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The Last Day in Fayyum by dennis16

Chronicles5 7 9 10 10
Czar 9 8 8 9
DJ Full 8 8 9 9
dmdibl 10 9 10 9
eRIC 8 8 10 9
eTux 7 8 9 9
FX 9 9 9 10
Gerty 8 8 9 8
herothing 9 7 9 10
Jack& 8 8 9 8
Jay 8 8 10 9
Jose 9 9 8 9
manarch2 8 8 9 8
MichaelP 8 8 10 10
Minox 8 8 9 9
Mman 8 9 10 10
Nina Croft 9 7 7 6
Orbit Dream 7 8 9 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
Relic Hunter 8 9 10 10
Ryan 9 8 9 9
Samu 8 9 9 9
Shandroid 7 8 8 8
TheStig 8 7 8 9
Treeble 8 9 9 9
release date: 15-Mar-2009
# of downloads: 135

average rating: 8.61
review count: 25
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file size: 47.54 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Tomb Raider and chill? Tomb Raider and chill. This is a lovely and fairly straightforward raid, the environments are beautiful despite not necessarily using HQ assets as was slowly becoming the norm at the time (in fact, it does a great job at combining TR1 and TR4 Egyptian textures, plus a few TR3 India gets added into the mix and it works well) and there are some quite impressive vistas, be it the indoor temple or the outdoor waterfalls under the neat sunset setting. General lighting matches the orange skyline. Gameplay flows well and I also quite enjoyed the TRA/AOD sound effects for Lara, a nice change of pace from the usual grunts we've heard in thousands of levels now. Quite recommended. 50 minutes, 3 secrets. 09/22" - Treeble (25-Sep-2022)
"Right from the start, this level looked great and had nice relaxing gameplay, including a nice touch puzzle. Then we reach an imposing room where a Jar is needed and the action begins. Odd that the pistols did more damage than the shotgun. Anyway I really enjoyed it and can recommend it highly." - Ryan (14-Jan-2016)
"Good stuff from the beginning but I can't say until the end for there is again none: the final zone is underexplored (as well as many other including inaccessible rooftops or windows we never get behind) and has some invisible barriers preventing a jump to its remaining part which would be easy to do under normal conditions. Neither we do acquire any artifact, nor have any climax so the game lacks all the conclusion and ends up as another one to subtitle "What It's All About". But I believe the goal isn't missing, so let's figure it out bit by bit. Visually, it's Egypt with some lush green addition, and well built. People very often use that phrase, but it can may mean anything and I for example wouldn't say it to a woman. Hey baby, you're well built. So let's get deeper: textures are from TR1, water and enemies are from TR3, plants are from TR4 and only slight adjustments applied to inventory items make them new yet still simple, so they could be TR5-like if that episode included Egyptian setting. So any customization is subtle and nothing beyond the classic, to correspond with the scenery based on older resources. The audio overlay comes from never Anniversary but let's remember that release pointed back to TR1 so full harmonic circle is closed in perfect blend, producing atmosphere which never drops below what I like to experience. Well, all the above is what I wouldn't say to a woman either. So maybe let's switch to compliments: the enemy usage is great, beginning with classic placement and then proceeding to unusual combinations and surprises, I think the crocodile kill while jumping the slopes was the best merging all with new, and I only missed some boss fight - so in the end I guess the goal was to just get out of a temple Lara is trapped in (still, a bossfight wouldn't be bad). The golden skull secrets work good as always, but take care to explore everything at first chance for there might be no way back. To keep the tradition of final whine, I need to ask what the shotgun was for if it didn't have any power at all and eliminating crocodiles went faster with pistols. SUMMARY: Both classic and new. Could be a BtB of Egyptian edition. Lacks some crucial things but feels very good most of the time. Recommended." - DJ Full (03-May-2015)
"This takes the vanilla Egypt theme and enhances it with great amounts of detail, some new objects, and some huge- scale areas, and it looks great. It's very organic feeling and captures nature taking over a man-made environment to a level that few other levels manage. The gameplay is quite straightforward and does little to bog itself down with filler, overdone backtracking or other issues (outside of one gem receptacle I needed the walkthrough to see despite checking the area multiple times). However, that simplicity is taken to the degree that it becomes it's biggest flaw; there are giant areas that look like the start of an epic adventure, then you just leave after ten-twenty minutes and never come back despite various gateways and inaccessible high-areas that suggest more is there; that would be fine it happened a few times, but it feels like a significant amount of the level is taunting you with places you never access. At the end there's even an easy jump to one of those areas that ends up being blocked by invisible walls; even if it was pointless I see no reason to block the player from at least taking a look (or at least design the area so invisible walls aren't needed). A enjoyable level that should be played, but it almost feels like it's half- finished in terms of the way space is used." - Mman (04-Aug-2013)
"The gameplay of this level is excellently smooth and fluent, comprised of nice puzzles, exploration and combat. Maybe a bit too much levers to pull and keys to collect, but the overall impression is still very good. Secrets are nicely hidden, flybys are perfect, and in every second of the game you know exactly what to do and where to go. Alhtough some puzzles are very clever, you will hardly get stuck. However, I find the mix of jungle and Egypt ruins not so convincing. Egypt is suposed to be in a desert, but nevertheless, the geometry is well-built and textured. I would choose another textures (not Egypt) for the ruins, but it is just a matter of taste. Some enemies (Antarctica mutants) seem out of place, as well as some traps (slamming metal doors, for example). Lighting could be a bit better, and as I said, textures for the ruins should not be Egyptian. I recommend this level to all those raiders who are tired of hard gameplay, pixel precise jumps and tough puzzles which bring you headache. Maybe gameplay is a bit too linear, but nevertheless, I really had fun playing this level. Too bad this level builder stopped making levels. I hope he'll be back one day and he'll give us even better and more interesting levels in the future." - Nina Croft (24-Jul-2012)
"With texturing as a mix of Egypt and Jungle and well built room, the atmosphere does easily convince. And the perfect sound choice also was great. However, I have some minor gripes about textures as sometimes they are a bit wallpapered (nothing too crude though) and lighting also could've been better. I really enjoyed gameplay in this level, quite easy and often a bit "leveric" (new creation; stands for too many levers) but there were some parts that were very ingenious, e.g. the way of getting the blue crystal as you had to bypass some triggers, or the slopes with the spikes on it that had to be de-triggered in a special, but for some players confusing way when I read some of the earlier reviews. Three easy secrets on the way, and lots of fighting (I never found the shotgun); the fight with two mutants and two harpies was maybe a bit overdosed but it was pretty managable. If you search a not too long level (45 minutes) with fluent gameplay, I can recommend this one warmly." - manarch2 (21-Aug-2011)
"Already the starting area of the game gives such a fresh and inviting approach to the Egyptian theme, that one can't help but be charmed by it. I did actually intend to play the level a year ago, but failed to identify the pushable block back then, and thus could not progress. For whatever reason, I found it easily this time, and I dare say if the player picks up on this trick and keeps it in mind for the remainder of the 50 minute or so level, he/she will find that the game is surprisingly straightforward and fluent. Though some areas could look overwhelming to tackle at first, and you might feel like you still haven't explored them enough upon leaving, a lot of the settings are actually there just for the show, which is great for a sense of immersion, and a sense of what you see actually being part of something bigger. The settings have a fresh look due to the original texture mix, while at the same time they also remind one to some extent of the feeling a TR3 level has about it, and were overall well done. My gripes visually would be merely about some technical issues like cracks and insufficient or ineffective use of sun-bulbs. As already mentioned - what is great about the gameplay is that, assuming you don't stumble on identifying what the movable blocks in this level look like, it's fluent, fun and generally should be suitable for players of any skill level. However, there are a couple of confusing moments - in the room with the spiked slopes, a vase and darts - the spikes were only deactivated when jumping in the alcove with the vase (I had shot it previously, as it can be easily done without getting into the alcove), and I failed to see the logic behind that. The game relies a bit too much on crawlspaces and levers for my liking, and even when more exciting stuff like evasion of traps, sliding slopes and jumping happens, one could wish for a bit more variety. I also had an issue when playing on my Windows7 run laptop where the savegames from earlier sessions would crash the game, but I solved that with the use of the compatibility mode. Something other than the skulls for the 3 secrets would've felt more rewarding to me, but I suppose that's just a design choice, and they were simple enough to find, which is not a bad thing. If anything else, the ending felt a bit sudden and underwhelming, and though I actually am not against the play for the sake of playing philosophy, I admit I would've wished for something more definitive in a stand-alone level. That put aside, this gets my recommendations if you want to see a fresh take on an Egyptian setting." - eTux (18-Aug-2011)
"A beautiful and very enjoyable level. If you're like me, and got bored of Egypt after TRLR, you will probably like this one. It is a refreshing look at Egypt offering a variety of well-crafted areas, including deserts, caves, jungles, rivers, temples and more. The level is laid out very nicely and flows from one area to the next. It is not very difficult, once you get started. Gameplay mostly consists of switches, a few puzzle items, some traps and enemies. Don't waste your medipacks- once those crocodiles at the end start chomping you'll lose health quickly. Perhaps I am just clumsy in the water though. I enjoyed a nice battle sequence with some Tinnos monsters and harpies which was a surprise. The level also features some clever acrobatics and well hidden areas. Objects are used well to enhance the jungle and temple atmospheres, and the puzzle items used were very appropriate. Using the waterskin to put out the fire was clever. I would have liked some more puzzles or more difficulty at least, as there were quite a few switches in a row in some areas. I still enjoyed playing though. I found one secret and missed the others. Atmosphere was my favorite part of this level. A very lush setting with a variety of areas, all very nicely designed, textured and lit. Egypt may not have many (or any) jungles in real life, but this place was very believable. Great background ambiance and sound effects. The opening flyby was spectacular, and some other cameras were used to good effect- like the one with the jump over spikes. Again good lighting and textures made the areas believable and they blended well together. Not a challenging level but a fun one, and the adventure lasts just long enough. Took me just over an hour to reach the end." - Chronicles5 (29-May-2010)
"Very Good level , I do not know if you did like me, but I changed the title (it was heavy for a black thing?) By the true level, and what do I see a remake of TR3, beautiful and beautiful (the screens here). So, I'm very proud of this adventure and the 2nd level ^ ^" - FX (18-Feb-2010)
"Who would have thought that an egyptian Temple in the middle of dense jungle could look so convincing? The atmosphere in this adventure is simply stunning,due to the superb construction,throughtful texturing and exemplary attention to scenic detail (although the author should have used the 'crack mode' on onccasions).The adventure consists of several large and seemingly complex areas which the player must navigate around in order to find key pick-ups,and most of the progression is enjoyable and surprisingly straightforward.However,there were a few places where the author seriously slipped up: the lack of Binoculars was verging on a criminal act;the shotgun ammo didn't appear to have much impact on any of the baddies (I found the pistols to be far more effective);a lack of a camera clue left me wandering hopelessly around at the very start of the level,due to that ever-annoying 'pushable block that looks just like any other block' syndrom;the adventure had a frightfully anti-climactic ending;and,crucially,a huge battle with various enemies and the placement of the two most important pick-ups was missed entirely simply by my performing a slightly irregular jump over a (supposedly un-jumpable) Balustrade and therefore unkowingly bypassing a huge part of the adventure.It was only when I had finished and was consulting some of the reviews that I read about all the harpies and mutants,and realised that I had missed these entirely! It's regrettably flawed in terms of gameplay,therefore; which is a great shame,as there's simply loads to enjoy here.The secrets are well placed;some of the physical challenges are inventive;and the surroundings are truly beautiful and superb to look at. If you keep the walkthrough handy,this should prove to be an excellent adventure;and I award full marks for effort. It's just a pity that the testing let it down somewhat." - Orbit Dream (13-Jun-2009)
"Overall a nice adventure but I have a nagging feeling that I missed something when I hit the finishing trigger. There is one nasty bug when one has to jump some slopes with popping up spikes. If one shoots the vase from a ledge, you are in trouble and there is no way then to go back to an earlier save. You have to jump into the alcove and shoot the vase there. Also why are the binoculars not in the level? This is just plain rude, in my book. Textures, oh well... in need of TLC. Enemies were very well placed and although I did found secrets, I never found the Shotgun. But I found enough flares, although that didn't help much, rather would have the binoculars, and medipacks to overcome what enemy was lurking. This is so much better than what Dennis made under another name and I had a great time raiding this part jungle part Egypt level." - Gerty (12-May-2009)
"This is a very pleasant gaming experience that lasted for me a little more than an hour. The environs are very well done, and you get several scenic vistas of jungle lagoons and waterfalls. I always enjoy levels such as this one, and I wish there were more of them. The gameplay is moderately challenging, mainly because of formidable enemies and limited firepower with which to deal with them. The only extra weapon I found was a shotgun, and it took 10 of those precious shells to dispatch a single croc. That is, if you were able to get out onto dry land so you could draw a bead on it. On several occasions you were dumped into a small pool with one or more crocs and no way to get out and kill them. The lighting was quite good as well. All in all, a very nice level. Highly recommended." - Phil (15-Apr-2009)
"Very good this nice level with a good environment and a lot of beautiful places with lagoons and full of vegetation. I liked very much the clever architecture and the half-lineal gameplay with simple but and no difficult tasks, with a touch of explorating. There are some small errors like bad placed doors but not important. I was surprised because the shotgun shots were caused less damage to the enemies than the pistols (?), but there are enough medipacks and flares to surpassing the level without problems. Lights and textures were very good, but lights a bit dark for my taste. I've missed a couple of cameras in some places but generally were good. A level worth to play anyway. Good work." - Jose (13-Apr-2009)
"Excellent, very enjoyable to play, a mixture of jungle with Egyptian textures, I had trouble finding the base of the star, well hidden in the texture (lol), some pushables well placed , yes really excellent level ,to recommend to all raiders." - Minox (07-Apr-2009)
"Overall the game was excellent. I love the way the game was presented it did look a bit underdone in some places though. I think to improve on your next game you should add some more action and more objects to find and use to progress into other places. The top thing was your lighting and textures since the lighting was fairly good and i could see myself most of the time and the textures were well used although i wouldnt agree with some of the textures you placed. Overall 8.75/10" - herothing (06-Apr-2009)
"This short level was supposedly set in Egypt, but it sure was lush with vegetation. There were some fun things to do here, none too hard. I did find a couple areas that where a person could get stuck, and of course, I did. One area where you need to shoot a vase to stop the spikes, MUST be shot from inside the cubby hole, or the spikes are not disabled. In a later area, I swam all the way to two closed underwater doors, then due to the current, could not swim back to find the switch to open them. Two very good reasons to have many savegames. The atmosphere was nicely done, but the end was unsatisfying and abrupt." - Shandroid (06-Apr-2009)
"I'm back to reviewing TRLE levels after a long absence! Greatly enjoyed this level by dennis16. Good simple straight forward gameplay. Nice use of cameras and music to trigger tension! Best compliment I can give is that I was left wanting more and for the level to continie when it finally finished. The combination of egypt mixed with a jungle setting is different too! :) Not sure about the appearance of the mutants towards the end from TR3 though. All in all really enjoyed playing. Environments were lush and well textured, and the lighting was excellent. Look forward to seeing future levels from this author! :)" - TheStig (04-Apr-2009)
"An excellent stand-alone level which looks professional, the author has put a lot of care in it and it is hard to fault anything. Well at one point , I could go through a barrier wall, but I put this glitch on the editor and not on the author as I do know that this problem can happen even if toggle opacity has been set on. The mutants seemed a bit out of place and were ineffective as enemies as you can shoot them from safe distance, the secrets are too easy to find, and I did not like Lara's sound when she pull up blocks as she makes her sound ridiculous. These little remarks aside, an excellent raid in harmonious and colourful areas (a nice change from the grey high-def textures) with a warm lighting, good atmosphere and quality of sounds , plenty of details for the gorgeous decor, and a progression that I would qualify of"middle of the road" which should appeal to many players, as none of the tasks are difficult, but are varied enough to keep you immerged." - eRIC (30-Mar-2009)
"This was quite a delightful surprise for me. I very much enjoyed Dennis's Crystals of Amun series, and to have what appears to be a small extension to the series was great news. A lush, beautiful Egyptian oasis awaits, seamlessly combining the India jungle and Nevada desert environment with Karnak and Cleopal temples to provide a very interesting and entertaining one-hour adventure. The environments are very well constructed, giving the level an organic feel that's enhanced with the use of great audio tracks and varied level design. Gameplay in here flows pretty fluidly, with the passage of one sequence guiding you to your next destination, often a breathtaking one too. Of course, it's not really easy and the author does provide a nice challenge to the player, with the use of spike traps, sliders, burners, blade traps, and poison darts thrown in for good measure. Enemies provide a nice challenge too. Dogs, crocodiles, harpies, and mutant guards await for shooting, among some peaceful monkeys which add realism to the beautiful oases. The hunt for the secrets also is a fun little challenge, though nothing too difficult. While this is a very good level, I felt that it ended a bit too suddenly and could have used a proper highlight to finish off the level. Perhaps a trap gauntlet, boss fight, or something of the sort. Yet, this is still quite the delightful level that I have very much enjoyed, and I give warm recommendations to try this one out!" - Relic Hunter (26-Mar-2009)
"This certainly was a well constructed continuation to Crystals of Amun game lasting roughly an hour. It takes place in Egypt but it's not a typical Egyptian level including ordinary tombs or temples but more like a kind of Egyptian paradise containing lots of vegetation, waterfalls and beautifully textured buildings. This is one of the reasons I liked this game so much. There are loads of custom levels belonging to Egyptian class in internet that are all very similar and uninspired but this level really stands out from majority of them. I liked also a lot the atmospheric lighting which gives a very nice feeling of dusk together with the horizon and the texturing was moreover varied and harmonious. Gameplay is mainly rather linear but there are also few slightly non-linear parts in the game where you have to look for switches or items to gain access to the next area. Most of the gaming time progressing is pretty easy and fluent but there were couple of moments when I got stuck and had to do tedious backtracking because some of the items, switches, pushblocks and passages blend in the environment a bit too well and can be a easy to miss. I found ending to be also a bit abrupt lacking a proper highlight such as escaping a monster or something else like that. These are however minor complaints and this mainly very enjoyable and unique level which is suitable both to experienced raiders and beginners. Well done." - Samu (19-Mar-2009)
"I am very happy to see that Dennis has come back to his strength as a builder (after a series of episodes under a different nick) and is presenting us here with a brilliantly crafted hour long adventure in a mixed Egypt and Jungle-type setting. The brownish sand and wall textures are merged extremely well with the greenish trees and foliage textures and create a beautiful and believable atmosphere, which supports fluent but never boring progression that eventually gets you to the exit from the oasis. The three skull secrets are not so hard to get if you keep your eyes open and enemies play not such a major role along the way. The tasks are mainly oriented towards finding the next lever or two to open up the path to the next area, but it is all so nicely embedded that you will have a lot of fun in this level even if you generally have had enough of Egypt in custom levels. Try it!" - MichaelP (18-Mar-2009)
"I really appreciated the 'neat' gameplay in this level. Every time you accomplish a task, the route takes you to just the spot you need to be in to continue the level, which makes for a pacey, fluid game with hardly any backtracking. It's a most attractive setting too - part jungle and part Egyptian - although, as usual, it can be easy to miss things in those busy jungle textures so methodical exploration is recommended (and since I belong firmly to the 'headless chicken' school of raiding, that last piece of advice is one I should be giving to myself). If you do find yourself stuck, it could well be because you've missed a pushable block, or at least it was in my case. With some levels, I find myself needing a break after a while, but this is one that breezes along so nicely that I couldn't stop playing it." - Jay (18-Mar-2009)
"well i must admit this is the second game at wich i played from Dennis the first game wich i played Cristals of Amun was much better in my opinion ... but this not mean that this one is a bad one ........ no - is a good game ..... off course not as complex and huge like ''The Ancient Knowledge '' and not even so hard cos not manny timeruns or trapps on it ..... this game focus more on exploring and its difficult parts consis more on very well hidden levers and ittems ...... off course at a jungle like game with lush vegetation is not easy to find hidden levers or ittems the gameplay is not need special skills u need only sharp eyes to discover the hidden levers or ittems ...also i find a bit frustratind the underwater caves filled with 2 crocks from wich u cannot run only after u open a door by pulling a lever or 2 in mean time the crocks take the lunch from ur ass hehe .... also was a bit tuff the 2 alien like foes + 2 harpies at once wich was very resistent at bullets .. i shot 64 Shotgun shots on it and was not enuff lol needed a few pistol shots too to kill them ...... at last stage off the game u need to find 2 keys after that u go through a walkway outside and the game ends not bad game butafter i played Cristals of Amun this like it a bit weaker .......... 1/2 hours off fun through ......." - Jack& (18-Mar-2009)
"A well constructed game with various Egyptian level style buildings, amidst the dim shading of somewhat incongruous wooded areas and the sparkle of waterways to be swum. Gameplay here is relatively easy though not necessarily straight forward, with some aspects proving a touch tricky. There is an element of deception at work here for the construction can lead the player a little astray, only to find nothing there and needing to go back and think again. Similarly, hinted at areas to investigate don't show what to do in stark obviousness, but, instead, demand that the player look a lot closer in order to discover the various well hidden levers, pickups and routes to be found. Sure, some are obvious, but there is enough variation in the setup to always remain interesting and keep the player a little on guard. The texturing is nicely done for the most part and lighting too is very nicely done over all. Much of this level wraps back on itself with a few fenced off areas which seem inaccessible at first, but which the player later finds themselves in by some circuitous route. Good use is made of the over all space, with lots of little off-shoot areas in which to pick up some important item or find some switch. Secrets are all nicely placed throughout and give some sense of achievement at their discovery. Enemies consist of jackals, crocodiles, harpies and the large Tinnos mutants, though for these last two the sounds are completely off, being the sound of crows and dinos respectively. For play of about an hour, this is quite the enjoyable level." - Czar (17-Mar-2009)
"An intricate level with lush vegetation, richly detailed buildings, and exotic landscaping. It is filled with nooks and crannies for Lara to explore, so if a player misses one of these (and the switch it leads to) there could be delays, but nothing really gave any problems during my game. For instance, near the beginning there is a somewhat concealed triangular hole to find. In game I had Lara accidentally fall into this, so finding it was never a problem. Be on the lookout for gaps in the greenery. The monkeys are friendly, so here one should restrain one's normal Tomb Raider instincts that a cute monkey is a dead monkey. After Lara gets two artifacts she comes to a spacious area, opens a trapdoor with a chain, and eventually comes to a crowbar on a burning pedestal. Lara must be looking for a switch to turn off the flames, or a waterskin to drown them. The author has deprived the player of the binoculars, and I could have occasionally used them. But now the loss of the binoculars is crucial; I couldn't spot the waterskin. It was only by jumping around the dimly lit little cave and having Lara accidentally land right on top of the waterskin that I found it. (This may give an impression that luck is a part of my playing ability.) Next Lara drops down with some hungry crocodiles. There is a cute little crocodile idol on a pedestal to move. The destination tile could have been more obvious, but players will figure it out. Lara returns to the spacious area for a tough battle with two mutants and two harpies. I found three secret skulls, but never found a shotgun, so Lara had only pistols to deal with this onslaught. If she climbs up to a corner in the wall the harpies can't reach her, and after taking them out she can shoot the mutants from above, but I do wonder if there was supposed to be a shotgun at this point. The end is wonderfully scenic, a large complex landscape with two well-hidden keys, and those inevitable crocodiles that haven't eaten in weeks. Great design work, a real effort to create original game play, merits top scores." - dmdibl (17-Mar-2009)