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The World Tour by flesko

Christian 9 8 8 7
Czar 9 8 8 7
Dutchy 8 9 8 7
eRIC 9 8 8 7
Gerty 7 8 7 7
Jack& 9 9 7 6
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jerry 9 8 8 8
Jorge22 7 8 7 7
Jose 6 8 9 9
MichaelP 8 8 8 7
Minox 8 8 8 8
Mman 7 6 6 6
Phil 9 8 9 9
Ruben 9 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
release date: 17-Jan-2009
# of downloads: 88

average rating: 7.84
review count: 16
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file size: 63.62 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is a rather long (over 3 hour in total) that I found to be pretty enjoyable overall. The first is quite simple to follow and is basically centered around finding three Globes to open the doors to the next Egyptian level. I did pity having to shoot the foxes roaming in this part, but in my defence they went for Lara first. I liked the timed run for the secret but I found the pushable pillar puzzle to be slightly too tedious. The second is longer and more involved with some nice ninja encounters, some gymnastics up a few high rooms and a flooding and draining puzzle. The third is in a London setting despite the title and the highlights here were a couple of jumpswitch puzzles, fun traps and some climbing. My only niggles were with the backtracking required to reach the exit door and the needed health loss in some parts. Otherwise, really well done." - Ryan (28-Jul-2017)
"While they follow each other these three levels are intended to be played separately, so they are reviewed as such:
Burg Lichtenstein: This level presents a quite original theme, with colourful, non-standard texturing. Various parts of it fall apart a bit under closer inspection though, such as the view distance cutting out abrubtly (whether distance fog is on or not), weird seams between various textures, and some really ugly window objects. It still looks interesting enough if you don't focus too hard on things though, and there's variety of settings (from the jungle to creepy dungeons and the main hall). The gameplay is simple but enjoyable, a couple of areas have too much unused space (such as a large underground area with one switch and a door), and one block puzzle is too long. There are some more inspired moments here too though, such as a long timed run for one secret and a couple of nice trap sequences.
Wild Tomb Chase: This level is set in a relatively standard Egyptian theme. It seems less accomplished than the first level visually, with a lot of obviously streched textures and holes to see the sky while underground, I did like a few uses of gratings though, and the scale is impressive at a couple of parts. The gameplay mostly works, and has some tough timed runs, but it lacks direction if you go the wrong way at the start and seems to sprawl on, it does make sense in the end, but I feel a little restructuring at the start could have fixed this. There's also a lot of backtracking if you take the wrong route at one or two parts. Finally, there are some strange designs like unescapable water full of crocodiles (when deadly water would work better) and a pit you can't get out of. While still okay, overall this is a step down from the first level.
Egyptian Museum: The theme of this level isn't very coherent at all, it's supposed to be an Museum but it looks more like a surrealistic London. The lighting is also pretty drab. The gameplay is mostly fine, and it avoids the flaws of the second level, but nothing especially sticks out about it, although the end makes some nice use of space (despite the annoying amount of backtracking). I think it's better than the second level, but still weaker than the first.
The first level has several flaws but it presents an interestingly unique theme and style. It feels like it goes a bit downhill after that, and the later two levels feel pretty standard beyond one or two nice details. The first level, and a few of the bigger sections in the later levels show plenty of potential though. It's worth checking out but be ready for some heavily inconsistent design quality." - Mman (21-Oct-2011)
"Burg Lichtenstein (7/7/8/7, 70 min, 4 secrets): It starts badly, as you can quickly reach the 'end of the world' in the first area and there are a few doors placed the wrong way round so that you hit the invisible door blocks, but it does go uphill from there, with a fairly colourful and bright level that is entertaining enough to get your teeth into it as you explore inside the castle. Yes, the window objects are oddly placed, the foxes bark like dogs, there are maybe too many levers and that push object exercise high up is really too tedious, but I liked the cool timed run for a secret and the good use of audio and cameras.
Wild Tomb Chase (9/8/8/8, 80 min, 6 of 8 secrets): This part is a great and very immersive level that I found hard to let go. You explore through darkish caves, meet scorpions, crocodiles and ninjas along the way, and the whole room geometry and how it is all connected was really well done. It has a few pretty touch trap sequences and while you get one of the two jars quickly, you really need to work very hard for the other, including again a set of fun timed runs to manage. Secrets are many and some are really worth the effort to go for them. The only annoying feature were a couple of thin walls throughout, but this did not spoil the experience much.
The Egyptian Museum (8/8/8/7, 90 min, 2 of 3 secrets): More a city than an Egypt level and these City textures have just never appealed to me much and as they are not very carefully applied either the level suffers from not so pleasant looks for me, as I also did not think that the Egyptian objects fitted in so well. But that aside - the gameplay keeps the entertainment factor up just like in the second part, with fast progression, some fun jumping around on high ledges, bird blade and dart traps, harpies that attack you in inconvenient places and a nice jump switch / raising block puzzle room. The high room in which you need to flip four jump switches to open the door at the top was well designed and fun, but it was a little tedious to repeat the same entire trip upwards five times. Skeletons were of course no match due to the two grenade guns and plenty of ammo found along the way.
All in all, this turned out to be a long (4 hour) game, which still managed to stay interesting for most of the time and I do very much look forward to more work coming from this young builder." - MichaelP (10-Jun-2009)
"This could be a very good game, but sometimes the gameplay is too much no-lineal. The first level was the best for me, although there are two very tight timed runs. Second level was the worst, cause it's very very long and I had to go back a lot of times or reload old savegames 'cause I arrived to the places without the necessary items (this is not what the manual teachs). Third level was not so bad than the previous, but equally I had to retrace my steps many times, and near the end was tedious to climb the room a lot of times through the same places. The harpoon is useless underwater (?). Even so the levels have good puzzles and interesting tasks, enough medipacks, guns and ammo, good cameras and TR3 sounds and I liked the texturing too. May I keep a savegame for the next levels?" - Jose (18-Mar-2009)
"I have just finished this adventure and I have 2 feelings concerning it, the first is that I would have given a better note, if the author had been more careful with the installation of its textures and lighting, flybys very fast and i had not audio secrets , his note would have been superior to 9. I also met a problem in the first run timed in THE EGYPTIAN MUSEUM, or I had not opened the underwater door before, fortunately it is the beginning of the level. My second feeling is that I liked this adventure, very long, very varied, not too difficult and that I recommend it to all the players . I think that this builder will make speak about him." - Minox (09-Mar-2009)
"Beginning with Burg Lichtenstein then, this extensive set of three levels sets off with a large mansion. Immediately it can be seen that the texturing can be quite uniform in places and very gaudy. Before gaining entry to the mansion there is a bit of exploring to do outside and plenty of 'end of the world' to see too. One is immediately put in mind of TR3 with things here but this might have more to do with the audio than the texturing, though there are plenty of TR3 textures to be seen. Whilst things are generally set out in a reasonable way, it all looks a bit stark with little mood being set by any lighting other than bright. Once entry to the mansion is gained we are met with the same kind of stark lighting as outside for most of the environments. The stained glass windows are all poorly set here, being surrounded as they are by a gap where some kind of frame should be and it all looks a bit amateurish. Enemies initially consist of a few snakes and some foxes and all are easy enough to deal with. The first extensive set of play I encountered was a large library type room to obtain one of three globes. Now despite my initial reservations about this level because of the way things looked, this set up I really enjoyed, with a bit of climbing, a few switches (some discretely hidden behind bookcases) and a couple of timed events too. One push sequence is perhaps a little long, but at least it was just the one item to push. Some of the doors in this mansion are buggy, exhibiting as they do that invisible block in front of them when closed. Not really a problem, just a bit annoying. Many of Lara's action animations are off too, consisting of simply the wrong animations for what she's supposed to be doing. Play continues to be interesting in the 'basement' of the house, and indeed mood changes with different lighting here, albeit in a simply darker fashion, rather than any apparent subtleties of light with different bulbs used. The cages here look very interesting and there is a really mean timed run to a door here that will test any player. By this time I am really beginning to enjoy this level and any shortfallings in terms of texturing and lighting don't seem to matter so much. On to a swimming pool area and there are still faults with the texturing, each square being transparent around the edges and it just doesn't quite work to look at. That aside there is some further good gameplay to be had in the pursuit for the third globe. Once all are retrieved and placed a double door opens and it's on to the next section: Wild Tomb Chase. OK, so, you want extensive? You've got it. You want complexity? You've got it. You want some tough ninja fights? You've got it. This second section of the set delivers in gameplay well over and above the first part. Sure, we can spot some paper thin walls and one or two untextured bits here and there, but really, I think it all pales into insignificance for the play to be had here. Sadly there is some scope for becoming irretrievably stuck in this level, as I discovered in obtaining a secret not as intended by the builder, so beware and keep lots of separate saves. After spending some considerable time in this level I then began to wonder if it were possible for a level to be too complex. Indeed this one goes a long way toward proving that. Some may well tire of the set at some point during the second part as there can be a lot of going back and forth and I think some will simply get completely and utterly lost here as the whole arena really is quite massive. It seems that every single area is like a hub for several other extensive areas, so it's a bit like doing area A for sub-areas 1 to 10 before moving on to area B with its sub-areas 1 to 10, and so on. If you can keep track and remember everything, you'll be fine. If not, you will definitely get well and truly stuck. Anyway, when you finally come to placing the two canopic jars you've spent so long finding and you think you're done, think again. There follows yet more complexity. All that said, this section offers the player so much to investigate that it really and truly is built for the player who likes to hunt around for everything and for me, I absolutely loved it. Surely this is what players love the most?! This part finally comes to an end with a real tough timed event before we move on to the last part: The Egyptian Museum. Now whilst the first and second parts captured in some small way a sense of TR3, this final part really does encapsulate the best of the London levels for me. Not only for the sound and textures of TR3 used, but for the sense and spirit of those levels, and as such was pure enjoyment. Again we have some real lengthy gameplay going on in this part. Sure, plenty of the level really does look damn ugly. I mean, sorry builder but your sense of taste is lacking. But honestly, who really cares? If the gameplay gives what it's meant to, enjoyment, how it looks becomes pretty much irrelevant. The whole setup I think displays some great imagination for the arrangement of passages, climb walls, monkey swings, jump switches etc. There is lots of rooftop treading and high level jumping around in this level and loads of jump switches. Enemies consist mainly of harpies, skeletons and the occasional demi-god. Overall there are plenty of pickups to be had and the player should never run out of ammo, flares or health packs in this set. I can't rightly give top marks for this level for the obvious lack of expertise, but this is a damn good debut that gave me plenty of enjoyment and I definitely look forward to more from this builder." - Czar (22-Feb-2009)
"I believe that this three-level release deserves higher scores than it's received to date. I've seen the reviews where fundamental building errors have been noted, but if you're willing to overlook those you get close to five hours of engaging gameplay here, and in multiple environments. I was surprised when I learned that this builder is only 16 (his command of the King's English as displayed in his walkthrough for these levels is better than that of many adults twice his age), and under any circumstances this would be an impressive debut. I think we can expect good things in the releases to come. Sure, there are flaws here, but I had a good time in each of the three levels and I would recommend this to anyone." - Phil (12-Feb-2009)
"Overall this is a huge adventure and I am of two minds after playing this level. There is way too much back and fro in every level to make it really enjoyable for me. Not that I mind backtracking, especially when it is my own fault, but in this case it is the builders fault. Fear of heights kicked in a major way as well so it was more an ordeal than anything else. Apart from the above this could have been a good level. There are however paper-thin walls and textures that need attention. On my PC it was rather dark but luckily enough flares are to be found. More than enough ammo and guns to slay the enemies you encounter. Lots of exploring and apart from finding some artefacts you have to find levers, lots of them. Camera work could use some fine-tuning, as they made me quite dizzy. The choice of textures is a bit eclectic but worked most of the time. There is much potential here anyway, so no reason to not to try this one out." - Gerty (11-Feb-2009)
"Let's face it: laracroftlover is 16 and when I think of most "sixteeners" (myself included, 30 years ago) you really have to value his work. Having said that, though, my favourite level was the first one and from there on it all went downhill. Burg....... is a simple, exploratory level, without the real Austrian feel, whatever that is, but still a nice, quite enjoyable attempt. I must say I liked it. The second level suffers from being a bit confusing, especially if one doesn't pick up the golden vraeus (or whatever it's called) for some reason, like I did. I really saw myself forced to consulting the walkthrough and getting back to a previous save, otherwise I'm not certain it would have been possible to make it to the end. Now, regarding the third and last level, I really would have liked a better looking museum. And one not so boring, I'm just being fully honest here, namely in one of the last rooms with all that jumping and climbing around for just a few jump switches. It did seem never ending. So, I'm sorry but I finally got bored. I'm also sorry but I finally ended the level by using dozy, since the author forgot to disable it. The final earthquake could also have been avoided, in my opinion, but fortunately it didn't last too long. I won't complain about the many paper thin walls one sees throughout the levels. I enjoyed the TR3 sounds but I think the levels failed to capture the overall TR3 atmosphere if that was ever intended. All in all, it could have been worse but it could have been better. Hopefully, the author will learn from his mistakes, something we may see in the next installment." - Jorge22 (05-Feb-2009)
"With this world tour , this new author proposes a journey with 3 locations which are linked together with level jumps , so you can keep the stuff collected , from Austria to Egypt , and from Egypt to London. There is not too much realism then of course, but this set of big maps was much to my liking. Difficulty is average. Secrets are very good. The author is generous in pickups and knows how to design good flybys. CASTLE (9 8 8 7)(1 Hour 10) This level was lots of fun for me, as you explore a big castle for 3 globes and you do many entertaining tasks such as collapsible tiles, a timed door , levers/doors puzzles and fun jumps, there is a few traps as well. I found the gameplay well diversified and the secrets I found were good. The setting is made of rather spacious rooms , well lit , there is a darker area in the catacombs, a level rather pleasant to look at, especially the library , despite the textures of which many look new to me and are a bit of a mixed bag , also there are some issues with the texturing itself. A level that I thoroughly enjoyed playing. Enemies are foxes, snakes, and rats. WILD (9 8 8 5)(1 hour 30) An Egyptian level built with the title textures and Karnak Wad, where you are constantly underground , in search of two Canopic jars , one of them is found immediately , but there is a lot of exploration and work to get the 2nd one. This search was really fascinating , as it seemed to me I did not made a lot of progress but nevertheless always found something new to do or another place to discover. There is the flooding/draining of an area and fun actions to do with pits to go down, jumps , or some traps gauntlets. I could have made the level in a shorter time but missed the crawlspace for the Golden Vraeus , also there is alternative quests for more goodies. The last part of the level includes a couple of timed doors. The setting looks less good than in the 1st level , there is even wafer thin walls. EGYPTIAN MUSEUM (8 7 8 7)(1 hour 40) Also a level with lots of fun with interesting acrobatics in the heights of a town which is textured as London , except we have here objects and enemies from Cleopatra palaces. Too bad there is a timed door opened by a flyby and that can't be reset. After that , there are plenty of searching , climbing and enjoyable jumps to perform. A level that drags a bit too much towards the end, but that was fun raiding nevertheless." - eRIC (23-Jan-2009)
"I felt I had to change this review after playing through a second time (27-01-2009). A very well constructed level, gameplay is sometimes great and in other parts somewhat annoying, especially when you go shimmy along an 18 block long crack to find out you have to go back along an 18 block monkeyswing. This level would have been rated way higher by me if the builder tested it better for end of world views, wrong animations, looking through walls to end of world, textures not big enough so you can see through a pillar rotation of textures, stretched textures etc. Pity because the game has real potential. What really irritated me was the way up to the jump levers near the end of the level, two times is ok, but this became boring and I was happy Dozy wasn't disabled here. There were some nice puzzles to solve and I have been looking for the crowbar for a long time, maybe too well hidden? Flybys were too hasty for my taste, some of them made me dizzy If this builder will try to have a bit more patience before releasing a level and get it all in order, like the textures and animations I mentioned above and properly tested, this builder is a promise for the future of TR custom building..(23-01-09)" - Dutchy (23-Jan-2009)
"Another debutlevelset that shows much talent of a very young builder. The starting warmup-level (Burg Lichtenstein) offers an enjoyable atmosphere with a nice running-sequence over breakable tiles in the beginning, two doable timed-runs - the harder one is for a secret only. Three globes have to be collected to move on to the next level. (The fact, that Liechtenstein is not a part of Austria is a bagatelle - seen from down under anyway). The second level is quite more complex, you have a lot of possibilities to go wrong on your way to find two jars and a vraeus. But it's never frustrating, there's so much to explore even on assumed wrong tracks. The puzzles are not too hard, especially the draining/flooding-puzzle was enjyoable. It's not the builders problems that I went in circles for hours in order to find a way to open a certain door before I got aware that one wall of the building was missing (eRIC, thanks again). It's the nature of complex levels that you may get stuck in them. That's what may become a problem in the third level. Items and what they are needed for sometimes are not logically connected, some hints would have been useful. So some frustrating backtracking could have been avoided. A good example for that is the search for the 2nd blue gem.... Some areas are quite dark - but there is no lack of flars. The author is generous in offering pickups anyway. Some texture problems don't narrow the fun I had playing these levels, that show much creativity an a lot of good ideas. Highly recommended!" - Christian (23-Jan-2009)
"well i dont have such a good impression about this one like my fellow reviewers .... this game is somewhat a 3 mini games each one different style and locations ....wich can be played separately but after u finish 1 st u get automaticaly at the start off the next one ... could be surprizing for manny but i find the 1st level the best from 3 ..not necessary from dificulty but from areas and house interior building and the better textures are also in the 1st one ....../ second one is confusing with some poor lighted areas /bad builded areas with alot off sloped rocks and poor graphics . the aim here is to get 2 canopic jars to get through at a temple like area ...... / 3rd level is industrial area like . . was named ''Museum ?? funny ... well here u have alot off jumping monkeyswinging untill u get inside the '' museum '' ..... here u need to colect alot off items like blue cristals (2) and solve some puzzles - good ones i must admit -. this and the 1st level was better ones ..... second was not good from my point off view off course have some good timed runs and trapps on it ........ not bad 1 st game from this young builder but he have alot to work moustly on graphics & lightning effects untill will be real good one ......... ideas have i see ...i am very curious how will look his next game this was enuff good ...... insteed poor grapics ....." - Jack& (22-Jan-2009)
"Burg Lichtenstein: From the readme, you will see that this section is mainly about exploring and filling up your backpack with goodies. There's plenty of exploring to do as there are large areas, both inside and out, and you'll need to watch out for the local wildlife - snakes, foxes and rats, who obviously don't like tourists. Wild Tomb Chase: This is a huge and complex level to explore in your ultimate search for two canopic jars and if you are stupid enough to miss the ureus right at the start then you will be in for a lot of backtracking (yes, I was). The gameplay is much more involved and engaging in this second section, with a lot of route finding, climbing, swimming, lengthy timed runs and traps to avoid. Not to mention a healthy supply of crocodiles and ninjas. The Egyptian Museum: It's not very museum-y actually, more like city industrial. There's a lot of heavy duty running, jumping and climbing, some of which I found rather challenging, but a lot of fun. This is a very good debut level indeed. Despite a few thin walls/missing textures etc., the overall look is very pleasing and the gameplay varied and interesting. I could have done without the earthquake at the end, but that's my only niggle. Definitely a builder to watch out for in the future." - Jay (21-Jan-2009)
"This 16 year old boy from down under has just started his career as a TRLE builder but from I can see in this first time issue it already shows good work in gameplay and also atmosphere . 3 levels in different locations well worked out , some tight timed runs (for secrets only) to satisfy the players demand. Especially the one with the timed switch hidden behind a bookshelf in level 1 takes the players skills to a test ! Theses 3 levels are just standalones not connected with each other and were probably designed at various times . I had a great time playing and would like to tell the community that it`s well worth the download. We all know that a jumpswitch cannot be reset for another attempt but that`s what all the slots in the savegames are for. Not to worry ! A promising new young builder from Australia , Ess Gee should keep an eye on him !" - Ruben (21-Jan-2009)
"The first part is kind of a warm-up. You have to explore a house with only a couple of switches to pull, a timed run, a pushing puzzle, some items to collect and a few enemies to kill.
In the 2nd level there is much more to do. There is a huge underground temple area to explore with some more enemies like bad guys, crocodiles and scorpions, and some tricky knife-and-fire-traps. If you miss an essential item it means some time consuming backtracking. Near the end I needed one canopic jar I had missed, so I had to return to a section I had already explored before which is always a bit annoying in such a large area. But in the end I liked this 2nd part most.
The 3rd part takes place in a town and later on inside the museum. It's jumping skills in the first place with one jumpswitch task in high places that means going all the way up 4 times. This was quite annoying, the more so because the last jumpswitch was very hard to spot. So I would like to advise the builder to avoid things like this in his future levels.
Generally said for a debut level this 3 part series is a very good one. Above all I was surprised by the amazingly huge and complex areas and the challenging gameplay. The choice of textures seemed kind of arbitrary and in parts it was a bit too colourful for my taste, besides texturing in general could have been done a bit more carefully. Work on cameras was okay except for those flycams that were often flying much too fast." - Jerry (20-Jan-2009)