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The Chamber by Michum

afzalmiah 10 8 10 9
Alantos 9 10 10 10
Anastasia 10 10 10 9
Andzia9 10 9 10 10
Bene 10 10 10 9
bERT 10 10 9 9
Bogey 9 10 10 9
Capt. Abbey 9 9 9 8
carolinux 8 8 10 9
Casual Raider 9 10 10 10
Chronicles5 10 9 9 9
Cory 7 8 9 9
Czar 9 8 8 9
DJ Full 10 10 10 10
dmdibl 8 8 10 9
Dutchy 9 10 10 9
EssGee 8 8 8 8
eTux 9 10 9 9
Gerty 7 10 9 8
High Priestess 8 4 10 6
Jack& 4 5 6 6
jawi 8 9 10 10
Jay 8 10 9 9
Jerry 7 9 8 9
JesseG 7 10 9 8
Jez 9 9 8 10
John 6 8 8 9
Jonson 10 10 9 9
Jorge22 9 9 10 10
Jose 7 8 10 9
Just Croft 10 10 10 8
Kat 9 9 10 9
KingdomHearts 10 10 10 10
Lara_Fox_Croft 9 8 9 10
Magnus 5 7 10 8
manarch2 7 9 10 9
Manymee 10 10 10 10
MichaelP 6 10 9 8
Minox 8 9 9 9
Miriam 8 9 10 10
misho98 10 10 10 10
Mitsugoro 6 6 7 8
Miya 10 10 10 10
MpGrill 10 10 10 10
Mytly 9 9 10 9
Orbit Dream 5 7 9 10
Oxy 9 9 3 8
Pablito_it 10 10 10 9
Petaludas 9 9 10 9
Phil 7 9 9 8
QRS 10 10 10 10
Razzi 9 9 10 9
Relic Hunter 7 10 10 10
Ruben 8 9 10 9
Ryan 8 10 10 9
Sackboy123 8 6 9 9
Samu 7 9 9 8
Shandroid 10 10 10 10
Spike 5 7 8 8
Steven Svorticher 10 8 10 9
TjwCroft 9 9 8 9
Tolle87 9 10 10 10
Topixtor 9 9 10 10
Torry 6 7 7 9
Treeble 9 10 10 10
TRTheoP 10 10 9 10
TrueRaider 9 9 10 9
Vaughnage 9 7 8 10
yesrushdt 10 10 10 10
young Lara Croft 10 9 10 10
release date: 28-Feb-2009
# of downloads: 185

average rating: 8.94
review count: 70
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file size: 39.52 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Bugs/Functional Issues
  • I ran into some save/load issues, I think it was caused by the presense of the yellow damage bar. Take care to save in separate slots.
  • The lighting is good in showing the ever changing mood of the room, however the moment of the final riddle is way too dark.
  • This is a unique level of immersion you won't forget anytime soon. What really helps is the use of the audio, which is timed well with certain events and is used expertly to set the mood.
  • The utilization of custom objects adds to the very strong visuals.
  • While most of this short adventure is a simple seach for the next item to pick up, it is punctuated by an interesting riddle that Lara only has a limited amount of time to solve. In a way it feels like this level has multiple endings depending on whether the player solves the riddle or not.
Time: 20 minutes | Difficulty: Easy | Rating: 8.5/10" - JesseG (14-Dec-2023)
"As it is said , this is an one room bedroom challenge .. its very creative , spooky and well designed !it shouldnt be hard as comments below say but its tricky i guess . couldnt find the 1 secret .. too bad builder isnt active nowdays" - Petaludas (13-Dec-2023)
"How to rate this level? As a concept and as an original approach of level building this level deserves full marks. The story is nothing short of brilliant and well imagined. Never saw anything like this as far as TR level building goes. On the other hand, this level has everything that makes me want to smash my controller into a million pieces. Went over and over and over again to the walkthrough which for me, as the player that I am, is really a sign that something just does not compute. Does that mean it deserves low points for gameplay? Yes, when it becomes ridiculous as in CIL and the likes. But this game also? No. When I look back, most of the stuff I should have worked out myself. After all, there are not a lot of rooms so, if patient, the solution is always there in sight. So, my end 'verdict', this is a must play. But beware you innocent player, when you start this one, take your time and look around really good and you'll get the hang of it!" - bERT (03-Dec-2022)
"This is the second level I've played by this builder, and i have to remark at what a contrast it is from the other level where you get a very large area to explore in a town, this one is quite an original concept that's mostly confined to a waiting/lounge room, which is always changing on certain tasks that Lara needs to do. Whether it be finding and placing items to subtly change something in the room that isn't very noticeable at the beginning to completely flooding the room with water to access new areas, there is a reasonable variety of different tasks here (considering the small area covered and length of the level) ranging from enemy attacks to tricky platforming, shooting tasks, push-able items swimming and toxic gas traps. There is lots of intriguing story here told mostly through diary/journal entries and all the visuals here are just spot on but overall i was disappointed with the length and limited areas to explore despite that probably being the point of the experience" - John (16-Sep-2022)
"I have the impressive cumulative experience of one escape room, but I have to say this amazing level had pretty much the same effect. The room keeps changing as you progress, new items appear and allow you to interact with more things as you move on, then the setting completely changes a couple of times before it gets completely reset when you finally solve the mystery. Truth be told I was super dense to follow the narrative, so kudos to the anon who wrote the walkthrough for enabling me to reach the finish trigger. The moon bit was particularly impressive and I completely missed the shining spot at first, which led to my doom (funnily enough, instead of being sworded to death the skeletons pushed me to the death tile right on the other side of the the window). Absolutely a must play. 20 minutes, 1 secret. 06/22" - Treeble (19-Jun-2022)
"This level was a treat this Halloween! It is designed very well in terms of storyline (the cutscene that plays during the Title takes on a different meaning once you've played the game). I didn't find the puzzles exceedingly difficult, because, being in just one room, one can explore every nook and cranny and make progress with some persistence. I thought the enemies were challenging, especially given the modest amount of medipacks, so the game kept me on my toes for this reason. Some ideas were very innovative and I loved the flooded room and the subsequent moment with the skeleton that floats towards you once you open the door. There is a similar scene in the movie Inferno by Dario Argento where a woman explores a water-filled room looking for her keys, and a corpse rises from the depths. The notes left by the doomed wives are evocative, the ending is emotionally freeing and the level has several impactful moments like one would expect from a movie. I couldn't help thinking of the tale of Bluebeard trhoughout. I found the builder's aesthetic sensibilities to be those of an aritst, and I'm not suprised the builder is a musician." - carolinux (03-Nov-2021)
"Really liked that "one chamber" level... the mechanic is different for each step... the lighting is nice. A little bit of spook. I didn't really like the sudden "stamina" bar or whatever it was A readme is needed to explain how to switch language. I tried to switch to english but either I didn't do it properly or the english.dat is f*cked up because it kept crashing. So german version it is..." - Kat (09-Apr-2021)
"Interesting concept of an "horror escape the room". Too bad however, that the experience is quite spoilt by a sometimes too frustrating difficulty and the necessity to rely on a walkthrough to progress at nearly each step. Some collision bug may make you believe you cannot interact with certain things too. Original and interesting, but would have been very nice with a little more polish on game design and collisions." - Mitsugoro (31-May-2020)
"Short level of around 30 minutes all set in one room that constantly changes. This is a little too eclectic for my tastes but I can see the appeal to some raiders. What I did love was Michum's arrangements of the TR music." - Torry (12-Oct-2018)
"Having played this level already years ago when it was initially released, I never wrote a review about it so I guess I'll be doing that now after another playthrough. Considering this level is a rather short one and the gameplay basically revolves around the very same room until the end, a max rating of 10 in every category may seem exaggerated but for the time being (speaking of the initial release date) it was unique in pretty much every aspect since years have passed between this level and the One Room Challenges. I absolutely loved the variety in gameplay and the storytelling. Verdict: Suitable for pretty much every TRLE player." - KingdomHearts (26-Jun-2018)
"A unique and clever level, which is basically set in only one room that changes the whole time. The combination of the story, atmosphere and sounds was pretty interesting and it really encourages the player to continue playing. I d' like to point out that the moment where Lara shoots the hanging skeleton and triggers the awakening of a skeleton in the loft is quite nice and chilling. Furthermore, the light appearing from the window to point out where to put the ring and the failure to do so were the highlights of the level for me. My only comment is that I would require one or two cameras in order to quickly understand some changes that occurred in the room, such as the chandelier lowering down. Conclusion: A NON-MISS cleverly designed level that everyone should play. I would love to have the chance to play a similar experience again in the future." - TRTheoP (15-Apr-2018)
"This level is basically just set in one room which changes with flip effects, the idea was quite unique as I don't think I've seen another level which uses this idea. The Puzzles were quite clever and I did have to stop and think for a while sometimes it wasn't clear what needed to be done though but since it's just one room it's not that hard to completely get stuck. The atmosphere was quite scary, it felt like a horror game which I'm a massive fan of and they're a few jump scares so be warned. The textures and lighting usage was amazing, the lighting draws you into the level and some areas can be dark but you have enough Flares to get through the level." - Sackboy123 (24-Sep-2016)
"After reading many references to this level in a reviews of "Myth", I decided to check it out.This level reminds me of Silent Hill:The Room and it easily might be where the builder took the idea from.It also has similarities to now-popular room escape games.Simply, Lara visited some guy and is told to wait in a small room.Than the door closes behind her and that's where weird things start to happen.It looks like a typical story from Twilight Zone where extraordinary things happen inside an ordinary environment.It's hard to say something about a level without spoiling it, let's just say that the room owner definitely has some skeletons in the closet....metaphorically or not.Check it yourself and prepare for great and positively disturbing 15 minutes inside The Chamber." - Tolle87 (03-May-2016)
"I never fail to be impressed at what can be packed into a one room level. This level manages to impress in every respect. The notes are very integral in moving the story along. Great level, loved it!" - Ryan (19-Dec-2015)
"Excellent gameplay and quality level building. The Chamber is a fun and thrilling game. In every instance I was constantly surprised by the unpredictable events. A true work of ingenuity and suspence, I was anticipating every new trigger and I was on the edge of my seat. The culminating finale when Lara was surrounded by a swarm of enemies was my favorite part! Great level!" - young Lara Croft (06-Apr-2015)
"This level is kind of unique custom. Everything happens in only one room, but it's so much filled with events that it is exciting to play. It may be hard whithout walkthrough at times as some of puzzles are rather unusual, but I loved every part of this custom. It's not for all players though - it takes some skill to finish it, though I found difficulty just at the right level. The textures and objects are amazingly placed and I loved lightning over the place. Recommended as something quite unusual from usual customs and being an example that you no need very large surroundings to create something that engaging in gameplay. I loved this level." - Casual Raider (22-Aug-2014)
"What an experience! There are many, MANY bigger levels with less things to do! I liked everything of this level, from the creepy atmosphere balanced with some nice electric guitar remixes of well known TR themes, to the gameplay: So many things to do, in 1 room! And they are not only based on finding items, you must also fight a few enemies in small space, make a difficult (and timed) jump, run from the smoke, survive in the water and finally give a rest to those poor womans! The ending disappointed me a bit, as i would have liked to see an end to the story, but it isn't so difficult to imagine it: Lara, the man, a cup of tea, the police, the man crying... Like an horro film. I also wonder how many alternate rooms and complicated triggers have been used! Very good. I hope you make more original levels like this and your other one. I really hope it. Actually, you MUST!" - Topixtor (29-Dec-2012)
"The chamber is one of those levels that show us how creative we can be using the tomb raider level editor. I played this level a long time ago, but I still remember how incredible it was and how I enjoyed playing it and exploring the dark secret behind the room. At times it was even scary ( the water underground with the monster ). I liked the idea of the same room changing from time to time after Lara accomplishes some tasks. I also remember that it took me a long time until I discovered that Lara could crawl under the wooden wardrobe or jump on the chandelier. Definitely one of the best and most artistic levels I have played !" - Alantos (14-May-2012)
"G&P: That was really good, story was simple but really good. Gameplay was good, a little room but a lot of challenge in here. Puzzles were easy, but great! E,O&S: no real secrets, enemies: a swimming skull and a dog. logical because of the atmosphere, how justify a t-rex in here? XD so that's good for the level. Objects were just great! That level was the one I've tested with TRNG engine and that one left me speechless.AMAZING at that moment I played jsut official tomb raider, I though "Wow, I can't imagine if TR4 would been like that!" Objects were just amazing ^^ A/S&C:Atmosphere was good, sounds were good too, cameras were not so bad ^^ L&T:Lighting where brillant ^^ and texture really good. Nice work, waiting for another level from the auteur!" - Lara_Fox_Croft (08-Feb-2012)
"That's what I call original! Amazing level! The gameplay, the objects, the sounds and the textures - everything is awesome. I really liked the opportunity for two endings. If you're looking for something different - that's the right choice!" - misho98 (27-Nov-2011)
"The most amazing thing about this level is the fact that everything happens in just one room, and it is still really entertaining. We get involved in a story of mistery very believeble thanks to the great fixed textures, furniture adn lightning. The music also deserves a special mention because the autor provided us with guitar tomb raider themes that looked very appropieated to each situation. The gameplay wasn't as good as it could be. There where just a few jumps (perhaps one or two) and any secrets or puzzles. Instead there where some excitating parts of the game, like the skeleton of which go out scarabs. I especially loved the part in wich you have to wait until the moon gets high. In conclusion, a level with a lot of items to pikc up with a great atmosphere and sound but too short and not enough exciting for my taste." - Miriam (28-Jul-2011)
"A level that was built very well in all forms. The first and foremost thing that strikes you is the idea of ​​how it was built; a series of highly original and innovative ideas, starting from the history. Lara is found throughout the level in a single room, but according to her actions, the room changes from time to time and so you always have to deal with something different from before. Although I prefer environments with large levels, with various rooms, I do not mind at all how it was structured the gameplay. The difficulty of the game is medium-high, but it is not determined by complicated moves to make, but by the complexity to solve the riddles and this is one of the aspects that make the level interesting. Moreover, every time a puzzle is solved or during the same enigma, Lara finds the sheets of paper that each reveal clues about the evolution of the history. Another thing to highlight is the very engaging music, particularly the one relating to the enigma of the silver moon, very melancholic and evocative, where you must solve a puzzle before the tormented spirits, forgotten by the world, can come back and take their own Revenge (as the book of fairy tales illustrates). This raises the evaluation a lot. The enemies are present in lesser quantities but almost all indestructible: in fact we find a skeleton, a myriad beetles that Lara has to sow immediately if you do not want to be killed quickly (keep in mind that we have a single room, so where could Lara escape!? ), a sea monster (the one of the Old Mill of TR chronicles), a few irrelevant insects and a dog in the very last evolution of the room (and a host of skeletons to which it is impossible to escape unless you solve the riddle of the silver moon). The only flaw is perhaps the useless shotgun, which, although can be used to shoot the initial skeleton, can be rejected if you decide to run away from the skeleton itself (so it will follow Lara no longer). There is one secret that in itself is not so difficult to find since the room is always the same, but it is not visible at first sight; therefore, I found it nice. Another flaw is perhaps the only final that left me a little with a bitter taste in mouth: after the evocative enigma of the silver moon, the room changes again and here you just pick up and insert an object, so you can see the souls of characters with which Lara cannot interact and they disappear one by one; then, after a short movie, it ends in this way. In conclusion, a medium-high difficulty level that may seem boring at the beginning to the fact that it is set in one place, but that becomes increasingly attractive to the puzzles selected by the author. Unfortunately replaying the game for the second time, it becomes brief, playable in a quarter of an hour, but at the first time, to solve all the puzzles rather than thinking about another alternative, it takes at least 10 times more. It takes a little patience, but it is surely to try." - Steven Svorticher (04-Jul-2011)
"What... what?! Not reviewed by me? How can it be? I thought I did it ages ago! Must have missed it. But never mind - after over a year after playing, I still remember every single detail - a mirror, poisoned wine, a knife (modified crowbar), beetles, skeletons, various levels of flooding, and restless warriors - probably, doomed ghosts of dead wives - showing up if a player doesn't manage to give final disenchantment and freedom to the damned souls. Moon theme remarkable, and usage of moonbeam to show a spot is really inventive. One more thing: possibly, this is a place where the One Room Challenge contest has its origin. Many levels have been built thanks to it, and many will be built in future editions. SUMMARY: Incomparable to anything else, filled with tension and mystery, this level is 30 minutes affecting at least several following years of levelbuilding, giving it a completely new gameplay design style. One of the most important games ever created. Full 40." - DJ Full (26-Apr-2011)
"Wow! This is a very amazing and original level. You stay in this man's mansion and stayh in this one room. As you you keep exploring the rooms changes to dead skeletons which were the man's wives. Very enjoyable and fun! You shoudn't miss this level." - afzalmiah (04-Mar-2011)
"I was quite impressed by the ingenuity and originality of this level. When other reviewers said it was 'a small map,' I didn't realize this meant one tiny room. I loved how the room was different every time you came in, and for some reason two different things happened after the same point when I reloaded a savegame. This could just be my own absent-mindedness." - Capt. Abbey (15-Dec-2010)
"Before playing the level, reading a bit in the reviews I thought about the size of the level. All my preliminary thoughts were busted off when playing it through... But absoulutely worth to play with some nice gameplay and some not so nice gameplay and the Moon Puzzle - very innovative. After 15 minutes I was done, still wondering how many things can be done in such a little chamber!" - manarch2 (20-Oct-2010)
"This was a most interesting level, one that clearly demonstrates how much can be done in such a small map. I really liked the gameplay and the slowly unfolding story, though it would have been nice to find out what happens in the end. Lara's friend certainly chose a bad room for our inquisitive heroine to wait in. I felt bad for his dead wives, but at least they got to dance the night away one last time. The level was assembled in a very clever way. I'm still trying to figure out how some things were done, but it's probably best left a mystery. I admit I had to use a walkthrough here and there as I was stumped a few times. It was very cool to watch the chamber transform in different ways. My favorite was the underwater part, with furniture floating on the water. I also enjoyed the moon puzzle with the ring, this was a very cool idea. And at the end it's all back to how it started, and Lara looks quite uncomfortable indeed. Was she supposed to be next? I would have liked a boss battle with this evil man. Atmosphere was great, featuring shiny new custom objects and textures. Very crisp and appropriate for the setting. I didn't find all of the sound fitting to the level, but it wasn't bad. Lighting was great in most parts, but some of the colored bulbs by the windows seemed a bit off. Still the atmosphere was very believable and fun to explore. I found one secret under the carpet. Overall a very fun and creative level that is well worth a look. I spent about 30 minutes here and will likely visit again some day!" - Chronicles5 (12-Apr-2010)
"This is a very spooky mystery level with a good story. Lara is showed into a luxurious room by a servant, but there is more than one skeleton in the cupboard. Admittedly, the game play is rather far from standard tomb raiding, but as a puzzle game, the level is very well designed. Possibly, one hidden object is a bit too well concealed, though. The main task is to find out what to do, and that requires a keen eye. Luckily, the level is exceptionally small; it consists of a main room of 4x4 sectors and some neighbouring areas of comparable size. There are some enemies in the level, notably an irritatingly large number bats and a quite ravenous monster, which is rather tricky to kill (although you don't have to do that). The level exhibits some very creative use of custom objects." - Bogey (24-Mar-2010)
"Wow, what a unique level! It's not exactly Classic Tomb Raider, but for once that's definitely a good thing. As another reviewer notes, the idea seems to be inspired from one of those flash games in which you have to find your way out of a locked room by finding various objects, complete with the supernatural twist. Not that I'm complaining - the builder has used the idea very well and made it his own.
The gameplay is great - ok, after a point it does feel a bit repetitive: find a note, find a skeleton, find an item, notice change in room ... lather, rinse, repeat. But some of the more brilliant moments more than make up for it - like noticing the first skeleton from behind the mirror; watching the moon light up the point to place the ring; coming face or face with the undead (in a good way if you manage the penultimate task correctly, otherwise in a bad way).
The textures and lighting in the main room (in its original incarnation, anyway) are lovely, but fairly plain and dark in the offshoot areas. In the second category: objects are used very well, but some of the enemies seem a bit out of place, like the sea-hag or the dog at the end. The atmosphere and music category really deserves an 11, but a plain old 10 will have to do.
While I wish the level had been longer, it's probably best that it wasn't. The idea is fantastic, but if it had been stretched out any more, it would have become dreary. The builder knew just when to stop - a rare talent indeed. Now if only he would give us yet another brilliantly innovative level like this one ..." - Mytly (15-Mar-2010)
"It must be difficult for builders to come up with something original and this sure is. The idea of a whole level happening in just one room is very original. I will not bang on about lighting, gameplay and so on as others have done that so much better than I could. I liked this level immensely." - Jez (25-Nov-2009)
"There are some great levels out there, but it's rare that you find a level that is as original and unique as this one. While visiting an acquaintance, Lara is asked to wait in a room and as she looks around, she slowly uncovers the truth about what happened to his wives. It'd be a great disservice to the level to explain the plot any more than that, but suffice it to say that the author nails the spooky atmosphere and manages to create a fairly interesting story. Even more impressively, the whole level takes place in only one room (well, close enough, anyway). Through Lara's actions, the room changes, and it makes you question what's real or not. Unfortunately, because of the level being set in only one area, there's only so much the author can do gameplay-wise, and the tasks you're faced with don't feel nearly as inspired as the rest of the level. The gameplay gets downright obnoxious at times, as you swim through small corridors while being attacked and try to spot tiny crawlspaces and items. The level looks pretty nice, but with all of it taking place in (mostly) one room, it'd be surprising if it didn't. Music is also used effectively at times, and I especially liked how it was used near the end of the level. That end comes after less than fifteen minutes, but a level like this really doesn't have to be longer. When the focus is on story and atmosphere and the gameplay is lacking, a short level is probably preferable to a longer one. And as short as it is and as stupid as the gameplay gets at times, the level's atmosphere and originality more than make up for it." - Magnus (08-Aug-2009)
"Although a deliciously ambient level, I found The Chamber a little arduous in terms of what to do next. The fact it is set largely within one room is certainly innovative but it also gave me a feeling of claustrophobia. As for the clues being a little hard to spot, this was possibly because I was playing late at night and was too tired to concentrate fully. One problem I encountered straight away was the difficulty in grabbing the chandelier. I tried several times before wrongly concluding that it was not climbable and that somehow I had to extinguish the flames in the hearth to climb up the rear chimney wall. It was only after reluctantly consulting the walkthrough that I realised the chandelier could indeed be climbed if you stood at a certain point on the carpet below. But I don't wish to be too critical as it clearly took a lot of thought and effort and it was because it was a limited level in terms of it's setting that the clues needed to be less than obvious. Wonderfully spooky and original!" - High Priestess (23-Jul-2009)
"The idea of this level is gorgeous: A Tomb Raider adventure in only one room. This level shows how much gameplay you can put in only one area. The tasks are different: Lara has to climb around in the chimney, flee from a see gird underwater and fight against skellies. Of course, there are also a lot of puzzles to solve and I really liked the new objects Michum employs. After 30 minutes of funn I finished this unique masterpiece and I hope to see more from this author." - Jonson (23-Jul-2009)
"This level is a masterpiece. The main concept is strong and fascinating, Michum made a level full of atmosphere with few elements. He is a genius! I really get scared when the skeletons appears, notwithstanding they're the same skeleton of coastal levels... in tr4 they're riddiculus but in this room they're dreadful! The terror is palpable and the magnificent puzzle simply increase this dark atmosphere. The music is also painstaking, appropriate and very well played ;) Finally a level that not centre all on the graphic but develope a story in a new way. This is a timeless masterpiece!" - Miya (05-Jul-2009)
"Abusing flipmaps (or abusing anything for that matter) may be something one might feel uncomfortable doing at the risk of creating too much repetitiveness in the level. However, repetition is something which does not happen, much on the contrary. Michum shows us here an extraordanary skill to to use it frequently and well. The setting: one small room and some places arround it. The Complexity: Huge! Story, design, atmosphere, music, objects, enemies, for someone looking at the screen from the other side of the room these may seem rather simple, but taking a closer look these fit this small level flawlessly. This short but fun level is a must-play for the lovers of Level Editor." - Just Croft (02-Jul-2009)
"Incredibly intriguing, enticing and hooking. I was caught in the web all the way to the end. I'll admit that i rarely find myself playing mystery type levels, but I may just start more. At every turn I had my eyes wide open, looking for the next supprise, and just when I was letting my guard down, something'd grab my attention again. It's incredible the fact that this is all in a single chamber mostly, and a few side rooms. Overall I am amazed at the quality and ability to grip this level has." - TjwCroft (01-Jul-2009)
"What a unique level! I would have never guessed so much could happen in one room. Lara is tasked with solving the mysteries of many wives murders. This was not easy to do and you really have to think. Everytime Lara leaves the room to go above, behind or below, the room changes and there are new objectives. This level was very short, but extremely unique and creative. This is definitely one for mystery lovers." - Shandroid (13-Apr-2009)
"This is not a traditional level. When you begin to play you think that you will explore a big mansion, but the reality is that you almost play all the entire level only in a single room!!! Really it's not the truth, cause this room changes many times along the game (many flipped rooms). The game is very interesting, with a Hitchcok film style, mistery and suspense with a good history, you'll have to observe very well the small details and changes in the room to can continue playing, sometimes it's difficult to find your way. Very well builded with nice objects and very good details, like the moving moon or the last animation with the dead wives, like I said it's not a classic TR level so, if you look for something different, this is your level." - Jose (31-Mar-2009)
"One of the best custom ever. In this level gameplay isn’t important. Important is the atmosphere. Author changed lovely small room into a dark and mystery place, full of bodies of murdered people. Storyline is great. Music is wonderful. When you follow to know the secret of “The Chamber” you’re getting more and more scary. I had a lot of fun playing it. It’s very difficult to play through the game because of the well-hidden passages. Notes help you understand crimes or let you suppose what will happen next. Level has beautiful textures. I noticed that water textures animate very fluently. Making this effect to work correctly is very hard. All level is very enjoyable. I want to recommend this custom to all players. Good job." - jawi (29-Mar-2009)
"My views fall somewhere in between the extremes voiced in the remarkably high number of reviews that have been submitted in such a short period of time. One probable reason for the high number of reviews is the fact that you can play the level in one sitting and then dash off your review without breaking a sweat. The demo-like brevity is my major complaint, but as EssGee points out, this is really a concept level and the concept is milked for all its worth in the time provided. The new and fresh aspects of this level were presented in a much more extended format in Nerkopolis, so my scores reflect the significant differences in gameplay between the two offerings. In all other respects, however, this was a refreshing change of pace, made all the more memorable by the inventive music. And much as it pains me to have to say it, it was much too dark. Try it, there aren't many other levels out there like it." - Phil (25-Mar-2009)
"It's quite refreshing when you get something out of left field that is quirky, yet ingenious. This is a shortish but cleverly designed level based on a single room concept where things get moved around by it's ghostly inhabitants as you try to unravel the mystery of its past. Everything is well constructed and although the single room is simple in its design, the changes that occur within the room are smoothly carried out. Objects are moved around by playful ghosts and this place really does have skeletons in the closet. Clocking in at around 20 minutes game time you'd have to classify this as a concept level. Any longer and I think the concept would be drawn out and become tedious. As it is, it's nicely compact and holds the player's interest well. And as those ghosts faded away, did I spot a little of AC/DC's Back in Black riff playing under the TR theme - nice touch." - EssGee (14-Mar-2009)
"I loved it! Short and sweet, full of surprises, atmosphere, and hey! no running along endless corridors at all :D This really was the most enjoyable level I've played in a while (not that I've played many, due to lack of time). I loved everything, from the idea of a Blackbeard and his seven dead wives, to the beauty of the objects, the lighting, especially the moonlight beam impressed me. I agree, there is a high level of knowledge involved in creating this level, respect! The skeletons were annoying, when I played it the first time, but then I realised you can pretty much avoid them. The seahag though was very tough, but perhaps appropriate as an obstacle. I never liked the seahag much, though :/ Anyway, all around, I can't really fault it. Perhaps it could have been longer.. a second chamber would have been fun XD. But I guess that would have defeated the purpose. I am very much looking forward to more exploration of this sort of theme." - Manymee (13-Mar-2009)
"I never believed that a level where all the action takes place in a single room could be enjoyable. However, this level proved me that I was terribly wrong. What impressed me most was author's technical knowledge of level editor needed for the creation of multiple changes of the room. Lots of flip maps and flip effects setting a new start position for Lara must have been used wisely to make everything work properly and I really raise my hat for achieving that. What comes to actual gameplay it can be at times slightly monotonous but definitely not bad. Largely you have to proceed by figuring out how to interact with new or modified objects which often involve an item which you can pick up and use to other object. Solutions can be often found in a flash which is a reason why the gaming time is 20 minutes or even less which of course doesn't make the game bad. In terms of graphics this level looked very nice including good texturing and atmospheric lighting. Giving a number for textures and lighting category was however a bit hard due to level consisting of only one area which doesn't give a clear image of author's artistic creativity. Anyway the room looked good. Objects were rather high quality and used smartly like the raising moon and moon light that were also a part of a very interesting and unusual puzzle. Mirror and a sitting skeleton which you can see through the mirror were really nice idea and there were also some new well fitting audio tracks in this game. This was all in all an enjoyable and unique level and nothing like it has been done previously as far as I know, so give a try for it. You won't be disappointed." - Samu (11-Mar-2009)
"I'm not sure about this level. No doubt it is an inventive idea building a level around one single room (reminded me to Silent Hill 4 - The Room). There are some nice effects integrated (like e.g. the breaking mirror and those skeletons turning eventually into ghosts) and good use of enemies who will surely keep you on your toes. But hints are too obscure (like e.g. the invisible door in the similarly textured wall, and the use of the ring), and taking the rather short length of this level into account I had to look up the help thread too often. Music was sometimes nice (most of all the modified TR theme), although a bit too heavymetal-like in parts." - Jerry (10-Mar-2009)
"One of the most talked about levels in a while, but yet it only lasts 20 minutes or so. It's that ingenious. An excellent concept being set in just one room and with the new capabilities of TRNG it's actually possible to accomplish a lot in a small area. A must play for everyone without a doubt. It really got my mind thinking about other things you could do with a room, other plot lines and general puzzles one could add. It probably was a little too short perhaps, but managing 20 minutes in one area is still something to be commended. Please build us some more rooms Michum!" - TrueRaider (10-Mar-2009)
"Nice textures, stressful atmosphere, nice music, it's all very well, too bad the level is too short." - Minox (10-Mar-2009)
"It's quite simply magnificent!!!!! I love the atmosphere of that level and what a fascinating story!!!!! It will could to be part of a big story!!!!! And I don't know if it's the true but with my friend, we found a connection of the seven wifes of the landlord and the seven princess: the first skeleton for the White-Snow(poisoned:"Lost Letter"), the 2 for Alice(hanged woman...don't sure...), the 3 I don't know(LOL Sorry), the 4 for Cinderella(cockroach), the 5 for Beauty(and the Beast: who is locked up; the skeleton in the water...;"Note"), the 6 for Esmeralda(burned:the skeleton in the chimney) and the 7 for Sleeping Beauty(who sing for her first meet with her prince and who sleep:"Writting on Disk Label")! I'm not sure it was the intention of the autor but I think... PS: Sorry for my bad English but I speak French and I speak English a little! Anastasia!" - Anastasia (09-Mar-2009)
"A little gem of a level, just perfect as a relaxing interlude after playing a tough ten-level series. Lara is left waiting in a room, and we are told the mansion's owner had a number of previous wives. As the tale unfolds we learn the grim truth of what happened to those wives as Lara uncovers clues: a diary entry, lost letters, a poison glass. We probably suspected something like this. One nice moment is Lara getting behind the one-way glass of the mirror, and seeing the changed room that she has just left. Another good effect is the dense harmful smoke in the upper part of the chimney. Similar effects have been used before, in poison gas rooms, but the point here is how natural the dense smoke is, that it is integrated into the story. Similarly the moonbeam effect at the end, or the dancing ghost wives, seem to be inspired touches. It is difficult to rate this level as it is extremely short, almost a demo of the special effects. There simply isn't much game play. I'd be happier giving top scores if the level were expanded, like some of Oxy's haunting and story-based levels. Play it and enjoy it." - dmdibl (08-Mar-2009)
"This is very stressful game. Lara is locked in one chamber where she investigates murders of wives from the mansion owner. I didn't like the story neither the end, which is somehow boring and weird. Maybe next part of this game will be that was only bad dream? Still game is worth to play if you have good nerves and if you are interested to investigate what happened to them. Game-play is straight forward with enough clues that you don't get lost. Also in game is provided enough medi-packs but not enough flares - they are hidden in the secret room which I liked very much. It's somehow mysterious and very scary in my eyes. Murders are well done still not really worth to see. I don't recommend this game to sensitive players neither to kill that poor lost dog. Butler opens the door in the end, good luck Lara." - Oxy (07-Mar-2009)
"After almost 2,000 levels, it's hard to come up with an original concept and one in which it all takes place within the confines of one room and its environs is even more difficult. This level proves it can be done and done exceedingly well. This is 'Lara In A Box' using mystery, horror and spooky atmosphere to bring it to life...or the afterlife as the case may be. The introduction lets us know that Sir R. has been widowed several times and that's all we need to be fairly certain that "the poor man" has been the instrument of his own 'bereavement'. The room changes due to Lara's actions and at times it can be hard to see exactly what has changed - sometimes the time it takes to spot what is different doesn't matter and sometimes it does; allowing those skellies to come out in force. Using smoke to overcome within the confined chimney space was realistic and done well and although the same could be said about the beetles pouring from the closet....those were not so much appreciated. But still, done well and with perfect timing. As a fan of locked room mysteries and horror, I was pleased to see this played out so well. A bit reminiscent of the Mystery Files and what is know as old English cozie mysteries done up in true Raider style. I'd love to see this extended to a few more levels as there could be so much more to do on the estate. Loved it and very much recommended." - Bene (07-Mar-2009)
"What can I say?!? This is a masterpiece!! As a fan of both "Silent hill - the room" and "1406" it was fantastic to see something like that could be done in a tr level. Also in so few rooms!! The gameplay is perfect. Not hard, not easy. Full score here, not doubt about it. The game might be short (took me 23 min) but during that time you get to do more things than in some 1 hour levels!! Also, the objects, the secret (found it!)are high class. Full score here too. When it comes to the atmosphere, the sound and cameras..flawless. The remakes of the tr music and the creepy feeling wow! 10/10 is not enough! The textures and lighting is also close to perfection. I would love the author to make a full lenght level in the same spirit! It would be awesome! When it comes to the comments I have read in the stuck forum and the reviews etc.: I found no bugs and everything went really smooth so i can't comment about that. (I could kill the seahag after a few tries) I also have my own opinion about the ending and that you can get stuck and killed etc. I have no problems with that. A builder can't ALWAYS guide the player 100% in the right direction. The player also have a responsibillity. That is among others, to always save in different slots. I think it was Sutekh who once said to me during the betatesting of my E&B 1 that "you can guide the player to do the right thing but there is no need to babysit them!" Full score from me!" - QRS (06-Mar-2009)
"What a wonderful little level is this, you have to play it maybe twice to get fully understand the given info, but when you read everything carefully, the hints and notes, you will soon get the whole picture of a gruesome story about a wealthy man killing all his wives. The level isn't always easy, but not too hard too, if you keep your eyes open. I thought objects were great, I especially loved that mirror. The smoke filled chimney where you soon suffocate was also a nice touch. If you stop and think about how many rooms this level contains, it will be clear to you how much game play can be put in only a few rooms. I had some trouble with the lighting as all my flares were out after the basement part, but in my second round I found the secret and had more flares. This level gave me the feeling of watching a Miss Marple episode on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Great job." - Dutchy (06-Mar-2009)
"While the concept of the level does seem to be a bit based on the infamous Lara In A Box level, this shouldn't deter you from playing it as it's an absolutely great, if very short adventure. It's a bit like those escape-room flash games, but still there is so much crammed into a tiny space that as a technical accomplishment I think is great. Also added to that is a charming little story that's revealed with every bit of progression through the scattered notes, and while the environment is small, it's very well textured, lit, and decorated with some fantastic objects. While the gameplay wasn't particularly strong, it is varied enough to keep one interested. There's shooting to do, some swimming, a bit of climbing, and some careful observation for a bit of challenge. I especially liked the part with the moonlight revealing the ring receptacle, but also the general flow of the story, and it's unveiling adds to the experience. I also enjoyed the guitar remixes of TR music tracks, I felt they were well played and fit into the level nicely. Overall, while a short adventure of about 25 min. on a first playthrough, this level shows some good technical use of the editor and TRNG features. Worth playing!" - Relic Hunter (05-Mar-2009)
"OK....i see peoples have good impression about this one ..well i have not the same good impression ...i dont want to get down the builder .... he wanted to make something special wich intended to be a crappy scarry game ...ideea was good ..... execution not so good ... well this game get builded around 1 ROOM ... !! the builder provided 1 big + 3 small medipacks ... wich is not enuff .... cos even iff is not manny enemyes in the game they are the type wich lower moustly ur health .... for ex at underwater chamber u need to open a underwater door wich is located in a very narrow place.,.. untill u positionate Lara at the door and open it a monster lower ur life very fast - YES VERY FAST-. further in the game was a confusing part ..... u get a ring and at ist glance dont know what to doo with ....after some time u get attacked bye 5 or 6 skelies from nowhere and belive me the room is small u cannot run from it ... even the shotgun is useless on those skelies...and in the same time u need to run around to save ur skin and at same time to get the place where to use the ring !!! and this allmoust in totaly darkness ... well at my point off view this is a mediocre game one with not much gameplay + very short ..... cheers ." - Jack& (05-Mar-2009)
"This little adventure is way apart different from what we usually get and takes but an hour to finish but I loved to play it . It`s all happening in one single chamber or room , but the room changes while the player has to perform certain tasks in order to continue. Maybe a step into the future and an innovative idea to steer the old TRLE away from simply running around in fixed locations ? Most of all I would like to give credit to the builder`s own sound files which I enjoyed very much. Good job done here , fantastic guitar play ! Thank You Mitchum for a rather weird but highly entertaining game ." - Ruben (05-Mar-2009)
"If you want something different, have a look at this level. Take your time as everything is not as clear as you would expect, but I found that the most fun part of this level. Lara is locked up in one room and apart from the attic, basement and at a later point the chimney, there is no way out until the last end. It is rather short but then don't expect a long gameplay in such small surroundings. I really liked it although at first a Sea Hag put me off, but then I always dislike this enemy. Also the place where Lara can have a shot at her is rather small and targeting is pretty awkward. The ending is sort of timed though, so first time around I was severely pestered by skeletons, the second time I knew what I had to do and no skeletons. There are enough goodies to be found to get you through all perils, have a go at it, as it for sure is original." - Gerty (05-Mar-2009)
"What a disappointingly short level, relatively speaking. But what an interesting one at that. This isn't unique, as such, for it seems to be a level after the fashion of so many of those flash games we see on the internet, whereby the objective is to find one's way out of a room. Of course, it's never easy and every single space in the room has to be searched with the most precise clicks of the mouse. Fortunately for this level such precision isn't necessary, but it does have some similar levels of frustration. We start then by being introduced to the gaudy and overly ostentatious decor that adorns the walls and floor of the house we find ourselves in by a butler more menacing looking than welcoming. Being from VCI, and so associated with Werner von Croy, it's not surprising then. With it becoming apparent that somebody is missing and has seemingly gone through some awful experience in the house over a prolonged period, it's probably a fair guess that this is indeed Werner's house, for an evening with him would be enough to traumatise anybody. Ja? This level makes extensive use of flipmaps to change the environment in sometimes subtle ways, and sometimes a little more drastically after each new thing to do is discovered. So subtle can be some of these changes that you might find yourself running around the room looking at the same things over and over again, in an effort to discover what on earth you're supposed to do next. But then, isn't that the point? The builder has clearly made maximum use of a small space with this level, showing that it isn't always necessary to make sprawling environments to explore in order for it to be a good game. Whilst everything decor wise is, as said, gaudy, it still all looks good as the textures are high quality and the lighting is nicely done over all. Objects too are good quality, adding to the look of the place. I really don't want to say too much about game play because I don't want to give anything away, but with that in mind there are some awkward enemies to fight and some very well concealed elements to discover. Nothing is too difficult, though it might seem so at first. The player needs to pay good attention to the environments when things seem tough for the easy answer IS there. There is a good looking attic type space and later in climbing up a chimney, there's a great use of smoke as a suffocation agent, whilst one is busy trying to discern just what to do exactly. The best effect here though is the moon. Just keep your eyes peeled after the chimney area. Very good indeed. After this, if you're not quick enough you'll find yourself assailed by a seeming horde of skeletons that will make it nigh on impossible to do what you're supposed to, so be quick. The level end is somewhat overly long and a bit bizarre, but at least it ends on a little laugh before von Lurch comes to let you out." - Czar (05-Mar-2009)
"A great level, this should be played and played. Its got some cool little stuff goin on here, the room you start in has alot to do, so it keeps you happy for a little while. This is just a great level, and I think everyone should definatly play it." - Vaughnage (03-Mar-2009)
"Yes, I did watch that 1408 movie with John Cusack too and I'm amazed that no one thought of it yet. I remember I watched it at a multiplex room in a mall and got out at about midnight when they were closing and almost nobody was there anymore except for very few workers. The atmosphere felt quite strange and it seemed like I had gotten out of the movie only to get into another dimension. The main difference between the film and this game was that the film lasted longer. And that's about the only flaw, if one may call it that way, in this level. Apart from that, it's still quite unique and a most welcome change in tomb raiding, only challenged by The Ring in its gender (and there's a ring too!). Some moments are memorable, namely climbing up the chimney to a room with too much smoke and the final moment when the moon shines through the window and one must place the ring where the moon beam goes (sorry for the spoiler!). The original music by Michum, based on Tomb Raider tunes, is definitely also a very good touch. And the textures and lighting seem fine to me. Recommended for all who are getting weary of the same ol'-same ol' tomb raiding stuff." - Jorge22 (03-Mar-2009)
"Blimey! Whoever would have guessed that you can fine-tune the Lara in a box concept to perfection? This level, however let's you know with confidence that it's possible to equate such a scenario with 'good level'. You can argue that it's on the short end with taking barely more than 10 minutes of net-gaming to finish, that more could've been squeezed out from the concept gameplay and atmosphere-wise, and that the story could've benefited from a more definite resolution, but what it lacks in duration it makes up in originality. The fact that, at least to my knowledge, this seemingly well known idea hasn't been taken to such a level before is awe-inspiring on its own, but the nifty touches like the moon-rise, the final dance of the wives among more are what really sells it to me, and while as a level builder I saw numerous opportunities to get even more out of the level, I still decided to rate this highly, and considering that the author has managed to squeeze more ideas in its 10 minutes of gameplay than some builders do in an hour+ long venture, I found it to be justified. A brief level, that's definitely worthy of your time, so do yourself a favour and start it up! Found 1 secret." - eTux (03-Mar-2009)
"I am split with this level, on one side, the technical skill required for this level is huge and to pull it off this well is very impressive, but on the other side, it is very short and the gameplay is ordinary. A unique idea and I certainly hope (as a player) to be seeing more of this theme in the future, but the gameplay is only find an object, place and object, open a door etc. It is just those few little moments, like the moon rising and the ghosts dacing, that make the gameplay seem better than it is. The atmosphere created is very good and the remake of the tr theme tune is creative. The textures are faultless, but how wrong can you go in one room? It doesn't give you an overall idea of what the texturing is like, this is why I didn't give it a 10. If the level was longer and the gameplay was a little bit more creative then I think I would have rated it near perfect. But overall I did enjoy the level a great deal." - Cory (03-Mar-2009)
"It's awfully clever, but is it anything more than a well-made gimmick? I don't think so. The gameplay betrays its 'germanic custom level' origins: if in doubt, shoot at an unusual object. It's also very vague, progression-wise; with lots of obscure hints which exist simply to exhibit the builders technical skills. The visuals are accomplished and beguiling and there's a degree of charm throughout; but it comes across as a show-off, rather than a properly cohesive level." - Orbit Dream (03-Mar-2009)
"A genial level, all in one room but very very beatiful, a masterpiece. The story, the events and the puzzles are fascinating and original, and the game involved the player totally. The only fault is that it's too much short." - Pablito_it (02-Mar-2009)
"What a fascinating level this is. Having so enjoyed this builder's first level, I was delighted to see another offering from him and I certainly wasn't disappointed. This is a clever concept - confining the action to one room and having that room change in various ways - that could have been a risky move, but actually works really well. It's a short level, but action packed, very inventive and absolutely not to be missed." - Jay (02-Mar-2009)
"This is amazing! I love it! Really creepy level. I really enjoyed it because I love horror movies and this was like cut from horor movie. Love it really! What can Lara do until she is waiting isn't she? I played it 25 minutes :)" - Razzi (01-Mar-2009)
"Wonderful game. Only one room, but what a lot to do." - Andzia9 (01-Mar-2009)
"This has to be the most unique TR created level I've played yet. Reminds me of Silent Hill: The Room how you're confined to a small space and things change depending upon your actions. The only fault I could find with this game is the length. Beyond that it was quite amazing. The textures looked absolutely goregous for a created level. Again, the best I've seen with the NGLE. It was cool to hear the TR theme played on an electric guitar. Nice touch. Puzzles were very well done. I was stuck a number of times so it was a good challenge. This level is certainly not for the weak of heart, especially towards the end lol. Love that feeling of an enemy coming at you from out of nowhere with no warning. I wish Crystal knew how to scare the pants off of you like that. They ruin it with enemy sound effects and cutscenes warning you of the attack. This is an absolute must download! I'll be sure to try out Michum's other level at some point today. Excellent job!" - yesrushdt (01-Mar-2009)
"Its an interesting little number this one, with much of the level taking place in a singular room that undergoes a number of progressively darker changes from beginning to end. Alongside this, we also receive snippets of the story via a number of notes as we progress, so in all the setting and storyline elements are well and truly cemented nicely into place. The atmosphere accompanies this further, with the aforementioned "darker" tones creeping in as you find more and more out about the story, though the guitar music that played every so often (while not actually a bad piece of music) seemed a little out of place. The textures used were also suitably gaudy and mostly well placed, and the lighting helped further set an atmosphere, yet there were a few niggles here and there that could have dealt with. Now, no matter how interesting a level may look, it also has to have good gameplay, and I feel this is where it falls down a little. While there isn't much that could have been done within the compact space that the builder decided to create, it would have been nice to have a little more interesting gameplay than the "item-fetching" quest I felt I was undertaking. The attic and basement provided slightly more interest, yet they didn't last particularly long, sadly. Perhaps there could have been some hidden messages, or even the way to a hidden room scribbled on a wall with the blood of one of the dead...but regardless, it's a little too late to be making suggestions now. The nicely used objects helped perk up my interest a little however (and seeing custom animations is always nice), though the lighting and positioning was sometimes a bit "off". Overall, not a perfect level, but one that should be tried out at least for the originality factor." - Spike (01-Mar-2009)
"A truly amazing Level!One of the best I have ever played! A masterpiece!:)I have never seen so many great ideas in ŻoneŻ room.The whole scenario remind me of Silent Hill 4:The Room.The story was also very interresting...I really enjoyed playing this short,but extremely exciting adventure.At some parts it got pretty scary! Everyone should play this cauz its not a typical TR-level." - MpGrill (01-Mar-2009)
"This was great, great fun! A small level with a difference and top scores for originality here, as Michum takes us into a neat little storyline that he then pulls off with remarkable easy and brilliant use of objects and animations throughout. Yes, it is a bit on the short side with 20 minutes of net gaming time, but while you are at it you will most certainly love it. Not for its intriguing or complex gameplay, because that really is not what you will find, but for the clever ideas and in anticipation of what change will happen around the next corner. A wonderful little treat of a level. Try it!" - MichaelP (01-Mar-2009)