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TR AOD Revised 1 - Parisien Backstreets by Charlie Sewell

Bedazzled 1 1 0 0
Ceamonks890 0 1 0 1
Cory 1 1 0 1
DJ Full 0 0 0 1
eRIC 1 1 0 1
EssGee 1 1 1 0
Gerty 1 1 0 1
herothing 0 0 2 0
Jay 1 1 1 1
Jose 1 1 0 1
manarch2 1 1 0 0
MichaelP 1 2 0 1
Minox 1 1 1 1
MpGrill 0 1 0 0
Orbit Dream 1 1 0 1
Oxy 1 1 0 0
rtrger 2 1 1 0
Ryan 0 1 1 0
sonnyd83 3 3 2 1
Tolle87 2 2 1 1
Torry 0 1 1 0
Treeble 1 1 1 0
release date: 24-Feb-2009
# of downloads: 72

average rating: 0.77
review count: 22
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file size: 13.83 MB
file type: TR4
class: Remake

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"OK I understand this is a first attempt by a very young level builder but why oh why release something like this for public consumption when all you will receive is criticisms. Four minutes and it's over with virtually no game play involved." - Torry (06-Oct-2019)
"A rather crude beginner's effort, with misplaced secrets, rudimentary gameplay and stretched/missing textures. Luckily this was his first effort and he has (relatively) improved since then." - Ryan (27-Jul-2017)
"It's ok to have a clumsy 2 minutes long debut level, especially when you're 12 yrs old, but why baiting people to play it with an ambitious title like this? Anyway, lets put it like this - The level is not hard, not frustrating, has some items, secrets, some enemies and a finish trigger. It even has some platforming. About quality...well, the builder was honest in his story description, so I can only say for all of us - we forgive you, young friend (although not so young anymore)." - Tolle87 (24-Jul-2017)
"Now, while the previous Parisian Backstreets level I played(by Gabriel Croft), at least looked like it tried to be a decent remake, this release REALLY isn't worth your time whatsoever. As a future message to all young builders starting out, giving away how old you happen to be won't impact on the review scores in the slightest. So, if your level turns out to be bad, the review scores will reflect this as such. Literally no redeeming qualities to this release. Moving on..." - Ceamonks890 (14-Apr-2014)
"I thought I'd play this since I intend on remaking the level myself. I'm sorry but being 12 is not an excuse for some aspects of this level. I guess I was no better at this age, but I was using BBC basic rather than TR level editor! This looks in no way like Parisian backstreets! Textures are possibly the most stretched I've seen and size of rooms are enormous. The only decent textures were those at the monkey swing. The tasks are climbing, jumping, monkey swing, shimmying, and taking out a gunman and leopard, so gameplay was generally not too bad. Leopard had no sound, and the sound in the background was not that of AOD. All the standard sound fx were there though. There was a gate in one place which was not used. Anyway, it appears from his later levels, improvements have been made. Net gameplay 5 minutes." - sonnyd83 (14-Jun-2012)
"The first room reminded a little bit on AOD. Let's say the first steps. But streched textures and annoying gameplay. I can't see anything good in this level. Maybe the dog at the beginning?" - manarch2 (22-Oct-2010)
"Doesn't resemble Parisian Backstreets at all. Has nothing to do with AOD atmosphere. Compare this level to e.g. "TR5 Test Level - Paris" by Boris Samoilenko and you will know what I am talking about. Gameplay is boring, because repeating extremely long monkey swing and yet longer shimmying is intended. Only one enemy. No objects except three doors, three levers and some items. Two secrets which make you tired of collecting them. Poor, stretched texturing and constant lighting would get 0 points if rated separately, but, when joined together, they cooperate to deserve one point (all in all I saw something and was able to finish the game). SUMMARY: This level should be named "Tomb Raider Backtrack". It's one of the worst games with a plot I played so far. Some advice: if you really wanna try it, save it after you pull the levers. Go for the secrets and when you pick them up, reload the game. This will prevent you from backtracking and you only gonna lose some useless items from your inventory." - DJ Full (05-Oct-2010)
"I decided to play this one, since I love AoD very much. Small amount of gameplay with lots of climbing, including some pickups (but there's no need to use any of them) and a guard. Textures are streched, and the final room is untextured. Well, maybe that's just a mysterious fog.:) I think this is a nice start from a young builder, and I'm sure he will get better and better." - rtrger (11-Dec-2009)
"This level is abysmal. I don't think this resembled anything from Tr AOD. There were SAS guards and dogs which arent necessary since there arent ny on the first level of AOD. The sound it ok and has been implemented in some places. The lighting is poor along with the textures which are very very very stretched and used too much. the gameplay is very boring with too many long monkey swings and ledge shimmying. Good to see there are still people making these levels though. Overall - 0.5/10" - herothing (06-May-2009)
"Have we been caught in a time warp? One could easily say this level takes them right back to 2001, if it weren't for the fact the actual AOD only came 2 years later. There's absolutely no resemblance between this level and the first level of AOD, so I guess it could have been a premonition or something. Wafer thin walls, huge and empty boxy rooms, untextured surfaces, you'll find it all in here. It only lasts for five minutes, but you can totally double that amount if you decide to backtrack for the doors only to find extra flares and medipacks you don't need. 5 minutes. 04/09" - Treeble (04-Apr-2009)
"All that you don't must do when building a custom level. Very huge square rooms with no furniture, very stretched textures, no puzzles, no cameras, no musics, tedious tasks. There are two secrets, but you need to go back a long way back to get it and then repeat the same tasks again. What do you want all those pickups? Don't get discouraged, but you must spend much more time to build a decent level." - Jose (31-Mar-2009)
"This is beginner level and isn't much to see. Textures are stretched, thin paper walls, untextured areas. Without horizon everything is black and you almost die if you go back to pick up medi-pack and flares. I killed SAS and dog and one SAS was already dead. :-)" - Oxy (15-Mar-2009)
"Charlie tells us he's twelve years old. Good on you mate, for having a go. We all gotta start somewhere and building levels with the TRLE is great fun. Unfortunately in a few year's time and some more experience under his belt, Charlie may look back and think "Oh my gosh, why did I ever release that - what was I thinking? Ok here are the positives - there is some shimmying and monkey swinging to do. At least that shows some inkling of understanding a few of the basics. Sadly most other basics are overlooked. Yep its a couple of big twenty-click rooms with massively stretched textures, paper-thin walls and no lighting to speak of. It's kinda pointless calling the level 'AOD revised - Parisien Backstreets' when it has no resemblance to a Paris street scene whatsoever. It's a five minute sprint along an obvious course that 'blind Freddy' could negotiate. I just don't see any point in releasing this, as it is simply a bunch of test rooms. Ok so if the builder is just testing the water to see how his skills are developing he'd be far better off just sharing it with friends and developing his building skills rather than releasing something that would probably have been more aptly titled 'Very Short Expedition in Cavernous Stretch Room'. More practice required." - EssGee (14-Mar-2009)
"A short first level , 3 minutes of net gaming time, 5 minutes if you go for a couple of secrets. The setting does not evocate streets of a city although the textures used are appropriate, as the rooms are big , bare , with no wall segmentations , repetitive texturing and no lighting. There is a bit of gameplay with monkeyswing/shimmying, and the SAS , one of the two enemies here is well placed." - eRIC (07-Mar-2009)
"The very basics are here but carefully reading the manual will improve building a lot. For now I was through this in 4 minutes as I couldn't be bothered to look for the other door I must have opened by flipping three floor levers. Lots of stretched textures, also lots of un-textured walls. Take care of the so-called paper-thin walls. It is all in the manual. Now hopefully you got bitten by the building bug and make another level." - Gerty (02-Mar-2009)
"It's yet another rough jotting from someone having a first go at Level Building. All well and good in spirit,but do we really need to be exposed (yet again) to such a thing?" - Orbit Dream (01-Mar-2009)
"A really bad Level...!Big rooms with monotone lightnings and texturing.There is no horizon in the level. The author is only 12 so he has much time to improve. People should not upload such levels like this!" - MpGrill (28-Feb-2009)
"Also being a *young* builder, I can't say I'm going to be very sympathetic. I have a feeling that this builder released his level very prematurely. Instead of jumping into a project like this, start building the tutorial level in the manual, it is a great place to start. This didn't really look like the streets of Paris (although I can't say I've been there)but the builder shows that he knows of basic construction and triggers. Once the walls are partioned (refer to the manual) then the texturing will improve. At least the builder knows how to make a finish trigger (something that quite a lot of builders don't do). So some advice; read the manual, build the tutorial level and don't be so quick on the release button." - Cory (26-Feb-2009)
"Very very basic level with just the minimum of construction , thin walls, textures stretched, I ask the builder to work a lot to bring out a next better level" - Minox (26-Feb-2009)
"This level represents the tentative first steps by a 12 year old builder to master the level editor and it is undeniably very embryonic, with all the usual beginner's mistakes. I'm always pleased to see new builders coming along - we need 'fresh blood' to keep the TR community alive and well - so I have no intention of making any more negative comments. Don't give up Charlie, just keep on practising and perhaps you might find the Level Editing Questions thread on this site to be helpful. There are plenty of experienced builders who I'm sure would be only too pleased to give you good advice." - Jay (25-Feb-2009)
"The first tentative steps with the level editor by a young builder, and it has all the classic signs streched and wallpapered textures, wafer thin walls no lighting ect. The builder has grasped some of the basics such as buiding a monkey swing and there are two cracks to shimmy along. I found only one dog and one SAS as enemies both very easy to deal with.As Michael said the secrets don't register and the end room looks as though a lot of it was left ubntextured, you slide down a ramp into blackness and the level ends." - Bedazzled (25-Feb-2009)
"A very young builder daring his first steps with the level editor - a commendable thing to do, but maybe a little premature in getting something out to the 'public'. This has all but 8 minutes of duration - if you actually bother to do the backtracking for the secrets (that will not register as such in the inventory) and very little else to offer to write home about. But it shows that the builder has a grasp of some of the basics and with more patience and time spent on refining these initial skills... who knows what he may be capable of eventually. The most important advice to the builder for now: Before any level release, make sure you find 2-3 people who beta test the level and point out mistakes (like missing textures, stretched textures, rooms that are too large and blocky, secret triggers that do not seem to work correctly etc.)." - MichaelP (24-Feb-2009)