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Tomb Raider Oblivion - Part 1 (Demo) by Stew

Blue43 4 5 5 5
Ceamonks890 1 4 4 5
eRIC 1 2 6 5
Gerty 1 2 3 3
Jay 5 5 6 6
Jerry 3 4 4 6
Jose 3 5 5 7
MichaelP 4 5 5 3
MpGrill 4 4 6 6
Orbit Dream 1 2 3 5
rtrger 3 3 5 5
Ryan 2 3 3 4
Treeble 3 3 3 3
release date: 11-Jan-2009
# of downloads: 151

average rating: 3.90
review count: 13
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file size: 20.44 MB
file type: TR4
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Other reviewers have really stated it all, the initial pushblock puzzle makes no sense whatsoever and I pity Harry if he had to drag the crates onto every possible tile in that room until he found the proper placement (hopefully he was tech savvy enough to use tools to inspect the level at the time). It's nice seeing the Trinity outfit but otherwise this really had nothing going for it, all you do here is find a couple of levers or shootable targets to open trapdoors and proceed. Well, that, and the pushblock bit. The new animation for pistols drawn felt wonky. 20 minutes. 06/22" - Treeble (12-Jun-2022)
"I was so distracted by Lara's new "look" and off-putting animation when drawing her guns, that I goofed up more times than I care to count in this demo. The gameplay wasn't really up to much - searching for levers, pushing blocks and picking up a few items. I did like the lighting and texturing and some of the music choices were fitting, but that's where my positivity ends, sadly." - Ryan (11-May-2017)
"As far as base levels go, this is pretty by-the-numbers, as we find ourselves playing as Trinity from the Matrix films(for whatever reason), looking for an artifact in the hopes of getting it out of the wrong hands. And despite me liking that the builder has finally managed to make lighting more consistent in his levels alongside some well-chosen ambiance tracks and proper utilization of objects here, the game in itself is rather dull to actually play through(with an unnecessarily obscure pushblock puzzle and an abrupt ending not really serving to help matters in the slightest.) So in conclusion, while probably his best release yet, I still wouldn't recommend this to anyone looking to do a serious playthrough of something, as the lack of proper beta testing definitely shows here and with no full version of the game in question having been uploaded since this demo came out in 2009, ultimately just turns out to be a waste of time. Only really worth the hassle if you're a completionist and/or serious reviewer." - Ceamonks890 (09-Dec-2014)
"Since this level has an interesting look from the screen shots posted here I thought to try this, but the game play is a real let down. Like most already mentioned there is a push block puzzle that makes absolutely no sense. I pushed blocks for ten minutes until I read the walkthrough. The rest of the level consists of running through a few more or less dark corridors, pull a few switches and do a little diving. The looks and atmosphere wasn't bad at all. Lara has that"Trinity" look and I thought it did fit well into this mainly greenish tinted level - definitely Matrix inspired. The end comes totally surprising, but it is listed as a Demo and so I guess that's where the builder just left off. (20 minutes)" - Blue43 (06-Mar-2011)
"This is the weirdest base level I've ever seen. Solving a puzzle, where I had lack of ideas about what to do. After some pushing, the trapdoors was opened, yay! After a few mins of gaming, I realised that I was stucked because I messed up something at the box puzzle. Ok, restart. After the glitch has gone, it was quite simple, the rest of the level can be done in five minutes. So the first puzzle confused me pretty much, it should've been more obvious(and glitchless), but the lighting, the outfit and the ambient music is very good." - rtrger (28-Mar-2010)
"This level self-destructs within the first few minutes with a push-block puzzle of such obscurity that I defy anyone to get through without the aid of the Walkthrough (Harry Laudie has my utmost respect!) Once solved,the remainder of the level is a simple run through dark hi-tech corridors interspersed with unintentionally humerous moments (the magically appearing flame-throwers;the bizarre Death room containing a static Lara;the completely anachronistic Skeleton;Lara's Matrix outfit and amusing running animation).It ends arbitrarily and is not,in any way,worth the effort. I only endured this because it appeared on Michael Pragers's Wishlist.The man owes me for this,I tell you. He owes me!" - Orbit Dream (26-Mar-2009)
"Not bad the design, but at the beginning how can you figure out where the moveable boxes had to be moved? I missed some camera shots when you trigger something. There are some interesting tasks too, but the demo is very short to can say something more. I liked lights and textures, and the musics too." - Jose (05-Mar-2009)
"As this is a demo I think the author would like to get some critiques and hints rather than a review in order to improve the final version. So here we go. Lara's outfit with a short haircut seems to be unfinished or not carefully worked on as you can look her through the neck when she is bowing her head. For the pushable block task the player needs to read the authors mind where to push the blocks. Camera hints in general would be helpful, but there aren't any. I missed the revolver and laser sight at the first go and when I reached the place where I needed it I couldn't go back. This kind of dead ends should be avoided by all means, so better make sure that the player has picked up everything they need in the further game or at least give them a way to get back. Rooms were rather empty and bare, texturing was okay, lighting was good apart from some very dark spots." - Jerry (09-Feb-2009)
"OK, demo I know, pushing I also know, but this demo was very short and the pushing was an enigma for me, even with the screenshots and the explanation. Although the screenshots I could work with, the explanation is still a mystery. When Lara is running please draw your guns, this is such a funny sight, nobody and I mean nobody, even our Lara will run like that. I didn't like the costume, like she was going to a dress party, oh well, each its own, I guess. Oh and yes, she cut her hair :D. For the rest it is only looking for levers and that is all. The trapdoor had a bug, opening and suddenly closing and no way to open it again. Again why a demo, seeing if you get good points? Won't happen, as it is a demo. Or if people like what you are building? Better invite some friends or even beta testers." - Gerty (19-Jan-2009)
"I am with Gerty here - Demo releases to the public like this one simply do not make any sense. Go find yourself a set of friends/Beta Testers if you need some feedback or inspiration to continue to the building process. And a lot of continuation is needed to turn this into an enjoyable level indeed. I kind of liked the outfit and the overall lighting and atmosphere is at least ok, but most everything else is rather annoying. The push puzzles may have a certain logic, but it could be this or any other logic, so without reading the mind of the builder, I am not sure how to figure these out without a walkthrough (Thanks Harry!) or endless trial & error. Cameras when used are a bit pointless, but when you need one to show a trapdoor opening, it is missing. Enemies are only a few guards and building that long crawlspace only to show off the new move is a bit odd as well. So, as an early demo it has a certain something to it, but it needs a lot of work still..." - MichaelP (19-Jan-2009)
"A 20 minutes demo that did not made a lot of sense for me. Firstly there is a very enigmatic pushable boxes puzzle with no real hint where to place them to open a couple of underwater trapdoors. If you place one box where you should not to , and later activate a jump switch you are stuck for good. Also if the player forget to pick up revolver and lasersight at the beginning , he can be stuck for good later on. The end of the level is a bit better with a slide while avoiding death squares , and a final room with other pushable blocks. The atmosphere is fine and the setting not bad although some textures look strange (the ones which are black and with a grey cross)." - eRIC (17-Jan-2009)
"This level was an avarage beginner level with a pretty good atmosphere.I liked the lightning and the background music which gave the level a great atmospheric feeling. There were some objects that really didnt fit in a base level like this one.I didnt like the pushable puzzle at the beginning in the big hall...there were no markings on the floor so I had to look in the Forum for help.This was just kinda unfair,even after reading the answer i didnt get it...cauz the boxes were so far away from the unmarked spot where they belong. I also didnt like the very long crawlspace...a little bit annoying:) There are no big Bugs in the level, so its playable and it was okey. Just dont miss to pick-up the Revolver and lasersight like I did..." - MpGrill (15-Jan-2009)
"I could hardly concentrate on raiding initially because I found Lara so odd - she almost looks deformed and it's very distracting. Anyway, that aside and given that I don't understand why builders release demos in the first place, this isn't at all bad and might just indicate a finished level worth playing." - Jay (15-Jan-2009)