me quite confused even at the end. Somewhat a step upwards again in the series but still not quite a favourite of mine. Found the three secrets in 30 minutes." - manarch2 (23-May-2015)
"I have already played some good Base/Lab-Level, but this level belongs definitively to the best in this category. Very good lighting and textures, interesting riddles, a glass labyrinth, an underwater labyrinth and a first-class atmosphere which is enough for the highest demands. And one does not believe it which this level was built already in 2001. I have played about 1 hour and, besides, it was never dull. Particularly succeeded are also the flybys. There was nothing to be seen by hectic journeys of a circle like other level builders. With such good Leveln the plays give pleasure, nevertheless, again properly." - Scottie (26-Jun-2009)
"While still a pretty good level, I didn't find this to be as great as the other levels in the series. The base/lab trend continues on, with more sterile white lab environments among a still well designed base complex. In this part though, I found myself running around rather aimlessly a fair bit, and by the end of the level I had a good amount of doors still closed, particularly in the office spaces. On the positive notes though, there are some fun moments like the camera-guided water maze as in Devil's Lair, the taking of the card and getting trapped by soldiers, and also a trip to the sewers provides some fun. There was also an interesting glass maze, but with camera angles that obscured the path for me. You can get rid of them by traversing with guns drawn, yet it's still a tedious experience trying to make sense of the thin-walled maze. The ending is pretty interesting - Lara goes into an alien object and finds herself in another world it seems, but that's in the next level. While a pretty good level, I didn't find it matching up to the others in the series, yet it serves as a good bridge between the previous and next levels of the series." - Relic Hunter (31-Mar-2009)
"Here's another player-friendly, enjoyable level in the Tarragona series. There are several neat touches, including the room with randomly dropping blocks, two mazes (one with changing camera angles to point you in the right direction) and a tunnel at the end that warps you outside to a cave near the exit trigger. When you turn around, the only sign of your passage is a single blue block. The enemies are rather unimaginative (SAS, a few crocs and a bull that's little more than an irritant), but the fun of this level is in the problem solving and in admiring the scenery. A little more than an hour of solid entertainment. Too bad we haven't been treated to more like this from this builder. Highly recommended." - Phil (30-Oct-2005)
"What an experience was this and there are some novel thing in here to been seen. Finding the first button you end up in a glass maze and if you follow the camera you can make it in and out although the latter took more time for me. There is a bull parading outside the maze and he must have been pretty docile as he only charged one time at Lara and continued to parade around that glass maze. There are more mazes in this level but because there are so different it is really fun to figure them out. The block falling bit was thrilling just to get a secret then there is underwater swimming and another glass and water maze and again if you pay attention to the camera you can make it through easily. The boulders are a completely different story and I liked that bit with the squishy blocks and laser floor. In the mirror room I was lost but when in doubt shoot everything in sight - that always works. I jumped in my chair when those ninjas came down from a trapdoor in the ceiling in slow motion nonetheless still what a fright. 23-05-2004" - Gerty (27-May-2004)
"Mazes within mazes - or on top of mazes - or under mazes. What a trip. Who could ask for anything more. And of course the original Algernon - from the short story 'Flowers for Algernon' by Daniel Keyes (TV movie 'Charly') ran a lot of mazes and I think would have had fun in this level. The level is short but more than challenging (trust the camera - where have I read that before?) and gobs of fun. I strongly recommend Algernon's Lab and complement Josep for his tribute to the smartest of little mice." - Dougsan (04-Feb-2004)
"This level starts you off with a horribly annoying glass maze (complete with bad cameras that get you disorientated and feeling dizzy). After to make matters worse comes a bull that can not be killed. Is there anyone who actually likes unkillable enemies? Still we soon get past that; battling guards and crocs whilst running and crawling around searching for buttons and keys etc. All in all this level is a lot like the last but with out the scale death-defying jumps and other interesting things. That's certainly not to say it's a bad level. Far from it. I just didn't think it compared very favourably to the previous episodes. It took me 1 and a half hours and I found 3 lovely secrets! :)" - gfd (08-Dec-2003)
"What a great level fortunately playable without having to resort to a walkthrough! I loved the exploration and the puzzles and even the repeated 'yellow submarine' underwater labyrinth. There's a lot of way to go in these labs and my only doubt was that I got an ID card somewhere and never got to use it anywhere... The ending is also awesome finding a way to move ahead to maybe another dimension. Good job well done!" - Jorge22 (05-Oct-2003)
"This is a beautifully done clinically clean lab it's huge with some lovely glass ceilings floors and walls. There are a lot of computer screens around the lab all showing two closed doors. Now I wonder . . . ! At the start we pass an enclosed swimming pool on top of which we see the glass maze we'll be visiting later. In this glass maze is the crowbar on top the revolver but the most surprising thing is . . . there's a bull there! I guess Josep used a bull because no other enemy had it's movements and that's what he wanted. At least the bull couldn't go inside the maze but stay away from the outer glass wall as it can gore you through it. Back in the sewers again . . . God that girl must stink sometimes. Another odd moment was sliding to the room with the silver skull and the falldown skull head blocks. Lara picks up the pass card in a room with a mirror. Very quickly I start shooting and what a shocker to see the mirror smash. Excellent. There's an extraordinary stacked water maze and you really have to work hard for that golden skull - jumping along safe squares that have mad sliding blocks while trying to stay off the burning floor. Now we get up high on the walkways in the lab and climb even further up to a glass enclosure with a blue vibrating 'egg' for want of another explanation! And the idea is to get into this 'egg' which is beautiful and then you're transported to . . . where? Brilliant level. You're hooked now there's no going back. Gametime here 4:22 hours." - CC (11-Aug-2003)
"This level continues where Part 5 ended. Lara is now in a laboratory complex. It is quite obvious that there is less climbing than in the previous levels. You mainly have to dive and crawl in this level. This level is full of wonderful unusual things. There is a glass labyrinth which is by the way very demanding for some graphic cards the offices in this complex are designed very nicely although I had the feeling I have seen only half of it. There were so many closed doors. You are mainly looking for switches and keys. Some SAS crocodiles and a bull will try to get you down. There is a water maze which is not as difficult as it may seem. There is a room with fast moving pillars which is very mean especially when you are not paying attention. Cameras music textures were as good as in all the Tarragona levels. What annoyed me a bit in this level was that it wasn't always obvious where you had to go next that was easier in the other levels. Very recommendable not difficult." - Tombraidergirl (03-Feb-2003)
"This level had some very interesting points such as the maze under the central room. When I grabbed the crowbar and that beast was released when I was in the middle of the maze I got a little worried COOL!. But the beast was either stopped before entering or was too dumb intelligent-wise to come after me. THAT would have been really cool as I was lost a couple of times without being chased! The puzzles were good and I think that the first rolling ball trap I've seen in Josep's levels was here and well done. Anyways I could tell that he was trying to ease up on the difficulty for less experienced players and it didn't take the fun out of it. ON to the next!" - JRaider66 (29-Jan-2003)
"The 6th Level begins again on a gigantic base which was constructed with great graphics especially the glass maze. Simply fabulous. In order to get to the 3 secrets Lara had to fight very much. You cannot easily make it. One had to do with speed. But also that mastered my Lara. There were also some crocodiles and soldiers. Lara had to find also some artifacts. Much legwork and water mazes Lara had to overcome. The atmosphere was again exciting to the end for my Lara never knew what was yet forthcoming. The camera and sound again and again were suitably inserted. To the end my Lara kept on having another key and a keycard. Doesn't matter I take it with me into the 7th level :) Simply superb level series. Very recommended." - Navi (27-Dec-2002)
"In this one I had many death experiences. Meaning I died quite a few times. In the underwater maze of course from the guards and so on. The glass maze freaked me out as I was starting over and over again taking different routes each time but every time I was missing the right turn. That bull waiting to get his teeth in Lara's skin wasn't encouraging and it was meant to be of course. Did I say that it took me ages to realize I had to shoot the glass to get to the other side well it did. I think this might be the simplest level the author has built. The setting is a lab see the title nicely done though not boring at all. I loved the blue diamond what is that you're asking if you want to find out play the level." - Kristina (02-Dec-2002)
"A fine base level again like the previous level this is not my favourite level in the series but it has its moments. The glass maze was fine but I think it was a bit disappointing to find the crowbar again in the middle of it when I already had found it back in the first levels but I guess it's for those who want to play this level stand alone. The crystal with which's help Lara escapes the laboratory was great too. A fine level but I liked the previous levels better." - eTux (21-Nov-2002)
"Another masterpiece from Josep! From the wonderfully contrived initial labyrinth to the final blue diamond ending very well done. In between you have a different slant on the mirror room some guards to contend with along with a few crocs a rolling boulder puzzle and an exciting smashing block room. The level took me a little over an hour to play and I feel it was not quite as strong on gameplay as Josep's earlier levels but very good nonetheless." - Momster (16-Nov-2002)
"I was pretty eager to play this as the author states that it was meant to be a small homage to Daniel Key's novel 'Flowers for Algernon' which is one of my favorite books. I don't know how much the level reminded me of the book but it sure was a pleasure to play. I never knew what to expect next but with a little exploring I found a lot to do and see - a glass labyrinth with a bull and camera angles that guide you along an underwater maze with transparent walls an observation room with a two way mirror an elaborate sewer system a sliding block and rolling ball puzzle and of course the three skull secrets that are fun to find along the way. I like that Josep's levels have become a little bit easier and brighter along the way and like him I don't like a lot of enemies which is another thing I like about his levels." - RaiderGirl (13-Nov-2002)
"It's been a while since I've played my last custom level due to the work with my own series. So I've chosen an already high rated one to come back reviewing levels. And I've chosen right! This is an exceptional demonstration of room modeling! The very first big room in the lab is already a demonstration of Josep's skills. The grated bridges under which you can monkey swing are pretty cool. The glass maze is one of the most impressive designs I've seen in a custom level so far. I may consider all the work with the room connection and use of toggle opacity in that maze. It must have been a pain! The result is a magic environment and one of the most thrilling parts of the level. (I thought that bull would come into the maze and my legs shaked! Thank God it did not!) Also the mirror room with combination of a lot of shatter plates and camera work turned into one of the best scenes of the level. And the diamond at the ending of the level with one of the best tele transporting simulations around. Gameplay is solid but sometimes you can get lost. I think I've done parts of the level backwards because I was stuck in the sewers once where you need to find a hidden crack on the wall to grab and checked the walkthrough in Josep's site for the solution. Then I've found that some parts that should follow were already solved. But it did not affect the game at all. I guess it was only a matter of choice. I was stuck in a pit with a climbing wall where boulders fall in and then if you go down after the boulders you can't climb up again at least I couldn't. Found all the three secrets which are well hidden. Texturing is great too modern and clean. Lighting could be a little bit better in some areas to enhance the atmosphere but in some other areas it's very well done. Overall a very good level! Download it!" - Fabio Ribeiro (29-Oct-2002)
"A laboratory with some SAS a beautiful glass labyrinth an very nice aquarium to swim in another great level. It's a good thing I found the crowbar when I was already in the middle of the labyrinth because I had one from the previous level and I might not have taken the trouble to get this one which you have to get because it opens a door. I could have been searching for a while how to proceed. The bull freaked me out not really necessary but since I was running around chased by the creature in TR4 not knowing what to do I'm not happy to see it again lol. Anyway this is another must play level (actually it's a must play series). Enjoy!" - Josi (14-Oct-2002)
"What a lot of surprises - a mirror hall blocks that move right and left a underwater labyrinth and very good cameras. The enemies are soldiers a bull (nice short spanish music ;-)) and crocodiles. Josep has done another good job with textures well placed in rooms mixed with concrete metal and glass. I would have liked to enter more of this office-rooms but it was really nice from outside too. You got a lot for your eyes sounds (even we know them) and good lights and shadows. A good hour of challenge and gameplay with joy - the Tarragona Saga is worth to be played by everyone." - Miguel (08-Oct-2002)
"It's another great level from Josep as the other levels he made. Very beautiful the water labyrinth. And the gameplay always clever. Woah! The puzzles and the blue cube to go to Civilisations Crossroads. I love these levels more and more." - Cuqui (11-Sep-2002)
"I was really sad when this was over after little more than an hour as it is without a doubt the most thrilling lab adventure out there. But I must have missed something as I never used the magnetic card and there were a few rooms which I've never been to. I will go back there soon and investigate some more and hope to get the revolver as well. Ok you have a traditional base setting but it's so carefully done and all the crawlspaces make perfect sense. You get a glass maze and an underwater maze yet due to the ever-changing camera angles it's a completely unusual experience. My favourite part was when Lara enters the mirror room and the camera switches to the guards on the other side of the one-way looking glass and you know instinctively that you have to shoot the mirror. What a dramatic moment. Cameras and enemies are used to maximum effect gameplay is pretty fast paced although you sometimes fear that you must be lost. It has not the diversity of its underground empire neither in the setting nor in the storyline but if you take your time and find the secrets you get some really good piece of action. Not to be missed I think." - Dimpfelmoser (17-Aug-2002)
"Finally a level from Josep where at the end of it I didn't need to seek! This fantastic level set inside a wonderfully textured laboratory is thankfully not as demanding as his other levels but that doesn't mean it's a walk in the park either as you make your way through quite a few mazes a glass maze an underwater glass maze and a sliding block maze as well as the overall maze feel of the entire level to end inside a large blue diamond as Josep calls it that takes you on a magical journey outside hopefully to start the seventh adventure in this series. Apart from the mazes there are also quite a few enemies to take care of along the way but not too many that they get in the way though there are a couple I wasn't ready for such as the unlikely placed bull that stalked the outside of the first maze filling me with dread as I made my way out of it and a drop down surprise attack by 2 black clad ninjas that made me nearly jump out of my skin. You could probably finish this level 15 minutes earlier if you don't go searching for the secrets 3 different coloured skulls that are perfectly placed throughout but then that would be like eating vanilla ice cream with out chocolate topping it's still totally delicious but not fully satisfying!" - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"What can I add that has not been stated by the other reviewers? Fantastically crafted offices great atmosphere with a starting fly-by that nicely sets the scene. Some not yet seen ideas such as the infrared rays; the glass maze with its neat camera guidance; the bull (how the heck did he get in there?); tight maintenance tunnels with a decent bit of swimming and scary moments when you meet up with the crocodiles; a box shooting frenzy in the warehouse like rooms; the mirror effect returns (but a little different this time); the slow and painful death when you get it wrong with the second secret (Lara being food for the crocodiles); the aquarium maze effect again that we have already seen in Devil's lair and a real cool 'blue diamond effect at the end - well what a list of fun things you will see in this level. The only thing that annoyed me just a little was one or the other long and boring walkway or too lengthy climb or monkey swing on the way and then for Josep: check on that Lara animation with the button pushing it's the wrong one." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"Algernon's Lab surely is a must play for every tomb raider fan! It contains remarkable rooms such as the glass maze the water maze and obviously the blue teleporter! Of course the Silver Skull secret room shall be listed here. It was the most ingenious secret I ever got - and I wonder if Core Design would make something like that! Now I HAVE to play the next level of the series because I need to know what happened to our dear Lara after that teleport!" - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"Another great level from Josep. Whatever he creates is a thorough and well thought out piece of work. This level does not match the high difficulty of Devil's Lair but outranks it with nice and new textures. At the beginning the player is within a crystal labyrinth to find the crowbar. This maze is built in such a complex way that my PC (P-III 800) almost gave up - Lara's animations became a little slower. Quite as good is also the underwater maze resembling an aquarium. There are plenty of enemies around - SAS soldiers and crocodiles - I liked the two soldiers best who came at Lara from a trap door that opened in the ceiling. Josep pays a lot of attention to detail (the offices are perfectly furnished) and you can find skulls as secrets (I found three). Traps are a little easier to manage this time but still spectacular like the room with the moving blocks. I am looking forward to part 3 and 5 which are still to be expected from Josep...this one was almost 90 minutes of pure gaming fun." - Qwendo (21-Jun-2002)
"A very good level great lab room and a beautiful glass maze with unusual camera angels. Good gaming and puzzles - not as hard as the previous ones though - not quite the same challenge but still a very good level." - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)
"Owing to its title Algernon's Lab is one maze and puzzle after the other. The creator wanted to try and make this level less difficult than his last (Devil's Lair) and did so. An overall very fine and fun level to play novices should have little trouble with its linear play. Gamers will work through puzzles and mazes on land and in water. There are new moveable and shoot-able objects. I only found one secret. The bad guys were few well spaced and appropriate. One can almost feel the cold dankness of the air vents with the dripping of some invisible leak! The textures were perfect and lighting was ample. My approximate time: 1 hour" - Wendee (21-Jun-2002)
"Wow what a complex! A must-have-played stunning level from Josep Borrut very professional with many difficult traps and puzzles. The most beautiful Water-Labyrinth I've ever seen in a custom level with nice camera-views soldiers are coming down from the ceiling and in the beginning I ran around in a glass-labyrinth. Also a shocking scene when some soldiers blow up a big window with grenades. About 90 minutes playing time I've found 2 secrets (skulls)" - Freeman Porter (21-Jun-2002)
"A very good level with good texturing lighting and gameplay. I ended the level after 35 minutes (this was the second time I played this level) and found three secrets. Some areas are a little gray but I can't see how the author could have made them more colorful without destroying the 'real' look of the level." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"Another wonderful level of the Catalan Josep Borrut. In this level set in the present time Josep has united the design complexity (big rooms objects in movement textures glass labyrinths labyrinths of water both with programmed views of the cameras) with the originality making a very pleasant level of playing. In the final stage of the level the view leaving the blue tunnel is simply impressive. Very well Josep continue designing levels like this." - Albert (21-Jun-2002)
"Do you remember the blue cube at the beginning of Civilization Crossroads? And you wondered what was it good for didn't you? Well I did. But now I know and it's not that mysterious. It's just the finish of Algernon's Lab and a very interesting entrance into the next level. In the past months the author made me love his levels using his style of creativity and like the others I played this one was pretty good too although not as tricky as the previous levels. But the glass maze was very interesting. I found a code card and had it with me till the end. So I wonder what was it good for? I also found two secrets a silver and a golden skull. Is there still a third one missing? Thanks for only a few SAS guards you can get rid of them without any problems not to mention those two or three crocs. Well worth downloading." - Sheevah (21-Jun-2002)
"Also this part of the Tarragona legend is full of puzzles. Again an impressive atmosphere this time in technical surroundings. Textures sound cameras were used again optimally. In opponents Josep Borrut has not saved in this part - and they were extremely well placed. A high point in this level was for me the aquarium labyrinth very beautifully set in scene. There were jump combinations certainly less for it the surroundings were also not suitable so. Very recommendable particularly in connection with the preceded level." - Xxenofex (21-Jun-2002)
"This level is very beautiful for the lighting/texturing and the camera work is really perfect as usual in Josep's levels worthy of a professional. But the gameplay/puzzles is really not outstanding only rather good. Maybe it comes from me but I find the level a bit boring sorry. I think this is a level of transition after The underground Empire which was a great level. I am going now to the Civilisations Crossroads it seems there are more emotions than in Algernon's Lab." - eRIC (21-Jun-2002)
"As the other levels of Tarragona this is perfect. From the first flyby in the huge computer room we can see what is the last step of the level: the ceiling trapdoor. During the playing we visit almost every room an we can see some of the most original traps of the game: the glass maze (always whit a little camera help) and the water maze. The entire scenery is perfectly done and especially the final solution. The blue cube that transfers Lara into another world is really beautiful. I'm playing at the moment the Civilisations Crossroads the last level of Tarragona but I want more; because this is a really good Sci-Fi history." - Loupar (21-Jun-2002)