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Land of the Lost by MpGrill

Blue43 8 8 8 8
Czar 8 7 7 7
dmdibl 9 8 9 8
eRIC 7 8 9 7
Gerty 7 8 9 7
Glouglouton 8 8 9 9
Jack& 8 7 8 7
Jay 8 8 9 9
Jorge22 8 8 9 9
Jose 8 8 8 8
Light a Flare 9 8 8 8
MichaelP 8 8 9 8
Moonpooka 9 8 9 8
Mytly 7 7 8 8
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ryan 8 8 9 8
Shandroid 8 8 8 8
Treeble 7 7 7 7
wdavid 9 8 10 10
Wolf7 8 8 8 7
release date: 18-Feb-2009
# of downloads: 122

average rating: 8.10
review count: 20
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file size: 35.54 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A rather standard level using jungle-type assets. The unmarked spike tiles at the end felt a bit random and the 'mirror' puzzle isn't quite a mirror but rather a replica of the room side-by-side. I like how there isn't a single flare pick-up in sight (and absolutely none were needed) and yet you have a whole hundred of them. Not much else stands out, but as it's a reasonable length I managed to fit this raid into a rather long day and I'm thankful for Phil's walkthrough as well. 40 minutes. 09/22" - Treeble (02-Oct-2022)
"This game is weird, yet is one of my least favorite level of MpGrill. It is less scary driven, and it manages to be a quite more gameplay-ish driven adventure while, in the end, leaving nothing but the taste of a weird game you feel someone else has built. It is not bad as it provides some little tasks other that exploring, enemies are few and they aren't ruining the experience at all, the atmosphere is quite good too, and the texturing ... well the texturing wasn't that good as I managed to spot some missing textures. So, decide yourself if playing this game or not, I can tell you that if you are fond of MpGrill's scary levels you shouldn't as this is just some kind of experimentation. If you are instead looking for something not to hard to play a while, there you go. Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (11-Feb-2019)
"This is a very solid level and one of my favourites of this builder. The initial water area isn't that impressive, but it does improve the further it goes along and, bar a few missing textures, looks very good. The gameplay is varied and not too difficult to follow, although you will find yourself backtracking across certain areas as you acquire the necessary items. The audio choices and flybys are good, and although we are given 100 flares at the start, none are really necessary. Enjoyable." - Ryan (12-May-2017)
"The builder seems to have reused a number of the gameplay features of this level - both good and bad ones - in his BtB 2013 level (The Cottage in the Valley). For instance, right at the beginning, the correct route is hidden, and taking the visible route leaves you without an important key 20 minutes later, and wondering where you could have possibly missed it. Certain trap sequences and the use of 'fake' switches (i.e. ones that do nothing) also call to mind the later level (which I played before this). I really liked some of the gameplay ideas - such as the room with the fake mirror, and several of the jumps and traps. But some others feel obscure or unfair, such as the unmarked spike traps near the end.
The nice textures and the greenish lighting in the indoor areas look pretty good, and create a unique atmosphere. But the outdoor areas are so badly textured, they're almost painful to look at.
Overall: A by and large an enjoyable level, with some pretty and atmospheric locations - but best tackled with the walkthrough close at hand." - Mytly (02-Dec-2013)
"This level starts out on a rocky beach that wasn't worked on very hard, as there isn't much to it and there are textures that don't fit quite so well. Luckily, the level gets much better. There is some backtracking that isn't so great, but gameplay is solid and lighting is great. I found some illegal slopes and some sloppy texturing, but that doesn't really hurt the level much. I love MpGrill's scary levels, and it is nice to see that he can also build a very good island type level as well. Recommended level." - Shandroid (11-Dec-2011)
"This level offered an enjoyable raid with a good variety of game play. In the beginning there was quite a bit of running around until I got oriented and figured out the layout of the area. Once inside there are plenty of boulders, spikes, blades and other traps to avoid. One thing I noticed are the sheer amount of illegal slopes I encountered and some of them are not very obvious and took me by surprise. I got stuck plenty of times and had to reload a save game. And of course I missed the laser sight and had to backtrack but luckily that was not a problem at all since all areas of the level were left accessible. Just before the very end the level had me a bit confused as those deadly spike traps didn't fit well with the rest of the game since there were absolutely no indicators as where to avoid and it became a pure trial and error attempt. The level had a good amount of interesting enemies from giant spiders, frog mutants, mini-dinos and raptors. I did like the atmosphere, especially inside the temple area. The texturing looked pretty good for the most part and the lighting was well done, but a little on the bright side in my opinion. There weren't any dark areas in the whole game, which would have probably made it a bit more interesting. It was definitely a fun and entertaining level to play and a good combination of exploration, combat and a few agility exercises. Recommended! (About 50 -60 minutes)" - Blue43 (30-Jan-2011)
"Dangerous island. In the first part you'll expore the surrounds of a temple and do some tricky jumps in a canyon, but once into the temple there are a lot of traps, fiery animals and dangerous rooms. There are very few pickups, few ammo for the shotgun and the revolver and I only found a medipack, but it's enough to complete the level without problems. Angulous geometry with ilegal slopes, I've seen a paper rocky wall and a missed texture. Cameras are not very useful because sometimes show you places you've not visited before. At least in this level you can see where you're going and explore the areas adequately. Not great puzzles but an entertaining level." - Jose (31-Mar-2009)
"A level that has the merit to offer ruins to explore but without being something already seen. We visit first valleys with greenery , rocks , snakes and small dinos, then temples with traps and puzzles infested by some green lizards , a few raptors and a couple of big spiders. These enemies were no big threat though as one can dispose the biggest ones from a safe place. I like the objects used in the level , and the textures are nice, but many of them should have been applied with more attention. The gameplay is a bit of let down at first as you can go far in your exploration without having all the cards in hand and you arrive at dead ends and have to backtrack. Only in the latter stages , the plot becomes more "restricted" and I quite enjoyed this part gameplay wise, especially the mirror room and how you have to trigger some boulders to open doors. I could have done without the final booby trapped area, that can be passed more with chance and intuition than by logic and intuition. Overall this is a good level , and I really appreciated the natural atmosphere here, and the pleasant lighting." - eRIC (14-Mar-2009)
"I found this to be a very pleasant and mildly challenging level. The surroundings are superbly rendered, the lighting is impeccable (playing on my computer at home I had no trouble seeing what was going on around me), and the gameplay is laid out with forethought and technical skill. I had to get Val's help to find a rope that was obscured by vines hanging in my eyes, but other than that I was able to figure everything out with a few hints from the stuck thread. There are several nice puzzles here, and the one I found trickiest was getting across a spike-trapped pit without being skewered. The solution is deceptively simple, but it's more easily described than accomplished. Since I was writing a walkthrough while playing the game, the 75 minutes shown on my clock at the finish trigger was probably about double the time it would take me on a second pass. That means the level is a fairly short one, but you'll have a good time here. Highly recommended." - Phil (09-Mar-2009)
"Not quite so spooky as may have been expected, very well illuminated this time in fact, and I guess that may be viewed as something good. The game starts relatively easy but not as easy that it's obvious that you obviously get the needed revolver after a few complicated jumps in the sense that you really must understand your way around. As the game unfolds it gets more complicated, namely in the final part where the game has always been heading for. Puzzles and traps a go-go and a few beasts to deal with. The textures seem fine to me generally and I did like the atmosphere. Recommended raiding for all." - Jorge22 (08-Mar-2009)
"There's some quite tricky jumps in this short game, which is always enjoyable. Over all it's a simple enough level with texturing that, whilst nice enough, looks just a little bit messy in places. There's a bit of going back and forth for keys to gates here which some could find annoying. It didn't bother me too much, however. I thought the placement of two bowls was a nice little touch early on. Subtle would be the word. There's some good game play to be had with well arranged hazards when the player gets deeper into the game and I particularly enjoyed playing 'dodge the boulders' in this one. Having said that, it can be a little bit uniform and uninspired in one or two areas. Enemies seemed to be a bit of an odd mix with giant spiders, dinos, baby dinos and lizards occupying various areas. Almost end game was a touch puzzling in how to avoid the spike traps and requires a bit of deft jumping in just the right way to get over them. So I think this spot was well done. On the downside, plenty of very annoying slopes over much of the terrain. Lighting early on was a bit uniform, with only some variation in parts later. Generally then, an enjoyable enough little adventure that doesn't require much thought." - Czar (05-Mar-2009)
"This started out as a very pleasant level for me but the further I went the more I got slightly irritated. There is a lot of exploring to do for some Keys, a Gem, two part of an Idol and of course the Revolver and Sight plus a crowbar. There aren't that many enemies and they are very well placed. Nice traps around but the 8-lever puzzle eluded me big time. There was also a strange mirror room but I got through there without too much trouble. There was a lot of unnecessary back and fro over quite some distance when you don't do the tasks in the right order and that last part really got me in a foul mood. The ladder in the dino room doesn't work anymore after the earthquake so I was up the creek with no paddle and had to do a big part all over again. Also the last room with the spikes popping up is a trial and error trap. It looks like this level is not tested as one can see that the textures need a lot of attention. Not even speaking over paperthin walls and even textures missing. Also the ladder would have been flushed out, as that is a game killer." - Gerty (05-Mar-2009)
"This is a good level, but there are some thing that i don't like. But first i tell about the good ones. Well, i like the lighting very much. The texturing also a nice work. The geometry of some rooms would have more work to do but they are not bad. End of all, i like this level and i can't wait the next level from the author" - wdavid (27-Feb-2009)
"A very well done level. The title sequence shows lovely scenery, but then the start point with Lara seems a bit cruder, and the motorboat doesn't work. Fairly soon Lara gets a laser sight, and in this small cave there is a missing texture and a paper thin wall, but this is the exception and the rest of the level has some beautiful architecture. At first the play seems easy: get a key, find a couple of crowbar levers, see the crowbar through a grate, push some vases to reach levers, and so on. But there is a clever jump sequence that fooled me for a bit (I had Lara going the wrong way, jumping toward a shimmy crack). The revolver is easily missed. Instead of a mirror room for clues, we get a duplicate room. There are a few get-across-the-pit and dodge-the-boulder puzzles. The one really annoying part was the four floor levers to open a gate. Instead of immediately trying every possible combination, Lara searches underneath for clues about what to do. There don't seem to be any wall or ceiling markings, so one can spend an eternity working on those floor levers. If players don't make things hard for themselves, this is a reasonable, fast, and enjoyable level." - dmdibl (26-Feb-2009)
"i realy dunno what's happen but i write this review for 3 th time lol ...........well this one start at a beautifull beach and end at the same beautiful beach......... too resume it a bit ...... is not bad game .. have some spiked baggs run across / 1 tricky jump /the outside areas is huge ....... u need to know where to go at first glance iff u dont want to backtrack alot ..... u need to find 2 keys and 1 gem and finaly a idol wich u can get usefull only iff u combine the 2 parts off it ...visualy the game is not outstanding ..... but is fine .. generaly the gameplay is smooth and intuitive ..... not hard tasks through ..... well a level for all riders begginers could handle it well i think ......... all in all 1-1.5 hour off fun ........." - Jack& (24-Feb-2009)
"This is the fist level that I have played by MpGrill and I am sure it will not be the last. The gameplay is what really made this level shine. It ran smoothly, with an interesting array of puzzles. I was particularly impressed by the four levers puzzle, where none actually did anything, but there was a hidden jump level down below. That took me ages to work out and I was very frustrated that I didn't notice it earlier. The enemies and objects fit well and are used appropriately, however I was disappointed that there were no secrets to be found. The sea-shore ambient is ideal for this level genre and other audio sounds were used throughout the level to add to the eerie and puzzling atmosphere. The lighting was overall quite good and the texturing too. There were quite a few wrongly orientated textures, but I suppose that this is forgiven by the complex geometry throughout the level. There were quite a few big open areas, yet these areas were never boring and the textures never appeared to have just been carelessly 'wallpapered': A big plus point! I would definately recommened this level to other players, well done MpGrill!" - Light a Flare (23-Feb-2009)
"I'd become used to dark, spooky levels from this builder so was suitably surprised to find myself in a bright coastal area with a rather lovely temple just a short walk away. This is quite a departure from his usual levels (apart from the usual interesting audio files) as I barely needed to light a flare once. I was glad it was light actually, because the scenery is certainly worth admiring. There are snakes, raptors and compys to fight off at not too frequent intervals, but mainly it's about exploring to find various artefacts and avoiding various spike traps. It's not a difficult level (although a couple of jumps and a rather well hidden jump switch could hold you up temporarily), but it's good fun and I was rather sorry when it ended. Nice one." - Jay (23-Feb-2009)
"This author really deserves some credit for realiably delivering one solid level after the other. This time it is actually not as creepy and spooky as his previous offerings, but it does make for a nice change. Initially, some exploration to do and further into this hour long adventure you then get a series of rooms with traps to work your way around and a fair amount of backtracking if you happen to do things in the wrong order. All in good fun though and some snakes, compys, lizards, raptors and spiders thrown in for good measure. While I thought the setting and overall atmosphere works really well (loved some of the audio track choices), texturing is not as impeccable as a level of this quality might lead you to expect, even with a missing one here or there and a thin wall in one place that could have been easily avoided. Those are minor gripes though in an otherwise really nice level to play." - MichaelP (22-Feb-2009)
"At first I thought this was going to be a bit of a disaster, with a missing texture at the very start of the level and the view of the horizon, which cuts off abruptly, but as I moved on it got better (except for a few other missing textures and wafer thin walls that is). At the beginning of the level, Lara has left her boat anchored nearby and swims up onto the beach, and then you move into the temple areas by making your way through rocky passages. You need to find a key, move some objects to open doors, and track down the revolver and sight. Initial enemies are snakes. In the latter parts of the level, things really do get exciting. There are various rooms to negotiate with many traps, including boulder runs, spike bags, swinging blades and spike-trapped tiles. Enemies hot up a bit too, with tiny dinos, lizard-men, large spiders and eventually some bigger dinos. Lara needs to find the two halves of"the lost key" to enter the final stages of the level, and then she can leave. I thought this level was very well thought out, and sometimes you will need to get your thinking cap on, as things are not always that obvious. The textures were nice, but I do wish these builders would get a good tester to make sure everything is in its place; missing textures and wafer thin walls really can spoil a good level. All in all though, this was a pleasant little run around with a lot of interesting things to do and see." - Moonpooka (21-Feb-2009)
"It's my first level from MPgrill. First i say it is quite easy (there is only one difficult jump) and very classic but the different puzzles are enjoyable (especially the room with the four levers...). Also lightings and textures are good (maybe a more of variety will be better." - Glouglouton (18-Feb-2009)